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Protomind Consulting is a strategy and management consulting company started in the

year of 2008, by a group of experienced and innovative thought leaders from

management consulting industry.

Our ideation team has graduated from eminent internationally renowned business
schools of Sloan School of Management - MIT, Wharton business school - University of
Pennsylvania and Indian Institute Management with enviable career achievements.

Protomind consulting is a brain child of extensive industry experience & research,

present state of consulting industry and out of the box thinking from traditional
management consulting thought culture.

We believe “pluri-disciplined optimized management solutions” are the need of the hour
to increase the competitiveness of the client in real time environment.

We work to bring about a change in the consulting service environment focused on

delivery of services with “BEST VALUE™” philosophy.

? We are a group of management consultants and subject matter experts in various
management and non-management fields located globally with diverse areas of interest
and quality work experience.

Our business goal is to deliver “best” value from our pluri disciplined appreciation and
learning to our clients’ business by creating innovative solutions and implementing the
same to deliver value with “business common sense”.

Our knowledge partners and thought leaders are trained value creators who vary in their
depth, breadth and quality of experience in their area of interest and consulting
specializations coupled with their out of the box appreciation of business operations and
exceptional problems solving capability.

Processes, systems, frameworks, methods traditional thinking and its solutions, and
and definitions of any kind and purpose, more eagerly aspire to develop new ideas,
are defined for “structuring the create nimbleness in work methods and
innovative solutions suiting for the fast
MOTIVATION AND IDEOLOGY unstructured”, and the motive in such
changing business environment and
endeavors is always to serve positively the

situations. This passion provides us with a
original sacred spirit defined for it at its capability of innovative thought in approach,
outset. Somehow over time, the situation solution innovation and its implementation.
reels into one where the same becomes the
limitation to further the original spirit and Our focus on “BEST VALUE™” and “BASE™”
purpose envisaged. We want to break such philosophy for knowledge building and
solution development adds value to any area

vicious circles, get out of the trained thought of strategic thinking, business operations
culture and its process dependency, and and its systemic or functional aspects.
create a successful path for challenging what
we have learnt to deliver extreme competitive Our goal is to make your company more
advantage to our clients. valuable with innovative pluri disciplined
services covering wider gamut of business
We know traditional thinking and solutions in aspects creating business value with
real environment creates slack. We value preparation for its future.

1. Introspect prior to taking any line of thought - "what is the best direction among
available rights of approaching the problem at hand", thereby seeing best extractive
success in every of our interventions with our clients

2. Believe in maximizing the consulting value and extract a deep satisfaction for us to have
successfully delivered to our promise

3. Possess leadership capability with innovation and implementation potential at each step

4. Connect to management and their team members at all levels of organization hierarchy

5. Are passionate, ethical, intellectually energetic and transparent

We believe everything can be improved upon, but the fastest doers
and futuristic thinkers take the cake away in the competitive market
by taking the present business state to its optimal state and make it
FUTURE READY in a time bound manner.
To deliver to our clients’ real business problems, our quality thought process has its
origin in pluri disciplined learning and appreciation of simplicity in complexity of various
business aspects and its requirements at different levels for exponential value extraction
and enhancement by our innovative thinking.

We have access to a wide global network of industry professionals, thought leaders and
consultants, whose capabilities we tap in to deliver valuable solutions to our clients.

In addition to business related disciplines our knowledge leaders are specialized in

spirituality, human psychology, systematic and systemic thinking among others. We
nurture their originality of thought and innovation capability for our client’s use.


We offer services under the following service lines with We work with clients which include many of the world’s most
modern competitive outlook: ambitious organizations. Many of them vary in sizes but
have one thing in common - passion to grow beyond.
• Strategy Development At present, we serve:
• Strategy Deployment
• Productivity Improvement • Automotive & Assembly
• Cost Reduction • Chemicals
• Marketing And Sales
• Consumer Goods
• Marketing Spend Productivity Improvement
• Marketing Organization • Energy & Utilities
• Marketing Strategy • Financial Services
• Pricing • Healthcare & Medical Devices
• Sales & Channel Management • Metal & Mining
• Organizational Effectiveness • Petroleum
• Outsourcing & Offshoring • Pharmaceuticals
• Innovation Consulting • Pulp & Paper
• Energy Consulting & Advisory • Retail Industry
• Change Management Consulting • Transportation & Logistics

Along with par tnering (advisory, consulting and implementation services) with public, private and government
companies, we also engage our services in the third sector. We believe, Pro bono consulting work is a great way
of ‘Giving and Gaining’. We under take and encourage pro bono consultancy to “third sector” assignments and
hence contribute our time and experience to help a wor thy charity, free of charge or at a minimal fee.

We are different because of our pluri disciplined + base philosophy, clear customized
overarching inclusive approach, original thinking and exponential impact on value delivery.

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Our clients call on us when they require:

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• an innovative solution: counter-intuitive thinking and groundbreaking high value solutions

• a highly responsive approach: we listen, and then we act decisively and quickly

• delivery of hard results: we get the job done, often trouble-shooting where previous
initiatives have failed.

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CONTACT We would forward your request to our appropriate office located near to you to cater to your
queries immediately.


Ist floor, Panchavati, 2-1-255/2, Nallakunta,
Hyderabad – 500044, India.
Phone:+91-40-27677722, Fax: +91-40-27659068