ChallengENG Minds: Outwit The Filter Exam Set 1 (Easy) Directions: For each item, shade the letter

of your choice on the answer sheet. There should be only one shaded answer per item, otherwise it will be considered invalid or incorrect. Erasures on the answer sheet are strictly prohibited. You may write your scratch work on this questionnaire. Return all the papers, including the scratch papers, to the proctor after the exam period. Each item for this set is worth one (1) point. 1. What do you call the number system whose radix is equal to 15? A. Quincimal B. Quindenary C. Quintary D. Quintuodenary 2. What does the abbreviation VHDL mean? A. Very High Definition Language B. Very High Durability Line C. Very High Speed Integrated Circuit High Definition Language D. Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language 3. What institution regulates and manages telecommunications in the international level? A. FCC B. ITU C. ICU D. ITC 4. What type of fiber is characterized by a core which has a completely uniform distribution of the index of refraction throughout its bulk? A. Step-index fiber B. Graded-index fiber C. Multi-grade fiber D. Meridional fiber 5. What is the wavelength for a frequency of 1 million Hertz? A. 300 m B. 3 km C. 30 m D. 30 km 6. In FM, what produces the sidebands? A. Carrier signal B. RF signal Page 1 of 6

Decreases C. Carrier and its harmonics D. Watts D.             Page 2 of 6 . The vector sum of the reactive powers of the three phases C. Volts C. The highest value among the reactive powers of the three phases 10. D. Increases linearly B. Polar Orbit B. The following are the different types of satellite orbits except: A. The algebraic sum of the reactive powers of the three phases D. Inclined Orbit 11. As frequency increases. Equatorial Orbit C. A unit Joules per Coulomb is equivalent to the unit _____. A. The total reactive power of an unbalanced three-phase load is equal to: A. C. B. The average of the reactive powers of the three phases B. what happens to the energy carried by a wave? A. Increases exponentially 8. Modulating signal 7. Stays the same D. In converting resistances from wye to delta. Diagonal Orbit D. Tesla 9. which formula will lead to a correct result? A.C. Amperes B.

Nyquist Criterion 14. Parseval s Theorem D. Slotted line 18. Diode B. C. ASK B. M. What digital modulation technique is not used in modern modems? A. Quarter-wave transformer C. Fourier Transform B. FSK D.E. It turns off when the current from the anode to the cathode is less than the value of the holding current. QUAM 17. It is best to use a ____ to connect coaxial line to a parallel-wire line. 13. Which of the following statements does not describe an oscillator circuit? A. It turns off when the gate current reduces to zero. Complete the analogy. A. sawtooth or any pulse shape.12. It requires a high amount of voltage across the anode and cathode for it to fire. Directional Coupler B. Tetrode D. It is an unstable amplifier. B. D. PSK C. It is an electronic source of alternating current or voltage having sine. B. It is a circuit which generates an ac output signal without requiring any externally applied input ac signal 15. Pentode 16. What states that the minimum sampling frequency should be twice the highest frequency of the signal? A. square. Triode C. C. It is a unilateral device. It is a circuit which converts dc energy into an ac energy at a very low frequency. Balun D. What is …•…  where u = f(x)? Page 3 of 6 . Which of the following is not a characteristic of a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)? A. D. Wiener-Khintchine Theorem C. Hoff : Microprocessor = Lee de Forest : __________ A.

D. Cell Switching C. X = 114%Z B. A noise has a power of 30dBm. 130 dBaO 21. D. then X in terms of percentage of Z is: A. Convert into the binary equivalent: FACE16 A. 125 dBaO D. What occurs when the mobile network automatically transfers a call from a radio channel in one base station to another radio channel in an adjacent base station as the subscriber crosses into the adjacent base station s cell area? A. …•… •‹  …•… …‘–  …‘–  19. Get the equivalent resistance across terminals a and b of the network given. Arthur Clarke Bill Gates Vint Cerf Steve Jobs 24. Call Divert D. 115 dBaO B. Roaming 20. B.9%Z C.5%Z D. C. X = 88%Z 22. Page 4 of 6 . X = 88. If Euclid is known as the father of Geometry. Handoff B. C. D. who is likewise known as the father of Internet? A. X = 112. 1111010111001101 1111101010111110 1111110010111001 1111101011001110 23.A. and Y is 20% less than Z. What is its value in dBaO if the zero transmission level point is at -10 dBm? A. If X is 10% greater than Y. B. 120 dBaO C. C. •‡…  B.

Frequency 26. Heat D.25 4113.6 27. In what frequency band can you find 10. 8 C.25 4313. Light C. what will happen if the switch S is closed? Page 5 of 6 . C. 4 B. Extra High Frequency C.25 25. B. How many bytes are there in a quadword? A.25 4331. 32 29. 4133. What is the carrier of information for optical communication system? A. B. 2. D.44 7. C. If a silicon diode is in parallel with a germanium diode as shown in the figure. 16 D.39 54.72 5. D. Sound B. what is ? A. Extremely High Frequency D. If V1 and V2 differ by 2 Nepers. Super High Frequency 28.A.000MHz? A. Ultra High Frequency B.

The Germanium diode will turn ON first. 30. C. If he was born between the years 1840 and 1850. Erasable Programmable ROM (EPROM) Bonus Question: This problem is worth 5 points. Identify: It is known as volatile memory that temporarily holds data and instructions needed by the processor as long as there is power. Cache Memory D. Once the power is turned off. A. all data and programs within the memory will be erased. Read Only Memory (ROM) C. No current will flow through the resistor R.A. B. then the Silicon diode. Random Access Memory (RAM) B. The Germanium diode will turn ON but the Silicon diode will remain off. D. ______________ Page 6 of 6 . Write your answer on the blank provided in the answer sheet. Please write legibly. in what (exact) year was he able to invent the telephone? a. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone at the age of 29. Both of the diodes will turn ON at once.

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