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Attention: Cindy Wong Human Rights Violations &

Genocide ( UN Convention against Genocide)

committed and admitted by Marsha Quan of HSBC
re:HSBC Invest Direct account
5:14 PM
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To : HSBC Advance

Cindy Wong
Vice President, HSBC Premium & Wealth Managment Marketing
HSBC Bank of Canada

Re: HSBC Invest Direct for Merle Henry

I attach the following email to inform you of the criminal activity involving your bank
HSBC Invest Direct and CSIS.
This email will be on FACEBOOK , twitter and published online. Your letter dated
January 27 2011 in regards to my mother: Merle Berrince Henry's offer from your Bank
of a free comprehensive Financial Review.

If the HSBC is a willing participant in deliberately violating the law and International
Law ( i.e. Hague Statute on Private International Law) by being a collaberator and
deliberately involved in conspiracy, collusion, apartheid, rape and genocide by aiding the
paranoid Canada Spy Agency(CSIS), at least have the common decency to let ALL your
Clients know that you Do report to them; even if they have not broken the law or done
anything wrong. I forward this to Marsha Quan so she can explain to you , the CEO the
CFO and the Board, but not limited to those officials at HSBC, why this audio of her
committing: perjury, obstruction, lying, commercial fraud without scienter, ultra vires
actions, how & Why it ended up on the Internet and Why she is obstructing my mother
from getting her funds from Royal Bank of Canada( 3 years and RBC still will not release
my mothers funds to her.

I attach copy of WSA PASSPORT which I have, as I am not a citizen of Canada and
which U.S. President Barack Obama also has.

Feel free to call me to resolve this theft, obstruction and malfeasance committed against
my mother.

Thank you,

United Nations Declaration on the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples(UNDRIP)

United Nations Charter
UCC 1-308 All Indigenous Rights Reserved
:Nanya-Shaabu:El - With power of Attornery for Merle Berrinice Henry
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9199 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ;