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ltagnetic anomarr-e' ..ABSTRACT have been investlgated and rt ta €hown tha! the para. fhe nethod oi the actrvatlon and the mea'ur€ment procedure are rriirry aeicrirea of test reaults are lncluded foi varlous materlala. The apparaCu8. dla.:":y. aftl f erronagnetlc mareriaLs nay chanse T.:::13?11"?.F.""a-u-""*t". to blologlcal Eemporarlly "f due actlvaClon.

. be inatuceal even by very strong magnetlc fleLds and thelr cause or causes of for two redsonsr of humans ts approxlmatety to-14 compared wlth the weak geomagnetlc measurements of are not The cause or causes of known at. EEG' etc. field there the lnductlon of the magnetic the above. f. and consLstent. published to unknown effects as well? results in fundarnentally braln. speclally must be used [1].or thLs magnetLc phenomela are corflparatlvely from of colls is braln basls The reason In the measurement of nuch vreaker than rooms and very searchl tion study volved of 1t ln Is the Coupled with very weak ftelds. the posslblllty area nay yleld system. areas lntenstty neglLglble Tesla). features fundanental of the these and our own were repeatable anonalles. about a new. new physlcal and perhaps ls in anolher. phenomena. ls generally ln known that In contrast arlses blologlcal to electrlc the processes lnvolve electrl-c are well and known rarely phenonena. fleld lrhich biomagnetic lntensity b) The measured effect nor by any present canno! known 6ff6cts. honoured questLon on the lhere or the are ln braln rehlgherthls lnproare sensltlve functlonl-ng a tlme based solely of complex In interac- known physical Ls suggested the and chernlcal On the of the that effects.1s influenced objecl by lhe work of an actlve Though thls statenent authors the seems at these ln flrst sight to be an overstatenent. benefltr lnteractions other that functlonlng biologlcal cesses as well. recognlzed Research hitherto of the ln this However. presenei most probably ls ls should the measured anornall. 1n lhe braln's a twofold not exluded to the currently now unknown. .. phenomena can be lnterpreted anomalous magnetlc effectt up !11I Learn to'galn actlvlty a new Lnslgh! lnlo the blophyslcs nervous Anomalous effects Hunphrey of the target braln. have been measured by May and [2] and by Jahn and Dunne [3] and lt ls shown that the connon roots anonalous effects are qulte clear3 the anornalles appear only when a .es lltn1ts our present be sought suggesled practlcally (-7xlO f1eld beyond lhe knowledge. way. problerns lnvoLved lnmense lechnlcal Slnce these weak magnetlc flelds aie gcreened measurlng the Earth. Thls a) The regular Tesla. whlch and ut1l1zed EKG.the measured system .he ge f the number I N T R O D U IC TN O It nagnetlc used. addltlonal.

. l-n tlme the magnitude materlals. The these branches of science may exhas not been lnvestigated to any great extent. intentlon any practtcal long app!. as well-knonn. no itrunedlate Its plactical use cannot ln the P A V LT A A C T V A T O N D E V I C E S I I I The magnetlc coerclvity) tlrne. wi[h though perf. out of durlng The results sclence. are characterlstlc perature. etc. of and they propertles (e. but I'generatorsrr. to the of here nlght physlcs. can be considered for a very quantlties. electrodynanlcs. susceptlbility. of the saturation studted pernanent external are magnetization.ogtcal the activation the test nental actlvatlon.bes briefly change ternporarilv blol. of invesllgating this effect and very La in llttle its is infancy. long which temon the for chemi- most materlals of given a glven naterlal. resul-ts problen the lack fact Is be of remaln is by hirn. theref. known abo\rt The larger pavlLta.ore somewhat arbltrary.cates but' unfortunatety between the solutlon because of that another this of. chance of accidental as lrell! so the measurlng there seem to this be comparat.lvely has been to utilizing be ruLed it out few indlvlduals lnvestLgate for who have ttre ablllty phenomenon.ed branches a threetncludlng rnethods were improved conllnuously.9. of they lhe these another vlew.d effectn. and a snall process and the and actlvation alevlce and. all aamples were actlvated -year perlod and the test presented solld-state some of nature the plaln apparent the But there sensltive lloreover.lcation. effect ts barely notlceable discovery ls hrlthout slln. concentratlon. atlon metal experimental flnding of of thls work ts as follons3 ln The mag- curves of certaln materlals most probablv due to the effect requlres The paper a hlgh ln level of descrl.' z - The tentaLive nellzation nanner. shape and materlal. ActivatLon lts and dLrectton magnetic stable Pavllta DevLces nagnetlc verslons (pADs) nay seem to ls placed propertles a speclmen of perlod explalnable There slze. thls and psychology-though The interdi aspect sctpllnary conpll. any corununl. by Robert pavllta. PADS are termed have cornrnon features smaller ones 'sondes'. The aim of study of a natural run. atructure cally of the These properties and they stable offer depenil on the fleld. known magnetic propertles error. when l-nto a pAD. few examples of devlces are shorrn on the plates. have been intensively speclmen. unclasslfled lack of evldent the neurophystology preseDt.cation region reaaon devlces. by Mr. A pADs purpose of The state ternlnology roots of of art ls the the the physlcal . a conulon "Ianguage" for these areas. The actlvatlon method and devlces were developed results. a more detalled nanner. activation by experfunental several alevices 3 they as well. The basic is to rranplify and accumulate the blomagnetic fle!. an anornalous This dacLiv- process" devlce. The tests lnterest to several at were carri. after a brlef and thls change is dlffer not ln (5-5O sec) are may change.orm actlvation.

we have used thls one.y a mental processt aome parts ar€ slnllar to yoga reLaxatr.n the caa€ of the actlvatlon ln a generator. The generators are steel slabs vhlch are flat or roundea with actl. It I8 agaln nentloned that the ternlnology uaed In the td. pbenonena taklng place durtng the procesE. aults tncLuding -though lnary lcates eas.ty bn. dorm to the nost nlnute detallE. The overall dlmenslons were not greater than 20 cn x 20 cm x 20 cn.c. and a three- rlChout t s 11m.s i ac tiv8Aa 11 the lta. erbstance or effect. and ln prlnciple anyMy can learn to carry out the vatton procedure. These activatlons were carrLed out by tno amall sondea. the holea. Y l.loanlng ' tralnlng.lihen brlef Ls not fer in Larger BA. used durlng the tnetal actlvatlon experlnents. Pavllta. It ls emphaslzeal that the generator doeB not generat€ any knorrn fleld.on rnd mcentratlon tecbnigues.) so far as aample actlvation is concerned. The l:ry tt exexten!. The sonde has to be rcharged' or activated before lts use.. anil took and error.lost of our tegts were carri.3 It ls lnportant Lo noLe that the effect of thls rblonagnetlc field. The develolment of the6e devlcea seens to have been heurl. these aondea belng snalle! ln slze than the generator. and lt may have nothlng to do wlth rsal physlca!.stl. or one of. though tatl-on. According to !tr. and there are areas erl. with . nor dld they affect non-tnagnetlc ptecea of steel . None of them had a notlceable nagnetlc f1eld. The surfaces of the actlvatlon chatnbera vrere qulte anrooth.ed out ln the laboratory under controlled condltions wlth the measurenents being carrLed out before and aft€r th€ actlvatlon. lfe w€re alrrays able to sxamine the devlces at any tLme on requegt.t 15 somerrhat arbltrary. The rough surface of th€ de ls supposed to eas€ the activatLon. effects. None of these Lnstruments has any permanent nagnet or €lectronagnet.nto several holes (up to 5). acttvrtton l3 bastcau. A PADs I of of art the )gy rs . there are no slgna of any batterles or electrogtatlc devlces. poltshed by regular use. I abl1j. The sondes are nad€ of lron rrlth some brasa parts. flro actlvatlon sondes are shown on Plates l-6. but aone pollution due to lrear and tear could not be ruled out. (The usual ls qualltatlvely dlfferen! frorn that of the uaual magnetlc field. thls is a alrnple proceduret the sanple has to be tnserted Into the hole. ls rather misleadlng but ln lack of a generally accepted term "blofleld' better term.ong lrhlch e tenon the r cheml. lhere ls a hole (or Eon€tLnea t!ro) nlth a thr€ad ln order to b€ abl€ to attach the generator to the Eonde. or j.rtd of tflac€ by trlal . The actlvatlon lts€lf requLrss a long p. Activation ia carrled out ln a generator. The aonde ts less effectlve rnd th€ naximum change Lnduced ln the magn€llc propertles of the satnples l. and durlng the actlvatlon as well. and the trro aondes did not attract or repel €ach other.a snaller than l. several tlmes (up to 30) ln order to Increase the effect.vation cha$bers. lhe maq- rlou s d. These chatnbers dld not contaln any dust or porrdler. The dlmenslons of the holes 1n the PAD are about the same as thos€ of the sample. !. .th rougb aurfaces or r.elded bronze sIDtE. and lt iB a tedLous frocedure.

(from zero) and the Lnduceil external the The externar magnetlc moment of sample is continuously the w€ took as a functr.be measured is placed into an electromagnet or solenord whlch produces a magnetometer. by one of the authors. The magnetlzallon €v€ry most relLabre the our sanplea. capabllity actlvate the occur prlnary b) the Is not possible and rapid those of centtmeters.Jere ialentlfleal was eratched durlng Lntervals . Thls type of magnetoneter is nagnetlc moment of the sample.vat{on perlod by both authors. df severe order to lt capable !{r. In the thls of sanple Lnduced erectrlc lhe positlon of the arrangement the magnetlc magnetometer to the frerd the fleld. through several days or weeks.fteld by an X-y recorder. lhe because other vertfy tlne a devl-ce larger object learning use of the than test is is 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm ls pelsons the donsunLng. of induclng the to the anonalles. this equlpnent [4. preEence.lvated. .rord [actlvet nerely ni:tes that an anornalous change has occurred on a test speclmen. He thloughout the the actr. The sanple to. fatigue a) the act.wh1ch. for sr-ze of lf actLvation objects. magnetizes The effect of actlvation was investlgated va!'ue of Fig. and is one of the most generalJ-y employed measurlng apparatuses in magnetlc research sy neans of. sample In electronagnet Ls shown In fleld. The acttvatlon scribed day for regular about takes existence of The activation been attenpted long in two reasons: phenonenon.on of the fleld. pain for Furthermore. one can quantltatlvely measure the magnellzation of lhe sarnples. in turn. process both place wLth the comblned hands. The the of 1. This Induced magnetLc sarnple Is measured as a functl-on of the externaL fielal.5]. pavlita actrvated were glven by us in our ovrn laboratory. Th-e satnpleg r. the devices has not of is limlted is lirnited about by and a preto ln targe only Pavtita. utmost care for ln endeavourlng meaaurements. the field ls ls directlon directlon For one part Ln which the measurements dlrectton nagnetrc vibratlng was used was pararLel t lnearly agalnst case. The prevlously marked pavllta Mr. by and by one of authors. every E X P E R I I { E N T AP R O C E D U R E L utlttzlng a vlbratlng sanple corunonly used for measutlng lhe nagnetlc moment of materlaLs. or a PAD Is Accordlng terns the of size. detected lncreased plotted In dlrectlon of vibration. Durlng the measurement the sample l"s vlbraled and the movlng nagnetlzed body lnduces an electric slgnal ln the measurlng coll system surroundLng the sanple. is proportronal the of vibratlon of the to the nagnettc is perpendlcular of the noment to another magnetl-c freld the the sanple. The r. ztg-zag-ltke one hour.The word "actlvation'r is used for lhat process which induces the measurable changes. tha sampleg and vlgrlant prepared to touchlng contlnuously condltlons to ensure the ttrr. manner. though It has nothlng to do with radl-oactlvlty.es. tre actlvated them ln by hand only the non-actlvated end of the samp!.

a 2 4 u D A z H A A N H n r t . $ ts R N 'i!l{ O ln B B O ^:rr 3 o s q - $ J 3 B t ! lrv :| ^ tt $ . '<s r'I z F O zaa H 1n to tlc 2 rtl I z o E ( J H c ) E4 ttz El H r.iT :BF +5 (D i' i! I' A.I'I 9l rI E I { l{ . Ft et pl z 4 (a d E { t(a . b L n E u g 6 a O )E| . b.lt ! o t ' rs o E * e OOF ln a pre- + .q g 6 o oH X H o a H & l E:br a a 5 \ .t .fr\ N [ . r o F Ollt IAFO . $ 5 0 l D 1 ! ItlQ (.ia E o 6E< J+r 6 s a tlc &rlng lnduceg & I F . v ! 2 A r{ H I'l E O l : ril U O. IrlN .d 2F 2' 3 E r l td olir E I H E : :.{ H O 5 o r - . ( UI !-.5 - tneasurspeci\J \r S : 3 ..d z E (J t{ rl $s.$ B bEit!D.rJ o a 3 F t l 'rr q t +l h t r O !+r I t b I i ' E E k t|r 2 u \IIBRATTON < 2 fffiT !r a€'rr F $ o an _ a! !| v vt tl A I d o o c f 1€l.

A C T I V A T I O N F ! l O O D N DP V CS A H P L E S O A wood and pVC sanples i. etc. same piece The activated sanple was replaced the sample hofder. and the rneasurement was . at to the acti-vatl-on The samples were stored The sanples tirnes into parameters of was checked before. The samples were fixed to the sampl-e hotder of the nagnelometer using a snall piece of adhesive tape. nagnetized.rere neasured and it was found that the activatron process in the above-described devrces signlficantly affected the magnetic behavi"our of the sa$ples.2 $unand a length of 27 .hat fron cause the possible cause a slgnal monent. curve was recorded were aclivated a srnall the activatlon (the exact The nagnetization and after lhe magnetomeLer irunediately position activation. of Inmediately after activatlon one of the Mr. It ensured fident is that that our firm the charge on thc sample to be measured is similar a rnaqnetic conpletely We are con- the above-described with or the consequence of precautions substituted. sarnples v\'ere brought electrlcal in the magnetoneter belief that the activation contact is w. and after Iy prior and in the case of specimens. pavlita the whole ferromagnetic durlng.50 Irun.5 A number of actlvated. neasurement process.3. The non-activated end of the sanples was so far frcm the end of sensitive even if surernent it region the during measurements that After inlo that it could not have caused any signal and before the rneabeto able conductor was sonehoL. with .i!h a grounded to t. lriLh the other the authors the other a separate the worked with room in activation of it in the the rnagnetometer. After had taken place. the sample. sletght of sarnples !. pavlita from Mr. Some of the rest of the the sanples were neasured before sanples conlrol as wel-l as after activationt were not measured before activatlon but in this case we measured (non-activated) sarnples having the same propertles. the length of the actlvated part being about 5 lO run.r. One of the ends was a dlameter of 2.was inserted into the sensitive region of the sensing coils.rhich had not been touched by the sample anybody during the whole process . The samples were cylindricaf j-n shape. sensitivity the apparatus.) was changed from neasurement to measurement. On no occasion . and only imrnediatesonde by inserting thern several in the sample handed over. and the adheslve tape was also tneasured wlthout activation using the repeated. None of the experirnental sample j-n the magnetometer. The eguiprnent used for the activation. and every part sone distance iras a given in holes. The samples Lo be activated were measured before the actlvation together with the adhesive tape.ere noL tampered are not the results hand or measure- ment errors. before of was carefully scrutinized. Pavlityrs corner hand and neasured it of the lab durinq the magnetoneter. tape as earlier. Mr.marking authors their took non-activated the sarnple out sat in Only one of author ends. The sample holder the of adhesive itself in gave no signal.

d. t the the e g .r F s t ts'B Ir o l.l F. l. o\J qt I > o R b .{ 'i ri* p" { E b t 6{l :: Et (t Fi rq o j .7 - Pavllta during.{ o .. B o E $ ( ' B ! | .r-'o.?! R3 I S Q al in the lmental F9-E tr (l\J r! co .5 " t r o F I ' A..E }| B tlvity The the also After was by of the signal meabee t o .A A E F O . . lrlth Ira s of of the . r' r S (t F'd € F $ o.

he specinen lras larger than the such sensitlvlty homogeneous sensitive magnetlzallon body. / o o da n d the precauti. Table shows the nagnetization The nagnetlzation as that zero the acactjvation.rn. For 5 wood samples we did far of them several they Lion.- o - did magnetic activity.which is not shown here . for The error is ln We could hovfever. 2b. importance. systemaLic ir. The definltion (wlthj-n the Before of measurement sensltlvity every specimen). do not show any magnetic activity (at the measurement) .vesLjga- neasures described surement.).s the field forrowing PVc sampres were activated the our laboratory. pavlita's laboratory) and ve me. The nagnetlzation curve of the adhesive tape without sample . purposes strongly from the place any measurable change. ! . magnetization nagnetic field H. brought secondary acter tlvated Ms is These neasurements susceptlblllty suitable now of char- comparison. activation 2a. Lo Fig. For lhis four i. Za a^d b" and calculat.nary Every activation was . the of (rn order volure of to carculate of the Gauss lt the magnetlzed of of our speclnon-actlvated wood sanples actlvated the neasured speclnen. during cdreful .e. reason a measurement series in in ltle previous lllustration w a s r n a d e . i. only area of ls to estimate not Lhe rneasurlng coirs. It is seen that the macJnetization of the sanple becane nuch larger than the nagnetlzation before activalron.u.tsure days or weeks afler activation.e. The nagnetjc properties of the majority of sanples (2O wood and 4 PVC) were changed due to the activation. they could not be rnagnetized measurably by an external field. so curve (b) can be considered that the least at as the background for of thls sample. .'successful. activation. The result M of of the one neaZ.e. i. the exact extent of change in magnetic of mens.o the shown for of measuretnent curve of the externaf sample W1. Ft)gut. These 29 sarnples were activated of measurement (at Mr. The nagnetization electromagnetic units curve of the sample before (together with adhesive tape) 1s shown in [ig.is exactly the sane as curve (a) in Fig. This neans. necessary exceed to known the volune the effectlve 2Ot. same ln of shown ln 2. at the same time. Sanples Ms. hesive tape) is plotted ln Fig. but indicaled us that really happens with Lhe samples not. l n w h i c h f i v e . tlmits other I of satnples are exactly Ms is shown in Fig. by actlvation. The figure shows the sarnple j. 2.: J show6 the net magnetlzation curve of the activated sample obtalned by subtractlrg Fig. We did not consider the results experiments lo and Lhe effect as evidence of sonething is wor ly of successful activatlon. is orlginal given as a function samples became rnagnetic due t. The inrensity of and thh magnetic moment of the sample is given in CGS (e. for propertles believed The rnost lmportant are the vras to denonstrate about. and the magnetlzation curve of the same sar0ple after acbivatlon (together with the same adin kilocauss. paragraph. purpose eninently sample is the J. find the samples show any these preliminary acLlvation.Lng the magnetlzation ln m1Lllcauss. curves tig. The accuracy of thls value can no! be very high because the slze of t.) work.

P=Pvc) trE act ivated ! we rneasure<l b result s but lon.g. of curves possible be the of Ilke materlals. after Befole the It ln ls authors. but a $tood sanple nagnetlzation that the the forcefully. .-The and It vation. the surface the wood sanples showed that BrlL the !o ferromagnetic reachlng the our neasulenents actlvated surface can cause the grains boles in thLE. this 3.les was 45 mG. not can be time . tnagnetlc ln keeping of are slmllar of to ferroordered e.02 mg abou! the or various Frcautionary .. possTo sonde seened to dld not pollsh very process. and then inserted such a vtay that and rotated was found drilLing In order lncrease vrere takelr character of the irollution tntentionally tlmes. and causlng stable Ln actl"vated vrood sanp.1s. closed samples were measured in the nagnetometer Ba never touched. coutd curves the lron of the activated Inagnetlc soft ls which of as the the sanples structures.9 Dagnetj-zed I of ilgrity 5 h'ood F Table I sanples Ms of activated The net magnetization (w=wood. a box then after in a certaln the time. wlth our class1cal vrith O. the magnetizatlon effect the to the was about value the ln of curve 1. (at eagta and . the be clean hole and thelr after surface we drllled before nagnetlad- we made measurements iron. the magnetlc properties such a way seems unlikely. so the samples during due to lab./6 of Ms in showed a slml-1ar actlvation this case of actlvatlon is not .''successful'r. presence above-menttoned The samples ltere markedi and guarded fron tlne by the to time. and after Lncreased t in the of in Fig. we obtained average Lron grains 8 mG for li4s for gettlng the specXmen. pollutlon material. Figure aamples as a functlon the magnelic acttvity the magnetometer was calibrated. of same slgnal samPles.. Ie wl 39 td2 W3 to w4 35 l{5 P2 P3 P4 (nc) 60 5B 74 68 58 52 lc sanples tnvestigaThe nagnetlzatlon Pod and tization The only edge. ). decreases ahd contlnuously characvatlon. 4 shows the of the deflnitely number of The activated days after end of change of the nagnetizatlon actlvation. alloys. does not specLmenIs In the Posslblltty probable because seem be smooth' a hole to into curves lhe lnto hole of the the sonde. actlvatlon change in magnetlc ln put propertl-es Pavlltars s lose their were activaLed the they'were magnetlc actlvlty Mr. of Three rrooA one author. into precautions. tof one meapows the is sample field explanation. value the the zed our specltable nagnetizatlon In slightly.

praseodym.iu. and after actrva_ tion nobody could have tampeied wrth or substituted them.l. S for both LiTaO3 crystals (samples A and B). lhe sample magnetizatjon and magnetizing field are opposite in direction.n j. pavlitars laboratory. Two cylindrj_cal specfuens were used both of 4 rnrndianeter and 23 mm rength' Both of them were activated and measured before and after activation. For three sarnples the suscept. 2y u.e. After activation the character of magnetization curves remained uncnangecl (i.lnd plastic materiafs.. For this reason. the neasured samples were in Lhe form of a coiled strip of foll so the measured susceptlblllty of these sanples ls very low! practlcally only the usuaf background can be rneasured. Aruminium has a low paranagnetrc susceptlbility.la 2O_3Oruo were tested as well. The samples were prepared and marked by us. diarnagnetic and paramagnetic naterials were also usecl for t.labte ln contrast Lo the properties of wood samples. before (curves a) and after (curves b) activatron. For arl the actlvation tests the magnetlzatlon curve remalned linear.est dlamagnetic metal specimens. The measurenent nethod was the same as that descrlbed earlier. The activation was perforned in Mr. but the degree of change vras different. I'1ve blsmuth samples (which have a very high dianagnetic susceptibil. In addition to .als. The magnetization curves (after elinlnating thc effect of adheslve tape) are shown in Fig. The test resu-Lt of one of these samptes Is shovrn in Fig.rty) were manufaclured ln order to t. linear).al with qulte high paranagnetic susceptibitity. such as chenical composition and nraterial structure. and nagnetization depends linearly on the external field. are known and control.he exper.o A C T I V A T I OO F O I A .e. several other niaterials The prinary reason for adclltionaf neasurements wcrs to learn more about the biologically induced rnagnetLc anomalies. rn one case the susceptlbility of the sampre lncreased (rts absotute value decreased). but the absolute value of the susceptibility increased by B5g due to the activa_ tion for both samples. and to improve the test nethods. Due to actj-vation the rnagnetization curves of the other samples changed in a sinilar way.lbllity decreased due to the acravation. instead of wood. 6. Three samples were activatedi one of the test resuLts is plotted In Fig. fhe advantaqe of these tnaterials lras tlrat their physical properties. i. Z. A series of experiments were performed usin transparent' Lirao3 single cryst./ith a square cross section (about 3_4 . in the presence of one author.imeDl_s. A N D P A R A I ' I A GI N ES A M P L E S N C T tho wood and plastic sampLes. l. The induced change vanished gradual-ly for a1l samples. the activation changed the susceptibility of this sample to the opposite direction of that found in the other cases.s a rare earth net. three days after the activatlon a1I the sarnples had returned to therr pre_actlvation level.e. The effect of actlvation was also investigated for two paramagnetl-c materlars. These crystars e a r e d i a m a g n e L i . viz'for alwririr'nn and praseodymium.. The samples were shaped 1Ike prisns \. o n d h o u' 9 n e g a t i v e susceptibility. The susceptiblllty of the flfth sarple was not influenced by the activation.

aEt a4 F f o $ s F a o . F tr l! F t3q. a. rr o 'r..r! Ir(J$ v e F !! .lk &: b x b .lr - :l+ a\t Eqr otl s tl o^ ..(a- G \r e o $ o k .& b E J ! o o . Q o €t a i't!h r r : oE o oEI tr E = ^8 s q o o lr.3 S\D r. E 'r^ o (l:a : o o 6 b 6 a EO llC* .| J .is{ F O.!r a 'ir & t ) -6 $ tl $^ .

. $'S s I!BIJ > a v E E sq) ('$ t l $ r o ' $ t Ds s.lt! r i.li lB) d iao S A. r q)i J drr cl C D & O .L 2 - (.u ' O .a : z. E J o g o - s $ s E a.& s : $ t to- \' x .!-F s $ t l aJ. S.

coerctve f. the axis of rs of.s show that the actlvatlon procedure af. ''nltlal susceptibllity.s looks pronlsing desptte the technlcal dlfflcultles due to thelr id oxldation. can €cl.2 mn in vridth. $rlth a thlckness of 20 _ 2OO Um. rvhlle for the other llro cases that lhe flrst actlvation attempt of FerAl vras un_ curve.L.these ement. nlckel. experlments f. . pavllta r.13 length. Here both the dlrectlon of the fleld and the direclion of vibratton are paxallel to. but cylindrtcal nlth a dlaneter of O. The samples are well known and due to thelr magnetlcalLy structure they shon strong magnetlc activily. The result of actlvatton for one samples 1s shown ln Fig.when Mr.measurlng sesslon. fron whj. tglass samples were used f. neasurement of magnetizatlon curves of these samples was perf. -aamples (not shown here) changed " l n the magnetization curve l'n Ls seen that the saturatlon nagnetization of samples due to actlvatlon. saturatlon magnetizatlon. Next mornlng.fects the tnagnetof Che examineal ferromagnetic permalloy. It seems that the testlng of the rare netal. Another advantage is that in the case of ferromagnellc sanples of the posslble ferromagnetlc pollullon is out of the questlon the anount of ferromagnetrc porlution on the surface (due !o the process) is sma11 in relation to the mass of the sample. . alL of the measurenents descrlbed in thls paragraph were made ln such arrangenent ln whlch the dlrectlon of the magnetlzlng fleLal was perpento the axls of sanples and paralLel vrlth the dlrectlon of vlbratlon. I V A T I O NO F F E R R O I . of permalloy. of nickel and of fe?Al lrere activated. so it e a measuiable slgnal change. slgniflcantly and ln the AIl of Three sanples were actlvated..ras no!.5 rnm. g_J. The tLon on the magnetizatlon curve be seen in FigB. I A C N E TA C E R I A L S X IT samptes hrere used. and also changed the slope of the In anolher serles of. magnettzatlon curves.erromagnetlc t a ll The coercivlty (the dlstance betlreen the point hysteresis curve and the H=O poLnt on the g axls) for the nlckeL sarnple. The specunens vrere long.or the experi$ents. B. naterlals. I . .ch dlfferent mate].lal parameters.tlned.ormed vlbratLng sanple nagnetometer. however.orce. They have character_. curv€s pf the I them changed thelr magnetizatton same way.

BEFORE Magnetidatr:on cstoe of s a n p L e b af o r e nickeL (eutoe a) and after (curte b) aetivation.culre 9. Magnetdzattot of p e r n a l l o V a d n p L e b ef o r e (curte al and dfteT (curte b\ dctitation. .

and the same irregularlty was found for two specimens. due to activation.increased it H.c tation cupue of aanple be fore a. of course.Oe iaat ion cupve of : o y . Flve samples of the first The saturation tization and the slope of hysteresis j. L e sa r e .0e of t5e authors has &een to carry out experL$ents on anomalies in h'hlch physics ltself l-s used to rgDetl. A h e s e s a m p . The ot. aad qft. The result. Though le phenornenon is anornalous.. 16.' ls illustrated in ltig. l_l . of sarne result for both specimens.) After four curve regained its origlnal shape. as can be seen fro\\ Fig.e. where the broken line shows lhe origlnal curve. which is decreased 'ER H. . wlth decreasing positive fields. but not so drastlcallv (for one of the samplesl Ln Fig. the case of Fe3Al .15 It is remarkable value in of saturation nagnetizatl-on (i. amorphous iron a I loys sLructure is due to the very rapid quenching. A similar process is illustrated for permalloy specinen in l.ep bl actiui tiott - of. the composition of the second one was naterial were activated. but the re_ can be seen by cornparing l. and after b) actioation. regained its original shape after three _ four days.e. nean that to ensure that no trlckery was Lnvolved. s a m p L e b eI o r e a. 5820. cu:rves are shown. 12. Thls does not. these were quite unusual maqnetization . and at i-ow field region it shows a very strange character. 14 is plotted in Fig. as plotted the the whereas activation . ttre tests. the samples decreased. where N represents the numbex of days after activation (N=O is the result of nea_ aurement inmediately after activation) . The The nagnetj"zation tEocedure ytelded tlon case. in curve that the value IE nelization region) M. i n f a c t . Metglass (=metal-glass) material is a new and intensivestudied type of netal. of the second netglass material were also activated.l-. 14. 1A and j4) were quite different. (Here only the parts of the full.her part of the activation of ferronagnetic naterials was made metglass samples. i3 for one samples. tlme dependent behaviour of the nagnetizalion curve of the activated of Eig. and continuous lines show the curves after activatlon.ncreased signtficantly curve in cases due to activation. mag_ reached by the hysteresls curve at high field the case of pexmalloy and nickel. IL is seen that the saturation magnetization drastically de_ . Al1 five were of the saIlle material and they lrere activated in the same (aee Plates I anal 2) having one activation chanber only.ig. J5. Two types of metglass naterial wexe activated.igs. In the case of two samples the result of activation is shoyn . the composition of the materlal was Fe4ONi4OSi6Bl4.

o! b ef o r e d c t d t q t i o n . r00 150 200 2s0 H. l. eunpeel datiratioa. ( B " o k e n c u r t e . eot i. e befone (broken curte ) and alter (solid.. "epresent t0 H. M a g n e t i z a t i o n e u r o e o f F e s A L E a n p l .Oe Clnnge o f. o y s a n p L e N'i. . 0 in t i n e .s.he m a g n e t i a a t i o n c u n o e o f . Pdranete? N s the nunber of daga after actioatior.16 - N=0 N=l N.oe 1 1 . N : n u n b e ? o f d a y s a f t e r a c t i o d t i o n l . t h e p e r n q L l ..d eurveg: afte? d c t i D a t d o n .2 =--t'-t-'- 4T=' Fe3Ar50 Fig.

ore curie of netglaes oanple Fe4oyi4OSitBla ( cuz.L AFTER t0 30 H. ion. ' .Oe curt e ) ae4ta bef. N=l N=0 BEFORE o b .0e Aamp Le eol.Oe Magnetization H.id tion). see Fig.- 17 - M.emu METGLASS N=0 N=l N=2 BEFORE t0 20 30 H.ve a ' ) a n d a f t e r ( c u r v e b) actioation. IJ.

aa8 sdnple of 15. 1 6 . M a g n e t i z d t i o n cu"De of netglaes sanPle FezscrsBZo befone (cunte al and aftan (cunte b) actiration.e of netgl.4 N=3 N=2 N=l N=0 Fig.emu METGLASS . cur. 1 4 i n t i n e . Change of ndgnetization E i q .18 - M. ) BEFORE fig.. N: nunber of day s actiDqtion" solid curtea t dfter afte" dctitiltion. ( B ? o k e n c u r t e : befo"e actlrqtion. .

I . TakAcs and A. Nanely.The experiments 19 - unanbiguously showed that in the najority of cases the vation procedure significantly changes the magnetrc propertles of the es . Lovas for thelr help l-n and to H. lrhlch changes cannot be explained by the presence of kind of pollution on the surface of actlvated samples. H. other specimens re_ to their orlgrnar. Shenker for revieting the nanuscripC. are several issues magnetic anonaly lhls 1. tloy " to be clarified in the future. aane time we have no doubt about the necesslty of further considera_ investigations if we wish to exclude or slrengthen the possibility Posstbl"e interpretatlons. in very the of this to work has been to learn rnore about examine lhe to reality of process. pre-activated . On the basls of our present knowledge. The unstable character of the induced change was also observed.reflects some kind of fundamental physical process. Whlle tained thls anomalous state for a longer period.Oe are indebEed specimens.th our clas_ this purpose anomaly.t. ln splte of lhe fact that for lhe nornent idea about other explanatlons vrhich are in keeping wj.lng. these anomalies cannot be by any known physical phenornenon therefore one may not rure out the that the braln activLty involves a yet unknown physical phenomena.- future little hope fox plogress the nental process as well.3 E2 tsl td) De = le "f l'ton. \"rithout the help of neurophvsiol_ IrsychologLsts. the pre_ seems to be assoclated wlth lhe actlvity of . Conparing the results of t activation trials' the possibility that sorne kind of pollution change can be excruded.4 days. This phenornstate within 2 to vatLon lndicate that the change in the sanplers _ lnduced behavlour .so thls procedure is vrorth study. h there little attention has been paid the nental . to . actlvations in the sarne sonde the same hotes of the sonde) provided different sr-gn changes in the mag_ gatlon curves.

in centimeters . ) .J. May.between the thunb and the forefingert the speclmen to be hand j. shown in fronL of Plate 2 Front there fron with of the PAD.except (A scale .1s smooth.R. activated was held several activatj-on brass' chambers. The actlvation protruslons of as the rest of chamber 1s visible ln the centre' are Li. (A scale .in cenlinelers .rin sonde with is made of left-hand steel.rith Randon Number generators. Mat.72I Instru. Dunne.ls shown in Rear of flont of the twin the sonde. I29 (1981) II] [2] E. llumphrey: Psi Experiments S. [4] [5] S.I. project 8067. B. r. were inserted Plate 4 During the activaLion. Magn. B. a single-chamber shaped par! surface Pavllta Activation Device side (PAD). sonde.c.'n. Jahn.J. (I986) [3] R.. the left inj:o lhe brass cylinder. Introduction Addison-Wesley. b u t t h e r e a r e g r o o v e s on the bottom. the bottom. These grooves sharp. Oct 1985 \.and the The walls of the holes are the chambers are visible. I912 . MA.n the right hand. The surface the sonde was held ln the left grooves. side) the thinner are made of rod and the hollovr cyllnder ffi)gers {on the polished hand on both sides. they lefl no marks on the activated speclmens.ro srnall one piece material made of the sane besj-de lt' (the whole sonile was manufactured lhe PAD of the sonde ls oovered steel) . Kaufman. Reading.D. During Lhe actlvation . The surface the The activa!.22. Plate Plate Fhl irnarl ni. 3o.J. to Magnetic l"laterials.lon ls snooth. The plastlc cylindrical on the right-hand ls is made of The wholc PAD is made of the PAD.rrF Enlarged piclure walls quite of of the activation chanbers. Foundations of Physics. sci. 8. part.l the twin Sonde. of part Plate 3 A t\..l-. vfil1ianson.) The rear the plastlc solid steel. 548 (1959) Rev. 16. s m o o t h .- _ 2 0 _ T E X TT O P L A T E S Plate I Rear of rnaterial. roner. were not REFERENCES s. culIity..

3nd the -as ale jie qIOOVCS '=: t:a... a E1 O n p a ! t :-ler (on the .e!ers i 1-he centre. .:r / polished '.ens .-. . left hand i 3l_rO'tn in . ::3COrS.-i e The plastlc pfastlc 1s :a. : oi .. 1 PLATE :: :_3:1LifaCtUred :cvered r in the to lef t be t-en : : ' .-F--li :.


1r i 'i i -l !' .! it :.' i .'. ' !-... ..:l t{Fo . I1 i :. ..: .. l i ' . i f.: t -. . :.. .'..

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