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racy 8 Fonds 0) (sind = Talent Profiles ‘eescting Mozeing Rcenerat/ Sox & Resume & Contests 4s Similar Talents @ Nearby Talents Y Same Bday Talent 3 News & Al Contests Lucas Furst | Acting / Modeling Profile ‘Age 46 Male @ Los Angeles, CA Heit 9S Ethniety Caucasian Weight 1201s Haircolor Black Body Type Sim EyeCoter Brown eee About ‘My name is Lucas Furst lve inthe chicago area. | recently moved from Miami Beach Florida. have been a production assistant and worked onthe set for any glven sunday Ihave been in and out ofthe bmovie bussiness for some time. | "would ike the opportunity to actin a commercial or movi. | know many people are out there but if given the chanoe | work hard and 1 am very laid back funny and have a good time. My imdb profle is hitpswrvimats comnamelnmSensitve information redacted)! Show less Short Resume {Thave worked as @ production assistant in Miami Beach Florida and worked on the set of any alven sunday, | have ‘worked in serval short commercials and love the work, | love o act and love the new experiences. | have many great talents a pilot a scuba insttuctorskyclvng sa plus tke adventure. Imdb profile Is hpi comnamelnmSensitve information redacted)! Show less, Lucas Furst is Most Interested In The Following Types of Casting Calls & Auditions: Commercial Auditions SAG Commercial Auditions Non SAG Episodic TV Plots Episodic TV Non Union Feature Film Casting SAG Feature Fm Casting Non SAG Feature Film Casting Student Films Feature Film Casting Short Film Projets, Feature Film Casting Documentaries Feature Flm Low BudgetIndependent Infomercial Jobs Modeling Jobs Print ‘Music Jobs Videos Theatre Austins Non Equlty Trade Shows Promotional Modeling Jobs Internet Jobs Realty TV Casting