Possible Disasters Predicted for 13 February 2011 Based on Planetary Aspects involving the Galactic Centre

Between the 12th and 14th February 2011 the Moon opposes the Galactic Centre. Its most exact opposition UTC time is on 13th February. This may cause some large disasters of a variety of kinds because of the strong aspects involving the Galactic Centre, I have found associated with the worst disasters in history. The nature of the disasters is indicated by the signs and heavenly bodies involved. heavenly At this time strongest aspects are pointing towards the sign Aquarius, an air sign and a human sign towards associated with our civilization and its structures and ideas. It is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus and can be revolutionary, breaking down past forms so new revolutionary, things can happen and new groups can be created created. Aquarius is also the Vernal Age we are nearing its air sign nature may refer more to the dawning of o nearing, a Space Age in which contact is made to other life forms, signs may given under this aspect our idea ct aspect, of reality may be transformed. Perhaps there will be some kind of disclosure or contact involving Perhaps extraterrestrial life. Mars and the Sun and Mercury and Neptune all in this sign together at this time suggest powerful violent outbursts, especially on these dates when the Moon also is in aspect There are a number of , aspect. scenarios for major events that could be of a disastrous nature noticeable between the 12th and 14th and most likely on the 13th. Here is a list of some of the major possibiliti possibilities. Possibility 1/ A violent mass or group event with disastrous element: Aquarius is a sign of the arius masses, the French Revolution occurred whe Pluto was in this sign. There may be violent group he when his demonstrations because of the involvement of Mars. Because Neptune is involved some leading figure could be in some way punished or martyred, or instead of anger the feeling can turn suddenly , to fear, panic and flight. At the bes there may be peaceful but energetic group discussions of needed best changes.

Possibility 2/ Violent storms: it is very likely that some areas will experience powerful winds, snow, hail or rain, maybe causing accidents or blockages on the roads. Possibility 3/ Volcanic Eruption: because Mars and the Sun, with their powerful fiery natures, are in conjunction and aspecting the Galactic Centre in a fire sign at this time (by sextile) and with a sort of arrow pointing in their direction, a fiery and probably volcanic eruption could occur, or volcanic earthquakes may signify a coming eruption. Possibility 4/ As Aquarius is about our modern civilization there could be a disaster involving, or created by, one of mankind’s inventions. There may be worry about HAARP, or CERN or a scientific discovery, or there could be a gas explosion (Neptune) or fire (Mars) at some industrial plant or factory. Certainly there may be some mystery as to the truth. Neptune is often difficult to explain and is connected to mass deception in Aquarius. In fact this has been the Age of Mass deception! Possibility 5 / Large earthquakes. The transit of the Moon opposite the Galactic Centre has produced a lot of earthquakes in recent times, so there may be earthquakes of 6 and over. It would be surprising if there were no news of a notable earthquake between the 12th and 14th February. Possibility 6/ News involving some kind of polar shift may spread through the media. Possibility 7 / A transport disaster or difficulty, especially likely is one involving the aviation industry. One scenario might be a fire on board an airplane or an explosion in mid air, perhaps caused by a bomb or terror attack. The most likely areas for a notable event are 30°W to 60° W which is around the Atlantic and the northern areas 60°N to 75° N. Also because of Mars influence in Aquarius the Mediterranean lands and Middle East and N. Africa there may be mass events. Because of the position of the Moon, South East Asia, Indonesia, and especially near the Sumatra, Java area there may also be some involvement Also there could be an abnormality in the Sun or on Mars at this time, perhaps a solar storm will be noted though this does not immediately affect us the aspect between Sun and Mars to the Galactic Centre is just beginning and will remain for over a week, so we could still see an event on the Sun at this time affecting the Earth in the week to come, the Sun sextiles (60°) the Galactic Centre most exactly on the 19th February 2011.

Susan Seymour Hedke 11 February 2011