My Oracle Support replaces MetaLink as the application used to for searching and browsing the knowledge base. My Oracle Support delivers powerful search and browse features, and provides advanced capabilities for customers to browse knowledge and narrow search results.

This document covers features relevant to the Knowledge tab of My Oracle Support.

PowerView Browse Knowledge View Knowledge Activity Search Knowledge Refine search results Advanced Search Rate an Article

PowerView is a complex filter that allows you to restrict search and browse results based on specific criteria that you define. The filter that is applicable to Knowledge is the Product filter. You can select a single product or group of products to limit search and browse results. For Knowledge, the product filter only accommodates the condition where the value of the product exists. The ‘not exists’ filter is not available for Product. Enter your product selections in one of two ways: 1. Use the search bar to enter a partial product name. If choosing more than one product, use commas to separate the names.

2. Select the search icon and pick a product from the list by clicking a check box.

My Oracle Support Release 3.1


1 2 .Once you have applied a PowerView filter. My Oracle Support Release 3. As an alternative. the list of products that are displayed in the Browse Knowledge container and documents displayed in Knowledge Articles and search results are relevant to the filter you specified. Browsing can be performed at the highest level of the product area or you can drill into the lower levels of the product area. which is displayed on the left side of the page. you can type a product name in the search box located at the top of the Browse Knowledge container or select from a list of values by selecting the down arrow icon. PowerView filters do not affect display or search results in some areas of the Browse Knowledge container: Online documentation Tools and Training Japanese Knowledge Base Services Browse Knowledge Browse the knowledge base by selecting a Product area from the Browse Knowledge container. Hint: you will know you are at the detailed product level because an arrow will not appear to the right of the selection.

To select multiple products. or group of products.1 3 .View Knowledge Activity The Knowledge Articles container shows newly created Alerts and Recently Updated articles. use a comma between each product you select. The Recent Activity container displays articles you have recently opened. My Oracle Support Release 3. searches you recently conducted. or to limit the number of documents shown in the Alerts and Recently Updated tabs. You can expand the size of this container by clicking on the pencil icon and increasing the units. It can be personalized through use of the pencil icon to enter a product. and a shortcut to view your Favorites.

Use a search term when one of the following is selected: Knowledge Base Knowledge Base Archives Knowledge Base & Archives Bug Database Documentation Use an id (i. The default value is Knowledge Base. My Oracle Support Release 3. You can restrict your search to a specific source of information prior to entering a search term. bug number. Bug Number and Patch number.Search Knowledge Search the knowledge base by entering a search term in the Global Search bar.1 4 .e. Select a source by clicking the down arrow button at the left of the Global Search bar. article number) as your search term when choosing Article Id.

1 5 . by entering search terms or keywords. through use of the Local Search bar. Note: you will only see the Feature and Product Release facets if you have navigated to a specific product. located above the search results. You can also refine the set of returned results by selection of a keyword displayed under an article title. found in the Refine Search container. Refine the set of returned results using the Local Search bar. Each of the facets in the Refine Search container can be expanded by clicking on the arrow for the specific fact. Advanced Search Access the Advanced Search feature from the Global Search bar by selecting the double down arrow next to the search bar. The results list will be amended to meet the criteria of the search terms or keywords used. The selected keyword will be added to the existing Local Search and a new search performed. My Oracle Support Release 3. or by the selection of a keyword displayed under an article title.Refine Search Results Search results can be refined or narrowed through use of the Refinement Facets.

The following page is then displayed: Multiple sources can be selected by clicking the arrow button to the right of the In the source box.You can also access Advanced Search from the Local Search bar. My Oracle Support Release 3. Rate an Article Provide feedback and ratings on an article clicking the icon next to Rate this Document. You can select multiple products by using a comma to separate the values. or pick from a list by clicking the arrow button to the right of the Related to the Product box.1 6 .

Please use the comments box to provide your feedback. Comments are provided to the author of the article for evaluation and action.You can also rate an article that appears in your Recent Activity container Select a rating in each of the three areas. My Oracle Support Release 3.1 7 . Comments are especially important if you are assigning a low or poor rating on the article.

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