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Free Education in Europe i.

e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria

Here I am giving some brief information


1.Free Education (Nothing to pay to the University). In Commonwealth

nations like UK, Australia, and Canada Universities are charging 7 to
10 Lakhs from International students. But European nations (mentioned
above) Universities are investing 5 to 7 Lakhs on International

2.Job Opportunities. EU nations desperately in need of 20 Lakhs man

power. Due to lack of man power and negative population rate these
countries started free education concept.

3.Shcengien Visa (By this Visa one can allowed to travel or work in 14
nations of European Union). All EU nations are developed, rich,
technically advanced and tourist countries. These countries are having
common currency of Euro.

4.Visa. In Commonwealth nations getting admission is very easy but

getting visa is very difficult. In EU nations getting admission is
difficult but getting visa is very easy because these embassies don't
bother about your property details. No one got rejection for these
countries (Except Germany) to till date. Unfortunately if you get
rejected also you don't get any rejection stamp in your passport.

5.Working Opportunities while studying. These countries are allowing

international students to work 20 hours per week. Germany is providing
an extra work facility of 90 full days in a year (90 days in year+20
hours per week).

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Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria
Courses are available for
Maters Programs for students of B.Tech, B.E in All Engineering fields,
BBA, B.Sc, B.A, B.Com, B.Sc (Agriculture), B.Arch and all disciplines

Bachelor Programs for Polytechnic and Intermediate students

PhD Programs for M.Sc, MBA and M.Tech Students

Here mentioning some courses offering by these Universities for giving

brief idea.

1.For (Computer and IT), B.E (Computer and IT), B.Sc (Computer)

Master of Science in IT, Computer Science, Information Systems,

Information Engineering, Robotics, Automation, Intelligent Systems,
Bio Informatics, Software Technology, Digital Systems and a lot.

2.For, B.E, B.Sc in Electronics and Communication

Master of Science in Mobile Computing, Embedded Systems, RF Integrated

Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Chip Design, Communication,
Electronics, GSM, Microwave Engineering and a lot.

3.For B.Tech (Electrical)

Master of Science in Power Electronics, Power and Automation,

Electrical Engineering, Control Systems, Signals and Systems,
Networking and a lot.

By- ricky
Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria

4.For B.Tech (Mechanical)

Master of Science in Automotive, Simulation, Computational, CAD/CAM,

Energy Engineering, Mechanical and Process Engineering, Environmental,
Mechatronics, Water Resources, Production, Material Science and a lot.

5.For B.Tech (Civil)

Master of Science in Hydrology, Costal Zone Management, Geo

Informatics, Photogrammetry, Environmental, Industrial Ecology, Water
Resources and a lot

6.For B.Tech (Chemical)

Master of Science in Bio Technology, Bio Medical Engineering, Process

Engineering, Energy Technology, Environmental, Water Resources,
Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Metallurgy and a lot.

7.For B.Sc (Agriculture)

Mater of Science in Agri Business, Environmental and Food Protection,

Study of Tropics and Sub tropics, Environmental, Bio Technology,
Horticulture, Land Scape Architecture, Resources, Ecology and a lot.

8.For B.Sc Students

M.Sc in Mathematics, Cognitive Science, Statistics, Physics,

Astronomy, Space Science, Bio Physics, Chemistry, Bio Chemistry,
Chemistry of Materials, Biology, Micro Biology, Molecular Cellular
Biology, Bio Technology and a lot.

9.For B.A Students

By- ricky
Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria

MA in Arts, Humanities, Anthropology Development, European Culture,

International Studies, Society studies, European Studies,
International Studies, History, Global Politics and a lot.
10.For B.Com Students

Masters in Development Management, Statistics, Accountancy, Global

Political Economy, International Business, Marketing, Finance and a

11.For BBA students

Masters in Financial Management, International Business Economics,

Economics and Management, International Business, Finance,
International Marketing and Management, International Industrial
Management, Business Administration and a lot

12. For Master Students

PhD in Mathematics, Biology, Bio Technology, Bio Chemistry, Physics,

Engineering fields, Management and a lot

13.For Polytechnic and Intermediate studies

Bachelors in Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Hospitality

Business Administration, International Business, Marketing,
Information Technology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering fields and
a lot

A lot of Miscellaneous Courses like Public Health, Nursing, Medical

By- ricky
Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria
Technology, Child Studies, Rock Art Studies, Media Production, and

NOTE: Students are also allowed to WORK part-time on or off the campus and can easily manage their
living expenses.


There are a great number of reasons why students from Pakistan should
consider the possibility of taking a course in a German university.

1) Study in German is FREE of charge, i.e. students just to take care of

their living expenses and accommodation, which should amount to approx. 1000 German Marks.

2) More and more universities are offering MSc degree courses

in English language as they have realized that it is extraordinary essential
to adopt English as the teaching language if they wish to attract
international students.

3) Some universities are even offering BSc courses

with English as the medium of instruction. 4) The standard of teaching and
research in German universities is ranked among one of the best institutions in the world. Let me repeat
that IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO LEARN/SPEAK GERMAN for the purpose of study in most universities.

If you are interested in pursuing Masters degree in Germany then you should know that it is of 2 years.

You need to pass German language test with good IELTS score.

You can take up free education in Germany with the help of DAAD Scholarship exam,then all your tuition
fees will be wave off & you need to pay only the living expenses. For more details on DAAD Scholarship
please check with DAAD SCHOLARSHIP

By- ricky
Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria

For admission to Masters degree, you need to fill application form of the concern university(Form can be
down loaded from University website),along with that you need to submit all academics, 2
Recommendation letters from teacher/lecturer(lor) & Statement of Purpose(SOP) & need to submit it to
International office of concern University.


The easiest way of obtaining basic information is of course via the

Internet. I will try to provide Internet addresses of some universities
offering these courses. One could also request information from the German embassy and consulates in
Pakistan to provide further information.


At the moment you can find following postgraduate programs in Stuttgart:

1.INFOTECH – Information Technology

2.Infrastructure Planning


4.WAREM - Water Resources Engineering and Management


Communication Technology (only one course available)

By- ricky
Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria
Dear Candidate,

Greetings from St. Anthony's!

Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm your eligibility for Education in Germany.


Why apply through ST. ANTHONY'S?

- We are India's largest German education Consultancy.

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German language programs in Germany and more...

- We offer FREE consultancy services for most programs.

Why Study in Germany?

- World's 3rd largest economy, Germany is second to none in exports and R&D.

- Excellent Academic Standard The world-renowned tradition of German Universities dates

back to the 14th century and ensures an outstanding level of education and research.

By- ricky
Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria
Products of German companies, especially machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical
engineering products are leading in the international market.

- Huge demand for Engineers and IT professionals especially in Germany. Hence, assured
placements in Germany after Master’s program.

- Starting annual salary Euro 40,000 (Approx Rs. 27 Lacs).

- Universities are state-funded, therefore, mostly no tuition fee is charged. You only need to
bear for your living expenses, such as accommodation, food, transport and health insurance.

- International exposure Attracted by international study programmes and excellent

research opportunities, each year more than 2, 50,000 international students (12 % of all
the students at German universities) come to Study in Germany and for research.

- Internships Germany is arguably the only country in the World where completion of study
programs in Universities is smoothly followed by paid internship in top MNCs that eventually
lead to full-time placement. Close ties with companies like Daimler-Chrysler, SAP, Siemens,
BMW, Bosch and several others will increase your career prospects.

- After completion of their study programs, students are allowed to stay on for 1 year and
look for work.

- The cost of living in Germany is cheapest in Europe i.e. approx. Euro 600 per month.

- German Immigration option also opens since Jan 2005.

- Hassle-free minimum documentation visa process and generally minimal financial

documents required.

The tuition fee for most programs is only Euro 650 per semester (approx. Rs. 40,000).
Duration of Bachelor and Master programs are usually 3 and 2 years respectively.

Our service charges for wide range of services from admission to visa processing. For
guaranteed admissions (no admission, no fee), our service charges are different.

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Free Education in Europe i.e Germany, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria
Payment by the candidate is to made by a demand draft in favour of "ST. ANTHONY'S
CONSULTANT'S". Applicants without demand draft/registration fees will not be processed.

Receipts will be issued against realization of Demand Draft. For cash payment receipts will
be issued immediately.

Apply immediately to avoid missing application deadlines!

Feel free to contact us for further clarifications.


Thanks & Regards,

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