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1. Line Follow Robot with Intelligence

2. Spy Car For Terrorist Attack
3. Visual Servo Control of a Robotic Arm System
4. Design and Implementation of Robot for physically challenged
5. Industrial Automated Robot
6. Pick and Place Robot
7. Fire Sensing Robot
8. Sensor Based Robot motion planning System
9. Embedded System for Robot using wireless (RF) DC motor control circuit
and video camera
10.Industrial Robot for transport in production
11.Robotic Wheel Chair for Disabled Person.
12.Industrial Intelligent Line Follower Robot
13.Hi- Tech Rover with Fire Sensor
14.Automatic Fire Fighting and Extinguish Robot
15.Voice recognized with Fire Sensor indication
16.An Autonomous Security Characteristic Robot with Wireless video
monitoring using CCTV
17.Wireless Robot with Bidirectional communication for temperature
18.Sovereign Robot for Light Density
19.Command operated atomic plant monitoring Robot

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[DUXES] [2010]


1. Measuring and Transmitting Vital Body Signs using MEMS Sensor

2. Medication Scheduler for Old age, Memory loss patient
3. Car A/C Control System using LM35D Sensor
4. Reservoir Water Filling Closed Loop System
5. Beverage Vending Machine Control
6. Artificial Intelligent Solar Power Generation.
7. Alcohol Detection with Vehicle Controlling.
8. Humidity Monitoring & Pumping System.
9. Smoke Alert System for Industries.
10.Turbine Speed Monitoring & Control.
11.Micro controller based sensor board for AERO engine
12.Black box for vehicles/car-intelligent vehicle monitoring system.
13.Ultrasonic based parking guidance system.
14.Smart card based prepaid electricity billing.
15.Biometric attendance registers system.
16.Embedded system design using smart card/touch screen.
17.Embedded wed server using 8 bit micro controllers.
18.Digital weighing scale using micro controller.
19.Railway ticket booking using smart card and touch screen.
20.Vehicle anti-collision using ultrasonic signals.
21.12c protocol implementation with RTC.
22.Ultrasonic distance meter.
23.Finger print based library management system.
24.Finger print based license checking system using smart phones.
25.Prepaid card for bus fair system.
26.Digital dash board for cars with speedometer, Auto wiper, RPM etc.
27.Portable programmable Medication Scheduler
28.Staff Movement Tracking System using fingerprint
29.Automotive Cruise Control system

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[DUXES] [2010]

30.Automotive power windows for CAR

31.Automated Solar Panel Controller Using RTC
32.Automated irrigation system with scheduler
33.Platform information system for bus stations.
34.Programmable Digital Real Time Clock
35.Automated Help Desk System for College
36.Automated Help Desk System for Office
37.Integrated Timer Switch for Industrial Machine
38.Automated load Scheduler Using I2C and RTC
39.Automated PCB using Drilling Machine using keypad
40.Antenna Rotation Control System


1. Remote Controllable and Energy-saving Room Architecture based on

Zigbee communication
2. Remote power on/off control and current measure home appliance using
3. Zigbee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission in Zibee
based Health monitor System
4. Industrial Data Acquisition system using Zigbee
5. Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System
6. Wireless Fire Extinguisher Monitoring System using Zigbee
7. Street Light Control System Using Zigbee
8. Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System using Zigbee networks for
9. Industrial Plant Monitoring System Using Zigbee
10.Automatic patient Monitoring and Alerting System for ICU patient using
11.Wireless Based (RF) industrial Automation System
12.Fully automatic Railway Gate Control System using RF
13.RF Based School Attendance System

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[DUXES] [2010]

14.Wireless camera with remote control car.

15.Tollgate Management system using RF
16.Wireless Home Automation Using RF and PC
17.Train Passenger Alerting System Using RF
18.RF Control Induction motor and other Industrial Loads
19.Zigbee enabled Pantry Updating - Wireless Network


1. GSM and GPS based accident location and intensity information System
2. SMS based bus arrival information System
3. SMS based Universal Motor Speed Controller
4. Cell Phone Controlled Artificial Intelligence based axis Robot
5. SMS based weather report
6. Centralized electricity billing automation through GSM/telephone line.
7. GSM based complete irrigation solution.
8. Railway security management system (bridge vibration detection) based
on GSM
9. GSM based LPG gas leakage Detector
10.Multi Channels Petrochemical Fire Monitoring Using GSM
11.Street Light Control System Using GSM

1. Security architecture for RFID application in Home Environment
2. Bus detection device for the blind using Passive RFID application
3. Policy and role based mobile RFID User Privacy Data Management
4. Automatic control of students` attendance in classrooms using RFID
5. Design and Implementation of a FRID-based power meter and Outage
Recording System

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[DUXES] [2010]

6. RFID Based Library Database management and Search tool

7. RFID automated Ticketing System
8. RFID based Engine Control System in EMU to defend hijacking
9. Automated vehicle toll collection using RFID technology.

DOMAIN: Electrical

1. Design and implementation of Universal Industrial Data Collecting and

Controlling System
2. Prepaid Electricity billing System using GSM
3. Microcontroller based Boiler management system and intimation through
4. Monitoring of Electrical Parameters
5. 8 Channel G.S.M Control Switch
6. GRID Control /LOAD Shedder


1. RFID based Ration card

2. I2C based Weather Station Recorder
3. PC and RF based student attendance
4. Pc Based Dc Motor Speed Control.
5. Temperature Logging System PC and VB based
6. Programmable Thermometer with RS232 Serial Port
7. Wind Mill Data Logger System with PC
8. Camera Surveillance System Through RS232

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