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Georgian Artillery National Guards’

Continues Training 18 Anniversary
On December 20th, the Geor- “There was a time when I was a demonstrative fire exercise was
gian National Guard celebrated part of the Georgian guardsmen, carried out for guests by guards-
its 18th anniversary. A solemn a long time ago as well, when men at Mukhrovani shooting
ceremony to mark this day was this promising and strong part of range. The exercise aimed to
held at the shooting range of the the Armed Forces was still get- bring disorientation, halting and
Mukhrovani Military Base on ting its shape and form. So it is annihilation to the enemy. The
December 20th. The Chief of the very important for me to be here leadership of the Georgian
Joint Staff of the Georgian today. The positive and negative Armed Forces evaluated posi-
Armed Forces, Col. Vladimer sides of National Guard today tively upshots of today’s per-
Chachibaia and his Deputy Brig- are very close and well known formed mission.
adier General, Davit Nairashvili to me. We plan to make changes By the end of the solemn cer-
attended the ceremony. and renew the system to get more emony, 34 military servicemen
The ceremony was hosted by effective and flexible one for fu- of the National Guard of Geor-
the Commander of Georgian Na- ture. I want to congratulate all gia were rewarded medals (I, II,
tional Guard, Col. Shmagi Telia. the Georgian guardsmen and III ranks) for meritorious service
The other leadership of the wish them success in their carri- at the Georgian Defence System
Joint Staff of GAF congratulat- er and personal life,” said Col. and five Georgian guardsmen
ed Georgian guardsmen with the Vladimer Chachibaia in the end were granted with General Kvin-
National Guards’ 18th anniversa- of the day. itadze awards as well.
ry as well. As the part of the ceremony, Mindia Arabuli

Since August 2008 there is no ercises were carried out by artil- how Artillery units can coordi-
doubt that Georgian Artillery lerists of the Georgian Armed nate with other units during their
units are a very powerful strong- Forces at the Orpholo Firing operations. One of the priorities
hold for Georgian Armed Forc- Range. in exercises for next year will be
es. They showed their profes- Fire exercises conducted un- the combined trainings of the
sionalism and dedication in Au- der the final stage of the training members of different types of
gust war. Many Georgian sol- was attended by Defence Minis- units from the Georgian Armed
diers were saved by Artillery ter Vasil Sikharulidze and the Forces.”
cover shelling. Long distance Chief of Staff of GAF, Col. In the frame of two-week ex-
accurate firing stopped a large Vladimer Chachibaia. The lead- ercises, the Artillery Division of
number of aggressors right after ership of MOD was represented the First Infantry Brigade did its
they entered Georgian territory. by the Deputy Defence Minister, best to increase qualification.
Many civilians were driven out Bacho Akhalaia as well. Combined subunits of the Fourth
from the red zone under the cor- Together with the high rank- and Fifth Infantry Brigades have
rect target execution from artil- ing representatives of MOD and utilized anti-armored equipment
lerists at the enemy positions JS, training was attended by for- during the tactical artillery firing.
around the villages in region. eign military attaches accredit- “Our most important mission
Georgian Artillery became a real ed to Georgia. is to keep State Security, so any
nightmare and scary surprise for Since Mr. Sikharulidze be- kind of exercise is very important.
the Russian military during the came the new Minister of De- Next year’s training program will
August days. fence, it was his first visit to the give us better results for coordi-
“SI VIC PACEM, PARA shooting range, and he compli- nated execution of missions,” said
BELLUM” - this wise phrase is mented the exercises: “It is im- Col. Chachibaia.
tightly followed by Georgian portant to run these kind of ex- Tactical firings were evaluat-
Armed Forces. December 18th, ercises. These guys numerous ed positively from Georgian as
after two weeks of intensive times proved their effectiveness. well as the foreign visitors’ side.
training, demonstrative fire ex- It is also very important to see Mindia Arabuli

Interview With Defence Minister met
Lithuanian MOND with NATO/PfP
Liaison Officer
Andrius Krivas Trainings in Saguramo
International Fact- Intelligence Officers
Finding Mission on the Complete Basic
Conflict in Georgia at Mountain Training
the Defence Ministry Course

Interview With Lithuanian MOND

Undersecretary Andrius Krivas
Representatives of the Public Affairs what happened in Georgia our mutual economic, legal, it also contains a chap-
Department of the Georgian Ministry of cooperation has entered new areas, such ter on public relations or how to explain
Defence visited the Lithuanian MoD in as post-conflict rehabilitation of the the public policy of the state to the pub-
Vilnius on the 24th of November. The Georgian Military, one of the few areas lic and many other important aspects.
mission of this visit was to share infor- in which Georgia requested assistance MAP was very useful for Lithuania
mation and experience in the Public Af- shortly after the conflict, and we have when we were preparing for member-
fairs sphere between Georgian and already hosted two groups of Georgian ship, and we think that it is the right in-
Lithuanian MoDs. During this visit, we soldiers at our Military Medical Facili- strument for NATO to use to help Geor-
managed to meet the Lithuanian MoD’s ty in Druskininkai for the purposes of gia prepare to meet the very important
undersecretary, Mr. Andrius Krivas, and medical rehabilitation, after the injuries and demanding criteria of membership
held a short interview related to Geor- they suffered during the conflict. in all spheres. When Lithuania was pre-
gian and Lithuanian relations and per- We have also heard the Georgian re- paring for NATO membership, map was
spectives of Georgia’s path to NATO. quest for assistance by NATO in the field the only instrument for our disposal and
Mr Krivas has been working in the of demining, getting rid of unexploded there was no other way to prepare for
Lithuanian Ministry of National De- mines and other munitions left on the membership. Today when we look at the
fence since 1993. In August of 2008 he territory of Georgia after the conflict. broad relationship between Georgia and
was appointed as Acting Undersecretary And in this sense we have been work- NATO we have a wide variety of instru-
for Defense Policy and International ing within NATO towards expanding the ments, you have and ID Intensified Di-
Relations at the Lithuanian MOND. functions of the already existing NATO alogue, you have the IPAP, you have the
Mr. Krivas, as it is already known, Trust Fund for dismantling rockets and most recently established NATO-Geor-
Georgia has clearly determined aspi- missiles. gia Commission NGC. Within all those
rations toward Euro-Atlantic integra- We have co-financed a feasibility cooperation frameworks the process is
tion on this difficult way it’s very im- study within NATO on how all this can a two way street. NATO is listening to
portant for us to cooperate with be done and now the NAMSA is look- Georgia and Georgia has a chance to
NATO member states and deepen our ing into those possibilities. Of course present its progress, its ideas, its plans
bilateral relations with our Europe- during the conflict we have extended for the future. NATO provides feedback,
an partners, especially with eastern every possible political support to Geor- what is good in terms of Georgia’s
European countries with whom we gia, in face of the aggression that was achievements and where the remaining
have special relations and who share taking place, at that moment and ever problem areas exist and it is exactly
historical similarities with Georgia. In since, we have been very clearly sup- through the identification of those prob-
this context, how can you see our fur- portive of the territorial integrity and lem areas that we can best see where we
ther relations and particularly what sovereignty of Georgia and we have can come with our advice and, if need-
can Lithuania do in order to assist and condemned the excessive use of mili- ed, assistance.
support Georgia in its attempt to be- tary force by the Russian federation and What can you say about the future
come the member NATO? it’s occupation of parts of Georgia. plans of cooperation between our
Georgia has always been an impor- As you know, Georgia strives to be- countries?
tant priority in terms of our outreach to come a member of NATO. What per- I would say that the future of the de-
those countries who embarked on the spectives do you see on this path and fence and security-related cooperation
pass of building up a democratic sys- what recommendations can you give between Lithuania and Georgia is bright,
tem, a society based on a free market to our country in this regard? we are going to continue to work in di-
economy respecting the individual free- The situation we are in now, also in rections that we have been working so
dom and they stand willing to became a been cooperating with Georgia, espe- tably in the GTEP Georgian Train and the context of defence cooperation, is far, and we are going to enhance this
part of Euro-Atlantic processes includ- cially in terms of officers training. We Equip Program a few years ago, which naturally different from the pre-conflict cooperation and we are clearly project-
ing prospect of the NATO membership have assisted Georgia in having offic- was run by the United States. stage. We have been confirmed in our ing it not as a merely bilateral relation-
and a membership in the European ers trained at some of the courses taught As it is known, the August conflict conviction that the next logical step for ship but as a part of a large regional ef-
Union. Since Georgia has firmly ex- at the Lithuanian National Military with Russia has changed quite a lot NATO in its cooperation in its relations fort. And a NATO-wide effort to help
pressed its interest in pursuing all those Academy, but also at some courses at in Georgian policy almost in every with Georgia would be to include Geor- Georgia build up a peaceful, modern,
objectives, we are happy to share our the Baltic Defence College, which is sphere. Will this circumstances im- gia in the Membership Action Plan. The well developed prosperous democratic
own experience because we have just located in Tatru, Estonia. But it is a joint pact on Georgian – Lithuanian rela- issue here is that MAP does not equal society, and effective defence force and
gone this very way, and we are more undertaking of three Baltic States, tions? Membership, it is only a tool to prepare to become a NATO member in line with
than willing to assist you. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In the past The tragic and dramatic events of for membership. And we know from our the commitments that the NATO heads
Georgia and Lithuania are closely we have also been participants in big- early August this year and their after- very own experience that this tool is very of state and government already under-
cooperating in the military sphere, ger international endeavors to help math have not changed our determina- effective, it is very comprehensive, it is took at their meeting in Bucharest, when
what does this cooperation entail? Georgia to build up its Armed forces as tion, in fact it has reinforced determina- much wider than defence cooperation they sad that Ukraine and Georgia would
We have been working in that direc- an inherent institution of the democrat- tion to continue assisting Georgia on this only, it comprises all spheres of life of become members of NATO.
tion for the number of years, we have ic society and state. We participated no- basis, and in fact as a way of reacting to the free democratic nation, political, David Jokhadze

Independent International Fact-Finding Mission Defence Minister met with

on the Conflict in Georgia at the Defence Ministry
The enquiry mission into the caus-
NATO/PfP Liaison Officer
es of the Russia-Georgia conflict have Defence Minister Davit Sikharulidze fence Minister and the NATO Liaison
paid a visit to Georgia, with the mem- met with NATO Liaison Officer Zbig- Officer discussed military education de-
bers of the mission visiting the Minis- niew Rybacki in the South Caucasus velopment and personnel management
try of Defence today. The three-person region. improvement issues.
The Defence Minister, with the rep- Towards the end of the meeting, the
delegation was presented by the Head
resentative of the North-Atlantic Alli- Georgian Defence Minister expressed
of Mission, Heidi Tagliavini, Swiss
ance, discussed NATO-Georgian rela- his gratitude for work performed by the
former U.N. special representative to
tions and recent developments in the NATO Liaison Officer.
Georgia and her deputies Ambassador defence sphere. The Annual National Zbigniew Rybacki was appointed as
Uwe Schramm and Dr. Marian Stasze- Program granted to Georgia and Ukraine NATO/PfP Liaison Officer in Septem-
wski. in Brussels in December current year ber 2007 and his residence is located in
Guests were received by the De- was subject of the talks as well. The De- Tbilisi.
fence Minister of Georgia, Davit
Sikharulidze. The meeting was attend-
ed by Deputy Defence Minister Giorgi
Muchaidze and Head of Analytical
Department Davit Nardaia.
The main subject of the discussion
was current developments in the con-
flict zones. Davit Sikharulidze ex-
pressed readiness for close cooperation
with the Independent International
Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict
in Georgia (IIFFMCG).
In the framework of the visit,
IIFFMCG delegation members held
meetings with the Georgian ministers
of interior affairs and foreign affairs.

Communication Trainings in Saguramo

Communication training has drawn tions Department.
to a close at the Centre of New Tech- The course of operators teaches com-
nology of Signal Battalion in Saguramo. puter programming. Besides FIXED and
Participants of the training sessions in- ALE regimes, operators develop 3G,
clude military servicemen of different 3G+ and HOP regimes in the area of
units of the Georgian Armed Forces. computer programming.
The New Technology Centre of Sig- During the training sessions, much
nal Battalion of Saguramo was estab- attention is paid to improvement of
lished with the support of the Ministry data transmission from one station to
of Defence of Georgia and US interna- another.
tional communications and information “Students intensively study HAB
technology company Harris in 2007. technology. It’s available to connect 4
Over 40 days, instructors from the cen- radio stations to this technology. It
tre took part in training sessions at the gives us the opportunity to rapidly
base of the Harris Corporation in the transmit data from ultra high-frequen-
USA. cy radio stations to high-frequency ra-
Training was simultaneously con- dio stations. Also, it’s possible to send
ducted in 5 groups, which contained 12 phone calls to any direction,” declared
students. Over 5 weeks, students ob- captain Philia.
tained useful skills for communication. “It’s the fifth week that we are here.
Captain Kurckhalia said that trainings Our communicational system will be-
include both a theoretical and practical came more effective by mastering this
segment. technique. We are receiving detailed
“Generally we prepare radiomen and knowledge about manual and computer
operators. At present, the centre is guid- programming. Also, we study data trans-
ed by radio station Harris. We use high- mission by computer,” said Tedo
frequency and ultra high-frequency sys- Bodokia, student of the Military College
tems. Programming of the radio station of Georgia. “The function of radio man accom- weeks,” declared Vice-Colonel Igor Ar- week. At the end of the training, students
by radioman goes by hand in ALE and Trainings were also attended by sep- plish senior of tank. Tank men are mas- tamonov, deputy chief of the military should pass a final test, which contains
FIXED regimes. Students also study arate armored battalions of the Georgian tering new technology of Harris. Instal- unit. 100 answers, and if they pass it success-
GPS data’s,” said Captain Guram Phil- land forces. Seniors of tanks pass spe- lation of this technique is in the process During the five weeks of training, fully, they’ll receive certificates.
ia, Head of New Technology Instilla- cial course of communication. now. This course will continue for 3 students have tests at the end of every Irakli Gurgenidze

Intelligence Officers
Complete Basic Mountain
Training Course
20 students of the Intelligence Offic- dents have done everything well.” Cap. river, create and use alpinist knots, re-
er’s Course at the National Defence Modebadze also told us that the course locate in alpine zone, among other ac-
Academy passed their examination in was conducted by Georgian instructors. tivities.
the basics of mountain training. The Before the quick march, we were able “After this course, soldiers have to
training, which started on the 8th of De- to interview one of the students, who overcome any difficulties which they
cember, lasted for two weeks. In the said “it’s very important to train Geor- could meet,” said 1st SGT Dzindzinbadze.
framework of the course, students stud- gian soldiers in Mountain Courses, be- He also mentioned that it’s very impor-
ied techniques of relocation, and climb- cause during the August events there tant for a soldier to be physically well
ing up and climbing down from rocks. were several problems which were too trained, saying “This training needs sol-
During the final test, the officers suc- difficult to solve.” We also interviewed diers to be very strong and to be hardy.”
cessfully completed a 4 kilometer length the 1 st SGT of Mountain Training He added that because of climate condi-
quick march. During their conversation School, Giorgi Dzindzibadze. During tions, this course was a little bit reduced.
with us, Captain Lasha Modebadze, the the interview he explained to us that this It’s planned that from 2009, some of
Chief of Sachkhere Mountain Training course was very important, because dur- the subunits will be trained with this
School educational division, said that ing the course, students studied how to program, which will improve and train
this course was completed without any overcome obstacles that are prominent better Georgian soldiers, and all this will
difficulties and problems. “Such physi- in the Georgian landscape. reflect on the level of professionalism
cal overloads for students were used for He told us that during this training, of the GAF.
the first time, but in spite of this the stu- student officers studied how to force the David Jokhadze

Military Experts at the

Defence Ministry
The first official meeting of Davit Integration Department, Nino Bakradze.
Sikharulidze as the Minister of Defence The ODC head-person has intro-
of Georgia was held at the Defence Min- duced the main trends of the Georgian-
istry. US security cooperation, as defined dur-
The leadership of the US Office of ing the defence consultations held in the
Defence Cooperation (ODC) and the USA. LTC Paul Riley submitted coop-
Advisor Group visited the Ministry of eration trends plan 2009 for consider-
Defence of Georgia. LTC Paul Riley, ation to the Defence Minister. Chief
together with Major Matthew Atkins and Advisor of the US Defence Advisors
the Head of Bilateral Assistance Office, Group, Brigadier General Ronald Man-
Lt Col. Arthur Haysman, attended to- gum has discussed already implement-
day’s meeting. Visitors included the ed issues and scheduled measures.
Chief Advisors of the US advisor group Davit Sikharulidze expressed grati-
in the Defence Field, Brigadier General tude for assistance rendered by the US
Ronald Mangum and his deputies, Col. side in the defence sphere, and pinned
Randy Williams and Col. Bill Craven. his hopes on strong support in develop-
The Georgian side was represented ing military education and personnel
by the First Deputy Defence Minister, management system and military doc-
Batu Kutelia, Deputy Defence Minister, trine and conceptual papers.
Giorgi Muchaidze and the Head of In- Both sides have agreed that similar
ternational Relations and Euro-Atlantic meetings will be arranged regularly.

Pre - New Year Reception on behalf Competition in Boxing

On December 20, the Ministry of As Major Mirza Paliani said to us,

of the Defence Minister Defence held a competition in boxing

dedicated to the 18th anniversary of the
National Guard. The participants of the
the tournament aimed not only to sup-
port healthy movement but also to set
up a boxing team in the Georgian Armed
competition included representatives of Forces, which will participate in inter-
different brigades of the Armed Forces, national competitions among the teams
and the National Guard Department and of different countries staffed by military
Special Forces as well. personnel in the future.
This was the first case when such a “It’s a pity that we have never par-
competition took place in the Georgian ticipated in tournaments like this. We
Armed Forces. The competition was hope this will be corrected in the future.
held according to the usual 7 different Furthermore, the competition show-
weight categories. cased several perspective sportsmen
The tournament was organized by who are able to participate in interna-
Major Mirza Paliani, a respected train- tional competitions with high results”
er in boxing and the head of the Physi- said Major Paliani.
cal Educational of Special Training Cen- The tournament was attended by the
ter and the Georgian Boxing Associa- Chief of Georgian Armed Forces, Colo-
tion, providing the tournament with the nel Vladimer Chachibaia, and Head of
a boxing ring of international standards, National Guard Department Shmagi
and sport equipments. The competition Telia. At the end of the competition,
was controlled by the referees of inter- winners were granted valuable presents
national categories, led by a veteran and diplomas.
boxer Erasti Eristavi. Malkhaz Topuria

The Pre-New Year official reception Atlantic Alliance has not slowed down.” tion with NATO requirements, more
was held in the club “TwoSide” on be- Readiness for further close coopera- must be done.”
half of the Defence Minister, Davit tion with the diplomatic corps and non- According to the Chief of the Joint
Sikharulidze. The event was hosted by governmental organizations was ex- Staff of GAF, Col. Vladimer Chachiba-
Davit Sikharulidze, celebrating his pro- pressed by the Defence Minister. The ia, “Our reception is attended by diplo-
motion to the rank of the Defence Min- importance of resumption and intensi- mats and military attaches from foreign
ister. The official reception was attend- fication of collaboration in this case was countries. Such kinds of meetings are
ed by representatives of the diplomatic stressed as well. very constructive, because of possibili-
corps, military attaches, NGOs, journal- The NATO Liaison Officer in the ty to meet each other, communicate and
ists and experts. South Caucasus region, Zbigniew Ry- divide opinions and experiences.”
The Defence Minister of Georgia backi, has shared his views with us: To hold Pre-New Year reception on
expressed the appreciation of the Geor- “This is a good opportunity for the dip- behalf of the Georgian Defence Minis-
gian side to guests for an active collab- lomatic corps to meet the recently ap- ter in honor of the diplomatic corps ac-
oration. Davit Sikharulidze said, “In pointed Defence Minister of Georgia. credited to Georgia has become a tradi-
spite of existing problems, Georgia’s The Georgian Armed Forces have made tion and this tradition will be continued.
intent to look and aspire to the North- progress for showing the best correla- Nino Gogochishvili

Meeting with Representatives of the Civil Sector

Books given to
Military Servicemen
A renovation process of military li- Ecclesiastical writings, unique books
braries has been initiated in the Geor- of the 19th century, and Holy Scripture
gian Armed Forces. were gifted to militaries by the Patriarch-
5000 books were granted to military ate as well.
servicemen as voluntary offerings. Collected books were distributed
Fictional novels and other reading among military units. Libraries located
material was donated by the Georgian at the military units will be decorated
Technical University, the State Universi- with sculptures and graphical works of
ty, Public Library and the Ministry of Cul- art made by students of the Academy of
ture, Monuments Protection and Sport. Arts.
Most of these books have military More then 15 thousand books will be
messages: they carry information relevant given to the Georgian Armed Forces by
to combat staff, military-engineering doc- the Ministry of Culture, Monuments
trine and construction engineering. Protection and Sport next year.
One more meeting with the represen- the defence sphere. Koba Liklikadze: “Minister of De-
tatives of the civil sector has been held In the meeting, which lasted for an fence of Georgia introduced his vision
at the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. hour, half the comments were for the of future developments of the Georgian
In the framework of the Memorandum media. Deputy Defence Minister Gior- Armed Forces. We offered our initia-
of Cooperation, signed with the Civil gi Muchaidze talked about the directions tives, for instance, from the expert point
Council on Defence and Security, such of future cooperation in development of of view we can help the Georgian Armed
meetings are held periodically. Repre- the “Minister’s Vision 2009.” “A meet- Forces and its leadership with our rec-
sentatives of NGOs were received by ing was held with the representatives of ommendations and share our experi-
David Sikharulidze for the first time in NGOs, military experts and representa- ence.”
the rank of Defence Minister. The meet- tives of civil sector. All of them work in Nikoloz Chitadze: “The meeting was
ing was attended by the Deputy Defence the defence and security field. We have very fruitful, where we defined the pri-
Ministers, Giorgi Muchaidze and Bacho a special format of cooperation. At the orities of cooperation in various direc-
Akhalaia, Head of Administration Otar meeting we discussed the directions of tions, namely in the educational sphere.
Berdzenishvili and heads of various de- future cooperation. The Ministry of De- The educational course in the defence
partments of the Defence Ministry. fence signed the Memorandum of Co- and security field must be established
The goal of the meeting was to im- operation and in its framework we in various civil and military education-
prove the transparency of the Defence scheduled intensive meetings for the al institutions. We should work togeth-
Sector and civil control of the Armed next year. As to the concrete topics, in a er and our recommendations should be
Forces. Three main directions of co- fortnight we’ll publish the Minister’s considered in such an important military
operation were discussed at the meet- Vision that will provide the priorities for document as the Strategic Defence Re-
ing, among them cooperation on the the next year. Of course next month view. Another direction that was related
elaboration of a new Strategic Defence we’ll again meet with the representatives to joint activities envisages conducting
Review, elaboration of PR Strategy of NGOs and military experts and dis- the seminars and conferences with the
and creation of a special course in civil cuss the concrete projects and directions participation of the representatives of the
educational institutions aiming at de- of cooperation based on the priorities of Defence Ministry and independent ex-
velopment of intellectual potential of the Minister’s Vision.” perts.”