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‘Grasty Family Update NEWS FROM SLOVENIA Locked Down One More Time... Dear friends, ‘Thank you once again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry here in Slovenia. It has been a trying time since the end of summer. Due to a slew of circumstances related to COVID-19, we had to cancel our kid’ camp scheduled for the last week of August. We then began a flurry of activity over the next 6 weeks during September and October to “make hay while the sun shines’. Government officals had ‘made it clear, that the lockdowns would be returning in the fall, when cases increased. During this period of relative normalcy, we had good services, opportunities to share the gospel and disciple, and strengthen our group. We had our first potluck, and we discovered that Slovenes enjoy pulled pork quite a bit! ‘Unfortunately the lockdowns did return, Around a month ago, we were limited to no gatherings with more than 6 peo- ple, and we could not leave our municipalities. Just yesterday ‘we learned that for 2 weeks, we will be limited to no gather- ings outside of family. Our only option then was to meet virtually. We have multiple meetings online with our small group weekly. Those have been going well with faithful attendance. Katie was discipling contact us rw 826-400-2206 Johnaneedtaithors two ladies, and those meetings are continuing but now through videocalls. ‘This time of lockdown has given ts a chance to begin to pro- duce more video resources to systematically teach the Bible in Slovene, and we are expanding that again in the coming month. ‘We are healthy and doing alright, as the boys adjust to dis- tance learning in Slovene. As you could probably imagine, this requires quite a bit from Katie and I, but the Lord has been faithful, and we are thankful for the growth that we see in Andrew and Elijah. In this time of uncertainity, planning becomes really dificult, ‘especially for a very young church plant. There have been @ number of pressures placed on our young plant, but we can also see how the Lord is blessing and using these trials to prepare His people. Please continue to pray for us asa family and the work here in Slovenia. Prayer Requests Salvation of lost Slovenes and restoration of backslidden (Lado, Enver, Jasmina, Pestotnik family, Rok). 2. For the Lord to bless and use our outreach and evange- lism in Domiale. 3. Wisdom in ministering in difficult conditions. ra cc payable tt Global Gospel initiatives ‘with this inthe memo: GrastySlovenia