MCB miniature circuit breaker Thermal operate and use for short circuit protection in small current rating circuit.

MCCB moulded case circuit breaker Thermal operated for overload current and magnetic operation for instant trip in short circuit condition. Normally used where normal current is more 100A MCCB rating min 63A Used where load is high and use as incomer. MCCB is having some special characteristics over MCB.It protects loads from over current,short circuit current and earth fault protection.

Now a days MCB are avialble till 125 amp too

MCB rating max 63A Used where load is low and use as outgoing. Many of distribution board use MCB as both incomer and outgoing.

Breaking capacity is limited up to 16ka only though earlier it was limited up to 9 and 10ka only. MCB can used low current circuit not more than 100A In mcb trip point can’t able to change MCB for lower rating & MCCB for higher rating.High breaking capacity of MCCB than MCB. Both of MCB&MCCB for overload protection & short circuit. In MCCB we can’t change One more diff is that MCCB has higher short circuit breaking than MCB.While both are used for short circuit protection & over load protection.

Application For those machine and equipment whose is protection over Thermal Over load Protection and very low sensitivity of Short Circuit protection. You can calculated with Characteristic Curve.. ....

MCCB :Application For those machine and equipment Whose is protection Over High Thermal Over load Protection and Very High Sensitivity of Circuit protection.

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