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Fort Myers Police Department

2210 Widman Way

Fort Myers, Florida 33901
For Immediate Release:
November 23, 2020
To clarify confusion of a video that has been brought to our attention that was recorded on
November 20, 2020 at McDonalds located at 4280 palm Beach Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida.
At approximately 1111 hours, (2) Community Policing officers were patrolling on bicycles on the
Palm Beach Boulevard. The Officers observed 2 juvenile males along with what appeared to be
an intoxicated adult and stopped to inquire why the teenagers were not in school.
While these are unique times and we understand some students are enrolled in online learning
and some face-to-face school, all are typically engaged in classroom work at 1111 in the
The teens were not willing to provide their names or date of birth, so we reached out to the Lee
County Sheriff’s Office to respond with a mobile fingerprint scanner.
Once the teens were identified, one being 14 and one 15, they were safely returned to their
The officers made contact with the teenagers based on the Fort Myer's Youth Protection
Order; B. Truants: Upon reason to believe that a child is absent from school without
authorization, the child may be taken into custody and delivered without unreasonable delay to
the school system. (This does not apply to (16) and (17) year old youth.) (CALEA 44.2.2a)
The full order is located on the police department’s website along with the Fort Myers
Municode and FMPD’s juvenile Policies

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