The Biggest Corruption against the Mankind!

The Fire-Worshipper Persians can never forget The Fall of "The Great Persian Super Power" at the hands of the rightly guided Hazrat Umar Bin Khattaab and the Sahabas. "WikiLeaks"-----is no shock! The Biggest Corruption against the mankind, put forward as Islam, done by The Aal-eNamrood (Persian Zoroastrians). So sad!-----The Last Ummah (99.99%) accepted this Persian Corruption as Islam. Read these books in Urdu language--1)---



---Read the above books and know about the successful conspiracy against the muslim ummah,---and then hit your head helplessly and weep. And weep a lot!

Read the books and tell,-----Is it possible for the ummah to return back to The Real Islam (Al-Quran only)???

Only Allah's Quran can save the ummah from this Kufr, but, so sad, the ummah have deserted Allah, and His Holy Quran. ======================================================= The big-ones of the ummah say that Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Al-Muslim are the most

authentic books of Islam after Al-Quran. Well, who authorized these books as The Most Authentic Books of Islam, after AlQuran? Can anyone prove these books to be Authorized by Allah? -----Say (O Prophet): "Do you have any (Revealed) Knowledge that you can produce before us (in favour of what you claim)? You follow not except conjecture, and you do nothing except guessing." Say: "Then for Allah is The Conclusive Argument (i.e. The Verses from The Quran)." (Al-Nisaa-148,149) Don't talk a word in favour of these man-made books of Islam. Just produce The Proof from Allah's Quran.---Show in Allah's Quran the words "Sahih Al-Bukhari", "Sahih AlMuslim" as the Authorized books of Deen.---And if one can't, and for sure, he can't,----then fear Allah!---because It is no one else, but Allah Himself is demanding to produce your Proof.-----"Do you have any (Revealed) Knowledge that you can produce before us (in favour of what you claim)?"-----This will be the question on The Judgement Day. Do people who follow Al-Bukhari, have the answer? What is the Authority of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim? Who authorized them as Authentic Imams?---The millions of big-ones of the ummah??? Where is Allah's Revealed Authority???----Those millions of big-ones died and became dust into dust. What is the importance of their authorization? Read and know what is Authority. Allah Authorized Muhammad (SAW) as His Messenger. Allah sent down His Authorization in favour of His Messenger: -----"By The Quran, full of Wisdom. Indeed, you (O Muhammad) are from among the Messengers. On a Straight Path. (Revelation) sent down by the All Mighty, the Merciful." (Yaseen-2-5) Who Authorized the humans Mr. Bukhari and Mr. Muslim, as Imams? Who Authorized them to compile books of Islam? What is the Authenticity of their claim that their compiled books are Hidden Wahee (i.e. from Allah)? -----"Then woe be to those who write the Scripture (books of shariah, ahadith) with their own hands, then they say, “This is from Allah,(they say man-made books of ahadith are Hidden Wahee, means from Allah)” that they may sell it for a small price. Woe be to them for that which their hands have written, and woe be to them for that which they earn." (Al-Buqarah-79)

Allah's Quran is "La Shareek" No book is a partner of "Al-Quraan"!
Allah is "Wahdahu La Shareek". There is no partner of Allah. It means that there is no one like Allah. What do you mean by "There is no one like Allah"? It means there is no one who could do what Allah alone can do. This universe is Allah's work. No one can create a universe, or even a single jot like Allah did. In the same way, Al-Quraan is Allah's work. It is The Book of Deen. No one can write any book on Deen like Allah did. There is only One Creator. In Allah's work, there is no partner of Allah. In the same way Al-Quraan is "La Shareek."---There's no partner of Al-Quraan. Al-Quraan is "Allah's Words". Else are helpless creature's words. Al-Quraan is Allah's Work. Man-made books of ahadith are helpless creature's work, who have died and become earth into the earth. Can we put the helpless creature's work, side by side Allah's Work?---No, not at all. Think: Even Allah didn't allow any of His Messengers to write down a book of Deen with their own hands and according to their own explanations, along with Allah's Wahee. Allah's Messengers were Allah's slaves, and not rubb. And slaves only listen, and don't speak. Allah's Messengers always brought Allah's Wahee only. None of Allah's Messengers brought their own explanation of "The Message." The very same way, Allah didn't allow His last Messenger to write a book of Deen with his own hand. And obviously if the last Messenger didn't write his own explanations of Al-Quraan in book form with his own hand, and also didn't allow his Sahaba to write his explanations of Al-Quraan,-------it means Allah didn't allow, and didn't authorize His Messenger to do so. If Allah had willed, then who would have been better than the Messenger himself to write down his own sayings or to get it compiled by his Sahabas. The Messenger would have done this under his own strict supervision. Why? Why did Allah not allow any of His previous Messengers to write down their own explanations of The Wahee? And the same way, why did Allah not allow His last Messenger, to write down his own explanations of Al-Quraan? Because then, there would have been two books of Deen.-----And Allah is "Wahdahu La Shareek". No one is a partner of Allah The All Mighty, The All Wise. No one is a partner of Allah's Work.

Al-Quraan is Allah's Work, completely.-----No one can become a partner of Allah and write a book of Deen, the way Allah did. Indeed, the Messengers are not Allah's partners, so they didn't write their own ahadith side by side Allah's Revealed Book. Remember, one who writes A Book of Deen for the people, is only and only The Creator. Hasbuna Allah (Allah is enough for us). Allah is enough to author "A Book of Islam" for us. Allah's Messengers never wrote any book of explanations with their own hands after recieving The Wahee. Why? Because it was not Allah's Will. Allah has Revealed a Verse in His Holy and Supreme Quran: -----"And if This Quran had been from any ghair Allah (other than Allah), they would have found therein much contradictions." (Al-Nisa-82) All of Allah's Messengers are also not rubb, they are ghair Allah.-----It clearly means, that even if the Messenger had written a book of Deen from his own knowledge, there would have been contradictions in it.-------Because the Messenger was not All-Knowing, AllMighty, All-Wise. And the one who is not All-Mighty, All-Knowing, All-Wise, he can not author a Book of Deen. -----"And thus We have revealed to you (O Messenger) a Spirit of Our command. You did not know what The Book was, nor what the Faith was. But We have made it a Light by which We guide whom We will of Our slaves. And indeed, you are guided to a Straight Path.' (Al-Shura-52) Allah Himself is The Author of The Message, and the Messengers were the conveyer of that Message. Read.---And remember,-----what you read,-----you do understand. And what you understand, ponder over it. -----"It is not (possible) for a human that Allah should give him The Book and Commandments and Prophethood, then afterwards he would say to the people: "Be my worshippers instead of Allah," but (he would say): "Be you worshippers of The Lord, because of your teaching of The Book, and because of your studying (The Book). Nor would he command you that you should take the angels and the Prophets for rubb. Would he (the Prophet) command you to do kufr after when you have submitted (to Allah)?" (Aal-e-Imraan-79,80)

Contemplate!---"Be you worshippers of The Lord, because of your teaching of The Book (which The Lord has authored), and because of your studying (The Book which The Lord has authored)."---

The One who should be worshipped, is The Author and Sender of The Book of Deen. Messengers are not to be worshipped, because they are not the author and sender of The Book of Deen. All the Messengers and the last Messenger (S) knew that one who writes Book of Deen for the people is only Rubb. And Allah is The Only Rubb of the universe, so it is Allah who will write and send A Book of Hidayah. And that is the reason, that no messenger ever ever wrote a book of Hidayah with his own hand. Why? Because, Allah never ever authorized them to write any book of Deen, even the explanation of The Revealed Book. Allah never allowed people to call His Prophets for help. Why?---Because they are not rubb. So, no messenger ever wrote a book of Islam, because he was not rubb. Islaam is Allah's Deen, Al-Quraan is Allah's Book. So The Only Book of Islaam is AlQuraan. It is clear from the above Verses that those who accept Al-Quraan as The Only Book of Islaam, they accept Allah as their Rubb. And those who accept Bukhari and Muslim as books of Islaam, they accept Bukahri and Muslim as their rubb besides Allah. -----"They have taken their ulama and their spiritual leaders as rubb besides Allah." (Al-Tauba-31) Books of Bukhari and Muslim are neither Allah's Work, nor the Messenger's work,----they are Bukhari and Muslim's own work. And Imaam Bukhari and Imaam Muslim did this, without Allah's Revealed Authority. The Messenger owned Al-Quran as his Hadith. He never owned Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Al-Muslim.---Indeed, Bukhari and Muslim owned their books. You will never find any Authority from Allah in favour of these books. You will never find the Messenger's Signature of Approval on the title pages of these books. So sad, the ummah today, accept these Persian Imams as their Awliyah. -----"Follow (O mankind) that which has been sent down to you from your Lord, and do not follow besides Him any awliyah (their books). Little it is you remember." (Al-Aaraaf-3) It is very much clear form the above verse---and do not follow besides Him any awliyah---means follow Allah, and following Allah means follow what Allah has sent down, that is Al-Quraan only. And following any awliyah means following their written or compiled books.

One can not follow the book, Sahih Al-Bukhari, until he accepts Mr. Bukhari as his awliyah. But Allah warns---and do not follow besides Him any awliyah--Because, Allah declares that only Allah is our Awliyah: -----"They have no Awliyah other than Him, and He does not share in His Authority anyone.” (Al-Kahaf-26) Allah's Quran is, Allah's Authority.-----Will Allah share His Authority with anyone? Allah's Quran is The Book of Islam.-----Will Allah share His Book of Islam with Mr. Bukhari? Peep into your heart, the true answer is very much there. We know deep into our hearts, who we are.-----A truthful person, or a liar.---Don't we? Yes, a man himself will be a witness against himself.-----Don't worry! That Heavy Day is near: -----"But, man will be a witness against himself. Even if he offers his excuses." (AlQiamah-14,15)

======================================================== -----"And when Our Verses are recited to them as clear Evidence, those who hope not for their meeting with Us, say: “Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this (Quran).” Say (O Messenger): “It is not for me to change It on my own accord. I follow not but that which is revealed unto me. Indeed, I fear, if I were to disobey my Lord, the punishment of a Great Day.” (Younus:15) People are so enthusiastic about Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Al-Muslim, as if Allah has sent down any Authorization in favour of these books. Even such people know well in their hearts, that in The Sight of Allah, there is no Authenticity of Imam Bukhari and his work. But still they call others to accept the so-called ahadith. Should I obey my Allah?---Or---Should I obey these people? Why should I have Iman in the fabricated hadith about Shafa'ut from the Prophet, on The Judgement Day?-----Just because Imam Bukhari, without The Authorization of Allah, claimed this to be the hadith of the Prophet?----This hadith directly goes against Allah's Quran.-----Should I still put my Iman in it?-----Just because it is in Sahih Al-Bukhari? Why should I have Iman in the hadith to "kill the person who commits blasphemy against

the Prophet?"-----Just because Imam Bukhari, without The Authorization of Allah, claimed this to be the hadith of the Prophet?-----Allah in His Quran, advised His Messenger to show great patience at blasphemies against him.-----Should I still kill a blasphemer? Why should I kill an apostate when Allah does not authorize us to kill him?---Only because this fabricated hadith is in Sahih Al-Bukhari?---What is the authenticity of this book? Why should I have Iman in the hadith to "stone the zani to death?"-----Just because Imam Bukhari, without The Authorization of Allah, claimed this to be the hadith of the Prophet?

Do the ummah call it "Explanations"
People of the ummah and their big-ones say that Sahih Al-Bukhari is the explanations of Al-Quran made by the Messenger. Oh, what type of explanations?---Allah commands to flog the zani 100 times. But the explanation in Al-Bukhari says stone the zani to death.---Could this be the explanation of the Messenger?---Was the Messenger authorized to change/extend the Commandments of Allah? Allah commanded his Messenger to declare strictly-----“It is not for me to change It on my own accord. I follow not but that which is revealed unto me. Indeed, I fear, if I were to disobey my Lord, the punishment of a Great Day.” (Younus:15)

What is the Authority of Imam Bukhari? What is the Authenticity of Sahih AlBukhari? If someone refuses to accept the book as a Source of Islam, is he a kafir? Is he even a sinner? Who will declare him a kafir? Who will declare him a sinner?

Why is the ummah, not satisfied with One Quran?
Allah's Quran is Straight, Clear and Easy-to-understand.---People never like this style of Al-Quran. The ummah after Sahaba, gradually started turning away from Al-Quran's Teachings. They fell in love with their "Personal Honor". And to gain personal honor among people, they needed wealth and authority over other people (their wife, servants, subordinates and other people in the society). Now contemplate in this fact. The Messenger invited the leaders of Makkah to Allah's Quran.

Allah's Quran teaches people to live with equality in the society. Allah says in His Quran that in this worldly life, Allah gives His Rizq (wealth, provision) to people, as much as He Wills.---For some people the Rizq is provided (much), and for some people it is restricted (less). [b]It is so, because Allah is trying the mankind[/b] But people have never been contented with what they have been provided. They always wish for more,---and more than others. Every one wants countless Rizq. -----"And if Allah had extended the provision for His slaves, they would have committed tyranny in the earth, but He sends down by the measure what He wills. Indeed, He is Informed, Seer of His slaves." (Al-Shura-27) If all the people, according to their desire, had been given too mush Rizq, they certainly would have become unjust against their own souls, and the earth would have been filled with tyrannies. =================================================== Allah is trying the mankind in three things. 1) Honor-----2) Sex-----and-----3) Accepting or rejecting "The Truth" (Huq). A man's whole life is surrounded by these three things. Often, the first two things (Honor and Sex) become an obstacle in accepting The Huq (The Truth which is Allah's Revelation only). ---For example: Woman!-----You can see that women have caused tussle between men, battle between two groups, tribes or nations, and bloodshed. Honor!-----This is only people's personal honor, for which they reject The Truth (AlQuran) and stick to Lies. For Honor,-----they need more wealth than others, and authority over other people,-----so that they could impress people with their wealth and authority. Man wants others to praise him for his wealth, knowledge, status and greatness, beauty, style, etc.-----and he wants others to bow before him and accept his authority. People are Honor-seeker. But-----see, what Allah is declaring: -----"Whoever desires honor (through wealth and power), then (he should know that) to Allah belongs all the Honor. To Him ascend good words, and the righteous deeds does He exalt. And those who plot evil deeds (to attain honor), for them will be a severe punishment. And the plotting of those, it will perish." (Fatir-10) Yes, Allah has informed the mankind that-----All the Honor belongs to Allah alone, because He alone gives,-----and for you is humbleness, because you are helpless and dependent on Him, and He alone always gives you, and He alone satisfies your needs. Seeking honor, is forbidden, because all the Honor belongs to Allah alone.

Now read this Verse and contemplate. -----"And He placed in it (earth) firm mountains (rising) above it, and He put blessings in it, and He measured in it its sustenance in four days, in accordance for (the needs of) those who ask." (Hameem Al-Sajdah-10) In the above Verse, Allah says---"and He measured in it its sustenance"---Further, Allah says---"in accordance for (the needs of) those who ask."--So, the sustenance (Rizq) is Measured. And Measured means "Measured"-----Measured does not mean "Measureless". "Measured" is the "needs".--"Measureless" is "desire, willful and unlimited desire". -------So, use according to "Measured" (i.e. need).---If you use up more than "Measured", you will use up others needs (share), and they will be left hungry and deprived. This is for all creation.-----For example:-----See the animals, lions, cows, goats etc. eating and using up in accordance to their needs ("Measured"), that's it.-----They never cross the limit ("Measured")---Those creation understand and obey this Law of Allah. But, because man is being tried,---so Allah gave some of them more than their needs--only to try them.-----Allah wants to see, if they give the needy their "Measure" which Allah has given in their hands. And Allah gave some of them measured,---and some of them less---only to try them.----Allah wants to see, if they create Fasad (chaos) on the earth and try to snatch from others,--or-- do they show patience and struggle rightly. So,---whom Allah has given more than his needs,-----Allah commands him to fulfill his basic needs,-----and whatever is left, give it to those who are needy. -----“And seek through (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on you, the home of the Hereafter, and do not forget your portion of the world, and do good as Allah has done good to you, and seek not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not love the corrupters.” (Al-Qasus-77) The words in Arabic are "Ahsana Allah", means the good that Allah does to us (and His creation). And one form of that "Ahasan Allah" is whatever Allah gives us in this worldly life to fulfill our needs. So, Allah commands us to do "good" to others, the way Allah has done good to us. Allah has done this goodness to some of us, by providing with more than what is "Measured" (i.e. more than our needs),-----only to try us. It means, we should come out and look for the needy people, and drop their needs to them. Read, one more Verse from Allah's Quran:

-----"And they ask you (O Messenger) what they should spend (in the Way of Allah). Say: “That which is more than your needs.” Thus Allah makes clear to you (His) Verses that you might give thought." (Al-Baqarah-219) It is so clear. Allah commands us to give, all that, which is more than our needs. And if we don't give others their needs, which Allah has given in our hands to try us, those needy will be left hungry and deprived-----looking out for us to reach them with their "Measured", which has been given in our hands. Now, tell, with fear of Allah, can people live a costly life, at the cost of others needs (share)? Make a rough estimation of whatever resources (our needs) have been provided on the earth.-----Every year, the crops, the cloths, the things we grow, produce and manufacture,----if we divide these things on an average to all the people on the earth,----no body will be hungry and deprived. And no body will be rich.-----Impossible! Look at other creation, and we will find this justice there.---No lion is poor or rich. No dear is poor or rich. Because they don't go for more than their needs, so no one is left hungry as long as the one is alive. And look at humans, and be ashamed!---Do you find this justice there, which these animals are obeying?---No!---Then weep a lot!---Because man himself has lowered himself to such a level, because of his greed for more. There is enough on this earth for everybody's need---but---not for everybody's greed. You can not become rich,---no way,---until you grab a lot of people's share, that Allah has given in your hands to try you,-----and then become stone-hearted,---and then close your eyes and ears, and hearts and minds,---and let those deserving people die in deprivation and hunger.----Do you agree?---Do you agree?---How will you not agree, to what you see with your own eyes going on around you in this world. Remember, nothing is yours. Everything is Allah's. Allah gave you, to give it to others. This is Allah's Will. This is Allah's Commandment. This is how Allah is trying us. Remember, Allah made man, His Vicegerent (Khalifa) on this earth. -----"And when your Lord said to the angels: “Indeed, I will make a vicegerent upon the earth.” (Al-Baqarah-30) A vicegerent carries out his Lord's Orders to run the matters. So, the vicegerent must take the color (qualities) of his Lord.

-----"(Take) color (qualities) of Allah, and whose color (qualities) can be better than Allah’s. And we are His worshippers. " (Al-Baqarah-138) The Color (Attributes) of Allah is that He is Kind, Merciful, Forgiving. He is The Sustainer and Provider. So, Allah advised man to take the color of Allah, and sustain others like Allah sustains. And become kind and forgiving like Allah is Kind and Forgiving. This should be the color of the vicegerent of Allah. And he can take this color only by worshipping (obeying) his Lord. But, since man is Jahil and Zalim. He does not use his intellect. He thinks that whatever he has been given, is his.----And if he gives it to others, he will become destitute. This he does not want. He, in fact, wants more and more. Because he wants honor for himself. -----"But after receiving the Clear Proofs (The Book), the people disputed in (The Teachings of The Book), because they wanted to attain more than each other." (AlBaqarah-213) In the above Verse, the Arabic word "Bughyum" means "to want more than others" Everyone wanted more wealth,---to attain more power and honor than others, so that he could oppress people around him, by showing off his wealth and forcing them to bow before his authority. The story of Korah is narrated in Al-Quran. He was such type of a person. His hunger for wealth, power and authority was limitless. -----"Indeed, Korah was from the people of Moses, he wanted to be ahead of others (in wealth and honor). And We gave him so much of treasures, that the keys thereof would indeed burden a troop of mighty men. When his people said to him: “Do not Exult. Indeed, Allah does not love the exultant.” (Al-Qasus-76) So those who want honor for themselves by attaining more than their needs, only such people reject Allah's Revelation. Allah's Revelation has always been heavy on their dirty desires, because It always commands them to give away what is more than their needs. So, how could such trespassers bow before Allah's Quran, who wanted people to bow before them. According to the above quoted Verses, only such trespassers dispute in The Clear Teachings of Allah's Revelation. In a group of people, some are rich, they show off their wealth and power and impress others.----And some are deprived.-------But the unfortunate thing is, that the deprived also want to get too much, so that they also could impress others with their wealth and power, the way the already rich do.---Both types are trespassers. And both types reject Allah's Quran.

Bring another Quran or make changes in this Quran
Allah said in His Quran that He sent His Messengers to every nation in the world. So, almost all the nations in the world are followers of a Divine Deen (tampered). As mentioned before, people always want honor for themselves, and for this, they want to acquire more wealth and more power than other people around them. That is the only reason that they have always turned away from the Divine Deen, because the Divine Deen always advised them to live with people in peace and equality, and give away to the needy what was more than their needs,-----and forbids them to show arrogance, make people their slaves and oppress them. And, their criminal clergies have always made changes in the Divine Deen, according to the dirty desires of the criminal people (i.e. the cruel rulers, and elite of the society). So, the cruel rulers, arrogant elite and stubborn clergies have always twisted and tampered the Divine Deen, and the common people followed their clergies in ignorance. Now as all the nations are followers of a Divine Deen (tampered), so they are well-aware of the end of the present world, and know about a sort of Judgement Day. e.g. Muslims, christians, jews, hindus, buddhists, and many others, all of them have a concept of Paradise, Hell, Judgement Day, etc. Now, the most interesting thing is, that people (rulers, elite, and also the common people) who are seeker of honor (by acquiring more wealth and more authority, and not doing charity), in spite of their sins, they wish to be forgiven and blessed in the Hereafter, and enter the Paradise. Is it not interesting? Yes, it is sadly interesting. No criminal says that he will go into hellfire for his crimes. Because the tampered deen, they follow, gives them guarantee of Paradise. Their clergies set up their Shafee (Intercessors), and those criminal people believe, that the Shafee will intervene on their behalf, and save them from Allah's Wrath on The Judgement Day, and they will enter the Paradise. The last Messenger called the Mushrikeen of Makkah to Allah's Quran. The mushrikeen came to know that Quran teaches peace and equality. How could those trespassers become equal to the destitues, deprived and their slaves by givng away their wealth to them. Allah's Quran warned them that there will be no Shafee (Intercessor) to save them from Allah's Strong Hold. They became angry and rejected the Messenger's call to Quran. Interesting?----Yes, interesting thing is ahead!!!----Those mushrikeen put their demand before the Messenger. Read what they demanded:

-----[color=blue][b]"And when Our Verses are recited to them as clear Evidence, those who hope not for their meeting with Us, say: “Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this (Quran).” Say (O Messenger): “It is not for me to change It on my own accord. I follow not but that which is revealed unto me. Indeed, I fear, if I were to disobey my Lord, the punishment of a Great Day.” (Younus:15)[/b][/color] You can easily come to know what was their demand. Yes, they damanded guarantee of Paradise in Al-Quran, in spite of their crimes. So, those mushrikeen disliked Allah's Quran, and demanded for another quran, or demanded to make changes in Allah's Quran, according to their dirty desires.----[color=blue][b]“Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this (Quran).” [/b][/color] --And until Al-Qiyamah, all the mushrikeen will have the same desire, that is, a guarantee of Paradise in spite of their crimes. They want a Shafee (Intercessor) who would save them from Allah's Hold on The Judgement Day. Now, look around at the last ummah today. Don't you find the same desire in this ummah? A Shafee for the criminals, who reject Allah's Quran and seek honor for themselves?----And one more fraud, they claim to have intense love for the Prophet! Don't you find the similarity, between the present ummah and the mushrikeen of Makkah? It is in Al-Quran, that those people of this ummah and the mankind, who turn away from Al-Quran, will look for a Shafee (Intercessor) on The Judgement Day. -----"Are they waiting for what it (Al-Quran) says to come true? On the day it comes true, those who previously forgot it (Al-Quran) will say: “The messengers of our Lord have come with The Truth! Are there any intercessors (Shafee) to intercede for us? Or can we be sent back and we will work differently than what we did?” They have lost their souls and what they have invented has abandoned them." (Al-Aaraf-53) Allah declares that there will be no Shafa'ut (Intercession) for the criminals who turn away from Al-Quran, and have Iman and Amaal against Its Teachings. -----"So no Shafa'ut (intercession) of any Shafee (intercessors) could help them. Then what is (the matter) with them that from the Reminder (Al-Quraan) they turn away." (Al-Mudassir-48,49) This is the reason that people don't like Allah's Quran, because they don't find any "good news" of Shafa'ut for the shirk-doers (who seek honor) in It. So, they want another quran, where they could find Shafa'ut for themselves, in spite of their crimes.-----“Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this

(Quran).”--So, here comes in Imam Bukhari, with another quran, and fulfilled the desire of the people with this fabricated hadith of Shafa'ut from the Messenger for the criminals. Seek Allah's Refuge! Read the fabrication, lie and sorcery. The hadith of Shafa'ut in Sahih Al-Bukhari: This fabrication about "Sorcery Shafa'ut" goes like this: "I (Abu Hurairaa ) said: "O Messenger of Allah! Who will be the luckiest person who will gain your Shafa'ut on The Judgement Day?" Allah's Messenger said:" O Abu Huraira! I have thought that none will ask me about it before you as I know your longing for the (learning of) Hadiths. The luckiest person who will have my Shafa'ut on The Judgement Day will be the one who said sincerely from the bottom of his heart, "La ilaha illa Allah." " (Sahih Bukhari---Narrated by Abu Hurairaa) "Some (cooked) meat was brought to Allah's Messenger (S) and the meat of a forearm was presented to him as he used to like it. He ate a morsel of it and said:---"I will be the cheif of the people on The Judgement Day. Do you know the reason for it?---Allah will gather all the human being of early generations as well as late generations on one plain so that the announcer will be able to make them all hear his voice and the watcher will be able to see all of them. The sun will come so close to the people that they will suffer such distress and trouble as they will not be able to bear or stand. Then the people will say, "Don't you see to what state you have reached? Won't you look for someone who can intercede for you with your Lord?"---Some people will say to some others, "Go to Adam." So they will go to Adam and say to him,"You are the father of mankind, Allah created you with His Own Hand, and breathed into you of His Spirit, and ordered the angels to prostrate before you. So please intercede for us with your Lord. Don't you see in what state we are? Don't you see what condition we have reached?" Adam will say, "Today my Lord has become angry as He has never become before, not will ever become thereafter. He farbade me (to eat of the fruit of) the tree, but I disobeyed Him. Myself! Myself! Myself! (has more need for Shafa'ut)." So, this Enticing Lie and Seductive Deception goes on, until people came to Moses, and Moses sent them to Jesus. Read further: "So people will go to Jusus and say, "O Jesus! You are Allah's Apostle and His Word which He sent to Mariam, and a superior soul created by Him, and you talked to the people while still young in the cradle. Please intercede for us with your Lord. Don't you see in what state we are?" Jesus will say, "Today my Lord has become angry as He has never become before, not will ever become thereafter." Jesus will not mention any sin, but will say, "Myself! Myself! Myself! (has more need for Shafa'ut). Go to someone else; go to Muhammad." So they will come to me and say, "O Muhammad! You are Allah's Apostle and last of the prophets, and Allah forgave your early and late sins. Please intercede for us with your Lord. Don't you see in what state we are?" The Prophet added, "Then I will go beneath Allah's

Throne and fall in prostration before my Lord. And then Allah will guide me to such praises and glorification to Him, as He has never guided anybody else before me. Then it will be said, "O Muhammad! Raise your head. Ask, and it will be granted. Intercede It (your intercession) will be accepted." So I will raise my head and say, "My followers, O my Lord! My followers, O my Lord!" It will be said." It will be said: "O Muhammad! Let those of your followers who have no accounts, enter through such a gate of the gates of Paradise as lies on the right; and they will share the the other gates with the people." (Sahih Bukhari---Narrated by Abu Hurairaa) Don't worry, there is more to come. Read: "On The Judgement Day, the people will fall on their knees and every ummah will follow their prophet and they will say, "O so-and-so! Intercede (for us with Allah)", till the right of Shafa'ut is given to the Prophet Muhammad (S) and that will be the day when Allah will raise him (Muhammad) into a station of praise and glory (i.e. Al-Maqam-al-Mahmood)." (Sahih Bukhari---Narrated by Ibn Umar) The above hadith about Shafa'ut can not be proved on Al-Quran. There is no such type of Shafa'ut in Al-Quran. If someone puts his Iman in this fabricated hadith, he becomes fearless of Allah's Hold. He is urged to do sins. This sorcery hadith comforts the liars, sinners and criminals, and urges them to do whatever they like, and guarantees that the Prophet will be there for those liars to save them from Allah's Wrath. It takes them to sin. Today, no one of this ummah is ready to follow Allah's Quran, so how will they go to Paradise? Very easy and comfortable solution!---According to this hadith no one will go to hell.--Happy? Do whatever you like,-----never read Al-Quran,-----have Iman against It,-----go against Its Teachings,-----seek honor in this world through attaining more power and wealth,----treat your wife cruelly, talk to her harshly, beat her, always oppose her in every matter of life, and take her as your commodity and have Iman that she has been lowered in rank than you and also have Iman that most of them will go to hell------Okay!---Do whatever you like, but only make a false claim, that you love the Prophet intensely (Ishq-e-Rasool). And this fraud love for the Prophet will win Shafa'ut for you on The Judgement Day, and you will be saved, and enter the Paradise, strutting. So, this is the sorcery hadith about Shafa'ut in Sahih Al-Bukhari, which has made the sinners fearless of Allah and careless about their bad end. The liars who love this worldly life, seek honor for themselves and their children, they run away from Allah's Quran, and they demand-----“Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this (Quran).”---according to their dirty desire. They want

good tidings that "the criminals will enter Paradise by dint of Shafa'ut." Allah declares in His Quran (Al-Mezaan) that those who turn away from Al-Quran, for them there will be no Shafa'ut. But-----Imam Bukhari's Sahih Al-Bukhari declares that the Prophet will do Shafa'ut for his ummah and save them from hellfire. So, the ummah, after deserting Allah's Quran,------have finally found another quran for themselves where they can find whatever favorite they like.-----“Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this (Quran).”---Do you see, how befitting is this Verse! Do you know what Man wants?------He lies, but wants people to call him truthful.----He deceives, but wants people to call him honest.----He is devilish, but wants people to call him wali of Allah------Man has always been after loopholes.---But he finds no loopholes in Al-Quran. That is the reason he runs away from Allah's Revelation (Al-Quran).----And is always after another book in the name of explanation of Deen, where he could find whatever he wants. In fact, he wants another quran. Allah's Quran is The Only Truth in the universe. So Allah's Quran is giving us this Truth about such people that they need another quran.-----“Bring a quran other than this (Quran), or make changes in this (Quran).”--And the Messenger is complaining before Allah against the liars of his own ummah: -----"And the Messenger (on The Judgement Day ) will say, "O my Lord! My ummah had deserted this Quran." (Al-Furqan-30) According to Al-Quran, which is The Only Book of Truth in the universe, the honorseekers never like Allah's Revelation. In the past, present and future, their Deen has always been different from Allah's Deen. It is the honor-seeker, who is a liar, shirk-doer, biddat-doer, and who turns away from AlQuran,---and he claims to love the Prophet very much,-----the way mushrikeen of Makkah loved Muhammad (SAW) very much, but rejected the Quran that he brought. Remember, and don't forget, even if you wish to---that the Mushrikeen of Makkah respected and loved Muhammad (SAW) very much,---but---rejected The Quran that he brought to them.----The Mushrikeen of Makkah called Muhammad (SAW), Ameen and Sadiq, and made him judge in their disputes.-----Is this not deep respect and love for Muhammad (SAW) from the Mushrikeen?-----Love for Muhammad, but hate for The Quran. Don't you find the similarity, between the present ummah and the mushrikeen of Makkah?---Both love the Messenger, but reject The Message. Don't be angry. Just look around and accept the fact. How many people read Al-Quran without the ahadith, tafseer and alim? It's hard to find such people who read Al-Quran alone, and keep themselves within Al-

Quran to understand the Tafseer that Allah Himself has done, and which is in the same Quran.

What is the Problem?
Allah Declared that His Quran is The Guidance for us. Allah Commanded us to follow His Quran. Allah Promised that those who follow His Quran, will enter the Paradise,------without any Shafa'ut. So simple! But what is the problem with the ummah today? What is burning inside? What jealousy is in the hearts? -----"And the Messenger (on The Judgement Day ) will say, "O my Lord! My ummah had deserted this Quran." (Al-Furqan-30) The above Verse is The Truth.---Who will dare to deny?--So,-----why have the ummah deserted Allah's Quran? Do you now know the answer?-----Yes, you do! As mentioned before, people love this worldly life. (Quran forbids it). They want wealth and power, to attain honor. (Quran forbids it). They love to make people bow before their authority. (Quran forbids it). They mention their good deeds and achievements before people to attain honor. (Quran forbids it). They, in spite of their crimes, want to enter Paradise by dint of Shafa'ut. (Quran denies it). So, these people are slaves of their own dirty desires.(Quran condemns them). Do you see, these people and Al-Quran are against each other? How can they ever come near Al-Quran then? How can they ever obey Al-Quran then? How can they ever like Al-Quran then? People love this garbage world and their garbage honor.---And they are not at all ready to give up.---They love this sin, "honor".-----It is the thought of their honor, that stops them from coming to Allah (means Allah's Quran). -----"And when it is said to him "Fear Allah." The thought of his honor sticks him to sins. So sufficient for him is Hell. And indeed, it is an evil resting place." (Al-Baqarah-206) How can in his heart there be fear of Allah (Taqwa), because his heart is already filled with the love of this garbage world and garbage honor. How can he love Allah's Quran, that commands him to give in The Way of Allah what is more than his needs.

-----"And when Allah, the One is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are filled with disgust. And when those (whom they listen and follow) besides Him are mentioned, behold, they rejoice." (Al-Zamur-45) When Allah, The One is mentioned, means His Exalted and Holy Quran is recited to them. The face of the seeker of this world and honor is distorted in disgust. And when those who promise Shafa'ut for the criminals on The Judgement Day, are mentioned, they rejoice. Imam Bukhari promises Shafa'ut for the criminals. Why will people not love him? See the difference. When someone reads Allah's Quran only, whenever he talks on the topic of Deen, he keeps on saying, "Allah says in His Quran"-----"Allah says in His Quran"......... Contemplate, why does he love Allah's Quran so much, and why does he always say, "Allah says in His Quran"-----"Allah says in His Quran" Because he has not read any other book, except Allah's Quran. For him [b]Hasbuna Allah (Allah is enough)."[/b] And you will find an overwhelming majority of people saying "There is a hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari", "There is a hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari" Why do they love Imam Bukhari's Sahih Al-Bukhari so much that they always keep on saying, "There is a hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari", "There is a hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari" Because they have only read Imam Bukhari's Sahih Al-Bukhari and think that they have read the real explanation of Al-Quran made by the Prophet. The ummah is happy with Imam Bukhari, because Imam Bukhari did for them, what even the Messenger himself didn't do for them. -----"And when Allah, the One is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are filled with disgust. And when those (whom they listen and follow) besides Him are mentioned, behold, they rejoice." (Al-Zamur-45) Again, the ummah is happy with Imam Bukhari, because Imam Bukhari did for them, what even the Messenger himself didn't do for them. The Messenger brought for the ummah The Message, in which Allah says, there is no Shafa'ut (Intercession) for the criminals. Whereas, Imam Bukhari brought for the ummah, Sahih Al-Bukhari, in which there is Shafa'ut for the criminals who run away from Allah, and they don't even know what Knowledge has been Revealed in this Book for them.-----And they don't want to know. For them Imam Bukhari is enough! Today the ummah is happy with Imam Bukhari.---Where would have the ummah gone (lost), if there had been no Imam Bukhari?

Allah sent,---and the Messenger brought,---"The Message". But still, there was a vacuum. Imam Bukhari came, and filled this vacuum and saved the ummah. So, the ummah is happy with Imam Bukhari. -----"And when Allah, the One is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are filled with disgust. And when those (whom they listen and follow) besides Him are mentioned, behold, they rejoice." (Al-Zamur-45) Contemplate, if you wish,---or---leave for those who fear Allah, and comtemplate! ======================================================= Respected brothers/sisters! I read my Allah's Quran, without Sahih Al-Bukhari, tafseer or teacher. Alhamdolillah! This is my own understanding of Al-Quran. I have put before you, my own understanding. It should not be followed.---Not at all! Now, you read your Allah's Quran for yourself, and see what you understand. Remember, without Sahih Al-Bukhari, tafseer or teacher, because otherwise, you will get Al-Bukhari, not Al-Quran. Even at this point, you can agree, or disagree. It is your right.

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