Shale Gas Plays, Lower 48 States

Montana Thrust Belt Cody Williston Basin Gammon
Appalachian Basin

Uinta Basin Mancos Piceance Basin Pierre

Greater Green River Basin


Michigan Basin Forest City Basin


Illinois Basin New Albany Chattanooga

Hermosa Paradox Basin Lewis

ExcelloMulky Cherokee Platform Fayetteville Arkoma Basin WoodfordCaney

San Juan Basin

Woodford Anadarko Ard Basin mo re B Palo Duro Bend asi n Basin Raton Basin Barnett Permian Ft. Worth Basin Basin Maverick Sub-Basin Eagle Ford

Devonian (Ohio) Marcellus Utica

Barnett- Marfa Woodford Basin


TexasLouisianaMississippi Salt Basin

Black Warrior Conasauga Basin Valley and FloydRidge Province Neal

PearsallEagle Ford

Shale Gas Plays Stacked Plays Basins

100 200 300 400


Rio Grande Embayment Source: Energy Information Administration based on data from various published studies Updated: May 28, 2009

Shallowest / Youngest Deepest / Oldest


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