A. B. C. D. E. 2. Choose the nature of product life cycle of luxury product where cost is less important. A. Short product life cycle B. Long product life cycle C. Medium product life cycle D. Undefined product life cycle E. 3. Trade deficit can be calculated by: Export access import Import access export Goods access services Services access goods

Mercantilism philosophy explains about import and export balance. Which one of the following is the consistent with this philosophy? Export more goods Import more goods Imports equal to exports Imports greater than exports

4. If a marketer collects information about the product attributes and positioning related to his competitor. Which kind of information he gathered? Marketing mix information Product related information Competitor information Resource information 5. Which one of the following products is NOT subject to price controls? A. Pharmaceuticals B. Foods C. Gasolines D. All subject to price controls 6. Which one of the following laws formats is based on an all-inclusive system of written rules of law? Code law Interpretive law Common law Legislative law 7. Identify the term, we use for bartering price of one country’s currency in term of other country’s currency? Exchange rate Barter system Cross currency Change currency 8. Which of the following treaties covered the way for effective a worldwide tariff agreement? WTO GATT NAFTA NATO 9. Which of the following social scientists is credited with doing the most thorough, influential, and widely read work on how cultural values influence various types of business and market behavior? Milton Friedman Daniel Starch Geert Hofstede Sigmund Freud 10. A society's accepted basis for responding to external and internal events summarize in which of the following way? Social agenda Culture Reference groups Cultivation possibility

Free in Free in and out Free out Free out and in 8. Which form of data can usually be obtained more quickly and at a lower cost? Secondary Primary Census Tertiary 9. Which form of international commercial payment that involves one or more banks? Bill of exchange Sight draft Date draft Letter of credit 2. Market Access Product Potential Cost of Internal Distribution Per capita income and distribution 4. Which method of research can be used to obtain information if people are unwilling or unable to provide? Observation Focus groups Personal interviews Questionnaires 10. Two stage analysis Four stage analysis Three stage analysis ive stage analysis 6. Which one of the following is not part of an organization's macro-environment? Political environment Economic environment internal environment Social environment 3. and reporting of data relevant to marketing its programs to minority students. Carriage and insurance paid to (CIP) is one of the term of sale is used in place of which of the following? Free alongside ship (FAS) Cost. What is the desired rate of speech for a presentation? 100 to 150 words 10 to 15 words 25 to 50 words 50 to 90 words . An individual is using the systematic design. Identify the pricing term that indicates that the chartered of a vessel is responsible for the cost of loading and unloaded goods from vessel. collection. Identify the analysis that an international marketer uses to determine potential export in international market. and freight (CIF) Cost and freight (CFR) Free on board (FOB) 5. Identify the information that an international marketer needs to know under the head of “Analysis of company sales potential” to evaluate firm sales and profit potential. insurance. analysis. What do we call this? Promotion Marketing research Self-study Cost-benefit analysis 7.1.

(b) The assumption that using standardized marketing strategies can target consumers across cultures is preventing the marketer from truly appreciating the differences in consumers of different cultures. (d) Consumers choose particular brands not only for functional or performance benefits but also to express their personality Q. (d) Makes best use of the information available Q. designed to maximize the speed of delivery. The external environment. (c) The cheap feel of the product is disliked by users.2 (a) (b) (c) (d) Q. (b) (c) (d) Which of the following is true? International Marketing is mainly about selling. International Marketing is mainly about finding out what people want. A route plan for a company's fleet of delivery trucks. Q. International Marketing is mainly about communicating. The monetary value received by a firm for its goods or services is called: Profit Capital Revenue Marketing Which of the following is NOT an obstacle to design and implementation of international marketing plans? Confusion over planning terms. services to be developed New technology can allow new distribution opportunities Within the micro-environment. (b) Failure of the product could lead to lost sales or production for the company. Which of the following is NOT normally perceived as a component of culture? Language Values Technology Motivation Q. Q.7 Competitive market advantage for any multinational organization is most likely to go to the firm which: (a) Has the most information. (c) When the ability to pay is low. Arbitration . International Marketing is mainly about meeting customers' needs. Acting philanthropically to their customers.4 (a) (b) (c) (d) Which of the following is NOT true of changes in a firm's technological environment? New technology allows for new ways of communicating with a firm's customers New technology always leads to benefits for firms New technology can allow new goods and.10 (a).9 (a) (b) (c) (d) Q. (b) Has a large marketing information department. A commercial company that explicitly takes into consideration the social consequences of its actions is most likely to be: (a) putting the needs of consumers before the company's need for profit.5 The understanding of cultural impact on consumer behavior is crucial to successful cross-cultural marketing. Seeking to combine social benefits with business profitability. (c) Conducts regular customer surveys. Weak support from chief executive and top management Numbers in lieu of written objectives and strategies. designed to minimize the cost per delivery. Acting like a public sector organization. Which of the following statements is NOT true? (a) The globalization of markets may create the dangerous illusion that consumer behavior and patterns of consumption in each country of the world are converging. A route plan for a company's fleet of delivery trucks. consumers may focus more heavily on luxury features in making product evaluations on purchase decisions to ensure value for money. a channel of distribution can best be described as: All of the retailers in a country who stock a particular type of product. All of those people and organizations involved in the process of transferring a product from the producer to the consumer.Q.1 (a) (b) (c) (d) Q. a.1 __________ is binding because both parties that are in conflict agree to honor any judgment without recourse.3 (b) (c) (d) Q.8 (a) (b) (c) (d) Q. (d) Low price always works out to be the most cost-effective option in the long run.6 Which of the following consequences is most likely to lead to an organizational buyer putting a greater emphasis on reliability and performance than on price? (a) Budget savings this year have to be improved upon next year.

Boycotts d. Bill of lading Q. Business sanction c.2 __________ is the government's act of taking title to property owned by a private party without that party's consent.5 __________ shifts the buyer’s credit risk to the bank issuing the document. any idea perceived as new by a group of people is a/an ______ a. Joint sourcing d. a. Degree of product variability c. Confiscation b. packaging. Sight draft d. Incomplete and out-of-date telephone directories c. trademarks. Company resources and capabilities b. or provide revenue in the form of tariffs. Core component . Tariff Q. Social sanction d. Technological sanction b.10 Selecting of and working with more than two equivalent suppliers for a certain product is known as ___ a. quality. a. a.4 When the Pakistan boycotted trade with Israel. Quota b. conserve foreign exchange. labeling. No other listings that can serve as sampling frames d. Innovation b. Import regulations c. No accurate maps of population centers b.2 The __________ includes style features. it will impose that is called_________. Franchising b. this was called _________. A tort clause Q. Patents Q. Discovery d.7 All of the following can be a problem of drawing a random sample in the international environment EXCEPT: a. Letter of credit b. Expropriation c.8 __________ is a contractual arrangement in which a firm sells the right to use its intellectual property to another firm in return for fees. protect home industry. Political sanction Q. brand name.b. All of the given options Q.Domestication d. Export regulations b. Low literacy rates Q. a. All of the given options Q. Counter trade c. Sole sourcing b.6 If a government wants to tax goods entering at its borders. Standard monetary barrier d.3 __________ may be imposed to protect health. All of the given options Q. Mediation d. Taxes Q. Joint venture d. Liquidation Q. Time draft c. Product’s stage in the life-cycle d.1 According to sociological view point. a. Voluntary export restraint c. price and all other aspects of a product’s package. Development c. a. Litigation c. while paying compensation to the former owner. serve as economic reprisals. multiple sourcing c. a.9 Which of the following factor consider for choosing a market coverage strategy? a.

design or combination thereof intended to identify goods or services of one seller and to differentiate them from those of competitors.9 The period that starts with the initial product specification and ends with the withdrawal of the product from the marketplace is known as __________. Brand loyalty c. targeting. All of the given options Q. Identify the nature of partners in a mixed joint venture that is special case in which two partners are involved. Product decline stage d.3 A __________ is defined as the worldwide use of a name. Marketing mix support d. Idea component Q. positioning c) Segmentation.10 The new product development process involves a number of stages. a. targeting. Product growth stage b. Support service component d. a) Segmentation. Brand equity b. Product energy b.4 Which of the following are not effective factors for deciding appropriate packaging in various international markets? a. Market and customer expectations c. Brand energy c. Organization energy Q. Dual extension d. A business undertaking between two or more companies or organizations which will share ownership and control of this business activity is categories as: a) Equity investment b) Joint venture c) Mixed venture d) Money market investment 3. Communication adaptation b. Global brand d.b.8 Both the perceived and real value that a brand adds to a particular product or service is called __________. The best estimate of the new product's profitability is likely to be made at which of these stages? a. Product life cycle Q. National brand b. Mention the correct order in finding potential customer according to your marketing expertise. a. Idea generation b. Communication extension c. Market testing d. targeting. positioning. demand measurement d) demand measurement.6 An organization embarks on an international product strategy depending on a decision on a number of factors. segmentation. None of the given Q. Packaging component c. a. demand measurement. positioning b) demand measurement. Lengthy periods on shelves b. Customer energy d. Product maturity stage c. segmentation. Growing environmental consciousness c. Overall market objectives b. Idea evaluation c. symbol (visual and/or auditory). Environmental concerns d. a. positioning . term. None of the given options Q. Brainstorming 1.5 Small companies with few resources typically prefer __________ option. sign. targeting. Country brand Q. Brand repositioning d. Local brand c.7 The energy that flows throughout the system that links brand and all their stakeholders and which is manifested in the way these stakeholders think. feel and behave towards the organization and its products or services is known as__________. a. a) Government and Private Company b) Private-Private Company c) Private-Public Company d) Government-Government Company 2. which include: a. All of the given options Q.

or uses the firm’s output is: a) Forward vertical FDI b) Backward vertical FDI c) Horizontal FDI d) Vertical FDI 2. educational. Owing to which factor he is investing? a) Production costs b) Logistics c) Availability of natural resources d) Access to key technologies 5. labor availability.4. community or other non-business objective belongs to ________ a) Institutional markets b) Reseller markets c) Government markets d) Producer markets 3. this transaction is based on: a) Barter system b) Exchange c) Transformation d) Relationship 9. If an Indian businessman invest in a China as foreign direct investment due to good infrastructure. related industry. The organizations with charitable. Which of the following is NOT one of the alternative concepts under which organizations design and carry out their marketing strategies? a) Distribution concept b) Marketing concept c) Product concept d) Production concept 7. If a company is transferring its goods and services to its customer. Identify the concept in which customer will prefer those products which can satisfy the customer needs wants and demands. community or other non-business objective belongs to ___ a) Institutional markets b) Reseller markets c) Government markets d) Producer markets 4. In a selected single segment there is chance of_______________ in behavior of consumer. The need to compete for international market was made inevitable by the economic system employed by most nations is based upon: a) Socialism b) Mass production c) Communism d) Barter 1. Which one of the following term explains the ability of a firm or individual to satisfy customer needs and expectations? a) Wants b) Demand c) Products d) Quality 8. The organizations with charitable. Identify the major difference in all marketing process and marketing variables between normal marketing and international marketing is: a) Culture Complexity b) Legal issue c) Politics d) Technology 10. educational. A type of foreign direct investment in which an industry abroad sells the output of a firm’s domestic production. Identify the category of country in which countries establish a net work of investors? a) Platform b) Emerging c) Growth . a) Homogeneity b) Heterogeneity c) Homogeneity and heterogeneity both 5. a) Societal Concept b) Production Concept c) Selling concept d) Marketing Concept 6.

a problem? a) Evaluating alternative solutions b) Recalling and gathering information about possible solutions c) Deciding on the appropriate solution d) Making the commitment to purchase a particular product or service 11. Which one of the following is the major and the most appropriate reason of strategic alliance? a) To increase partners b) To expand business efficiently c) To just engage in global businessd) To expand sub offices 9. Which is the best description for basis of psychographic segmentation of consumer markets? a) Nations. counties and cities b) Family life cycle. regions and states b) Age. or interested in. Which of the following is necessary to develop on the basis of wealth. Identify which of the following is not the participant in international buying process? a) Initiators b) Approvers c) Government d) Buyers 13. Niche marketing strategy is the most suitable for which of the following firm? a) International firms b) Global firms c) Local firm d) Multinational firm 15. Which of the following is the important variable in choosing mode of entry in international market regarding size and growth? a) Size of a company b) Local infrastructure c) Ownership advantages d) Location advantages 7. gender and family c) User status. When consumers use a problem-solving process to make purchase decisions. Identify the alliance in which two or more firms develop a contractual relationship to share some of their unique resources and capabilities to create a competitive advantage? a) Global Strategic alliance b) Non-equity strategic alliance c) Equity strategic alliance d) It is not kind of Alliance 8. Which of the following stage of economic development elaborates the status of countries that are advance in science and technology? a) Traditional society . Which of the following is the behavioral segmentation of the consumer markets? a) States. user rate and benefits sought d) Social class. lifestyle and personality 17. it is an agreement by two or more parties to form a single entity to undertake a certain project? a) Technology Licensing b) Product Licensing c) Joint venture d) Distribution Relationships 12. lifestyle and personality 16. skills and power? a) Purchasing communities b) Economical classes c) Social classes d) Competitors 14. what is the next step in the process after they become aware of. Which one of the following strategic alliance explains.d) Mature 6. and they search until they find another station that is playing music? This tendency is an example of: a) Selective perception b) Selective exposure c) Selective retention d) Selective learning 10. income and nationality c) Purchase occasion. When listening to music on the radio. many consumers automatically switch stations when commercials begin to run. attitude toward product and benefits sought d) Social class.

The dispute in which a judge. It is likely that global competition will become more fiercely intensive because: a) Competitors are increasing in size and have more resources to compete. In which kind of decision the “marketer may need to change prices of products and services. dictatorships & communist dictatorships belong to which of the following economic condition variable? a) Economic System b) Political Risk c) Economic setup d) Political setups 1.” a) Marketing decision b) Production decision c) Financial decision d) Sales decision 3. People with similar demographic and/or psychographic profiles may interact differently with the same product.b) The drive to maturity c) High Mass – Consumption d) Pre-conditions for take-off 18. a) Common law b) Statutory law c) Theocracy law d) Bureaucratic law 6. jury or arbitrator determines the outcome is known as __________. b) Competitors can seemingly access any international market and compete freely. The “pricing & cost structure of the competing firms” relates which kind of information for international marketing? a) Competitor information b) Product information c) Marketing mix information d) Product mix information 8. The exchange rate which is determined by market forces and changes freely is known as __________. In which of the following categories the price is less important? a) Hand made Italian leather product b) Hand made Pakistani carpet c) Luxurious car made by germens d) All of the given 9. but they are protected by the government in their own domestic market. Which of the following argument use to “promote local defense industry”? National defense argument b) Infant industry argument c) Strategic industry argument d) Local defense argument 2. “Expropriation” and “confiscation” belongs to which kind of following risk? a) Political risk b) Legal risk c) Environmental risk d) National risk 7. . The democracies. a) Adjudicative processes b) Consensual processes c) Arbitrator process d) Mediation process When the cases are adjudicated based on the basis of religious knowledge and beliefs are known as __________. The way marketers use this information to segment a market is known as which of the following? a) Geographic segmentation b) Relationship segmentation c) Beneficial Segmentation d) Behavioral segmentation 20. a) Fixed exchange rate system b) Managed exchange rate system c) Floating exchange rate system d) Flat exchange rate system 4. Mention stage of economic development in which countries is able to produce a wide variety of products? a) Traditional society b) Pre-conditions for take-off c) High Mass – Consumption d) The drive to maturity 19.

a. you need to carry out some basic checks EXCEPT: a. Performance in term of marketing c. In which category given scenario fall: a. Merger 5. Term b. operating in the global market environment in the 21st century requires: a) To seek a unique strategy which can be applied to any given market environment. Compensation deal 10. A resulting form of business in which a firm A is controlling all business activities and ending up the control of firm B to expand business. In history of marketing Sony and Ericsson. The most famous triangular trade in human history was between West Africa. A type of foreign direct investment in which an industry abroad sells the output of a firm’s domestic production. 17th century b. Acquisition d. Territory c. when business is fully functioned. or uses the firm’s output is: a. Turnkey projects c. International advertising c. Horizontal FDI d. of person 2. If you opt to assess a new potential partner. Directing a company's efforts towards serving one or more groups of customers sharing common needs or characteristics is defined as: a. Business places 3. After some time he handover this running business to that party. Market targeting c. a. Legal contract b. two firms agree to work together but firms promoted their mutual interests separately. Joint venture c. A license under intellectual property commonly has several component parts UNLIKE: a. The West India. Sport services d. Performance in term of production b. Backward vertical FDI b. Advance purchase d. 10. 20th century 6. National advertising b. Performance in term of law 8. Merger 9. Various tangibles and intangibles parameters are commonly available by the franchisor UNLIKE: a. d) The organization to identify opportunities to exploit other players 1. Vertical FDI 7. Target marketing b. An entrepreneur starts business operations from scrap level by using resources of third party. Legal contracts 4. Common contracts d. For any organization. Forward vertical FDI c. 19th century d. Legal contract b. b) The ability to harness continuous innovations by cultivating a culture of learning and improvement. Triangular trade is a historical term indicating trade between three ports or regions. Market segmentation . c) The leadership to enforce regular downsizing and de-layering to maintain a high level of efficiency. Buy-Back agreement b. Which concept applies to above scenario? a. 18th century c. Acquisition d. No. d) Organizations are forming alliances with other market players. A form of counter trade in which business parties and. Joint venture c. Renewal d.c) Competitors are becoming more aggressive. Management contracts b. Counter purchase c. and Europe in: a. one of them is from developing country. Performance in term of personnel d.

If Germany limits the number of Japanese ball bearings that may enter its country to protect its domestic industry and reduce reliance of foreign supply. Reserves If a nation uses tariffs. Within the balance-of-payments statement. it will impose what is called a(n): tariff. and restrict manufacturers' supply sources. it may be guilty of what is called: protectionism. A(n) __tariff__ will generally increase inflationary pressures. Market positioning If a country sells more to other countries than it buys from them. it is using a(n) __quota__ as a trade barrier. If the United States were to place an absolute restriction against the purchase and importation of Libyan oil as a punishment for perceived support of global terrorism. If a government wants to tax goods entering at its borders. A statement that records all financial transactions between a nation's residents and those of the rest of the world during a given period of time (usually one year) is called a nation's: balance-of-payments. and nontariff barriers to restrict trade so that domestic industries can flourish. the situation is called a favorable: balance of trade.d. weaken balance-of-payments positions. quotas. increases or decreases in foreign exchange. the United States would have imposed which of the following against Libya? Boycott Which of the following treaties paved the way for effective a worldwide tariff agreement? GATT . and increases or decreases in liabilities to foreign central banks. the _______account is a record of all exports and imports of gold.

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