The Complete Guide To Achieving Financial Freedom

By Mark Anastasi

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Introduction IIIIIIIVVVIThe Importance Of Educating Yourself About Wealth And Money Our Educational System Has Failed Us Break Free From The Cultural Hypnosis! Escape The Rat Race And Dare To Dream! The Power Of Goal-Setting The Power Of Purpose 3 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 18 19 19 20 20 21 22 22 22 22 23 23 26 27 29 30 31 37 41 44 50 51 52

VII- Go Out And Meet People! VIII- Want More Money? Create More Value! IXXXIBeware Of The ‘Coalition Of Four’ And The Debt Trap Online Marketing The Golden Rule For Entrepreneurial Success The Importance of Integrity Overcome The Fear of Failure And Rejection Passive Income vs. Earned Income The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Financial Literacy The Magic Of Compound Interest Spend Less Than You Earn And Invest The Difference! Pay Yourself First! Accounting And Cash Flow Patterns The Cash Flow Of An Asset

Entrepreneurship And Self-Made Millionaires vs. Being An Employee 18

XII- Developing An “Abundance Consciousness” XIII- Modelling Rich People’s Thinking XIV- Visualizations & Mental Rehearsals XVOvercoming Financial Challenges Quickly & Effectively XVI- Investing In The Stockmarket XVII- Investing In Real Estate XVIII- Destroying Your Limiting Beliefs About Money XIX- The Bigger Picture XXXXTaking Action Is The Key To Financial Freedom Final Thoughts XXI- Assignments

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Dear reader, I wish to acknowledge you for being one of those rare souls that have not bought into the general population’s cultural hypnosis that says, “Give up on your dreams, conform, and just By reading this e-book you are making a clear statement that “YES, THERE IS MORE TO LIFE,

accept your lot!”


Also, I appreciate how valuable your time is – so many demands are made of us in today’s world – and I feel privileged that you have chosen to spend a little bit of time in my company. I do not wish to overwhelm you with theories, philosophies, and information. My intention is other. All that matters to me is your RESULTS. Consequently, I have kept this e-book concise and to the point. Have you ever come across an AMAZING idea that could really have massively improved the quality of you life… and then failed to act upon it? I have been guilty of that, for sure. I have read hundreds of personal development books – including dozens on wealth and financial freedom – and spent a fortune in personal development seminars… but it took me more than 2 years before I put any of it in practice.

This e-book includes a few very simple exercises that you MUST complete. They are quick and they are fun, they only require a pen and some paper, and they are GUARANTEED to skyrocket your earnings beyond anything you could possibly imagine.
As with so many things in life, THE KEY IS TAKING ACTION! I have used the psychological tools and techniques contained herein myself to better utilize my mind powers, and in the space of just 6 months I went from earning just $1,700 a month and being heavily in debt to earning $10,000 a month, then over $40,000 in a weekend, to probably in excess of $12,000,000 next year.

©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.


I’d like to briefly share with you my life’s journey, especially regarding my relationship to money… Until 6 months ago, I had NEVER earned more than $1,700 a month. I grew up in Greece, where my father worked 16-hour days as a journalist. Although we had a relatively comfortable lifestyle, and never really lacked anything, money was a constant struggle. The weekly shopping bill was always reason enough for bitter arguments between my parents.

“Why did you spend this much on this? Why did you spend this much on that?”
I remember hiding down in our 20-year-old eastern-European Dacia car, as my mother would drive my sisters and me to school, where all my friends would arrive in their parents’ huge shiny BMWs, Jeeps, etc. They would go to unbelievably exotic places on holidays, whilst I was stuck at home. One especially tough Christmas, in the early 90s, after my father had lost a substantial part of his revenues from journalism, we couldn’t afford any presents for each other, so I went around our closets and the attic to find old things that I could mend and ‘repackage’ so that our Christmas tree would not appear too bare… In the late 90s my father’s business went bankrupt. Bailiffs and half a dozen removals guys, lawyer in tow, stormed into his small publishing office in downtown Athens and threatened to repossess everything. His employees and myself were left gob smacked. In the ensuing months our house was put up for auction, and we would regularly fend off investors swooping down on our property in search of a real-estate bargain. In my late teens I moved to England to study business, and as a student I was broke most of the time. Again, I could never afford what everyone else around me could, like, say, going out on a Saturday night. I was regularly threatened with eviction from both my accommodation AND my University. During a 6-month work placement in Paris, I couldn’t afford rent so I never slept more than a week in the same place – and by ‘place’ I mean some friend’s floor or couch. I worked as a security guard for 2 years, in Oxford, England, to pay for my studies.
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This meant getting up at 6, and cycling to some remote location in the freezing cold. Or, it meant some days working from 7 at night until 7 in the morning and then cycling to University for my lectures… and all this for $7 an hour. My first job, upon graduation, was in sales for a small training company. I expected to earn good money in commissions, but ended up making just 1 sale in the 14 months I was there. Unsurprisingly, I was fired in November 2003… and made absolutely NO money for the ensuing 3 months. I got thrown out of where I lived in January 2004, sold everything I had – including my beloved piano – and once again was living out of a suitcase, never spending more than 2-3 nights in the same place. I signed up for unemployment benefits, and got a grand total of $60 from the State… At the same time my mother, after her divorce, was being threatened with eviction from her new apartment… and I couldn’t help her. My sisters couldn’t afford their University tuition and were also threatened with the termination of their studies… and I couldn’t help them. My girlfriend – who was studying in Germany at the time, and experiencing a host of health challenges – was begging me to come see her… but I couldn’t afford the ticket. Heck, by that stage I could barely afford food. I had no money, I was in debt up to my eyeballs, and I was sharing a tiny, disgusting, damp, stinking, window-less room with another person. I went for a run… It was a week before my 25th birthday, and the rain was pouring down heavily. I was running through a cemetery on Old Brompton road, in West London. I was soaking wet. As I ran amongst the tombstones, crying, I broke down and just shouted...

As I kneeled down on the path, I started reading the epitaphs on the stones around me, and imagined what mine would read, a hundred years from now. I didn’t want it to read “Well, kinda was ok, never hurt anyone, never bothered anyone”… I made a DECISION. I decided there and then that I WOULD NEVER LET MONEY CONTROL MY LIFE AGAIN. Within 2 months I became financially free.
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Please do not let money run your life. This book is about attaining financial independence. a monumental pensions crisis could be looming just around the corner. ways you need to BE. wealthy. prosperous? A millionaire? Do you want to achieve the absolute financial freedom to do whatever you want.Why This Is Important A have a couple of questions for you. and their DREAMS. their self-respect. personal independence. Wealth will give you choices. passion. contribution. it will allow you the freedom to do what matters most in life. It is such a waste of your time on this planet! My outcomes here are to give back to people their freedom. and finally… things you need to DO. true freedom! And even more importantly. wherever you want.3 million people in the UK – out of a population of 60 million – were living on incomes below the poverty level. forever? If so. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. as well as enjoy yourself and squeeze every last drop out of LIFE you can! In this day and age. true meaning. ways you need to THINK. and take better care of your loved ones. whenever you want. you MUST become financially independent – there is no such thing as “job security” anymore. with whomever you want. contribute more to your community and society. For most people. Do you want to make more money? Do you want to become rich. abundant. and purpose. 95% of Americans over the age of 65 are either dead broke …or dead! In 2001. Finances are only one of the parts of life – but it is a very important one. Furthermore. there are things you need to LEARN. 12. Don’t let that happen to you. creating a life of joy. 6 . money runs their entire lives.

Allen. John Cummuta. If you are not rich already. in order to have it work for you! It makes no sense to me whatsoever that we are not taught this at school. but are crucial for your financial success. taxes. etc… is FEAR. to understand how money works. Warren Borsje. 7 . ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Finally. Robert Kiyosaki. investing. The more good stuff (ideas) you put in. and T. investing in the stockmarket. the ONE thing that stops most people from taking that 1st step into starting a business. Besides. the more good stuff (results) will come out. you WILL SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WORKING FOR MONEY! Financially successful people have educated themselves about accounting. I go to as many personal development seminars and workshops as my schedule permits. A financial education is incredibly powerful – you will gain power over money. Brian Tracy. Subjects like investing and accounting may appear boring. You must replace fear with knowledge! I highly recommend that you check out the work of Anthony Robbins. etc. in the illusion that they are actually getting somewhere. They are caught up in the rat race. investing in property. running a business. and therefore your life. Bob Proctor. Most people never pick up a book or educate themselves from the moment they leave school! Personally. To get out of the rat race you need to become proficient in these areas. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to learn new things. a lot of people are lazy: they want the rewards in life without the effort. instead of having it control YOU! If you don’t learn how money works. marketing. and regularly listen to audio programs. Be open to having your point of view and your current mindset be challenged. Your beliefs so far have resulted in whatever situation you are in. you might want to consider the possibility that you will need to alter your beliefs and mindset when it comes to money.I- THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATING YOURSELF ABOUT WEALTH I encourage you to study wealth. Harv Ecker. Robert G. Randy Gage.

wait for instructions. Thanks to the prevalent teaching methods though. get good grades. I was taught and conditioned to go to school and get a good job for a large company. We are not taught to think for ourselves. Don’t talk to your neighbour! Don’t make any mistakes. There is no “job security” anymore – you need financial security. for the government by paying taxes. business success. Current educational systems teach you to be an employee. we are taught to depend on others. secure job” is some of the most dangerous advice we could give them. and for the bank by paying off a mortgage and credit cards. wrong!” Growing up. a worker drone in the collective. investing. etc… In the US. how compounding works. They have never had a course on wealth. How many millions of people are out there in the real world struggling financially? The world has changed. People are working harder and harder. only to pay more taxes and end up in debt. because we are locked into it! We get caught up! I am extremely concerned by the lack of financial education our children receive in school. wrong. the perils of consumer debt. “Shut up! Do as you are told! Don’t take the initiative. locked into the system. We live in a system of dependence. most people have bet their entire retirement on the stockmarket – but our educational system has taught us NOTHING about being successful investors! Getting a good education and making good grades no longer ensures success. or you are wrong. and the banks teach us to get into debt: home. but our educational system has not changed with it. Most people are trapped in the Rat Race for the rest of their lives! They work for their employers. 8 . We are conditioned to go to school and get a job. credit cards… We are then locked into a lifetime commitment. Most of us don’t have the time or resources to challenge this system. taxes. and look for a safe. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.II- OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM HAS FAILED US Does school prepare children for the real world? I’ve mentioned already the value of continuous learning throughout our lives. Most people who follow that pattern get into a position of dependency. most people have negative associations to the idea of “learning”. Telling our children to “Go to school. accounting. car.

It is fear that keeps most people working at a job. To wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats because of bills you have to pay is a horrible way to live. A job is only a shortterm solution to a long-term ‘problem’. They rush off to work. If that excites you. This simply IS NOT a way to live your life. Answer no2: because they are afraid. “Oh I’m not really interested in money…”. It never seemed like much fun and they never looked that happy. I tell you. never exploring your dreams. The fear of ‘what will people say?’ Passion and love are not the motivating force in everything they do. Every day employees wake up with this fear gnawing at their soul. clinging to the illusion of job security.III. To live a life dictated by the size of a paycheck is not really a life. I’ve met so many people who say. looking forward to a 3-week vacation each year and a skimpy pension after 45 years of work. Does it make sense to YOU? Why do you have a job? Most people never see the trap they are in. whoever sold us on that idea… “We’ll buy your life for $30-50-80K a year. rather than think for yourself and take risks by becoming more entrepreneurial.BREAK FREE FROM THE CULTURAL HYPNOSIS! Most people work very hard. and give you 3 weeks holiday…” Just stop & think about it for a moment. Yet they’ll work at a job for 8 hours a day… for money. being told exactly what to do. FEAR is. It is a complete waste of your precious time on this planet. That’s the price of working in a job. To spend your life living in fear. I often wondered why grown-ups hurried off to work. Most people become a slave to money… Money is running their lives. is cruel. 9 . yet something kept them hurrying off… Do they look happy to you? No? So why do they do it? Answer no1: because everybody else around them is (cultural hypnosis). It never made any sense to me. This concept of “a job” is a load of nonsense. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. but they refuse to acknowledge this horrible truth. the fear of not having enough money. go for it. The fear of starting over. Thinking that a job will make you feel secure is simply lying to yourself. It’s easier to work for money. for little money. The fear of not paying their bills. the fear of being fired. hoping that a paycheck will kill the fear.

People all over the world get up every morning. though. get through the day!” “We’ll get our dream job later”. zone out in front of the idiot box. you can still bring them back to life! No one at the end of their lives wishes they had spent more time at the office! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. If they can afford it they buy a house – not their dream house. 35. ”Ehh. though – when they grow up they’ll drive a Ferrari. stop listening to the media. take a quick shower. the TV. years turn into lifetimes of joyless existence. They are living paycheck to paycheck. Because they’ve given up on their dreams. week after week. so that they can pass out in front of the TV so as to not think about their lives of quiet desperation. etc! When they get out of school. They just kind of die. So the dream gets pushed back a little. Then they get another job that pays a little better. Kids still have dreams.30… “DRRRRRRING”…… it starts all over again. You are disappointed every time. Pretty soon there’s a couple of mouths to feed. that’s just the way things are…” WAKE UP! YOU’RE PLUGGED INTO THE ‘MATRIX’! GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE! Stop listening to your deadbeat victim friends. Day after day. Monday morning. So they get there on Monday and they say to themselves: “If I can just They get home. 40 – they give up on their dreams. be an NBA star. Friday – if they can just get through the day… their boss is going to give them their paycheck! But that paycheck is already gone… to pay off credit cards and banks! But for that brief moment they can pretend that cheque is theirs… It’s time to celebrate! They get a stack of videos.IV- ESCAPE THE RAT RACE and DARE TO DREAM! Most people are trapped in the rat race. the newspapers that condition you to live out this predictable existence! Remember how you were as a child. crawl into bed. remember the DREAMS you had! If you take control. Same story. Finally. 10 . do they go into their dream job? No – any job that pays the bills. and rush off to a job most of them actually hate. then Tuesday morning “DRRRRRRING” …. months. Somewhere along the way – aged 30. pass out…. 6. How does it feel to have to ask (beg? deceive?) for a job? How does it feel to play ‘office politics’? And how does it feel when you receive your paycheck at the end of the month? It seems like nothing.

Dissatisfaction can be a tool to achieve your goals. If you write down your goals on a piece of paper. Twenty years later it transpired that the 3% of students with clearly defined goals were happier. THEY WORK. 11 . Without a certain amount of pressure. Try instead “I want to earn $10. The power of writing down your goals is simply extraordinary. It’s phenomenal and awesome.” Goals work because thoughts are things. Create something compelling enough to move you forward! A compelling goal can make you jump out of bed every day with amazing drive and energy! The power of goals is simply miraculous. It was established that upon graduating. YOUR SUCCESS IS PRACTICALLY ASSURED. you are acknowledging to both your conscious & subconscious mind that where you are right now is not where you want to be. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. ”I want to earn $3000 a month in passive income and be COMPLETELY debt-free by X. Why are goals so important? Because with goals we create and shape our lives. car.V- THE POWER OF GOAL-SETTING The main reason people don’t get what they want. only 3% of the students had written goals. and ultimately our destiny. Whatever we imagine and focus on we move towards. there is no motivation. by 200X”. Quite simply. Your brain is a supercomputer that will bring you whatever you ask.” A command like “I want to be rich” is too vague. or achieve success in any area. and then create and manifest. by June 200X and enjoy the process. Part of what motivates human action is a sense of dissatisfaction.000 a month Or. “I want to accumulate $1 million in assets. then carry them around with you or stick your goals all around your house. Everything you see around you was first created in someone’s imagination. you need to be very clear on EXACTLY what it is that you want. is because they don’t KNOW what they want! CLARITY IS POWER! If you want to be rich. more well-adjusted… and worth more than the other 97% put together! The other 97% of students failed to realise their full potential by being unclear on their goals. Also. This was never better demonstrated than in the 1953 experiment conducted at Yale. and office so that you see them frequently.

The way you can get your RAS to work for you in an empowering way… is by setting GOALS. where would you want to travel? What would you want to experience? What do you want to achieve financially? Do you want to earn $1 million? $100 million? Do you want to earn $10. if you knew you could not fail? What kind of work would you truly enjoy and be passionate about? Are you currently doing the type of work you love to do? If not. on your fridge. Clarity is POWER! Your brain is constantly screening out and deleting 99. laminate it and stick it in the shower! Remember: Whatever you focus on consistently you will get or become! OK.9% of everything you perceive. • If you had 100 million dollars in the bank and absolutely no limitations whatsoever. or general items you’ve always wanted? What would you like to contribute to the world? What would you like to create? What would your dream house look like? What would be in it? • • • • • • • ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. next to your bed. and start answering the questions below. THIS IS WHAT I WANT. gadgets. what has stopped you so far from pursuing it? Do you plan to continue allowing that to stop you? If not. what would you be doing right now? Imagine that you were granted 1 wish – what would you dare to dream. etc? What would you like buy? What toys. NOW GET IT FOR ME! YOU ARE NOW DICTATING YOUR TERMS ON LIFE – IT’S YOU THAT DETERMINES HOW THINGS ARE GOING TO BE. You would go crazy with ‘information overload’ if it didn’t! Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) will bring to your attention that 0.000 a month? Do you want to eliminate all your debts? Do you have investment goals or savings targets for the next year. 12 . you are in fact sending a clear order to your brain (and your RAS) that THIS IS IMPORTANT. 5 years. When you write down a goal. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Stick them in your diary. You’ll then need to review your goals daily. on your computer. Know your outcome. now grab a pen and some paper.Know what you want. 10 years. what could you do to change that? If you had no limitations. in your car.01% that your brain feels is important.

The need to avoid pain… . is the WHY. vital. now grab a pen and some paper. your relationships. write down all of the things you will gain. if you have a desire for something. been stressed about. and start LISTING ALL YOUR REASONS WHY YOU MUST HAVE MORE MONEY. Leverage comes when we associate IMMEDIATE AND INTENSE PAIN with not doing something. you won’t BELIEVE what will happen to your life. What pain has “not having money” caused you? Write down everything you have missed out on. The reasons “Why” constitute 80% of what it takes to become rich. Find YOUR reasons why you want to be free and wealthy. and not having enough money. List 100 of them! NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL IN CREATING WEALTH IN YOUR LIFE THAN THIS SIMPLE EXERCISE! USE THE TWIN POWERS OF PAIN & PLEASURE! All human beings are driven by 2 main forces: . In order to make something a MUST. all of the ways your life will be enhanced. By the way. when you are absolutely financially secure. What is it costing you right now? What will it cost you in your relationships. and we also associate IMMEDIATE AND IMMENSE PLEASURE with doing it.VI- THE POWER OF PURPOSE Here’s the key to achieving your goal and becoming rich or achieving financial freedom: KNOW WHY YOU WANT THESE GOALS! PURPOSE IS STRONGER THAN OUTCOME! More important than the HOW we achieve financial freedom. your health. OK. your selfesteem. • The financial pain exercise: write down all of the pain you experience in your life from not being financially independent. that means YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ABILITY WITHIN YOU to achieve your desires. “How to” boils down to simple mechanics. and free for the rest of your life. Period. we need to get leverage on ourselves.…and the desire to gain pleasure. independent. and amount of joy you experience? What would you be able to do if you were a millionaire? What’s all the pleasure you would get from having much more money? • If you do this simple exercise. listing 100 reasons. If you give yourself a compelling reason to achieve your goals. your joy and passion in life… over the next 20 years? Then. and then connect with that list on a daily basis. or lost in your life because of ‘not having enough money’. 13 . How will it affect your self-esteem. what you give to others. the amount of free time you have. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. you’ll succeed.

You become rich by enriching others. Remember. 14 . is meeting people! Don’t be shy! Go out and meet people! Ask questions! Exchange ideas! Offer your services! Who you know can make the biggest difference in your financial life. That’s who you will become. rich people NET-WORK! And guess what – where you can find loads of money at any time? In other people’s pockets! Find out what people want… and provide it to them! That’s the ‘magic formula’ for success in business! “You can have everything in life you want. says Zig Ziglar. Get out there and NETWORK! Poor people work. Look at the 6 people you spend most time with. Create a supportive environment for yourself and for the achievement of your goals – have a number of special people to exchange ideas with! To keep you focused! To keep challenging you to get better! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.VII. There is no free ride in life. by providing services and products they need. You should perhaps stop hanging out with some of the people that are holding you back. the single most important thing influencing who you become and your entire Destiny is who you spend time with! Who you spend time with… you will become.GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE! One of the important things in making money. The Importance Of Your Peer Group Furthermore. you don’t “make” money. if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. you earn money.

that’s Do you want to earn more money TOMORROW? Add more value! Think big. continuously throughout life. 15 . Get a second job. If you want more money. Learn how to give much more to others than you expect to get back (by the way. Buy a business with little or no money down. Become a business partner. Start a business part-time. CREATE MORE VALUE! To figure out how to earn more money.VIII. figure out how to ADD MORE VALUE TO PEOPLE! You can earn 10 times more money in the same amount of time if you add 10 times as much value in the same amount of time. and there is most definitely no limit to how much money you can earn. Get a raise. Develop this mantra – “HOW CAN I ADD MORE VALUE?” “How can I help more people have a better quality of life?” impossible – the more you give the more you’ll receive!). Gain new skills. There is no limit to how much you can learn.WANT MORE MONEY? CREATE MORE VALUE! Money is nothing but the measure of the value you create for other people! The key strategy for earning more money is extremely simple and powerful. and therefore no limit on how much value you can create. and increase your value to your employer and/or customers. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. new knowledge. Get your spouse to get a job.

toy. WE understand. a new car. every new convenience. your levels of stress. fancy expensive clothes. being a SLAVE. education. then advertisers make us feel insecure about what we have. you desire to buy a big house. Being in debt is damaging to your marriage. They’ve perfected this so much that they can sell us anything. your health. then add it up in each of the categories: rent/housing. going out & entertainment. For the next 30 days write down exactly what you spend your money on. Eventually they get you to spend your entire income. YOU NEVER ACTUALLY BECOME RICH! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. They know exactly how to push all our buttons. don’t worry about a thing…here’s a 0% for 6 months credit card. How much “profit” are you left with at the end of the month? The Media’s Impact on our Finances People are getting more and more into debt. food & miscellaneous shopping. The media present us with a constant stream of glamorous lifestyles. and the proximity and quality of your retirement. transport.” Then come the credit lenders… “ooouuuh…poor baby… come over here.IX- BEWARE OF THE ‘COALITION OF FOUR’ AND THE DEBT TRAP! When you owe people…they OWN you. and finally Credit Lenders present us with the lure of “free money”… The Advertising and the Media industries co-operate. Being in debt means being vulnerable. No wonder the difference between what most people earn and what they spend minimal if anything at all. take care of you. egged on by what John Cummuta calls the Coalition of Four: Advertisers + Media + Credit Lenders + Merchants. and fashion. You end up wasting money trying to LOOK rich… THE PROBLEM IS. etc. They run the show. being unable to invest sufficiently to build a secure retirement. your children and the example they follow. Cut the waste! Eliminate anything that you’re currently paying for that no longer gives you enjoyment! Develop a spending plan! Be aware every day EXACTLY how much you’re spending and what on. Driven by advertising and popular culture. buying things they don't need. missing out on opportunities. WE’LL The Coalition is manipulating you. 16 .

then don’t act on it for a week. the nice car. Unplanned purchases can quickly get our expenses out of hand. They may have the big house. keeping up with the Joneses… Too many middle-class people try to “keep up with the Joneses”. The Coalition uses your weaknesses against you. etc. drive a modest car. The Coalition has trained you to be a good “consumer”. They play to your desire to fit in. giving in to peer pressure. Write down what it is you want to purchase.The fact is. the expensive holidays… but if you study their financial statements. Instant gratification will kill your finances. and they are in debt. and have simply spent less than they earn their entire lives and invested the difference. as described in the book “The Millionaire Next Door”. The problem is… the Joneses are broke. A consumer is nothing but a WEALTH DESTROYER. to “consume” means to destroy. 17 . “looking the part”. they have no assets. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Your best weapon against this temptation is DELAY. By the way. you’ll find that they own nothing. most millionaires in the US have a modest house.

Already over 100. Have you ever bought anything online? If you are reading these lines… chances are you have! My question to you is… HAVE YOU EVER SOLD ANYTHING ONLINE? IF NOT… WHY NOT??? You can exploit millions of niche markets by creating specific websites catering specifically to what they want. You can go to a ‘business broker’ and tell him what business you are interested in buying. You can buy a business with ‘no money down’ – basically offer to take over someone’s business and share the profits with them. Don’t tell yourself the lie that “you can’t do it”. allowing you to reach a global market of over 600 million people. You can buy a franchise. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. ONLINE MARKETING With the advent of the Internet it has become easier. The truth is you can but you don’t because you’re afraid. We live in the age of the entrepreneur. and cheaper than ever before to run a successful business.000 people make a full-time living just from buying and selling things on eBay. and BOOM – you’ve got access to hundreds of millions of potential customers. Do you want to have your own business? The opportunities for you to do so are innumerable.X- ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES vs. available to you for FREE. Most people are too scared to be an entrepreneur. You can buy a database and run direct marketing campaigns selling various products to those people. BEING AN EMPLOYEE The spirit of the entrepreneur – that’s what the world is made for. It needn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars to get started. There has never been a better time to become a self-made millionaire. because it takes personal responsibility and the willingness to face your 2 primary fears: • • “I’m not good enough”… and …“I won’t be loved”. faster. 24 hours a day. You can sell things through classified ads. The Internet is a billion-dollar infrastructure. 18 .

it is a crucial distinction to make. Your business success is virtually assured if you discover a pain in the market. if you make mistakes. losing face… But losing is part of the winning! Listen. Admit it. Sometimes it’s the toughest thing you’ll ever have to do… but it’s the foundation of a joyous life. rejection. They fail over and over again. life is easy! At school we are taught that losing and failing is bad. People spend their entire lives fearing MISTAKES. There is a priceless kernel of knowledge in every mistake. At school. if you take enough swings at the bat. This characteristic is highly valued in business circles. Successful people try and try again. power… everything. And yet mistakes are how we learn.THE GOLDEN RULE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS What most entrepreneurs do is come up with as business idea. afraid of losing money. If you can get over these 2 things. Learn from it! Don’t deny or justify it. Poor people are afraid of risk. self-expression. you are a “failure”. ARE YOU ACTUALLY HONOURING YOUR WORD WITH YOUR LIFE? What would you do differently if Integrity were your highest value? Where in your life are you “out of integrity”? Resolve to get back into Integrity in all those areas within the next month. 19 . OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF FAILURE & REJECTION Most people are afraid of failing and being rejected. THE IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRITY One of the keys for sustained success in business is Integrity. start it… and only THEN look to see if there’s a market for it! As simple as this may sound. a true market need… and then simply cater to it. eventually you are bound to hit something! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.

‘not losing’. royalties. No one who went for their dream. you are not free. for it to return money to me forever?” Your aim should be to create multiple streams of passive income! Dividends from shares. serve more people. Make money while you sleep! Take yourself out of the equation. They are dead inside. they need to go back to work. Make money whether you work or not! That’s passive income. successful entrepreneurs focus on opportunities and the potential rewards! They are constantly seeking opportunities to create value for more people. Once they’ve worked for a month. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Ask yourself. 20 . I wish I had had the courage to do that…” PASSIVE INCOME vs. help more people. “How can I do it just once. regardless of whether they succeeded or not. EARNED INCOME Employees work for earned income.I promise you that if you have the fortitude to swing that bat again and again and again. they give up and decide to never try this kind of thing again! Furthermore. You have little time with your kids. business systems that don’t require your presence… are all passive income. worries. with no sense of purpose. if you have the strength to get back up every time you’re knocked down… YOUR SUCCESS IS ASSURED! Most people are afraid to even pick up the bat! Or if they do ‘pick up the bat’. And jobs often trap you. etc. there are limitations to what you can do. In my experience. passion. people in corporations are… corpses! They are going through the motions. they get paid for their work and their time that month… just once. people with a job pay the highest taxes. To get more money. So guess what they manifest in their lives! Problems. financial difficulties… Rich. But you meet a lot of people who say “Gosh. regret it. paying the bills… It is a Law of The Universe that… “What you focus on expands”. find out what people want and then give it to them! By the way. I wish I had done this. and they don’t ‘hit anything’ at the first swing. most people focus on debts. mission. rent from investment properties.

Be Prepared to Climb From Peak to Peak – recognize cycles and trends in the economy 15.5 million copies of the audio program “The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”.com). Dream Big Dreams – visualize. The content list reads as follows: 1. and I highly recommend it. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health – maintain high levels of energy and fitness 19. ever give up. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction – set your goals in writing 3. Be Absolutely Honest With Yourself and Others – personal integrity = success 12. 21 . See Yourself As Self-Employed –take complete control of your career and your financial life 4. Work Longer and Harder – organize your time better and contribute more value 7. Never Allow Failure To Be An Option – overcome the fears that hold most people back 21. Be Decisive and Action Oriented – identify the most important action steps you can take 20. His books and audio programs have sold in the millions. and he speaks to audiences all over the world (www.briantracy. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others – The starting point of all personal fortunes 11.THE 21 SUCCESS SECRETS OF SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES Brian Tracy is a leading light in the field of personal development. Pass the "Persistence Test" – bounce back from defeat and never. page 23) 9. Learn Every Detail of the Business – become an expert in your chosen field 10. Do What You Love To Do – Identify the ideal work for you and then get paid well for it 5. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability – the winning edge 14. Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning – continually upgrade your talents and abilities 8. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity – how to solve any problem. Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly – focus on your top tasks all the time 13. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Pay Yourself First – (more on that below. Practice Self-Discipline In All Things – the most important quality for financial success 16. He has sold over 1. Commit to Excellence – move into the top 10 percent in your field 6. Get Around The Right People – surround yourself with winners at all times 18. imagine and create an exciting picture of personal prosperity 2. achieve any goal 17.

SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE! Your goal should be to BUILD A CRITICAL MASS OF ASSETS AND CAPITAL FOR LONG-TERM FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE! The Key to Financial Abundance is simple: • Spend less than you earn. Check out your saving/earning ratio. and invest it! Can you save $6. on page 29). always. and invest the difference.000 in 25 years. creating a nest egg.000 invested at 5% interest a month grows to $1 million… in only 9 years! Your money will grow exponentially! This is just a simple way of building wealth. You’ve got to familiarise yourself with the concept of compound interest!!! (for more on this see Albert Einstein said that compound interest was “the 8th wonder of the world”! Cut down on a few things. THE MAGIC OF COMPOUND INTEREST Marcus de Maria’s article. To this day I keep that book by my bedside. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is not about active investment. Make “making a profit”… a MUST! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. 22 .50/day at 16% annual return = $1.000. Quite simply. • Then re-invest your returns for compounded growth until you reach a critical mass of investment capital that creates the annual income you desire for life! It’s not how much you make that matters – it’s how much you keep. put money aside every week. Live below your means! How much actually drops to your bottom line? Conduct your life like a business where you must have a profit at the end of each year. $5. as a reminder of its power. Here are a few financial concepts that YOU MUST familiarise yourself with.50 a day? $6. or creating additional streams of income. Poor Dad” turned my life around.XI- FINANCIAL LITERACY Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad. It’s an example of how people can become wealthy by following through on a simple plan and being disciplined. go… buy… this… book… NOW! Robert Kiyosaki mentions the importance of being ‘financially literate’.

a car. etc. you have a CHOICE. it will never go back to its original size… ACCOUNTING AND CASH FLOW PATTERNS Your financial statement is your report card after you leave school. before you pay bills. Bonds. Mutual funds. bolder. that’s all you need to know. Conversely. etc. food. more determined. It will require of your brain to work harder. you WILL find a way to come up with the money. you’ll use that dollar to buy an asset. income-generating real-estate. The best thing about money is that it works for you 24 hours a day and can work for generations! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Once your money-making ‘muscle’ expands. and of you to get smarter. ANYTHING. this means that every day put money aside to buy income-producing assets. Simply put. Royalties. 23 . You need to review yours on a monthly or quarterly basis. and then accumulate assets. Financial Literacy is knowing your Assets from your Liabilities. rent. to make sure that you’re on track in producing the results you’ve set for yourself. If you are then pressured to pay the bills. If you’re smart. Stocks.PAY YOURSELF FIRST According to Brian Tracy. this is most powerful process of wealth accumulation ever discovered. etc. your house. If you want to be rich.g. Build and maintain your asset column! Once a dollar goes in it… never let it come out! Once a dollar goes into your asset column. the rent. Simply put. more resourceful. an asset is something that puts $$$ in your pocket whether you work or not. a boat. Do you know exactly how much you spend? Rule ONE – you must know the difference between an asset and a liability. Keep acquiring income-generating assets! Businesses that do not require your presence. It measures how smart you are financially. The pressure will MAKE you succeed in doing so. and to put yourself back on track.) With every $ that comes into your hand. a liability is something that drains you financially month after month (e. ALWAYS pay yourself FIRST. it becomes your employee.

a big house.The cash flow of an asset The diagram below represents an Income Statement (often called a Profit & Loss statement). Liabilities). a boat. boat…) Money only accentuates the cash-flow pattern running in your head. The rich focus on their asset columns while everyone else focuses on their income statements. By the way. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. The bottom diagram is the Balance Sheet (Assets vs. 24 . so that they can eventually buy liabilities such as a luxury car.g. That relationship is vital to understand. Money in and money out. car. Cash flow pattern of a wealthy person INCOME INCOME STATEMENT EXPENSES ASSETS LIABILITIES BALANCE SHEET Cash flow pattern of a poor / middle-class person INCOME EXPENSES ASSETS?? LIABILITIES (e. etc. house. The rich buy assets first. It measures income and expenses. your NET WORTH = ASSETS – LIABILITIES Many financial novices do not know the relationship between the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.

their INCOME goes towards buying ASSETS (that then increase their income). and how to make that money work hard for you. and the banks and credit lenders are then more than happy to cater to this madness… ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. In today’s society the “I want it now” mentality is pervasive. their entire INCOME goes towards their EXPENSES… PLUS towards some LIABILITIES (that then add to their expenses).If your pattern is to spend everything you get. What is missing from people’s education is “how to spend money” – what to do after you make money: how to keep it. it is very likely that an increase in income will only result in an increase in spending… and even MORE debt. 25 . For wealthy people on the other hand. We are conditioned by advertisers and the media to always want more stuff to impress people we don’t really care about. For the majority of people.

you are “being a person in lack and scarcity. that becomes their REALITY! Therefore they don’t believe they can get or receive much money.” The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you become or attract. Go out a bit.XII. every business out there HAS MONEY! Tons of it! It’s everywhere!!! It’s everywhere you go. so they feel they need to hoard it. you know what? I deserve to do well because I’m a giver!” ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. This permeates their entire way of being. every house. “Like Attracts Like”. they are miserly. they need to be careful with it. they need to make sure they keep every last dollar that comes their way. Because they tell themselves there isn’t much money out there. What does it take to feel wealthy? Answer: Feeling grateful. Go do something to help someone you don’t even know! It will teach your brain that you’ve got more than enough – “Hey. and showing to your brain that you want more of the good stuff in your life. Their mind is simply not switched on to the amazing abundance that is out there. EVERYWHERE!!! All you need to do is figure out how to create value for people so that this wealth flows your way! If you have lack in your life. it’s everywhere you look. The secret to wealth is… gratitude! You are thanking the universe for the abundance in your life. Every person.” Turn it around by creating an “abundance consciousness. 26 . and consequently they don’t even try.DEVELOPING AN “ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS” People are poor because they think there isn’t enough money out there. There is no way to create HEALTH BY FOCUSING ON Sickness! Nor to create wealth if focusing on lack! Who are you being when it’s time to pay the bills? What is your focus on? You need to think as if you already are prosperous… You must feel wealthy now! You are already wealthy beyond belief! You are richer and have more opportunities available to you than the most powerful kings in history! Free yourself from the illusion that you are not wealthy right now. Every day millions of new banknotes are being printed and sent out through the country in big trucks.

they blame their employer." Or they complain constantly. happening to me. AND I may have testicular cancer!” Can you imagine having millions in the bank and still hanging with your ‘victim’ friends trying to upstage them with an even worse problem than they have? How can you tell if someone is playing the victim? They blame everything and everyone for what’s bad in their life… but never accept responsibility for any of it themselves. focus on expands"! This is the worst thing you could possibly do! There is a universal law that says. their actions. Through the law of attraction. "What you When you are complaining you are focusing on what is going WRONG in your life! You are ensuring that you'll keep getting more of what's wrong. good or bad. there are no rich victims. What do people get out of being a ‘victim’? ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Or they justify their situation by saying something like. and consequently manifest the same results that they do. with their thoughts. They blame the weather." you are actually attracting "crap" into your life. the government. I’ve just had my car stolen. They KNOW it’s all down to them – and not dependent on any external forces. or they blame their employees. 27 . expects me to work for free. Start thinking in ways that support you. he is doing my wife.’ “Yeah. man. man! MY boss treats me like scum. They don’t feel like ‘life is They fully accept responsibility for EVERYTHING in their life. poor people choose to play the role of victim. instead of in ways that don’t! First of all.XIII. My boss treats me like dirt and only pays me $800 a month!” “That’s nothing. their words. the economy. their beliefs.MODELLING RICH PEOPLE’S THINKING At any moment you can choose to adopt new beliefs. Rich people believe that they and they alone are responsible for anything in their lives – they are the ones creating their lives. This means they have control over how much financial success they experience and how their life turns out ultimately. Instead of taking responsibility for what's going on in their lives. you can choose to think and act like wealthy individuals do. "Money's not really important. they blame the stock market. their choices. whereby "like attracts like.

they become broke and miserable. RICH PEOPLE FOCUS ON OPPORTUNITIES. For many people it's what they live for. It's about living in accordance to your purpose in life.They get attention. But it’s not about you. it's growing yourself to the point where you are bigger than any problem. They don't want the hassles. It's about living your mission. never pursuing their dreams. The secret to success is not avoiding your problems. Poor people will do almost anything to avoid anything that looks like it could be a problem. Poor people play the money game not to lose. they make darn sure they never get rich. which most people equate to love. and expand your identity! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Poor people think small. develop your inner strength. risks. or they feel unworthy. RICH PEOPLE THINK BIG. It’s about sharing your gifts and value with as many people as possible. They will do "whatever it takes" to have wealth (as long as it's moral). and fraught with pitfalls. because they are scared to death of failure or of success. Poor people focus on problems. Rich people are fully committed to creating wealth. RICH PEOPLE PLAY THE MONEY GAME TO WIN. living lives of quiet desperation. Poor people are smaller than their problems. The irony is that in their quest to make sure they don't have problems. 28 . They back away from challenges. They choose to serve a massive number of people. RICH PEOPLE ARE COMMITTED TO BEING RICH. Poor people are uncommitted to being rich. RICH PEOPLE ARE BIGGER THAN THEIR PROBLEMS. But since there is no such thing as a rich victim. It's about serving others. How do you want to play the game of life? Will you play big or play small? It's your choice. The truth is most people choose to play small. Getting rich can be a journey that is full of obstacles. growth. like they don’t deserve wealth or they’re not important enough to make a difference. potential loss. Break out of your comfort zones and grow as a person! Challenges and ‘problems’ are the ‘gym’ of life where you sculpt your character. That's why most people don't take it. rewards. out of fear. the headaches and the responsibilities.

you are burning an imprint of it on your subconscious mind.” “I am wealthy. The key to this exercise is the amount of emotion you instil your imagined picture with. of yourself totally wealthy and prosperous! Make the picture big and bright! Mentally rehearse it again and again and again! Absolutely EXPECT it to happen. several times a day. The process truly borders on the miraculous.000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. By concentrating on this visualization for 5 straight minutes. You can tap into its extraordinary power through visualization. and especially just before falling asleep. so as to create an imprint onto your subconscious: “Every cell of my body is tuned into the immense wealth that surrounds me. and visualize it repeatedly during the day. prosperous. and it will go to work immediately to bring to you anything and everything you desire. and successful”. every atom of my being attracts to me all I need. 29 .XIV. he would have the most hardened businessmen who’d turned down dozens of other similar proposals saying yes to everything he wanted within moments of meeting him… AFFIRMATIONS In addition to visualizations. Your subconscious mind is 30.VISUALIZATIONS & MENTAL REHEARSALS One of the most powerful tools in becoming wealthy and successful is simply this: Visualise yourself as being rich! What do you see? What do you hear? How do you look? What do you feel? What do you smell? Who is around you? What do you spend time doing? Who are you helping? How are you making this a better world? What is your dream house like? How do you feel when walking through it? What toys and gadgets do you own? Create a big. bright. and you need to experience it firsthand to understand just how powerful it can be… The Greek shipping magnate Onassis would rehearse in his head over and over again how he wanted his business meetings to turn out. every cell. Like a sorcerer. “Money and success come to me easily”. repeat over and over again to yourself. “Making money is EASY and it is FUN!” “I am grateful for all the wealth and abundance I am blessed with in my life!” ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. This is possibly THE MOST important exercise you can do to achieve abundance in your life. Play a mental movie in your head. clear image in your mind. Like a magnet.

intelligent action! You know what you’ve got to do. I’ve written a whole book about this (11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem). And the next. Here are the basics: 1. 5.Ask yourself some quality problem-solving questions! What must I do to turn things around? How can I achieve this easily and quickly. Then the next. Be in total creativity overdrive! Go after this challenge like it’s a prey and you are the hunter! When you adopt that behavior. Now…Just…Do… It. YOU are in control – not the problem.XV. and enjoy the process? What resources are at my disposal? Who could help me? Who do I know that has gone through this before? What do I need to do to make this work? Who do I need to be? What can I learn from this? What is unbelievably GREAT about this challenge? What is opening up for me? What would happen if I did try this approach? 4. get a group of people and brainstorm 100 solutions together! Once you’ve taught your brain the pleasure of creative problem-solving. Until it’s done. put yourself in a peak physiology. and 80% of your time on the solution! Remember to control the focus of your mind! Where your attention goes. energy flows… 3.Spend only 20% of your time on the problem. This applies to financial problems as well. Complete that first item on the list. Write out your action plan. You’ve ALWAYS known. and what are the real consequences of it? 2. 30 . In fact. you’ll never go back! Your brain will forever be switched on to coming up with solutions.Take massive. Write whatever idea comes into your mind.Define the challenge exactly! What is really the problem? What is the root of it? Why is it a problem. Don’t stop to analyze it.OVERCOMING FINANCIAL CHALLENGES QUICKLY & EFFECTIVELY There are some very specific steps one can take to overcome problems. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. and just take that first step.Brainstorm 100 solutions! Write in your journal 100 different things you could do to solve your challenge.

INVESTING IN THE STOCKMARKET Learning how to invest in the stockmarket is absolutely critical for anyone serious about wealth creation and achieving financial freedom. is going to care more about your money than you. it is this… Do NOT put off taking control of your finances another minute – every minute is costing you lost growth and compound interest! The first step you need to take is to acknowledge the fact that you need to take control of your own finances. and I mean no-one. Marcus de Maria is a highly successful stock trader and – in his role as Head of Investment Mastery – an international public speaker specializing in teaching beginners how to get started successfully in the stockmarket. A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom Through the Stockmarket By Marcus de Maria Dear reader.XVI. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. they might just lose your hard-earned money! After all. If you give control to others. to get you there. no-one. Here follows his quick-start no-nonsense guide to investing successfully in the stockmarket. 31 . My mission is to elevate the financial wellbeing of people everywhere. then half the battle is won. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share these insights with you. and are dreaming about becoming a millionaire. you are probably going to need to do something else on top of what you are currently doing. If you acknowledge this. and if there is ONE message I need to leave with you. The second step is that you must find the right vehicle to get yourself where you want to go. If you are in a job.

Figure a: Why you must consider the stock-market as a source of income Job Can you protect yourself if the market goes against you? Location . start today and in a relatively short period of time you will be on the road towards financial freedom. discipline and time to get it right but so do most good things. and have safety measures in place to exit a trade as soon as it doesn’t go your way. As long as you know what you are doing. I am here to tell you that it is the easiest to access for beginners and the simplest.Totally flexible you can stay at home and do it No competitors – the more people do it the better Recession proof Can you make money within seconds / immediately? Constant and massive demand for your business Guaranteed to exist in the future . 32 . fastest way to get started. regardless of sex. Once started. However. you will soon discover that using this smart Investing strategy will improve your performance in other areas of your life also. Your mind and thought patterns will become faster and sharper. and in just a few months from now you could be enjoying 3% -6% GROWTH PER MONTH! It will require focus. especially if you are serious about making money.Choose from The 4 Pillars of Wealth The most popular choices. the stockmarket is by no means the only vehicle to get you where you want to go. age or physical ability? Can you do it without having customers? Are you totally in control at all times? Can you do it without staff or other people helping you? Is only very low starting capital required? No meetings You can stop activities if you have to and get out easily Huge and unlimited profit margin No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Normal business No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Property No No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No No Marketing on internet No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Stock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes You absolutely MUST consider the stock-market as an additional stream of income.Fad proof Can anyone do it. are putting all the odds in your favour. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. are: Investing in the stockmarket Investing in property Marketing a service or product on the internet Owning your own. which will help you become wealthy of financially or financially independent in the shortest possible time. All it takes is 10 -20 hours to learn my simple and fun strategy. dedication. your success is virtually assured. traditional business As you can see. then 2 hours a week to make it work. The point is. and you will start to notice opportunities and possibilities in other areas of life like never before.

This sentence struck me like a freight train. The strategy best suited for me I had learned on the very first course I attended! “Do you mean I don’t need to learn loads of different stockmarket strategies?” That’s exactly what I am saying. There is no Holy Grail. The next few pages contain probably the most powerful information I can share with “Yes. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. we should choose ONE strategy that suits our personality and lifestyle best and then master it until we start making money! This is a crucial distinction. so if you have read this far. Find a strategy that suits your personality and lifestyle A seriously wealthy trader once said to me. down or sideways? So doesn’t it make sense to focus our energies on 1 or 2 strategies that can take advantage of these three market movements? As the experts in teaching beginners. I had been on course after course searching for what I can only describe as ‘the Holy Grail of Investing’ – the one amazing sure-fire high-return low-risk strategy that would guarantee financial success. I really did say ‘a month’. you know more about trading than I do”. so yes. you are about to be rewarded. I hope you are breathing a sigh of relief. One of these takes just 2 hours a month. Then learn and practice that strategy until you have thoroughly mastered it. Did you know that markets go only in three directions: up. you know how to trade. You don’t need to learn a lot of different strategies – just pick the one that resonates with you. which can confuse people. The difference is.investment-masteryUSA. And these are just the beginners’ strategies. 33 . I guess I did know a lot about trading. but let’s learn how to drive before we step into a Ferrari. Rather.000 in the process. “Marcus. Yes. we have found two strategies that take advantage of these market movements and that are ideally suited for beginners. The truth is we shouldn’t be interested in learning all the different ways one can trade.The 6 Steps to Successful Investing 1. always on the same weekend each month and still makes anywhere between 3-6% a month. I spent over $50. please visit www. and this equates to 36-72% a year. For details on these strategies. He then looked me square in the eyes and said. I know how to make money”. So that is exactly what I proceeded to do.

202 27.825 357.644 221.873 875. even though their rules tells them to cut their losses short at.849 57.346 90.731 425.456 156. Let your profits run and keep your losses short This is where most people get it wrong when investing.043 123.366 311.056 73.820 504.179 192.753 17.087 11.000 1.035 (3.129 762.522 131.107 439.640 16.593 40.175 301.024 48.000 in your trading account and you made just 3.111 15.921 64.877 12.244 167.914 322.503 35.202 737.575 19.209 33.269 845.130 345.883 186.210 127. 34 .898 20. they feel even worse and now rationalise that they really cannot sell the stock.723 13.710 36.960 38.315 22.543 76.420 213.804 59. say 10%.118 712.800 179.422 396. Commissions & taxes not included) INITIAL AMOUNT % return / month 10.712 11.827 61.122 228.961 55.986 136. some even buy back into the stock.439 206.929 370.831 334. re-invest and compound your money! After you have decided on strategies that takes advantage of all market conditions.894 522.331 68.293 12.119 32. Take a look at the compounding sheet below: Can you see that if you started off with.565 540.403 93.629 14.947 18.781 81.2.834 ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.187 16.119 28.929 789.861 236.594 21.757 162.5% a month (most stocks move this much in a day). b.061 22.377 599. Make small returns.324 487.456 383.842 410.088 66.567 96.128 115.340 17.385 471.168 13.413 43.067 31.392 87. They watch as their losses get larger.632 24.117 78.329 291. then you would make $350 in your first month.350 10.978 42.254 39.842 100.669 50.742 262.5% per month) Year 1 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 10.538 84. hoping that the stock will turn around.600 15.335 151.366 664.739 107.833 23.373 52.433 47.225 19.695 199. you need to do 2 simple things: a.855 559.336 34.120 937.370 111.478 906.848 688.631 817.316 26.106 14.897 45.653 71.162 253.623 271.231 103.815 281.475 11.386 146.050 30.785 579.605 141.068 29. As the 10% turns into a 15% or 20%-loss.460 25.655 620. Worse still. They take their profits too early when they feel they have made enough (what is enough?!) and do the opposite when they are losing money.986 455.018 119.643 642. Albert Einstein called compounding “the Eighth Wonder of the World”. say $10.871 245. Compounding sheet – without adding capital (Note: this is theoretical. Compound your returns Now the question you might be asking is how can you become financially free on just 3% a month? Surely you need to be aiming at 100%? Nothing could be further from the truth.922 173. thinking it is now cheap.136 53.

000 year 1 – 4 to get to year 5. use it in your pension plans etc. 35 .000 to get to $1. don’t know enough. Now that’s what I call ‘exponential growth’.000 in another 1 ¾ years. See the chart below? It shows how exponential the curve of the compounding sheet look when viewed as a picture. And it doesn’t stop there.000 to $500.000. If you carry on you can make another $1.000 and above. Can you imagine what would have happened if you would have invested some more money in year 2? So WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START INVESTING AND TAKING ADVANTAGE OF COMPOUND INTEREST? What is your next excuse? Is it you are too old. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.500. Imagine you have been on a good course or watched a good DVD explaining your strategy.000 in another 1 ¾ etc.000. Start using it for our children so that you have a lump sum for them when they come of age.000 many people I meet on an almost daily 0 Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year basis are so eager to grow their money fast 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and make their money grow exponentially will be willing to take on risk which quite frankly a beginner just doesn’t need to when they know about compounding Let us recap.000.000. And yet so 500. or too teach them how to use it. The problem with most people is that they don’t want to go through the learning of the first few years. 1.000 but as you can see you have to go through 1. you have a tooth-ache or are you simply going to make the decision you should have taken a while back and start today? If you want to put your own data into the chart and play around with it to see how long it takes for you to reach your first $1 million.investment-masteryUSA.5% monthly return it only takes 5 years and 6 months to get from $10. It doesn’t really 3.000. It actually takes just another 1 ¾ years.000? Does it take another 5 years? Take a good look at the chart above so you see for yourself. What other vehicle can match that? It is the next part which is the Eighth Wonder of the World: how long does it take to make another $500. 1 ¾ years to make an extra $500.000 move much in the first few years does it? 2. go to www. We all can use it to our advantage. And it continues like that: $2. when it really starts taking off. That’s $1.000 Most people want to get straight to year 5 2.500.From the compounding sheet above you see that with a 3. This is without adding any additional capital. It is free and it will motivate you to get started.000 in 1 ¾ years. This is the power of compounding.000.

Money management is key and we could devote a whole article just to this subject. The idea is stay with virtual trading until you make money on a consistent basis. I say some money because you won’t want to put all your money into the market. To claim your path to financial independence. but this is beyond the scope of my article here. 36 .com/broker to get our instructions of opening up a broker account). My DVD. It has been my pleasure to offer you a short insight into the world of stockmarket investing. I wish someone had told me that when I started! It has saved our students thousands of dollars in for example. if you have $10. The next step is to practice by simulating the trades.investment-masteryUSA. Maximise your returns even further! We could write a whole book on various advanced strategies. start putting some money into the trades.investment-masteryUSA. divide your money up into chunks that you feel comfortable with. It is now up to you to TAKE ACTION. For example. Once you are comfortable with investing larger chunks you can do so. like fear and greed. However. retails for $79. 5. please go to: www. 4. it is yours for just $20 plus p&p. Using a virtual account brings with it some of the emotions you are likely to experience when trading for real.000. For now. Simulate or virtual trade What we recommend to our clients is to simulate or virtual trade.investment-masteryUSA. as a special one-off offer to readers of Mark Anastasi’s Financial Freedom Action Plan.000 until you get comfortable. “The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide To Making Money from Stockmarket Investing”. Only then can you consider using your hard-earned money. Remember it is better to have a small profit of a larger sum than a large profit of a smaller sum because in the latter you are taking on more risk. Invest with a part of your money Finally when you are ready.95. You may already have transferred money into your trading account and are ready to go. even though you have spent time practicing. involving investing with options. 3. Invest with passion! Marcus de Maria www.You have sets up an account (click ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights info@investment-mastery. divide your trades up into $2.

Presto. I want you to realize that opportunities to make money abound all around us all the time! In property. you’ve just created a passive monthly rental income for yourself. He was 21 years old. there are a hundred and one ways many ways to buy property with ‘no money down’. is to inspire you to ACT and TAKE CONTROL of your financial with none of his own money. By the time he was 23. since you are fully leveraged. and was completely financially free. with this e-book. He didn’t have a dime to his name. close to where he lived. Unable to find a job that appealed to him. you could get in trouble if the market goes against you.) Let me relate to you the inspiring story of my good friend Deep Vadesha. but still was determined to get that piece of real estate. He knew of a property that was selling for below its market value. He wrote a business proposal that he gave to a few of his relatives and – to find out exactly how he did this. with a degree in Economics. An example would be getting the seller to lend you the money for the deposit on the mortgage. You will find many books about this. for example. Just like investing in the Stockmarket. most wealthy individuals either made their money in property… or they invest a large chunk of their assets in property. it is one more revenue source that you owe to yourself to explore further.) You see. You can also turn to the Internet to find people offering 100% financing for real-estate. at a time when the job market for young graduates in England was bombing. and he had just bought his first property. he came up with a plan. when it comes to no-money-down real estate – make sure you have enough cash reserves.XVII- INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE One of my main intentions. he owned a portfolio of over 20 properties. and within a few days he had raised enough capital to put a deposit on the house. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. (Be careful though. 37 . Deep graduated from University in 2001. (You may wish to visit his website – www.

etc. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. if you are diligent about finding properties below market value. for only 10% of a property’s value. 38 . you can get a mortgage that will pay for the remaining 90%. you can then go back to the bank and ask for a new loan against the property’s increased valuation. you can take the money out and defer your taxes indefinitely. people sell their properties for less than they are worth every day of the week. selling for only $1 million! So. stocks. because they want to buy something else. Sometimes a seller just wants OUT. re-decorate. add a garage… the options are limitless. though. “Surely no one would be dumb enough to sell below market value!” The fact of the matter is. it’s not taxable! This means you can get your money out without selling the property! In real estate.000 will buy you $100. there is a thousand and one ways you can INCREASE a property’s value. Real estate is a very inefficient market.Why is property a great investment? $100. of diamonds. some of you might say.000 you could have just secured yourself a $1. because the property is an inheritance and the children just want to share the proceeds fast… A thousand and one reasons. You can paint it. say. to lend you money but not for a business.4 million property! “How can that be??”. a recap: You can buy for much less than the purchase price You can buy for much less than the property’s value. and highly illiquid. But how much real estate can you buy with that amount? The answer: easily up to $1 million because the banks will lend you money to buy property every day of the week. because they are moving countries. And since it’s a loan.4 million. and not getting any buyers? A lot of people would jump at the chance to sell their property below market value. After a property has risen in value. or whatever. So. Can you imagine having your property on the market for a whole year. So. They are much more reticent. Furthermore. antiques. you can find properties worth. of stocks. Furthermore. $1. if your property goes up in value. because they need to pay off debts. with only $100. gold. not ‘income’.000-worth of a business.

His property portfolio now spans the globe and is worth tens of millions of dollars. How do you decide whether to buy a property or not? It is fairly straightforward. He proceeded to approach wealthy individuals and offer his help for free. you can take these returns and invest them into your next property. instead of being offered a job. When his apprenticeship finished four years later. There was more to life than this. and within 5 years a multi-millionaire. Warren Borsje is my mentor in the area of property investments. His story is extraordinary. and that rental income and property value are indexed for inflation. 39 . Born in Australia. so you don’t need to be checking your investment every 5 minutes. and completely broke. It’s a very steady investment vehicle. He was 24. Those cheques keep rolling in month after month after month. You now have a regular passive income – the rental cheques. and you get better and better at analyzing properties the more you look at: What is the location? Is it close to schools? Close to shops? What is the purchase price? What proportion is required as a cash down-payment? What is the mortgage interest rate. he got fired! Two years on the dole and a failed business later. and began a carpentry apprenticeship. Since 1997 he has devoted his life to teaching people from all walks of life about wealth creation ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. he left school at 13. in order to learn from them. and is it an interest-only loan or a principle and interest loan? What is the capital growth rate? What are the market trends? How do you find a great real estate opportunity? It’s not rocket-science. He read hundreds of books on wealth and attended many seminars on the topic of money. He knew there had to be a better way.Plus. Within 3 years he became a property millionaire. he was in serious financial trouble.

000 or $400.000 or $100. It is so simple. why not look at a dozen properties every weekend! Warren told me once: “ and consider attending his courses. I guarantee you that if you look at 100 interesting properties. the better and faster you get at it! And it doesn’t cost you anything – it’s like window-shopping. His free DVD. The more properties you analyze. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. pains us. seeing so many people struggle financially. that I remember watching over and over again one dark and rainy Saturday about a year-and-a-half ago – “Welcome To Freedom” – inspired me to attend my first Anthony Robbins seminar (“Unleash The Power Within”) and also made me realize that I could actually learn about what it takes to become wealthy (until then I guess I’d never really thought about it).LogicL. and yet I can assure you that 99% of real estate investors don’t practice this because they think they’re so clever… The 100-10-3-1 rule. You then need to get the finance – you’ll probably find the finance for one. just by negotiating a great price on a property. I highly recommend that you visit his websites www. Look at 100 properties.WarrenBorsje.Like myself. 40 . you will find the ‘bargain of the century’ every time”. If you are in full-time employment. not when you sell. Warren was the catalyst that got me started on my quest for financial or www. maybe just 3 of the offers are accepted. In real estate. when it comes to success in the real estate game. put really low offers on 10. This is the crux of what Warren had to share with me. you make your money when you BUY.000 in a few days. and the anguish and fear that comes with it. You can make $20.

like a lot of people.XVIII- DESTROYING YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY What are your beliefs about money and wealth? What does “Having money” mean to YOU? How about “Not having money”? What do you think of rich people? How do you feel when you see a really wealthy individual drive by in a big luxury car? There’s one and only reason if you’re not wealthy right now: you have not conditioned yourself for wealth. “evil”. you suffer from “LACK CONSCIOUSNESS”. What is the foremost reason people fail financially? Answer: because they associate negative connotations to excess wealth! You might want wealth. you probably have some very wrong definitions of what poverty is. and that is what keeps them in poverty. The solution? Bless what you want to have – celebrate prosperity and rich people! Bless their abundance. etc. You have probably adopted BELIEFS that aren’t serving you in those areas. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. The challenge is. unloved. etc. judged. 41 . because you may want money. Most people still harbour the belief at a subconscious level that “rich people are evil”. bless the fact that they have probably created MASSIVE amounts of VALUE for their fellow human beings. bless their hard work. If. but you have conflicting values and beliefs about being rich. your subconscious mind will NEVER allow you to be “bad”. and wrong ideas about what wealth is. but you don’t want to be “bad”. according to your own definitions of these values.

But are there reasons why it might not be so great to be rich? Have you ever had any of the following thoughts? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • “In order to make money.. 42 .. so why even try?” “To make money you need to be really smart.. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.LIMITING BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY AND WEALTH Most of us know it would be wonderful to be rich.. I’m going to have to work so hard..” “I’ll never know if people like me for myself or my money. and I would never…” “I won’t have time for my family…” The Bible: “It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get through the gates of Heaven…” “People will start judging me…” “I’ll get sucked in…” “Money doesn’t grow on trees…” “What about my spiritual side…?” “I’ll have to pay more taxes… the Tax office will be after me…” “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer…” “It’s not fair that some people have more than others…” “Rich people are greedy.” “Everyone’s going to want a handout…” “I might lose my health trying… It might be way too stressful…” “My loved ones or I could get kidnapped… We might be the victims of crime…” People knock themselves out of the game before they even start to bat! Such mixed associations cause people to “live in lack”.” “What if I make it and lose it? Then I’m really a failure. I won’t have time to enjoy it. and I’m not smart enough…” “To make money you have to take advantage of other people..

.." Since I didn’t want to be "bad. NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY IS NEVER... your will need to change your thoughts – THAT’S the source (or the ‘roots’).Did you ever hear phrases like: • • • • • • • • • • “Money is the root of all evil.” “Save your money for a rainy day.” Most such statements..” “We can't afford it." subconsciously my mind couldn’t allow me to be rich.. 43 . You need to remove your emotional blocks when it comes to money! If you have a relationship filled with anger.. your "Fruits". It is the result of conditioned and largely automatic thinking. Therefore. overheard while still a child. etc. will it grow and blossom? Remember what you were taught about money whilst growing up.” “What am I made of. it’s in your thinking and how that thinking manifests through ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.. my mind linked up "rich" and greedy or "bad. If you want to change your results... most of us live by ideas passed on down by our parents. guilt. Link absolute PLEASURE to having total financial freedom! It is a result.” – T Harv Ecker.” “Money can’t buy you love. money?” “Money doesn't buy happiness.. Destroy them... EVERYTHING we do HAS to be in alignment with the IDENTITY we have created for ourselves..” “Money doesn't grow on trees. “If a problem exists. resentment.. fear. are still running your financial life! They are in your subconscious mind! Most people grow up in a family where they didn’t have much money – that became their reality! Indeed. eliminate them! Attach new beliefs to these statements... EVER A PROBLEM! feelings and actions to produce your results.” “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…” “That's not for people like us... Ridicule these negative/limiting beliefs.” “You can't be rich and spiritual. I was verbally conditioned to believe that rich people are greedy.

When we have abundance. and we begin to look at how we can contribute to our fellow man.” – T. divorce. you won’t believe what will happen to your life!) ABUNDANCE = An Unlimited Sense of Opportunity! Prosperity & Abundance are my natural state! They are my birthright! Feelings of lack.EMPOWERING BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY AND WEALTH • • • • • • • Money is nothing but the measure of the value I create for other people! Money is nothing but the manifestation of my resourcefulness! Money-making is FUN and it is EASY! (If you make earning money interesting and fun. taking advantage of other people “simply to survive”… Lack does not bring out the best in people. Use your money as a positive tool in the lives of those you care about as well as in your own! Get off those silly guilt trips that have held you back in the past! • I believe that living prosperously is to live in HARMONY with what your creator had in mind for you. or in “survival mode”… the focus is on you. Harv Ecker. It's time to start being the star that you are. The chance to follow my dreams! When people feel they don’t have enough. escape through drugs. break out of your comfort zones. It's time to share your gifts and value in a BIG way. it doesn’t encourage them to bring forth the highest level of the human spirit on a consistent basis. I see crime in mass. It's time to stop needing and start leading. When “in lack”. and share your gifts with the world! “It's time to stop hiding out and start stepping out. It is a SIN to be poor. Poverty = unfulfilled potential. Are you up to the challenge for our society and our children's sake? Let's hope so. 44 . ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Choices. frustration… are not my natural state. There’s nothing spiritual about poverty. There could be thousands or even millions of people counting on you. put yourself on the line. we stop focusing on ourselves and on how we’re going to survive. Wherever I see a lack. My natural state is one of Total Abundance! Money gives me freedom. Human beings are spirits that are here to contribute. You are failing to use your God-given gifts! You are being lazy & selfish! Put yourself out there.

. “Somebody should tell us right at the start of our lives that we are dying.” – Actor Michael Landon. Dig Into Life And Be Joyful! LISTEN. you can achieve. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY.THE BIGGER PICTURE Play A Big Game. we might live life to the limit! Every minute of every day! DO IT. you are killing off your soul! Most people are dead at 30... Get in alignment with who you really are. most people want to play it safe and feel secure. SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO FOR IT! BE A PLAYER IN THE GAME OF LIFE! PLAY FULL OUT! BE FULLY ALIVE! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY MOMENT YOU ARE GIVEN! LIVE A BIG LIFE! CREATE A BIG GAME.XIX. Passion comes naturally when you’re moving in your Life’s true direction. WHERE YOU ARE CHALLENGED EVERY MOMENT TO BE AT YOUR VERY BEST! LIFE IS NOT LIKE A MOVIE… YOU ONLY GET ONE TAKE. Do you want to succeed and move fast? Make sure you’re in the right arena for yourself. 45 .. Get a vehicle that’s suited to YOU! What would you be doing right now if you had absolutely no limitations? What is it that you love doing most in your life? How could you do it in a way that other people will benefit and be willing to pay to take part in something you love? ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. One of my outcomes is that you become unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams. Reclaim Your Dreams. anything you can conceive. buried at 70! Is that what you want for your life? What do you REALLY love doing? What truly fires you up? What do you want to create? Remember. When you give up on your dreams. afflicted with terminal pancreatic cancer. What’s Your Passion? When it comes to money. and with the right vehicle for yourself. Passion does not direct them – FEAR does. in a 1991 Life Magazine interview. I SAY! WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO! Do it NOW! There are only so many tomorrows. Then. If you are not in your true Life Direction it is almost impossible to be successful.

if you had absolutely no limitations. their confidence is unshakable. the more you serve others. you were a billionaire. 46 . Only when you are ‘connected’ to the Universe will you find true fulfilment. In fact. They are simply in the flow of life. To discover your purpose. If you want to put your life on purpose and experience a massive shift in your quality of life.Focus On Helping OTHERS! This might seem hard to understand right now. It is the actions and achievements of these people they write about in history books. I became UNSTOPPABLE. human beings will do more for someone they love than they would ever do for themselves. but the Universe rewards those that are living their lives ON PURPOSE and are serving others. People?” Live Your Purpose! Do you really know what your PURPOSE is in life? Let me tell you. the second I realized I had a mission to perform whilst on this planet. and you knew you could not fail? What would you share with the world. ask yourself these questions: • • What would you be doing right now. and they make enormous amounts of money. This will drive you and keep you focused. try eliminating the mantra “What’s in it for me?”. Who do you care about so much that you will devote your life to making theirs better? What causes do you really believe in and would like to support? Find a team of people you would do anything for. and choose instead “How Can I Serve More Without helping other people… you are not ‘connected’. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. if your message were to be broadcast throughout all of the world’s television stations for 5 minutes? Being In The Flow Of Life Most extraordinarily successful people would do what they do for free – and many of these same people are outstanding at what they do. By the way. the more you will receive back.

excited about the future.If you follow their lead. YOUR WHOLE BEING IN IT!!! This takes courage. Line up with your spirit! It is then effortless. then you know you’re fulfilling your purpose in life. you’ll appear to work harder than ever before… and yet you won’t work a day in your life and you’ll be happier than ever before. you are happier. you feel like you’re in the right place. successful. you are guided. It’s ferocious when it has to be. did not get to where they were supposed to go. YOUR ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIFE PATH. I knew I was about to follow my bliss… […] It’s so interesting. Align yourself with your TRUE PURPOSE.educomindpower. this is what Dr. In an interview with Anthony Robbins. passion. it is effortless. the right situations and people come to you. creative. but TAKE A STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN! A stand is unreasonable. He urges people to “Enjoy your life. is one of peace and of being in the flow. you are passionate about what you do. joyful. when you take away the programs. you are fully alive. Success comes with grace and elegance. driven. worries melt away. fully self-expressed. move into what you’re supposed to be doing. at the end of their lives. and it feels like you can’t put a foot wrong… What’s the possibility out there that WANTS YOU? What is the mission that is powerfully calling you into being? DISCOVER IT… AND THEN GIVE YOUR LIFE TO IT! PUT IN YOUR WHOLE HEART. and you get the benefit of whole brain thinking. When you take a stand. You are bold and unreasonable. motivated. You’ll be calm and confident. integrity. you cannot be moved. ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. you experience euphoria. and just stay on purpose… it’s like that great quote from Thoreau: ‘If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. with your spirit. When work and play blend and you don’t want to go home at the end of the working day. everything just flows. When you are in the flow of life. I drove home the freest man I’d ever felt. enthusiastic.” Dave O’Connor of Educo Mind Power™ (www. Many ‘programs’ that we’ve adopted through cultural conditioning cover up our spirit. most people. endeavour to live the life that you have imagined. Only 2% of people get what they truly wanted out of life. YOUR WHOLE SOUL. When you get off trying to get something. Our natural state. you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. and connect 47 . Wayne Dyer had to say on living ‘on purpose’: “The day I resigned from a job I wasn’t totally involved in. WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS? DISCOVER WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR… AND THEN DO IT! UNDERSTAND WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO!” According to explains in his seminars that as soon as you are in the flow.

©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. We get to express it in our own. I truly live a blessed life. with our specific talents and abilities. you will never wish you’d spent more time in the office… Do what you LOVE in life! Close your eyes and picture yourself at your perfect job. Respect. here on Earth with the purpose of expressing LOVE and contributing to our fellow man. “If money were no object and you knew you could not fail. Confidence… You name it. All your worries and anxieties will melt away. Wealth. Friendship. We all share the same PURPOSE. as you begin to focus single-mindedly on accomplishing your vision for what you want to see happen in the world. unique way. what would you do in your life?” - The immediate answer to this question will uncover your passion and what you should be doing right now. You have my word that within your answer to the above question lies all the joy. 48 . Can you see it? What are you doing? Don’t ever settle for where you are if it is incongruent with what you really want to be doing. we find ourselves? It’s like coming home? We find ‘balance’? Inner Peace? I can tell you from personal experience that the minute I put my life ‘ON PURPOSE’ – my decision to devote my life to my mission – EVERYTHING started flowing in my life. and helped someone out of the goodness of your heart? Didn’t it feel AMAZING? I would like you to consider for a second the possibility that THAT is what we are all here for.As for the rest… “Dead at 30… buried at 70. passion. and yet it is different for each and every one of us. and juice in life. Happiness. Have you ever done a completely selfless act.” Have you slotted into a random job because you needed the money? Has your life A POINT? Are you an inspiration to anyone? Remember that on your deathbed. If we are truly – as a lot of spiritually enlightened people have said – spirits having a human experience. wouldn’t it stand to reason that when we put our life ON PURPOSE. for which I am forever grateful.

Things start happening. that communicate with us through our intuition and our dreams. but it must be informed about what you need to exist in the human goldfish bowl. […] Let them know that you need work. all things non-spiritual must be asked for. We apparently each have 2 spirit guides. The universe indeed knows what your next karmic lesson” “There is no greater new power than that of verbalization and visualization. in lesson. doing the work of God. asking out loud what we need.A Spiritual Guide To Wealth In a series of books by Lee Carroll. […] The guides actually need to be talked to. or the amount of money you require. etc. These two combined will create purpose and substance where nothing existed before but negativity and darkness. 49 . Here follow two of my favourite passages from Kryon – The End Times. the universe isn’t aware of it! How can this be (you might say)? Remember that you are biological.kryon. the author channels the spiritual entity ‘Kryon’ (www. If you also happen to be starving at the same time. The universe must be informed what you need. he is one of many spiritual entities who are of service to Mankind. Kryon advises us to communicate directly with them through prayers. and they happen in some of the least expected ways. Book 1 (Copyright 1993) “When you are successfully transmuting negative to positive. from the other side of the ‘veil’. don’t be too specific about the ‘hows’ or you’ll limit the result. and this is done by communicating to your guides. the universe sees you as doing your job and fulfilling your contract. According to Kryon. With this in mind. or what neat opportunity is coming your way. or what you must go through. Odd as it may sound. how can you be still?” ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. in a small cultural goldfish bowl that is unique to humans. Verbalize these things out loud. since it will be literal. or how the universe can help get you into a place where you are able to work less and earn more. Then stand back! You will absolutely get what you discussed. Listen to yourself stay the words.

DO things! Create! Remember: Nothing ventured. The DOERS… and the talkers. Make things happen NOW.XX. Do what needs to be done NOW. nothing gained! What are 2 actions that you have been putting off? How would you feel once they are done and completed? What small action could you take right now to start taking care of this? MAKE THEM HAPPEN! ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. EVERY SINGLE WEALTHY INDIVIDUAL OUT THERE IS A DOER! They went out there and made things happen. even when completely unsure about the outcome! Do not be wishy-washy and do not procrastinate… EVER. They took chances. 50 .TAKING ACTION IS THE KEY TO ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM There are two types of people in this world. Which one are you? Guess what.

g. write down exactly how much you’ve spent. or become. opportunities. Then connect with it on a daily basis. inventions. Condition yourself daily for wealth and for looking out for opportunities! Keep using your brain. if money were no object. do. 51 . to become financially free. • • • • • ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. Close your eyes and visualize your ultimate. Grab a pen and paper and list 100 reasons why you MUST have more money! This is crucial! Brainstorm 100 ways you can make more money. Think of 5 things you’d like to have. and on what. Most people simiply focus on getting a paycheck and security. so that’s all they get. you must have strong “why’s”. a day (for 30 days). photocopy it. Repeat the affirmation “Making money is EASY and it is FUN!” over and over again every chance you get! Use the ‘Edison Pad’ – just before going to sleep write down a ‘quality question’ ( e.XXI. Write 3 business/money-making ideas.ASSIGNMENTS • In order to become wealthy. rich. for 30 days. etc. successful. happy SELF. You will see opportunities that other people never see. $8 million on? Every day. say. or achieve ANYTHING in life. What would you spend. Where will you be? Who will be with you? How do you look? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you own? What are you creating? What does your dream house look like? • • • ‘How can I double my income within 2 months?’ ‘How can I add 3 times as much value in the same amount of time?’) Your brain will come up with solutions while you sleep! Plan exactly what you’re going to do with your wealth once you get it. and soon your mind will show you incredible new ways of making money. place it EVERYWHERE. Take your list of goals. and they miss out on all the incredible opportunities out there.

contribution. As I mentioned in the introduction. and purpose! I hope you are now COMMITTED to becoming wealthy – if not for yourself. 52 . How many lives would you save? How many children would you help? Stop being lazy and selfish! There may be millions of people out there counting on you! I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired by the ideas contained in this book. and society as a whole. and try Blessed be Mark Anastasi ©2004 Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved. both consciously and for a complete listing of all wealth-related resources. But this is just a beginning.mark-anastasi. Visit www. I highly recommend that you continue your “Wealth Education”. seminars.XXII- FINAL THOUGHTS… Getting rich requires focus. and perseverance. Imagine all the good you could do with a million dollars. You have to really commit to it. etc. by whichever means you choose to do so. true meaning. my outcomes are to give you back your freedom and have you rekindle your DREAMS! I want to see people working at what they’re passionate about! 90% of people are working at jobs they HATE! What a waste of their LIFE! Imagine how much more value would be created if we all were passionate about what we do! Imagine if everyone was living a life of joy. chances are you won't. You have to believe in your heart you can do it and that you deserve it. If you are not fully committed to creating wealth. learn from them. then for the sake of your loved ones. I look forward to hearing your success stories in due course (email: info@mark-anastasi. The biggest challenge you’ll have is dealing with your self-doubt and limiting beliefs. books. tapes. pick yourself up. hard work. many of which are free. It takes being willing to make mistakes. passion.

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