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The Chuck Sligh Family October-December 2020 18 GOD LIKE SANTA CLAUS? Have you ever noticed how the most prominent Christmas figure in the secular world, Santa Claus, is a lot like God? Think about it: Santa knows everything (“He sees you when you'r sleeping, He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake”). Santa is a moral judge (He's making a list, he checking it twice. He gonna find out who's naughty or nice”). Like God’s angels, Santa has supernatural helpers (lying reindeer!), Finally, like God, Santa is everywhere. Ask any kid. ‘They will ell they have seen Santa at the mall, at Walmart, at the hardware store, etc. Butis God like Santa? No. Actually, Santa really isn’t everywhere, whereas God is truly omnipresent, and He doesn't show up just one time a year, but is active all 365 days a year. Second, Santa is a myth. Believing in him is for childhood only. But God is real and faith in God is not something you outgrow. Finally, God's standard of judgment differs from Santa’, Santa’s standard is really a works belief system. Supposedly, if youtre good all year, you get lots and lots of toys, but if you're naughty, you get a lump of coal. But somehow Santa blusters a lot and really doesn't give anybody a lump of coal. The jolly fellow forgets kids’ naughty deeds because every kiddo ends up getting something from Santa. However, God’ standard of judgment is unwavering. And God saves by forgiving on the basis of His Son's death on the cross, not simply overlooking our sin. May we honor the true God by honoring His Son this and every Christmas. UPDATE ON THE WORK Heres a quick rundown on what’s going on at Grace Baptist Church in Grafenwoehr: ‘* During the summer months through October, Germany lifted some COVID-19 restrictions. We moved to two services, restarted a limited KIDS Church with the same restrictions as those in the service, and restarted our Men's Breakfast, English-speaking Ladies Bible Study, German Ladies Bible Study and one of our homegroups. * We had a church-wide literature distribution ofa special COVID-19 church brochure that brought a number of first-time visitors to the church. We are very encouraged as we have adjusted to the “new normal” and God has helped us be creative to find new ways of outreach and ministry to our people. God has brought in several new families and our finances have stabilized. God has been He always is! ‘+ God has blessed us with a few people being saved and baptized. In fact, the number of baptisms we have had has exceeded last year’s number by this time of the year. ‘+ June through October we had a respite from the lockdown, but there was a spike of COVID-19 cases in late October and Germany instituted a “lockdown light” on November 2. Itis not as restrictive as the March-May lockdown, and there is a religious exemption. Although we must maintain social distancing and wear masks when not in our seats, churches were not closed down during this time while restaurants, bars, etc. were closed or severely restricted. We are ever grateful to God for each of you for your financial support, 7 =~ prayers and extra notes of encouragement along the way. We want to thank each of you for your love and faithfulness to us down through almost 35 years on the mission field. Ay ‘Merry Christmas, Uuck, Susur Chuck and Susan Sigh Pet tm Search Church web ste: wwwegbegraficom —_5600.N. Brighton + Kansas City, MO 641 Baptist International Missions, Inc. » PO Box 9 + Harrison, TN 37341