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Grading During this year, you will be learning information related to many topics in physics.

In this course, a non-traditional criterion-based assessment system is used. Rather than using a point system to record scores on various assignments, quizzes and tests, you must demonstrate your level of proficiency on various learning goals. For example, instead of getting one grade for a quiz that may cover many topics, you will be scored on individual learning goals such as, “I can interpret/draw position vs. time graphs for an object moving with constant velocity.” Rubrics that list the learning goals and define achievement levels of each will be provided to you and used for assessment. Grades will be assigned based on descriptors of achievement only. Grades will not be affected by issues such as lateness of work, effort, attitude, participation, and attendance. Those factors will be reported separately. New information showing additional learning will replace old information. Grades will reflect the most recent learning. You may re-attempt assessments provided that you have documented an effort to engage in additional learning (e.g., tutoring, additional practice, test corrections, etc.). In addition, an alternative assessment may be accepted if the work is pre-contracted between you and me. There is no deadline for reassessments. For each learning goal, you will be scored using the following scale: Expert Proficient Developing Beginning No Evidence My response shows I understand the content/skills completely and can explain them in detail. My response shows I understand the important things about the content/skills. My response shows I have a general understanding of the content/skills, but I’m also confused about some important parts. My response shows I do not understand the concept/skills. I do not provide a response to show my level of understanding.

Near the end of each quarter, you will meet with me individually to discuss your progress and to assign a quarterly grade. Cumulative quarterly grades will be given as follows: Grade 65 68 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 Core Goals (A) Developing Proficient Developing Intermediate Goals (B) Advanced Goals (C)

Proficient Proficient Proficient Proficient Proficient Proficient Proficient Developing Developing Proficient Developing Developing Proficient Developing

Proficient Proficient Proficient


A final exam or final project will count for 1/9 of your final course grade.