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Global History & Geography Curriculum Map - 2010-11

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Unit 1: • Is your environment • Your environment can • Routines River Valley Civiliza- Gateway #1 – Build • Socratic
Geography your destiny? Does dictate the type of life • Powerpoint tion, Cultural Diffusion, Your Own Civilization Seminar:
and the Birth it determine who you you lead. • Email Bantu Migration, Irish Guns, Germs
of Civilization are? • Culture is how people Famine, Neolithic Rev- & Steel
(4 weeks) • How does geog- make sense of their 1D. Measure and cal- olution, Green Revolu- • Thematic:
raphy, etc. shape world culate calendar time by tion, Trade Routes: Silk Geography
culture and world • Just because it’s days, weeks, months, Road, Trans-Saharan, • DBQ: Natural
views? done doesn’t mean it’s years, decades, Political Systems Resources
right, or well centuries, and millen- (8/07)
• Technology is a tool nia, from points of the • MC & Short
calendar system: Response

Unit 2: • How do people • In order to solve con- 5B. Marshal evidence Crusades, Hinduism, Gateway #2 – The • Socratic
Belief Systems make sense of their flicts, people need to of antecedent circum- Buddhism, Judaism, Origins of Belief and Seminar: Reli-
(5 weeks) world? understand the history stances and contem- Christianity, Islam, Religious Conflict gious Texts
• To what extent does of the conflict and the porary factors contrib- Protestant Reformation Guns, Germs
our past determine often conflicting views uting to problems and / Printing Press, Martin & Steel
our present(s)? Our of each side alternative courses of Luther, Iranian Revolu- • Thematic:
future(s)? • The past determines action. tion, Confucianism, Belief Systems
the present but not 5C. Identify relevant Daoism, Shintoism, • DBQ: Reli-
necessarily the future historical antecedents Schisms: gious Conflict
• Different religions and differentiate from Sunni/Shiite, (create this)
share similar truths those that are inappro- Orthodox / Catholic, • MC & Short
• Analysis is decon- priate and irrelevant to Protestant / Catholic, Response
structing information contemporary issues. Anglican / Catholic, Quizzes
into its parts to reveal Scientific Revolution
the patterns of orga-
nization, theme or
Global History & Geography Curriculum Map - 2010-11
Essential Understandings Students will Students will Gateway Other
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Unit 3: • What does • Cultural diffusion Introduce research Greeks/Romans, Mon- Gateway #3 – Hall of • Socratic
Golden Ages it mean to be affects the conquerer skills golian Empire, Byzan- Fame / Hall of Shame Seminar:
(6 weeks) “great”/”golden”? and the conquered tine/Ottoman, Golden Powerpoint Presenta- Humanism
• How does culture • Golden Ages are pe- Age of Islam, Incans , tions Paintings &
shape individuals/ riods of great cultural Japan, Rennaisance, Light Research Texts
cultures/empires? and political achieve- Han / Song / Tang Dy- Teach the teacher • Thematic:
• How does culture ment that have hap- nasties, Gupta Empire, Change/Turn-
shape culture? pened throughout his- Mali / Songhai / Ghana ing Points
tory all over the world /Axum • DBQ: Inven-
• Golden Ages hapen tions (8/05)
in periods of political • MC & Short
and economic stability, Response
which are very rare in Quizzes

Unit 4: History • How have debate • Debates and di- 4A. Formulate historical questions from en- Gateway #4 – Anno- • History Day
Day (5 weeks) and diplomacy plomacy have led to counters with historical documents, eyewitness tated Bibliography & Research
(6 weeks) shaped history? success, failures, and accounts, letters, diaries, artifacts, photos, his- Process Paper) Packet
consequences torical sites, art, architecture, and other records Gateway #5 – History
from the past. Day Project
4B. Obtain historical data from a variety of
sources, including: library and museum collec-
tions, historic sites, historical photos, journals,
diaries, eyewitness accounts, newspapers, and
the like; documentary films; and so on.
4C. Interrogate historical data by uncovering
the social, political, and economic context in
which it was created; testing the data source
for its credibility, authority, authenticity, internal
consistency and completeness; and detecting
and evaluating bias, distortion, and propaganda
by omission, suppression, or invention of facts.
4D. Identify the gaps in the available records
and marshal contextual knowledge and
perspectives of the time and place in order to
elaborate imaginatively upon the evidence, fill
in the gaps deductively, and construct a sound
historical interpretation.
Global History & Geography Curriculum Map - 2010-11
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Unit 5: • Is independence the • Freedom ain’t free 3F. Challenge argu- Enlightenment, Abso- Gateway #6 – Turn- • Socratic
The French same as Freedom? • Winning the revolu- ments of historical lutism, Magna Carter, ing Points Revolution Seminars:
Revlolution • Do the ends justify tion doesn’t mean that inevitability by formulat- John Locke, Karl Marx Magazine / Newspaper John Locke,
(7 weeks) the means? the revolution has been ing examples of histori- French Revolution, Declaration of
• Is it possible to won/one cal contingency, of how Toussaint L’Ouverture, Rights of Man
have power without different choices could Bolivar, San Martin, • Thematic:
being corrupted by have led to different Nationalism Conflict
it? consequences.  • DBQ: French
• Is the pen truly 5B. Marshal evidence Pivot Point: Revolution
mightier than the of antecedent circum- Economic Systems (1/07)
sword? stances and contempo- Manorialism • MC & Short
rary factors contributing Communism Response
to problems and alterna- Capitalism Quizzes
tive courses of action. Mercantilism
5C. Identify relevant Industrial Revolution
historical antecedents
and differentiate from
those that are inappro-
priate and irrelevant to
contemporary issues.

Unit 6: • Is it man’s nature to • Eurocentrism hap- Demonstrate mastery Ottoman Empire N/A • Socratic
Colonialism & dominate? pened because of of all previous skills >Turkey, Columbian Seminar:
Imperialism • Can one person guns, germs,  steel & Exchange, Berlin Con- ????
(4-5 weeks) make a difference? geography ference, Sepoy Rebel- • Thematic:
• Is one man’s free- • Change is possible lion, Ghandi, Apart- Human Rights
dom fighter another • Change is the only heid, Mandela, Meiji • DBQ:
man’s terrorist? constant Restoration, Japanese Imperialism
Imperialism, Middle (1/06)
Passage, Boxer Rebel- • MC & Short
lion, Jomo Kenyatta, Response
Kwame Nkrumah, G8 Quizzes
Conference, NAFTA
Global History & Geography Curriculum Map - 2010-11
Essential Understandings Students will Students will Gateway Other
Questions be able to... know... Project Evidence
Unit 7: • How did we get • The past determines Anything Everything Gateway #7 – • Study Guides
Regents Prep here? the present but not Review from 10th: Create a ___ page • Practice
(3 weeks) • How am I going necessarily the future Fascism research project that Tests
to success on the • I must pass this test Ataturk traces the origins of
Global History & Ge- to graduate high school Castro a current day global
ography Regents Wars problem through to it’s
USSR roots in history.
China Possible Group poject
Alternative timelines
Vocab and geography
Turning Point based
Thinking thematically

Gateway #8 – The
Global History & Geog-
raphy Regents Exam