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A visual foundation on best practices for your child

This booklet contains TACA’s unique visual reference tools to help give you
an overview of each process to guide you on the autism journey. We call
these flow charts the TACA “AUTISM JOURNEY BLUE PRINTS” for every
topic parents will face on their journey.

These step-by-step processes will help you to determine appropriate

interventions and timelines for taking action in the realms of medical and
dietary intervention, education, finances and home life. These flow charts
will provide a visual foundation on best practices for your child and work for
families new to the journey or who have been on the journey for years, and
anywhere in between.

Autism Journey Blueprints© are a copyright of Talk About Curing Autism

(TACA). Please do not copy, reproduce or distribute without the express
written consent of TACA.
Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child

Autism Journey
Year One

Call ABA Find a

(Applied DOCTOR for
Formal medical tests:
Behavioral Start the Encourage the long term!
assessment genetic Remove
Analysis) Gluten Free/ proper Perform
and diagnosis: disorders like: allergens (from
providers and Casein Free/ sulphation with baseline
neurologist, Fragile X diet and
get on wait Soy Free nightly Epsom medical tests
behaviorist, (boys), Rhetts. environment)
list. Implement (GFCFSF) Diet salt baths and necessary
speech & OT Perform MRI &
intensive 1:1 medical
24 hour EEG.
program. treatments.

Begin Omega
Get support & Investigate & Test for and See an additives,
supplements Start basic
information!! try the “Bs” – treat YEAST audiologist for preservatives ,
like Cod Liver supplemen-
Attend regular B6, B12, TMG (Go low-sugar a complete and dyes from
Oil, or tation and
TACA or other or DMG, and low- hearing all foods. Go
Flaxseed Meal, probiotics.
meetings. SuperNuThera carbohydrates) evaluation. organic and
clean diet.

Evaluate Start Social Hire an special

It is all in the Educate Understand
Glutathione! – skills education
POOPS: deal yourself about health
try oral, topical Consider development – attorney or
with the the potential insurance
then IV – with chelation with structured advocate.
constipation or risks of coverage and
your doctor's play dates at Learn your
diarrhea vaccination. reimbursement
help! home legal rights!

Further refine
Remove toxins Help your child
diet: remove Keep your
On to Year Fathers are from water, obtain 8-10
phenols, marriage &
Two! important too! bedding, hours a sleep
sacylilates & family intact.
clothes, etc. each night.

This document is a “sample” checklist to consider in planning intervention for a

child affected by autism. Please note, the order and action items will vary by child.

This is only a sample. Please consult with your child’s development and medical
team for what is appropriate for their individual needs.
Copyright TACA, 2010
Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child

Autism Journey
Year Two

Perform annual
Evaluate all social skills
medical tests: Get an
Perform annual medical and Get involved in efforts with Keep learning
Compreh. Immune
assessments: traditional state & federal preschool your childs
Stool test, assessment
behaviorist, therapy legislation activities. legal rights and
RBC, Toxic consider oral
speech & OT options for efforts. Consider get educated.
metals and IG, or IVIG
their efficacy. social skills
allergy panel

Consider a
If your child is Continue rotation diet to
Continue take
6 or older, receiving prevent future
education: supplement Consider
consider respite and allergies. Or
DAN! vacations. Listening
CAPD support! Keep other diets
Conferences Change therapies
evaluation by your marriage SCD, BED if
and others brands of
an audiologist. & family intact. GFCFSF is not
as needed

Autism Journey
Year Three

Get involved in supplements:
annual medical Evaluate all Evaluate
Perform state and Continue take
tests: medical and alternative
annual federal social skills for supplement
Compreh. traditional therapies:
assessments: legislation advanced vacations.
Stool test, therapy HBOT,
behaviorist, efforts – get needs with Change
RBC, Toxic options for neurofeedback
speech & OT family local providers. brands of
metals and their efficacy. etc.
involved. supplements
allergy panel
as needed

RESORT: Continue
Consider Keep your education:
review and test
pharmacology marriage & DAN!
other chelation
when medical family intact. Conferences
efforts are not and others
This document is a “sample” checklist to consider in planning
intervention for a child affected by autism. Please note, the
order and action items will vary by child.

This is only a sample. Please consult with your child’s

development and medical team for what is appropriate for
their individual needs.
Copyright TACA, 2010
Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child

Dietary Intervention

GFCFSF Supplements
Allergies Remove Basic
Run IgG and IgE Toxins
Basics Don’t forget
food allergy Nitrates, MSG,
START Remove all calcium.
blood tests. Aspartame,
Gluten, Casein 600-1200mg
Remove HFCS, fluoride,
and Soy per day
offenders. arsenic

Learn what
yeast looks like,
what causes it.

Remove Phenols and Go Organic

9 is Fine! Food Carb Junkie
Other Toxins Salicylates
Aluminum, Learn what they
Remove colors Labels Learn what
and Learn how to carbs are, adjust
chlorine, BPA, are, watch for
preservatives. read food labels diet
water reactions
Join a CSA.

Cooking and
Remove Teflon,
aluminum, and

$$ Costs $$
On‐A‐Budget, GFCFSF not The End
cook from
scratch, buy and enough?
cook in bulk


Redo Allergy Research Low carb,
tests first. oxalates and run cultured foods,
Remember 24‐hour urine fats and
supplements. oxalate test. probiotics.

Copyright TACA, 2010

Dietary Intervention _____________________________

1. Basics – Remove gluten, casein and soy _____________________________

2. Supplements
a. Calcium – you MUST give calcium when
removing dairy _____________________________
i. 600-1200mg per day is the RDA
1. Available in powder, pills, _____________________________
chewables and liquid
b. Multivitamins _____________________________
c. Specialty supplements like B6, Magnesium, P5P,
TMG, EFA’s etc. _____________________________
o_take_supplements.htm _____________________________
3. Allergies - IgG and IgE food allergy tests, rotation diet
4. Toxins - MSG, aspartame, nitrates, arsenic, fluoride,
aspartame, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).
environment.htm _____________________________
c. Arsenic in chicken and rice _____________________________
and rice milk.
5. Yeast and carbohydrates _____________________________
a. Keeping the diet as low sugar as possible is
important. _____________________________
overgrowth-candida.htm _____________________________
b. Recheck your diet, don’t supplant calories.
c. Don’t create a carb junkie.
i. _____________________________
6. Learn to read food packaging labels _____________________________
labels.htm _____________________________
7. Go Organic
a. Join a local organic CSA at _____________________________
b. _____________________________
8. Research Phenols/Salicylates – learn what they are and
what reactions they give _____________________________
9. Remove more toxins _____________________________
a. Test water and filter.
b. Avoid aluminum in food packaging like juice, _____________________________
milk sub or broth boxes and cookware.
c. Replace Teflon and aluminum pans with
Stainless steel and cast iron.
d. Replace plastic with glass.
e. _____________________________
10. Costs – Diet on a Budget _____________________________
a. Special diet foods can be deducted on taxes
b. Schools can provide special diet meals _____________________________
i. If you qualify, reduced- or free lunch and
breakfast programs _____________________________
c. GFCFSF on Food Stamps
i. _____________________________
d. Cook whole foods from scratch, it will save you a
ton of money
11. Other Diets
a. SCD-CF – Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Casein-free _____________________________
carbohydrate-diet-scd.htm _____________________________
b. LOD – Low Oxalate Diet
i. _____________________________
c. BED – Body Ecology Diet
i. _____________________________










Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child

Medical Interventions

Autism Baseline Neurological/ Get a DAN! Advanced

Genetic testing GFCFSF Diet
Diagnosis testing Seizures Doctor testing

MTHFR, Fragile X, CDSA, lipids, Get a referral from glutathione, CDSA,

Rett Syndrome, Amino Acids, IgG other parents. TNFa, C-Reactive
Autism, Aspergers, Non-sedated 2- Remove all gluten, Protein, purine,
Wilson’s Disease, and IgE food and Learn about billing
PDD, PDD-NOS hour+ EEG, MRI casein and soy. porphryins,
mitochondrial environmental insurance before
dysfunction, allergies, OAT, you go. pterins, endocrine,
Chiari1, PON1 but Comprehensive autoimmune, ASO
only if insurance Metabolic Panel, titers, Anti DNAse
pays. CBC, RBC, zinc, antibodies, copper/
25-Hydroxy Vit D, zinc ratio,
blood and urine oxidative stress,
Immune panel, methylation,
hearing, celiac, metabolic
thyroid panel diseases, myelin
basic protein,
viral titers,
ammonia, oxalates

Co-morbid Recurring
Repeat Testing Heavy Metals Toxins Supplements Gastro
issues Yeast
PICA - mineral Test for lead, Test with CDSA, Multivitamins, Symptoms:
Reduce exposure
deficiency testing mercury, arsenic, behavioral, minerals, zinc, Undigested food,
to arsenic, lead,
Hearing cadmium, bismuth, medical symptoms antioxidants, D3, chronic or
CDSA, IgG food, cadmium,
sensitivity - nickel, tin, thallium sulfation, B6, alternating
CMP, CBC, RBC. organophosphate
bacterial and Treat with low- magnesium, EFA, diarrhea and/or
Have your reg pesticides,
mineral levels, Test with blood, sugar diet, amino acids, constipation,
doctor order these tobacco, fluoride,
Berard AIT, urine, urinary probiotics, glutathione, B12, posturing, bloated
under insurance! ammonia, BPA,
noiseblocker porphryin colostrum, calcium, immune belly.
chlorine, mercury.
headphones medications boosters, TMG/
MRI every 3 years Check your water,
Sleep – test for Treat with DMSA, (diflucan, nizoral, DMG, antifungals, Testing:
for comparison. personal care
reflux, diet, check EDTA, DMPS, GSH; nystatin), GSE, probiotics, colonoscopy,
products, food and
bacteria, give oral, transdermal, caprylic acid, enzymes, GABA, endoscopy,
melatonin IV. garlic, oregano oil melatonin pillcam, CDSA

Relaxation and Functional

Other What is it?
Fitness Medicine
If you get
Exercise is crucial
pregnant again Regression is a
for ASD children.
follow the safety normal part of the FM is personalized
Adapted Yoga,
guidelines – diet, healing process. medicine that
no tylenol, no Some kids lose a deals with primary
gym exercise,
vaccines, for you skill while gaining prevention and
sensory input, Tai
and the baby. other bigger skills. underlying causes
Chi, and use the
Keeping a journal instead of
Nintendo Wii for
Get your child’s will help find out symptoms for
coordination and
gut in the BEST what went wrong. serious chronic
muscle tone. Get
shape you can More testing may disease.
them moving
BEFORE puberty be needed.

This document is a “sample” checklist to consider in planning intervention for a child

affected by autism. Please note, the order and action items will vary by child.

This is only a sample. Please consult with your child’s development and medical
team for what is appropriate for their individual needs.

Copyright TACA, 2010

Medical Track Tests and Treatments _____________________________

1. Autism Diagnosis (Autism, Asperger’s, PDD)
2. Genetic testing - MTHFR, Fragile X, Rett Syndrome, _____________________________
Wilson’s Disease, mitochondrial dysfunction/disease,
PON1, Chiari 1, but ONLY if insurance covered, _____________________________
otherwise delay these.
3. Read this Beginner’s guide to Biomedical Treatment _____________________________
biomedical-treatment-for-autism.htm _____________________________
4. Baseline testing – CDSA, IgG and IgE food and
environmental allergies, Comprehensive Metabolic _____________________________
Panel, CBC, RBC, zinc, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D, blood
and urine Amino Acids, OAT, Immune panel, viral
panel, hearing, lipids, celiac, thyroid panel. _____________________________
a. These tests are all standard and should be
ordered by your regular pediatrician and _____________________________
insurance-covered, but don’t bill them under
autism _____________________________
b. If you are unsuccessful with your pediatrician,
you can have these tests run by a DAN doctor _____________________________
5. Neurological/Seizures– EEG, MRI
a. Non-medicated EEG, minimum 2 hours, _____________________________
preferably 24 hours. Rule out seizures,
Landau–Kleffner syndrome. _____________________________
i. If seizures found, medications (beware
seizure meds as they affect folic acid
metabolism). _____________________________
ii. Further testing with QEEG, MEG, PET,
SPECT scan. _____________________________
b. MRI - to be repeated every 3 years for
comparison. _____________________________
6. Diet – GFCFSF, SCD-CF, LOD, Feingold, BED…
7. Get a DAN! Doctor – get referrals from parents. _____________________________
8. Advanced testing – glutathione, CDSA, TNFa, C-
Reactive Protein, porphryins, pterins, endocrine, _____________________________
purine, autoimmune, ASO titers, Anti DNAse
antibodies, copper/zinc ratio, oxidative stress, _____________________________
methylation, metabolic, myelin basic protein, vaccine
viral titers, testosterone, ammonia, oxalates.
a. Methylation – B12, TMG/DMG, Folic/Folinic, _____________________________
b. Immune, virals – colostrum, oral _____________________________
immunoglobulin, IVIG, ACTOS, Low-dose
naltrexone, Valtrex. Titres, strep, lyme disease _____________________________
9. Vaccines – reactions, boosters, titers, exemptions,
doctors, schools, alternative schedules
10. Anti-inflammatories – Ibuprofen; Celebrex; Actos;
Curcumin; IVIG, Subq or oral IgG; HBOT; Bethanecol;
GABA; Theanine; Iodine. _____________________________
11. Gastro issues – maldisgestion, malabsorption,
allergies, colitis, chron’s, autistic enterocolitis. _____________________________
a. Testing - colonoscopy, endoscopy, pillcam,
CDSA _____________________________
b. Treatments - GI cleanout, sulfur-based gut
meds, reflux meds, probiotics, Oxypowder, _____________________________
dietary change, antibacterials, antifungals,
antibiotics, antiparasitic (Vermox), HBOT. _____________________________
12. Supplements – Multivitamins, sulfation, B6,
Magnesium, EFA, amino acids, glutathione, B12,
minerals, antifungals, Probiotics, Enzymes . Be wary
of B vitamins and DMG/TMG if child has yeast. _____________________________
13. Recurring yeast – Test for yeast with CDSA,
behavioral, medical symptoms. _____________________________
a. Treat with low-sugar diet, probiotics,
colostrums, medications (diflucan, nizoral, _____________________________
nystatin), GSE, caprylic acid, garlic, oregano oil
b. _____________________________
14. Toxins – arsenic, cadmium, organophosphate _____________________________
pesticides, tobacco, fluoride, ammonia, BPA, lead,
a. HBOT, sauna, GI cleanout for detox _____________________________
b. Taurine for chlorine
15. Heavy Metals – lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, _____________________________
bismuth, nickel, tin, thallium.
a. Tests – blood, urine, urinary porphryin. _____________________________
b. Treatments – DMSA, EDTA, DMPS, GSH; oral,
transdermal, IV. _____________________________
m _____________________________
16. Repeat testing – CDSA, IgG food, CMP, CBC, RBC. _____________________________
17. Co-morbid disorders – PICA, hearing sensitivity, sleep
a. PICA – vitamin and mineral deficiency _____________________________
b. Hearing sensitivity – bacterial and _____________________________
mineral levels, Berard AIT, noiseblocker
b. Sleep – test for reflux, diet, check bacteria, give
18. Other – another pregnancy, puberty _____________________________
a. Follow safety guidelines for another pregnancy:
diet, no Tylenol or vaccines for both. _____________________________
b. Get the gut in shape BEFORE puberty!
19. When something isn’t right. _____________________________
b. Know that treatment can mean “2-steps _____________________________
forward, 1-step back” sometimes.
c. Regression is a normal part of the healing _____________________________
process. Some kids lose a skill while gaining
other bigger skills.
i. Keeping a journal will help find out what
went wrong. More testing may be
needed. _____________________________
20. Relaxation and Fitness - Yoga, exercise, sensory input,
Tai Chi, Wii for coordination and muscle tone. _____________________________
21. Functional medicine - FM is personalized medicine that
deals with primary prevention and underlying causes _____________________________
instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease.









Living in a Toxic World Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child
Artificial colors,
Food preservatives,
No pesticides, pesticides,
aluminum, MSG, nitrates, sulfites,
mercury, colors, aspartame or other
nitrates, arsenic, artificial
preservatives sweeteners, MSG


Fluoridated water,
Water toothpaste,
No fluoride, BPA, mouthwash;
lead, rocketfuel, plastic bottles,
pH, PCB, PCPs, plastic-lined
parasites, arsenic bottles

Brand names: Butyl acetate,

Personal Teflon, Butylated
StainMaster, hydroxytoluene,
Care ScotchGuard, Cocamide DEA/
Sunscreen, Silverstone. lauramide DEA,
makeup, lotion, Anything Diazolidinyl urea,
medications, “nonstick” or Ethyl acetate,
shampoo, soaps, antibacterial Formaldehyde,
antiperspirant (triclosan). Parabens (methyl,
ethyl, propyl and
Clothes & Ingredients like: butyl), Coal tar,
Personal Use

Bedding hydroquinone; Oxybenzone

No fire retardants, WHAT TO AVOID ethylene dioxide; (Benzophenone-
GoreTex, light-up 1,4-dioxane; 3), Micronized
sneakers, foam fluoride; Titanium Dioxide,
mattresses formaldehyde; Nano Titanium
nitrosamines; Dioxide, Nano Zinc
PAHs; acrylamide; Oxide, Petrolatum,
Paper oxybenone, Phthalates,
aluminum, and Propylene glycol,
Products ingredients that Sodium laureth/
Diapers, baby include the sodium laurel
wipes, tampons, clauses "PEG," sulfate, Talc,
toilet paper, paper "xynol", "oleth" Toluene,
towels, and"ceteareth" Triethanolamine

Avoid nonstick Chlorinated

pans, don’t cook in
Household the microwave,
phenols found in
toilet cleaners.
Cleaners avoid aluminum- Diethylene glycol
All-purpose lined (juice, milk found in window
cleaners, laundry sub, broth) boxes, cleaners.
detergent, avoid plastic-lined Phenols found in
dishwashing soap cans (they are disinfectants.
white inside). Nonylphenol
Cooking & PFC
ethoxylate found in
laundry detergents

(Perfluorinated and all-purpose

No Teflon, plastic compounds) and cleaners.
or aluminum. PFOA Formaldehyde
Cook in cast iron (Perfluorooctanoic found in spray and
or stainless steel. acid) in teflon, wick deodorizers.
Store in glass. stain resistants, Petroleum
popcorn; solvents in floor
Flooring Polybrominated cleaners.
Avoid Stainmaster diphenyl ethers Perchloroethylene
and Scotchguard. (PBDEs) used in in spot remover.
Use baking soda fire retardants, Butyl cellosolve,
and water to clean foam, plastic in common in all-
carpets. TVs and computer purpose, window
monitors and others.

Avoid products with "Warning", "Caution", or "Danger: labels (i.e., cleaning

products and pesticides). These labels are there because one or more of the
ingredients has the potential for causing serious harm or death.
Copyright TACA, 2010
Living in a Toxic World
1. Toxins - MSG, aspartame, nitrates, colors, preservatives,
arsenic, fluoride, Tylenol, aluminum, chlorine, molds, _____________________________
Teflon, aspartame, HFCS, pesticides, phenols/salicylates,
lead, mercury, cadmium, BPA, water.
b. _____________________________
2. Go Organic – Not all “organic” is created equal.
a. “100% organic” - single ingredient such as a fruit, _____________________________
vegetable, meat, milk and cheese (excludes water
and salt). _____________________________
b. “Organic” - multiple ingredient foods which are 95 to
100% organic. _____________________________
c. “Made with organic ingredients” - 70% of the
ingredients are organic. Can appear on the front of _____________________________
package, naming the specific ingredients.
d. “Contains organic ingredients” - contains less than
70% organic ingredients.
e. ‘9 is fine’. On the produce PLU code, if the first
number is a 9, it’s organic. _____________________________
3. Pots and Pans _____________________________
a. stainless-steel, cast-iron and enameled cast-iron
cookware are best _____________________________
b. no Teflon or aluminum
i. _____________________________
4. Household Cleaners and paper products
a. All-purpose cleaners, laundry detergent, dishwashing _____________________________
soap, diapers, baby wipes, tampons, recycled toilet
paper, tissues, and paper towels
i. Seventh Generation and Ecover available _____________________________
ii. No legal mandate for labeling or safety _____________________________
iii. Use HEPA air filters
iv. _____________________________
b. Prescriptions and Over the counter meds _____________________________
5. Personal Hygiene and medications
a. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, _____________________________
soaps, bubble bath, sunscreen, make up
i. For sunscreen, look for zinc oxide or titanium _____________________________
dioxide, and avoid oxybenzone and
sunscreens with fragrance. Choose SPF 30 _____________________________
and higher that block UVA and UVB.
ii. Avoid aluminum in food packaging like juice _____________________________
or broth many body lotions and creams, most
cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners, soaps,
suntan lotions, lip balm.
6. Water
a. Plastic water bottles contain BPA and other toxins. _____________________________
Use unlined stainless bottles like Klean Kanteen (not
Sigg). _____________________________
b. Have your home water tested – check your county’s
Cooperative Extension office for testing. Install _____________________________
Reverse Osmosis and any other needed filters, either
for the whole house or just for the faucet you drink _____________________________
out of.
7. Packaging _____________________________
a. Plastics like Ziploc bags, plastic wrap, Tupperware
should be avoided. Store food in glass.
8. Household items containing PFCs
a. Non-stick pans, carpeting, furniture, cosmetics,
household cleaners, clothing, and packaged food _____________________________
containers can all contain PFCs, many of which
break down into PFOA in the environment or in the _____________________________
human body. The brand names are well-known:
Teflon, Stainmaster, Scotchgard, SilverStone, and _____________________________
b. Mattresses with foam and fire-retardants give off _____________________________
toxic gasses.









Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child


Child enters Child referred to IEP Meeting

school system Special Education Parent must Never go alone,
START via ChildFind, EI, department for receive evaluation always tape
The IEP Process RC, parent referral evaluations in ALL reports prior to IEP record, never sign
or regular areas of suspected meeting IEP at first
enrollment delay. meeting.

Disagree with
assessment? Seek
independent Discuss
evaluation. evaluations
Discuss your
child’s current
educational levels

Discuss what Placement Offer Create Discuss the

accommodations Services offers Goals before measurable goals developmentally
your child will need Based on goals, placement. Write only goals appropriate steps
to fully participate document level, Placements are to that are able to be to get your child
in the placement frequency, setting, be individualized measured, never from where he is
and services and duration of to your child’s vague. Who to where he should
agreed to. Put it in each service. needs, NOT their measures, how be compared to
writing! available programs and when? his peers.

Does the Goals drive

Communication placement offer placement and
Discuss and meet LRE? services. Make
document No? Reject offer. sure there is at
parent-staff Yes? On to least one for every
communication in services. area of need.
detail. Frequency,
data. Don’t settle
for “a good day”.

Follow Through
Have quarterly
Don’t agree with
reviews of your
placement or
Hire a lawyer or child’s progress on
services offers?
advocate the IEP goals. If
not meeting
Don’t sign IEP!
benchmarks, call a
new meeting.

Some schools will

buckle when you
threaten to file due
Consider private
process, some File Due Process
placement options
won’t. Be
prepared to go the

Copyright TACA, 2010

Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child


Early Private School Regional

Intervention Health District Medicaid
(Part B) (Part C)
Centers Medwaivers
Ages 0-3 Insurance Ages 3-22
CA only

Each RC can
Medicaid will pay
determine what
for medically
Does not require a services they fund.
Coverage varies Funding through necessary
diagnosis, just Generally, the RCs
by plan and state. Dept of Ed. treatments like
delay. fund ABA, respite,
If self-funded plan, doctors, dentists,
diapers, and day
federal ERISA law Free to families. vision,
Will bill private care subsidy.
doesn’t apply. prescriptions, lab
health insurance Children with a
Pays for all tests, OT, Speech,
and pick up any “substantial”
Do not bill educational Behavioral, PT,
remaining fees. developmental
anything under therapies, diapers but is
disability qualify
299. Autism. interventions and income dependant.
Covers OT, PT, for RC services.
related services Waiver programs
ST and behavioral/ July 09 cuts mean
Read the TACA that are written WAIVE the
developmental no “non-medical”
Insurance booklet. into IEP. parent’s income so
interventions. therapies or
that the disabled
child qualifies.

Programs Other State Grants and Tax
Budget Tips
SSDI Funding Scholarships Deductions
Food Stamps/SNAP

There are many

There are more
ways to save All medical
You must qualify than 25 national
Most every state money on your appointment travel
for these programs grants, and many
has another journey. Read all and costs, all
on income and more local grant
program for of our “On A disability-related
disability. If you programs available
children with Budget” articles reading materials,
do qualify, you can for children with
disabilities. and save where all therapists and
get up to $674 ASD for various
Google search you can, so that therapy
cash per month for funding.
“developmental when you must equipment, special
SSDI and up to
disabilities pay out of pocket, diet foods, and
$585 a month (for Google search for
funding” and the you can afford it. much more, can
a family of 4) of “autism
name of your http:// be deducted on
Food Stamps. scholarship” or
state. your taxes. Keep
“autism grant” and
resources/autism- all your receipts!
your state.

Copyright TACA, 2010


1. Who Pays for What? _____________________________

what-national.pdf _____________________________
2. Early Intervention – birth to age 3, full funding after billing
your private health insurance.
3. Private Health Insurance – never bill tests or treatments
under ‘299. Autism’. _____________________________
insurance/insurance-coverage-for-biomedical- _____________________________
4. School District – ages 3-22, educational only, must be _____________________________
written into IEP to get funding.
5. SSDI, Food Stamps/SNAP – You must qualify for these _____________________________
programs on income and disability. If you do qualify, you
can get up to $674 cash per month from SSDI and up to _____________________________
$585 a month (for a family of 4) of Food Stamps.
a. 800-772-1213
6. Medicaid/Medwaiver pays medical, hospital, dental,
behavioral, OT, PT and Speech, prescription, diapers, _____________________________
vision, and copays.
a. _____________________________
7. Other state programs _____________________________
a. Most every state has another program for children
with disabilities. Google search “developmental _____________________________
disabilities funding” and the name of your state.
8. Tax deductions – all medical appointment travel and costs, _____________________________
all disability-related reading materials, all therapists and
therapy equipment, special diet foods, and much more, can
be deducted on your taxes. Keep all your receipts!
strategies/tax-strategies-for-parents-of-special- _____________________________
9. Grants and Scholarships _____________________________
grants.html _____________________________
b. Other funding _____________________________
Autism Journey Blueprint©
A visual foundation on best practices for your child

Home Life

Marriage Siblings Home Extended Family Divorce

Moms to Dads:
Prep them for
Get involved, Stay Build a Special
Make special time Physical safety, proper Use a journal to
involved. Needs Trust and
for other kids locks, fences expectations, how track progress
Acknowledge her wills
to relate
work, Listen.

For Dads:
Define roles, make Siblings should not Durable, easy to Get and scan all Plan for the worst,
Holidays, travel
a plan, realize men be raised to be clean furniture and documents before hope for the best.
and gatherings
act and react caregivers. décor. they are destroyed Put it all in writing.

No ego parenting. Don’t expend all Get one credit

Decide who
Lead, follow or get resources on ASD Use non-toxic Gifts to go into card just for autism
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Home Life _____________________________

1. Marriage – Keeping it together! _____________________________

a. Moms to Dads: Dads need to be involved, stay involved.
Let her vent. Acknowledge her work. _____________________________
b. For Dads: Define roles. Make a 2-year plan. Realize men
and women deal with things differently. _____________________________
c. For both: Give each other time away from autism,
teamwork, split the effort, talk and listen. No ego _____________________________
2. Siblings – don’t forget the other kids _____________________________
a. Make special time just for them.
b. Don’t expend all resources on ASD child. _____________________________
c. Don’t raise siblings to be responsible for ASD kid.
3. Home environment – Decorating for autism _____________________________
a. Safety - Install double-sided deadbolts, window locks and
alarms, fence the yard, triple-secure the pool. _____________________________
b. In the home – check for mold, replace toxic cleaners,
carpets, bedding, pots and bottles. _____________________________
c. Decorating – replace fragile items with durable furniture
and window coverings. Use nontoxic paint. _____________________________
4. Extended family – can be great or disaster.
a. Prepare them for proper expectations and how to interact _____________________________
with your child.
b. Holidays, travel and special events may need to be _____________________________
adjusted to suit your child.
c. All monetary gifts should go to a Special Needs Trust for _____________________________
your ASD child.
5. Getting organized, tracking child’s progress _____________________________
a. Use a journal to track your child’s progress and new
treatments. _____________________________
b. Scan all documents and burn to CD when starting new
practitioner _____________________________
i. Get an auto-document feeder attachment for your
scanner _____________________________
ii. Get copies of all past doctor and therapist visits
before they are destroyed _____________________________
c. Get one credit card just for autism-related purchases to
help track spending and easy tax submittal. _____________________________
6. Divorce – if all else fails.
a. Build a Special Needs Trust and wills for both parents. _____________________________
Funnel all insurance into it.
b. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Get it all in writing. _____________________________
c. Decide who decides
i. Educational and Medical decision making is key. _____________________________
Get it in writing.
d. _____________________________