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Home Work 1

Part A
1) Provided detailed study about common services that are available in

both windows server 2003 and Red hat Linux. Answer 2) How can we say that NTFS file system is more secure and reliable than FAT file system. Answer Microsoft’s new technology file system is believed to be giving more security to the computer files than the FAT32 file system. The NTFS is found to have developed supporting features for metadata. It is known to have data structures to enhance the performance, security access control lists, using the disk space, and reliability. NTFS is also called journaling file system which is a critical function of a file system. The NTFS will not allow the unauthorized users to operate and make any

Enterprise Edition is aimed towards medium to large businesses.changes. offers secure Internet connectivity. Standard Edition is aimed towards small to medium sized businesses. Standard Edition supports file and printer sharing. NTFS is known to be away from corruption. NTFS can transform the file information effectively and automatically into unreadable form. In this file system each individual user is allotted with separate disk space 3) Study out the basic differences between the four versions of Windows Server 2003 Answer all 4 version of window server 2003 is describe different domain utilisation according to different user requirement. It also prevents them from reading any data from the computer. the 64-bit version is capable of addressing up to 32 GB of RAM and also supports Non-Uniform Memory Access. The 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003. The initial release of Windows Server 2003 was available solely for 32-bit processors. The read and write permissions can be allotted at the level of files than folders. This encrypted file will be safely stored. Enterprise Edition also comes in 64-bit versions for the Itanium and x64 architectures. a 64-bit version supporting the x86-64 architecture (AMD64 and EM64T. It has the option to implement various security and administrative features in the operating system.listed below: Standard Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2003.[8] The 32-bit version will run on up to 4 processors with up to 4 GB RAM. called collectively x64 by Microsoft) was released in April 2005. The 32-bit version is available for students to download free of charge as part of Microsoft's DreamSpark program. Enterprise Edition Windows Server 2003. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions support Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA). It also provides the ability to hot-add supported hardware. It is a full-function server operating system that supports up to 8 processors and provides enterpriseclass features such as eight-node clustering using Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) software and support for up to 32 GB of memory through PAE (added with the /PAE boot string). and allows centralized desktop application deployment. It is found to support domain names of active directory. Enterprise Edition is also required to issue custom certificate templates DATA CENTER . Enterprise Edition are capable of addressing up to 1 TB of memory.

Part B 4) write a short notice on Manage Your Wizards. a key part of the . Despite supporting XML Web services and ASP. The . Web Edition is mainly for building and hosting Web applications. Terminal Server mode is not included on Web Edition. Remote Desktop for Administration is available on Windows Server 2003. It is not possible to install Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange software in this edition without installing Service Pack 1. Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition is the progressive replacement for the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server line of operating systems. UDDI cannot be deployed on Windows Server 2003. However. It is designed to be used primarily as an IIS 6. Web pages.NET technology.NET. but can be installed as a separate update from Windows Update.Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition is designed specifically for high-end hardware deployments for use on business-critical and mission-critical applications where the highest levels of scalability and availability are required. 6) Try to install windows server 2003 enterprise edition and then document the whole installation procedure. Answer Beginning the installation process .NET Framework. Web Edition Windows Server 2003.0 is not included with Windows Server 2003.0 Web server [7] and provides a platform for rapidly developing and deploying XML Web services and applications that use ASP. Web Edition. Only 10 concurrent file-sharing connections are allowed at any moment. And services provided by it? 5) Study in detail how active directory is installed and document the whole procedure. Web Edition. and XML web services.NET Framework version 2. Web Edition.

. it all depends upon your needs and your limitations. You can press F6 if you need to install additional SCSI adapters or other mass-storage devices. Start the computer from the CD. Setup will load all the needed files and drivers.You can install Windows Server 2003 in several methods – all are valid and good. In this tutorial we are installing directly from a CD by booting your computer with the CD.

Select or create the partition on which you will install Windows Server 2003.Windows server 2003 welcome screen and available options press enter Read and accept the licensing agreement and press F8 if you accept it.Now you need to click C to create new partition Enter the partition size and press enter .

After creating the partition you need to select where you want to install windows server 2003 press enter Now you need to format your new partition with NTFS select the option as below and press enter Drive Format is in progress .

.After format setup will start copying files is in progress Setup Initializes your windows configuration The computer will restart now and the installation process will start in graphical mode.

Current Keyboard Layout – Accommodates the special characters and symbols used in different languages. You don’t need to do anything at this stage . if necessary. for example. Your keyboard layout determines which characters appear when you press keys on the keyboard. United Kingdom. Choose the locale that matches your location.It will then begin to load device drivers based upon what it finds on your computer. . currency. and numbers. Click Customize to change regional settings. times. Current System Locale – Affects how programs display dates.

If you don’t need to make any changes just press Next. Enter the name and Organization click next Enter your product key click next .

Select the license mode you want to use click next Enter the computer name and administrator password click next Select the correct date and time for your computer click next .

Installing network in progress Now you need to set the network settings here select custom settings click next .

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) click on properties Select use the following ip address radio button and enter you ip address detail After configuring IP address you need to click next .

You do not need to do anything.In the Workgroup or Domain window enter the name of your workgroup or domain. If you’re a stand-alone computer. . Centralized security and administration are important for computers in a domain because they enable an administrator to easily manage computers that are geographically distant from each other. or if you don’t know what to enter. A domain is a logical grouping of computers on a network that has a central security database for storing security information. Next the setup process will finish copying files and configuring the setup. A workgroup is a small group of computers on a network that enables users to work together and does not support centralized administration. and each computer within a domain has a unique name. or if you don’t have the sufficient rights to join a domain – leave the default entry selected and press Next. A domain is administered as a unit with common rules and procedures. Each domain has a unique name.

After finishing installation process your system will reboot and you can see logon screen After logging in you should see similar to the following screen for Windows server 2003 R2 editions now you need to insert CD2 to install extra components click ok .

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