SAP Note 217189 Line item: "Offsetting account" field not available

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Valid Since 28.04.2000

You use OPEN FI-Event 1650 (also known as "Business Transaction Event") together with the line item display for vendors, G/L accounts or customers, to add information on the offsetting account. Details on this enhancement are contained in Note 112312. You can use the fields RFPOS-GKONT and RFPOS-GKART designed for this, which are not filled in standard system. However, the field GKONT (Offsetting account) is not provided in the field list of the line item list and cannot be displayed.

Additional key words
Program RFITEMAP, RFITEMGL, RFITEMAR Transaction FBL1N, FBL3N, FBL5N BTE, FIBF, customer enhancement

Cause and prerequisites
The field GKONT is always hidden in the field list, regardless whether a customer enhancement exists or not. The field GKART is not hidden.

The error is corrected in Release 4.6C, Support Package 1. You can implement the attached advance correction. After implementing the corrections, the system checks for OPEN FI-Event 1650 whether a customer enhancement module exists. If there is a module, the fields GKONT and GKART are provided in the field list. The fields have to be filled via the customer enhancement.

Header Data
Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Secondary Components: FI-AR-AR-D Reporting/Display/Credit Management Released for Customer 27.04.2000 22:00:00 German Correction with medium priority Program error FI-AP-AP-D Reporting/Analysis/Display

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SAP Note 217189 Line item: "Offsetting account" field not available Software Component SAP_APPL SAP_APPL Release 46 46C From Release 46A 46C To Release 46B 46C and Subsequent X Support Packages Support Packages SAP_APPL SAP_APPL Release 46B 46C Package Name SAPKH46B08 SAPKH46C01 Related Notes Number 112312 Short Text Line item: Display of offsetting a/c information Correction Instructions Correcti on Instruct ions 160993 Valid from Valid to Software Component Typ e *) C Reference Correction Last Changed 28.04.2011 Page 2 of 2 . M Undefined Work 46A 46C SAP_APPL P9BK043063 01.02. B Preprocessing.2000 13:39:55 *) C Correction. A Postprocessing.

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