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Clive is Director of Strategic Social Marketing providing strategic consultancy and training on behavioural intervention and social marketing related policy, strategy and development. He is also co-author of the text book ‘Social Marketing and Public Health’ Oxford University press 2009, and ‘Social Marketing Big Pocket Guide’ NSMC 2007. He has worked directly with Ministers and senior officials across government in the UK, including undertaking a major independent national review of social marketing which was published as ‘It’s our health!’ in 2006. He advises and supports government and organisations across the public, third and private sectors, in ways to harness effective behavioural intervention and social marketing related approaches and how to integrate these into national and local policy and practice. He has spoken extensively across the UK and internationally in Europe, Australasia and North America. He was a co-founder of the National Social Marketing Centre a strategic partnership between the Government and Consumer Focus, based in London, England, where he was deputy CEO and Director of Strategy and Operations between 2005 to 2009. He has a multi-sector background and has worked at national, regional and local levels, including ten years with local authorities (in social services and environmental health), as well as with local and national NHS bodies. He has direct experience in running national government commissioned programmes and campaigns and in the 80s lead and contributed to the first national sexual health and HIV/Aids campaigns undertaken by the then Health Education Authority (HEA). He has also worked to help establish engagement between the public, third and business sectors. His career has included a particular focus on behavioural interventions, social marketing, community development and engagement, advocacy, communications, health improvement, public health development and impact assessment. He has also worked in probation and is a professionally qualified social worker having specialised in complex family and adolescent casework, physical and sexual abuse, the criminal justice system, and mental health issues. He has worked as a Guardian ad litem for the High Court and as an external examiner for CCETSW. Parallel to his professional career he has also been actively involved in the community and voluntary (third) sector for over 25 years. He has co-founded a number of community based organisations, including notably the Sussex Aids Centre opened by Diana the Princess of Wales in the 1980s and now part of the Terence Higgins Trust. He describes his roles as ranging from “making tea to being a trustee”. He has a particular interest in social justice and equality issues, and how to harness and achieve systems change.
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