HP 69-100

Versatile, specialist tractors now available with Electronic Linkage Control



04 Rear fender ELC switches.the perfect tractor for smaller businesses and specialised applications. these small but essential additions to the MF 3600 Series specialist tractor range makes them the right choice on any smallholding. By introducing the optional Electronic Linkage Control system (ELC) we are taking productivity to the next level. MF 3600 Series specialist tractors are versatile. This new system means that the repetitive action of lifting and lowering implements is significantly reduced. compact and practical machine. the new ELC system initiates faster. olives. agile and effective . 03 Three-point linkage. The control panel houses all of the rotary switches including: • • • • • Depth/Height of work Draft/Position/Intermix Rate of lowering Maximum lift height Rocker switch for neutral position for lifting and lowering Button switch for quick soil engagement It also ensures that the linkage controls can be locked for safety. Municipalities. S. more accurate operations simply by the push of a switch.01 Electronic Linkage Controls. can all benefit from this comfortable. soft fruit or nuts. this new design will ensure that gases are directed away from precious crops such as grapes and hanging fruits. 04 05 Vertical exhaust. Controls are uniquely integrated into the armrest and are positioned ergonomically to ensure that the operator is within easy reach of all the controls. New vertical exhaust A new vertical exhaust system is available on MF 3600 Series V. Available on both cab and footstep versions. allowing for a more comfortable and productive day’s work. growers of vines. livestock and dairy farmers. This new positioning of the exhaust also reduces noise levels within the cab for added driver comfort. vineyard or farm. This essential feature will enable customers to use their linkage system precisely and effortlessly. contractors. 02 03 . F and GE models as an alternative to the current down-swept system. MF 3600 Series: New features that make a big difference With the introduction of Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) and a new vertical style exhaust. 01 02 03 02 Hinged cover. Fender mounted switches allow for external operation of the linkage for quick and easy implement attachment. Although the exhaust emissions from MF 3600 Series tractor engines are low. 05 • All rotary switches for the Electronic Linkage Control system are mounted under a hinged cover allowing access to less frequently used switches.

our unique product design and our ongoing support to our customers. making us the leaders in the agricultural arena.200 dealer outlets in over 140 countries and a comprehensive machinery distribution network. is a worldwide brand of AGCO.Our promise to you Our mission at Massey Ferguson. SUPPORT Agriculture can be a tough business. Always recognisable. At Massey Ferguson. this distinction starts at the drawing board and doesn’t stop. From the simplest push of a button to technological innovations in engine and transmission efficiency. enhanced design. © AGCO Limited. If you have the commitment but not necessarily the financial resources to compete in today’s marketdriven climate then AGCO Finance could have the solution. You’ll be part of a dedicated family of specialists who make it their business to give you genuine. Ultimately. we strive to make life simpler for the operator. RELIABILITY We don’t let a Massey Ferguson machine out of our sight until we are 100% sure it will perform to the high standards you expect. we can guarantee we’ve already tested those limits and gone beyond them. day after day. constantly pushing the boundaries of farm machinery. We’ve won awards for our class-leading technology and advancement in design and we’re already driving ahead. to produce worthwhile and innovative solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. demands excellence. Whatever you put your tractor through. It’s in our proud heritage. tested and built to enhance productivity. VISION Our vision for the world of agricultural machinery has always been clear. season after season. It’s in everything we do and it shows. trustworthy and innovative machinery. Machinery that people recognise the world over. LEADERSHIP Massey Ferguson machinery is the most widely sold agricultural product in the world. confidently. PRIDE Pride means many things to us at Massey Ferguson. reliable products with innovative features that are backed by the best support packages. contract hire and loan facilities. has been to design. will we allow our products to leave the factory. Our founder. engineer and manufacture reliable. environmentally and economically. that’s why we make sure that you can get support whenever you need it and at crucial times of the year. Be assured of sustainability from more than 3. our products are designed. Our products and services meet the most stringent standards allowing us to deliver our promises. Ask your local dealer for more information. strict testing and quality manufacturing which is consistently trustworthy and hardworking. Harry Ferguson is proof of that. whilst recognising the needs of both large and small businesses through professionalism and quality. from the building and testing process to sourcing the best components. INNOVATION We’ve always been one step ahead when it comes to innovation. Equally. Only after rigorous and painstaking testing both in simulations and in the field. Financial options are market specific but can include leasing. top quality service support. we won’t let an opportunity slip through your fingers. the Massey Ferguson brand of products signifies technological advancement. COMMITMENT We are deeply committed to delivering the highest of expectations and to build quality. hire purchase. Through continual questioning and analysis of customers’ needs. we are committed to continuous growth and profitability for all. Every stage of manufacturing. QUALITY It takes certain distinctive attributes to make a quality product. since the company was founded. efficiency and convenience. 2009 | A-English/14940/1109/3m .

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