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Contact Information POBox 37 7G 4s Bild, Wy 82060 307-757-7910 censenathaniel@ sgmailcom Gurtent Ministry Blessed, Hope? PO Bax 10 Burns, Wyoming 32088 ‘leseihopshapisnes 307-347-2585, Blessed, AnOPSa ae EBMB SURES, (Colonial Heighs, Va & ladle, Wyoming Online Giving avaiable somabblunisissiesnet Giving cove: ENSSO7 Sending Charch Faith apt Church Clonal Heighs, Va Gene Ballance, Pastor NATHANIEL & GINGER, JACOB, TYLER, CHARITY, HANNAH & SAMUEL aa ae Prayer Letter - November 2020 Hello from cold Wyoming, *efun fact - we average almost 60 inches of snow a year*** PRAISE THE LORD OUR CHURCH IS RECOVERING FROM COVID-19! We pray for you, as know you pray for us. As we all navigate through these unusual times, Iam sure that though our ministries may be far a part physically, we face similar hurdles in personal life as well as ministry: In our last letter, I shared with you that Covid-19 had reduced our attendance by about 40%, While some of those folks have not returned for various reasons, our Lord has increased our attendance with new families attending, While wwe long to have all of our people back, we praise the Lord for this new increase. Through all of this, we have retuned to about 85% of our Sunday morning attendance. Our Wednesday evening crowd is around {60% of what it was before Covid-19. We praise the Lord for being in Wyoming and being able to go forward in ministry through very little to no restrictions, OUR LORD IS STILL AT WORK! We continue to work on our building a litte at atime, We praise the Lord for work groups that continue to come out and work on our building, We are excited for the work groups coming in January and February. We wil be replacing external doors, building a platform, carpet, rebuilding rooms, drywall, painting, and electrical work. Please pray about coming, and/or giving financially to help with costs of material and other expenses. Praise the Lord! FAMILY: We are all great! No one has been sick. This year; the boys and I were able to go hunting/ camping for a week. It was a great time! Jacob and Tyler were able to harvest their first deer. (You can see pics on our “The Ensley Family in Wyoming” Facebook private group] We praise the Lord for His provisions, Allin all, we harvested 3 deer and 1 turkey. We look forward to filling the other two turkey tags! :) Samuel did great helping us out. Ginger, Charity, and Hannah are great and they enjoyed their git] week together. We thank you for your prayers, and also thank you for allowing us to be your missionaries here in Burns/Hillsdale, Wyoming. GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU! ¥%*The Ensley Family: Nathaniel & Ginger: Jacob, Tyler, Charity, Hannah & Samuel*** Prayer Request: Personal Support around 70-75%, God's Power Praise: Buildiny Fund Provisions, your prayers for us. church growth