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Defense minister attends Training begins for

NATO ministerial peacekeeping mission
Military exercises com- Akhalaia recently underscored participating in the training.
menced under the International the importance of Georgia’s par- Gen. Carter Ham also ar-
Security Assistance Forces ticipation in the peacekeeping rived in Georgia to get acquaint-
(ISAF) at the Vaziani Military operations. During his speech at ed with the Georgian-U.S. mil-
Base to support Georgia’s par- the NATO Defense Ministerial, itary training operation Imme-
ticipation in peacekeeping op- Akhalaia said Georgia fully re- diate Response 2009. As U.S.
erations. The two-week securi- alizes “that the ISAF is NATO’s Fourth Army general and U.S.-
ty exercises referred to as “Im- number-one priority and the European Command command-
mediate Response” are conduct- most difficult mission in the his- er, Ham visited the Vaziani Mil-
ed jointly by the U.S. and Geor- tory of alliance.” He added that itary Base and attended the
gian armed forces. The exercis- establishing peace and security launch of the military exercis-
es are designed to promote in- in Afghanistan remains a com- es. Ham was hosted by Deputy
teroperability of military forc- mon challenge for the interna- Defense Minister Nodar Khar-
es in Georgia during the inter- tional community. shiladze and Chief of the Joint
national security assistance mis- “We should join our efforts Staff, Maj. Gen. Devi Tchanko-
sion in Afghanistan. to ensure the successful accom- tadze.
During the exercises, the plishment of the mission,” he Issues related to the defense
training will focus on preparing said. cooperation between Georgia
the Georgian armed forces for The opening ceremony of and the U.S. were widely dis-
holding counterterrorist opera- the international “Immediate cussed, including an assistance
C NATO tions with the U.S. military in Response” training was held at program in this field and coop-
Afghanistan. military base Oct. 26. The cere- erative activities implemented
“The U.S. expresses its grat- mony opened to the Georgian and planned by the U.S.-Euro-
The Slovak capital hosted the spring 2010. In addition, two li- taining a secure world.” itude to Georgia and the armed and U.S. national anthems. The pean Command. The parties
Informal Meeting of NATO De- aison officers will be sent with- Rasmussen also noted his ap- forces for contributing to the servicemen and invited guests also held talks on the participa-
fense Ministers Oct. 22-23. in a Turkish detachment in next preciation for Georgia’s partici- operations in Afghanistan,” the observed a minute of silence in tion of the Georgian contingent
NATO defense ministers gath- spring. pation in the mission at the news U.S. Embassy to Georgia said honor of fallen soldiers. A Geor- in the NATO-led operations in
ered in Bratislava together with “We are also continuing to conference. in a statement. gian Orthodox priest and U.S. Afghanistan and Georgia’s
their counterparts from non- deploy a Georgian military doc- “First of all, we appreciate Defense Minister Bacho chaplain blessed the individuals NATO integration.
NATO ISAF-contributing na- tor in Afghanistan as part of the very much the Georgian commit-
tions and agreed on priorities for Lithuanian Provisional Recon- ment, the Georgian contribu-
Afghanistan in late 2009 and ear- struction Team,” he said. “We tion,” he said. “It testifies to
ly 2010. They also discussed a are ready to share our experience Georgia’s strong engagement
strategic concept on how to po- and provide the Afghan Nation- with our alliance. That is a very
sition the Afghan forces as the al Army with the appropriate important signal. Of course, it is
country’s major security guaran- training and support.” also a positive step in the frame-
tor in the future. Akhalaia expressed his grat- work of NATO-Georgia cooper-
Together with members of itude to France, Lithuania, Tur- ation. And in addition to that, we
the Georgian delegation, De- key and the U.S. for their con- welcome all contributions to our
fense Minister Bacho Akhalaia tinuous assistance to the Geor- mission in Afghanistan because
arrived in Bratislava to take part gian armed forces to improve also from a military point of
in the NATO Defense Ministeri- deployment capabilities and ac- view we need these contribu-
al and hold talks with his coun- celerate deployment processes in tions. So the Georgian decision
terparts. The meeting was Afghanistan. is highly appreciated. We wel-
chaired by NATO Secretary “Georgia has constantly dem- come that.”
General Anders Fogh Rasmus- onstrated its strong will to con- In the framework of the Brat-
sen. Also in attendance were tribute to global security and islava ministerial, Akhalaia held
Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, agrees that assisting the alliance meetings with his Swedish, Slo-
NATO Military Committee in building a stable and secure vak, Norwegian and Canadian
Chairman and Supreme Allied Afghanistan is in the common counterparts. Bilateral coopera-
Commander Europe, Admiral interest of the international com- tion prospects were discussed
James Stavridis and ISAF Com- munity,” he said. “The Georgian between the sides. The informal
mander, General Stanley Mc- nation as a member of this com- meeting of the defense ministers
Chrystal. ISAF Commander, munity stands ready to be an ended Oct. 23.
General McChrystal briefed the important contributor in main- Thea Chonishvili
participants on the situation in INSIDE
Afghanistan and his assessment
of the mission.
Akhalaia delivered a speech
Georgia pushes NATO Days 2009
on Georgia’s forthcoming con-
tribution to ISAF operations.
“My country fully realizes
new reservist
that ISAF is NATO’s number-
one priority and the most diffi- concept Soldiers blessed
cult mission in the history of al-
liance,” he said. “The establish-
ment of peace and security in
before heading
Afghanistan remains our com-
mon challenge and we should
Sachkhere to Afghanistan
join our efforts to ensure the suc-
cessful accomplishment of the Mountain
alliance mission in Afghanistan.”
Akhalaia added that Georgia
plans to deploy a company-sized
Training School Mine-clearing
unit under French command al-
ready in November and a battal- Awaits PfP Status activities are over
ion under U.S. command in Georgian Defense Minister during official photo session

Georgia pushes new reservist concept

Georgia has developed a new reservist concept based on the “smaller is better”
principle, which will be implemented in 2010. The new system will utilize the ex-
periences of NATO member and other partner nations. The “National Guard Vi-
sion” document will outline priorities for creating new reserves, holding trainings
and launching new military education programs.
Defense Today held an interview with National Guard Department head Zurab
Arsoshvili to learn more about the initiative.

Defense Today: The Defense Min- called upon are all heroes. Most of the
istry has already started working on shortcomings concerned management,
the “National Guard Vision” docu- control, registration and orders. Reserv-
ment. What is the reason behind the ist squad commanders, companies and
new vision? battalions will no longer be reservists.
Zurab Arsoshvili: Georgians know Commanders will be selected from
that we did not call in our reservists af- the permanent personal of the National
ter the 2008 August war. Our thorough Guard. They must be highly skilled and
analysis of the previous system’s mis- well-prepared professionals. Another
takes and shortcomings created the ne- important issue is maintaining an accu-
cessity for a new and more flexible vi- rate planning and accurate registration
sion for the national reserves. system, which will be based on territo-
Q: A major motivation for the new rial principles. It is important to estab-
system was the shortcomings that lish an advanced program to prepare re-
were identified in the Georgian-Rus- servists.
sian war. What were these shortcom- Q: The “National Guard New Vi-
ings and what measures will be taken sion” has already been discussed with
to avoid them in the future? NGO representatives. What will be
A: I absolutely agree that there were civil society’s role in the working pro-
mistakes, but these were not the fault of cess?
the reservists. The reservists who we A: We initiated the new plans after
discussions with NGOs. We submitted new reservist bases? vate personnel?
our vision to NGOs and asked them to A: We are planning to use existing A: We think that the reserve system
share their thoughts, as their profession- infrastructure. We think the reservists should be voluntary. Again I would like
al views are of very important to us. Af- should train in the field. The National to stress that the reservists will receive
ter their detailed analysis, we are waiting Guard’s permanent personal will ensure a salary and social benefits.
for their recommendations and questions. the reserve system works effectively. Q: What will be the function of the
Q: The new vision has become an Q: The Defense Ministry is draw- reservists in ensuring national secu-
issue of public discussion. What is the ing on experience from which coun- rity issues?
next phase? tries while designing this new system? A: The Joint Staff will identify the
A: The next step is to deal with in- A: We reviewed the reserve systems functions of the reservists after they re-
frastructure, which will help us prepare in many countries. We are not planning ceive military training.
to receive reservists after the bill is af- to copy one model. We are stressing as- Q: How will the new reserve sys-
firmed. pects of the Israeli, Swiss and British tem strengthen the country’s defense
Q: Does legislation also have to be systems. potential and popularize the military?
amended? Q: When will the new reserve sys- A: The military must be popularized.
A: It is essential to amend the law tem begin and what will you offer to The reserve system is considered as a
on reservists. There are many laws need- future reservists? transitional period for people who want
ing amendments. Every amendment will A: It is very important to note that a look at in the army’s current life, ar-
be presented by the Defense Ministry. the new reservists will be paid. We are mament and directions. The system aims
Q: What is needed for the reserve thinking of presenting the bill to parlia- to train new soldiers and retrain those
system to work properly? Where are ment late this year. If everything goes who forgot their skills. It will help re-
you going to prepare reservists? Are well, we will receive first flow of reserv- servists become members of the regular
you planning to use existing infra- ists in 2010. army and serve there.
structure, or are you going to build Q: How do you intend to moti- Irakli Gurgenidze

Sachkhere Mountain Training School awaits PfP status

Georgia is a mountainous region and chkhere region. Longer courses are con- glish, French, Turkish and Russian. through both summer and winter cours- ternational cooperation. The school has
considering its landscape, a major pri- ducted in the Kazbegi settlement and The school has not received PfP sta- es. The training was a great success and modernized the curriculum. Its material
ority for the country is establishing a envisage climbing the Mkinvartsveri tus yet, but it has already hosted various stirred immense interest. The Ukraini- and technical base and infrastructure
highly professional mountain unit. The glacier, which is 5,046 above sea level. international trainings. The first interna- an military servicemen attended the have also been updated. Artificial con-
first mountain battalion was established Winter courses are carried out in the tional training was held in 2006 for mil- training course in 2008. struction has been added to the school
in 1991 upon the initiative of national Bakuriani or Gudauri settlements. The itary servicemen from Poland, Lithua- The school is actively working to facilities where a training wall for moun-
hero Besik Kutateladze. In August 2006, military servicemen learn skiing, creat- nia, Ukraine and Armenia. They passed streamline the facility and enhance in- tain climbing of various difficulties is
the Sachkhere Mountain Training ing shelters in the snow and mountain- located.
School was established on the base of tactical fire exercises. In the framework of bilateral coop-
the Sixteenth Mountain Battalion. To- The complete training course of pro- eration, representatives of various for-
day, the mountain school fully meets fessional mountain instructors lasts three eign countries are visiting the school.
international standards in terms of its years. This means that if a military ser- They all express interest to conduct
infrastructure, equipment and instruc- viceman wants to become a profession- trainings at the Sachkhere base.
tors. al mountaineer he must pass through a In early October, Sachkhere Moun-
In the framework of the Partnership three-year preparation course including tain Training School Commander Ma-
for Peace Program, the Sachkhere summer and winter trainings. Upon fin- jor Malkhaz Merlani paid an official vis-
Mountain Training School provides ishing the course military servicemen it to Austria. The Austrian city of Baden
trainings for international students. Be- are granted the stratus of instructor and hosted the tenth conference of PfP edu-
sides international training courses, the can train other soldiers. cational center commanders.
school offers training for members of the Instructors at the school are profes- The conference is held annually to
Georgian armed forces in a range of spe- sional mountaineers. With the support improve coordination between PfP cen-
cialties. It is difficult for any military of their French colleagues, they passed ters. During the meeting the participants
unit to move in diverse terrains and con- various stages of training over three shared their experience and developed
duct military operations without the ap- years. a joint action plan. Participants come
propriate knowledge, skills and neces- The equipment at the school is from both NATO member and partner
sary equipment. The Sachkhere Moun- French and Italian and includes all safety countries. Georgian representatives took
tain Training School provides training components. part in the conference for the first time.
in this direction to prepare as many mil- As the management of the Sachkhere The commander of the Sachkhere
itary servicemen in mountain expertise Mountain Training School explained, Mountain Training School made a pre-
as possible. In the future each brigade the facility can train 900 students in one sentation about the school, curriculum,
will have its mountain service responsi- year, or 100-150 persons during on each programs, training sites, material and
ble for leading the unit in mountainous course. Mountain training courses are technical base and equipment. Com-
terrains. conducted on four sites prepared by mander of the NATO School, Col.
The Sachkhere Mountain Training French and Georgian instructors. On the Baines positively evaluated the work of
School carried out summer and winter natural training sites, it is possible to the Sachkhere Mountain Training school
training courses. The summer courses learn fixed rope climbing and river and promised to continue cooperation
last three to five weeks. The basic course crossing simultaneously. The school has for further development of the school.
is conducted on training sites in the Sa- the resources to conduct courses in En- Eka Gakhokidze

A NATO delegation traveled to Tbili-

NATO Days 2009
importance of the NATO mission in Af- reiterated once again their support for
si for the “NATO Days 2009” event or- ghanistan. Georgia’s NATO aspirations. Simmons
ganized by the NATO Information Cen- Representatives of the government, presented the alliance’s position to par-
ter Oct. 5-9. diplomatic corps and experts discussed ticipants. The meeting was attended by
Among the attendees were Special the issue with Crisis Management Poli- ambassadors and NGO representatives.
NATO Representative of the Secretary cy Section head at the NATO Headquar- Besides meeting with the opposition,
General to the South Caucasus and Cen- ters Mihai Carp. this was the first time Simmons and oth-
tral Asia Robert Simmons, Euro-Atlan- Students from different universities er guests from NATO held a conference
tic Integration and Partnership Director- were also involved in NATO Week. A with representatives of Georgia’s diverse
ate James Mackey, NATO Public Diplo- lecture about NATO was delivered to stu- national communities. The participants
macy Division representative Michel dents at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State discussed minority challenges related to
Duray, Information Officer for the Kyr- University by Dr. Dave Johnson who the Georgian language and their freedom
gyz Republic and Tajikistan Benedicte spoke about the new strategic concept of in political, cultural and educational is-
Borel, and NATO Defense Policy and the alliance, international security chal- sues.
Planning Division representative Dave lenges and NATO-Georgia relations. In a personal interview, Simmons
Johnson. Another event took place at the Tbili- reiterated his support for Georgia and
This was the second such event or- si Art Academy. The Information Cen- said that at the Bucharest Summit it was
ganized with the support of the defense, ter on NATO opened a NATO Hall in decided that Georgia will become a
foreign and European and Euro-Atlan- which an exhibition of Soviet-era NATO NATO member. According to Simmons,
tic integration ministries, NATO Cau- cartoons was presented. it is not right to politicize the issue of
casus Liaison Offic and Latvian Embas- On Oct. 8, Robert Simmons arrived the country not receiving a Membership
sy. The goal was to inform the Georgian in Georgia to evaluate the implementa- Action Plan. Georgia has its own tools,
public about NATO and its future plans, tion of the Annual National Plan. He met he said, such as the Annual National Plan
and also to show the country’s strong with representatives of the Georgian and the NATO-Georgia Commission.
will to become a member of NATO. government, including Defense Minis- “According to our information, the
At the opening ceremony at the ter Bachana Akhalaia, Foreign Affairs international evaluation mission was
Courtyard Marriott, Georgian govern- Minister Grigol Vashadze, Foreign Af- satisfied with the steps Georgia imple-
mental representatives, NGOs and dif- fairs Deputy Minister Giga Bokeria, and mented during the year within the An-
ferent embassies welcomed the guests European and Euro-Atlantic Integration nual National Plan. This implies Geor-
to Georgia. Information Center on Minster Giorgi Baramidze. gia is getting closer to NATO standards,”
NATO Director Tengiz Gogotishvili As part of NATO Week, Simmons said Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister
opened the event. met parliamentary and non-parliamen- David Jalagania.
Different events were scheduled dur- tary opposition representatives. The Tbilisi was not the only city that par-
ing the week, including a Tbilisi-Brus- round-table meeting was attended by ticipated in NATO Week. In Kutaisi, a
sels video conference discussing the over 12 party leaders. The politicians NATO delegation opened “NATO Cor-

ner” at Akaki Tsereteli Kutaisi State rent agenda and the Latvian experience
University, where a former Russian mil- with NATO membership.
itary base once stood. They also met stu- NATO Week was also held in Gur-
dents and discussed NATO-Georgia re- jaani. Simmons and other delegates met
lations. The NATO Information Center students in the Shalikashvili Brothers
also presented to Afghanistan-bound Museum and discussed NATO-Georgia
soldiers the new book, “10 Years of relations. NATO representatives had the
Georgian Units in International Peace- opportunity to get a taste of Kakheti and
keeping Operations.” NATO represen- its culture.
tative Michel Duray delivered a speech. NATO Days 2009 was officially
During a visit to Batumi, Adjarian closed at the State Theater of Music and
students released balloons across the Drama. At the closing ceremony, Sim-
Turkish border to demonstrate the coun- mons addressed the audience and eval-
try’s will to become a NATO member. uated the week positively. NATO dele-
NATO guests visited a new office of gation representatives, Georgian govern-
Information Center on NATO in the city. ment representatives, ambassadors and
The delegation met students at the Na- experts participated in the ceremony.
val Institute and discussed NATO’s cur- Stela Kasradze

Soldiers blessed before heading Mine-clearing activities are over

Zemo Nikozi in the Shida Kartli vil- jority of the area has already been cleared.”
lage was transferred to the local author- In the wake of the Georgia-Russian

to Afghanistan
A ceremony dedicated to the com- his blessing to the soldiers and wished Military servicemen from the Twenty-
ities after de-mining. The Defense Min-
istry’s leadership arrived in the village
this week to inspect the diffused area of
military conflict, the mines made Zemo
Nikozi far too dangerous to be inhabited
by the local population. Mine-clearing
the village. The specialists exploded de- activities were carried out by Norwegian
pletion of preparatory training for the them every success in the accomplish- Third Battalion Company participated monstratively the last mine on the terri- specialists from the international human-
ISAF-peacekeeping operation in Af- ment of their mission. in the two-month training. tory in the presence of media represen- itarian organization Norwegian Peoples
ghanistan was held at the Second Infan- The military training was conducted Toward the end of the ceremony, the tatives. Deputy Minister Nikolozi Dz- Aid in coordination with the Defense
try Brigade in Senaki. Father Jioseb gave in full observance of NATO standards. soldiers observed a minute of silence to imtseishvili and journalists attended. Ministry.
commemorate the servicemen who sac- Due to the 2008 August war, the village The ministry earlier concluded mem-
rificed their lives for Georgia’s unity and was exposed to many threats endanger- orandums on “Supporting Humanitarian
integrity. ing the local population. Clearing Activities” with international
The ceremony was held in the pres- “We did our best to take care of each organizations one month after the end of
ence of the Defense Ministry’s leader- resident,” Dzimtseishvili said. “The ma- the 2008 August war.
ship, Chief of Joint Staff Devi
Chankodadze, Ground Forces Com-
mander Shmagi Telia and Deputy Com-
mander Aleksandre Kiknadze. Family
members of servicemen also attended
the event.
“Participation in the international
peacekeeping operations is associated
with securing peace in our country,”
Kiknadze said. “It is a matter of dignity
to strive for the maintenance of peace
throughout the world and what is more
important, Georgian peacekeepers will
undertake the fulfillment of the peace
mission in Afghanistan properly trained
and blessed.”

How do you get from offensive weapons to

supporting agricultural development in Georgia?
Destruction expertise from the Former tute and the United Kingdom. Their pre- The project will clearly have a direct
Soviet Union, recognised the Institute sentation focussed on capacity building impact on the sustainability of the Geor-
as an eligible candidate for scientist re- in the fields of disease surveillance, de- gian Agriculture Sector. In addition, it
direction programmes. Following this tection, and containment. will support Georgia’s implementation
decision, the British Government under- The British Government believes that of the European Neighbourhood Action
took to support Institute and its scien- the Institute can be of long term benefit Plan. The non-proliferation of weapons
tists in the pursuit of peaceful science. to Georgia, and plans to support a sec- through scientist redirection forms part
Initial support took place from 2004 ond project that would run until 2011. of the Action Plan. But of more rele-
to 2008. Laboratories were renovated, This project aims to develop the Insti- vance to Georgia is support in helping
equipment provided, and building re- tute into a key centre for plant and crop Georgia meet EU requirements for the
pairs took place. The scientists studied health advice. Work would primarily control of plant diseases essential for the
fungal diseases of cereals and other eco- focus on three crops: wheat, maize, and export of various crops, produce, and
nomically significant crops, established potatoes. The Institute will focus on plant material.
a national collection of microbiological plant disease, production constraints, David Gale
crop pathogens, and established rela- and helping Georgian farmers to in- Political Officer
tions with regional counterparts. This crease and improve yield quality. British Embassy Tbilisi
has resulted in increased knowledge of
common disease pathogens and
strengthened disease surveillance capa-
For example, the Institute has recent-
ly been providing advice to the city au-
Countering the proliferation of 1959, the Institute bypassed official thorities in Batumi, where there is a
Weapons of Mass Destruction is a pop- structures and reported directly to Mos- damaging caterpillar infestation of fruit
ular topic for modern day diplomats. I cow. The Institute focussed on the de- (and other trees), causing complete de-
used to think that this basically equalled velopment of plant pathogens that could struction of this year’s crop. Also, this
high level negotiations at the UN, sanc- be used in warfare. The Institute worked summer a worrying new disease of po-
tions against rogue states, and in the to develop that weapons could severely tatoes has been discovered for the first
worse case scenario the threat of mili- damage staple food crops such as wheat. time in Adjara – the Institute has been
tary action. So I was surprised to be told As the Soviet Union collapsed, key re- involved in identification of the prob-
that I’d be working on counter prolifer- sources and funding were removed from lem and dialogue with international ex-
ation issues in Georgia, and supporting the Institute, and its scientists were left perts.
activity on the ground. I was also sur- to fend for themselves, presenting a se- In September 2008 the Institute ar-
prised at the level of interest in the UK, rious weapons expertise proliferation ranged the first plant pathogen confer-
with our Ministry of Defence and the risk. ence to be hosted in the South Caucasus
Foreign Office paying close attention. The International Science and Tech- with scientists from 15 countries partic-
Georgia’s Soviet past is no big se- nology Centre (ITSC), a Moscow based ipating. In August 2009 a joint presen-
cret, but the Institute of Plant Immunity international body tasked with prevent- tation was given at the United Nations
(IPI) in Kobuleti was. Established in ing the proliferation of Weapons of Mass in Geneva, by scientists from the Insti-

Georgian wrestling tournament held Military signalmen celebrated

The National Olympic Committee
Cup was held in Georgian wrestling this
Professional Day
month. Participants fought in six weight Georgian military signalmen celebrat- communication capacity of the active
classes in the Badiauri village. The De- ed Professional Day Oct. 9. A solemn armed forces. During the training, the
fense Ministry team competed with con- ceremony dedicated to the occasion and servicemen became acquainted with
tenders with nine regional squads. the completion of the Communications how to organize communication chan-
World-class professionals Zurab Zvi- 2009 exercises was held at the Commu- nels using radios and advanced commu-
adauri and Nestor Khergiani took part nications Battalion in Saguramo. Depu- nications systems. Communication 2009
in the tournament. ty Defense Minister Nikoloz Dzimtseish- launched Oct. 1 and ended Oct. 9.
The Gori team came away with the vili and Deputy Chief of Joint Staff, Brig- “I would like to use this chance to con-
victory, with the Mtskheta-Mtianeti and adier General Davit Nairashvili attend- gratulate Georgian signalmen on success-
Kakhetian and Sagarejo teams finishing ed. fully completing the course, as well as on
in second and third place. Officers from the Georgian Ground Professional Day,” Dzimtseishvili said.
The National Cup’s distributed Forces, National Guard Department, “Without the use of a proper communica-
20,000 lari in prizes to the contenders. Special Operational Forces Staff and tion system in the military, the armed forc-
The event was dedicated to the twen- Training and Military Education Com- es will not be able to perform their duties
tieth jubilee of the Georgian National mand participated in the exercises. The effectively.”
Olympic Committee. The culture and purpose of the training taken by 166 Participating officers were granted
sports ministries provided organization- military servicemen was to enhance the special certificates after the exercises.
al support for the event.

Defense Ministry holds journalism

contest with IWPR Eight Georgian television companies
and Armenian and Azerbaijani report-
ers participated.
The Georgian and foreign journalists
took part in broadcasting simulated com-
bat operations organized by the Strike
Ball Federation. During the event, mock
terrorists aimed to take hostage a pris-
oner. A two-hour battle ensued, and sol-
diers successfully conquered their ene-
Captain’s Career Course ends with
The journalists will prepare special
solemn ceremony
reports about the combat operations. The A solemn graduation ceremony for neering and logistic specializations.
top contestant will be chosen by a jury the Captain Career Courses was held Oct Subunit management, warfare decision-
of experts and Georgian and foreign 23. Fifty military servicemen received making and combat preparatory skills
journalists and awarded prize money. granted certificates after the completion were studied by the officers. The train-
The idea for the competition was pro- of the course. Together with military ing process started June 1 and lasted 21
posed by the IWPR. servicemen, 14 officers from the Interi- weeks.
The purpose of the contest is to de- or Ministry’s Special Task Force partic- Chief of the Joint Staff, Major Gen-
termine the level of the journalists’ pro- ipated. eral Devi Chankotadze, National De-
The Defense Ministry arranged a Peace Reporting (IWPR). The contest fessionalism and their emergency situa- The training was divided into com- fense Academy head, Col. Roin Pailo-
competition for television journalists was held at the Vaziani Military Aero- tions management skills during combat pany and battalion preparatory phases, dze and other armed forces representa-
together with the Institute of War and drome Oct. 4. operations. covering maneuvering, artillery, engi- tives attended the event.