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New concept forms effective New armored center

Georgian Reserve System
in Iraq, Afghanistan and Koso-
vo,” National Guard Department
head Zurab Arsoshvili said. “The
opens in Akhaltsikhe
armed forces will spend their The Defense Ministry’s the Krtsanisi National Training erate at the center where tanks
energy and time staffing the new Training and Military Education Center. He has been the com- personnel will be trained. Per-
system. Reservists who undergo Command’s Armored Center mander of the Armored Center sonnel will also be trained for
our program will be called ‘First- opened in June 2009. Armored since June 2009. mechanized subunits. A simula-
Class Reservists.’ During call- Training Courses functioned Leladze explained the cen- tion section will also function to
up, these reservists will receive previously at the Krtsanisi Na- ter’s mission and the reasons for prepare personnel for light-ar-
fixed wages and full social and tional Training Center. forming the subunit. mored towing vehicles.
public health care.” Colonel Zaza Leladze was The center’s main functions During the courses, corpo-
First-Class Reservists partake promoted to as commander of are to create and train combat rals, tank gun-layers, drivers
in individual training during the the center. He is an experienced armored battalions, which and tank mechanics will be
45-day course. Afterwards, they officer in the armed forces, hav- means training personnel for trained. After the course, they
train in squadrons, platoons, ing served since their establish- tanks and mechanized subunits. will receive the ranks of ser-
companies and battalions. They ment. He graduated from the “We will create very high geant at the Sergeant Training
take retraining courses during Kharkov Tank Commanding level courses, and instructors School.
the next three years. College in 1993 and Kiev De- will upgrade their professional Leladze said the center has
“For effective Command and fense Academy with a major in skills,” he said. “Afterwards sound infrastructure.
Control, we must be oriented Armored and Mechanized they will be able to train com- Akhaltsikhe will be the main
around quality, not quantity. At Units. Leladze then served as pany level subunits.” base and training will be held
this stage, First-Class Reservists mechanized commander and The educational program at the Orpholo Training Area.
will be limited to 2,000,” Arsos- 21st Brigade commander of the meets NATO standards, but it Trainings at the Armored
hvili said. armored battalion. He was sub- was adapted to the Georgian Center began on July 1. The
The new Reserve System will sequently promoted as deputy landscape and for missions and First Infantry Brigade’s Mech-
also have voluntary system, commander of the Armored tasks within Georgian armored anized Company finished train-
where any citizen over 27 can Courses in Akhaltsikhe. Leladze units. ing on July 30.
join it. The reserve program will also served as chief of staff at An armored group will op- Eka Gakhokidze
prepare the volunteers to differ-
ent directions.
The new system also allow
the National Guard to play an
The challenges of the last four years, and reservists will assistance role in rescue activi-
August war made officials re- undergo combat training for no ties during natural disasters, such
view the Georgian Reserve Sys- more than 200 days. Training as intensive floods, fires or earth-
tem. The most notable problems will be held at different times quakes.
during the conflict were insuffi- first year — in summer, second Under the new concept it is
cient combat preparation and a year in winter. also very important to establish
lack of reservists with military The new concept will estab- effective Civil Defence system
experience. A whopping 28,000 lish the Compulsory Reserve and in universities and secondary
reservists were trained in 2007- Volunteers Reserve. schools. National Guard will
2008 – too many in too little time The Compulsory Reserve in- learn and train the students in
— resulting in problematic man- cludes people under 45 who are cooperation with Ministry of
agement issues. fit for military service of any Education. This is the way for
The National Guard Depart- rank. The reserve includes National Guard to participate in
ment elaborated a new Draft former military personnel who forming of National Security
Concept of the Reserve System served during the last 5 years in System.
to deal with these issues. The the armed forces and were trans- The new Reserve Program
new reserve system will aim at ferred to the reserves. Women also includes items for those re-
preparing qualitatively reserv- will also serve. servists who had already under-
ists, as opposed to providing sub- Individuals who took the gone 18-days training. Those re-
standard training to a larger num- Training and Equipped Program servists will be assumed as com-
ber of cadets. The system will will also participate in the Re- pulsory military service. They
lead to effective, well-equipped, serves. Individuals who have not will be used during manmade
and experienced reservists. Be- passed compulsory military ser- and natural disasters. First of all,
fore drafting the concept, Na- vice will receive a military ID National Guard Department has
tional Guard Department staff card and be assigned to the Re- to register them by regions, cit-
studied the experiences of NATO serves. ies, villages and use them by re- INSIDE
reserve systems. “By unifying these three gional and territorial principle.
Based on the new concept,
the Reserve Program will last
components, we will have qual-
ified reservists with experience Tea Kerzdevadze
Multinational NATO experts visit
peace operations National Defense
contributes to the Academy
country’s security
Military attaches visit
Officers increase Defense Ministry
qualifications Second Infantry
Training courses Brigade wins
at NCO School Football Cup

Multinational peace operations

contributes to the country’s security tries. The adequate planning and imple- mit remains as valid as ever.
mentation of various components of the Meanwhile, we continue to consis-
ongoing reform and transformation pro- tently implement the activities planned
cesses require vigorous bilateral defence for this year. For example, during the
interaction and experience sharing with recent days we have been hosting two
countries that have well established, NATO expert teams, one working for
NATO interoperable and efficient armed realization of the military education and
forces; Denmark is certainly one of those training program, and another in the
countries, the country with which we frames of the personnel development
also have both, the common values and support program. The agreed plans of
interests. our cooperation with Alliance are am-
This June I had a very successful, bitious and we will continue working
pleasant and result oriented visit in the laboriously with Allies and NATO staffs
Kingdom of Denmark, where we have to make these programs and other com-
signed with my esteemed Danish Col- mon endeavors a success.
league, the Memorandum of Under- Defence Today: The Russian Fed-
standing on Bilateral Military Coopera- eration conducted large-scale military
tion between our Ministries and dis- exercises in Northern Caucasus. What
cussed the future directions of our de- was the significance of the threat that
fence cooperation, including military the mentioned military exercises
education, training, personnel manage- bears to the stability of the region?
ment and etc. Currently, we are work- G. Muchaidze: The Russian Federa-
ing on the bilateral defence cooperation tion continues to grossly violate the Six
plan, which we expect to sign later this Point Ceasefire Agreement and the ba-
year. sic principles of the international law.
We continue working on the bilater- The ongoing aggressive actions carried
al defence cooperation plans with our out by the Russian side from the occu-
other old and new partners and many of pied territories, as well as the military
“Defence Today” held interview with Deputy Defence Minister Mr. Giorgi try’s security. those plans are to be finalized and signed exercise “Kavkaz-2009” represents the
Muchaidze. Mr. Muchaidze discussed many key issues related to the country’s Despite current security environment before the end of this year; and the num- attempt to destabilize Georgia and cre-
security and its allies. Deputy minister toughed cases like historical U.S.-Georgia in Georgia, we stay committed to con- ber of the countries with which we have ate the security vacuum that will pre-
Charter on Strategic partnership; defence ministers recent visit to the United tribute to the peacekeeping efforts in those plans has been growing this year. vent the international usage of the Geor-
States and Georgia’s future engagement in multinational peace operations in Af- Afghanistan, which is a number one pri- Defence Today: During the NATO- gian territory as alternative transporta-
ghanistan. ority operation for NATO, an operation Russia Council assembly, significant tion and energy supply route from Asia
that urgently requires additional boots attention has been attached to the to Europe and the other way around, and
Defence Today: The US-Georgia Minister’s meeting with the Secre- on the ground. Along with the battalion Georgian issue. How would you assess thus establish Russian monopoly in this
Charter of Strategic Partnership con- tary of Defence was of a particular im- that we plan to deploy together with the importance of the meeting? respect.
siders enhancing of the cooperation portance. The discussions were focused Americans next year, we are planning G. Muchaidze: It is very important In response to these provocative ac-
and partnership between Georgia and on the security situation on the ground, this fall to send a company size unit with that the issue of ongoing Russian occu- tions Georgian side is intensively coop-
US. Recently, on 5th of June 2009, Georgia’s ongoing defence reform and French contingent to Kabul. Consulta- pation of Georgian territories continues erating and sharing information with the
meeting of the Defence Secretary of NATO integration processes, as well as tions on the modalities of our deploy- to be high on NATO-Russia bilateral international community and the EU
the US and the Minister of Defence of further support of the US side for accel- ments are underway. Furthermore, as agenda. According to our information monitors to ensure their constant en-
Georgia was held in Washington. The erating these processes. Ministers have NATO seeks alternative supply routes during the NATO-Russia Council meet- gagement and international pressure on
issues discussed were related to the also discussed the modalities of train- to Afghanistan, being fully aware of our ing held in June in Greece, this issue was the Russian side to prevent further ag-
future development of the Defence ing and deployment of the Georgian strategic responsibility, we stand ready one of the main subjects discussed. Many gressive actions.
cooperation between the USA and battalion within the ISAF operation in to provide the full access to our infra- allies and the Secretary General reiterat- We have excellent cooperation and
Georgia. What specific activities are Afghanistan already next year. structure and the facilities needed for ed the strong support of the Alliance to 24 hour hotline with EUMM and main-
envisioned to take place in the near- It should also underlined that the an- this purpose. the sovereignty and territorial integrity of tain full transparency of our actions. We
est future for the purpose of develop- nual meeting on the bilateral defence Defence Today: Last month the Georgia. Moreover, Russia was urged by also continue to fully comply with the
ment of defence cooperation? cooperation will take place in Georgia MOD Georgia has concluded Memo- the Allies to annul the decision on recog- self-imposed restrictions stipulated by
G. Muchaidze: Conclusion of the later in the autumn, where the future randum of Understanding with the nition of the independence of Abkhazian the Memorandum of Understanding
U.S.-Georgia Charter on Strategic Part- defence cooperation activities will be Ministry of Defence of Denmark. and South Ossetian regions and to fulfill signed with the European Union Moni-
nership in January, 2009, is indeed a his- discussed in greater detail and agreed. Signing of bilateral cooperation plan the provisions of the Six-Point Ceasefire toring Mission on movement of Geor-
torical event in Georgia-US partnership. Defence Today: In the near future is underway. Georgia already has con- Agreement brokered by the French Pres- gian armed forces and military arma-
The Charter is based on mutual inter- Georgia is going to send peacekeep- cluded these types of agreements with ident Nicolas Sarkozy in the name of the ment in defined areas adjacent to the
ests and shared values between USA ing contingent of quite significant size many countries in defence field. How EU Presidency. Georgian territories occupied by Russia.
and Georgia and creates the strategic to participate in the NATO-led oper- would this form of cooperation sup- The intensification of cooperation At the same time, we continue to re-
framework for cooperation in Defence, ation in Afghanistan. How important port the realization of Defence prior- under newly established NATO-Geor- lentlessly implement the planned de-
Security, Economic and Cultural fields. is the participation in international ities of Georgia? gia Commission is another very im- fence reform actions and develop our
An important step forward on the way peacekeeping missions? G. Muchaidze: One of the defence portant proof of NATO’s increased en- defence capabilities according to the
of the Charter implementation was the G. Muchaidze: Let me first under- priorities according to the Minister’s gagement, which underlines that de- priorities outlined in the Minister’s Vi-
establishment of the Bilateral Commis- line that since 1999 Georgia has been a Vision Document of 2009 is the enhanc- cision on Georgia’s future NATO sion 2009 Document.
sion for Implementation of Charter and faithful contributor to NATO and coali- ing of cooperation with partner coun- membership made at Bucharest sum- Irakli Gurgenidze
the working groups under it. Defence is- tion led peacekeeping operations and
sues are dealt within the Working Group never attached caveats to its deploy-
on Security. As you know, the first meet- ments. There is no doubt that our active
ing of Commission, as well as of the engagement in multinational peace sup-
Working Group on Security took place port operations contributes to the glo-
in Washington on June 22. The whole bal security and promotes the country’s
spectrum of the Georgian-US defence image as a responsible partner in coun-
cooperation was discussed on this work- tering the global threats and challenges.
ing group meeting. The sides exchanged Through participation in internation-
opinions regarding the ways and direc- al peacekeeping operations Georgian
tions of boosting the defence cooperation armed forces also benefit from the ex-
in the most actual priority areas and re- perience acquired on the ground during
viewed the ongoing programs. The next discharging their missions together with
meeting of the Commission and the the partner countries. Furthermore, the
Working Group on Security will take Georgian troops undergo significant pre-
place already this autumn in Georgia, deployment trainings, often supported
where the future defence cooperation di- by the allies, and enhance considerably
rections will be shaped. professional military skills and their
As for the Georgian Defense Minis- NATO-interoperability. This surely con-
ter’s visit to the United States, I would tributes a great deal to building the mod-
like to say that it was full of content and ern, sustainable, NATO-compatible and
important meetings. Apart from meet- deployable defence capabilities, as well
ing with Defense Secretary Gates, Min- as helps to generate increased allied sup-
ister met the high level officials in the port to the process of Georgia’s integra-
State Department, National Security tion into the Alliance and facilitates the
Council, US Congress, as well as the deeper engagement with international
experts in the think tank community. community that contributes to the coun- Deputy Defense Minister meets with the US Delegation at MOD

Officers increase qualifications NATO experts visit

National Defense Academy
A NATO expert delegation led by the courses.
Jean d’Andurain made a three-day vis- Prospects to develop command,
it to the National Defense Academy. control and communication capabili-
Head of the academy Colonel Roin ties for the national defense system
Pailodze received the guests. were also discussed during the visit.
The purpose of the visit was to con- Senior officials from the Defense
sult the academy’s leadership on Joint Academy, J-7 Military Education and
Combined and General Staff Courses. Combat Trainings and J-1 Personnel
Georgian armed forces senior of- Departments of the Georgian Joint
ficers will hold staff training during Staff also attended the meeting.

In recent years, requests to bring the the officer level at the battalion head- cordance with the U.S. model. Howev-
Georgian Armed Forces in line with quarters. The cornerstone for us is to er, the instructors at the National De-
NATO standards have led to numerous teach the officers principles, planning fense Academy added Georgian ele-
innovations. One of these advances was and decision-making. The rest depends ments to the program.
the creation of Maneuver Captains Ca- on the self-development of each officer. The instructors conduct 21-week pro-
reer Courses (MCCC) at the National
Defense Academy.
The MCCC launched in 2004 and
After serving in any unit, it is important
to get additional knowledge at the
grams over 5 months. Unlike U.S. and
European courses of the same nature,
Georgian instructors teach practical
Military attaches visit
initially convened at the institution’s The majority of MCCC instructors training which means students focus on
base. At first the MCCC was called the
“Infantry Captain Career Course.” The
took the same course with U.S. profes-
sionals. Today the base is staffed by of-
squad operations. As a result, captains
learn to plan operations in real-time.
Defense Ministry
name was later changed as the course ficers who mastered the identical course They witness how their planned opera-
prepared captain-level officers for mul- in the U.S. tions are implemented.
tiple types of soldiery — infantry, ar- Captain Giorgi Dumbadze joined the The students undergo a theoretical
mored and mechanical functions – and MCCC as an instructor. He completed a course along with practical training.
also taught tank operation. similar course in the U.S. and took air- MCCC graduate, Senior Lieutenant
The MCCC has improved in recent landing and U.S. Army Ranger courses. Mikheil Margalitadze said the course is
years. “I can say this course is successful important.
Since the first round of graduates left because each officer is satisfied with the “We master operation planning ac-
the academy, all imperfections with the knowledge he receives,” he said. cording to modern Western standards,”
MCCC have been eliminated and the “Studying is not standard – instructors he said. “I am the head of the company.
programs have been further improved. give lectures. The students listen. We After returning to my battalion I will
MCCC head, Major Kakha Cha- exchange information.” carry out changes to my unit manage-
podze said the course is vital for acade- Nine years worth of graduates have ment procedures. The curriculum is
my students. finished the MCCC. The course is now well-planned. I think it would be better
“They provide a huge leap in an of- in its tenth year and has 44 registered if the term of learning grew. This will
ficer’s career,” he said. “The officer re- students. The course began June 21 and give us the possibility to master the pro-
ceives tactical experience, masters free will continue until Nov. 1. gram thoroughly.”
decision-making and critical thinking at The curriculum is carried out in ac- Eka Gakhokidze

Training courses at NCO School

A basic training course began for practical training in marching, firing consider the course to be significant.
squadron commanders at the NCO and commanding. Such training will also take place in the
School on July 15. Sergeant instructors and training future. We want the armed forces to National Guard Department Chief Zurab Arsoshvili meets Foreign military attache
The 146 sergeant-corporals will group heads conduct courses for NCO have many high qualified squadron
train for 16 weeks. The training aims School students. commanders.” Foreign military attaches accre- by National Guard Department Chief
to prepare highly qualified squadron Defense Today talked with NCO After successfully completing the dited in Georgia visited the Defense Zurab Arsoshvili. Various ministry de-
commanders in various specialties. The School head Captain Zurab Chilinga- training, the sergeant-corporals will be Ministry on July 27. The visit aimed to partment heads were present at the meet-
course covers squadron commanders in rashvili about the courses. granted military ranks and certificates familiarize the guests with the Draft ing.
charge of light infantry, communica- “We conduct training in specialties, according to their specialties. The un- Concept of the Reserve System, elabo- The Georgian officials delivered a
tions, engineering and gun and grenade which includes preparing squadron dergraduates will then assume the du- rated by the National Guard Department. presentation on the draft concept, and
launchers. commanders for the armed forces,” ties of squadron commanders. The foreign diplomats were hosted later began discussions on related issues.
The students take theoretical and Chilingarashvili said. “This is why I Nino Mikeladze

Rectors visit at National

Defense Academy
High-profile tutors from Georgian providing support for the armed forces.
educational institutions read introducto- “Georgia faces a difficult geopoliti-
ry lectures to cadets this month. Tbilisi cal situation, although there is no ground
Ivane Javakhishvili State University for pessimism,” he said. “All of us, es-
Rector, Professor Gia Khubua and Geor- pecially you, soldiers, should make our
gian Technical University Rector, Pro- contribution to building the state. The
fessor Archil Prangishvili visited the Georgian society stands ready to sup-
National Defense Academy to teach the port to the army and Tbilisi State Uni-
cadets. versity will be of particular importance.”
Defense Academy Rector Gia Prangishvili discussed reforms to the
Khubua met with the cadets and re- educational system with students, and
viewed the institution’s technical base. stressed the need to hold combined ed-
He later delivered a lecture for Captain ucational programs with the academy.
Career Course students. Khubua focused The meeting was interactive, with the
on geopolitics, educational reform and rectors engaging students in discussion.

Second Infantry Brigade wins Football Cup

Athletic activities are back in the but rather with action. The Second In-
Georgian Armed Forces. The Athletic and fantry Brigade won and ultimately fin-
Recreation Service of the Joint Staff has ished the tournament in first place. The
organized various sport competitions for Third Infantry Brigade finished in third.
the past year. The Sport and Youth De- Winners were rewarded with med-
partment has promoted competitions in als. Each team received certificates from
futsal, boxing, judo, arm wrestling, hand- Chief of Joint Staff Major General Devi
to-hand fighting, swimming and shoot- Chankotadze and Sports and Youth De-
ing. Now it is time for the world’s most partment head David Namgalauri. A spe-
popular sport — football. cial jury named the best goalkeeper, de-
The Georgian Armed Forces Football fender and midfielder. The best foot-
Cup was held at the National Defense baller and striker was Second Infantry
Academy Stadium from July 13-17. Brigade player Corporal Khvicha Kali-
Based on an agreement with the De- chava.
fense Ministry and Sports and Youth The Athletic and Recreation Service
Department, the event was organized by also plans to organize a rugby tourna-
the Sports, Business and Management ment in August. The competition will
Group. be held on the Black Sea. The winner
Sixteen teams participated in four will receive the first Rugby Cup and an
subgroups. After three rounds, the First, invitation to participate in another tour-
Second and Third Infantry Brigades and nament organized by the Beach Rugby
Special Operations Unit continued to the society.
semifinals. The Athletic and Recreation Service
The Second Infantry Brigade and has more ambitious plans for the future.
Special Operational teams met in the This year, several events will be planned
pre-finals. The match began with a for 2010 and athletic arrangements will
minute of silence in honor of the sol- soon double – such as shooting, wres-
diers who died during the August war. tling, kickboxing, boxing and basketball.
The game was not packed with goals, Ilia Koberidze

Medical Laboratory Opens Georgia-U.S. naval manoeuvres

launched in Batumi

The Medical Laboratory for Detect- will undergo testing at the laboratory
ing HIV Infection and Sexually Trans- before and after their operations.
mitted Diseases opened at the Krtsanisi “Such practices were introduced in
National Training Center on July 13. NATO member countries long ago,”
The laboratory was established upon U.S. Office for Defense Cooperation
the joint initiative of the U.S. Depart- Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Riley
ment of Defense and Georgian NGO said.
Medical Group of Georgia. “Establishing a medical laboratory in
Georgian servicemen participating in the Georgian armed forces is a positive
international peacekeeping operations step.”

Students visit Krtsanisi The USS Stout made port calls in

Batumi and Poti on July 14 and July 17
a reception were President Mikheil
Saakashvili and U.S. Ambassador to
a commander, Stout aided his task force
in sinking 5 heavily armed enemy war-
as part of regular U.S. Navy visits to the Georgia John Tefft. ships to establish a beachhead on Bou-
National Training Center Black Sea. The USS Stout and her crew
participated in combined training exer-
The USS Stout is the sixth ARLEIGH
BURKE class guided missile destroyer
gainvillea Island. Built by Ingalls Ship-
building, she was commissioned on
“Aliante 2009” international compe- The students inspected the Krtsanisi cises with the Georgian Coast Guard. and first Navy ship named in honor of Aug. 13, 1994. Her home port is Nor-
tition winners and NATO Information National Training Center and expressed While in Batumi, sailors lent a hand in Rear Admiral Herald F. Stout (1903- folk, Virginia.
Center innovators visited the Krtsanisi their interest in learning more about on- painting an orphanage and mingled with 1987) decorated with two Navy crosses The USS Stout left Batumi on July 17
National Training Center on July 17 to going training. The young students lat- the children. Georgian officers were also for heroism during World War II. Then and made a port call in Poti until July 19.
learn the rules soldiers must abide by at er held a short shooting competition. trained in fire fighting operations and
military bases. The event was initiated Upon the initiative of the ministry, two crisis measures against floods.
by the Defense Ministry and NATO In- contest winners will be given practical This is the third boat sent from the
formation Center. shooting courses. U.S. to Georgia to participate in the joint
“The U.S. Navy’s regular visits to the
Black Sea demonstrate the country’s
commitment to Black Sea regional sta-
bility and maritime security,” a spokes-
person at the U.S. Embassy in Georgia
said. “This visit is part of the U.S. Eu-
ropean Command and Commander,
Naval Forces Europe and Sixth Fleet
Theater Security Cooperation Strategy
to enhance regional stability by strength-
ening maritime partnerships.”
USS Stout Commander Mark Ober-
ley paid a courtesy call to local officials.
Among the guests invited on board for