University of St Andrews School of Management in association with University Careers Centre Taught Postgraduate Programmes Session 2010-11: Semesters

One and Two The Master’s Extra (MX) Programme
Introduction The Master’s Extra (MX) Programme offers a range of professional, personal and employment/career activities to complement your academic studies throughout the year. Details of the MX events for Semesters One and Two are indicated below. Attendance at the MX events is voluntary but strongly recommended as it will help to develop your employability skills. Moreover, attendance at each MX event will earn you five points towards the Careers Centre’s Certificate in Career Development (CCD) which will be a useful addition to your CV. You need to accumulate 20 points to achieve the Bronze Certificate, 40 points to achieve the Silver Certificate and 60 points to achieve the Gold Certificate. In addition to earning points for every MX event you attend, you can also gain points by attending certain Careers Centre events. Please visit the Careers Centre website for more information about the Certificate in Career Development and the various events organised by the Centre. When you attend an MX event or a relevant event organised by the Careers Centre you will be credited with the appropriate number of points. The Certificate in Career Development is sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Certificates are awarded at a special presentation ceremony held soon after the May 2011 Diet of exams. MX events are held on Wednesdays between 4.15pm and 5.45pm in Lecture Theatre A of the Physics Building (North Haugh). We look forward to welcoming you to future events in the MX Programme!

Martin Dowling Director of Postgraduate Programmes Co-ordinator, MX Programme September 2010


North Haugh) 6 October 2010 Speaker Topic 13 October 2010 20 October 2010 Bonnie Hacking. In addition.” This session will cover recruitment from a HR Manager’s perspective and successful graduates will share their experiences of the recruitment process. University Careers Centre.” This session will cover the growth areas in the finance sector and the future opportunities open to students. the Careers Centre will give information on how to identify employment opportunities. Suzanne Doyle-Morris. 27 October 2010 3 November 2010 (Please note that this session will take place in Lecture Theatre A of the Purdie Building) Pamela Andrew. Alliance Trust. Session 2010-2011 Date/Time/Location (Wed/4. 2 . technology and media wars. and representatives from several large financial institutions. “Tin-Pan Alley meets Silicon Valley & the strategic direction of Global Media” Charles’s talk is concerned with the fascinating inter-relationships between music. founder of Cacophony Publishing. Jason Rudgley. HR Business Partner. Director. and graduate trainees from Alliance Trust. Dunfermline. PitchBlue Solutions. Major employers will be represented and who will be available to answer student questions. University Careers Centre. 10 November 17 November 2010 Reading Week “The Changing Face of the Finance Sector. “How to succeed with applications. He will share with us some case studies and lessons based on his work with major corporations. “How to develop skills for employment” Using personal development planning to understand and improve the skills you are gaining whilst studying. Charles Lovatt.15pm/Lecture Theatre A.” Suzanne will consider a range of factors that impact upon careers and career development of graduate students. No event Alan Thornburrow.The Master’s Extra (MX) Programme: Semester One. “Taking the career risks that will make a difference. Physics Building. Karen McCormack. Chief Executive. Scottish Investment Operations. Doyle Morris Coaching and Development. Jason is a partner with his company and a specialist in improving organisational effectiveness.

Director.” Business Skills: “The market: who will buy and why?” 2 March 2011 9 March 2011 Stephen Westwood 3 . He is now an independent management consultant and will present a number of lectures/workshops in the MX Programme. The Microsoft Corporation “Raising Your Profile To Get Ahead. “Making applications in the UK. Doyle Morris Coaching and Development Stephen Westwood 23 February 2011 James is a partner with PA Consulting. Edinburgh. He will talk about the nature of the company’s work and the projects he undertakes. “Successfully Managing an International Work Team” Richard is Microsoft’s global account manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Director. In this capacity. North Haugh) 16 February 2011 Speaker Topic James Hamilton. 1 December 2010 8 December 2010 Paul Brown. PA Consulting. Suzanne Doyle-Morris. Suzanne will share with students further ideas and tips on aspects of career development (details to be announced) Stephen has had a successful career in business and management and has held senior posts in many organisations.” In this session Paul will cover the key requirements necessary when making applications to UK employers. His first presentation is entitled: “An introduction to business skills and business improvement techniques.” In this session.24 November 2010 Suzanne Doyle-Morris. Physics Building. an organisation that specialises in advising organisations about business improvement systems.15pm/ Lecture Theatre A. In the third of her lectures for the MX Programme. University Careers Centre The Master’s Extra (MX) Programme: Semester Two Date/Time/Location (Wed/4. Suzanne will discuss the topic of self-promotion and how senior professionals use it to get noticed for all the right reasons. Doyle Morris Coaching and Development Richard Mansbridge. Richard has to manage colleagues across the world and in his talk today he will explore the requirements necessary for successfully managing an international work team.

” Business Skills: “People and behaviour: how to recruit. In particular. University Student Support Services For students from outside the European Union who may wish to stay on in the UK after graduation it is important for you to know the requirements and procedures for applying for a post-study visa or work permit after completion of your studies. Wendy will guide you through the processes involved.” and w/b 4 April 2011 “Managing a global business: A view from the inside. working in Scotland and the range of further study options open to students. inspire and lead to success. Wendy Houldsworth.” Paul is the Group Finance Director of Menzies plc and in his talk he will highlight the challenges of managing a major business that incorporates two very different divisions: Menzies Distribution and Menzies Aviation. there will be information on making written job applications. John Menzies plc Business Skills: “Cash is always king. Easter Break: 13 April 2011 20 April 2011 27 April 2011 Shiona Chillas. This session will look at work and further study opportunities available to you after graduation. University Careers Centre. 4 .16 March 2011 23 March 2011 Stephen Westwood Stephen Westwood w/b 28 March Paul Dollman. School of Management and Pamela Andrew & Paul Brown. motivate.

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