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NATO Secretary General Georgian Soldiers

Visited the Ministry of Defense
Killed in Afghanistan
The Ministry of Defense of NATO Secretary General, dignified, because they are fight-
Georgia extends condolences for Anders Fogh Rasmussen, also ing under the five-crossed flag
the death of Georgian soldiers in expressed his condolences over and first of all, for the national
Afghanistan. Four Georgian sol- the deaths of Georgian soldiers interests of Georgia,” he said.
diers were killed by an explod- during his visit to Tbilisi. “To- “Their sacrifice will not be in
ing mine on October 1. Col. Ra- day is a sad day for all of us; sev- vain. We are making progress in
maz Gogiashvili, Sergeant Dav- eral of your comrades have yes- Afghanistan and I can assure that
it Tsetskhladze, Corporal Giorgi terday been killed in combat in we will stay as long as it takes to
Kolkhitashvili and Corporal Afghanistan,” Rasmussen said finish our task of preventing Af-
Nugzar Kalandadze died while early on October 1 in a brief ghanistan from once again be-
executing their duties assigned speech made in the Georgian coming a safe haven for terror-
under the international peace- Ministry of Defense. “I highly ists,” Rasmussen said at the joint
keeping mission. Georgia suf- appreciate your dedication to our news conference. “I can assure
fered its first casualty in early common security, which is a tes- you that NATO also stands firm
September. The latest deaths timony of the strong partnership in our commitment to Georgia,”
bring the number of Georgian between Georgia and NATO. For he added.
soldiers killed in Afghanistan this I am very grateful.” Georgia sent its 31st infantry
since joining the NATO-led op- Speaking at a joint news con- battalion to Afghanistan in April,
eration to five. ference with the NATO Secre- 2010 to serve alongside U.S. ma-
Company commander of the tary General on October 1, Pres- rines in the province of Hel-
31st battalion, Mukhran Shuk- ident Saakashvili said that the mand. With this deployment,
vani, was killed on duty on Sep- sacrifice of Georgian soldiers in Georgia increased its military
tember 5. Lt. Shukvani was born Afghanistan amounted “to sac- presence in Afghanistan to 925
in 1982, he had served in the rifice for global international in- soldiers. Georgia first deployed
GAF from 2006 and also partic- terests.” a company-sized unit in Afghan-
ipated in the U.S. Iraqi mission. He also said that Georgian istan under the French command
NATO Secretary General, presidential palace, a personal interests of Georgia,” Rasmussen During his time at the GAF he soldiers in Afghanistan “are first in November, 2009.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, visited meeting with Mikheil Saakash- explained while speaking at a was granted the Distinguished and foremost fighting for Geor- The Ministry of Defense of
the Ministry of Defense during vili and a joint press-conference joint press conference with Pres- Service Medal – third rank, the gia’s national interests. Georgia once again expresses its
his official visit to Georgia. He took place. ident Saakashvili just before his Distinguished Service Medal for “When I was sending soldiers deepest sympathy over the death
thanked the Georgian leadership Secretary General Rasmus- departure from Tbilisi. “If we suc- the Combat Wounded, and the to Afghanistan I talked to them of Georgian peacekeepers and
for Georgia’s contribution to the sen confirmed NATO’s solid ceed in developing true strategic medal “Devoted to Homeland”. – of course, they fully acknowl- extends condolences to their
NATO-led mission in Afghani- commitment to Georgia’s sover- partnership between NATO and The MoD and GAF leader- edge the risk; they feel proud and family members.
stan, and expressed his condo- eignty and territorial integrity, Russia, then it will also improve ship, together with representa-
lences for the casualties Georgia saying that the Alliance stands Georgia’s security situation.” tives from the MoD, the US
has recently suffered. “Today is firmly behind the decisions tak- Saakashvili, who described Embassy in Georgia and the rel-
a sad day for all of us, several of en at the Bucharest Summit. The the Secretary General’s visit as atives of the deceased soldiers
your comrades have yesterday Secretary General looked for- “extremely important”, said “of attended the funeral ceremony
been killed in combat in Afghan- ward to continued NATO sup- course NATO membership re- for the Georgian peacekeepers.
istan. I express my deepest sym- port for Georgia’s reforms. mains a priority for the Georgian Under Decree N955 of the
pathies to the people of Georgia Rasmussen said he expects government.” President of Georgia, military
and my deepest condolences to the upcoming summit of NATO “There is one thing Georgia servicepeople killed while per-
the families who have lost their leaders in Lisbon to reiterate the can never compromise on – forming in the peacekeeping
loved ones. Georgian Troops are decision made at the 2008 Bu- that’s the issue of freedom, and mission in Afghanistan are post-
serving in Helmand Province, one charest summit that Georgia will for us right now, NATO stands humously awarded the First
of the most difficult areas in our one day – after fulfilling all nec- for the idea of freedom and that’s Rank Order of Vakhtang Gor-
mission in Afghanistan. Georgian essary criteria - become a mem- why it has such strong support gasali. Furthermore, on the ba-
Soldiers are serving side by side ber of the alliance. While reiter- from the Georgian nation and sis of Decree N956, the Minis-
with NATO allies in order to pro- ating NATO’s support to a non- throughout the Georgian politi- try of Defense will donate apart-
tect our common security. They recognition policy for Abkhazia cal spectrum,” Saakashvili said. ments to the families of the de-
are helping the Afghans to take and South Ossetia, and calling on He said that Georgia would ceased in a newly-constructed
control of their own security. Let Russia to implement its commit- remain committed member of block of flats where the families
me say that I highly appreciate ments under the August 12, 2008 NATO-led coalition forces in Af- of soldiers killed in the 2008
your dedication to our common six-point cease-fire agreement, ghanistan. “You should count on August war are also living. The
security, which is a testimony to Rasmussen also said that it was our support and we count on war affected families will also
the strong partnership between his “clear intention” to improve your further political support to receive a full support package
Georgia and NATO. For this I am ties between Moscow and our territorial integrity, our inde- under Georgian law.
very grateful”. NATO, “leading, hopefully, to pendence and to the future de-
After delivering the speech, true strategic partnership”. velopment of my country,” INSIDE
a close-door meeting was held “I do believe that’s in our mu- Saakashvili told the NATO Sec-
with Defense Minister, Bacho
Akhalaia, Joint Chief of Staff of
tual interests and it is also in the retary General. Armed Forces Seminar on
the GAF, Major-General Devi
in a Democratic Stability Operations
Chankotadze and their deputies.
Within the framework of his in Afghanistan
official visit in Georgia, the top
NATO official met with the Min- Environment
ister of Foreign Affairs, Grigol
Vashadze; the Chairman of Par- German journalist
liament, Davit Bakradze and
Prime Minister, Nika Gilauri. Cadets Military visit Gori
Later on, Mr. Rasmussen, to-
gether with Giorgi Baramidze,
Georgian State Minister for Eu-
ropean and Euro-Atlantic Inte-
Lyceum Opened William T. Nesbitt
gration, opened the new NATO
Liaison Office in Tbilisi. In the in Kutaisi visits MoD

Armed Forces in a Democratic Environment

Interview with Colonel Karl Trautvetter, head of division 5 of the “Leadership
Development and Civic Education Center” of the German Bundeswehr
Within the framework of bilateral cooperation between Georgia and Germany, ern state system is made up of society, future effectively. I would like to go back they noticed a need for armed forces in
representatives of the German Bundeswehr conducted a number of seminars in politicians and the armed forces, and it to German history and tell you some- order to defend the sovereignty of West-
the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. The trainings were led by the head of division needs to be balanced. In order to keep thing about the Prussian reformer and ern European states. The catalyst for this
5 of the “Leadership Development and Civic Education Center” of the German this balance, you have to have to main- General, Gerhard Von Scharnhorst. In decision was the crisis in Korea. Com-
Bundeswehr, Colonel Karl Trautvetter and his colleague Commander Ingo Wolf. tain the support of all the above-men- 1807, Napoleon’s army defeated Prus- munists from the north attacked the dem-
Over the course of two days, civil servants and representatives of the Georgian tioned parties. We need to work togeth- sia. After the war, General evaluated ocratic south. There was a necessity to
Military received general information on how armed forces should operate in a er, it is a democracy. That is the only what his country did wrong. He told us change and our Parliament began think-
democratic environment. Furthermore, the German side and the Georgian partic- way forward that I can see for the Ger- that an officer who is educated through- ing about whether Germany needed re-
ipants in the seminar discussed issues related to the German Armed Forces and its man Armed Forces. You have to find out his whole life will be more able to armament or not. It was a very difficult
leadership. Colonel Trautvetter directed participants’ attention to the balance, which your own way for your armed forces. In make good decisions even in situations process, which lasted five years.
should be kept between the State and the military. “Defense Today” conducted an order to protect democracy you have to that are very strange for him. I want to How flexible is German legislation
interview with Colonel Trautvetter, in which he spoke about the professional de- establish democracy in all of your sys- say that the education is the key factor regarding Bundeswehr missions
velopment of the Georgian Armed Forces, democracy in a non-democratic envi- tems. for success. As I stressed before, we need abroad? Can you describe the prereq-
ronment, and the integration of the armed forces into society. As you mentioned, the protection to better understand how we orientate uisites and legal procedures before
of this balance between citizens, state our decision-making and to improve our troop deployment?
and armed forces is an essential at- competence. This hard work can only We always need a Parliamentary de-
tribute for the development of demo- be done by life-long education. cision to send troop to missions abroad.
cratic society. What should Georgia In a democratic society, control If our government decides that we need
do to protect this balance? over the armed forces is the responsi- to send troops into a particular country
I will share the German experience bility of a civilian authority. Can you to stabilize the system or to do what-so-
with you. We did not invent some spe- describe the constitutional status of ever to help people, they will ask the
cial method to protect this balance. We the armed forces in Germany? What Parliament and show them what we are
have done it because we evaluated our can you recommend to Georgia in this going to do, and explain why we need
history. We also evaluated our circum- regard? forces there. Our Parliament makes the
stances, and that was a very hard pro- First, I will start with the Bundeswe- decision to send or not to send troops
cess, which never stops. It has to be done hr. We are part of our executive branch abroad. The process can be done very
firmly and honestly. In my opinion, you of government, nothing more. We have quickly but not too fast. Our Parliamen-
have to implement this process in your many control mechanisms in the system. tary process takes from 14 days to 4
country. You really have to ask: What We have a Defense committee, which weeks. You need to prepare everything,
kind of society do we want to have? handles all major issues for our armed you need to prepare papers, you need to
What level of democracy have we forces starting from budgeting, organi- approach different parties to talk to them
reached? What are the lessons learned zation, strength, and new equipment. A and introduce your ideas. Then there will
from the past? What did we do wrong? very important person is the Commis- be big discussion inside Parliament and
What did we do right? Where do we sioner, which is the executive arm of our voting.
need to improve things and concentrate Parliament with control of our armed What rights and responsibilities do
our efforts? You have to start this pro- forces. He can make unannounced vis- the Defense Committee of the German
cess. its in any part of our armed forces and parliament have?
The “human factor” has a vital he can ask any question and look at ev- The defense committee is made up
role in the development of any field ery paper. That is a control mechanism of 39 people. It has budgetary authority
and armed forces are not an excep- we have but also we can use his posi- of course. They discuss what the
tion. How important is it to have edu- tion to relay our issues to the Parliament. Bundeswehr will look like in the future.
cated military personnel and how can What can Georgia do? I think it will be They will decide, “Ok, we are cutting
knowledge help soldiers to think in- good if you review our system. If you down numbers, we are cutting down
dependently and make their own de- like, it maybe that one day you might money or increasing financing to im-
cisions when necessary? establish the same structure in your prove some other things”. It is their de-
This is a permanent process. It is not country. cision because they represent our Par-
something you can start tomorrow and During the seminar, you men- liament. The working period for the
finish maybe in one year. You educate tioned that in 1945 German took a Defense Committee is 365 days in a
your people from the beginning during pacifist constitution. What does this year. It is always reactive. If some chal-
Bilateral cooperation between the man approach and what can you rec- a process. Training and education is a mean? lenges arise they will sit together with
Ministry of Defense of Georgia and ommend for Georgia in this respect? life-long course of action. That is what It was military-neutral constitution. military and political leaders and begin
the Bundeswehr is very valuable for Several years ago, we implemented we established in Germany and I can say During the Potsdam Conference in 1945, to find solution to problem. Besides, the
the Georgian Armed Forces. Your vis- the idea of what we now call “citizens that it works. “Leadership philosophy” the victorious nations actually decided Parliamentary Commissioner is in
it to Georgia and this seminar dem- in uniform”. This means that every sol- actually teaches us to use every man’s the future of West Germany and one of charge of guarding our basic rights in-
onstrates that our cooperation is on- dier has the same rights as every civil- creativity to solve problems. As a supe- these decisions was demilitarization. side the army. He can also check on any
going. Can you tell us whose initia- ian. We as a military do not have privi- rior, I use the creativity of my people to Germany was supposed to never have matter inside the armed forces.
tive it was to invite you to conduct this leges. We are not a state within a state. solve dilemmas. In my opinion, it is the any armed forces for the rest of its fu-
training? We are part of society, and part of ongo- only way to face the challenges of the ture. In 1950, the situation changed and Irakli Gurgenidze
I think the initiative started from both ing political, educational and social pro-
sides. In 2007, during the bilateral talks cesses. Actually, it is key to implement
between our governments, they decid- democracy in the armed forces. As I
ed to set up something like a seminar. It mentioned, we have the same rights as
was just one item from the bilateral talks civilians and of course, this means that
and we suggested it. Now we have to we have no privileges.
prove is it valuable for you, do we need You talked about a “state within a
to continue? It is your decision if you state”. Does this have a negative im-
want to continue or not. pact on democratic development?
The education and professional de- We have had hard times in our histo-
velopment of the Georgian Armed ry. If you look back in German history
Forces are key priorities for the Min- between 1918 and 1933, we had our so-
istry of Defense of Georgia. Such sem- called Weimar Republic. The empire
inars are very important for our de- designed our armed forces. It was a state
velopment. What experiences are you within a state with many privileges and
going to share with the participants during Third Reich in 1933-1945; mem-
in the training? bers of the Wehrmacht had privileges.
As military personnel, you need to It was privilege to serve. You had more
have knowledge. You need knowledge money and your family had better con-
for orientation because you have to nections for things like getting food.
make decisions. During seminars like That is something you need to avoid.
this, we are discussing and putting forth Democracy means that everybody has
our arguments. We are increasing our equal rights and duties without any ex-
knowledge of orientation, and improv- ception, even for the military.
ing our competence in this area. That is The military is a very significant
a most important point for both sides and part of society. Is it important to inte-
that’s what we are looking for. grate the armed forces into the state
Generally, military institutions are and society? What is German experi-
hierarchical structures. What can you ence?
say about democracy in a non-demo- It is a very sensible and sensitive pro-
cratic environment, particularly in cess, which is ongoing even in Germa-
the armed forces? What was the Ger- ny. It is a very fragile system. The mod-

Cadets Military Lyceum Opened in Kutaisi

On September 13, the President of Order of Excellence.
Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, opened The Supreme Commander-in-Chief
the new Cadets Military Lyceum in took a tour of the infrastructure of the
Kutaisi. The opening ceremony began Cadets Lyceum and had dinner with stu-
with the raising of flags at the site and a dents.
performance of the national anthem by The opening ceremony was also at-
Paata Burtchuladze and a group of tended by the Georgian Defense Minis-
youngsters. ter, Bacho Akhalaia, the Joint Chief of
The President, in his introductory Staff Major-General Devi Chankotadze,
speech, spoke about the importance of and representatives of the civil offices
the rejuvenation of the Cadets Corps: of MoD and Joint Staff accompanied by
“After several years of rest, we have re- their children.
stored our Cadets’ Corps with a new At the beginning of the new academ-
scale, higher quality, greater motivation ic year, up to 300 cadets will begin their
and totally new people.” studies at the Military Lyceum. The
Around six to seven people fought learning process will be run in accor-
for one place with 300 youngsters en- dance with the National Training Plan
listed in total. The competition at this with an additional Military Curriculum
school was greater than in many Geor- developed by the Georgian Ministry of
gian Universities. Highlighting the Education and Science. The program
bravery of the army and its ability to involves intensive physical preparation
overcome the most dangerous of and training in a number of subjects like
threats, the President praised the patri- history, military topics, topography and
otism of Georgian youth telling the informatics along with other themes
audience, “the fact that the number of from the general education curriculum.
young people are involved in learning During their 3 years at the Lyceum, ca-
as cadets has increased in Georgia tells dets will be provided with nutrition,
us that they have retained the patriotic housing (in barracks), medical servic-
mood. We have created this new Na- es, and all the necessary equipment they
tional Institute for our Armed Forces will need for their studies. After leaving
as an expression of loyalty to our unit- the school, they will receive two certif-
ed homeland. We have a wonderful icates - one for secondary education -
opportunity to fight for Georgia now,” and will be completely free in their se-
He continued by saying: “It means that lection of higher education institutions.
Georgia’s fighting spirit is still alive If cadets chose to carry on with a mili-
and is getting stronger. It means that tary career, they will be allowed to ap-
Georgia has not surrendered to its fate; Georgia, our five-crossed-flag and our is an opportunity to integrate our troops in Georgia, to die in Georgia and to win ply to the National Defense Academy
Georgia has hope in its future and in Constitution,” Saakashvili said. with the best armies of the world, to get for Georgia. Few Georgians had such an (after passing examinations). Lyceum
faith in victory. This is state institutions The Georgian President underlined familiar with the most advanced mili- honor in our historic past,” Saakashvili graduates will not enjoy any kind of
is one of the most important of similar the importance of Georgia’s involve- tary equipment, and on top of all that to told the audience. Claiming that not only privileges during entrance examinations.
projects that we have developed in the ment in the Afghan peacekeeping oper- adopt a lot of useful techniques for the one city should define the country’s life, However, as the Ministry of Defense has
national interest over recent years. We ation. He explained that the county’s strengthening and further development the President spoke of how much the explained, graduating from the Cadets
developed this institution in the face of participation in the NATO-led operation of our armed forces”. The President Government of Georgia has been doing Military Lyceum and through it gaining
outside forces attempting to destroy is beneficial for the Georgian army in pointed out that the death of first lieu- for different towns across the country. useful military knowledge is already a
Georgia by regional fragmentation and terms of enabling soldiers to gain vital tenant Mukhran Shukvani in Afghani- He compared the Georgian Armed benefit.
internal disorder... We were able to de- combat experience and in familiarizing stan is extremely painful for him per- Forced with Saint George, Entrance examinations were held
velop several joint national institutions with modern military techniques. sonally, and that Georgia is grateful to “There are still cases when people are between 15 and 23 July. Male students
together with the Georgian Police it is Saakashvili said that Georgian engage- those soldiers, who participate in the judged by their gestures or accent. It’s from public education establishments,
the Georgian Armed Forces. It is a ment in the international security efforts peacekeeping mission fully aware of its not an accident that this cadet center has having finished the 9th and 10th grades
shared national institution as we are contributes to national security goals as importance. “I would like to say for sure been built next to the Houses of Parlia- during 2009-2010 were able to apply to
here whatever our ethnicity, whatever well as those of the international com- that Georgia will be strong when its ment. Traditionally, everything used to the Lyceum. Sixteen hundred candidates
our mindset, whatever our social ori- munity - “in such a critical situation as fighting spirit is maintained, and that we be focused in Tbilisi during the Com- put in applications for the Lyceum, with
gins, it doesn’t matter here whether we we are currently experiencing in Geor- will be defeated in case of its disappear- munist Era which ended with discrimi- a total of 300 selected on the basis of
are from rich or from poor families, gia, with our occupied territories, some- ing. That is why we are determined to nation against people living outside the physical, psychological and logical
what languages we spoke in our child- body might say that it is not time to leave continue to fight in order to achieve fi- capital. No longer will one street define skills testing.
hood, what our religion is - all these and fight outside the borders of the coun- nal victory”, -declared Saakashvili. the fate of our country. Georgia has to The Lyceum’s infrastructure incorpo-
are secondary issues today. All of us try. But due to many problems, we need Recalling past heroes who have defeat its enemies with its intellect. Lots rates three basic units: studying, living
are united under our five-crossed-flag greater combat experience... The present served in other countries, Saakashvili of Physicians and Mathematicians used and administrative buildings, as well as
and we are serving and strengthening situation in Georgia is not like the one spoke of the importance of the Georgian to know English in the past when Rus- a canteen, sports hall, club, and football
Georgia together. This is a shared na- in Norway, Denmark or Australia. Look warriors and their deeds abroad. “We sian was the main language of commu- and basketball courts. A church can also
tional institute and nothing else. Noth- at our position and the circumstances in had wonderful officers in the Soviet era, nication, while today no diploma should be found on the site of the Lyceum.
ing at all - loyalty to your family, polit- which we are, the challenges and threats we have something in our blood…but be given to a person who can’t speak Cadets Military Lyceum will receive
ical party, region, city, district, ethnic we are facing and then decide if we have all those officers were not able to serve English,” he added. students every year. In the future, an-
group - stands higher than loyalty to the right to give up on the armed forces their homeland…while we have a Towards the end, the Georgian Pres- other such military school is also
our united and shared motherland, our or on the military school like this? This unique chance to be in Georgia, to fight ident awarded Paata Burchuladze the planned for Tbilisi.

Seminar on Stability Operations in Afghanistan

A seminar was held in the Ministry US mission to NATO, Mr. Ethan L. force contributor in Afghanistan right
of Defense of Georgia focusing on sta- Glick, reviewed the recent Afghan par- now, after Australia. This is per capita
bility operations in Afghanistan. liamentary elections and claimed the the most significant commitment any
During the one-day seminar, repre- result was quite successful. “We can say ISAF contributor is making,” the Dep-
sentatives of the US Marine Corps that the insurgents lost this part of the uty Advisor explained.
Training and Advisory Group and the battle because they couldn’t achieve NATO’s main role in Afghanistan is
US mission to NATO explained the im- their main goal of putting out the pro- to assist the government of the Islamic
portance of the ISAF mission to mem- cess”. Mr. Glick said the role of the ISAF Republic of Afghanistan in exercising
bers of the Joint Staff of the Georgian in conducting effective elections was and extending its authority and influence
Armed Forces. Participants in the semi- most significant. However, he added that across the country, paving the way for
nar received detailed information about generally, the local Afghan people did reconstruction and effective governance.
the current political situation in Afghan- everything and the international forces NATO does this predominantly through
istan; how international forces are pre- mainly monitored the situation. its United Nations-mandated Interna-
paring counterinsurgency operations; The American lecturer underlined the tional Security Assistance Force (ISAF).
how provincial governors tie into the fact that the main objective of the mis- Since NATO took command of the
central government; and of course ex- sion is to assist the Afghan authorities ISAF in 2003, the Alliance has gradual-
amined the future threats and challeng- in providing security and stability, thus ly expanded the reach of its mission -
es for the mission. creating the conditions for reconstruc- originally limited to Kabul - to cover all
Speakers stated that the ISAF con- tion and development. of Afghanistan’s territory. Accordingly,
ducts security and stability operations In his comments, Mr. Glick also the number of ISAF troops has grown
across Afghanistan. Increasingly large talked about the importance of Georgia’s from the initial 5,000 to around 120,000
proportions of these operations are con- participation in the ISAF and stated that troops from 47 countries, including all
ducted in partnership with the Afghan the country makes a very significant 28 NATO member nations.
National Security Forces. contribution. “Georgian forces consti-
The deputy political advisor for the tute the second largest non-NATO ISAF Irakli Gurgenidze

German journalist visit Gori sentatives of political parties, press ser- Georgia the aftermath of the Rose Rev- to the occupied regions of Tskhinvali
vices and NGOs. The Head of Training olution. During the 10-day visit, the del- and Abkhazia. The delegation remained
and Military Education spoke about the egation held meetings with Georgian in Georgia till September 25. This is the
reforms being implemented in the field politicians and representatives from the latest in a series of visits made to Geor-
of education. The foreign visitors were spheres of culture and the economy. gia by German journalist, organized by
particularly interested in the August They made a close study of the coun- Political Education Agency of German
2008 war, its outcomes and the ongoing try’s relationship with the EU, the US Federal Republic Government. This first
rehabilitation process as well as inquir- and Russia, including problems related such visit was made in June of 2007.
ing into the GAF’s future plans. Follow-
ing the meeting, the delegation took a
tour of the Simulation Center at the Na-
tional Defense Academy base.
According to the Project Manager,
Eberhard Sucker, the meeting was in-
teresting and successful, particularly as
the goal of the visit was to become more
familiar with Georgia and to obtain a
range of information about the country.
“We were given the opportunity to find
out the official position of the Ministry
On September 17, representatives of koloz Janjgava and representatives of of Defense and to put questions to the
the German media paid a visit to the the Public Affairs Department of the Deputy Minister. Our impression is that
National Defense Academy. The mem- MoD. Mr. Nodar Kharshiladze dis- Georgian officials are quite profession-
bers of the delegation were greeted in cussed ongoing reforms with the dele- al, and willing to share their own views
the city of Gori by the Deputy Defense gation, which was composed of journal- in a proficient way”, stated Sucker.
Minister, Nodar Kharshiladze; the Head ists, newspaper editors and correspon- The delegation arrived in Georgia on
of Training and Military Education of dents from German state media and September 15. The official purpose of
the Joint Staff of the GAF, Colonel Ni- broadcast outlets, in addition to repre- their visit was to cover developments in

William T. Nesbitt visits MoD Representative of Swedish Armed Forces

The prospects of developing new in 2010. The participation included eight
joint US-Georgia education programs
was the main topic of discussion at a
events involving over 40 soldiers. The
Georgian Army National Guard is
Shares Experience with Georgian Colleagues
meeting held at the Ministry of Defense poised to be even more engaged in 2011. Training in Military Doctrine De- and held a meeting with the Rector of their own experiences in peacekeep-
on September 28. The Adjutant General “The progress and reforms ongoing velopment for representatives of the the National Defense Academy, Col. ing operations. The Georgian side also
of the Georgia National Guard (US), in Georgia are very impressive. Geor- Defense Ministry and Joint Staff offi- Roin Phailodze. talked about Georgia’s participation in
Major-General William T. Nesbitt, pay- gia is an important partner for the Unit- cially began on September 13. The Over the same period, another del- peacekeeping support operations and
ing a visit to the MoD, met with the Joint ed States and that is why we are send- training is being held in the framework egation from Sweden visited the Geor- the planning of these operations.
Chief of Staff of the GAF, Major-Gen- ing our best officers here”, said the Ma- of the Swedish/Georgian NATO-Geor- gian Defense Ministry. Members of the Swedish delegation Lt
eral Devi Chankotadze; Deputy Com- jor-General. At the meeting, William gia Professional Development Pro- The purpose of the visit was to be- Cl. Bo Stennabb, Major Mikael Hug-
mander of Land Forces, Major Iveri Nesbit expressed his appreciation for gram (PDP). The event was hosted by come familiar with Georgia’s partici- sen and Major Frank Snarf also
Subeliani; Head of the J-3 Operations Georgia’s active contribution to the Af- at the PDP training center. Lectures in pation in peacekeeping operations and touched upon issues related to Swed-
Department, Col. Nodar Kvilitaia and ghan peacekeeping mission and point- doctrine development were delivered to conduct consultations within the ish participation in peacekeeping sup-
representatives of the civil office of the ed out how Georgian soldiers are faith- by a Swedish Armed Forces Special- framework of bilateral cooperation be- port operations. Furthermore, they in-
Ministry and Joint Staff. fully fulfilling their duties. ist in Doctrine Development, Lt Cl. tween the two countries. Members of formed the Georgian side about the
The purpose of the visit was to Following the meeting, the US Ma- Jonas Lind. Representatives from the the delegation met with representa- working process of the National Com-
strengthen the relationship between jor-General visited the Simulation Cen- Training and Military Education Com- tives of the Land Forces Command, J- mand and Control of the Swedish
Georgian Armed Forces and the Geor- ter based in Krtsanisi National Training mand, the J-7 Military Education and 3 Operational Planning Department, J- Armed Forces. On September 15,
gia National Guard through the State Center. He also visited Trainings and the Combat Preparation Department, 7 Combat Preparing Department of the members of the delegation visited Si-
Partnership Program. The Georgia Na- Military Education Command in the city in addition to personnel from the J-5 Joint Staff, and Education Command. moneti firing range. The Swedish del-
tional Guard participated in several of Gori. William Nesbitt left Georgia on Strategic Planning Department, the During the meeting, all sides shared egation left Georgia on September 17.
events with the Georgian Armed Forces September 30. National Guard, and the Defense Pol-
icy and Planning Department attend-
ed the seminar and became familiar
with the doctrine development pro-
cess. After sharing the Swedish expe-
rience with Georgian colleagues, Lt
Cl. Jonas Lind presented the Swedish
“New Doctrine”. After the presenta-
tion, consultations were held with the
Heads of the Georgian Defense Poli-
cy and Planning Department, the J-5
Strategic Planning Department and the
J-7 Military Education and Combat
Preparation Department. The last day
of the seminar was dedicated to a dis-
cussion of Georgian Defense Doctrine.
Upon the completion of the training,
the Swedish Armed Forces Specialist
in Doctrine Development visited the
National Defense Academy in Gori

NATO Experts Visit MoD

The NATO Experts Group paid an Force Planning Directorate at NATO issues to different governmental repre-
German Frigate Captain
official visit to Georgia. The purpose of
the visit was to evaluate the fulfillment
HQ also held meetings with high-rank-
ing Georgian officials. Within the frame-
sentatives. In the visit agenda delega-
tion members also plan to visit the Na- meets with Georgian
of obligations undertaken by Georgia work of the NATO basic training course tional Defense Academy. The Experts
under PARP and ANP. The first meet-
ing was held at the Ministry of Defense.
he delivered a lecture on NATO-related Group left Georgia on the September 10.
Defense Ministry
The NATO delegation met with the Dep- Bilateral cooperation issues were dis- and Germany specifically focusing on
uty Defense Minister, Nodar cussed by representatives from the De- the sphere of military education. The
Kharshiladze, and top brass of the MoD fense Ministries of Georgia and the Fed- cooperation plan for 2011 was also dis-
and Joint Staff. Within the four day vis- eral Republic of Germany. In the frame- cussed at the meeting.
it the NATO Group of Experts held work of the countries’ bilateral cooper- Defense Attachés from the Federal
meetings with representatives of the ation, a representative of the German Republic of Germany, LTC Christian
Ministries of Finance and Internal Af- Federal Ministry of Defense, Frigate Farkhondeh, LTC Michael Fricke and
fairs, and the National Security Coun- Captain Martin Breithaupt, met with the the German Military Adviser, Bernard
cil. Meetings were also scheduled with Head of International Relations and Hopp also participated in the talks.
military attaches of the Alliance and rep- Euro-Atlantic Integration Department, Within the framework of the visit,
resentatives of member states‘ embas- Marika Laliashvili, and representatives CPT Martin Brauhaupt also visited the
sies. Chief of the Group, Frank Boland, of the Joint Staff of the GAF. The sides National Defense Academy. He left
who is at the same time the Head of discussed cooperation between Georgia Georgia on September 18.