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Nissans | Soauprem cet) faroenceore “Ob that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men.” Ps, 107:8, 15,21, 31, We have so many reasons to praise the Lord for these days! Firstand foremost, of course is His goodness. He is the epitome of goodness. Whether or not He gives me another blessing until T die and see His face He has already done more than enough when He saved ‘me! This must be how the Psalmist felt when he reiterated this same thought 4 times in one Psalm! His wonderful ‘works towards me ate never ending as well. We have seen the Lord do so much over these last few months that I cannot even begin to list them all. One blessing was a last minute trip to visit Goroka Baptist Bible College on the other side of Papua New Guinea. It required a 1 hour flight and then a harrowing 5 hour drive on the notorious ‘Highlands Highway.” However, the trip tured out to be a huge blessing. I was able to take a 3 day course to become a “liscenced celebrant.” This is required in PNG if an ordained minister would like to sign legally binding marriage certificates. While completing this course I was able to gain valuable contacts and information to help me with establishing Western Baptist Bible School on my side of the island. Contact ec ae Sept-Oct 2020 Update Another blessing has come in the form of an experienced teacher I met at Goroka Baptist Bible College. Bro Michae] Kewi has been teaching there for over 20 years and has a master’s degree in Theology. He had to step down from his teaching responsibilities for a time but is planning on returning to teaching again in 2021. This brings me to the exciting part ofthe story. Bro Kewi is excited about the possibility of joining us at Western Baptist Bible School to ‘rain up more preachers for the work of the ministry! Tam now praying that God would give us $15,000 to build a suitable house for Bro Kewi and his family on the Bible School property. Please pray for this need to be met quickly! We already have 6 young men ‘committed to begin classes in January 2021 and 4 of them are already living con the property and helping get the classroom and other projects set up. Another blessing is the continued growth in our church plant in \Ningerum. Aetho Indendent Baptist Fellowship is growing! ‘We recently had 5 young adults profess their faith in Christ! of these are the those that we specifically asked prayer for in the last update. Bro Kowane’s wife and Kein have both professed their faith in Christ alone for salvation! Praise God and thank you for praying! They are going through some discipleship courses now while we plan to organize our first baptismal service (we have not decided which river to.use yet) Your fellow servant in Christ, Josh Florence, Heb. 11:6 Cee ee ee sed eed issionary Clearinghouse, Besant Peery eee ere)