I've been staying with my elder brother and his wife (bhabi) Seema for the last three months

. They have been married for about five years. My bhabi is a pretty, plump and jolly woman, and very good company. At home, she mostly wears a short housecoat that reveals the cleavage of her size C36 boobs and her legs half way up her lovely thighs. She has got a big behind as well; it must feel soft and nice to the touch. To describe her in one word: she was voluptuous.

When she sits down, the housecoat slides up to reveal more thigh and sometimes I have even glimpsed her Mound of Venus. My brother sure is lucky to be able to sleep with her and fuck her whenever he wants. I know that he fucks her regularly. I'm sure that bhabi gives him a good time in bed. I'm very jealous of my brother. He has this beautiful woman and I have nothing, though I know from the way bhabi treats me and touches me that she is fond of me.

One day it so happened that brother was away from home and bhabi was not feeling too well. When I went to find out how she was feeling, she was lying on her bed, wearing a loose gown with buttons down the middle. Some buttons were undone, maybe to let fresh air caress her legs. She said:

"Shyam, I'm aching all over. Would you be a darling and press my feet and ankles?"

I was more than happy to oblige. I took her foot in my hands. How small and dainty they were. I kissed her ankles. She said:

"You naughty boy, I said press my feet, not kiss them."

"Your feet are so sexy, I had to kiss them. Please don't mind."

I started with the arches of her feet, then the heels. She sighed with pleasure and relief. I then got to work on her calf muscles. How shapely, how soft, how inviting they were. Big brother sure is a lucky man to have such a lovely wife to fuck and enjoy, I said to myself. I kissed the back of her knees. I'd read somewhere that women liked to be kissed there. I thought of venturing north, but as if reading my mind, bhabi said:

after Big Brother (BB) had left for work early. I had to go out of town on a course for the next two weeks. 'Madhu. Some day. she got up and planted a sweet kiss on the side of my mouth." "I don't want any pretty girl. the words tumbling out of my mouth. At the end. I hugged Seema tight. not a little too soon. "Then we must find a way out of this. taken totally aback. Madhu. but not today. Your brother was making love to me as he usually does. I must tell you something that happened last night. She smiled and kissed me again. Just give me some time" -. you'll get a pretty girl as a wife who you can touch everywhere like your brother does me. I was shocked. The next morning." Saying this." There it was. I had no idea that when he was making love to me he was thinking of my sister!" . just flicking her lips over mine and drawing back before I could react. feeling her soft body against mine. uncontrolled. When we managed to be alone. and I was back home. unbidden. the course ended. but I love your brother too. he suddenly cried out. Seema and I were enjoying a leisurely cup of tea after breakfast when she suddenly said something out of the blue: "Shyam. Mercifully. "Do you love me?" "Yes. I love you and want you. In whatever little spare time I had I could only dream about my bhabi Seema."What I have and you want to touch belongs to your brother. I love you'.she replied. we really must. on the side of my mouth. her lips gently caressing mine for a flitting instant.

He then fucked her fast and furiously. Madhu is my bhabhi's younger sister. There was no hope of his return to his native shores. It was as if he couldn't have enough of her hot tongue and lips on his cock. as before 'Madhu. and he did eye her lustfully! Seema bhabi continued: "Shyam. she always did look at Big Brother (BB) with adoring eyes. banging and thrusting into her body. after all that has happened. I love you'. Here was my husband. Wouldn't you like that. then I'll tell him that he can have her with my blessings. perhaps with the naiveté of the very innocent. a widow who owned a huge cattle ranch up there and was now busy servicing her and managing the ranch. But I knew that here was a heaven sent opportunity for us. crying out. He climaxed. She was married off to some vague guy who took off for Australia soon after the wedding. Shyam?" I couldn't wait for that night of revelation. he had gone up north and married a much older lady. "Don't you get it. in hindsight. a plane Jane in my eyes. when he makes love to me. Parting her thighs and telling her to pull them up. The next morning. Now. my sweet? Tonight. Madhu. He then casually kissed her on her breasts and stomach and mounted her. Seema bhabi poured out the glad tidings. coming in great bursts.I must now tell you who Madhu is. come to think of it. and before long he was in the throes of ejaculation into my sweet bhabi's cunt. BB as usual fucked his darling wife vigorously after making her suck his cock for a long. he entered her cunt. true to her word. I'll ask him bluntly 'do you wish it was Madhu under you rather than me'? If he says yes. but in return I must have my Shyam baby. . promising to call his bride of less than two weeks there as soon s he had settled down. making love to me and climaxing inside me. Poor Madhu.I asked. I said nothing that would reveal my feeling on hearing those words. she would moon around looking sad and forlorn. saying that he wanted to fuck my younger sister." "How so?" -. When last heard of. long time.

knowing that Seema would be mine very soon? At about ten that night.After he had spent inside her. The sight was too much for me to behold for long. dressed in a clinging nightgown. I opened it. she told that I was fumbling so much with my buttons that she had to help me to undress. Seema told him bluntly that he wanted to fuck Madhu he could jolly well have her. I don't know when I took off my clothes. I was overwhelmed that I was going to fuck my bhabi with the blessings of my BB. Madhu came to live with us. but that scamp of his brother would get to fuck his wife! Hobson's choice indeed. By now BB didn't know whether he was coming or going. she quickly got out of her negligee and stood there naked before me. BB was naturally taken aback. There was an interconnecting door between our doors. We have the whole night before us. On the one had. namely. it's not every day that your darling wife tells you that you can fuck her younger sister! Seema assured her husband that she was serious. to find Seema bhabi. but there was one condition attached. She came in. he agreed. later. Stupid girl. Well. She would get Madhu to stay with us and be fucked by him without any problem. Let's make the most of it. in the face of his wife's 'take it or leave it' ultimatum. after a couple of days. yours truly. would even deign I look at her." Saying this. he was going to be able to fuck his beloved Madhu. I locked the door. She was given a room. adjoining mine. As soon as we could disengage from our embrace. . But in the end. After all. she said: "Your BB is now with his beloved Madhu. with his wife's blessings. She was in my arms. and I observed that she was very careful to bolt it on her side. We were kissing each other madly. there was a knock on my door. if he agreed that she could spend nights with his younger brother.

darling boy" She kissed me on the mouth. She then said: "You said I'm sweet up here. First. you silly boy. I'll die." "Anything?" -. But Seema bhabi stopped me. You love me. and I told her so. saying: "That's no way to make love to a woman. She told me suck on her tongue and drink her juices as if we were one being. she said: "Don't feel bad about what you are doing. She tasted so sweet.I had no though except to enter that delicious cunt as quickly as I could. you have to prepare her and arouse her to receive your cock inside her cunny hole. don't you? Your brother also often sucks my cunt before he fucks me. and how sweet and aromatic her cunt tasted. First. kiss me." "Tell me how.she asked." "Well then. I'll do anything to make you happy. parting my lips with her. If you love someone. forcing her tongue into my mouth. I said: " I'll do anything you ask me to. which was by now invitingly open for my tongue to enter. I squeezed her big breasts. How soft they were. but don't ask me to leave you. then you will worship and kiss every part of his or her . you must do everything I tell you. Face down. tongue inside her cunt. Why don't you find out how sweet I am between my legs?" She guided my face down to her pussy. I couldn't help but think that this was the same cunt that my BB fucked almost every night. and now I'm eating it! As if reading my thoughts.

Her pussy was sweet to the taste and smelt of roses. and guide my cock back into her pussy with her hand. I have no words to describe how it feels except to say that it's heavenly." I did as I was bid without hesitation because I loved this woman so much. and possibly because BB had used it quite a lot. she holding me and kissing me sensuously on my mouth and sucking on my tongue. in. and now I was getting the benefit of that expertise. her soft body pressed to mine. I started to fuck her. I told myself. in the throes of a momentous orgasm. She kept on telling me not to come because she wanted to enjoy being fucked by my hard cock for ever. darling boy. urging me to fuck her cunny with my tongue. I took out my cock slowly and rested by her side. Soon she was moaning and convulsing. and so on. She pulled me up my face and said: "Now you can fuck me with your cock. Seema bhabi is the best cock sucker I have ever had in my entire life. in out. She thrust her pelvis into my face and was jerking forward and backward. It was so pleasurable. Sometimes in my enthusiasm. I stopped fucking her and just lay on her plump. clasping me tight and slowing me down. and then she'd say that it had come out." She held my cock in her hand and guided me into that hot little cunt hole of hers. how much she enjoyed fucked by my hard young body. until she came face to face with my now turgid cock. Swirl it around my vaginal wall and lick and suck my clit and feel it grow big under your tongue. She was now lying on me. put your tongue in me. She kissed me there -. So. My BB had indeed tutored his darling wife well to suck a cock. giving me waves of pleasure. exhausted by the strenuous fucking I had done. how much she had wanted to be fucked by me. She came in great gasps of pleasure. soft body.body. She went downward. her body rubbing mine. kissing me passionately and telling me how much she loved and desired me. out. in out.I'd never imagined in my wildest drams that my bhabi would actually have my cock in her mouth. She has this technique of dabbing the cock with her tongue to make it strum like a banjo string. my cock used to come out of her cunt. She slid her tongue and lips up and down the shaft. Her kisses brought me back to life. murmuring erotic little messages into my ears. . She took the cock head into her mouth and swirled her tongue round and round it taking me to unbelievable heights of pleasure. She was already wet because of my tonguing and my cock slipped into her easily. without holding your cock by the hand while sucking you as most other women do when they are sucking your cock. She held me tight.

I had a quick bath and came back into the bedroom. out. licking and sucking that sweet little cunt of hers." My cock slowly got limp and I got out of her cunt.. I started fucking her with a lot of love. I can take every drop of you inside me -it'll remind me how you fucked me. I can never have enough of her cunt taste. Her husband was fucking her sister much too much. I woke up in the morning to find my lover already awake. Seema bhabi took it all in saying: "Spend it all inside me. As for me. and I started fucking her again. She was naked and was stroking my naked body with her delicate fingers. BB must have been having a good time with his sis-in-law Madhu. I was the discarded lover. The time had come for the straying husband to come back home and spend nights with his wife. exhausted and I fell asleep in her arms. but with the freedom to service dear Madhu in any way she might accommodate me. and my bhabi's holding my cock with her vaginal muscles tight were not helping matters! I just couldn't hold myself any longer. She whispered to me how much she loved me and how much she enjoyed our lovemaking. in. thoroughly satiated and satisfied.All this made me hot and horny again. My cock went into her cunt as if they were made for each other. Without any more ado. darling boy. because when I saw him he looked a very satisfied man indeed! After about a week of pure unadulterated nights of pleasure with my darling bhabi. don't spill one drop outside. I discharged into my lover's cunt and womb with gallons of pent up energy. My juices were building up within me. My body contorted and I came and came and came. she guided my cock into her moist and ready cunt. and I was on top of my darling bhabi (sister-in-law). I forced her down on the bed. she felt. in out in a frenzy of lust and love until both climaxed together. . bathed and as fresh as a newly plucked rose. Time was fast beckoning a climax. She took me into her arms and kissed me passionately. holding her close to me and whispering endearments into her ears.. she suddenly broke the bad news to me. opened up her thighs and started kissing.

Finally. first on her outer labia. It was a small breast. I forced her down on the bed and raised her nightgown to expose her thighs to my gaze. I squeezed it. whereas Madhu's scent was that of jasmines. with that same communicating door between us." I didn't know what to do. who smelt of roses. sleepy voice asked me what I wanted. She heaved and came in my mouth in buckets.That night. I put an arm round her and cupped a breast in my palm. but soft and sexy all right. Her body stiffened in protest. then put my tongue inside. I thought. She tried to cover her cunt with her hands. turned her tight ass towards my face. There was no time for words. much smaller than her sister's. I then kissed her hard on the lips. but I wasn't bothered. I kissed her cunt. and said: "You've done enough damage. I just want to talk to you" The door opened revealing Madhu in a clinging nightgown barely covering her crotch and bum. crying 'suck me more. open the door. forcing my tongue into her mouth. . I was back in my bedroom. feeling its softness. Kiss and lick me all over there. kissing her all the while on her lips and mouth. licking her inner labia and then the walls of her vagina. She had beautiful long and slim thighs. I said: "Madhu. thighs closed. Later at night. Now suck me from the rear. I stroked and caressed her and put my face down into her Mound of Venus. I swirled my tongue around her vagina and her clitoris. you naughty boy. Her body relaxed and I could hear moans of pleasure. Her cunt smell was different from that of Seema's. It was a show of force. I knocked on the door between our bedrooms. She now turned sideways. feeling the nipple grow hard against my fingers. Madhu was in the room next to mine. suck me more'. tasting her and soon she surrendered. I forced them open with the edge of my palm. Encouraging sight. when I was sure that BB was too busy fucking his darling wife to worry about what his brother and lover were up to. A gruff. Her elder sister had taught me a lot. I put an arm about her waist and guided her back to her bed.

"Come on. "Ahh . round and inviting. waiting to be kissed.. exposing her ass to my view. putting my tongue deep into her asshole. She got up and kissed me full on the mouth and said: "My dear. I kneaded and sensually fondled her ass. I plunged my face into the valley between her twin buns and licked her all over. But it was a woman's ass. I came to know that she learned all this from erotic movies that BB and she used to watch together during their love sessions. that's nice" -. After this show of affection. I'll do to you what I told you to do to me.. I licked that prohibited crevice carefully.she murmured. which were plump. That got her more heated up. as she wanted. They were smaller. why are you hesitating? If you are going to fuck me. Madhu sensed my hesitation. She worked her tongue expertly over my anus. I could not but reciprocate when she turned on her stomach. with much hesitation. Later on." I bit the bullet and lowered my face down to the valley between her buttocks. you'll have to do what I tell you. much smaller than her sister's. She pulled down my head to the crease between her ass cheeks and said: "Eat me there"." With this she turned me over and started licking and kissing my anus and the all the area round it with much fervor and enthusiasm. I continued to ream her asshole wit my tongue until she turned over on her back and said" . caressing the divide between them with the edge of my palm.

She told me to fuck her properly without taking my cock out of her cunt. It was the perfect wedding night for the newly married husband and wife. Both BB and could certify to that. in the arms of their lovers! Madhu and I went for our honeymoon to Kerala on a boating trip on its famous backwaters. and frankly speaking. So. Madhu spent her wedding night with BB. To show her who was the master. with my brother's and Madhu's sister's blessings.two brothers married to two sisters and enjoying fucking them both!" The problem was that Madhu was somewhat older than I was. We met another couple on holiday. and the brothers were also happy and content with things as they were. "What if Madhu and you got married? It would be the ideal way to seal our relationship -. It was a real delight to enter that tight cunt. But I had no intention of getting tied down when I was having the best of two worlds! I was helping my brother to keep his wife and his sister happy."Sweetie. it was during the honeymoon that my wife learned how to take my cock in her ass. rocking us to and fro. I fucked her long and hard until she came and came and came. . I took out my cock and reentered her to repeat the pleasure. I fucked her twice more during the night before leaving her bed and returning to mine for a well deserved rest. Then. Take me slow and easy and let's both enjoy ourselves. wasn't a great looker. It was an experience to fuck my wife riding on a boat in the stillness of the night with just the sound of the water lapping the sides of the boat. But she had a good body which she took care to maintain. She was much tighter than her sister. I was now earning a good salary and was of a fit age to get married. We were free to do what we wanted as there was no one to question us." She raised her legs in the classical posture of a woman waiting to receive a cock between her legs. This fucking of my dear sister-in-law and her younger sister by the two brothers went on till that time when I got a job in a foreign bank. I'm ready to be fucked by you now. probably as her vaginal passage had not been used as often. not on a honeymoon. my sister-in-law got a bright idea. but on a trip to renew their marriage vows. and I with Seema bhabi. we got quietly married in a local temple. Fittingly. and she was certainly great in bed. I repeated the action a number of times until she could not take it any more (her sister had taught me to do this). I entered her with my rigid cock.

.What happened afterward is another story.

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