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.. 9 Conclusion……………………………………………………………. 11 Recommendations ……………………………………………………. 3 MIS and Volvo…………………………………………………………… 4 Enterprise resources planning system (ERP)…………………………….. 4 Types of managerial information system……………………………… 6 Management information system……………………………………… 8 Management information system at various levels of the organization…………………………………….. 11 Reference………………………………………………………………...KCB ID: 13679 Contents Introduction ……………………………………………………………… 3 The company taken for the study………………………………………... 14 Page | 2 management information system .

Kenneth C. store.KCB ID: 13679 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM IN VOLVO Introduction MIS is referred as a set of interrelated components that work together. The technology is been improving and drastic changes can seen in the world and same way many new hardware and software are invented to process the information in the organization to make the processes in the organization even more effective. the changes in technology. process and spread information to support the decision making process in the business. Why information system is need During recent years due to coming out of a global economy. The process is made to help and guide the employees to improve in the production in a quality basis and carry out their activities very easily. Countries like Europe. Laudon. It helps in storing data’s and analyze also it retrieve data whenever it is required by the organization. revolution of the industries have led to the rise of many face up to for the organizations so it has become obligatory for the organization to have an information system so it might possible for the organization to handle its important information in an effective manner. United States. 2009). It shows clear when the transformations are very perfective then it easier to take effective decisions within the organization. It plays an important in all types of business at present situations. (Kenneth C. This which provides information like instruction for manipulates things and process the raw data into valuable data. (Laudon & Jane P. This works in order to collect. (2009). and Asia are being transformed from the industrial based economies to knowledge and information based industrial economies so Page | 3 management information system .

Laudon (2009) . During 1924 97th car display was celebrated in America. It stands forward with enormous invention and manufactures to make customer satisfaction and to value the business and company. It introduces a track which most liked by the customer and it plays an important product in the Volvo company. (Volvo owner club Limited 2009) MIS and Volvo This follows depict the knowledge of the MIS process in Volvo Company and in what way it benefited with MIS In the year 1967 Volvo tracks entered into Great Britain and Ireland markets. Benefits are available with remote monitoring and no use of customers operation. America and Europe were concentrated more on this brand due to more facilitates are available. Volvo FH etc. ( Volvo owner club Limited (2009. in Gothenburg. It also paved way to improve the production and same way to development and implementing the bus master for the other production units. to be clear MIS starts implementing with small activity based on the knowledge of project distributed on through IT and saffle plant. Recent invention of Volvo is nothing but construction equipment and it is announced care track telemetric system as customary. Volvo started to introduce more number of cars from the year 1924. Due to MIS the company starts improving their production and also provides best service so customer declared it is the best company which provides all types of need. VOLVO the largest car manufacturing in the world was entered. There are many types of tracks like Volvo FE.KCB ID: 13679 this has also let to the growing need for the organization information systems in the organization. (Kenneth C. So this company tries out by aiming high and started inventing new common ERP solution was produced for Volvo buses during 2001. Laudon & Jane P. The company taken for the study During April 1927. Mobile transaction method used to Page | 4 management information system . It has been more attracted among the customers and they come forward to purchase the car. Volvo IT has accountable for maintenance and hold up help of SAP finance Master resolution was begin during 2000. It is flourished very strongly and become base for the company in both USA and EUROPE. This company welcomed with new method of car to be invented and also additional responsibilities are given to implement a Bus master in SAP. It is the first car of Volvo nicknamed as “jakob”.

Page | 5 management information system . Human resources. (Volvo owner club Limited (2009) Virtues of management information system      The planning are made well The information are made easier provided with all such facilities All level of management comes under same level with all information Communication brings information are reliable in all situation Manpower expenses are reduced with the help of MIS process (Book rags. Volvo company satisfied with all such implementation and MIS is been growing.com (2009). (Gartner Research 2008) The following diagram reveals the benefits and they are follows  Built-in solutions are the key benefit of the ERP  Transparency is available in transferring the data s  The communication are transferred where ever needed  ERP transaction takes place throughout the business transaction through the system and makes respect in all level. ERP plays as centralized database which links to all the modules to release data and information easily. Financial. Enterprise resources planning system (ERP) Enterprise resource planning is an integrated system which for managing both internal and external resources. manufacturing and materials etc. the main usage of ERP is to flow the information between different business functions and also supervise to get connect with the external stakeholders.KCB ID: 13679 understand better to make convenient for the customer.

KCB ID: 13679 Source: 1 Enterprise resources planning system Implementation of ERP ERP software systems are fundamentally multifarious and difficult to install without the support of the consultants. The change required proper time management and even minor change will effect and the fulfillment will destroyed. The company Volvo must analyzed the entire requirement like data information. JD Edwards. The following are the ERP software packages are SAP. Vendors are approach for the selection of the ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics and Syspro.  Size of the business  Consider the number of modules  Possibility of change  Scope of the customization ERP selection depends upon the requirements of the customization and the modules needed. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds. People soft from Oracle. Lawson. 2008) Processes for implementing ERP Page | 6 management information system . Three types of support should to concentrate while installing the ERP and offers many business enterprises.

Lower level provides transaction processing system process which details with material movement control. Page | 7 management information system . middle level describes about decision support system and management information system which details with annual budgeting. Book rags. executive support plays important role in top management and its activities are strategic level system.KCB ID: 13679 The following diagram depict about the process and the steps to follow when ERP to be implement. sales and profitability analysis. sales management etc. payroll etc.com (2009). Source: 1 Types of managerial information system The following are the sources of managerial information system and its activities are discussed and to know better information the below diagram represents the managerial information system with all level.

Transaction processing systems are used in operations such as the ordering. It extracts the details from the transaction process system. machinery control. Page | 8 management information system . This helps the organization to know how the transactional processing system is benefited in the organization. It also includes organization the payroll and reimbursement in the organization. 2009) The company Volvo introduced many types of manufacturing strategy in the department of manufacturing and production It helps in keeping tracks of employee details on a daily basis and also monthly basis in the department of finance and accounting To concentrate on the manpower and to check with the employee production details this TPS helps major part in Human resource management Executive support system All the information are which are brought in one single process with the help of employees is known as executive support system.KCB ID: 13679 Volvo the largest car manufacturing company which standing top in their unique manufacturing units and it has good opening when the managerial information system is been implemented Transaction processing system This processing system used in the lower level and operational level of the organization. It helps to keep good contacts between middle level and higher level and it operates in top level management. The following are the department benefited through TPS Sales and marketing. here the people will place order and will put on the market for the production materials (John Laudon. It helps by providing information related to the sales forecasting and that leads to take key decision in the organization.

inventory control and solving problem. 2009) Management information system Management information system provides in many aspects like sales management. Various knowledge in different level are such as managerial level.KCB ID: 13679 Source: 2 Knowledge work system Knowledge work system help in producing and combining the knowledge within the organization. Already it was discussed above management information system which provides required information to the different level in order to help them for taking necessary decisions in the organization. and designing level. In this company this system work will help in the department production and also it helps in integration of information from all the sources ( Jane P. engineering level. Laudon & Jane P. Laudon. (Kenneth C. 2009) Page | 9 management information system . Laudon & Kenneth C. Laudon.

It provides the organization with the data analytical apparatus and models in order to help the management with the decision making. The following are managerial issues when the information system is to being practiced by an organization • Decision support system is used by different employees in different way to develop their production capacity and quality of their work. Security causes many problems when the vast data s is stored so appropriate security measures. It support in the terms of problem with the proper data base. It provides information then and there where the problem is been rose and how to solve the problem with good solution. • Page | 10 management information system . in particular in Web based disseminated applications are necessary.KCB ID: 13679 Source: 3 Decision support system The decision system support functions at the top management level where the key decision making process is carried out. So it is should be cleared to the employees that register of these decision support systems.

In middle level. So here it is necessary to buy the appropriate DSS. from all section in the organization for advertising the manufactured vehicles. Accounts Page | 11 management information system . (2008 John Wiley & Sons) • • • • Management information system at various levels of the organization Sales and marketing Marketing management is very imperative by comparing all departments.KCB ID: 13679 • Due to usage of a lot of web base systems and asps it is potential to locate more different methods to overcome. It acts maximum of the management in the business. Employees are well developed through preparation to know and review the information system and update the information about the Volvo customer relation. allocation. information from all subdivision transfer through transaction processing system. The integrated system provides all information for the top level management and facilitates to assess performance of the employees. The functions are should be increased due to more introduction of decision support system Top management should be take care of with all such difficulties of begin with DSS Implanted technology are focused and expected to be only 20 percent so it is necessary to examine the technologies and their business applicability Ethical issues are needed to face by the management due to the management support system and such issues will become loss in privacy. pricing decisions. It supports decision-making activities in invention growth. promotional efficacy and sales forecasting. Finance and accounting Financial management department are well planned by the management information system and each process are benefited through it. updating all information through information system and getting positive. In top level. Customer relation helps vendor throughout ERP works to all aspects and administer help new product of Volvo. Sales person are easily indentifies the production and the no of product to sold.

com (2009) Manufacturing and production Volvo Company is a manufacturing unit so the information system uses in many ways to accomplish the product in time. The image among Volvo Company has its own process and that which helps middle level to work in a better way than any other company. (Book rags. Page | 12 management information system . The status of the business is informed in all situations to recover as soon as possible by the management to keep track stable by Volvo Company. The information system used for keeping record of every employee in the organization . It provides information not only to the top level and middle level management but also for all the people who all are in the position to take better decision. payable and asset management are the transaction processing system takes into operational database and it combine with management system to provide statement of finance and financial statistics for contract and keep financial application databases. In higher level management. Here the customers are base of the company and it is been concentrated on product with at most quality with subordinates. the information system is implemented with enough sources to sort out the problem. The production system should be computerized so that production materials are keep working at every situation and the problem of insufficient materials are avoided when the information system are in to practice.com (2009). here it can be easily monitor and control the use of finances over time. In the middle level the management should have good rapport to get all details of what their ideas and to implement the policies in order to bring best process of the company.KCB ID: 13679 receivable. To keep environment good and sophisticated the information system should be used. It adds value as having unique role to company business processes and each sub system include profit/loss and cost accounting. Human resource In human resource department information system is used to reduce the manpower and introduces the automation product. (Book rags. Volvo should recruit the right person for right job. Based upon the product and project the finance department is very important in all such organization. In top management. So the organization should provide the fearless environment for the employee.

Volvo concentrates more on line customers and appreciates the ease of commerce. E-Commerce Electronic commerce is said to be E-commerce. The production manager can easily approach for the better quality material if not satisfied through information system and find the solution Quires from the middle level and lower level are easily found by the top management through information system and the problems are rectified soon to not stop the production and manufacturing the product. It has commerce transaction implement automatically connection parties and consumers. So promotion tools should be used by the company to the customer for the better way to monitor and assess. The consumers can purchase their products without any such unwanted rush or crowed in the busy schedule. (Book rags. The development teams of VOLVO are the accountable for formative the aim of the information system maintain and distribute a system that assemble these objectives to the organization.KCB ID: 13679 Top level management is benefited by having all such information regarding the materials for production and it helps to provide finance at the time of low finance.com (2009). Ethical issues are also should concentrated by the management in an organization. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008) Conclusion The above information is covered maximum of management information system and paves way for improving the organization with all type of Page | 13 management information system . (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008) Ethical and social issues It is common were ethical and social issues where met by information system for the customers and more methods are followed by the customers to follow. System development Now a day’s business and the managers are well planned with their areas and flourish together and use production information system. control and security and trust and accuracy so when it clear then no problem is been raised and leads to ethical issues. During the time of release it works difficult and so it should concentrate better to avoid the problems. The company should provide power. The information can collect on web site of Volvo to aware about the product.

KCB ID: 13679 information technology. The importance of the access of information of confidentiality as well as the patent recognition. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008) • It controls all type of function and renders enterprise with wide solution to handle all the processes functionalities. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008)The functions are Page | 14 management information system . Automatic features are given to control the critical usage. The recommendation in this juncture would be to explore and communicate the mutual benefits that all the inter dependent department would grasp in for the overall success of the firm. the role of the sensors and the automatic features would not easy to access interms of the data’s available at the organization. Also it conclude with some Volvo information system that it keep selected customer with specialized skills and made cost-effective solutions for all areas of industrial IT. The users might also be given exposure to the artificial intelligence and its importance. The cyber crime is an important area where the failure of thee implementation of the MIS is costing to be high in number in the current scenario. It starts using all type of enterprise resource planning and its uses. Recommendations : Volvo Company has its own unique strategy to bring many customers under their database and also it needs to bring the company to worldwide best manufacturing industry it started implementing management information system. the secured way to transferring data’s all are the frequent problems that he company implanting MIS would face. pride and camaredie at workplace. Bus master connected information technology and it is made strong foundation for working as if combined company and flexibility and strength will improve. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008) The following are improvement made once when the information technology and information system are practiced in the new car manufacturing • The car has all sort of information to reach out the destination and control power is given according to convenient of the users. It also needs the morale and the commitment of the individual to be high in degree with a sense of ownership at workplace with fair openness and transparency to all information thus creating a culture of trust. This Volvo has unique culture and environment with better knowledge about the information system and recommendation part will make organization to improve in new processes. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008).

such as creating a new manufacturing plant or developing a new decision-support system. the company must also seek to explore opportunities in this mode of selling as the reliability and the efficiency has also taken some proof of performance.KCB ID: 13679 controlled together thus making the time taken to decision making at all the tiers of management an easy task.pre training is also provided to them at low cost. The inter personal relations among the teams across the organization might also go up. The role of the vendors and the role of the suppliers in the market of Business to Business and Business to Customers is increasing day by day. followed by the role of emotional quotient and emotional intelligence a proper one. and also the reliability and the validity of data’s used are high making the decision an accurate and forecasted one. v thank to the development of the secured online purchasing and the ordering and also the use of SAP has made the potential of the market online to explore like anything. The company can also see itself in the midst of competitors as the role of MIs in the market intelligence is also hiking up to a greater extent. The role of the MIs has spread its wings further as the online transactions and the business across the web has been dramatic in each and every nook and the corner of the world. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008) A mission is referred as planned anthology of Volvo activities that achieve a goal. The training for the employees t this mode of selling is also a must as experts in SAP are also used in the assistance of the implementation and the post . The electronic commerce and its impact has been quiet drastic on the rest of the modes of selling the requirement of the manpower has also come down as the role of online ordering and selling has taken pace. Also it gives information about needed quantity with the agreeable price. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008) • E-commerce brings more number of business and produce opportunities to bring business in better place. The electronic transaction has thus brought down the turnaround time for the company thereby enhancing the quality of service rendered to the end user at any location. This involves the defining of a capability maturity model for the company in terms of implementing Page | 15 management information • system . The awareness of other emotions even in the usage of and exposure to managing information systems is essential as the ego and other problems related to the queries and the errors arising might cause failure to the entire project.

• The above information is covered maximum of management information system and paves way for improving the organization with all type of information technology. In all the possible ways the end result of the efficient and the effective use of the software rely on the knowledge. Bringing about a sense of ownership among the existing and the future workforce is also essential at this juncture. technology and the financial position of a company. This Volvo has unique culture and environment with better knowledge about the information system and recommendation part will make organization to improve in new processes.KCB ID: 13679 the management information systems. skills and the abilities of the workforce. Page | 16 management information system . Also it conclude with some Volvo information system that it keep selected customer with specialized skills and made cost-effective solutions for all areas of industrial IT. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008)The decisions support system could be in to practice provided the workforce is trained completely on the pros and the cons of the usage of the MIS and also the ways and the possibilities through which the troubleshooting of the software could be done. (Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008). The creation of a new plant or the predictions in terms of the manpower is possible only with a better and deep access to information even interms of the manpower.

‘The internet and technology service” Volvo Hand book.bookrags. at 1. chip Taylor communication. at 11. 4th edition. pg: 145 – 147. pg: 82 – 84. Laudon (2009).34pm on 2nd December 2010 . Providence College.com/essay-2004/1/27/92720/7687 at 10. chapter 12. McLean. Laudon (2009). Laudon & Jane P.34pm on 2nd December 2010 Ralph Stair & George Reynolds (2008). “Management Information System”.34pm on 2nd December 2010 John Wiley & Sons. “Management information system”. “Management Information system”. “Management Information System”. Excel books. at72. “Management decision support and intelligent systems”. Beaubien. “Principles of Information systems”. Source: Ashok Arora & Akshaya Bhatia (2008).14pm on 2nd December 2010 3. [online] available at http://www. T Turban. pg: 112 – 117. “Management Information System”. Laudon & Jane P. Source: Kenneth C. Information technology for the management 6th edition.34pm on 2nd December 2010 Volvo owner club Limited (2009). at 2. Thomson Learning.3am on 2nd December 2010 2. at12. Inc 2009.com (2009).34pm on 2nd December 2010 Website Book rags.KCB ID: 13679 Reference Kenneth C. 6th edition. at 2. 6th edition.4pm on 2nd December 2010 Ashok Arora & Akshaya Bhatia (2008). Excel books. pg: 114 at1 2. Pearson Education.34pm on 1st December 2010 SOURCE 1. 4th edition. Pearson Education. Leidner. pg: 117. pg: 156 – 159 at 2. 8th edition. Source: Ashok Arora & Akshaya Bhatia (2008). 6th edition. “Management information system”. Whether be Lecture Slides by L. Excel books. Page | 17 management information system .

KCB ID: 13679 Page | 18 management information system .

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