no agency can match TEAM’s ability to engage consumers + brands with speed, quality and reach – all while delivering a positive ROI

so what do we mean by engaging

consumers + brands

long before social networking even became an “everyday term” (20 years ago in fact) TEAM created a little something we call… 4 .

building real-life “friends” of brands 5 .we’ve got networked people out there everyday.

work & play. (from automotive to consumer package goods) specializing in physical + digital branded engagements. 6 . operating in multiple industries.our national infrastructure has unparalleled scale. that bring products to life where consumers live.

because… what’s the point of just putting your advertising message out there. hoping consumers will hear it? 7 .

why not ensure consumers take notice of your brand by weaving branded execution into their everyday lives! 8 .

who are our “networked people?” 9 .so.

we’re much more than just a pretty face 10 .

we’re your consumers! who better to market your brand to highly social young adults than actual young adults? 11 .

connected. insightful.approachable. influential. educated. attractive. trained. informed. dedicated. results-oriented. tech-savvy. responsible. 12 .

Seuss for the rhyme 13 .our people are experts on the highly social young adult… what they do what they crave where they shop how they behave a little credit to Dr.

some clients say we’re a bit “out there” that’s not entirely true… we’re totally out there! 14 .

every day. engaging consumers + brands WA MT OR ID WY NV ND VT SD MN WI MI NE IA IL CO KS MO OK AR M S IN PA WV KY TN SC AL ME NH NY MA CT NJ MD RI OH CA UT VA NC AZ NM GA TX = Corporate HQ = TEAM Regional Management = MillerCoors Management Staff = VW Management Staff = Bacardi Management Staff = Wild Turkey Management Staff LA FL 15 .we’re out there in every major market.

all of this adds up to a competitive advantage your brand should leverage to drive sales! 16 .

what exactly do we do? 17 .so.

we engage consumers + brands: 18 .

for clients such as: 19 .

agency resources in the industry able to offer you compelling concepts that break through the clutter 20 . might also say… “we’re wired” we’re connected with some of the most influential.

a member of MDC partners: WHERE GREAT TALENT LIVES 21 .

“if it moves we can measure it” providing you with valuable data that: supports ROI contributes to CRM justifies investment 22 .

integrated metrics & tracking: Strategy & Activation Live Reporting / Survey / Tracking Mobile Field Applications Field Personnel Consumer Digital Interaction Client Dashboard 23 .

while we’re on the subject of numbers. ponder these nuggets… 24 .so.

simultaneous execution of unique programs for 30+ brands 400 full-time field producers 6.500 key retail outlet relationships maintained partners with dealers & distributors in nearly a dozen industries 10.000.000+ 1:1 intercepts yearly word-of-mouth and impression numbers are through the roof 25 .000+ promotional specialists 120+ cities with dedicated execution over 20.

creating & executing measurable tactics that move the sales needle 26 .“cha-ching” because at the end of the day. that’s what it’s about.

com (o) 954.2409 (c) 414.629.6475 27 .3035 Michael Shea – Vice President-Planning mshea@teament.2401 (c) 954. fl 33301 www.338. suite 2450 fort (o) 954.862.1170 Sean O’Toole – President sotoole@teament.teamenterprises.862.807.2400 Dan Gregory – CEO (o) 954.862. broward 954.2406 (c) information: TEAM enterprises 110 e.

case studies 28 .

VOLKSWAGEN MLS MOBILE TOUR OVERVIEW: TEAM helped Volkswagen leverage one of their largest alliances – sponsorship of Major League Soccer. 29 . Develop methods that get families to interact with the vehicles and show off vehicle attributes. Build awareness of VW’s soccer affiliation. OBJECTIVE(s): Produce relevant tactics that hit the intersection of consumers fitting VW’s “young family-specific” profile & families engaging in active lifestyles.

The VW Garage was installed to provide a unique opportunity for consumers to interact with the vehicles. RESULTS: 70+ MLS activations & execution at every DCU game Interaction with nearly 100. Vehicles were used as key elements of interactive games – challenging consumers to various feats. participate in soccer-themed activities and to provide customized VW SWAG reminding them of their interaction. TEAM developed the MLS Mobile Tour and Jr.500 Qualified Leads VW grew share during a time when auto-manufactures are struggling 30 .000 Consumer Profiles secured with 1.VOLKSWAGEN MLS MOBILE TOUR TACTICAL EXECUTION: TEAM helped create and maintain a permanent VW presence at RFK stadium with DC-United. talk with product specialists.000 Consumers 14. while engaging them with specific aspects of the actual vehicle. Masters Soccer Series as a method to attract families who fit the VW profile.

31 . OBJECTIVE(s): Create personalized experiences allowing consumers to show off their “madness” much like the concept of a clone of Coke with 0 calories is pure “madness.COKE ZERO MARCH MADNESS OVERVIEW: TEAM created a Coke Zero Final Four spectacle experience. allowing fans to demonstrate just how “mad” they were in supporting their team.” Entertain and sample consumers at branded events during Final Four weekend.

” Each station provided an opportunity for the consumer to demonstrate their fandom by allowing individuals to customize their experience based on the team they were pulling for. In addition to the concert series. TEAM’s insight and reaction to inclement weather produced a “domed” experience witnessing higher foot-traffic than any other brand’s execution. Gavin DeGraw & The Pussycat Dolls was staged. Coke Zero samples and message points were delivered throughout the event. 32 .000 consumers participated in a custom “Fanification” interaction.COKE ZERO MARCH MADNESS TACTICAL EXECUTION: In order to draw attention to Coke Zero’s sponsorship of the Final Four.” the “Fan Face Maker.” the “Mad Video Booth”. RESULTS: Over 30. a 3-day event featuring performances by NERD. TEAM brought the brand to life though various “Fanification Stations” – including the “Basket Barbers. and the “Fan Outfitter.

Tie to an on-line Agent program and fuel the Fiesta movement.FORD FIESTA MOVEMENT OVERVIEW: TEAM provided consumers nationwide with the opportunity to “ride & drive” the new 2011 Ford Fiesta prior to its US introduction . 33 . Create unique (non-dealer location) events where consumers could experience the vehicle first-hand in a low-pressure environment.under the supervision of promotional specialists. OBJECTIVE(s): Increase awareness of Ford bringing the Fiesta to the US in 2011.

RESULTS: 545 Events Executed across 153 Cities. Using Tablet PCs and monitors affixed to the Fiesta. Leveraging our existing infrastructure. Program came in on-budget despite logistical challenges. using 20 vehicles as test models for consumers to interact with. 34 . TEAM built a database of interested potential buyers – which is being used to fuel the on-line movement.FORD FIESTA MOVEMENT TACTICAL EXECUTION: TEAM conducted simultaneous executions in 5 separate regions. TEAM was able to save client costs by utilizing talent residing in each of the cities the tour visited (no T&E costs/more working dollars). Program’s success lead to a renewal in Summer 2010.000 Ride & Drives Completed. and maintain CRM efforts of building a community around the vehicle. Nearly 100.

A GQ Magazine tie-in helped drive brand education and mentorship with the trade through a search for the nation’s “Most Inspired Bartenders. Expand bartender knowledge of Bombay Sapphire’s differentiation and versatility.” OBJECTIVE(s): Enhance bartender affinity.MOST INSPIRED BARTENDER OVERVIEW: TEAM developed a program to build Bombay Sapphire brand affinity with bartenders across the country. 35 . Build a database of bartenders for ongoing communication.

Participants were added to Bombay Sapphire’s CRM efforts. Bartenders were recruited from 953 premium accounts. TEAM recruited and trained twenty high profile bartenders per market – each were then invited to compete in the Bombay Sapphire events. RESULTS: The program witnessed participation from1.MOST INSPIRED BARTENDER TACTICAL EXECUTION: Local bartender competitions took place in 41 individual markets. Regional winners were flown to Las Vegas to compete in the National Finals. Many industry insiders site this program as the most successful branded trade program of 2009. 36 . The Bacardi USA organization was extremely receptive of this nation-wide program. While in Las Vegas. all participants attended a brand summit conducted by TEAM – an opportunity to share learnings and fuel momentum on the brand.182 bartenders across 41 key markets.

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