Roles & Responsibilities of the Officers, Chairmen and Brethren of William R.

Singleton-Hope Lebanon Lodge #7

you have great responsibilities to carry out in order to improve the Lodge in particular and Masonry in general. the Brethren or Worshipful Master have place enormous trust and confidence in you as an active. 2008 Being an elected or appointed officer or committee chairman in WRS #7 is an honor.April 4. Whether recently appointed to the bottom of the line. may choose to table any motion or end debate at anytime and governs the lodge when it is at labor. to a committee chair or elected to Senior Warden. expectations are place upon you that are greater than anything you have experienced until now within the Lodge. As such. valuable member of the Lodge. This guide is intended to document the roles and responsibilities of each post above and beyond any obligations outlined in Lodge or Grand Lodge By-laws. He is responsible for setting the direction of the Lodge for the Masonic year. He may rule as he sees fit and his decisions may not be overruled or overturned by anyone in the Lodge. When elected or appointed to a position. The WM does 2 . may call special communications by giving brethren due and timely notice. Elected Positions Worshipful Master Senior Warden Junior Warden Secretary Treasurer Appointed Positions Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Senior Steward Junior Steward Chaplain Tyler Marshal Musical Director Committee Chairman Worshipful Master The Worshipful Master (WM) is the highest elected position in the Lodge.

Senior Warden The primary responsibility of the Senior Warden (SW) is to assist the WM in opening. among other things. appropriate basis and meeting the expectations of the WM and Lodge. The Secretary will notify the SW of all Investigating Committee appointments by the WM. 3 . Within WRS#7. the SW will review reports with the Secretary and ensure that complete committee reports are read and voted upon in a timely manner. Secretary The Secretary shall receive all payments. performing their stated duties. He may appoint any member in good standing to any appointed officer position or committee position.not need to follow Roberts’ Rules of Order. The JW must ensure that committees are fully staffed. conduct correspondence of the Lodge. make notice of same and provide them to the Treasurer in order to be deposited. notify candidates of their election and upcoming degrees. it becomes the responsibility of the SW to ensure that the Lodge remains a strong organization. Thus. Within WSR#7. The SW will follow-up with the senior member of the committee to ensure that committees interview candidates and issue reports to the Secretary in a timely manner. despite popular opinion to the contrary. Junior Warden The primary responsibility of the Junior Warden (JW) is to assist the SW and WM in governing the lodge. the SW will also assist the WM in educating and monitoring Investigating Committees established by the WM. and communicate with the Grand Lodge on behalf of the Lodge and WM. meeting on a regular. keep a record of all business conducted with the lodge and provide minutes at the following Stated Communication. the SW will meet with new members of the Lodge and instruct them in how to conduct an investigation and will assist active committees upon request. the SW will preside. The JW will also offer guidance and direction to the Stewards in the performance of their duties. Regularly. closing and governing the Lodge. In absence of the WM. The JW will ensure that each Chairman submits a written or oral report to the Lodge or Secretary every month for inclusion in the minutes. All communication within the Lodge should be directed to the WM unless you ask permission to address a particular brother. Prior to a Lodge meeting. the JW is responsible for ensuring that established committees are fulfilling their obligations by interacting with committee chairmen on behalf of the WM.

in order to become a WM. most especially the Grand Master of Masonry for the District of Columbia. in the WM’s absence from Grand Lodge Communications the SD is generally his proxy for votes and should therefore known when Grand Lodge Communications are and the WM’s availability. The SD must know how to properly handle and arrange the Great Lights for each degree opening. Essentially. the Junior Deacon’s (JD) role is to carry messages between the SW and JW. closing and degrees. along with the Junior Deacon. At the appropriate time. The Treasurer shall maintain the budget and keep the WM. the SD shall introduce visiting brethren and distinguished guests. The SD. the JD will also assist the SW by ensuring that the mentoring plan of the Lodge is adequately applied to candidates and new brethren. Junior Deacon Within the Lodge. Senior Deacon Within the Lodge. and hail alarms at the door. the SD becomes the eyes and ears of the WM. Within WSR#7. As a result. officers and committee chairmen informed of budget account balances throughout the year.Treasurer The Treasurer shall deposit all monies received from the Secretary and make payments on behalf and with the consent of the WM and Lodge. The JD will work with all first and second line petition signers to ensure that they understand their obligation to their petitioner and the Lodge. As such. The JD should begin preparing for elected positions and understand the requirements. 4 . He should also become familiar with the Lodge Bylaws. the JD helps the SW to ensure that new brethren are well educated. the SD should ensure that Introduction Cards are available with the sign-in ledger and that he makes every effort to meet each new visitor before Lodge opens to ensure proper pronunciation of his name. the SD will act on behalf of the WM to ensure that members of the Lodge are well and regularly contacted if found to be missing from meetings. Finally. Within WSR#7. as directed by the WM. should be prepared to challenge and purge unknown visitors and receive visiting Grand Lodge officers. introduce and accommodate visiting brethren and receive candidates. The JD must also be aware of and manage the lighting of the Lodge at special times during opening. such as prayer. The SD will enlist the assistance of the Chaplain for these duties as well. accepted into the Lodge and included in Lodge activities. such as the Section 83 examination. the Senior Deacon’s (SD) role is to carry messages between the WM and SW.

Within WSR#7 he is responsible for Lodge property and shall lay out appropriate equipment prior to the start of Stated and Special Communications with the assistance of the Marshal. Stewards should also enlist the Order of the Eastern Star and brethren to assist with dinners. The SS is generally the JW’s proxy at Grand Lodge Communications in his absence. signs and words of each degree in order to challenge unknown visitors. The Tyler is also responsible for maintaining the funeral equipment and arranging for its transport. keeping off cowens and eavesdroppers. As such. it should be in the right hand and carried at 45 degrees with the blade of the topper perpendicular to the floor. Stewards should organize brethren to assist in the setup and dismantling of tables and chairs for dinner and organize brethren to assist in clean-up. Stewards and Deacons carry rods during their movement about the Lodge. it should be rested in the socket of the left arm. Stewards are also an integral part of each degree and must understand the floor movements in order to assist candidates and conductors. he must have proper 5 . When standing with a rod. The Tyler will also ensure that all equipment is returned to its proper place at the end of each Communication. When giving the dugard and sign. In order to properly accomplish this task.Grand Lodge Code and WMs and officers of other Lodges within the jurisdiction. including Table Lodges and Festive Boards. The Tyler will also recommend equipment for procurement or repair to the appropriate committee with justification. He must know the proper battery and how to notify the JD of visitors. When moving. it should be at 90 degrees to the floor and in the right hand. The JD is generally the SW’s proxy at Grand Lodge Communications in his absence. grips. Senior and Junior Stewards The Stewards assist Lodge Officers in maintaining order within the Lodge and within WRS#7 coordinate meals for all Stated and Special Communications. The Steward positions are generally the first visible positions within the Lodge and as such help brethren and senior officers determine if a brother should advance within the line. if necessary. He shall also know how to properly tile from the outer door if directed by the WM. if necessary. Chaplain The Chaplain is the spiritual guide for the Lodge offering prayers prior to meals and appropriate times during Lodge. Tyler The Tyler shall assist the SW in examining unknown brethren. he must understand the challenges.

review the committee budget and create a schedule of events. with his approval. Within one month of appointment. meetings or work products. he should approach the East from the North side and all movements within the Lodge shall be on the square. the Marshal will assist the Tyler is laying out equipment prior to a Communication and returning it to its proper place at the conclusion of that Communication. Marshal The Marshal will escort brethren at the direction of the WM. expend the same.prayers prepared for the meal. Fellowcraft and at least the first year as a Master Mason. a mentor also has a responsibility to support and supplement that education. Petition Signers Brethren who sign a candidate’s petition on either the first or second line take a special obligation to mentor. guide and educate a candidate and new Mason during his time as an Entered Apprentice. While the Education and Work & Lecture Committees are responsible for preparing EAs and FCs. within WSR#7. Chairmen shall present any receipts to the Secretary in a timely manner and review their budget with the Secretary and/or Treasurer on a regular basis. present it to the WM and. The Marshal shall remember that all escorts shall be closest to the alter. opening and closing. He shall coordinate with the Secretary to be informed of any brethren whom have laid down their working tools and be properly remembered during a memorial or closing prayer. He should also be abreast of special events or accomplishments of brethren within the Lodge appropriate for announcement. Chairmen shall convene a committee meeting. the Chaplain will assist the SD in keeping in touch with regularly attending brethren missing from Stated Communications. Committees with budgets shall prepare a plan for expenditures. Within WRS#7. He shall keep a pulse on the morale of the Lodge and inform the WM of same. Committee Chairmen Chairmen are appointed by the WM to specific committees and shall execute a plan for those committees consistent with the overall annual plan of the WM. Additionally. as appropriate. Chairmen shall convene committee meetings as appropriate throughout the year and prepare oral and/or written reports for presentation to the WM and Lodge. a mentor is expected to conduct their mentee. 6 . If not involved in degree work.

his service to the Lodge has only just begun. stronger place. actively participate on committees. Brethren Brethren not filling a position in the line are expected to attend Stated and Special Communications if within the length of their cabletow. tribulations and knowledge to ensure that elected and appointed officers receive greater enlightenment. officers and chairmen in the performance of their duties. assist the WM and his officers. Take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly. It is all of our duty to assist the Worshipful Master. trials. Officers and Chairmen must remember that the Masonic Fiscal Year and the Worshipful Master’s term are not the same. The WM and officers of the Lodge exist to serve you. actively and positively participate in Lodge discussions and business. PMs are in a unique position to provide wise counsel and are expected to share their experiences. respect other brothers. It is most important that Officers and Chairmen make every effort to attend all Stated Communications. but overlap. a PM is expected to assist the WM as he may see fit and mentor elected and appointed officers. As a result Officers and Chairmen must brief incoming officers and chairmen concerning the remainder of their budget. “Sideline” brethren are the backbone of our fraternity. their ideas and differences. In WSR#7. and to try to arrange for a qualified brother to sit in your stead if you are absent. chairmen and brethren whom have come this way before us. However. CONCLUSION Ours is one of the strongest and most vibrant lodges in this jurisdiction. and attend social and philanthropic events. he has generally spent many years learning about the above mentioned roles and responsibilities and implementing them to make the Lodge a better. 7 . notify the Secretary and/or Worshipful Master if you cannot attend.Past Masters By the time a Brother becomes a Past Master (PM). be prepared to step in when called upon by the WM or officer. It is our responsibility to carry on its’ traditions and make it a better place than when we entered it. It is a result of the hard work and labor of all those officers. meet and welcome new candidates.

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