A. Background Vocabulary is the most important thing and it should be given a priority attention than other skill, because knowledge of vocabulary is a key to understand this skill. Student cannot convey their ideas a written and spoken without having sufficient of vocabulary.1 English teachers have a very important role in an English instruction since they are one of the factors that determine whether teaching is successful or not. The teachers have to be able to apply various techniques in teaching English because they can use various media like movies synopsis to teach vocabulary. From the movies synopsis the students will translate one by one of vocabulary. So, the students know the meaning of it. Then they will find the trouble and the researcher will help them. The students will know new vocabulary, so step by step the students will become mastery in vocabulary. Vocabulary is a very important. So, in this case, the researcher will use movies synopsis to make easy the students and then the students will pay attention to

Nurfauzi, Increasig the Vocabulary Ability of the Second Year Students of Science Departement of MAN 2 Madello.Thesis UMPAR,2009


the story when the teachers explain it. From the explanations, the researcher will measure the ability of the students with evaluations whether or not the students understand about vocabulary. You can speak English with another if you have many vocabularies and without vocabulary you cannot do anything communication to other people. Furthermore the researcher will use movies synopsis to make easy to memorizing of vocabulary. Then by this material the students will learning how to use dictionary. These media provide language elements for the students to explore the language skills for them. Furthermore, it can be able to arouse the students¶ interest in learning a foreign Language, so it can`t not be boring, It can help students to learn the language easier. So movies synopsis can enrich students vocabulary, word comprehension and good understanding, movies synopsis can enrich English learners vocabulary many vocabulary because through this way they may image and memorize many vocabularies in one time. Actually the students can know and remember many vocabularies but this way can help students to movies synopsis and classify through the topic given by instructors. They will find the words from the general words from the general words to the specific one. Based on the explanation above, the researcher is interested in conducting research with the title ³improving vocabulary ability to the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa Through movies synopsis.


B. Problem Statement Based on the background above, the researcher formulates the problems as follows: 1. Can movies synopsis improve vocabulary ability to the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa? 2. How can movies synopsis improve vocabulary ability to the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa? C. Objective of The Research 1. The objective of the research is to find out whether or not the use of movies synopsis is able to improving the students¶ vocabulary. 2. The way of movies synopsis improve vocabularies ability of the students.

D. Significance of the Research The outcomes of the research are expected to be very useful and helpful information for English teacher to improve the teaching of movies synopsis. 1. The teacher have many strategies, to make the students to be like the movies synopsis, the teacher have a good idea to make easy for improve the vocabulary 2. The students this research can use to motivate the students to be able increase, their vocabulary. 3. The next researcher, it can be useful information for the next invent in teaching vocabulary.



A. Some Pertinent Idea

1. The Concept of Vocabulary a. Definition of vocabulary Before talking about vocabulary, it is necessary to know the definition of vocabulary. In order to have clear concept about vocabulary. Some definition of vocabulary given by different writers will be presented below: Vocabulary is: 1) Total number of words which (with rules for combining them) make up a language. 2) Words known to or used by a person in a trade, profession etc. 3) Book containing a list of words : list of words used in a book, etc.2 Hornby concluded some definitions about the vocabulary as below: 1) All the word that a person knows or uses. 2) All the word in a particular language. 3) The word that people use when they are talking about particular subject.


Hornby a.z, Oxford advanced learner¶s dictionary of current English 1974.p.959

(http://www. London: oxford university press. reading and writing. speaking.4 5 John connerly. 5 Vocabulary a list or collection of words arrange in alphabetical order and explained.2008 :p.html online 5th July 2010) . 3 Hornby. English teaching forum volume 46.000 to 10. a branch of since.6 Considering the definition of vocabulary above. or the like a word-book. first publish Singapore: Cambridge university press. either of a whole language.2001:p. et.com/words/vo/vocabulary237882. 2000:p. Second edition. a dictionary of lexicon. The Advanced Learners Dictionary To Current English.959.4 Vocabulary is knowledge of words and is required to communicate effectively and understand a text.bbrainyquoote. vocabulary. the researcher concludes that vocabulary is one media to select what words to teach and vocabulary is a list of words that is used in listening. Types of vocabulary There are three types of vocabulary as in the following: 1) Active vocabulary the words we customarily use in speaking and probably account for 5.S.al.000 words. 4 Jack c Richards. a single work or author. curriculum development in language teaching.3 Vocabulary is one of the most obvious component of language and one of the first thing applied linguists turned their attention to. A. Washington. especially in a book for learning a foreign language. b.24 6 Brainy quote.5 4) A list of word with their meaning.

2) Passive vocabulary refers to words that the students recognize them but probably they cannot be able to produce. while the passive vocabulary is the words that someone understands when reading and listening. 8 Here are the three types vocabularies. 3) Reading vocabulary: the words a person uses in writing. the words a person recognize when he hears. Sever Days To Faster Reading. the writer concluded that classification of vocabulary and based on the person vocabulary namely active and passive vocabulary. New York. Harmer Jeremy .United States of American. Golier International INC. 371 8 7 .9 Based on explanation above. 1) Listening or hearing vocabulary : the words a person recognize when he hears 2) Speaking vocabulary: the words that a person understand when begin to acquire a sight vocabulary. or words the recognize. the words we recognize and never use them in either speak or writing and just know that we have them before. Active will be for speaking and writing. the words use know but we rarely use in speaking. we use them unwritten letter. 1991 : p. 3) Passive vocabulary. Oxford University Press. Schail.6 2) Reserved vocabulary. The Practice Of English Language Teaching London Longman .7 Here are the two type vocabularies: 1) Active vocabulary refers to words that students have learned they are expected to be able to use. The Book of Knowledge. 1976: p. 159 9 James warden. 1974 : p. 57.

exforsys.com/career ± center/English vocabulary /importance-of-vocabulary-from-an-early-age. because vocabulary is the most important to understand and know of thing action and concepts. And then. So. important of vocabulary. if we want to master or speak fluently we have to have many vocabularies. While literacy has been important ever since humans first discovered writing. reading. It has become much more important in the information age. writing. we must masters the language they belong to especially to know enough vocabulary of those languages.7 c. command and other actions. The importance of vocabulary As we know that vocabulary is a main to contract the ability in speaking and listening in oral communication. and all three of these elements are used to make up a large structure that is called literacy.html 16th October 2010) 10 . Vocabulary is important because vocabulary is comprised of three things. because without mastering vocabulary the people cannot make a communication with other and their emotion and expressions. (http//www. Early age. One student has mastered the fundamental grammatical pattern of a language and who uses the words that suit our particular purpose and we continue to learn new words as long as we live.10 So if we want to communicate with other in certain language. and these are speaking. vocabulary is the most important to know or have to express our ideas.

8 d. In the dictionary vocabulary has one meaning or more for a word and we will represent a small function of all the possible words in a language.155 .1991: p.11 Based on the explanation above the researcher concludes that vocabulary is the way in which something is interpreted or understood and vocabulary is activity in which the reader try to understand the writers idea presented. General principles of vocabulary selection put for word of them are: 1) Teaching more concrete words abstract 2) Frequency We can decide words we should leach on the basis of how frequency they are used by the speaker of the language. The Practice Of English Language Teaching London Logman. Selecting of vocabulary Selection of vocabulary is one of the problems in teaching vocabulary. because each word has one or more meanings in language and we can look at in a dictionary. at lower levels gradually because more 11 Harmer Jeremy. Used on the explanation above the researcher concludes that vocabulary is the way in which some thing is interpreted or understood and vocabulary is activity in which the readers try to understand the writer¶s idea presented.

8 12 . 12 Richard. 5) Defining power Some words could be selected because they are useful in defining other words. 3) Availability Some words may be frequent are readily´ available ³in the sense that they some quickly to mind when topics are through of.Curriculum Development in Language Teaching Cambridge University Press. 2) Similarity Some items may be selected because they are similar to words in the native language. 2001 : p. concrete vocabulary is taught early on because it can be easily illustrated through pictures or by demonstration.9 e. even though they are not among the most frequent words in the language. jack. Criteria vocabulary There are criteria were therefore also used in determining words list in vocabulary as follows: 1) Teach ability In a course taught following the direct method or a method such as total physical response. L. 4) Coverage Words that cover or including the meaning of their words may also be useful.

en. that have people to immerse then selves in an imaginary world for a short period of time. are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. enlighten and inspire the audience.msn. Definition of movies Film is a series of images that are projected into a screen to create the illusion of motion.10 2. makes the learning process more enjoy able. The concept of movies synopsis a. After being processed and printed.2000 : p. and in this case the writer tried to use film or movies in the teaching and learning process of narrative text writing.com Hornby A.389 15 http//www.com/film.13 Movie a series of moving pictures recorded with sound that tells a story. Film is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of image giving the illusion of continuous movement.thefreedictionary.july 17 2010 14 13 . human behavior and any other subject. cinema is an art as well as a business. entertain. oxford advanced learns dictionary.14 But Movies or film can also reach people about history. which shines light through the film so that the images are sparked on a screen. Most movies have accompanying sound. science. furthermore. shown at the cinema movie tether. The http//www. and those make motion pictures take great pride in their creation. In all its forms.15 Motion pictures are recorded using specially designed cameras that capture the image on rolls of film. Some films combine entertainment with instruction. the film is run through a projector. charta.S. film or cinema. motion pictures are also called movies. The functions of film are to educate.

because the student will get a new experience in their class that is quite different from their daily experience in their class. and they can treat social or political issues and other aspect of societies to see aspect of the world that are difficult or impossible to observe with naked eyes. recorded on film to be shown in the cinema.11 write thought that film can also be used as an alternative method in teaching narrative text writing. play. etc. etc. TV. 3) Film as a series of connected cinematographic image projected on a screen. scenes. it is recorded on film shown as a motion picture in a cinema.1993:p. Based on the definition of film the researcher can conclude that film is a work combining a story. 2) A story. 4) State that film is story. history. and also music.495 .london.16 16 Kirkpatrick. moving pictures. incident. They are definition about movies: 1) A roll of material which is sensitive to light and which is used in camera for taking photographs or moving pictures for the cinema. on television. Giant paperback dictionary. in Addition. 5) That film can record culture. and for the teacher that is suitable with their classroom situation. incident. recorded on film in. etc.the bath press. etc.

one fifth or one tenth of the original essay length. two or three pages. At the time it takes to read or recorded stressed the central ideas (thoughts. the basic proposal/offer kernel) 2) Set the initial text was written after a central then develops the notes with their mother tongue 17 18 http//wyw1d.12 b.browse/synopsis . etc. motion picture.com/2009/12/25/cara-menyusun-sinopsis/ http//dictionary. 3) A bred Summary of the plot of a novel.18 Preparation steps there are: 1) Please read the original manuscript until completely unknown purpose and vision. illustrations and explanation are eliminated but still retains the content and general ideas. Synopsis usually limited by the number of pages. a synopsis is an effective way to present the story in the form of short length.reference.com. Definition Synopsis A synopsis is a summary of previous story.wordpress. for example. play. In synopsis beautiful style. Summary of short stories is a form shortening of a short story with due regard to the intrinsic elements of the stories.17 There are some definitions¶ about synopsis of they are presented as follow: 1) A Grief or condensed statement giving a general view of some subject 2) A compendium of heads or short paragraphs giving a view of the whole.

avoids using complex proposals or repeat proposals. the movies synopsis can be incredible helpful. simple sentence the using affective. there are words in a sentence. 7) Keep proposals that do not allow simplified so that the authenticity of the author¶s voice again. 6) Recycling but some items that can be represented using only a single item. and save the item that you want to save. and If you own a lot of different movies. if possible.19 c. Anyone who is not familiar with a movie will look toward the movie synopsis to figure out exactly what the movie is about. Benefit of synopsis movie The movie synopsis is one of the best things for any type of moviegoer. 4) brief proposal for phrases in words 5) If you have some ideas or ideas from several points and then just that litter the central idea or subject matter and the basic proposal/kernel. Those with large movie collections will often have to refresh their memory when they pick out a movie to watch that they have not watched in a long 19 Wyw1d.locit . The movie synopsis will give you the basic plot details without giving you all of the different types of information that would ruin the movie for you. or vice versa.13 3) The use of a single sentence. 8) Throw out all the tasks in word that allows away but keep the location ideas that are in conformity with the original manuscript.

This will include a synopsis for every single movie that you own. Those who are going through their movie collection will want to read the synopsis of the different movies that they have. you are putting together a complete listing and catalog of all of your movies. you are giving yourself a comprehensive guide to all of the different movies that you have. With All My Movies.20 All My Movies gives you the ability to do just that. B. reading each and every one until you figure out exactly what you want to watch. Wikipedia org/wiki/trailer %28 film %29 July 17 2010 ibid .21 In addition movies give the students¶ knowledge about the it. By doing this with the All My Movies software. Having a list of movie synopses would be an incredibly tool for anyone with a large movie collection. The software allows you to flawlessly move from movie synopsis to movie synopsis.14 time. and the students can to take suggestion and know characteristic everybody and is very interesting to watching for the children or students. as they are not used to those movies and have no clue as to what they are about. One of vocabulary activity that helps students to contract their ideas is movies 20 21 Http //en. Conceptual Framework Vocabulary mastery is one of the most important for us because without knowing a little technique in this process we cannot express out ideas in writing from and orally. Having a listing of the synopses of all of the different movies would make it incredibly easy to figure out what every movie you own is about without having to look at. All My Movies makes it easy for you to pick your movie.

. the research will teach for several keeping both classes namely experimental (participant observation and field note to support the data valid) The students¶ vocabulary mastery In this case movies synopsis concept the students vocabulary mastery Figure 1: Conceptual Framework.15 synopsis because it present the students ideas visual and easier them to organize their idea. Teaching vocabulary though movies synopsis aims to improve the students vocabulary mastery which presenting the related new words . The conceptual framework underlying in this research given in the following diagram: (Experimental movies synopsis as a medium to know the students ability To know the students ability in vocabulary mastery using movies synopsis concept. The researcher conducts a quasi experimental research to know the students achievement on the movies synopsis in vocabulary mastery.the vocabulary materials that applied by the researcher related to the themes.

Movies synopsis as independent variable is summary of previous story to help the students organize important information of movies. . 2. There are vocabulary ability as dependent variable and the use of movies synopsis as independent variable.16 C. Operational definition of variable a. Operational Definition of Variable 1. D. The Alternative Hypothesis (H1) Using movies synopsis is effective to improve vocabulary ability of first students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa. Variable There are two variable involved this research. Hypothesis The hypothesis formulated as follow: 1. b. 2. Vocabulary ability as dependent variable is the students¶ achievement of the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa in practice vocabulary through movies synopsis. The Null Hypothesis (H0) Using movies synopsis is not effective to improving vocabulary ability of the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa.

procedure of data collection and technique of data analysis. population and sample. Design of the Research The method of this research is experimental method with one group pre-test. Location and Duration of the Research The location of the research was take place in MTs DDI Lero Suppa on jln. no 17. The 22 Gay. The design is presented as follows: E = O1 X O2 Where: E = Experimental Pre-test Treatment Post-test22 O1 = X = O2 = B. Pinrang regency. 227 . A. 1981: p. Nonde. second edition. It is one of junior high school in Suppa. instrument of the research. R.17 CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHOD This chapter deals with the research design. research variable. L. Education Researcher.

The researcher used two month to do the research. Instrument of the Research The instrument of this research was vocabulary test. and the post-test used to measure the students knowledge after they were given a treatment. consisted of 37 students and class VII2 consisted of 35 students¶ therefore. Population and Sample 1. Sample The researcher used cluster sampling technique that one class of the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa is taken as research sample. There are two classes. C. Population The population of this research was the first year in 2010/2011 academic year. the test used in pre-test and post-test. . 2. D.18 locations of the research consist of three classes and the total numbers of the population are 280 students. where class VII1. the total number of the population was 72 students. The sample is taken VII1 class and the numbers of sample are 37 students. The pre-test used to check the prior knowledge of the students in vocabulary mastery before give them treatment.

2. cruel. . in each meeting the researcher distributed different topics that gave to the students. c. d. Pre-test Before doing treatment.19 E. interesting. naughty. Explain the concept of ³short term´ and ³long term´ learning and the importance of contextual clues for effective ³long term´ memorization. Students create vocabulary movies synopsis in small group. 2) Characteristic jerry : body small. Begin lesson by asking students to explain how they go about learning new vocabulary. It aims at identifying the known and unknown words of the students. the researcher gave pre test to the students. disturb. etc. e. The procedure of teaching can be explain as follows: a. Divide students into small group asking them to create vocabulary movies synopsis based on a particular subject area: at school. Treatment The researcher carried out in fourth meeting. b. Present the idea of creating vocabulary movies synopsis to help students learn specific content related vocabulary. The time location of the treatment was 2 x 45 minutes. Procedure of Collection Data The procedure of collecting data in the chronological order as following: 1. house. 1) Characteristic Tommy: funny.

the researcher was inferential statistic by using ttest. At the end of the class. Scoring the student¶s answer : Student¶s correct answer Score = The total number of test item x 100 2. c. the researcher will collect the students¶ worksheets and check based the students answer and calculate based on the technique of data analysis provided. 86 ± 100 is classified as excellent b. the researcher gave post test to the students to know their vocabulary mastery after being taught by using movies synopsis concept. Technique of Data Analysis To analyze the data collected. a. 41 ± 55 is classified as poor e. The score will be classify based or the following classification. The following step was applied analyzing test data: 1. (See appendix1) F. ” 40 is classified as very poor21 . 71 ± 100 is classified as good 56 ± 70 is classified as fair d. Post-test In the last meeting. 3.20 f.

The formula is as follows: t= D= §D N 23 Ibid. Calculating the rate percentage of the students score: P ! F x 100 N Where: P F N = Percentages = Frequency = Total number of sample 4. Finding out the mean score using the following formula: X ! § X N Where: X §X N = = = Mean score Total of raw score The number of students23 5. Testing of significance Finding the difference mean score between pre-test and post-test to calculate ttest value. p.21 3.289 .

Finding out the standard deviation by using the following formula: SD = Where: SD SS N §x = Standard deviation = The sum of square = The number of students = The um of all square SS N in which SS = § x  (§ x) 2 N (§ X ) 2 = The sum of square of the sum of score .22 Where: T D §D § D2 = = = = = Test of significance The mean score of difference (x1 ± x2) The sum of total score difference The square of the sum score difference The total sample N 6.

95 100 . 3. the students mean score and the test of significance. No 1.23 CHAPTER IV FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION This chapter consists of two sections. 5. Table 1 the frequency and percentage of the result of pre-test through the vocabulary test. 2. A. 4.81 43. The finding deals with the rate percentage and of the student score obtained through vocabulary test.24 45. Interpretation about the findings. The result of pre-test through vocabulary test The finding through pre-test on the vocabulary test of the first year students of MTs DDI lero suppa. Findings 1. Classification Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor Total Score 86 ± 100 71 ± 84 56 -70 41 -55 < 40 Frequency 4 16 17 37 Percentage 10. namely the finding and discussion of the research.

4. But in this table there were 14 (37. 16 (43. Classification Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor Total Score 86 ± 100 71 ± 84 56 ± 70 41 ± 55 < 40 Frequency 3 14 14 6 37 Percentage 8.24 The table above explained that not students got score excellent and very poor. 5. 2. 6(16.11 37.84%) students categorized good classification.81%) students got good classification.84 37.21%) students got poor.84 16.it means that vocabulary ability of the first year students of MTs DDI lero supppa on post-test ( after teaching vocabulary by using movies synopsis ) is good or increased.84%) students got fair. and 4 (10. The result of the post-test through the vocabulary test. 2.24%) students got fair. 3. The result of the student post-test through the test was tabulated as follow: Table 2 The frequency and percentage of the result of post-test through the vocabulary test No 1. . they must be given motivation to learn vocabulary by giving them interesting media like movies synopsis. 14 (37.11%) students got excellent .95%) students got poor. and 3(8. It indicates that the students are interested and enjoying learning vocabulary by using movies synopsis. Therefore. in classification 17 (45.21 100 The data on the table 2 above explained that none of the students was categorized in excellent and very poor classification.

77 and standard deviation of the students on post test was 11.it means that the result of post-test is higher than result of pre-test. The result of post test though the vocabulary test Mean score of the result of pre test of the students on vocabulary test were tabulated as follows: Table 3. It is proved by the mean score of pre-test (61. vocabulary ability of the first year students of MTs DDI lero suppa improve after giving treatment ( material) by using movies synopsis.it means that.94). Test Pre-test Post-test Mean score 61. 2. it points out the result of pre-test is classified as poor classification.62. The result of standard deviation of the students pre test and post test Table 4.62 Table 4 above illustrated that standard deviation of the students on pre test was 10.75) is lower than the mean score of post-test (70. 2. while the result of post-test is classified as good classified. The standard deviation of the students¶ pre test and post test No 1 2 test Pre test Post test Standard deviation 10.75 70.25 1. No 1.in other words. most of .77 11.94 From the table 3 above. The mean score of the students pre-test and post-test.

Nevertheless. which their score was similar with the mean score.26 students in pre test got the score which in score of standard had long distance from the mean score. it is concluded that the difference of both means is statically significant. 3. the difference result of students¶ vocabulary experimental was 35(80-45).000 The data on the table 5 shows us that the result of t-test value (4. .90 t-table value 2. Statistical analysis The result of t-test and t-table value is tabulated as follow: Table 5. 90) is greater that t-table value (2.the result of t-test and t-table value t-test value 4. Based on this result. It is proved that the use of movies synopsis in teaching vocabulary to the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa has significant influence in increasing the students ability in learning vocabulary through the conventional method (without movies synopsis) has influenced the students vocabulary achievement. but in post test the most of students go high score.000).

The procedure of teaching a. they were still confused so that the researcher explained again how to find main idea of the text by using movies synopsis. the students can complete the movies synopsis. Than the researcher explained about the movies synopsis in learning vocabulary and how to find main idea of the text.27 4. The group of students is very important because they have to discuss the topic. and the researcher asked many things to the students to make them enjoyable in learning process and the classroom seemed comfortable and cooperation to another . relationship of word meaning. The students may consult their lingual dictionary to help them find equivalent of the words. The students gave some introduction and the class divided into group of seventh to five students. and their spirit to attend the following class. suggestion. it may caused they did not understand some new vocabularies of the . because we can paragraph the some of students know some word related to the topic while the other maybe not. By sharing their knowledge through discussion. Although the researcher had explained. but there were many students could not finish answered the question completely until the time was over. The first meeting Before presenting the materials the researcher would introduce first and gave motivation. The researcher explained more and more about movies synopsis. The purpose of the paragraphs especially how movies synopsis could be helpful in learning word.

. after that the researcher reviewed the material. where some of them want make a group with their friends only. the researcher asked to the students assemble with their group. so the researcher explained again like the first meeting. the researcher asked one by one the students memorize the vocabulary until finish. b. after that they reading and observe them. When the things get better. Before closing this meeting. c. they asked the researcher to explain the material. At the time. its spending most of time. the researcher gives movies synopsis each group. Before giving vocabulary text. The researcher asked the students to translate and then memorize the vocabulary. the situation class was very noise. the third meeting When the researcher was in the classroom. But some of the students still did not understand about how to find the main idea of the text. the researcher gave motivation and suggestion that how important English to be learn in their future live. the researcher asked the students to bring dictionary at the text meeting. the researcher did not forget to motivate and advised the students to train vocabulary in their part time. the researcher divided the students into seventh group.28 text. Before taught the students. the students were kind to study. The second meeting The researcher distributed the vocabulary text about a tom and jerry. Before the researcher taught the material.

it was group friends. when the time was up. e. the researcher did not forget to motivate and advised the students. after explained the material. This meeting. After that. Where some of students want made group but other did not want.29 d. at the situation of the class room was very noisy. the fourth meeting Before teaching. the researcher distributed the vocabulary text about my best friends. and who had same number. Some of group did not finish their text. learning process running well until the last. The researcher asked the students to count the one number until seventh number. The researcher asked the students to read the text carefully and write down the . the researcher distributed the movies synopsis the about Cinderella. the researcher asked the students to write the important information on the movies synopsis. the researcher gave the vocabulary material. At that time. After discussing their text. the researcher said anything about English to motivate the students and ready to study. so on one complaint with their group. And then the researcher asked the students to make a simple question and the students can open the dictionary. The fifth meeting Before taught the students. In this meeting. when things got better. the researcher asked the students to train their vocabulary in part time. It aimed to motivate the students.the researcher gave them presents. And before closing this meeting. the researcher divided the students in seventh groups.

and the researcher asked the students about the material that had presented at the first until the last meeting. After that the researcher discussed the students answer. especially English lesson. each group wrote the information on their movies synopsis. . distributed the vocabulary text about a giant and before teaching. The the researcher suggested the students to train their vocabulary by movies synopsis. the researcher divided the students in seventh group. most of the students focus on the lesson.30 important information on the movies synopsis and finding out the main idea of the text. At the time. and then asked the students to read the text and answer the question based on the text. The classroom was very quiet. the researcher always give to motivate and advice the students to study more and more. f. and before closing this meeting. Most of the students said that they were very happy and interested while learning process. The sixth meeting In the last meeting.

000 the finding in forms that t-test value was better than t-table value or the students ability improve significantly after they given a treatment. it can be found that through the calculating of the score of pre test were result of computation of t-test value got 2. The data above shows that the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and alternative hypothesis is accepted.63 if it was concluded with the t-table value where N=37 with the degree of freedom (df).94) and standard deviation is (11. Discussion The result of the researcher proved that using movies synopsis in teaching vocabulary is effective to teaching the students¶ vocabulary command. All the fact above shows that there was a significance difference of the students after being given treatment by using movies synopsis. 37-1=36 in the level significance 0.05 got 2. This statement is proved by the students score before and after given treatment which was significantly different. the result of test shows us that before the students giving of the treatment (teaching vocabulary through movies synopsis) their score are low where most students (46%) got poor classification and(43%) treatment is the using movies synopsis. their vocabulary command have improve with the score (70.31 B. .62) where 3 students (8 %)are categorized as excellent classification and 14 students (38%) are categorized good classification in vocabulary test by using movies synopsis. beside that. It means the students of the first year MTs DDI Lero suppa that use of movies synopsis it can able to increase their vocabulary mastery.

. But after they got the treatment their score improve. because this movies synopsis is more interesting and it can make the students enjoyable beside that movies synopsis can make the students highly are active to participant in learning and teaching process. the main the reason why the students obtained low score because the students fact many difficulties to express their ideas or catching the ideas from some one or the limited vocabulary and the students feel bored with their teacher technique in teaching English specially in teaching vocabulary.32 In pre test.

in which the means score of the students in the pre test from the experimental (61. challenge and comfortable with material presented through movies synopsis technique and they could make progress in vocabulary ability. It is supported by the data. the researcher concluded the first meeting until to finish the students had more motivated.33 CHAPTER V CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION This chapter content of two sub-chapters namely conclusion and suggestion A. Conclusion 1. It is proved that the use of movies synopsis in teaching vocabulary of to the first year students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa has a significant influence in increasing the students¶ vocabulary achievement. in which the students mean score is 70. . In applying the t-test formula for the students post test for both groups. Based on the observation. 76) has been improved in the post test. it is found that the t-test value is much higher than the value of the t-table. Based on the finding and the discussion presented in the previous chapter. 2. 95. the researcher tries to conclude this researcher that the use of movies synopsis is able to improve the students¶ vocabulary mastery of MTs DDI Lero Suppa.

2. SUGGESTION Based on the conclusion presented in the previous sub-chapter. they should more interesting to learn English for increase their vocabulary mastery and they also should be serious and pay attention to their teacher in learning process. The next students. even through in other English researcher. especially for the vocabulary mastery research. it is suggested to find out the result of researcher as one of comparative study in employing their researcher. it is suggested to apply the use movies synopsis as one way to increase to vocabulary mastery of the students especially for the teacher of English. For the researchers. For teacher of English. . 3. the researcher tried to give some suggestions for the future researcher about the English teaching method as follow: 1.34 B.

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. The«««««. 2. a. 3. Complete these sentence with the suitable words 1. 3. Animals b. e. How relentlessly ««««««. 5... Recollection f. It might surprise more mature viewers with«««««. 2.37 Appendix A INSTRUMEN IN PRE-TEST AND POST-TEST I. Translate kedalam bahasa Indonesia. c. Delight d. Match the word in column A the indonesia equivalent in column B. Notably j. Violent h. 4. Fans c. d. Which ends the proclamation««««and «««. II. b. A Mouse Little Collection Cat Classic B keunggulan kucing kumpulan tikus kecil 1. 5. . Bevy e. Mouse III. Body i. Classic cartoon fans will delight in «««« 4. a. Is notably chocking full of head of «««««. Gray g.

Complete these sentence with the suitable words 1......... e.. 3... 2....... Everybody needs .. 3...creator . .. d.... Match the word in column A the indonesia equivalent in column B........ he is the ...... God Peace Life Creator Master a.. Two of them are .... B Damai Hidup Tuhan / Allah Tuan rumah Pencipta II. To derived Deed Test Obedience Death ...command .......... There are three meanings of islam............... c.is like a test.. Translate word in Indonesia.... 4... 5.... Islam is the . 5..... b.deaht .. Not many people realize that .. from god 2...... 4.. in his life.Creator III....and . A 1.38 I. God creates everything...

..again 2. Crown 8. Match the word in column A the indonesia equivalent in column B. Complete these sentence with the suitable words 1........ Palace 3.. they went all over the....... II..... he wanted to find the crown . 4.... 2... d..... Fairy godmother 9.... Translate word in Indonesia ........ 4. Pair III. she gave cinderella a lively dress to wear to the.. 3.. Lively Dress ... 5...... Ladies 7...to search for the owner....................in the... 1.. 3. e.............. c... Kaca Sedih Perempuan Sendal Ibu 1.. the king invited all the ladies in the .. Magic wand 5.................. b.. Cried 4. A Ladies Mother Slipper Glass Sad B a........... 5.. King 2...... 6..The price was very happy to..39 I..........

.... Translate word in Indonesia.... Fish 5.. This place is so .. Summary 4.... Left 5...... Getting 3........ Quite 6........with it is... How to take picture under the .. Arrival 4.. 1.enjoyable 2..... b..... Without some knowledge of their......... c.... ...Year 2..... Knowledge III........... The trip was ...40 I....... 4. Divers 2.. d........ B Segera Ringkasan Tahun Umum Ikan II. 5.... Match the word in column A the indonesia equivalent in column B........ General a.... 3...... A 1.....and.. Soon 3........... e... I went there with a group of .. Complete these sentence with the suitable words 1............

84 37. score 86-100 71-85 56-70 41-45 < 40 classification Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor Pre-test 4 16 17 37 Post-test 3 14 14 6 37 Pre-test 10.24 45. 3.41 Appendix C Percentage of the result of pre.81 43.84 16.11 37. 4. 5.95 100% Post-test 8.21 100% % = F X 100 N .test and post-test % No 1. 2.

11. 4. 14. 16. 15. 17. 12. 13. 8. Name X1 Ahmad Afianti Darma Fidia Fauzia Halija Hariadi Hartati Indra Ilham Indah sari Imelda Jubaria Masita Melina Nasriati Nurasia. 6. 2.42 Appendix D The word sheet of the calculation of the score on pre-test and post-test on students¶ vocabulary ability of the first year MTs DDI Lero suppa. 3. 10. 7. Pre-test No 1. 9. 5.s 70 55 65 50 50 45 65 55 50 65 70 75 70 55 80 55 50 X11 4900 3025 4225 2500 2500 2025 4225 3025 2500 4225 4900 5625 4900 3025 6400 3025 2500 Post-test X2 65 75 75 75 65 90 55 70 55 65 65 85 85 50 70 80 80 X22 4225 5625 4225 5625 4225 8100 3025 4900 3025 4225 4225 7225 7225 2500 4900 6400 6400 Deviation D (X2-X1) -5 20 10 25 15 45 -10 15 5 0 5 10 15 -5 -10 25 30 D2 (X2-X1)2 25 400 100 625 225 2025 100 225 25 0 25 100 225 25 100 625 900 .

23. 36. 28. Suyudi Iqbal Total 55 70 70 70 75 55 55 60 50 85 70 50 50 65 80 50 70 75 50 55 2285 3025 4900 4900 4900 5625 3025 3025 3600 2500 7225 4900 2500 2500 4225 6400 2500 4900 5625 2500 3025 145325 85 85 90 55 80 65 70 50 70 75 90 60 50 60 80 80 70 70 60 75 2625 7225 7225 8100 3025 4900 4225 4900 2500 4900 5625 8100 3600 2500 3600 6400 6400 4900 4900 3600 5625 191225 30 15 20 -15 5 10 15 -10 20 -10 20 10 0 -5 0 30 0 -5 10 20 500 900 225 400 225 25 100 225 100 400 100 400 100 0 25 0 900 0 25 100 400 10400 .43 18. 30. 25. 37 Nursani nurfani Nabawi Nasla Nuraisyah Nisma Nurlia Nurasia Partiwi Paramitha Purnama sari Rasdia Suharti Syahdina Sarina Halwani Rahmania Sudarmin Muh. 34. 20. 22. 26. 31. 19. 24. 33. 27. 21. 29. 32. 35.

19 = 4210.44 Appendix F Mean score and standard deviation of pre-test Experimental Dik : X =™X N ™ X1 ™ X12 = 2285 = 145325 = 2285 = 61.81 = ¥ ss n1 = 4210.81 37 = 113.141114.81 = 10.77 .75 37 SS1 = ™ X12 SS1 = 145325  SS1 SS1 SS1 Sd Sd Sd Sd = 145325  = 145325 .

186233.92 = 11.62 .94 ™ X1 = 2625 ™ X12 = 191225 SS1 = ™ X12 = 191225 = 191225 = 191225 .45 Appendix G Mean score and standard deviation of post-test Dik : X = = = 70.11 = 4991.89 Sd = Sd = ¥ Sd Sd = ¥ 134.

000 t-test = 4.90 .46 Appendix H The calculation of the t-test value t= =  = = = =  = = 4. 90 t.Table < t-test value T-table = 2.

In same year. She is the seventh daughters of her parent Haeruddin A.47 CURRICULUM VITAE The writer.Halimah. After that she entered junior high school at MTs DDI Lero Suppa and graduated in 2003. she continued her study in senior high school at MAN 2 Parepare and graduated in 2006. she was registered as a student in English Program oTarbiyah Department State Islamic College (STAIN) Parepare and completes her study with her skripsi ³Improving Vocabulary Ability of the First Year Students of MTs DDI Lero Suppa Through movies synopsis´ . Kurniawati was born on 31st of December 1987 in Ujung Lero.Ma and Hj. Pinrang regency. She entered elementery school at SDN 182 Inpres in 1994 and graduated in 2000. South Sulawesi.at the same year.