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The Eaglet


Volume 57 Issue 1 SY 2010 - 2011

p. 10 The iPSLE:
Bridging the Gap Between
Our School and the World p. 6
Interview with Father Saniel
& Mrs. Gargaritano p.12 Cool New Teachers! p. 19
Enjoining Others to Support Bigay Puso p.22
The New Look Of AGS p. 24
ClaSs NIgHt p.22
Pupil Leaders’ Congress p. 18 SECTION
Publisher: Fr. Norberto Bautista, SJ
Asst. Headmaster for Student
Affairs: Mr. Jonny Salvador, Jr.
CAMP Moderator: Ms. Mara Melanie Perez Student Activities Coordinator:
Eaglet Moderator: Mr. Ianne Mher Hernandez Mrs. Veronica Gargaritano
Bughaw Moderator: Mr. Irone Boquiron
Ventures Moderator: Mrs. Anj Cariquitan

Presidents: Anton Cabalza, Abe Autea

V. Presidents: Karlo Lovenia, Miguel Defensor
Secretaries: RC Dionisio, Raffy Dela Rosa King Samuel Zabat - 4-Ati
Asst. Secretaries: Riel Gutierrez, Manuel Ng
Alfonso Miguel Casanova - 4-Ifugao
Treasurers: Paolo Espinoza, Ethan Del Rosario
P.R.O.s: Dustin Abad, Jiggy Medina
Raphael Gatchalian - 4-Maguindanao
Graphic Designer: JC Nacpil Francis Dominguez - 4-Manobo
New Eaglet Seal by Charles Sindac Gil Gerard Guevarra - 4-Subanon
Miguel Salvana - 5-Barasoain
Rabin Angelo Hernandez - 5-Bagumbayan
Kyle Joshua Ozo - 5-Biak na Bato
Angelo Palanca - 5-Biak na Bato
Cesar Miguel Fabro - 5-EDSA
Micole Gabriel - 5-Kawit
Alfonso Luigi Sallan - 5-Malacanang
Miguel Lorenzo Peralta - 5-Mactan
Gabriel Antonino Rivera - 5-Pinaglabanan
Saunder Salazar - 5-Pugadlawin
# SURNAME NAME SECTION 22 Seechung Aaron Carl 6-Abad Santos
1 Santiago Jose Francisco 7-Bellarmine 23 Manalastas Diego Santi 6-Agoncillo
2 Cabalza Anton Raphael 7-Berchmans 24 Reyes Charles Nathan 6-Agoncillo
25 Angeles Niño Ramon 6-Bonifacio
3 Oreta Miguel Antolin 7-Berchmans
26 Villamarin Angelo Miguel 6-Bonifacio
4 Abad Dustin Paolo 7-Brebeuf
27 Jose Luis Ignacio 6-Burgos
5 Dawana Gabriel Josef 7-Brebeuf
28 Baviera Mico
Miko Lorenzo 6-Luna
6 Hizon Xandro Rafael 7-Brebeuf
29 Defensor Miguel Gabriel 6-Luna
7 De Castro Greggy 7-Canisius
30 Del Rosario Ethan Derrick 6-Luna
8 Fernando Luis Jose 7-Canisius 31 Dela Rosa Rafael Francis 6-Luna
9 Dionisio Raphael Carlos 7-Claver 32 Icarangal Marc Russel 6-Luna
10 Lovenia Karlo Crisanto 7-De Britto 33 Lim Javier Vicente 6-Luna
11 Cabatit Kyle Didacus 7-Gonzaga 34 Aguasin Joshua Anthony 6-Mabini
12 Ibay Cedric Neil 7-Gonzaga 35 Arandia Martin Jose 6-Mabini
13 Nacpil John Christian 7-Gonzaga 36 Autea Abe Marion 6-Mabini
14 Yusingco Timothy 7-Gonzaga 37 Espiritu Joseph Matthew 6-Mabini
15 Alpaño Jonathan 7-Kostka 38 Rayos Carlos Angelo 6-Mabini
16 Espinoza Paolo Louis 7-Kostka 39 Adarlo Miguel Antonio 6-Malvar
17 Gutierrez Riel Glenn 7-Kostka 40 Crispo Archon Sean 6-Malvar
18 Escalaw Evan Merel 7-Xavier 41 Jocson Rafael Jose 6-Malvar
19 Hernandez Austin Keith 7-Xavier 42 Lazaro Timothy Joseph 6-Malvar
20 Venadas Rolando Climaco 7-Xavier 43 Medina Jaime Lorenzo 6-Malvar
21 Yap Leo Isaiah III 7-Xavier 44 Ng Manuel Francisco 6-Malvar
45 Cadigoy Francis Ryan 6-Rizal
46 Galero Ian Dominic 6-Rizal
47 Alog Kenneth 6-Tandang Sora
Building the Nation
Fr. Norberto
maria Luza
bautista, SJ

06 September 2010 This VERMICOMPOSTING program is a cycle

in itself – the more the worms consume the waste, the
My dear fellow Ateneans, more they breed; the more they breed, the more they
produce the most natural and healthiest soil, a high
First of all, I would like to congratulate the Publications quality organic fertilizer, that can accommodate,
Staff and all the contributors of the first issue of the nurture, and cultivate plants, vegetables, herbs,
Eaglet for this school year 2010-2011. The theme of and other greens. We can even sell or share the
this issue is BLUE GOES GREEN, the school’s advocacy worms and their products to promote our BLUE GOES
to help promote environmental awareness and an GREEN advocacy with our families, neighbours, and
effort to take care of our own surroundings. friends.

The school, through the office of the Assistant Finally, we have installed the Materials Recovery
Headmaster for Student Affairs, and the Physical Facility (MRF), a storage area for segregated
Plant and Student Services, and other volunteers, recyclables (e.g. dry paper, aluminium cans, plastic
have made attempts to fulfil the objectives of the bottles) as our school’s response to proper waste
BLUE GOES GREEN program. We have the ‘CLAYGO’ segregation.
or the CLEAN AS YOU GO program that instils in
all the members of our community a conscious These programs and projects are just our initial
awareness of the value of discipline and cleanliness attempt to promote a deeper consciousness and
in our campus. We also have the ‘BYOB’ or the concern for our environment. Many more BLUE-
BRING YOUR OWN BAUNAN, a program that will GOES-GREEN bright ideas will come forth, and many
minimize waste in our school. We have also installed more programs on the care of our environment will
the VERMICOMPOSTING facility near the carpentry be implemented in the years to come.
shop, a facility that will dispose our garbage the
most natural way through the use of earthworm Our environment is as important as the air that we
consumption of our bio-degradable waste. breathe, and the water that we drink. Let us take
care of it not only for our selves, but for the next
generations to come.

All the best,

•∞• Fr. Norberto Maria Luza Bautista, SJ
06 September 2010
Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs’ Message
As we approach the final quarter of the year, we are
thankful for many things. We have been blessed with a Mrs. Helen U. Amante
fairly good weather since the beginning of the school
year. There was hardly a class disruption due to inclement
weather. We have a community which has a growing
commitment to care for the environment. We are proud
of our SBP team who hurdled to be 4-peat champion.
We have a Palanca awardee in the person of Anton
Cabalza, Grade 7 Berchmans. The results of our Grade 7’s
iPSLE held last August have been encouraging. Timothy
Yusingco and David Vinluan have been recognized on
their outstanding performance in iPSLE – English.

As we celebrate Matteo Ricci’s 400th death anniversary,

let us examine our feats and directions. May all that we do
and feel impassioned about lead us to glorify God for only
in him and through him will all of these have meaning.
Like Matteo Ricci who saw God’s hands and followed him
whatever and wherever it takes, may we see his will in all
that we do and be led by it.

May this season of advent help us tread the path of God.

May the star of Bethlehem brighten our way.

•∞• Mrs. Helen U. Amante

Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs’ Message

To our young journalists,

Congratulations for your laudable efforts at coming out boldly to

campaign for the environment.
Mr. Jose P. When the “blue goes green” campaign began , Fr Dario Saniel
Salvador, Jr. our newly appointed Assistant Principal for formation, who spent
most of his Jesuit life in the highlands of Miyarayon offered a very
interesting campaign pitch:

He told us one day that in order for blue to turn green, one needs
the color yellow - a color which symbolizes the sun. I wanted to
elaborate on his idea by saying that the sun offers to us another
symbol- a symbol of hope.

With that in mind, i want to thank the Eaglet staff for making
our campaign the centerpiece of your first issue for this year.
By making the environment a valuable part of our lives
through efforts like these, we not only make our
readers aware of what the school is doing for
the environment , we also keep the flames of
our hopes for a better future alive in each of

•∞• Mr. Jose P. Salvador, Jr. •∞•


The iPSLE:
Bridging the Gap Between
Our School and the World
Part One, Write-up | Joko Santiago of 7-BL
Part Two, Interview | Anton Cabalza of 7-BN


the implementation
HURDLED THE IPSLE WITH of instruction by a
ENCOURAGING RESULTS continuing reflection
on what works and
The International Primary School Leaving Examinations what does not work in
(iPSLE) of Singapore was administered to all 526 Grade 7 the delivery of the lesson
students last August 3-16, 2010. The school received the in the classroom.
results of the test in early November from the Singapore
Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). The results The next administration
have shown significant improvement as compared with of the iPSLE is on the
the initial results in 2007 in the areas of Mathematics and year 2013. Meanwhile,
Science. Majority of the students performed well in the area interventions targeting the
of English. David Vinluan of Grade 7-De Britto and Timothy areas for improvement from
Yusingco of Grade 7- Gonzaga were given recognition for the recent results of the iPSLE
outstanding performance in English by the SEAB. will be done as the AGS engages in
a continuing effort towards higher levels of
Teacher development has excellence.
been a key intervention in
moving the school towards
bridging the competency
gap between AGS and Part One
its South East Asian
counterparts. The AGS The iPSLE or the International Primary
has been benchmarking School Leaving Exam was first administered
for the last 10 years with to the Grade 7 batch to measure how Ateneo
Singapore Schools who compares to the Singaporean standard of
figured in the Trends and education. Recently, the Ateneo has been
International Measurements in Mathematics and Science benchmarking with the Singaporean schools, which is the
(TIMMS) as consistent top performers. AGS teachers were highest in Southeast Asia in terms of education, to be able
sent for benchmarking trips to Singapore to observe and learn to improve its curriculum. This test was given to the Grade 7
from the best practices in the teaching and learning process students to see if we can be globally competitive in the field of
of their Singapore counterparts. Likewise, various training education. This iPSLE test covers three areas: English, Math
programs with the National Institute of Education (NIE) and Science, which are the three major subjects. The iPSLE
of Singapore were put in place to enhance teaching skills. is just one step to further improve the education here in the
Redefining and restructuring the Math and Science curricula Ateneo. As a Grade 7 student, taking the iPSLE is a good way
have been done. Collaborative lesson planning strengthened to be globally competitive since it is an international test


Primary School
Leaving Exam. It is the
international version
of the Primary School
Leaving Exam (PSLE)
administered by the
Ministry of Education
(MOE) to all Primary 6
students in Singapore
in preparation for
their entry into
secondary school.

Eaglet: We are
familiar with
the fact that the
administration of
the iPSLE is part of
our benchmarking
efforts with
Singapore. What
is the meaning
and importance of

Fr. Bautista:
The meaning of
benchmarking for us is
to achieve an international
standard of excellence using
the iPSLE metric in the subject
administered to other countries as well. This is also a good areas of English, Science, and Math.
way to show that our school is doing its best to provide world- It is important because it gives us a true measure of our
class education for us Filipinos. The Ateneo will continue to success, and challenges us to pursue higher goals in academic
fulfill its mission of molding young men to strive for genuine excellence. It also mirrors to us gaps in our teaching and
growth and learning, all for the Greater Glory of God. learning processes.

Mrs. Amante: Benchmarking is an exercise of looking at

the best practices of other organizations or institutions, in
Part Two this case, schools, who have achieved their goals and have
sustained good if not excellent, quality performance. Our
People say that to truly understand anything at all, we should school’s efforts toward continuing improvement make the
look at it from all perspectives. To provide insight and to exercise of benchmarking significant. As we set our goals of
yield deeper appreciation of the iPSLE, Eaglet presents you bridging the academic competency gap between our school
with the iPSLE from an administrator’s viewpoint. We would and that of our Southeast Asian neighbors, it will be helpful
like to thank Father Norberto Bautista, S.J. and Mrs. Helen to learn from the good practices of organizations who have
Amante for devoting part of their time to contributing to done well in this area. Our learnings from our benchmarking
this article. activities help us reflect on what we do best, what we can
do better and how we can improve so we can reach our
Eaglet: So that everything’s clear, what is the real meaning goals. Benchmarking helps in making the whole process of
behind the acronym “iPSLE”? continuing improvement efficient. One discovers that there
are areas where we don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. At the
Father Norberto Bautista: iPSLE means International same time, it can also be a challenge to an organization’s


creativity to adapt to changes according to the existing

context and culture and be able to come up with something fifty two (52) faculty members who were engaged in the
new. administration of the iPSLE to five hundred twenty six
(526) Grade 7 examinees. Training and orientation in the
Eaglet: What exactly triggered these conduct of oral examinations, listening
efforts? comprehension tests and the written
examinations in English, Science and
Fr. Bautista: These efforts have Math were held in the school and at the
been a product of the initiatives of Fr. Singapore Examinations and Assessment
Nebres several years ago. A world- Board (SEAB) center in Singapore.
renowned educator, Fr. Ben used his
networks in the National Institute of Eaglet: It must have been overwhelming
Education (NIE) in order to touch to coordinate everything from 2,398
base with our school. kilometers away. How were you able to
overcome all of the logistical problems
Mrs. Amante: The leadership of our that arose, supposing there were?
University President, Fr. Bienvenido
F. Nebres, has inspired all these efforts Fr. Bautista: There were no major
towards continuing improvement. He logistical problems that were encountered
led the Basic Education Units of the in this year’s administration of the iPSLE.
university to aspire for higher goals as Preparations had been made ahead of
the global challenge to improve human time. This is the second time the AGS had
conditions has become urgent and endeavored in this project (the first iPSLE
necessary. Bridging the education gap was administered in 2007), and so there
is a means to bridge the poverty gap. is already a familiarity with the whole
As we work towards improvement, process and system. During the exam
we open ourselves to help improve the dates, 2 staff members from Singapore
state of public education in the country. As we celebrate the Examination Assessment Board (SEAB) came to monitor
university’s one hundred fifty plus years, Fr. Nebres leads and assist the examiners in the administration of the test.
us to help build the nation by continually honing our craft
as teachers and students and do the same with the rest who Mrs. Amante: Technology has bridged the distance. It has
needs our help. afforded speedy resolutions to the logistical problems that
otherwise could have stalled the process of the preparation
Eaglet: Why Singapore? and conduct of the examinations. The full Administrative
support including that of the Office of the Assistant to the
Fr. Bautista: Singapore is chosen for the following reasons: President for Basic Education, has made the work lighter
1) One of the excellent educational systems and progressive and possible to accomplish.
countries in the Region; 2) Networks and friendships
already established over the years; 3) A country that has Eaglet: Some students have been asking how the iPSLE will
been consistently topping the standardized international affect them, considering the results, based on our knowledge,
exams such as the Trends in International Mathematics will have no effect on our report card grades. What would be
and Science Study (TIMMS). your response to this?

Eaglet: How have our class advisers, special subject Fr. Bautista: Yes, the iPSLE results that are due in
teachers, and other faculty members whom we students November 2010 have no direct bearing on the report card
encounter on a daily basis, participated in this undertaking, grades. However, gains can be gathered via the following:
including the administration of the iPSLE? 1) The iPSLE is the main international academic metric we
use to reach international academic standards. We would
Mrs. Amante: The members of our faculty are key players know where we stand as a school in the international
in the whole effort towards school improvement. They are at scene – where our strengths and weaknesses lie; 2) The
the forefront in this undertaking and the key implementers regular administration of the iPSLE challenges us to pursue
of the changes that need to be done in order to achieve our higher levels of academic excellence through our various
goals. Teacher training and formation are key interventions interventions in curricula making, teaching methodologies,
in meeting our key results areas. There were approximately


lesson plan making, and the like; 3) The iPSLE is statistically Mrs. Amante: Through the years, the school is able
correlated to the High School Performance Test (HSPT), to forge deep ties with its Singapore counterparts.
the AHS entrance test. Therefore, through the iPSLE, the This has been possible through the many avenues of
school would know the areas of strengths and weaknesses of communication provided. Professional development
the graduating class, and therefore, can help them pass the sessions are held with Singapore professors every
HSPT by working on the areas for improvement. summer and during the school year in the last three
years. We continually send teachers, coordinators and
Mrs. Amante: Presently, the administration of the iPSLE administrators to conferences, seminar-workshops
to our Grade 7 students is an important component in the and masteral studies in Singapore. Also, there is a
whole benchmarking effort. It helps us gauge where our continuing benchmarking activity in Singapore schools
students are and where our faculty is in the implementation by our teachers, coordinators and administrators
of the interventions. Parents and students are guided where every summer.
the latter is in the area of academic competencies, vis-a-
vis an international standard. Though the results have no Eaglet: In all aspects, what can you say is the most
outright effect in the grades, the instruction which goes on significant impact of the iPSLE on the entire AGS
to improve higher order thinking skills and exposure to well community?
constructed test items with an international standard are
definite gains of students from the experience of the iPSLE. Fr. Bautista: The most significant impact of the
iPSLE on the AGS community is the fact that we have
Eaglet: We understand that this benchmarking process has discovered a good metric to measure ourselves with.
been going on for some time now. How would you describe It has also provided us clear goals to direct our school
your relationship with your Singapore counterparts, towards reaching these goals thru the years. Also, it
especially after what we can safely call a milestone in this challenges us to pursue higher levels of academic
project? excellence.

Fr. Bautista: Our relationship with our Singapore Mrs. Amante: It reminds us of our goals towards
counterparts has been improving over the years. We still continuing improvement.
send our teachers every summer to top Singapore schools
for school visitations. Education experts from the NIE each Eaglet: In three words or less, describe the iPSLE.
summer train our teachers and teachers from other schools
on teaching methodologies. Recently, we have 4 teachers who Fr. Bautista: iPSLE is FOR ACADEMIC
finished their Masters degree in NIE. Administrators attend EXCELLENCE.
the Leaders in Education Programme International (LEPI).
Mrs. Amante: An Academic Compass
The SEAB personnel train our teachers on assessments. As
we benchmark with Singapore in the area of academics, they
also benchmark with us in the areas of the Arts, Music, and
our rich co-curricular activities program.


A great milestone
by Tres Yap assisted by Rocco Venadas & Austin Facility) and Vercomposting Facility to segregate them.
But even with all these things Ateneo does to help our planet,
The Blue goes Green, as everyone knows, is a project that WE should also help out. We can also do these things:
helps the environment by making different practices to 1. CLAYGO - Clean As You Go
improve our actions in waste management. It is made up of 2. BYOB - Bring Your Own Baunan (bring your own reusable
many different actions for many different people. For the containers)
teachers and students, segregation is done to know which 3. Ride a bike/carpool/bus when you want to go somewhere
material goes which in the garbage can. For custodians, the to stop pollution.
Materials Recovering Facility and the Vermicomposting 4. Reuse things. Sometimes you can find the greatest
area for them. In my opinion, this project has created a giant treasures in trash. (I’m not kidding, you can make many
gap between our old trash count, to today’s trash count. things with trash)
Many positive opinions came from other people as well. Mr.
Salvador said that the trash has improved by a milestone. These are only a few things that we can do to help the earth
so look for opportunities and you can try to do your part in
saving the earth.
Green, The New Blue
by Miko I. Peralta Who wants to destroy the very things that
help us survive? by Carlos Angelo Rayos
Many people have been scared of the world dying and many
people want to help. Even the Ateneo is helping out by starting To be honest, at first I thought this campaign would just
the “Blue (Represents Ateneo) Goes Green (Represents La really be another useless waste of time, but when I went
Salle, kidding)” or eco-friendly campaign. myself to the segregation area near the vermicomposting
facility, I saw there the effects of the segregation. At plain
In Ateneo, there were many changes now that will help the sight you will think that it’s just different types of trash and
earth. One would be the bins. Before, it used to be two trash junk piled up together, but when you understand the point
bins. Now, multiply it by two. That’s right, it’s four bins now of doing this, you’ll see it as a small bandage for our dying
which are the blue recycling bin, red for other earth. I know that sounds very corny, but from my point of
wastes, green for compostable or view it really is what I see it. Let me show my point of view
wet trash and the white for for this campaign. First of all, I don’t see why some middle
the dry paper. The Ateneo did school students don’t follow the proper way of segregating
this so they can segregate when first graders can easily follow these simple guides.
trash more Another thing I know that this is just a small change in the
world, but recycling beats waiting for something to simply
turn into greenhouse gas for the next decades. Well anyway
specifically. I just wish that you follow our Blue Goes Green Campaign to
Then, they save not only the earth but also the living beings in it.
bring the
trash to Honestly who wants to destroy these? These very things help
the MRF all of us survive.


Wake up call for us all BYOB program, the school is encouraging us to use reusable
by Diego Manalastas containers that don’t waste materials like disposable
plastic bags and are even cheaper to use in the long-run. I
Lately I have been asking around, about the blue goes green also appreciate the different trash cans used to segregate
program. Here is what some have to say: waste thrown by students and teachers. In unison with
Mr. Salvador’s: “Ecological thinking starts at school”. the Vermicomposting Facility and the Materials Recovery
This is why we should support this program because we will Facility it has probably helped the environment greatly by
be helping our school, our planet Earth and ourselves. Mr. recycling those that can be recycled such as PET bottles
Salvador believes that this program will be successful if and paper, converting compostable waste into fertilizer that
everyone does their part for our good old planet Earth. could be sold to earn extra money and be an actual source
of livelihood, thus sending the less trash to the landfills.
Mrs. Santos (Grade 6 GLC) says “it will work if we support One thing to note would be the massive PR campaign of
it.” So with that this program is just a wake up call for us the school to promote these programs. Several examples
all. would include the posters around school, the inclusion
of these into the Science Curriculum, and most recently,
the informative videos designed to educate most of us on
An eco-friendly and brighter several of these programs. Overall, I am in awe at the effort
tomorrow is truly in our grasp taken by Ateneo to enrich our minds and transform us into
Rafael Francis C. Dela Rosa not only being a man for others, but also turning us into
environmentally conscious global
I myself am impressed by the dedication shown by Ateneo
to further make the school more eco-friendly. With the
citizens of the world. It is really right to say
that a more eco friendly and brighter future is in our grasp.

E-gii design by
Mr. Sean Alli

Interview with Father Dario Saniel,
Assistant Headmaster for Spiritual Formation
Diego Manalastas of 6-Agoncillo and Luis Jose of 6-Burgos
Last October 5, 2010. I had an interview with the
head of the Spiritual Formation office of the Campus
Ministry Office.

Diego: “Good day, Father. What are you doing?”

Father Saniel: “Sitting down.” Then he told me that
he was just kidding.
Father Saniel: “Here we have 2 main programs for
spiritual development. We have the spiritual and the
outreach programs.”
Diego: “Can you please explain what the outreach
programs are?”
Father Saniel: “In our outreach programs we try to
get our community involved in our programs. We
are trying to teach generosity by sharing to the less

What he really does is to help the school’s students,

faculty, staff, administrators and even our custodians
with their spiritual development. For us students
he helps in our “interactions”. For example our
recollections, our PGH trip and the Gawad Kalinga
interaction of our big brothers in the Grade 7. For
the faculty, staff and administrators, they have their

For the second part of our interview. I asked him

about his background as a Jesuit.
Diego: “Now, how long have you been
doing what you do?”
Father Saniel: “I have been a Jesuit
since 1984, about 26 years. I am an
ordained priest for 16 years. I was first
assigned to the Culion Leaper colony
for 7 years. While I was there I would
preach to them and make sure that
they are ok. After Culion, I was sent
to Bukidnon to handle the parochial
school. I was in Bukidnon for 7
years also. Then, after I was sent to
Bukidnon, the Ateneo Grade School
asked me to handle the spiritual
development of the school.”
Diego: “Thank you for answering my

Father Saniel had, for most of his life

as a Jesuit, helped those who needed
it. He was sent to places like Culion
and Bukidnon to be a light to those
who needed him. Now that he is in
the Ateneo, we are witnessing that he
truly is a light in the dark.

A Different Kind of Commitment
Interview with Mrs. Veronica G. Gargaritano,
Coordinator for Student Activities
Anton Cabalza | 7-Berchmans

TWENTY- four there is no concrete affirmation of success, especial-

years, and not ly with a position that comes with no track record of
once did she its own. There are no moments of happiness when
dream of being the entire class passes. There are no report cards to
anything but a serve as gauges of accomplishment. Hashed togeth-
teacher. Today, er with the absence of direct contact with the stu-
however, Mrs. dent, and sometimes Mrs. G gets to thinking about
Veronica Gar- if her work is actually going somewhere.
garitano, the As with everything else in this world, being Coor-
newly-appoint- dinator for Student Activities has some notable up-
ed Coordinator sides. Mrs. G takes enjoyment from the exposure to
for Student Ac- our extern CoCA moderators, or those who come
tivities, faces an from outside the AGS. Working with the AGSCOM
LCD computer is equally fulfilling.
screen in place In the end, Mrs. G’s sole mission in the Grade School
of 40-something students and sits in an air-condi- is to serve the student body, no matter what her title
tioned office at Admin Two instead of a classroom. may be. Whether through working with the truant
Dubbing her acceptance of the position, which is, officers to ensure the effectiveness of our CoCA or
by the way, a position the Grade School Administra- teaching in front of a class of sixth-graders; whether
tion has never had before, “a jump into the dark- through reinforcing the involvement of all class of-
ness,” Mrs. G calls the new experience different, to ficers in AGSCOM events or sifting through a moun-
say the least. The closeness of being with her very tain of test papers; or whether through organizing a
own class, so much so that they become a family, is fundraiser road race or organizing an English lunch-
one thing she admits missing. Instead, Mrs. Garga- time review session, her collective effort revolves
ritano considers herself as the “mother hen” of the around us students. Next year, when her name goes
entire Student Activity program. Her work ranges up on the wall in the Heritage Room honoring those
from dealing with Co-Curricular Activity modera- who have spent 25 years in the AGS, all we can say is
tors, to planning and supervising AGSCOM events, that it is, indeed, an honor well-deserved.
to coordinating with third-party institu-
tions like Cartoon Network about prod-
uct sampling and student involvement.
All of which, as you’d expect, are quite
different from making PowerPoints
and lesson plans.
As we at Eaglet ventured on into why
she had decided to take this bold step,
emphasized with the challenge of filling
shoes that have never been worn before,
we realized how valiant her choice was.
Mrs. G explained that she finds reassur-
ance in the truth that what she does is
still for the benefit of us, the students.
In a way, she felt prepared to transcend
the borders of the classroom in pursuit
of a greater service of the school and of
God. When people tell her that the is-
sues neglected before that are now be-
ing taken care of by her, she knows that
somehow, her devotion still finds its
way back to the students.
With her new position, Mrs. G confess-
es that sometimes, it’s hard to draw ful-
fillment from her work, simply because
NATION by: Miguel Antonio S. Adario

The New Administration

of the Philippines: P-Noy
he thanked all of the Filipinos for supporting him all the way for if
they have not, he would not be there, saying his speech. He said that
We, the Filipinos were his hope and strength to be able to change the
Philippines for the better. He talked about his parent’s democracy
and that it was his turn to lead us to a better life. He said that all
of us are tired of leaders who are corrupt and he will not abuse his
power as president. He also stated some things to be able to lift our
country from poverty like having good leaders to run the country,
lessenning the lack of infrastructures for transportation, tourism,
and trade, providing local jobs for the people, quality education,
improved health services, more homes within safe communities,
strengthening the army, helping the farmers with their crops, being
by Josef Dawana responsive to the needs of OFWs, and more. He also said that we
shall have a country of truth, equality, and justice. During his SONA,
June 30 was the Inauguration of Noynoy which was on July 26 he also mentioned about what has been done
Aquino. It was then when he was declared as the for our country, what is being done for our country, and what he is
President of the Philippines along with our new going to do for our country.
Vice President Jejomar Binay. During Noynoy’s
inauguration he swore oath to our country as the He mentioned about the money that we still owe to other countries
president of the Philippines. After he swore his and we still have lots of “utang” to pay. He also talked about the
oath, he moved on to his inauguration speech. projects he had for the Philippines regarding money, transportation,
During this speech he said the things he planned infrastructures, and others.
for our country. At the beginning of his speech

Freedom of Speech, a
key to a true democracy
(Part 1 of 3 on keys of a true Art of War: Tactics
by Rafael Francis C. Dela Rosa

Democracy is when the indigent, and not the

by Sun Tzu
Rewritten by Tres Yap
men of property, are the rulers. -Aristotle
A good fighter would first see himself
When we see workers protesting for better rights, do we beyond the possibility of defeat, and then
question them? Sure, we may question their beliefs, but do wait for the possibility to strike and defeat
we ask if they can protest. Of course, we do not, but these the enemy.
actions themselves prove that we are a democracy. In fact
every time we rant endlessly against the government or But to think of the possibility of defeat is
our own choice. Hence the saying: One
see in TV critics pointing out the government’s mistakes
may know how to conquer without doing
we ourselves exercise this right, freedom of speech. anything.

Before answering these questions, let us ask: what is To prevent defeat, we use defensive tactics.
democracy. Officially democracy can be summed up as Which means for us that we can study very
government by the people. Another meaning would be well to prevent defeat which is failure. And
rule of the majority. But, what does democracy mean to with that defense, we can use that power
be farmer endlessly toiling in his tiny piece of land, or to attack. Which means that with the tactic
the worker being abused by his employers. How can they of studying in school, we can very much be
attain their rights in a democracy? Is not a democracy for able to overcome many problems. Standing
in defense for too long shows that we lack
the people? As said by the quote above which states that
enough power to attack. A skilled general
the indigent or those who are needy are the true rulers would be able to hide his defense and make
in a democracy. To answer these questions one must it stronger so that he can attack with great
go back to our original topic: freedom of speech. Here, force. Thus, in one side we can protect
with this right, we equip the oppressed with not a sword ourselves and in the other side, we attack
of revolution but the pen of change. Instead of fighting to gain success.
with lives on the line for the sake of equality, in a true
democracy, even the lowliest of the low are listened to. Success is not what you see when it is within
The ordinary Filipino Citizen can use proper processes glory, nor is it if you see it as for people to
to express his discontent to the ruling government which give you rewards. Success is how we do
things. How we move, act, and fight.
serves the people. After all this is even guaranteed in the
constitution of this Republic. Success can also be seen as an act of
goodness and no request for reward.
With all this rhetoric, one may wonder that we and our
country are far from being called a true democracy. A good fighter does not make mistakes.
Several problems lie with the government and the most He puts himself in a position where he is
need to be educated on this right’s proper use. But, don’t prepared and cannot be defeated.
lose hope because of our heritage. I mean that we were
one of the first nations liberated from an authoritarian Thus, tactics are used to control power and
regime peacefully by exerting this right through EDSA success.
Revolution. If we can do that then we can do anything
to imagination’s limit. As Winston Churchill said: “It has
been said that democracy is the worst form of government
except all the others that have been tried”. Let us all be
responsible citizens of this great republic of ours!


” One World, One People:

A message of Tolerance”
Rafael Francis C. Dela 6-LUNA

L ook at your classmates for a moment and ask them where their parents came from. Most may say that their
parents were born in the Philippines. Although a few may say that they are from different countries like America, China,
Korea, etcetera. Some on the other hand may be the sons of expats from countries all over the world. Others have beliefs and
religions different from the majority of us, but that does not give us the right to tease them. Just because they’re different
doesn’t mean they’re inferior to us. One’s greatness and capability is not judged by the color of his or her skin nor is it judged
by their beliefs. These values which can be summarized into one word: tolerance. As students how can we practice this
virtue, you may ask? We can simply learn to respect others and not to mock their beliefs. Also we must remember that all of
us are equal and that we all have a right to equal opportunities. We may come from different nations but, we are all human
beings. Truly, we are One World and One People.

All opinions expressed in this is only that of Rafael Francis C. Dela Rosa
Notes and research material:
Origin of PEACE
Middle English pees, from Anglo-French pes, pees, from Latin pac-, pax; akin to Latin pacisci to agree — more at pact
First Known Use: 12th century



Miguel Antonio S. Adarlo, 6-Malvar


Cyberbullying is a bad thing. It is like Spam and Spim (Instant Messaging spam, for more information, see TIME Dec.
1998). It is very annoying(IM), idiotic and reputation-damaging, like real bullies. Well-known fact: bullies prosper in school
because they are with their friends. With the age of the internet, nerds and often teased people go to the Internet to be free,
away from the troubles of bullies. Then, the bullies adapt as well, and they make Instant Messages to tease people. That is
just one of the million ways of cyberbullying. Now for the question, is it a crime, or not?

The answer: Of course it is! In foreign laws, an example is the California’s Assembly Bill 86 in 2008, which authorizes
school administrators to discipline (e.g. benching, suspension, repetition of grade, and expulsion) students who are guilty
of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can even push people over the edge and commit suicide! Such is the fate of an American
teenager named Megan Meier, who made an account on a social networking site (MySpace). She became friends with
someone. The “friend’s” messages became worse until she was at the receiving end of threats, insults, and demeaning
remarks. The situation got so stressful for her, that she commited suicide just three weeks before her 14th birthday. So
sad, a waste of a life full of promise. The account through which the bullying of Meier took place purportedly belonged to a
16-year-old male named Josh Evans. However, Lori Drew, the mother of a former friend of Meier, later admitted creating
the MySpace account with her daughter and Ashley Grills, Lori Drew’s 18-year-old employee. Several people contributed
to running the faked account, including Drew. Witnesses testified that the women intended to use Meier’s e-mails with
“Josh” to get information about her and later humiliate her, in retribution for her allegedly spreading gossip about Drew’s

Another example is Phoebe Prince. She commited suicide last January 14,2010. Having recently moved to the U.S. from
Ireland, Prince had been taunted and bullied for several months by at least two separate groups of students at South Hadley
High School, reportedly because of disputes with other girls over her brief relationships with a senior high school football
player and a second male student. On January 14, 2010, after an entire day of harassment and taunting, followed by a
final incident in which a student threw a can at her from a passing car as she walked home from school, Prince committed
suicide by hanging herself in the stairwell leading to the second floor of the family apartment. Her body was discovered by
her 12-year-old sister. After her death, many crude comments about her were posted on her Facebook memorial page, most
of which were removed. Her parents chose to have Phoebe interred in Ireland.

There are punishments to cyberbullying, like a HUGE fine($500) to the court and payment of an amount of money to
the victim/victim’s family. Finally, you can get up to 3 months in prison for cyberbullying and an average of 547 days on
probation, or approximately 120 days of community service. That is why you should not be a cyberbully.

Pupil Leaders’ Congress

The Speakers invited by Mr. Salvador

Philip Sevilla - AGSCOM Treasurer that led us to a humungous room, filled with other kids like us.
Since we were running late, and the program already was about
July 31, 2010...the day of the CEAP Youth Congress in Saint Paul to start, we rushed to our table that had a sign that proudly said
College, Pasig. The congress was a very enriching and special event “Ateneo de Manila Grade School” To start the program of we had
in my life since it helped me very much to be a better person and to think of a one line cheer that represents our school. After we
leader for myself and the people around me. I went to the Ateneo discussed the matter, we decided to use our school’s famous “GO
Grade School quite earlier then I had to and waited by the Admin Ateneo! ONE BIG FIGHT!” cheer that I assure you, was said loudly
for all my fellow leaders and teachers going to the congress with and proudly in the event.
me. I was so excited to go to the congress!
After all the schools were introduced, we then proceeded to the
We had fun before the main event but we knew that what will “Ten stories of Stewardship” where ten people, each who do tasks
happen in our destination would be even better. We then arrived at that will not only be handy to student leaders but to any person
the congress rushing, ready to engage in the activities that await us. especially to Ateneans as well. Even if this might sound boring, it
We had a opening program before we separate into our groups. We was still very interesting to listen to because a lot of the speakers
had fun already just during the program and hoped we would not were a part of the Ateneo family such as Mrs. Elgar, Ms. Perez and
be disappointed in our congress. So we had a little snack which was Mr. Gubat.
very wonderful to have before a lengthy activity. So we then broke
out into our groups, my group was the group with a person from the After the talks, we were given a break where we can mingle with
AGS, Ms.Perez and specifically that group was the literature group. other schools. As you might have guessed, all of the schools were
The value of the group was honesty which was well explained by too scared to interact yet and so were we. Instead, we just showed
Ms.Perez. We had 2 sessions. In the first session, We talked about our gentlemanly behavior to the other schools by letting them fall
our purpose in that day–how to be better writers. After that we in line first for the food (kiss up much) even to the extent of Jack
had lunch then back to work. In the second session, we had an Palou, a fellow grade school student, to give his food away for
activity about what we learned in that day. After the last session someone else. Jack proved that that generosity pays of that day
we went back into the ballroom and had the closing program and afterwards because the teachers ordered Jollibee just for him!
a presentation from each group. After the long and tired day, none
of us came out of there normal people, we got out there as excellent Next, we were all divided into ten teams. These groups are Literature,
Atenean leaders. Sports, Visual Arts, Environment, Enterprise, Media/Film, Dance,
Technology, Music and Student Leadership. The names of these
groups pretty much say what they are going to be about but that
Gino Bermudez was not all that we learned. Outside of what they taught us was
the learning of how students from other schools speak and treat
Since quite a number of my fellow batch mates who also ran for
others. You may laugh when you hear a student almost as old as
AGSCOM Council office were going, I decided to also attend this
you still call the speaker as “teacher” or “miss” but you can’t blame
Congress and thought of it as an opportunity to hang out with
them because that’s how they were taught to speak and act. In my
them. It would also be more exciting because it would be hald in St.
opinion this is one of those times when you learn something not in
Paul College which is an all-girls school and other schools such as
a session in school but through experience which is a nice change
Poveda, Assumption Antipolo, and Miriam College were to attend
from the everyday learning we do.
as well.
During the lunch break, we finally got the courage to make new
As we stepped of the van that we used to get to St. Paul, we were
friends. Where was the learning in that you ask? It was afterwards
greeted by friendly usherettes who were also students of the school
when they got enough courage to say that the moment we entered
the room, they didn’t go there
were intimidated to get some
by us because of chicks (Ed: Oh
the stereotype really?). We
put on Ateneans. were there to
They said that be the delegates
they thought we of the Ateneo
were kids from Grade School for
very well-to-do the Leadership
families who are Congress of
shielded from all the Catholic
the problems of Educational
life in every choice Association of
that we make and the Philippines.
Filipinos who This was a
barely speak in seminar /
their native tongue. workshop that
They said that they enabled us to
thought we wouldn’t understand Filipino and were surprised when heighten our individual skills, may it be in music, art, dancing,
we spoke it fluently. All this confessing scared me because what if technological, etc.
all other people thought we were this way? What if they thought we
were just spoiled brats? Luckily, we changed that idea of theirs into As I looked which workshop I’ll be in, I saw; “Beauty and Madness.”
one that shouts “Ateneans are so awesome!” before the day ended. In this workshop, our moderator, the husband of one of the grade
six teachers, Allan Elgar, taught us how music is food for the soul.
Afterwards, each group showed a presentation on what we learned Every lyric, every verse, every note, every melody, every song
from there. It was too bad we were to base it on our group topics affects us. He showed us how music industry has transformed from
because I learned so much more out of class instead of in it. the usage of the tape recorder to record music, to the high-tech
Nevertheless it was still a time where we got to bond with our new recording studios. We were lucky enough to have our workshop in
friends despite the pressure of presenting to the whole Congress. St. Paul’s Mac Lab. If you are a mac user or fond of the Macintosh
You would probably laugh because at the presentations, most of the technology, you would know about the Garageband. It is a software
Ateneo representatives were if not the leader of their group, a main that let’s users record and edit their own songs, and this is actually
character in the show. is what we used to record our creative output for that day. A song,
As the event wrapped up, we were all happy to have come there which we wrote and composed that showed and embedded the
because even if a lot of us just came there for the girls, I’m sure all of hearts and minds of our listeners with the thought of a world with
us learned something. Even if it was just a girl’s phone number they positivity everywhere. A world with leaders who care, who take the
were after, they got that and more. Not more numbers, but more initiative, who do everything for his/her people.
lessons to value. As I rode home with my fellow Grade 7 brothers,
Jigo Sison, Jiggy Vilanueva, Anton Alonte, Joaquin Astilla, Miguel If you think of it, leaders are songs. They feed the souls of others
Dypiangco, Jamo Baron, Philip Sevilla, Anton Cabalza, Gino with care and service. Like a song, leaders affect how the people live.
Bermudez, Kevin Corpuz, Marvin de Santos, Lean Ramos, Jack A leader is a leader through service and through example. Service-
Palou and two brave sixth graders who didn’t care that we might imagine a song with no meaning at all, like a song that only talks
leave them out of the conversations we had, Jaco Abat and Carlos about barely clothed women dancing in a club. Sound familiar? A
Dimalig , I noticed one thing, WE ARE BROTHERS. In Ateneo and song should have a positive meaning. The depth of a song should
out of it. be able to envelope the listener with what it is trying to send out. A
song should be able to affect the world in a positive way. Example-
Marro Mendoza imagine a song with or without real meaning that affects the world,
but affects others negatively. Imagine an inspirational song, like “I
Leaders could be seen in every place we could imagine. In our Believe I Can Fly” with negative lyrics like, “I believe that you will
homes, in our school, in our church, in our city, in our country, die. I believe that you’ll die tonight…” Wouldn’t that be absurd? A
everywhere we could see leaders, keeping our society at its top song affects others no matter what, so a song should affect others
shape, keeping society alive and in order. But our leaders weren’t for their good, like how a leader should.
chosen through eenie meenie miney mo, they were chosen because
they are deserving, the people he/she leads thinks he/she is During that day, our various skills have shown a deeper meaning
deserving. Leaders are raised to be leaders, like how our school and incorporation to what a leader should be. We even met
shows importance to leadership in school, like the AGSCOM, the friends, especially of the opposite gender, like how my friend Jamo
formation of student leaders, and soon the leaders of our country. Baron, met his “friend” (P.S. I won’t tell you her name). But in
the end, the teachings of how we young leaders should grow up
Last July 31, a few selected (handsome) members were sent to the to be were tattooed to our minds into our hearts, for the better of
St. Paul College, Pasig. Yes, there were a lot of hot girls. No, we ourselves and for others.
St. Ignatius of GRADE 4
Angelo Miguel Villamarin By Raphael Gatchalian | 4-Maguindanao

The mass of St. Ignatius de Loyola, as we can all agree, is The Grade 4 pupils of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School
extraordinary indeed. Much wasn’t expected early that day, had their recollection last June and July on a Saturday
but as soon as we went down to the covered courts, and a with the theme of “Gratitude for being created by God” and
slide show presentation flashed on a massive screen, I had “Contemplating Jesus in the Gospels”. The assembly of the
a hunch that this mass would be a little out of the ordinary. students was in front of the Chapel of the Holy Guardian
Anyway, The gospel was from Lk.9:57-62, entitled “the Angels. The day started with a 30 minute mass by Fr. Chito D.
Would-be Followers of Jesus”. This is about how we should Unson. After the mass, they went directly to their recollection
put God first in our lives if we want to follow him. When venues. The recollection started off with an orientation with a
the homily came, I found out that my hunch was correct. Jesuit brother. When they had their break, some of them went
There was a really awesome slide show. Now that you don’t to the cafeteria and some just stayed outside their venue. Then
see everyday. It was totally high tech. Complete with a Star they watched some videos like “Selfishness and Happiness”.
Wars video (since the presider said he wanted to became a
jedi) and the presider told us that there is always good every- Afterwards, they contemplated and reflected on God’s blessings.
where, including villains. At the end of the mass, my friends After the recollection, the class adviser gave out evaluation
and I agreed it was the most fun way a mass could’ve been forms about the recollection and some announcements. Finally,
presented. they went home and enjoyed their weekend!

By: Miko I. Peralta | 5-Mactan
So now, we are back in school, doing homework and studying. But
now, we have to concentrate and do well in school. It’s like going
“There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation,
back to zero. Now, we can start new and become better students
And school comes along just to end it,
each year and have higher grades, become a better person and even
So the annual problem for our generation,
improve with your skills and talents.
Is to find a good way to spend the day...”
It’s like you are in a race. When you hear the signal, you try to be the
This came from the start of the popular TV Series of
first one there. If you’re the first to reach the line, you could win. So
Disney Channel, “Phineas and Ferb”. Whenever I
aim the finish line and try to be the first one there. It’s the same with
watch it, I always think about how I spent MY summer.
school. Try to run to get First Honor, run to get high on your report
Was my summer very memorable? Would it be a very
card, run to be the best you can be and run to be a great person.
nice story to tell to my new classmates in the following
“Now on your mark, ready, set GO!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!”
school year?

Buwan ng Wika 2010

By: Raphael L. Gatchalian
For the whole month of August we celebrated the
Buwan ng wika. It was full of different events and performances.
4-Maguindanao They had TAPATAN for grade 4. Tapatan was like a live quiz
show about different topics, riddles, and situations about
Noong Agosto 31, 2010, nagkaroon ng pangkalahatang the Philippines and its culture. Tapatan was played by the
pagtitipon sa pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika. Ang Prep different sections in grade 4 starting from Yakan to Ati. It took
hanggang Grade 7 ay nakisama sa pagdiriwang. a few days to get into the finals, but on one Thursday the finals
Ang ikaapat na baitang ay nagkaroon ng “tAPATan” began between the classes of ATI, MAGUINDANAO,AND
(ito ay parang Battle of the Brains) at ang mga nagwagi na MANOBO. The final really tough all teams pulled out all their
seksyon ay ang 4-Maguindanao, 4-Manobo, at ang 4-Ati. aces but at the end the section of Ati was victorious. Don’t feel
Sa tAPATan, iba’t iba ang mga tanong. Tungkol sa mga bad for the other sections though Maguindanao and Manobo
makakasaysayang pook, mga kanta sa wikang Filipino, at were both tied for second place. Meanwhile in grade 5 we
mayroon din tungkol sa jejemon! Sa ikalimang baitang had Talento Singko it was a talent show where the students
naman, nagkaroon ng talent show na tinawag na “Talento and teachers performed various songs, poems, and dances.
Singko”. Sila ay sumayaw, kumanta, tumugtog ng gitara, at However unlike grade 4 this was not a competition it was
iba pa. free for all and there was no pressure. Added to this on the
Madaming nangyari noong Agosto 31, 2010. Ang last day of Talento Singko there were various plays and songs
Ateneo Dance Club ay sumayaw ng mga Filipino na kanta, at performed by different grade 5 sections. There was also poem
ang mga Filipino at AP teachers ay sumayaw ng Cariňosa. Ang sharing near the cafeteria where teachers and students also
mga estudyante ay nagsuot ng mga Filipino na damit. Talaga shared poems. August 31 2010 officially closed the Buwan
naming masaya para saakin ang pagdiriwang na iyon. ng Wika we had a ceremony here where we talked about the
importance of our
Philippine culture
after this we had
had food sharing
in which we shared
the Filipino food
we brought. The

Enjoining Others to Support Bigay Puso

Mico Lorenzo M. Baviera | 6-Luna
We in Ateneo Grade School are all doing our best to help the poor and the sick, especially
the PGH cancer kid patients through our Bigay Puso. Recently, my section, 6-Luna has
created a new method of raising more money for the Bigay Puso. Our class adviser,
Mr.Guerrero, gave each one of us a plastic container as seen in the picture above to fill
up with money by the end of the quarter. Ever since, I and my other classmates have
recently been looking for ways to fill up our containers. Some of my classmates even
started selling cookies and put the money they raised in their plastic containers. My
way was to let my mom bring the container to her workplace and enjoin some of her
officemates to fill it up. In her office, the penalty for being late in workshops is Php
200.00 per person. The participants in some of the workshops my mom facilitated decided to donate the penalty fees
to Bigay Puso and this is why I got mine filled up in just 4 days. I hope the entire Grade 6 will all do their share to help
the PGH cancer kid patients in their therapy and recovery

ClaSs NIgHt
by Joshua Aguasin and Martin Arandia

We had our Class Night last July 23, 2010. It all

started after Intrams. We had our final dance
practice. Shortly after that, we were cleaning up
and placing our sleeping bags in the classroom.
After that, we went swimming. We even tried the
new pool facilities! Around 5:30 pm, we had our
attendance check and changed into our costume - red shirt + bling-
bling, cap, pants and rubber shoes. At 7:00 pm, we had dinner.
There were so many food stands that we couldn’t pick which one to
buy from! There were lots of food and drinks like iced coffee, fruit
shakes, frozen yogurt and many more! Shortly after, we went to the
covered courts for the program. It was entitled: 6ers Unite Tonight.
I was so nervous because I wasn’t that good at dancing. Our songs
were “Don’t stop believing” and “Eenie Meenie”. When we danced,
it was actually fun! Even the teachers danced and we truly enjoyed
watching! To our surprise, we came in 3rd place in the games! After
the program, we went to the College grounds as Ms. Perez narrated
a scary story in front of every building we rested. She also led us to
do a night exercise then we jogged
back to AGS. We still had time to
watch a horror movie then we got
too scared so we just told ghost
stories with our class adviser again.
Many of us were still up by 3 a.m.
and we prayed the rosary because
according to one of the movies we
watched, this was the devil’s hour.
When all ghost stories were already
narrated, we started sharing about
our life, our interests and our
favorites. We got to know more
about our classmates and adviser.
This was a great way to start the
school year–bonded and unified!
This was the best experience I had
in my life! After that I went home
with the memories I got from our
Class Night.

The hosts of the night were Ms. Pablo and Mr. Inumerable
Are You Braver Than (both Math Teachers). There were opening remarks and then, Team
A (Bagumbayan, Barasoain and Biyak na Bato) danced “Eye of The
A 5th Tiger” by Survivor and a song I don’t know. A game followed after.
Third, Team B (Corregidor, Edsa, Intramuros and Kawit) danced
Grader? “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith and “Jump” from
G-Force. After that, there was another game. Then, it was our turn
to dance. I had fun dancing with my friends. Next, there was another
game. After that, Team D (Pasong Tirad, Pinaglabanan, and Pugad-
Lawin) danced “We Will Rock You” by Queen and “Beat It” by Michael
Jackson. Finally, Mrs. Castillo gave awards to some sections and we
Miko I. Peralta | 5-Mactan prayed. The best part: FREE TIME! AGAIN!
The next morning, we woke up early to fix the classroom and
On July 9 – 10, 2010, our batch had our first “Class then we had our morning excercises. After that, I fixed my things and
Night”. “Are You Braver Than A 5th Grader” is the I went home.
theme for it. It was very fun that we got to hang The Class Night was really a memorable one because of all the
out with our friends and classmates. We also had things that happened. I thank everyone who helped make our Class
games, ghost hunting and many more. Night the best and thank God for letting us have a wonderful weather
We did not have Intrams that day as we and Class Night!
had a dry-run of our dance in the Covered Courts.
Team C, composed of Mactan, Malacanang and
Mendiola danced to the tune of ‘Stronger’ by Kanye
West and ‘Pump It’ by the Black-Eyed Peas. The
dancers were very awesome and I could tell they
were giving their best. And the best: After that, we
had FREE TIME!!!!!! I had fun with friends and
some people along the way.
I went back to the classroom for attendance
check after the dry-run. When I came, my jaw hit
the ground. The lights were turned off and people
were dancing, waving their flashlights, others
were reading, some were sleeping, so I decided to
“join the fun”. After a while, it was dinner time.
The food was really good. Then, we all lined up in
the Assembly Area for the program.

Reading of Honors by: Migs Casanova of 4-Ifugao

The Reading of Honors made me really thrilled!
Certificates were given to students who are Third Honor,
Second Honor, and First Honor. Aside from these, Deportment
Certificates were given such as, Most Friendly, Best in
Leadership, Neatest, Most Courteous, Most Diligent and Most
Responsible. Furthermore, excellence in subject areas were also
awarded certificates like the Best Speaker in CA, Best Writer in
CA, Pinakamagaling na Manulat sa Filipino, Pinakamagaling
na Mambibigkas sa Filipino and the CoCA awards. One First
Honor Awardee is chosen to be the Speaker of their class saying
an inspirational speech which may encourage everyone to work
harder. I’m not bragging but through my experiences, I got a
lot of First Honor Awards(NO OFFENSE). To all you readers, I
hope you all receive a lot of certificates too. Good luck to all, and
always aim for the best! 23

New Look Of
Mrs. Dimalanta on the New Look of
The the Ateneo Grade School
by Dustin Paolo S. Abad

Ateneo G.S.
When this school year started, everybody was
surprised about the newly renovated places in the
AGS. And who better explain it than the woman
behind the improvements, Mrs. Ma. Victoria
By Kyle Cabatit Dimalanta.
Bricks everywhere! It looks like the Ateneo de Manila •••Eaglet: Good Day Ma’am! Please describe the
is getting another facial! I’m pretty sure that you’ve new look of the AGS in one word.
probably seen the lot right beside the chapel and the Mrs. D: Awesome.
path that cuts through it. It has been covered with •••Eaglet: How many months did it take for the
bricks! Also, the path to the David Hall has been covered renovation to finish?
with bricks! It also gained new lighting and roofing. Mrs. D: Approximately four months for the major
The Fermin Hall has been repainted to a pleasant sky- renovations (Chapel quadrangle, pull house,
blue, and tiled too. The classrooms in the David Hall paving of Gate 1, tiling of the David Hall). Now,
have been covered with beige tiles, and the garden the AGS is asbestos-free and mercury-free.
beside the Infirmary and the path that is commonly •••Eaglet: How will the Materials Recovery
used to get to the Fermin Hall has been terraced. The Facility and the Vermicomposting Facility help,
Ateneo is making its looks aesthetically pleasing, and us students, love the environment even more?
gives the students another reason to come to school. Mrs.D: As for the MRF, it is the heart and soul of
It’s good to have a nice study environment, to better ecological solid waste management. However,
focus students. I think that an ugly looking school can for the VF, the biodegradable wastes go there and
affect someone’s performance academically. Bravo, earthworms are added to create a good organic
Ateneo, I give this one a 5-star rating. Bricktastic! fertilizer. The two facilities enable us to segregate
at source so only the non-recyclables go to the
landfill. Reusing what you can.
•••Eaglet: How is the new look beneficial to all
AGS people?
Mrs. D: It requires easier maintenance and it’s
more practical. The new look highlights the
natural resources of the AGS.
•••Eaglet: The renovated road connecting the
Cafeteria and the David Hall do not seem to be
eco-friendly. Is it eco-friendly? Please elaborate.
Mrs. D: It is eco-friendly. Every renovation made
was studied carefully by architects and engineers.
The tiles of the road are Paver Blocks which are
easier to maintain and all the lights in the road
are LED lights.
•••Eaglet: Has the new look of the AGS gain
attention from “outsiders”?
Mrs. D: Yes! A lot of positive feedback from
parents, former students and visitors.
•••Eaglet: Thank you Ma’am! Would you like to
say a reminder to all?
Mrs. D: We enjoin every member of the AGS
community to help save the Earth. To save the
Earth, it takes a few seconds of our time, a little
brainpower and a little effort. This is our home
and we have to care for it. For the students, start
being eco-friendly, because whatever you learn in
the AGS, you will have that trait until you grow

Next year, expect more renovations. All corridors

are to be tiled, every problematic road are to be
fixed with the help of our ground maintenance
contractor, JSA. This wouldn’t be possible
without everybody’s concern for the Earth. Be a
superhero, save the Earth.

New Construction:
The New AGS
By Gab Rivera, 5-Pinaglabanan & Cesar Fabro, 5-EDSA

“Promenade” The Mini-Park Behind Grade 1

Remember the shabby old looking and weedy place
behind the Grade 1? Well, it doesn’t look shabby and
old anymore because over the summer, the Ateneo
Grade School constructed this place into something
fresh and new. It now looks like a great place to go to
because of the fresh air and green grass and the new
benches are nice place to rest. And actually, it looks
like a mini-park where you can walk your dogs and
play all day. It was finished about a week after the
opening of classes.

The Walkway going to the Cafeteria

The once dark atmosphere walkway suddenly
transformed into a “Walkway of Light” over the
summer. While walking this walkway now, you feel
light and this could be very helpful because its lunch
time when most people past this way.

The Swimming Pool Area Changing Room

Do you know how the shower rooms in the community
swimming pools look like? Rusty pipes, toilets which
smell horrible and small changing rooms? Well, that’s
how the swimming pool in the AGS looked like last
year! But after construction three months ago, now it
looks brand new! The showers that are rusty last year
are now new, bigger and more efficient. Also, from my
experiences last year, there were lines for the changing
booths, but now there are more changing booths so
there are hardly anymore lines for us. Three months
ago before the construction was done, I thought to
myself “It’s taking a long time for them to finish these
construction, they better be good!” but now I know it
was worth the wait because now it looks like a 5-star
hotel pool!

Try to check out these places when you have time and
maybe you might be amazed about the differences
from last year’s AGS and this year’s AGS.


Intrams and CoCA review

By: Francis Dominguez, 4-Manobo
Here are some information regarding the Intrams. In Grade
4, for the 1st Quarter, the students will be playing Basketball.
For the 2nd Quarter, the sport will be Swimming. For the 3rd
Quarter, the sport will be Volleyball and finally, for the 4th
Quarter, the students will play Football. All of the 13 sections
in Grade 4 will get the chance to compete against one another
during the Intrams which happens every Friday.

I would also like to talk about Coca or Co-Curricular

Activities wherein students and teachers engage themselves

in every Thursday of the week. There are a number of
CoCAs to choose from, and it would be wise to choose the
one you think you will love doing. Ask yourself, what sport /
activity would you like to do? Do you have a passion in doing

APPLICATION something? You just have to choose carefully.

The Intrams and the CoCA both help in nurturing the skills
Paolo Espinoza, 7-Kostka
and talents of all the students. These two can be considered
Every year, the Grade 7 batch suffers the hassle of applying learning grounds wherein everyone has the opportunity to
for Ateneo High School. Most of us have to walk to the High
School campus or if not, ride in a friend’s car to go there. We
experience the stress of balancing schoolwork with filling up
our high school application. Filling up the application form
is harder than it seems. We applicants have to photocopy our
Grade 5-7 report cards. For some of us who used to have low
grades, it’s pretty hard looking back at our grades before.
Seeing a line of 7 or low line of 8 isn’t really the best feeling
in the world but we know without it, we wouldn’t be able to
apply. We also have to get our NSO birth certificate. Other
than those, we also had to look for teachers, counselors, etc
who will be willing to write recommendation letters for us,
if needed. This would probably be the second hardest thing
we had to do and the hardest thing probably was doing the
dreaded autobiography. We were given probably about
2-4 weeks to do this but majority of us didn’t know where
or when to start. We had quizzes, exams and projects to
do so we had to find time between those stuff and do our
autobiography. We had to write about “our chief interests,
ambitions, accomplishments and our desire for a high school
education at the Ateneo de Manila University.” It also has to
be hand-written which was harsh for our hands. All of this
we had to finish and submit by September 17, a Friday. It’s
truly stressful but to add it all up we had to find a day from
Semptember 17 or earlier where we were free so we could
submit our application form. Finding a day was pretty easy
but getting a ride, not that much. If we then manage to get a
ride to go to the High School campus, we had to pick a date.

AGS Fair
October 2 or October 23? Am or pm? Once we did all that,
we were free. We were free to just review for the entrance
exam but of course, we still have to enjoy the fair which is
coming up in a few days.

Ateneo Grade School
Class Officers Movement
by King Samuel Zabat

Vote for this candidate! People

keep on shouting. It was campaign
week. Everywhere you go, you would
see flyers and posters. The candidates
focused on creatively disseminating
information regarding their sets of
mission and vision.

In the Miting de Avance, the

candidates proclaimed their future
projects before the whole Middle
School community. Students were
cheering, shouting and raising their
posters for their chosen candidates.

During the voting session, all

students were filled with hope that
the candidates who will win will
make a big change to the campus.
After the elections, students are
excited to hear the results. After the
winning candidates were announced,
the student body were filled with
courage and positivism that these
AGSCOM officers will definitely make
a difference.

Congratulations to the candidates

who won and that they may fulfill
their goals and responsibilities well!

President: Jigo Sison

1st VP: Jiggy Villanueva
2nd VP: Anton Alonte
Secretary: Miguel Dypiangco
Treasurer: Philip Sevilla

Mrs. Gargaritano & Mrs. Celestino

Eaglet New SY, Cool
New Teachers!

asks... by Gil Gerard L. Guevarra, Sam Zabat, Migs

Casanova, Jiggy Medina, Ethan Del Rosario,
Miguel Defensor, Paolo Espinoza, Riel Gutierrez

Every new school year, new teachers are welcomed in the Ateneo Grade School
Community. Eaglet staffers asked them what they have to say about being here in AGS:

We were also able to ask some of them the following

What was your course, school and what year did graduate?
Why did you choose to teach in Ateneo?
How do you find Ateneans?

Ms. Blanca Maria G Huab-->

Bachelor of Science in Child Development and
Education 2010
Fresh graduate from Miriam College.
I like to teach little boys and I took my
practicum here.
They are well disciplined boys and they are also
friendly and respectful.
Message for students: I hope that you study
hard so that you will be able to achieve your
goals in the future.

<--Ms. Jamel Monica D Joaquin

Bachelor of Science in Child Development and
Education 2010
Fresh graduate from Miriam College.
I chose to teach in Ateneo because I was a student teacher last year here in
AGS and I enjoyed my experience with my students and with the teachers.
I find Ateneans smart, respectful and active.
Message for students: Study hard and always listen
to the teachers.

Mrs. Angeline Martha M. Cariquitan -->

AB Psychology 2006
I was in the field of Human Resources before.
I chose to teach in Ateneo because I want to mold
future leaders.
I find Ateneans very active, well rounded, and God-
Message for students: Study hard and give your best in everything you do. Special
shoutout to my students in 4-Ifugao, 4-Dumagat, 4-Kalinga, and 4-Maguindanao!

<--Ms. Janice Lucena

Mr. Gelo Bringino Mr. Vonn Castro

Ms. Nikka Lao

Mr. Hernandez is an exchange

teacher from Ateneo High School. He is
currently the Filipino educator for Grades
6 and 7. He finished AB Interdisciplinary
Studies in Ateneo de Manila University.
According to him, he decided to teach
because a former teacher invited him to
be a great educator. But before that, he
worked as a freelance writer and events

Ms. Lao is currently the class adviser

of 6-Del Pilar. She’s a fresh graduate
from the University of Sto. Tomas and
finished Elementary Education. She
decided to teach in AGS because she
has 2 brothers and all of her cousins
are boys. She thinks that it’s more
comfortable for her to handle young men.

Mr. Bringino graduated at Ateneo

de Manila University with the course
Interdisciplinary Studies. He is the relief
teacher based in Grade 6 and he also
became the class adviser of 6-Abad
Santos for a time, teaching Araling
Panlipunan and Filipino. He chose to
teach because he enjoys interacting with

Mr. Castro is also a relief teacher

based in Grade 6. Before being a
teacher, he was a writer for different
websites. He graduated last 2007 in
Ateneo de Manila University with a
degree in AB Communication Arts.
He decided to teach because he is
interested in forming young men in the
Ateneo tradition.
Mr. Ianne Hernandez
<--Ms. Denise G. Viola
Bachelor of Science in Child
Development and Education 2010
Fresh graduate from Miriam College.
I decided to teach in Ateneo because
it’s a premiere school and it offers
quality education.
Ateneans are smart ,religious and
happy students.
Message for students: You should
extend your vocabulary in Filipino

Mr. Ian Vincent T. Dy -->

Bachelor of Science in Computer
Technology 2003
I was a Kumon Math and Reading
I chose to teach in Ateneo because I
wanted to go back to a school with a
religious background.
I find Ateneans proud but in a good way.
Message for students: Study hard and
don’t forget to pray.

<-- Ms. Katrina Marcelino

Year graduated: 2010
Pinili kong magturo sa Ateneo dahil
marunong silang maging anghel para sa
Ang mga Atenista ay makukulit pero
Message for students: Mahalin natin ang
Wikang Filipino!

Ms. Socorro Limson-->

BS Child Development and Education
minor in SPED 2010
Ateneo has been my dream school ever
since I was a little kid.
Sweet, disciplined, selfless, inquisitive,
and eager to participate in classroom
Message for students: To my Gr. 4
and Gr. 5 CLE students, thank you
for coming into my teaching life. You
simply rock Ms. Limson’s world. I love
you 5-Edsa, Kawit, Mangyan, Maranaw,
Tausug, T’boli, and Yakan.

<--Ms. Andrea Geronimo

I was an International Flight
Stewardess before.
Nais kong maging bahagi sa
pagpapaunlad ng buong pagkatao ng mga susunod na pinuno ng ating mahal na bansang Pilipinas.
Ang mga Atenista ay malalim mag-isip at mapag-bigay sa kapwa.
Mr. Lucas is currently an Mr. Wilson Espiritu Ms. Jade Gabor
English teacher for the 7th
grade. To add to that, he is
also an advisor to 7- St Jean
de Brebeuf. However, let us
get to him better. He used
to study in non other than
our school, Ateneo de Manila
University. His course in Ateneo
was Creative Writing. His old
occupation was the job of being
a Freelance Writer. When asked
on the reason on why he chose
to teach in the Ateneo Grade
School, he said in response that
he wanted to give back to the
school that made him what he
is now.

Mr. Tamayo is a substitute

teacher for Grade 7. He finished
Special Education in Ateneo de Mr. Ryan Batistiana
Cagayan. He thinks that Ateneo
Grade School is a good school
which promotes professional
growth that’s why he decided
to work here. His job before
going here is being a behavior
therapist for autistic children.

Mr. Espiritu is currently

a CLE teacher for the 6th and
7th grade. The university that
he attended was the University
of Regina Carmelli. His course in
that university was Bachelor of
Art Major in Psychology. When
asked why he decided to be
Mr. Jez Lucas Mr. Ralph Tamayo
an educator in Ateneo, his reply
was because of 2 reasons.
First, it was a product of
discernment and second, it was
a Jesuit school. His old job was
the occupation of a Management

Ms. Gabor is the

substitute teacher for Grade 7.
She’s a graduate of Ateneo de
Manila University, AB Literature.
She chose to teach in Ateneo
because she was encouraged
by her friends who graduated
here. This is her first job and
she’s truly enjoying it!
C L A p h i cy JC Nacpil
D e s i g n b

Abad Santos
by Aaron See Chung | 6- Abad Santos

The Grade 6 Class Night is one that my

class and I will never forget. It hap-
pened on the month of July. After school
some of my classmates went home to
rest and fetch their stuff. A number of
us, who had already brought our things
in the morning, decided to lay out our
sleeping bags. While waiting for the
program to start we played games and
talked with each other. Others went to
the Open Courts to play a nice game of basketball. When our other classmates have returned, we all headed
for the Covered Courts. Our class adviser was waiting for us there. After the GLC had given a few reminders
,we started our dance presentation. When all the teams had finished their performance we all played games
against each other. Then the GLC allowed us to do anything we want until 11pm. Majority of our class went
“Ghost Hunting”(I was one of them).We did not really see any ghosts but we still got a good scare because
our class adviser really knew how to tell good ghost stories. When we reached the classroom we brushed
our teeth, changed our clothes and finally went to bed. Not much happened during that day but still it is one
of the most memorable events in my life.

by Diego Manalatas | 6 - Agoncillo
Well so far I am having good times in our class. Let us start with our Bigay Puso, so far we have collected
P11,000 . Next we have some of the best teachers, like our class adviser Ms. Diaz who is nice and a good
teacher. Next our Class officers are responsible and well-rounded. We have not done too much yet but
there is still a long year left for us, but we will never know what is to come so let us see...

by Nathan Reyes | 6 - Agoncillo

When I first entered the 6-Agoncillo classroom and looked at my classmates, I said”Whoa.” I said that
because I was not used to my surroundings yet. I felt awkward. As days passed, I got more used to my
surroundings. I got more familiar to my classmates. And then after a month or two, I finally got fully
familiarized to everything. My favorite class event is the Class Night. We had lots of fun from the pro-
gram to the hiking that came after it. We went to the football field and some other places. After that,
we went back to the classroom to watch Final Destination. It was awesome! Then we talked so long
that some of us didn’t even sleep at all. It was really a memorable experience. I wish that there will be
more memorable experiences like this in the future.

Del Pilar
For me class night was my favorite event this year. I had a lot of fun! We
went ghost hunting with my class. After we played basketball and played
in the classroom. But then we were asked to sleep so I went straight to my
place and slept. Even if it only lasted a day I had fun!

by Rafael Francis C. Dela Rosa and Mark Icarangal
For the class of 6-Aguinaldo, the class night was a nice and fun event.
The unfolding of this event is told from the perspective of several
students from 6-Aguinaldo. After the program they participated in
ghosthunting. Soon afterwards, they hiked in the AHS grounds.
Although a few who stayed behind and played boardgames while
staying in the classroom. Then they returned to the classroom to
watch the film “Grudge”. After they finished watching their film, the
lights were put out but they still talked. Soon they also slept and the
class night experience concluded.

by JM Espiritu and Carlo Rayos | 6-Mabini
The class of 6-Jacinto has a very awesome teacher namely Mr. Aquino.
Their president is Enzo Matutina who is a great leader. They said that their
neatness is perfect because they always clean the classroom.They said that
last Intrams they were the 1st runner up in the Team B because of their
speed and power. They described their class as an energetic class.

by Luis Ignacio Jose | 6 - Burgos
As the first semester is coming to a close,
only now are we realizing the true importance
of Grade 6. However, we are still somewhat Niño Angeles 6-Bonifacio
filled with ecstasy especially after the fair. Our
class has been falling behind in terms of Bigay One of the best experiences for
Puso and Playbill, but maybe that’s because of
6-Bonifacio is the class night. We
our class’ ability to have fun in any situation,
and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. In the had so much fun in the games and
meantime, we’re enjoying ourselves as this is dance and Igy showed up. During
our last chance to be real children. At the same ghost hunting Mrs.Elgar spooked us
time, however, we are trying to be the class all with the story of the golden hand.
that can earn the title “Most Awesome”. Noth-
Because of cleaning our classroom
ing significant has happened since the class
night, but we kind of built up an average repu- well, we got Wiggles from the GLC
tation, with the exception of us being a Magis and some more from Mrs.Elgar. On
class and a significant number of varsities. our last Intrams game we lost but
Some criticize us for our lack of seriousness in we were still happy for our team
handling things and yet at the same time, for
because we were pretty much 4th
not keeping ourselves under the radar.
I must be wasting your time with this really place and the match was for 3rd
boring article, so I’m going to end it with this: place. Like what our teacher said
With a laid-back and relaxed attitude, 6-Burgos we are 41 amazing boys and were
is one of those classes that can surely make it gonna prove it.
through this difficult school year with ease.

by Ethan Del
6 - Luna

by Joko Santiago | 7 - Bellarmine

Every English period, Mr. Cariňo opens a whole new world to us, a world of new words. It’s impossible
for you to go leave English class without learning a new word or two. He also has a unique way of saying
words like “excellent” or his unique expressions like his way of exclaiming his satisfaction by saying “oh yes!”
We also unlock new words that we use in our everyday conversations. Words like “beleaguered” or “cum-
bersome” are just some of the words we picked up from him. One of our favorite words, which eventually
became our class name, is “discombobulated” which simply means:

dis•com•bob•u•late –verb (used with object), -lat•ed, -lat•ing.

To confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate: The speaker was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.

Taken from:


Now you know that “discombobulate” is just a fancy word for confused. He always reminds us that we should
always read, read, and read! This way, you’ll be able to improve on your vocabulary. So the next time you
find yourself in Mr. Cariňo’s class, don’t let yourself be beleaguered by his discombobulating words, got that?
Oh yes!

by RC Dionisio | 7 - Claver
Who is Claver? St. Peter Claver was born at if they were going to be our teachers. When finally our
Verdu, Catalonia, Spain, in 1580. Whereas we new teacher for 8 months stepped in the door, Maybe
are “Claver Flava,” born 2010 at Ateneo de some have seen her before, while others saw her for the
Manila Grade School, A lot of people in our class first time. She showed us the new rules that have been
are: sporty, funny, charismatic and downright implied. At one point during schola brevis, she asked us
EPIC! Our teacher Mrs. Maria Luisa Paz Teodoro a few questions: “What is respect?” and “What is my full
is our head coach for motivation to strive for name?’’ and other questions. I have to admit I was scared
“MAGIS.” Our class color is the color classified to my wits when she started asking those questions, while
by Mrs.Teodoro’s daughter as “A Happy Color!” I you could see the anticipation in the eyes of my seatmates.
can say without a doubt that we got each other’s Recently we had our intramurals for soccer, sadly we lost
back, especially when it’s a team effort. I would the game, but some of us were surprised that even if we
like to think of our classroom as an “Entrance lost the game, we still acted like we won by ending the
into the world, not an escape from it.” During day with “We love our bread, we love our butter, but most
the first day of school, besides the fact that we of all we love each other” followed by a prayer, then we
had a classmate for one hour, most if not all our got back to the classroom. All in all 7-St.Peter Claver is a
classmates knew each other very well, when very special class, that is as good as all his other fellow
we finally got to go inside the classroom some 11 Saints.
teachers would pass by, and as they
pass, we would we would wonder

by Anton Cabalza | 7 - Berchmans
IT was 7:45 in the morning. Three
school buses and a van pulled up at
the outdoor courtyard of the Ba-
rangka Elementary School, unload-
ing a class of over forty students
and their class adviser.

We proceeded to the Philips AV

Room and saw a group of BES sixth
graders waiting for us, lined up
neatly throughout the room. Set-
tling down beside our Barangka
partners, our AGS class listened as
our class adviser described in detail
what that day would be all about. “Bahaginan sa Barangka,” it was called. Intended as a tool for instill-
ing values of equality and social responsibility, the half-day affairs took us through various activities and
interactions. One of the main focuses of the event was the bridge-building contest, where groups used two
hundred popsicle sticks and a pair of masking tape rolls to build a “Tulay ng Kapayapaan.” Constructions
were judged based on creativity, resourcefulness, stability of the bridge, and neatness of working area,
and the top three were presented with prizes. At one point, the two factions staged presentations and per-
formances, and in my opinion, this really highlighted the difference between our groups in terms of daily
culture. While they performed two traditional dances, one of them being the Maglalatik, our group had
a violin performance and two song numbers, both performed with guitar accompaniment. Interestingly
enough, though, the BES group pushed for a FlipTop battle between them and AGS. What was plain amaz-
ing, though, was that, despite our evident differences, when it came down to our very essences as human
beings, we were all similar. We prayed for the same things, and we valued the same things. It was either
we were eighty-something individuals, or one assembly. Somehow, through the exchange of Peace Cards,
the sharing of food, everything, we were, even for one day, able to shed all our labels and titles and just
call ourselves Human.

by Riel Gutierrez | 7 - Kostka

We had a lot of fun during our very first class night as a class, it all started when we had our
practice as a class, team work was like a rule we were trying to follow. We worked together as
we practiced for our dance steps. Our class adviser dismissed us for our short break. We bonded
with our classmates for a while. We checked our attendance to make sure if we were complete.
As we were having our program, rain started to crawl to the ground of the covered courts. The
program was postponed, but it did not cease our chance of bonding with each other. We watched
movies and shared ghost stories. The day ended peacefully and we went home with a smile with
our faces and the chance to bond together on our class night.

by Tim Yusingco and JC Nacpil | 7 - Gonzaga

WARNING: This is the Class Chronicle of

Pignatelli—WRITTEN BY GONZAGA. That When Mr. Selorio was once a class adviser
is the rough equivalent of toxic toys made in grade 6, he heard of two students
by children in China and sold to kids in who experienced something so horrific,
America. May contain information that is it would be burned into their cerebrums,
exaggerated or false entirely. May also NOT never to be forgotten.
contain important information. Bear with
us. It’s your fault that no one from Pignatelli "Two students had forgotten their
joined C.A.M.P. TOXIC. rosaries in their classrooms. Normally,
HIGH VOLTAGE. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF this wouldn’t really warrant a need to go
SOLINIUM, URANIUM AND MELAMINE. DO back up to their classrooms, but it was
NOT CONSUME. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. the Rosary Rally. And in rosary rallies,
rosaries are kinda important. Their teacher
The experience of being crammed in with 40 allowed them to get them, but told them
or so other boys going through puberty for to get back soon. The boys followed, but
one entire night without parental consent when they arrived at the grade 6, they
is different for everyone. The Gonzaga spotted in the far end, near the Luna and
experience was more of a sleepover, really. Mabini classrooms, what seemed to be an
If you watched us and played the song old lady in the wheelchair. The wheelchair
“Party in Your Bedroom” in your head (or and lady on it rocked slowly, but then it
iPod) it would fit the scene perfectly. We started to rock sideways, inching its way,
watched a movie or two, threw around turning towards the two boys. As it made
pillows, watched with mild amusement as its turn, the lady started rocking violently,
a classmate danced to “Baby”, and played moving forward as it did. Frightened to
several seemingly eternal games of UNO. the bone, the two boys looked back and
But the Pignatelli experience was more of ran for the stairs."
a wilderness camp-out. Imagine the scene.
No computer use allowed. The boredom. Ok, we know, it doesn't seem too scary
The sheer despair after learning that you when typed here. But for Pignatelli, it
haven’t updated your Facebook status made the night a lot more fun and a lot
since yesterday. We can’t really tell you more scarier for everyone. We just hope
what they did afterwards, but according to no one had nightmares. (Or worse, were
those we interviewed (names shall remain eternally traumatized, and will eventually
undisclosed for their protection), the real get thrown in an asylum.)
highlight of the evening was the eerie,
creepy stories of….MR. SELORIO *cue that
scary Beethoven music*

Here's one of the stories he told that evening

(Yeah, we’ve run out of things to write):

The X-men, Xavier Pinkies, 7-Xavier. These are some of the names of one of the most enjoyable
classes. Now I’m sure that you are doubting but tell me, with an extremely superfun class
advisor who makes you laugh in nearly all of AP and Fil classes, how can it not be fun? The class
started out like any other class. Barely anyone knew anyone else, but friendships were quickly
established and now it seems that 7-Xavier has been together for a whole year. Although many
of us were having trouble in a lot of subjects in the start of the first quarter, we were all able to
pass because of our devotion to help our friends. Intrams were good for us too. Because of our
teamwork, we made it very far. We had many of our ups and downs in our first quarter but we
always remember that no matter what happens, our special bonds with each other will never

by Tres Yap and
Rocco Venadas

MALVAR by Rafael Jose I. Jocson 6-Malvar

When disaster strikes, humanity always seems to get back on it’s feet and continue to strive in the
harsh world. The same can be said about a class starting it’s first day in school. The tension in the air is
unbearable at first. After a while though, a brave soul stands up and manages to strike up a conversation
with his fellow classmate. This is almost exactly what happend in our class on the first day of school. On
6- Malvar’s first day back in school, many people could be seen attempting and failing at striking up a
conversation with each other. So for the first few minutes an awkward silence hung in the air. After a
while though, my classmates started to actually succeed in talking with one another. The friendly chat-
ter started to get to everyone else and they too started talking with one another. When our teacher ar-
rived though, the friendly chatter died down. The expression our teacher held in his face was not one of
friendliness, but one of which by the looks of it enforced strict discipline. However when recess arrived
things got interesting. As my classmates and I descended from the David Hall. We each were greeted
by our group of friends. Each of us caught up with each other and our adventures during the summer
break. When our class got down from the building, we immediately flocked over to the food stalls. We all
yearned to taste the food of the Ateneo after being away from it for over two months. When we got back
up to our classroom we were given a few reminders and then finally dismissed. After the eventful day
that was our first day of school, it was clear to me that our class would not be silent the following day.

by Abe Autea, J.R. Arandia, Joshua Aguasin
by Austin Hernandez The CLASS NIGHT we just had was really
exciting. Some of us didn`t actually sleep
because we spent the whole night bonding
Everyone during the first quarter with our classmates and class adviser. We
experiences adjustments but for the went ghost hunting, hiking and jogging at
class of 7-Regis this did not phase the same time. We went to the college area.
them. Their upbeat and positive We had a program before that happened. All
sections were grouped together per team. All
attitude has helped them achieve many did a dance number, and everyone had fun. For
challenges. The students have shown me, this was the best CLASS NIGHT ever!
teamwork through their achievement
of first place in the parada ng mga BIGAY PUSO–We are proud of our section
sikat. Their creativity in the category because we actually topped the Bigay Puso
donations every week. Thanks to our generous
of mambabarang has given them classmates like Gabe, Chris, Ariel, Manuel, Tan-
bragging rights in their glory. Franz tan and Alex and our responsible treasurer
Abelita has played a crucial part in Pancho. We are also encouraged by Ms. Perez
this contest in which he sacrificed to be generous since we should always be men
his time and effort for this contest for others, angelic students of Ateneo.
and surprisingly has won this for his Everyday, before we start our classes, we
class. If there is one thing they have joyfully shout our class motto:
achieved it is unity as a class. Even “Kami ang Pangkat Mabini
though I am not a part of this class I Nag-iisip nang maigi
felt their determination even through at namumuhay nang mabuti
upang umunlad ang aming lipi
the other room. This concludes the at ang Diyos ay maluwalhati!”
first and certainly not last memorable
event from the class of Regis. We also have photos of our class in every
occasion in school because Ms. Perez enjoys
taking pictures. (One sample picture below)

Tandang Sora
The class in an Olive Green shirt. We are aiming to support the Bigay Puso, even though we are only third
place in the counting of donations. We also have one goal, DO NOT BE INVOLVED IN A DISCIPLINARY CASE.
Our first quarter together were filled with fun happenings, the Class Night, and Intramurals, even though
we did not win, we know we gave our best. My classmates are also easy to get along with, especially that
everyone here has a lot of friends from their classes from last year. I also like our teachers this year, like
Mrs. Reyno, who cheered/cheers on us to do good in the Intrams and the exams that recently finished. Even
though we make lots of noise sometimes, I thank our teachers that they are patient with us. All I can say
now is, good luck to my own class and I wish we get along together the whole year!

by Jose Dawana |
7 - Brebeuf

It was June 25
when the whole
Grade 7 batch had
their class night.
My class, 7-Brebeuf
was one of the
classes who were
really excited and
can’t wait for night
to come.
After the last pe-
riod of classes, our class prepared their things for
the class night event. Some of my classmates went home to get their stuff and fix up while
the others brought their sleeping bags with them already. Around 4-5pm, most of the students had al-
ready returned to the school and made placed their things on the spot in the classroom they would like to
stay in. Our teacher, Mr. Lucas went on with the attendance. At around 6:00pm, David hall was filled with
students, teachers, parents, and food stands. Some of my classmates went to eat, others stayed in the
classroom to play games like pusoy dos, wrote and drew on the blackboards, played with their guitars,
tampered with the computer, and listened to music. The others went to play basketball with Mr. Lucas
down on the basketball field. At 7:00pm, our class got ready to move to the covered courts for the pro-
gram, and while we were going there it was raining pretty hard. The time the program officially started,
and every section was there the rain just kept on getting stronger. As we were about to play our first
games, Mr. Morales, our GLC announced that they will be postponing the program because water began to
flood the area. He said that if the rain lightens, they will continue the program. Everyone at the covered
courts went back to their respective classrooms and waited for further announcements. Unfortunately,
the program didn’t push through because of the flood and heavy rain. After that, our class resumed their
usual activities in the classroom. Around 8-9pm our class had a concert which I’m sure everyone had fun
at. Then at 9:30pm our class gathered around Mr. Lucas to listen to his famous ghost stories. Right after,
Mr. Lucas, me, and some of my classmates went to Grade 6 for the ghost hunting activity. We all got ready
for bed at 11:30, although some didn’t feel like sleeping yet. Morning came and everyone woke each other
up to fix up. We cleaned the classroom and said thanks and goodbye to one another. We all went home at
6-7am knowing what a memorable class night it was that night which we shall never forget.

by Kyle Cabatit and Cedric Ibay | 7 - Gonzaga

On the first day of school, everyone looked so meaning obsequious flattery or in layman’s terms,
innocent. Very few people dared to let out a kiss-up.)
single word. There was a thick wall covering We’ve had lots of fun so far, like our weekly intra-
the true identities of everyone, until it started murals and our Class Night. Our class has already
to slowly crumble... and everyone’s personality experiences downs regularly, although these don’t
was exposed, even the teacher, Mr. Gonzalez break our bonds with each other. During our Class
(or as his old students called him, “Ser Dan”). Night, the main program was ruined by the rain,
It turned out that our class was a crazy concoc- (too bad, we wanted to see the teachers dance)
tion of all kinds of students. Some are smart, although our class is too fun-loving to surrender
some are not. Some are athletic, and some are to the disappointment. When we were back in the
not so fit. To put it in one word, we’re what classroom, we found ourselves having more fun
you call a “mix”. There is, although it is hard to than before, playing Pictionary and UNO! while
admit, one thing that we all have in common. watching Zombieland and X-Men Origins: Wolver-
We are all fun-loving. None of us are “killjoy”. ine for two straight hours and a half before the cur-
We tend to laugh every time we spot a chance. few. While some played and watched, the others
Ser Dan even introduced new words to us. (For decided to “explore” the whole David Hall, though
example, kissing-up to the teacher will get the a fraction of the class claimed they saw the ghost
whole class muttering the word “sycophant” in the Abad Santos area. To sum it all up, our class
is your typical class. Unique, fun-loving, and most
of all, united.

De Brito
by Karlo Lovenia | 7 - De Brito
The De Brito Burritos and Flashlights. The two names usually known by to the class of 7 – St. John De
Brito. But why Burritos and Flashlights? Why not De Brito Burgers, De Brito iPhones or even De Brito Lov-
ers? Well, here’s the story.

The Burrito name was all started by Karlo Lovenia and Juan De Dios Gatbonton, students of De Brito. It
was the week after the Schola Brevis, and Karlo decided to make a Facebook account for their class. He
couldn’t think of any moniker for the class, so he sought help from his friend, Juan. Juan suggested the
name De Brito Burritos, just because the word Burrito rhymes with De Brito. Karlo thought the idea was
good, so he name their Facebook account, De Brito Burritos. Their class adviser, Mrs. Serquina saw this,
and she thought that a Burrito was the perfect thing to describe the class. It started to become more
popular in the class, and the students there loved the idea…….until the Flashlights came.

It was the week of the Class Night, De Brito students obviously excited for it. During the STAR period the
day before the Class Night, Mrs. Serquina told us to ask questions already concerning the event. One sim-
ple question was asked by one of the students, a very simple question. The question was: Are we allowed
to bring flashlights? It was a very simple question, anyone could’ve asked it, even a 4 year old. But no one
would know that that question would be the reason for the Flashlights name. Weeks after the Class Night,
Gavin Parago started mentioning the quote: Are we allowed to bring flashlights? more and more because
he thought it was funny and catchy. It slowly became popular until my classmates asked me to change the
Facebook name to De Brito Flashlights.

There were many other memorable moments this year such as the Nice Butt quote made by Gavin Parago,
the PARTEH PARTEH cheer made by Rainard Uy and many more. But nothing can beat the impact made by
these two moments. Some of you may think that the ideas are absurd and confusing, but for us De Brito
students, these moments are important. Let’s shout it one more time….. Are we allowed to bring Flash-
lights? :D

NOTE: The names mentioned in this article have been asked for permission. The asker of the flashlights
question decided not to be mentioned, but gave me permission to mention the moment.


Fanatec Porsche 911 iRecord Music

Carrera Racing Wheel for by Luis Ignacio Jose

PS3 and PC The days of illegal downloading are over.

Gone are the days where you could fill your
By Luis Ignacio Jose
iPod with stuff from
This might look just like some random steering Limewire.
wheel and gear waiting to be assembled, but take
a closer look. See it yet? Actually, this is a steering In the near
wheel designed for video gaming, specifically for future, we don’t
motorsports. have to look over
a shoulder in
This cool accessory for the PS3 and PC was designed case someone’s
by Fanatec and manufactured by Porsche (obviously, watching us
because of the badge on the wheel). It has an download illegal
interchangeable gear stick (6+1 speed) that can be files. And we’re
put on either side of the wheel, so if you’re a lefty, going to be free
you don’t need to worry about using from the guilt of
a weak hand. It also features knowing that we
an awesome Mabuchi RS 550 risked crashing
force feedback motor and a our computer
VERY adjustable turning angle because of our
(900 degrees!). There’s also a song snatching.
tuning function that can let you
adjust force feedback Now we have
d u r i n g another option,
gameplay and iRecord Music. Yes, it’s from the same people
a huge 300 who brought you the iRecord Pro for the iPad.
m m It’s basically a tape recorder, a USB and a MP3
wheel in one. It’s compatible with all iPhones, iPods
m a d e and other portable media players. It can record
f r o m songs and other media directly to all the devices
the finest T P E rubber. mentioned above. It can also record from CD
There’s also some c o o l players, internet radio, TV, cassette players and
mechanics in the pedals that y o u computers. No software required.
can’t find in any arcade! Fanatec isn’t new to the
entertainment industry, so they know exactly Among other features, you can also digitize
what you want. Just hook it up to your PS3 or PC some of your old music collections and get new
and prepare for the most awesome virtual driving content from even the farthest corners of the
experience. For $129.95 (around P6000), it might wired world. It also has a built-in microphone
be kind of expensive, but at least you’ll get to own so you can use it for live recording.
something with the Porsche logo on it. This steering
wheel should be out by Valentine’s next year, so It’s also completely legal, so goodbye Limewire
maybe your girlfriend could surprise you with one and all those other illegal download sites!
of these great driving accessories. (Too bad I spoiled Plus, for less than P4000, you can have your
the surprise) own unlimited and legal music source. Is that
awesome or what?
porsche-911-carrera-racing-wheel/ Image:

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