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volume sixty-six, issue 5 november 26, 2020 Masthead Editor's Address managing editor-in-chief Hey everyone, ‘maya morgan As we're sure you've noticed, this issues coming out a it ate content editor-in-chief ‘Weeike to joke that the Garg sa itl prophetic, and this ine Teas huntsman merkur it did't go in our favour This sues theme of Brieney Spears ‘production manager ‘anni keller asweentered finals season. Turas oat, our Masthead - ICS inl - were hit hard ths term! Embracing the copy editor ‘monumental disorder we are faced wit is one way we are awa tl geting through the pandemic. The expitalit, polities alex heya opinions ‘aed salem & Tuc stark ‘arts & culture ashman & ovina persaud avant garg liam p. bryant & joshua bienstock comics their part as colective to care for one another. This means gracchovaes staying home limiting contact with others, and wearing a eal mask whenever you go out. Noae of that mesh and shinestone front cover Dullshitt This isnot ens bt things rarely are. The prevention ‘grace hovaes ‘of death ie more important than partying with your friends or ‘going ora dick appointment. back cover ‘maya morgan Isolation isextrmaly detrimental to mental health, and with the oncoming winter things wil just get harder, We recognize | staff emeritus ‘that struggle: We're experineing that strgale! The back page ‘an litsang, ‘ofthe sae contsine some small resources (nat replacement for ata therapy) to ease the strain when everything fees ike | contributors: too much. A couple worksheets are nota solution, and we | ‘anonymous acknowledge that eis only throngh caring for one ancter, 4 Mental Health vas chosen fore the term stated, with the idea that t would bea space to vent about bumout and stress raduction-crente rerms which we have een mansted and ‘Scive to live by are once again being illustrated as unattainable. While we hope o be a consistent por inthe storm, the Gargoyle isa caletve of people who ate facing the ‘ae challenges as ont readership: The Gargose i ae in out publication this week and itmay be late agin. We are making Deace with the chaos Our last prophecy, The Apocalypse issue published in March, ‘coincided with what fet atthe time was the end of the wert ‘Weare locking down again, something that was inevitable Many who are onthe frontlines, high risk, or immonocompromised are once again asking for everyone to do that we show that we are wing to bla something beter. ‘That change ean be mace, and we will make ft thong The ‘hope inthis moment is seeing ou willingness to step up for cone another n the spirit of no nuance November, we would like toshare a ig: If Britney can survive 2007, you ean survive anything ‘Your two mental i, exhausted loving ICs, Lacs Huntsman Meckur & Maya Morgan About us ‘The Gargoyles University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weeks ‘Weare paper that bievesthat sometimes you should be angry, and that sometimes you should bbeloud andi you have not hada voie before, you deservea voice. We do net give print space to bigots and we donot feign netrality on iss of social justice. this moment everyting in ot ‘office i thinking why do these tears come a ight? Production bi-wookl on discord Goin our sore for instant lout). ‘uegargosle@ faudmissions@uegargosleca wirwstegargoseca At BFiere CS wwii ee Transgender Healthcare’s Gatekeeping Problem ‘alex heyman For dendes, many medical establishments have restietad aes to major mpnents af medial sender teasiton only to thane with an offal ATngnosis of gender por or "perder entity Aisrdee oF whatever te equivalent term was a the time), Dostorshave demanded sue Algons before preserbing hormone replacement therapy (HIE) and performing fen reconstruction surgery (CIR), for nitance ‘This has heen problematic n part boas ofthe tessonable andar held by an Dovehiatist responsible for making gender “yspbaria diagnoses, Paehatrst ay be ‘arrow al ott notions of what constitutes a genuine transgender person ~deuying GD dlngnoves to non-binae tans people tas people win rent straight” by the standards of thot identified gender trans people who aren 20 ‘stressed by thee bodies tha hey cant uneton st work or school te, Papehatits may also lm that tras people ake sute™ranstion 's what they want by presenting ws their identiied ender da to-day fo lng pees of tie, whieh, ‘rithout medical trasiton, canbe Ayspboriaheightening and even dangerous de to transphobi in soctety- Ard what's more, appointments with psehiatsts an be rubibitely expensive inthe quantifies requied forudiggnests Even the tans people whe eventually makeit dirough this bureauertie fpparatus en up waiting even longer fr medica fare tan they otherwise would giving thee ‘ental elt mone tine deteriorate and their bodies more ime to develop inthe wrong Aiection wader ef of tena sex Tonos Responses to this by tran people and thet aes fallalonga spectrum of riety. Some base sought loosen the fll dig oth ertterta for (GD, oe remove day-to-day ling requirements Some lave sought to climinate the diaghostie bere to medic! tunsition, advocating inated for informed consent model (yo ean gt he medial ear a nas yu understand sn Fisk, aed benefit). Some contend that he fundamental probe es inthe understanding of being taneata medical condition, as peers wvithan individual that should be slved in order Tomake them “norma. Inaxition to supporting informed consent people with this view tend to ‘jet the notion thu the experience of GD ~ asin, Alscomfort wth one's nal ex or gender ~ equiement for being Tegtinate” tas person ‘that deseres access to medheal rans. 19 xem oars, those ant-medialsts as des tha any rane people experince inmate GD rable fom poole response to suit norms (Dyaporia osu on sx characteristics |S ustaly esplsined vaya eg you only want 8 Peis because you want toe soe ea ma nd Society has ok you that only men have [1 Even now fsa feminization surgery for teansfeminine people ison treated merely ential nt covered despite how frequentY fceasty te foe tht to ps afer sowie penises”) Noone “horn this wa", aps thie theory being trans ism eho, and sone that ‘every as the right to make. Near the other end ofthe spectrum of sews — {Khe ho vor redial conceptions of bong ‘rans, and medical responses to people see ‘Wansition ~ youl fad plenty of Gat es) people whose primary ebjctive is preventing People who dont ned to transition fom Iransiioning and reereting it, However, youl alo fnd some trans pople who experience their ‘own GDastubborn int way that socaiation ist who see medical transition asthe abject ofa reed; nt jan desires and who are fea of the ‘consequences of society abling being tras as tnoreya choices In auch esocity, why sbonld tans healthcare receive funding rome ‘government Tinted budgets? Why should Insurance, public or privat, cover medial ‘tansition steps fr tans people who ean pay for them outa packet? What makes GRSciferent rom eetive eset surgeries like rnoplasty ‘orbreas augmentation frcs women? (3] What takes Hiteifleret rom using Botox to reduce ‘wrinkles? (2) Since these “wansmedeait hull belive that being trans the sme thing ‘shaving OD, their responses to tans people who ‘aim not to have GD range from “actualy you do haveGD™ tthe less svory “actualy, youre not trans” Again, nextrome eases, transects tre openly resentful of non aigephorie trate peopl, sing them aseallsly appropriating the ‘rugaleof tractus pple. (Thea he {the pejorative tera "tascam — true” # em) ‘One common way to resonelle these Wo ‘lewpoints sto propose that both the dyspherie transmis an the non-dysphore antkmodicalists ar right abou what ike for themetves oh trans Some ran: pope ‘experience innate GD, some experienee ‘der related distres only da to soilization, {nds dot experience wh dstnns tall. hap then eon hing tat unites all trans peoples thei identietion me voracting other than thee aesigned gender a bith, regres {the underlying reason for that. This view suggests that everyone ho wants medial anion shoul be in atone conser nt also that afordabte mia ransition i {ha velbl pub tervc sea for tetas people who experiense GD. Bat given the problems with medical ‘stablishmnents discussed earticr can they be Uwusted to separate out the enulnely dysphoric ‘rans people from the non-dsphesie ones and “ensure hat onthe trans pole who ctl ee mel raion wil gt hap geting? Maghernot And aghoit ueven worth tying tomake'a hand dstnetion between nesting ‘medical transition ad jst wanting it because make you happy: (Especially nt you have “Suffer soils political leaning, wh lets he honest ~ lt of us da.) Though many insttations dont operate on this mode of tans heather, some of them fortuntely ales do. Fortunately forme, tobe sue fr the past sie months and change, ve been getting HRT ror U (OFT Health & Wellness thei informe ‘consent ara it's covered by myheath insurance. Falldaclonire: or one of thane tun people who ‘sccm to have inate GD (ad dont ey to tell me Tm jst reaping to what seiety tld mea nonhinary person should Lok He). And inon-dvepnorie trans people are also benefiting, from tis serie. wel, as witha tof things tmaybe we should tum our attention to the people ‘who fave more money than they kno what do ‘wih and ge them to fot thebil via taxation. [a] Hel what makes testosterone shots for transmnazeline poopl (which promote mnscle development unsurprising) ifferent from the Higa steroids that go athlete in woul? : I\ @)*= Anonymous (4 Shing ed va enh sare / wanted to do. I went toa high school where it \ N wi ssn anvthingout of the ordinary ‘to walk | ae fark nk evan cherie piercing each others’ noses. 1 wanted to be one. ¥ Tut ih tem ho aon ocak a eee, Sarah tet acecteagans creat a its if it looked bad, the hair would grow bacl 4 q nog Bald Bad Bitch Lifestyle « ey owee afer reading countess ine {ore sbut ot mp and Ser eeemen nae face ssn Tied meominced me ht cul aa anal the nine way aout mas utter of suena the ings eu nue pel wees sappea m Fae eal Oto at autho rat sess of bess pty Ba Fin ple of wel rks oe Te eu date meu om eee Magia aterm th ore aint onore press fdr £5 hme min insn atm hee meted head fig tat a8 2a a Neto gd wth wth [RST tact rons Twas desperately ying 2 fof felt eee how al thse waren 4 “he aw in my thinking was believing that sty somes ros change when realli enc rom acxptance and appreciation hase women ek beaut because the were Tendon And nesded to just get over self Su oem te ald bad itch iestle— one hat Became yn. ae ito out Dfgutng my head that now ha couple ile own benl pope were sing into ny dn one of whieh tent on a couple ey anced ats wi) ty the fh oft ut fet so liberated ad fo. feeling {never expected as hairhad always {Som something fk peotected in ‘When pope nme hy Idecidd to shave Inreddt nt fthem expe some deep isco rey one hat hast doth Fin nd emgeverng my ta et Whe Shove are det vl econ osha your cd, thy art werent mine My resoing Savino Cet, well 0 rit Lat WFntedtose whale ie ho a Tamed experi th xy ovine dy hair staight ott ofthe shower and not necting {worry abouta droopy pont when ork fur While do ene ylo mental, Takcogit want oso ik ave fark even thats net eessary toe Ears tom ese nels prove that Sawhorse, hot al he an Bld, bore round fc, bald women Flay coudough sare ey, bad women {cies Most my wos ls ound fo trace Tbe tea bal a. ‘This need to be considered attractive by others has been vith me oraslong as can reinember = force yourself to move around, even if’ ust to smell the air outside and fel iton your fingertips. ((~~ and then it’s time to try and sleep again, andthe cycle repeats. \ J "| ‘no one wants tobe empty. \ ‘no one wants to feel numb. ) ‘no one wants to feel useless. {want to smile confidently, hug widely, and love unconditionally. [want to enjoy my day. take in the fresh air and feel my usual numbness subside, even ifonly for just a moment. ‘amoment with normal people, f doing normal things, ‘MINDFULNESS eat She (How to Practice mindfulness) Wy is ttimporante tovhts othe obec of foc When youre NOT grounded, you may fet: thoughts wre ony from te abet of 2 on ge yours fori), Tost Started Baga practicing mines by mtg yr ns Shout us, Soy sneaing,wges ah). ese er, ata nan (200) Ape on re es