OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies

Updated for PS4

OER 11gR1 Install Notes
Software you will need:
OER Oracle DB (XE 10 will do) WLS (AKA 11gR1) – OER install now creates a domain template. Java Web Start (comes with Java JRE) – The Navigator screen and Asset Editors need this. BI Publisher – OER Reporting runs on this Apache 2.2 (well you’ll need an http server to serve as an asset store, I’d recommend Oracle HTTP Server but it’s hidden amongst the WebTier software bundle, which I haven’t used yet) Note OER now runs on WLS

Apologies but this has a Windows bias, I’ve been indoctrinated into the ways of Linux recently but I have a Windows install to do this week, so that’s my guide. The OER documentation has moved and moved again. So to find the documentation for OER you need to either know where you’re looking or be a relative of Sherlock Holmes. This link to Governance Documentation is useful (latest version here). The OER install guide is here:http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14571_01/doc.1111/e15745/toc.htm (and now PS3 here) . The clue to locating it is to go to www.oracle.com/technology, select Documentation link towards the lower left list of links (under Essential Links), then select fusion middleware - the OER documentation is bundled within the Fusion Middleware documentation pages. There are other ways in. [Note: This is a slightly updated version for OER 11g PS3 ( but I haven’t updated all the pictures, or all the configuration pieces yet (2011/02/02)]

Installing the DB
Download Oracle Express Edition (Universal Language): OracleXEUniv.exe from http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/xe/htdocs/102xewinso ft.html The universal language is important – the database should be storing stuff in Unicode. You can check the language characteristics with the following SQL:
select * from nls_database_parameters where Parameter = 'NLS_CHARACTERSET';

which should yield: NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8

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OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies

Updated for PS4

There are instructions on how to change the characterset in the install guide. Good Luck! Install the database (I chose “oracle” as the SYS and SYSTEM passwords). Make sure the default XE database is running by opening the Oracle DB Home Page:

If the home page doesn’t appear, make sure Oracle is started (it may be an idea to reboot following the Oracle install), you start the Oracle XE database by clicking Start|All Programs|Oracle Database 10g Express Edition|Start Database. Using SQLPLUS create some OER DB Storage space and an OER User. To make life easier I knocked up a script - unzip these two files into your C: directory and run the batch file and it should create the appropriate tablespaces and user in the default XE database. The script assumes you installed OracleXE in its default c:\ drive location and that you chose “oracle” for the SYSTEM password.

After running the createOERTablespaces.bat script you may see 3 errors associated with not being able to drop tablespaces that don’t exist. You can ignore these errors. ORA-00959: tablespace 'OER_DATA' does not exist ORA-00959: tablespace 'OER_BLOB' does not exist ORA-00959: tablespace 'OER_INDEX' does not exist

Installing WebLogic Server
You will need WLS installed from here. For PS3 you can use WLS from here. Run a basic WLS install and do not choose the QuickStart option – the OER installer will create a domain template, which will provide a checkbox option for you to select when you use the domain configuration wizard. You can read about WLS Domain templates here.

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And a selection of other operating system versions here. Unzip the download and run the OER111130_generic.jar/ OER111140_generic. The installer now just creates a WebLogic domain template for you – unless you choose a different application server! The following pictures are now just a guide as the numbers are 11 instead of 10 for WLS.3. OER 11.jar Make sure you get the “Fully qualified server name:” correct – to check just ping it.0 is here. This install seems to take care of itself – just double click it and choose the typical install. Installing OER It’s now a generic installer jar file installed using java.1.4.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Installing Java WebStart OER uses Java WebStart for some utilities like the impact analysis Navigator tool and the asset editor – the recommended version is not listed in the install documentation.1. I got this wrong and the error it gives you isn’t helpful. although the database sections are the same.jar. OER 11.0 is here. (You can give it a log file location using a suffix of –log=c:\mylogfile. There’s a link to Windows 32 bit JRE here 64 bit JRE here.1.1. You may not need to do this if Java JRE is already on your system – you’ll notice if you get an error when you click on Asset Editor link or Navigator link in the OER UI.txt) Your system will need a JAVA_HOME in the path or you could type something like: C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_18\bin\java OER111140_generic. Gary Hallam Page 3 10/02/2011 . You no longer get the option to “configure workflows with default process engine” at the end of the install process.jar file by typing the following into a command prompt: java –jar OER111140_generic. This is located in the Fusion Middleware Download page. You need to have ALBPM 10gR3 installed and should then follow some additional steps to get the Workflow capability installed.

OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Gary Hallam Page 4 10/02/2011 .

OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Make sure the server name is correct (ping it). Gary Hallam Page 5 10/02/2011 .

OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Gary Hallam Page 6 10/02/2011 .

to match what was created by the tablespace creation script – if you created differently named tablespaces use those! Gary Hallam Page 7 10/02/2011 . OER_BLOB. Blob and Index tablespaces. OER_INDEX for the database.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 In the next screen type in OER_DATA.

2.0\server\jdbc\lib\ojdbc14. User Name: OER.jar DBMS Name: XE.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Driver file: C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10. User password: oracle You should get a success message for connection to the database at this point… Gary Hallam Page 8 10/02/2011 .

OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Creating a WebLogic Domain You now need to create a WebLogic domain using the WLS Config Tool (Use the start menu or it should be somewhere like: D:\Homes\WLS1032\wlserver_10. I find this little process a bit counterintuitive. otherwise you can start the managed server from the WLS Admin console. Note when you create your domain the OER Template will create a Managed Server on port 7101 by default and install the OER application there. before the OER application will start. copied the application install location and then deleted the application from WLS. deleted the machine and deleted the managed server. I wasn’t expecting the oer application to be placed in its own managed server – obviously it should be in production but I just wanted it running in on the Admin server. change the Admin Server port to one you want and then delete the Managed Server.exe). Gary Hallam Page 9 10/02/2011 . If you didn’t configure the Node Manager when creating the domain then you’ll have to start the Managed server manually. Once you have created the domain you will need to go into the WLS Administration Console to start the oer application. but it works. You’ll then just get an Admin Server created – which is all you will need in a development/demo environment. To sort this out I clicked on Deployments in the WLS Console.3\common\bin\config. The template creates an oer_machine and an oer_server1 managed server. I then installed the oer application on the Admin Server. The easier way is to ensure that you check the Admin Server and the Managed Server checkboxes.

You should get the Asset home page shown below. My new password is weblogic1.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 The default user and password is admin/admin – you will be invited to change this on initial logon. A logon page should appear – use admin/admin to logon. Gary Hallam Page 10 10/02/2011 . You may now start a browser and enter the URL http://localhost:7101/oer.

At this point you can replace the XMLP BI Publisher default (see line below) with the one found in the C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\core\tools\solutions\reports\BIP -Oracle. Create a directory where you’ll put the exploded BIPublisher war file I chose: C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\xmlpserver Unzip the BIPublisher war file to this directory using: Jar –xvf C:\downloads\Windows\Oracle_Business_Intelligence_Publisher_Standalone\ma nual\generic\xmlpserver. The details are described in the OER Configuration Guide here. I chose: C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\ Gary Hallam Page 11 10/02/2011 . there’s a manual simple install option that I chose.1. To install BI Publisher: Unzip the installed download file bipublisher_windows_x86_101341.zip file.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 If at this point you get a web page with a User name and password field but no pictures it is possible that you spelled your “Fully qualified server name” incorrectly.1. this location will then be used to deploy the application to WLS. To configure BI Publisher for OER Reports: For OER you effectively need to replace the XMLP directory in the standard BIP install described below by unzipping the XMLP Reports directory supplied with OER and contained in: C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\core\tools\solutions\reports\BIP -Oracle. The documentation for simple installation is in included with the downloaded zip file.zip to a temporary directory somewhere I chose: C:\downloads it creates a Windows\Oracle_Business_Intelligence_Publisher_Standalone folder structure. I put it on my OSR domain.zip. I don’t think it’s supported in the OER domain but I could be wrong.properties Installing BI Publisher This is just a web app running on an application server.0\oerapp\WEN-INF\classes\cmee.war from a command prompt in the C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\xmlpserver directory. You can change this in the following file: C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\applications\oer\applications\oer_11.4. Copy the C:\downloads\Windows\Oracle_Business_Intelligence_Publisher_Standalone\ma nual\XMLP directory to somewhere.

.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Update the C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\xmlpserver\WEB-INF\xmlp-server-config. next then “I will make the deployment accessible from the following location” and click Finish. Deploy the application using the WLS Console (http://regrep-uk:7001/console) by clicking deployments in the left hand panel.. (click Lock & Edit button at top left if you have to).xml file correctly. click install and navigate to C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\xmlpserver.home}/xdo/repository” with the “C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\XMLP” location. This is done in the Admin tab. Go to Admin tab and select JDBC Connection link and click the OER link to update the JDBC Connection information. The OER User is oer/OER_PWD.xml file replacing “${oracle. You can log on as Administrator/Administrator using a URL like http://regrepuk:7001/xmlpserver.” If it fails horribly with a stack trace in the UI then you may not have updated the xmlp-serverconfig. Use something like Report Server URL: http://regrep-uk:7001/xmlpserver/OER Gary Hallam Page 12 10/02/2011 . under System Settings. You need to configure the system settings in OER to point to the correct BI Publisher Server URL and use the OER User. If all is well the application should deploy and start – you may need to start it manually by selecting it and clicking “start” & “start services all. choose “deploy as an application” radio button. test the connection and Apply.

Updated for PS4 Gary Hallam Page 13 10/02/2011 .OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Report Server Endpoint URL: http://regrepuk:7001/xmlpserver/services/PublicReportService Report Server Username: oer Report Server Password: OER_PWD (or whatever you changed it to).

3.1.zip Description Install this Solution Pack to use policy management features with Oracle Enterprise Repository.zip 11.0-OER-Harvester-Solution.0-Policy-ManagementSolution-Pack.1.1. The import is done from within the OER Console.3.zip Business Process Management Workflows. Harvester / BPM Workflows / RRXU Solution Pack File Name 11.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Further Configuration You will need to do a little more work to complete the installation if you want to use some more advanced features.3.1. You should import the following solution packs into OER from the C:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\core\tools\solutions directory: Solution Pack Policy Management Solution Pack *NOTE: Set “Enable Asset Policies” to true first.1.Install this Solution Pack to use Pack. Gary Hallam Page 14 10/02/2011 . which exchanges data between Oracle Enterprise Repository and Oracle Service Registry. 11.1.0-Policy-ManagementSolution-Pack-Relationship-Fix. the Harvester or the Oracle Registry Repository Exchange Utility.

Repeat for both Solution Packs. Click Next and wait for job to complete and click Next and Finish. Gary Hallam Page 15 10/02/2011 . To resolve usually logging in and out of the OER UI with the cookie option set resolved this. Getting policies working is a multi-stage process. There used to be a bit of a bug around JNLP whereby if the cookie login option wasn’t chosen or the cookie got deleted or changed then the Webstart application would fail. I haven’t noticed that problem in this version. To get Policy Management to work you should update the “Enable Asset Policies” System Setting to True. Use admin/admin. Retrying the link seemed to resolve the JNLP issue and the login dialogue box appeared.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Note that initially there appeared to be a problem with the Java WebStart that should run to open the Import/Export dialogue. Policy Management Policy Management in OER unfortunately doesn’t come out of the box – this is an historic throw-back to the days when managing policies was an additional feature that had to be paid for. Then download the Pack as described in the previous section.

Gary Hallam Page 16 10/02/2011 . This is not the case by default for all asset types – however if it is available it is usually found as the last field element in the Miscellaneous tab. You add elements to assets in the Asset Type Editor. The other thing that you need to ensure is that the asset that you applied the policy to has an element “Applied Asset Policies” available within one of the tabs. The Asset Type Editor is launched from the menu bar (Actions|Manage Types (Ctrl+M)) in the Asset Editor (which is launched by clicking edit on a selected asset or clicking “Edit / Manage Assets” link on the assets home page. to see how text assertions are passed or failed you should either create a new Policy Type asset with assertions or edit the existing policy assets and add some assertions. The Sample Policy assets provided when you import the Policy pack do not have any text assertion statements.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 This has the effect of placing a button on the web UI called “Apply Policies” which provides a window for you to select Policies that you wish to apply to the in-view asset. I generally extract the zip files D:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\core\tools\solutions11.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 The other things you will probably want to do are to set up the Harvester and the Registry Repository Exchange utility.1. You can download the updates by clicking JDeveloper Help | Check for Updates. You may need to add a proxy for Jdeveloper to connect to the internet a pop-up should appear (I used emeacache.4. Configuring JDeveloper to work with OER JDeveloper has a couple of features related to OER.uk.0OER-Harvester.zip D:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\core\tools\11. The section below is out of date as per OER 11g PS3 (11. Harvester Configuration.1.com on port 80). Once you’ve downloaded and installed JDeveloper you will need to install the OER plug-ins. I selected the following plug-ins following a new JDeveloper 11.oracle. ORRXU Configuration.zip to the following directory names D:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\harvester D:\MyInstalls\Oracle\Middleware\repository111\orrxu Then follow the instructions in the configuration guide.3.3. The install may take a while as the Repository Harvester is 85 MB and the SOA Gary Hallam Page 17 10/02/2011 . these come as updates to the base install. (Build 5660) install from here.

. Choose “Oracle Enterprise Repository. if it’s not visible and then click on the folder with a gold asterisk icon to give you a drop-down to create a new Connection. Click Ctrl + Shift + O to bring up the Resource palette..” Then fill in the server connection details and test the connection: Gary Hallam Page 18 10/02/2011 . Once you’ve downloaded these you will need to restart JDeveloper.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Composite Editor (which you may not need is 200 MB). You can obtain these extensions from here.

Right click on an asset to View in Repository. this will present the Repository UI in JDeveloper. You can also right click on the resource and select Search to search for assets. You can browse the tree in this palette to view assets based on their taxonomy.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 You should now see the Repository as a Resource connection in the resource palette. Gary Hallam Page 19 10/02/2011 .

] Now the next set of instructions on the official install guide are a little confusing. See Chapter 8: “Installing Oracle Enterprise Repository Workflow into Oracle BPM 10. C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10. C:\WINDOWS. C:\Program Files\Symantec\pcAnywhere\ Note: I didn’t have a $BEA_HOME\FuegoSetupScript\ext directory in which it suggests copying the JDBC drivers.htm) is a beautiful thing.3” where there are a number of steps to follow.oracle. I downloaded the latest version of ant and installed it at: D:\ProgramFiles\apache-ant-1.7. This is a straight-forward install. The OBPM Studio 10gR3 can be obtained from http://www. So I copied the drivers to my D:\Homes\obpm\ext directory and created a D:\Homes\obpm\FuegoSetupScript\ext directory just in case… Gary Hallam Page 20 10/02/2011 .freedownloadmanager.1\bin. C:\WINDOWS\system32.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Setting Up Workflow Capability (This section needs updating!!) In order to use the Workflow capability you will need to install OBPM Studio10gR3.html [Note: If your download is taking a long time you might find this tool (http://www.2.1 I also made sure it and the jre were in the PATH: Path=D:\Homes\obpm/jre\bin.org/download.7.0\server\bin. C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem. which should be a click and run exercise. D:\ProgramFiles\apache-ant-1.com/technology/software/products/ias/bea_main.

so if you were thinking that you’d use this file as a storage place for the user names and passwords you entered.apache.tools. There is a cunning ploy at the end of the build script that deletes the build.bat echo off set LOC=c:\ set SQLFILE=createOERTablespaces. probably as a dig at Windoze users to cause them hours of frustration – or maybe that was just me. A feature of ant that I discovered is that it ignores backslashes in the build.BuildException:Directory: D:\Homes\obpmwl\F uegoSetupScript\workflow\aler_workflow.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 Does OER need to be running? I don’t know. I got this error at the deploy part: deploy-workflow: [echo] oer_engine [fuego:session] fuego base dir [D:\Homes\obpmwl] [fuego:publish] org.dbf This assumes you've installed oraclexe in the default C: drive location.xml and build. then think again! Write the passwords down now or put a copy of your build. * Make sure this file exists before continuing. * * * * * * * * It'll create a User called OER with password="oracle" and creates the tablespaces: OER_BLOB at C:\oraclexe\oradata\oer\oer_blob.fpr does not exist So I copied the d:\Homes\obpmwl\workflow directory to d:\Homes\obpmwl\FuegoSetupScript directory and ran install-deploy-workflow Appendix Those database creation files: createOERTablespaces. In fact if the script errors it may still go on and delete the build.sql set MKDATAFILE=C:\oraclexe\oradata\OER echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo * * ******************************************************* * This batch file will use the Oracle SQLPlus utility * to run sql in "%LOC%%SQLFILE%".properties files.properties file somewhere safe.dbf OER_DATA at C:\oraclexe\oradata\oer\oer_data. If you haven't then you'll need Gary Hallam Page 21 10/02/2011 .ant.dbf OER_INDEX at C:\oraclexe\oradata\oer\oer_index.properties file. in the interests of security.properties file so make sure you store it somewhere before running install-workflow. I had a lot of trouble initially so I ensured it was running… Here’s my directory set-up and my build.properties files. You have been warned.

CREATE TABLESPACE OER_DATA DATAFILE 'C:\oraclexe\oradata\oer\oer_data.dbf' SIZE 100M AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 10240K MAXSIZE UNLIMITED EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL AUTOALLOCATE LOGGING ONLINE SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT AUTO. * * It also assumes the oracle SYSTEM user password is * "oracle". echo * Copy the sql file to the correct location echo * (or update this batch file) and re-run.txt connect SYSTEM/oracle DROP TABLESPACE OER_DATA INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES CASCADE CONSTRAINTS.sql.OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo pause Updated for PS4 * to update this batch file and the sql script. CREATE TABLESPACE OER_INDEX Gary Hallam Page 22 10/02/2011 . * ******************************************************* * * IF EXIST %LOC%%SQLFILE% GOTO CREATE echo * echo * echo ******************************************************* echo * "%LOC%%SQLFILE%" does not exist. DROP TABLESPACE OER_BLOB INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES CASCADE CONSTRAINTS. echo ******************************************************* echo * echo * GOTO END :CREATE mkdir %MKDATAFILE% sqlplus /nolog @%LOC%%SQLFILE% :END Pause createOERTablespaces.dbf' SIZE 100M AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 10240K MAXSIZE UNLIMITED EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL AUTOALLOCATE LOGGING ONLINE SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT AUTO. CREATE TABLESPACE OER_BLOB DATAFILE 'C:\oraclexe\oradata\oer\oer_blob. DROP TABLESPACE OER_INDEX INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES CASCADE CONSTRAINTS.

OER 11gR1 Install Guide for Dummies Updated for PS4 DATAFILE 'C:\oraclexe\oradata\oer\oer_index. CREATE USER OER IDENTIFIED BY oracle DEFAULT TABLESPACE OER_DATA TEMPORARY TABLESPACE TEMP PROFILE DEFAULT ACCOUNT UNLOCK. USER OER DEFAULT ROLE "CONNECT". CREATE TRIGGER TO OER. connect sys/oracle as sysdba ALTER SYSTEM SET PROCESSES=200 SCOPE=SPFILE. UNLIMITED TABLESPACE TO OER. CREATE SESSION TO OER. CREATE VIEW TO OER. CREATE SEQUENCE TO OER. CREATE SYNONYM TO OER.txt extensions. CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW TO OER. Then open a command window and run the batch file assuming you have already installed Oracle XE database to the default location and have a SYTEM user password of "oracle". CREATE SNAPSHOT TO OER. "RESOURCE". GRANT GRANT ALTER GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT "CONNECT" TO OER.dbf' SIZE 100M AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 5120K MAXSIZE UNLIMITED EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL AUTOALLOCATE LOGGING ONLINE SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT AUTO. "RESOURCE" TO OER. Gary Hallam Page 23 10/02/2011 .txt You should copy the two files to your c: drive and remove the . You can update the batch and SQL file to update to your system requirements. CREATE TABLE TO OER. DROP USER OER CASCADE. quit README-OERTablespaceBuild.

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