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Our insurance system provides public liability insurance and employers liability insurance from major insurance providers so you can compare liability insurance, you only need to apply once to get many quotes. Working in the construction industry carries a large amount of risk as it brings a lot of danger to third parties, employees and employers. Any damage caused to these parties could hold you financially responsible, which can lead to compensation claims costing thousands of pounds. If you are not properly covered claims will come directly from your pocket. We allow you to compare liability insurance policies to help find the right cover for your needs. If you chose to compare liability insurance you will be taking a step closer to ensuring you are financially covered against any negligence you may cause. We offer a range of products that have been specifically tailored to suit your company¶s needs. Each and every policy we offer provides you with a high standard of cover hand picked from a panel of leading UK insurers, providing you with a tailor made policy.

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Insure My Liability used a panel of leading insurers which have allowed us to compare liability insurance for you, providing you with a comprehensive policy from a quality insurer. There are a vast amount of trades that require liability insurance because no matter what line of work you are in there will be risks to third parties, employers and employees. This risk means that should you cause loss or damage to these parties you could find yourself financially liable. Fortunately we will provide you with the ability to compare liability insurance policies and protect yourself against your own negligence, as well as the option to protect your employees under the same policy. Employers liability insurance provides protection for you and your employees against damage caused to them or damage caused to a third party. This cover provides you with £10 million of protection against negligence claims made against you or your employees. Working as a tradesman may not require employers liability insurance but does require cover for you. A tradesman spends a lot of their working time around the public or with public property, this holds a vast amount of public liability risk. For example a bricklayer could drop a tool from scaffolding, which could then damage public property or in the worst case a member of the public. If this were to happen and the contractor did not hold public liability insurance, the claim made against the negligent act would be taken directly from the tradesman's pocket.

should you miss time you can claim against money lost as a result. Also available are liability insurance quotes for contractors. 2 or £5 million worth of public liability insurance cover. We use an award winning quotation system. It allows you to tailor a policy to your needs because we understand that a cleaner may not need to cover themselves against injury but will require liability insurance. Electrical contractors is a trade that holds a large amount of danger to the tradesman as they are constantly working with a force that could easy cause them harm. We use an award winning quotation system that allows you to compare liability insurance in no time at all. . The quotation system gives you the ability to tailor the policy you require around your needs without requiring a vast amount of information or time. With each and every policy we offer comes a vast amount of product knowledge and policy benefits. Using just three stages we can provide you with a policy and a breakdown of cover that will have you covered with a comprehensive policy. For an instant online quote try out our quotation system and in a few simple steps you could have yourself covered with a comprehensive liability insurance policy. A tradesman liability insurance policy would cover for this type of accident. our policy gives you the option to cover yourself against this. Insure My Liability can provide you with protection against this. For an instant online quote try out our quotation system and in a matter of minutes you will have a policy that suits you. Tradesman liability insurance As a tradesman you are constantly putting yourself and your financial assets at risk by either causing yourself injury and loosing time from work or causing loss or damage to a third party. Ensuring you are covered with liability insurance is of prime importance in the modern workplace. Reduced income caused through an injury at work could mean you miss days or even weeks from your job. Our tradesman liability insurance offers protection against injury caused in your line of work so should a carpenter injure themselves whist working. Tradesman liability insurance is designed to help you cope with the financial implications that could arise from these types of accident. For example a cleaner may not be in much danger of harming a third party but faulty work could damage property. ensuring you receive compensation for your injuries. The same type of incident would relate to a joiner so it is important to ensure cover as any number of faulty acts or negligent work can result in a compensation claim. which has enabled us to bring you the best in liability insurance quotes.The same rules would apply to a number of trades as many work around the public. We supply you with the ability to tailor a policy around your companies needs providing you with the options of 1. You can purchase liability insurance online now and pay either by credit card or direct debit. Liability insurance quotes Every year thousands of people are injured or killed at work sources at the Health and Safety Executive reveal.

While these tradesmen work in different areas there likely hood of causing damage to a third party or themselves remains the same. which are Ageas. By law if you employ staff you must hold employers liability insurance. painter and decorators glaziers. Tradesman liability insurers To ensure that all the different types of tradesmen are comprehensively insured we have searched the globe to find a panel of leading insurers such as AXA. It has also given us the ability to tailor our policies around your needs.There are a number of trades that are at risk against these types of claims to it is important for them to obtain tradesman liability insurance cover. While these insurers may be different companies like the same risks tradesmen face these insurers cover the same risks. Our experience and knowledge in the insurance business has allowed us to have the idea to provide you with an option of three types of cover ensuring you don't pay for . Although these trades may deal in different areas such as plasterers. as you are liable for their work and safety. We have hand picked our insures to make sure that they all offer the cover you require to bring peace of mind when it comes to your trade. Groupama and Kerry London each of which provide a high standard of cover with added features and benefits.e. These insurers include some of the biggest names in tradesman liability insurance. builders either being negligent by not fixing a tile to a roof properly this then falls causing damage to a third party. Zurich and MMA to help bring you the best cover available. Tradesman public liability insurance Perhaps one of the most common causes for a claim in the tradesman industry is damage or loss to a third party. The damages caused as a result of this would hold the builder accountable and if not properly covered with public liability insurance then their financial assists and possibly their business would be at risk. The size of your trade and the level of work you do will determine the amount of liability insurance you require. working with glass. Insure My Liability provides you with the correct amount of employers liability insurance cover against this. Compare Tradesman Liability Insurance Using our selection of insurers has enabled us to provide you with an award winning quotation system that allows you to compare tradesman liability insurance. joiners mainly with materials such as wood. This is caused by a tradesman i. Tradesman employers liability insurance As a tradesman you may find that at some point during your line of work you need to employ staff this introduces a new amount of risk to yourself. fortunately we can provide you with up to £10 million of cover protecting you against their negligence and in the event of an injury cased to them in your line of work. we offer a variety of policy features as well as standard cover.

What Does Liability Insurance Mean? Any type of insurance policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as malpractice. injury or negligence. Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any legal payouts for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable. . Our standard cover for public liability starts at £1million but we provide you with the option to increase this to £2m or £5 million to suit you requirements. assure coverage continuity following completion of work.500 for the duration of your policy. damaged or loosing them could be a huge blow to your trade this is why we offer you the option for tools cover which will cover your trading equipment for up to £2. Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any legal payouts for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable. Intentional damage and contractual liabilities are typically not covered in these types of policies. Having them stolen. What Does Liability Insurance Mean? Any type of insurance policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as malpractice.what you don't need. Intentional damage and contractual liabilities are typically not covered in these types of policies. and facilitate the availability of high limits needed on large projects. Project liability insurance A form of architects and engineers (A&E) liability coverage in which coverage applies only to an insured's work on a single project rather than to the entire scope of an insured's practice. reduce the incidence of disputes in the event of a claim. Such policies are advantageous because they provide coverage for all members of a project's design team. A tradesman would not be able to complete his work without his trusty tools so without them he would be lost. injury or negligence.

omission or mistake) in performing professional services. Dentists Professional Liability Under this policy. Architects & Engineers Professional Liability Under this policy. Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) Business owners with employees need EPLI to cover claims for harassment. A product manufacturer may purchase product liability insurance to cover them if a product is faulty and causes damage to the purchasers or any other third party. error or omission in the performance of professional accounting services. Please for more detailed information. State Farm's Commercial Liability Umbrella Policy offers broad coverage at a sensible price. Commercial Liability Umbrella For businesses that need $1 million or more of liability protection. error.Investopedia explains Liability Insurance Liability insurance is very important for those who may be held legally liable for the injuries of others. It is specifically designed to help protect the insured and their business in the event an employee brings a suit or administrative charge. Business owners may purchase liability insurance that covers them if an employee is injured during business operations. Special Business Liability Insurance State Farm offers several products to cover your liability insurance needs. . error or omission in the performance of their professional services. discrimination or wrongful termination.e. licensed and qualified to perform. certain dentists are protected from claims arising out of a Dental Incident (i. Professional services are those dental services the insured is trained. act. especially medical practitioners and business owners. Accountants Professional Liability Certain accountants and related businesses are protected from claims alleging a negligent act. certain architects and engineers are protected from claims alleging a negligent act.

If a member of the public is injured on your property you may be held responsible. Even when found innocent. clients or customers visit your premises.Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions Liability Under this policy. This may include charges for sexual harassment. What is public liability insurance? Public liability insurance provides cover against claims made by members of the public who have suffered injury or damage to property in connection with the business. For example. Not-For-Profit Directors & Officers with Employment Practices Liability This product is similar to the above. Available within a range of Direct Line for Business products. This coverage can help protect the insured from liability arising from mistakes. An important benefit of this product is coverage for legal defense costs. whether real or alleged. it is wise to take out public liability insurance. discrimination or wrongful termination. specific customers are protected from liability arising from a negligent act. . public liability insurance should be considered if members of the public. but protects the directors and officers of not-for-profit organizations in the event of a suit for an actual or alleged wrongful act in connection with management. error or omission in the performance of their professional service. Liability Insurance Comes under the several part¶s:ICICI Lombard Insurance Marine Cargo Insurance Best Medical Insurance Question & Answer Form . Technology Services Errors & Omissions Liability This policy protects specific types of businesses that provide their customers with technology services. a customer might slip on a wet shop floor. EPLI coverage is also included to help protect the organization in the event that an employee brings a suit or administrative charge related to the organization's employment practices. Public liability insurance If you own a business in the UK. the legal costs can be substantial.

An example of an incident where a Property Owners claim might arise is where a postman trips on a broken step whilst at your property. An example of a situation where a products claim might arise is if you run a restaurant and accidentally cause food poisoning by using out of date ingredients. the size of turnover. In respect of public liability insurance. Public liability claims can be made as a result of an accident at your business premises or outside of this space . so you need to bear this in mind. It's quick and easy to get public liability insurance with Direct Line for Business . You can find more details on policy documents. Some customers or clients may also require you to present proof of public liability insurance before they work with you.perhaps when you are on a sales visit or working on a construction site. please see the online policy document for each type of cover. future loss of earnings and damages awarded to the claimant in addition to your legal cost in defending the claim and the claimants' legal costs that you incur if you are found to be at fault. What is property owners liability? This covers you against injury or damage suffered by third parties whilst visiting the property you own. for instance. What is products liability? This cover protects you against injury to your customers and damage to their property as a result of a product you sell or supply. How can I take out public liability insurance with Direct Line? You can apply for Direct Line for Business insurance quickly and easily online. For more information on our public. we may consider the type of business you have. When you apply for a quote you will be asked certain questions about you and your business and a premium will be worked out from this information.apply online for a business insurance quote today to ensure your business is adequately protected against claims from the public. you could be found responsible and have to compensate your customer.Public liability insurance is designed to pay compensation which can include loss of earnings. This is quite common particularly when working with local authorities. . People injured by defective products may have the right to sue for damages. the number of employees. products or property owners liability cover or on the terms and conditions of Direct Line's insurance. what kind of liability claims you have had and your health and safety record.

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