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erty the Jew & Gentile in Field address: 1 Bronwyn Court Bes eea TRUCE LE) Cee! October-November 2020 Dear Faithful Supporters, We send you autumn greetings from springtime “Down Under.” It is a joy here to see the days growing Tonger, brighter, and fairer—like heaven. However, our atheistic, Victorian state government is still trying to dampen the mood. ‘The Victorian government has continued to enforce its policy of complete lockdown since mid-July. Churches cannot meet at all, Without going into further detail, Victoria is among the top five most restricted places on earth, Not being able to drive further than five kilometers from home, I have been cut off from visiting the Jewish community for several months now. The penalties and fines for breaking curfews and guidelines are extremely costly. Just a week ago, they decided to slowly begin easing restrictions, hopefully bringing us into more acceptable freedoms by Christmas. This easing has allowed us an opportunity to get out gospel tracts while we can. Two church members distributed some around their neighborhood. Not far from our house, | also began working in an area near anursing home and a Catholic high school. This gospel venture has led to some wonderful conversations. People seem alittle more tolerant to talk to a gospel missionary than previously. People are glad to be out and about. Pray for 85-year old Janis, a Methodist, for 86-year old Stephanos, a Greek, and for 87-year old Kathy, a devout Catholic from Poland who endured two years in Siberia as a child. Also pray for Kevin and Jarvin, Catholic high school students who also listened extensively to the plan of salvation. While we have been in lockdown, I have been eager to give the gospel to every parcel delivery guy that shows up at our door. They usually do not have time to listen, butalways take a gospel tract. Knowing that they are mostly from India, | have Hindi gospel tracts ready. They also read English ones. Pray for Amahn, a Sikh (religious man wearing a turban) who was amazed that I had the gospel in Hindi, On his third visit, he actually initiated a conversation by asking what was going on with the world. Pray also for Indian delivery drivers, Ahvris, Parth, and Banti who took gospel tracts. Altogether, we have distributed 1,350 gospel tracts since our last field report. May the Good Lord bless each one of them and enlighten the people's minds so that they can see Christ as their only Savior, May God bless all of you who so graciously give toward this ministry and pray for its success. Going with the gospel as the going gets tough, The Suttous