January 31, 2007

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Screenplay by John J. McLaughlin


Int n er al

INT. STAGE - NIGHT Titles roll over a pair of women’s feet dancing the final scene as the White Swan in SWAN LAKE. The woman climbs, dancing, up the cliff on the stage and the camera rises to reveal that it is LISA ALBIN, a petite brighteyed ballerina in her twenties. The cliff rises against a backdrop of shimmering stars. She looks out at the audience then JUMPS OFF THE CLIFF. audience APPLAUDS MADLY as we The


Silence at first, then we hear the WINDING of a music box. FADE IN:


A tiny white BALLERINA spins to tinny music. INT. SMALL SPARSE BEDROOM - MORNING Lisa’s eyes spring open. There is a smile on the otherwise grim, face that hovers over her. It is an old woman, and although they are not related, everyone calls her MOTHER. Wake up. MOTHER It’s a brand new day!


Lisa looks at herself in the medicine cabinet mirror. The water is running in the shower and the room starts filling with steam. As she undresses, still glancing in the mirror, we lose sight of her. INT. KITCHEN - A LITTLE LATER Lisa is sitting at the table, legs crossed on the chair eating plain yogurt. There are three chairs and three settings-- someone obviously isn’t there. LISA Someone’s sleeping in...

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n er al


MOTHER She wasn’t in her room. have gone out early.

She must

Lisa raises an eyebrow but Mother doesn’t notice. She slices a grapefruit in half and puts a cherry in the center. MOTHER You seem happy this morning... LISA I had the best dream. I was dancing the White Swan...it was so perfect.... Mother puts a plate with the grapefruit in front of Lisa.

Lisa is pleased at the thought as she eats. CUT TO:

EXT. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE - MORNING A MAN, his back to us, blows cigarette smoke at the poster for SWAN LAKE in a free-standing frame. It shows a woman being lifted, face hidden by shadows. The show stars VERONICA FIELD. Moving back, we see the poster is one of a row of ten free-standing posters, all identical. Lisa hurries past the posters, bag over her shoulder, unnoticed. EXT. METROPOLITAN COURTYARD - CONTINUOUS

Lisa is walking briskly toward the garage entrance but slows a little. In the distance, forty yards away in front of the building, she notices YELLOW POLICE TAPE stretched over orange CONES cordoning off a small area, about ten-by-ten feet. A UNIFORMED cop is talking quietly to a jump-suited LINCOLN CENTER CUSTODIAN. Her curiosity will have to wait-- she’s a little late. heads into the Garage tunnel. She

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MOTHER You won’t be in the corps forever, sweetie. That will be you one day.



n er


LISA What’s going on? PRISCILLA You don’t know? oe Ph SIMON Holding up okay? nix Int n er al . SIMON. The mood immediately seems heavy. but notices it isn’t returned. CORPS DRESSING ROOM . Lisa ducks her head and turns down a corridor toward a dressing room. Priscilla.CONTINUOUS The tunnel leads to the stage door.CONTINUOUS Lisa comes in and smiles at a DANCER. In front of the door is a DESK where a dull looking GUARD sits.. Lisa gives the Guard a pleasant smile. but they’re empty-.. tries to give her a smile. INT. A stagehand. Lisa winds her way through backstage passages. She doesn’t want to talk to him at all. shared by forty girls. scenery and old props. most of them ranging in age from 18 to 25. is working on her mascara. Lisa enters and finds the mood in the room off. a redhead. ropes. some are changing. UNDERGROUND GARAGE/BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE . There are only four make-up tables for all of them. One exception. She puts down her bag. sandbags.3. She bends to the mirror to put on a pony tale fastener. Not all of them are there.. some are on the floor stretching. INT. INT.most of the girls won’t put on make-up for rehearsal.CONTINUOUS It is a large room. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE . confused by the question. Lisa nods. but he hardly seems to notice as he buzzes her into the building. SIMON If you need to talk.

Priscilla doesn’t seem overly upset. Two of the opposing walls are mirrored. we’ve decided to find a replacement and postpone the show instead of cancelling. is so far above the corps members in stature. I know it. Lisa shakes her head in dread. (beat as she checks makeup) She jumped off the roof. which they are now.. and freestanding barre’s that can be moved out onto the floor when needed. She looks around. INT. The artistic director. built like a bull. nix Int n er Lisa takes a couple of al .. Lisa is devastated. And she isn’t alone in this opinion.. fifty-year-old ex-dancer.. REHEARSAL ROOM . quiet but still going on about their business. empty except for a piano tucked in the corner.DAY It is a large room.. enters. PRISCILLA Veronica killed herself after last night’s performance. A buzz goes up through the room.. Diana. while the PRINCIPALS. including DIANA are over to one side. Most of the Corps members are standing anxiously in the same area of the room.. ALEX Settle down. There is a barre all the way around the edge of the room. ALEX Everyone. surprised to see so many of the young women..the good news is. (MORE) oe Ph LISA It’s going to be you.I also want to let you know. ALEX. that she barely acknowledges Lisa. steps toward Diana. however. over the next few days some people are going to be asking questions about Veronica Field.I’m sure you’ve heard the tragic news.4. She stands thinking. and she continues putting on her make-up as she speaks.

ALEX(cont'd) I expect your full cooperation so we can get this terrible episode behind us as quickly as possible... Ryan. anyway. (looking at the paper) What did you think of Veronica Field? LISA Everyone loved her. CUT TO: INT. and from the way he eyes the female dancers. DETECTIVE I understand you shared an apartment with her? LISA There’s a woman who has a place just two stops on the number one. she’ll put an ad up on the board when someone leaves.. From the Detective’s side. as he tells them things they should be doing. Lisa is demure.5.. So you and Veronica were close? LISA We’d have breakfast together most mornings..have a seat. oe Ph DETECTIVE Lisa Albin.DAY A ruggedly attractive DETECTIVE in his thirties sits behind one of four desks. Lisa is brought in by a FEMALE COP who hands the detective a printed sheet. We’d see each other more here than at home.. there is a bit of sexual energy in the air. with a couple of uniformed officers moving in and out. great dancer.. the detective isn’t gay. just a few questions. nix She was a Int n er al . DETECTIVE We’ll check on it.. In contrast to the male dancers we may have seen. She has a couple of bedrooms she rents out to dancers. sometimes whispering things to him.This is very informal... I’m Lt. BALLET OFFICE .

. nix Int n er al . DETECTIVE You work all the time? LISA Probably twelve hours a day since I was five years old... DETECTIVE Anyone she did see outside of work? LISA No. but they had a talk with him.6. I’m a corps members.Um. DETECTIVE You didn’t socialize? restaurants? Clubs? Go to LISA We would have.. one of the stagehands followed her home a couple of times.. talking to everyone.. He waits. but there’s no time. DETECTIVE He won’t be in trouble.. DETECTIVE Doesn’t really happen. DETECTIVE Who would that be? LISA I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. she was a principal.. She nods.. He looks at her and shrugs.I remember last year... LISA It would be like you having dinner with the police commissioner or the mayor. He is a little overwhelmed by the number.. looking at her sympathetically. We’re oe Ph LISA Even if there was time.

DETECTIVE Tell me about “Swan Lake?” (off her puzzled look) What part did Veronica play? LISA Veronica was Odette. too. he does... LISA Um.. no.. into the Black Swan. Odile. The Sorcerer turns his own daughter. Their sacrifice for each other breaks the spell. charmed by him... the Prince kills himself. Lisa laughs a little. the Queen of the White Swans. she forgives the Prince then kills herself. of course. DETECTIVE I’m really going at this blind--I wish now I’d paid attention when my grandmother used to take us to the Nutcracker. When Odette finds out. nix Int n er al . She and her friends were young women a sorcerer turned into swans. She does a sensual dance..Simon. DETECTIVE How would you describe Alex Kardova’s relationship with Veronica? LISA (hesitating) They respected each other. The only way for them to break the spell is for the Prince to profess his love to Odette. Instead of marrying the Black Swan. oe Ph LISA Actually. and the lake is made from their mother’s tears. DETECTIVE And.I’m not sure of his last name. tricks the Prince into thinking she’s Odette and he professes his love to her.7.

DAY The Dancers are led through stretches and simple moves by CHRISTINE. and goes behind her. DETECTIVE Veronica was the White Swan. She’s working as hard as she can. REHEARSAL ROOM . leg-warmers.I’m not really important. attracted to her. He smiles at her.. and nearly everyone strips down to their leotards and works harder trying to impress him. Odile and Odette are like two sides of the same coin. and Alex doesn’t seem impressed.. who plays the Black Swan? LISA She played both parts... whispering into her ear. embarrassed. Diana looks frustrated. still in fabulous shape. DETECTIVE And people watch this? LISA (smiling) For more than a hundred years. INT. a fifty-year-old former prima ballerina. Int n er al . He lingers near the principals. She’s perfect as he watches. DETECTIVE What part do you play? LISA (shyly) Oh.. but there’s something very mechanical about her. Sensing a poor judgement. but it looks rather effortless. She’s good. Alex walks in and the whole attitude changes. The one person who looks relaxed is Lisa. The Dancers are working hard and are covered in sweats. and sweaters. He stops to talk to Christine. stopping in front of Diana for awhile. oe Ph nix She looks away. The other dancers look at each other as Alex wanders over and studies her movements.8. The Detective smirks at the story. And he scrutinizes the women like he’s on a shopping trip.

but is uncomfortable. but by whispering to Lisa.. including pictures of some the dance world’s biggest stars. glancing at the other dancers on the way to the door.. ALEX I just wanted to tell you. Priscilla edges over.he wants to talk to me. Her attitude makes Lisa nervous. ALEX (whispering) I’d like to see you in my office. PRISCILLA (whispering) What was that? LISA Nothing..9.. wiping sweat off her face. Alex has his chair rolled out around the desk. and her eyes shoot daggers... Lisa gathers her things and leaves the room... ALEX It’s never a good idea to contradict the artistic director. Diana is especially jealous. Lisa gathers her things into her bags. INT.A LITTLE LATER The camera moves over forty years of Alex’s ballet memorabilia. so he’s sitting nearly knee to knee with Lisa. oe Ph nix CUT TO: Int n er al . ALEX’S OFFICE . and the others watch in awe. LISA (embarrassed) I have a long way to go. is it? She laughs a little. Priscilla doesn’t seem as jealous as the others and is amazed. He walks on. a wave of jealousy has washed over the room.I’ve been impressed with your work lately. The dancers take a breath.

. There is a light rain and it is like a sea of umbrellas. CATHEDRAL . but desperately trying not to seem like she’s repulsed. attractive MOURNERS are filing into the church. oe Ph LISA If it’s all right. others are watching from behind barriers stretched all the way down the block.S.) Why now?.perhaps she’s thinking this is a great opportunity...S. She carries a single rose.. even though this is the last thing she wants. He’s frustrated.. She looks at the wall at the photos of the great dancers...) No one’s ever danced Odette that beautifully... It’s too much too soon for Lisa. nix Int n er al .DAY A mass of mostly young. The one person who doesn’t have an umbrella is Lisa. After a minor hesitation. Lisa hears the voices of WOMEN MOURNERS from beneath scattered umbrellas: MOURNER #1 (O.It was the performance of a lifetime.. Wanting out. MOURNER #3 (O. MOURNER #2 (O. gives it a squeeze and slips out of the chair. She looks away-.. he can’t say anything. MOURNER #1 I just don’t understand.10. He slides his hand onto her knee.. He watches with slight irritation as she leaves. She releases his hand and makes her way to the door. getting bolder. I ought to get back to work.S..) She was so young. EXT. she lifts his hand gently. but she’s extricated herself so smoothly. She’s flattered but confused. he slips his hand higher up her thigh.. Rain runs down her sad face.

is literally covered in bouquets which are also piled high around the steps behind the casket. and the more she tries to fight it. in front of the altar. as MOURNERS file through in a huge line which stretches out the door.DAY A Gothic. looking a little bedraggled from the rain. and as they move on we start to hear a sound: A MUSIC BOX IS BEING WOUND. tipping her head toward the coffin. INT. shadow-filled place. It is a little different than the previous box we saw. Several mourners behind them. They help Lisa to her feet. wondering if it’s an act.. but we hear the mechanism being WOUND. and even suppresses a giggle. An OTHER-WORLDLY CHOIR SINGS in the balcony.it’s okay. CLOSE UP OF A MUSIC BOX It is not in the cathedral. Seeing the coffin.11. LISA (whispering) Do you hear that? The other girls listen but don’t hear anything. Priscilla is engaged in whispering GOSSIP with a FRIEND. Lisa puts the rose on the coffin then drops to her knees sobbing. the more the tears come. PRISCILLA It’s okay. n er al .. The closed coffin. Diana is checking her make-up in a compact. Diana watches Lisa. Lisa steps to the coffin. oe Ph nix Int LISA She hears something and stops crying. Priscilla and two other girls rush forward to help her up... sweetie. A few mourners behind Lisa. and is placed next to it. CATHEDRAL . she starts to lose it. There are dozens of eight-year-old ballerinas constantly tossing rose petals on the ground in front of the coffin as the mourners pass.

second BALLERINA starts to spin on the second box. BLACK DRESS toward her and inhales deeply. The first ballerina is still dancing on the first box. She looks mournful.) What are you doing in Veronica’s room? She pulls a A Lisa is startled and turns to see Mother standing in the doorway. to the top of the bureau.12. LARGE BEDROOM ... MOTHER You know. Lisa enters looking around.. MOTHER (O.NIGHT It is dark until the light clicks on. INT.Veronica used to talk about you a lot. She loved you. She runs her hand over the bed and the pillow. LISA I just can’t believe she’s gone. oe Ph MOTHER She didn’t think much of the other girls.. IN THE MIRROR Mother comes up behind Lisa and puts a hand on her shoulder. Lisa is slightly alarmed.but she thought you were going to be something special someday..S. LISA Really? Lisa is upset and confused.. nix Int She looks into a mirror attached n er al . Lisa tucks the dress back into the closet. She goes to the closet and looks at the clothes. The bedroom is larger than Lisa’s and full of clothes and personal items..all you needed was a chance.. MOTHER (quietly) This is your chance.

LISA It’s too. oe Ph ALEX How do you know “Swan Lake” so well? nix Int n er al .NIGHT Lisa’s head is tipped back...but you know what Veronica would want..... alone. it’s all in her head. spin. We’re tight on Lisa’s eyes as she closes them and tips her head back. and what light come in from the door to the hall.I’m sad too. almost seductively.her face is flooded with ecstacy as every move is fluid and perfect. It’s Alex. Lisa. and he seems intrigued.I didn’t think anyone was here. eyes closed.she wanted you to have your chance.) You know she wanted it for you. dances the moves of the White Swan.. There is no music.13. MATCH CUT TO: INT. She picks up her towel and holds it to her chest. SMALLER REHEARSAL ROOM ... MOTHER (O. MOTHER (softly) I know you’re sad. She stops and is instantly self-conscious. from the second act of SWAN LAKE.. and as she lands she sees a SILHOUETTE in the doorway.I can’t even think about it. Lisa looks at her own reflection and we move in on her eyes as Mother speaks softly into her ear. She’s lost in it-.C. She moves into a Only the light over the piano is on. He steps into the light.. LISA Sorry... She goes into a leap..

. the cones on the spot where Veronica jumped are being taken away..it was the first role I ever wanted to dance-..Feel the difference there? She slowly comes up out of the move into a pirouette. it’s important that you maintain this line on your waist. EXT. In the dark room at night.... He steps closer.so lyrical. lifts her arm and leans her back gently into position. ALEX Beautiful. She laughs a little. oe Ph LISA Yes....nice smooth line.nice...NIGHT It is empty and creepy as Lisa crosses from the exit. (laughing) I have ribbons to sew on shoes. (toweling off) It’s late. I did pieces from it at every recital I had from the time I was five. He smiles at her and nods slightly. Alex. on the arabesque... METROPOLITAN COURTYARD . In the distance.. and the bouquets left on the spot are being thrown in trash barrels by the CUSTODIANS. and skips out of the room. LISA I love it. LISA Thanks. I better get going. She looks into his eyes. who are not at all reverential in their work.. She smiles her appreciation.it’s why I bugged her to let me take lessons.14.. ALEX Then the pirouette flows out of it. It was the first ballet my mother took me to when I was a girl. it’s more sexual than it would be at a real rehearsal. ALEX You were turned...One suggestion. He puts a hand on her back... nix Int n er al .

to Lisa’s. LISA’S APARTMENT BUILDING . waiting for the trains to reconnect.15. INT. looking tired and distracted. and doesn’t notice Lisa. Lisa doesn’t see anyone who looks like her. sure she’s imagined the whole thing. Lisa looks at her reflection in the glass. The trains jockey parallel tracks. She sees a BLACK SILHOUETTE move slightly on the other side of the opaque curtain. SUBWAY TRAIN . she shrugs it off. oe Ph nix Int n er al . and the room is filled with steam. SHOWER . She opens the curtain and sees it is her own robe moving on a hook in the breeze from the open window. Lisa settles back. INT. Lisa is startled. Lisa sees the double. one is She’s in profile.NIGHT The DOORMAN opens the door and gives Lisa a respectful nod. The double suddenly stares at her and her lips curl into a smile.NIGHT Lisa is next to the window. then the express zips away.TRAVELLING . Lisa can barely stand to glance over at the spot. EXT. The trains jockey. LISA’S REFLECTION back and forth. before she lowers her head and walks toward the subway. Her double’s face moves into the same space on a different plane. Finding it harsh and disheartening. OVER LISA’S SHOULDER Lisa turns looking out the window eagerly. She rides along in peace for several moments. but before she can be sure about what she’s seeing: BLACKNESS as the trains separate in a tunnel.NIGHT Lisa is taking a shower. When the other train comes back into view. inches from each other on There are several people on the train next a WOMAN who could pass for Lisa’s DOUBLE. An express train rises on an upgrade until it runs alongside the local Lisa is on. beyond the window in the other car.

She opens the box and looks. She turns slightly and eyes her reflection in the bathroom mirror. freshly showered and runs into Mother. SMALL SPARSE BEDROOM . She sighs and gets up. INT. LARGE BEDROOM .. sorry. The bed is much more comfortable. Lisa. LIVING ROOM Lisa steps to the table and goes through a small stack of bills and junk mail. There’s nothing else in the package.. She tears the end and slides out a long white cardboard box.. and in just a few moments.I’ll take care of it. oe Ph nix Int n er al CUT TO: . She smiles. and it’s the first of the month. The room is much cosier. She looks at the envelope-. in disbelief. HALLWAY .CONTINUOUS Lisa enters and doesn’t turn out the lights. already dressed. INT. and is surprised to find a beaten up BUBBLE PACK MAILER addressed to her. the box in the mailer and drops it into the kitchen trash.her name and address are neatly written out. she is asleep.NIGHT Lisa is trying to sleep but is wide awake. She puts the knife in the box. She puts her clock on the night stand then climbs into bed. feeling a little ridiculous. Inside is A LARGE KITCHEN KNIFE..16. at the contents.oh. LISA Oh. She takes her alarm clock with her.EARLY MORNING Sun blasts through the windows.. with her bag over her shoulder stops at Mother’s door. but there’s no return address. INT.. LIVING ROOM .A LITTLE LATER Lisa leaves the bathroom in her robe. MOTHER The mail’s on the table. INT. with all that’s happened.

. Lisa Albin.. oe Ph nix Int n er al . though some are stretching. of which we only catch a snippet: DIANA He’s announcing it this morning. LISA Her jaw drops. Everyone is pleased and whispering. ALEX The dancer I’ve chosen for the lead has been working very hard. Diana is especially happy this morning. The dancers applaud. PRISCILLA (whispering to Lisa) Give me five minutes alone with him. Lisa enters.. STAGE . INT.. ALEX Everyone. and she whispers knowingly to the other principals. Slightly weirded out. Lisa cracks a smile but gets rid of it as Alex steps up in front of the room. she closes the envelope and slips it under the door. passing Diana’s smug clique and joins Priscilla who is sitting cross-legged. And I’m going to work hard to make things easy for her. Since we have decided on a replacement.17. Alex enters whispering to Christine who is consulting a clipboard.we have a few things to cover. we have decided to dedicate the production of “Swan Lake” to Veronica Field. She’s ready to knock but she hears the TINNY MUSIC BOX MUSIC and Mother humming along with it. nodding. Diana is ready to be named successor.. I swear. In a moment she is swamped by deliriously happy corps members.. She takes out an envelope with cash in it and counts it.MORNING Most of the company is sitting around.

Diana comes over and offers her hand. and rush for the mirrors. CORPS DRESSING ROOM .. but Dianna hugs her. Lisa is surprised as Doris helps her put it on. INT. comes over to her with a tutu. You have to have it on so you stand out from all the other girls... but from the nearby clique of Principals. oe Ph nix Int n er al . She looks up at Alex and smiles...18.. Lisa takes the grey tutu. PRISCILLA I can’t believe it. She is different now from the other dancers and we can see a new confidence in her. She takes a turn and Doris looks at her with pride. by the way. and it means a lot-. there is seething resentment. DIANA (quietly) I guess we know who you’re fucking. I can’t believe it! Priscilla hugs her. NONE OF THE OTHER dancers wears a tutu for rehearsal. LISA (whispering) Thanks. Lisa is appalled. the matronly wardrobe woman.. DIANA That was quite a performance you put on at the funeral. PRISCILLA Oh my God. Doris deftly fastens the hooks and Lisa steps back from her.I’m so happy for you. DORIS. DORIS It’s just the practice tutu. Other girls do too... DORIS Now you’re a princess.DAY Lisa and the other girls come in..it’s like a coronation..

nix Int n er al .. a piano and space in the middle of the room... LISA How many people am I sharing this with? DORIS Nobody right now. To Lisa’s dismay... but she turns her cheek to his lips... two closets.it’s all yours.... Lisa almost seems ashamed as she’s led in by Doris. Doris leaves. PRINCIPLE DRESSING ROOM ... DORIS Sweetie. LISA I appreciate this chance so much. ALEX Congratulations.. We can see the hard feelings on the corps faces as soon as Lisa passes them. Alex.. two dressing mirrors. INT. even Priscilla starts WHISPERING about her with another girl. Doris appears at the door. but compared to where we just were it’s vast. Lisa looks in the mirror as Alex comes into the room.. staring at Lisa.. a private bathroom. There are two couches.I’ll always be grateful. The room isn’t gigantic. There is ad lib gushing and Lisa reacts with great humility. He is irked as she steps away. embarrassed. DORIS We’ll fit you for your costumes later on.you’re just about Veronica’s size.come with me.you’re not in the corps anymore. Lisa is amazed at the room. There is a light knock on the open door.DAY The light is flicked on....19. Lisa looks away. oe Ph Lisa is alone with Alex and he draws closer. Alex goes to kiss her. who carries Lisa’s bag.

. Alex follows her as the dancer playing THE PRINCE lifts her and does a carry.her attitude is overtly sexual and her dances are more technically demanding.REHEARSAL ..if you don’t land the jump properly. you’re not waving spaghetti.. Lisa... He stares at her and sees he’s not getting anywhere personally with her..... STAGE . ALEX Stop. They go further back.. oe Ph nix Int n er al ..20.. ALEX Let’s hope so. I just hope you’re up to the Black Swan-... He leaves the room and Lisa is relieved. Lisa keeps working. ALEX Stop.I guarantee. ALEX Stop. but she remains frozen. It’s very frustrating for the corps and a little embarrassing for Lisa.... it’ll be a challenge. He waits a beat..DAY Lisa is put through her paces by Alex who keeps STOPPING everyone to correct her. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble mastering it.. He nods and the piano player continues the music. LISA I’m always up for hard work.lower your head as you go on pointe..fluid but controlled on the arm movements. He nods and the piano player continues the music. wondering if now she’ll come to his arms. ALEX The role of the White Swan is very innocent. INT. There’s not much time for you to learn both.. doesn’t indulge in bitterness or complaint. the other swans aren’t going to be able to cross.

Alex keeps talking... Lisa is jolted by the news. nix Int n er al .DAY Doris helps Lisa on with the costume.... If you can’t make the Prince fall in love with you. Lisa sees Simon. (beat as she works) You hear they arrested Simon Watson? Lisa is very confused.. From the POV of the carry.21.that looks good. MET COSTUME ROOM . She does the hooks along the side. the spell will never be broken.. checking seams and the fit across the stomach and backside. backstage.... The white feathers shimmer and Lisa admires them in the three way mirror. LISA No... ALEX The fate of your fellow swans is in your hands..this is a sacrifice you have to make.but. DORIS Nice...I thought she jumped off the roof? DORIS You didn’t hear? before she fell. but Lisa doesn’t look like she’s listening. INT.... She was stabbed oe Ph LISA Why? DORIS Turns out he had pictures of Veronica in his locker downstairs. ALEX It doesn’t matter whether or not you even want the Prince-.they think he killed her. being led out in handcuffs by the Detective and two UNIFORMED COPS.good.

There are echoes all around her-. oe Ph nix Int n er al LISA Is nearly in a panic as she emerges from beneath the footbridge and. up. but sees nothing but shadows. she’s almost HIT BY A HORSE AND CARRIAGE. admiring the costume) It fits you like it was made for you. sweetie.NIGHT Lisa hurries to the subway entrance. dim cast-iron lampposts light her way. She can hear breathing and turns quickly. UNDER AN OVERPASS Lisa rushes into nearly complete darkness.DAY The hole Lisa walks briskly along a deserted path. looking over her shoulder but sees nothing. A lamppost flickers and goes out as she goes over a footbridge. Lisa stops. EXT.. She backs up just in time to avoid being hit. CENTRAL PARK . She remains still for a moment. (standing back. and when she does.. EXT. she hears FOOTSTEPS behind her that also stop.22. She hurries along the path.she’s sure she can hear the footsteps. She hurries away. on the more brightly lit bridle path. DORIS They’re searching his apartment for the knife right now. she can’t believe what she sees. STREET . looks dark and foreboding. but hesitates. When she looks .. The leaves rustle and there are creepy sounds from the shadowy woods. She takes off in a half run.

INT. She hurries to the exit. but otherwise is Lisa’s DOUBLE. LISA Where’s the trash from this morning? MOTHER I put it in the chute. There’s nothing in it but paper towels. MOTHER What’s the matter? The elevator opens and Lisa gets in before she can give an explanation.CONTINUOUS Lisa hurries out. She stops at a garbage chute and looks inside. confused. looking around. carries differently. She is dressed differently.V. INT. KITCHEN . The Double glances right at Lisa just before the back of the carriage passes out of view. She sees a COP by the exit to the park and is relieved. and looks on in wonder as Lisa pulls the trash can from under the sink and dumps it on the floor. LISA She takes a few steps toward the carriage. concerned. Mother is at the stove cooking.NIGHT Lisa rushes into the apartment. leaving the door open. oe Ph nix Int n er al . tossing down her coat and goes straight to the kitchen. Mother comes to the door. LISA’S P. APARTMENT HALLWAY .O. but it is quickly away! She stands. She goes to the elevator and rings for it. Smiling lap and exactly herself in the back of the carriage with a blanket across her her hands inside a fur muff is a woman who looks like her. a filter and coffee grounds.23.

as the piano player plays and Lisa goes through complex and strenuous movements. INT. it’s obvious that Lisa isn’t doing well. come on! Lisa goes into a wild spin that brings her behind the Prince and her hands snake over him. she sees. ALEX You missed a turn. INT. the box.. STAGE . Lisa. We hear loud rustling and move around pillars as if we’re sneaking up on someone... draw him in. We finally see Lisa tearing open black bags of trash-.24. old building. REHEARSAL ROOM .DAY The third act is being rehearsed. The boiler is loud and active. always remaining a perfect picture of grace. As she starts her next spin. waiting for her to fuck up. She stands and pulls the box out of the envelope. empty box drop on the heap. but it’s empty! Lisa stands there. He watches more and is frustrated. INT. her Double! oe Ph She lets the nix Int n er al . and Lisa has on the practice tutu. There are twists and turns and patches of darkness everywhere. doing the same motions behind her. creepy sub-basement in a large..come on. She dances madly around the Prince trying to seduce him as the piano player plays. She ignores the other girls including Diana.. There are no costumes.arch.you’re too stiff. Lisa.DAY She opens Lisa is at the front of the room with Christine. ALEX You’re seducing him. in the otherwise empty audience. Lisa pulls open a bag and is relieved to see the padded envelope addressed to her.NIGHT A large... perplexed and dismayed.the stuff that comes down the chute is sorted and bagged by a Super.... eyes always on her.. BUILDING BASEMENT TRASH SORTING AREA .

did you eat today? nix Int n er al . all the way by bus.. looking concerned-.are you okay?.. One more spin and Lisa collapses in a faint. We hear footsteps. then the double. and catches sight of the Double again.25. Alex is next to him. Christine is there.. Lisa spins. a short gay man in his forties is crouched over her.) Lisa. and a few of the girls. TRAINER (O.perhaps a touch guilty for driving her so hard.. comes into view.CONTINUOUS Lisa’s eyes flutter open. BETH CIARRA... BETH Is she all right? Lisa looks at Beth and her eyes widen as if she’s imagining her. The TRAINER.C. THE STAGE . BETH (smiling) I hate flying. oe Ph LISA What happened? TRAINER You fainted. this is Beth Ciarra. then voices and whispers are heard. Some coats and bags have been put behind her head. INT... CUT TO BLACK. Lisa nods and sits up... DARKNESS Silence. her eyes are locked on Beth. She just got in.. looking very concerned. She was with a company in San Francisco. she’s taking your place in the corps. ALEX Lisa.

oe Ph LISA Not that-. calming herself down... ALEX If you’re okay. She gets to her feet and he lends a hand to help her. TRAINER (shrugging) I guess I could see it..he has his type. He obviously doesn’t think so. The trainer gives Lisa some water. What is she doing here-. Alex walks off with Beth.. Priscilla comes over..her. Lisa looks a little panicked.. Lisa notices and bows to the pressure.here.. The other dancers look at Lisa like she’s a little nuts. take a sip. nix Int n er al .she looks just like me! PRISCILLA You know Alex.. LISA You don’t think she sort of looks like me? Seriously. I’d like to show Beth around. his arm around her waist. LISA Doesn’t she? TRAINER You just got light headed-- PRISCILLA (whispering) What about her? LISA She looks like me. LISA What’s going on? The Trainer cranes his neck to see Beth who is far off now with Alex... TRAINER She’ll be fine..26..

You’re not in the corps anymore. but don’t worry. grabs her practice tutu and heads out of the dressing room. LINCOLN CENTER ..LATER Lisa sits at her dressing table.CONTINUOUS A SIGN-PASTER is altering the row of stand alone posters. I didn’t get a chance to eat. oe Ph nix Int n er al . LISA I appreciate your concern. get plenty of rest. You’ve got to take care of yourself. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE . ALEX How are you feeling? LISA Better. then walking off. as several mirrors reflect her image at once. The whole production hinges on you now.. Only a strip reading “LISA ALBIN” is pasted over the name “VERONICA FIELD. looking at the row of signs. She sees Beth ahead. I’m ready to go back out. She eats some rice cakes.27.” Beyond the sign Lisa sees Beth heading down into the Subway. She gets up. ALEX The next couple of weeks are going to be hell. INT. brushing her hair. EXT. Swan Lake with the image of the silhouetted ballerina remains. EXT. Lisa follows. ALEX Let’s hope not. I started early. PRINCIPAL DRESSING ROOM . A light knock and Alex enters. make sure you eat. It won’t happen again.NIGHT The Plaza area is nearly empty as Lisa walks out.

and it sends scraps of paper and debris swirling around Lisa’s feet.CONTINUOUS The train lurches forward and Lisa finds herself in a completely empty car.” We hear Lisa rattle the bars. THE CARD READER Lisa’s hand is frantically jamming the card. only the high aluminumbarred turnstiles. She swipes again: “Try again at this turnstile. First there is a rush of wind. INT. THE CARD READER Flashes “try again. SUBWAY STATION . Lisa knows what this means.TRAVELLING . Her footsteps are the only sound.28. and she becomes more frantic. In a rounded security mirror. Lisa reaches the door and tries it. lights “FARE PAID. There is no token booth. oe Ph nix Int n er Finally it al . Lisa can hear footsteps receding down what looks like an empty platform.” LISA Pushes through the turnstile. finally finding her card as we hear the ROAR of the TRAIN pulling in the station. Lisa searches for her Metrocard.” LISA Looks frustrated as she rattles the bars to no avail. SUBWAY TRAIN . but they don’t move. She moves forward toward the front of the car as the lights flicker on and off. but it’s locked. runs for the train and slips through the door just as it’s closing! INT. The train has pulled into the station and is a few feet in front of her as the doors BING and open.CONTINUOUS Lisa hurries down the stairs. Lisa sees Beth nonchalantly enter a car at the front of the train.

The Doorman is reading the newspaper at his desk. APARTMENT LOBBY . floor after floor. Beth. HALLWAY OUTSIDE OF LISA’S APARTMENT Beth steps off the elevator. but Lisa can’t quite see who it is in the distorted mirrored tiles inside the car. Lisa has to hurry up the platform as the train lurches forward and pulls out of the station with a SQUEAL. INT. She catches her breath.A LITTLE LATER Lisa is getting a workout as she runs up the empty stairway. EXT. INT.NIGHT Lisa comes to the door of the car and looks up the platform. Someone’s in the elevator. INT. nix Int n er al . ANOTHER SUBWAY STATION . her heels echoing loudly.NIGHT . INT. She spots Beth.MOMENTS LATER Lisa comes around and stops. STREET . walking past the incinerator chute toward Lisa’s door. just as she’s turning a corner.CONTINUOUS Lisa comes up out of the subway entrance and the street looks deserted. LISA Did a woman who looks like me just go past? He looks puzzled. trying to sort things out in her head-.NIGHT Lisa reaches the elevator door just as it closes. startled. EXT. and Lisa steps off herself.29. She sees Beth get off the train. several cars ahead is quickly out the exit. AROUND THE CORNER . STAIRWELL .she’s right in front of HER OWN APARTMENT BUILDING! Stunned she hurries inside. oe Ph Frustrated. she runs to the stairs.

oe Ph nix Int n er al . turns and heads for the elevator. We hear the lock being thrown from within. LISA There wasn’t a posting. right? LISA What are you doing here? Beth can sense the coldness from Lisa and becomes nervous. out on the table.. no one put up a posting. BETH No. BETH (laughing) Oh. then shakes her head. Lisa. Suddenly the stairwell door opens. Beth searches her pockets and bag... LISA There’s nothing available. LIVING ROOM . and Lisa cuts Beth off before she reaches the door.a large rectangular dust outline in its place. Lisa lets herself in with her keys and shuts the door on her. You scared me. I tore off a slip.hi.NIGHT The place is dark.30.. She stops when she sees a large MIRROR is missing from the wall-. I. Lisa leans against the door. Lisa walks into the living room. startling her. Beth waits for a moment. catching her breath. BETH I saw a posting about a room for rent. She listens at the door until she hears the elevator open and close. KITCHEN Lisa turns on the light... INT. A prepared meal of stew and carrots is covered in plastic.

I called the ballet and asked them to post a room for rent. but when she gets to the hall. LARGE BEDROOM . Lisa is a little uncomfortable. Lisa approaches cautiously. dress. LISA What’s going on? MOTHER Since you’re sleeping in here now.they’re so awful. MOTHER What should I do with this? nix Int n er Mother holds up the skimpy al . she stops. Lisa heads for the door.CONTINUOUS Mother is unpacking Lisa’s clothes. MOTHER Oh. Lisa goes to the closet and touches Veronica’s dress that she admired earlier. I thought I’d move your things in here.. She scrapes it into the trash. but hesitates. Mother holds up a skimpy black cocktail dress. LISA I hate those things. MOTHER You can take Veronica’s clothes if you want them.. The meal looks very unappetizing. then starts packing Lisa’s old clothes into two small suitcases. LIVING ROOM Lisa walks out.31. INT. The light is on in Veronica’s room. Lisa takes off the plastic. by the way. Mother thinks about it. oe Ph LISA Throw it away.

Lisa steps out into the hall. SMALL SPARSE BEDROOM . MOTHER I’ll be right back. Lisa feels guilty. then turns. Lisa sighs and heads into her old room. but tries to hide it. her alarm growing. She looks down the hall-. She opens the box top. Lisa hesitates for a moment.. unsure if it’s a joke. pulls out the long narrow box and shakes it-. She steps closer. and looks beaten up. She checks the closet. MATCH CUT TO: There is the knife! oe Ph LISA Mother? nix Int n er al . Lisa is about to shut off the light and leave. All her stuff is gone.it’s completely empty. She tears it open.it’s completely dark and creepy. It’s been stapled shut. She ducks back into the room and goes to the package. when she sees a pile of mail on the otherwise empty dresser. I’m really scraping by this month without Veronica’s rent. ON TOP OF THE PILE is the bubble wrap package.32. smiling at Lisa.there’s something inside. We hear the front door open and close in the distance.there is some weight to it.CONTINUOUS Lisa walks in. Mother zips up the suitcases and walks out of the room. MOTHER If you know anyone. She lifts it and is upset-. but otherwise the same. LISA’S EYES Widen in confusion. INT..

. revealing Christine in the middle of a large class with the soloists and some corps members.. He watches more. and across the hall in the larger room. He watches more.33.. Lisa finds a dumpster filled with building debris. then carries it off. ALEX You’ll do anything you want to get what you want.make me feel that! oe Ph nix Int n er al ... but I’m not feeling the Black Swan. double doors are opening. then the newspaper is shoved in on top of it. Lisa is dancing well. the bubble wrap envelope is SHOVED deep down. She FLINGS the knife in the box out into the middle of the dumpster. and hears the knife RATTLE as it falls deep into the tangle of debris. She looks at her address on the envelope.an imposter who’s full of lust and comfortable with your body. getting close to her and circling her as she continues to dance. ALEX You’ve got the moves. but a piece seems to be missing. The doors are open. open. We see Lisa glance around as she walks away from the trash can. ALEX You’re a liar. SMALLER REHEARSAL ROOM Lisa is working with Alex.NIGHT Lisa is running through a maze of scaffolding at a construction site. EXT. alone. A CITY TRASH CAN ....A LITTLE LATER A newspaper is lifted out. STREET . She watches the box bounce. There are no people or cars in sight.. Pulling back we see she is clutching the package. INT.

Lisa tosses the towel aside. but simultaneously feels threatened. and Lisa. (beat) That will come. ALEX Okay. but he is getting frustrated with her. ALEX I’m going to send Christine into work with you on the footwork. distracted as they both watch Beth dance.. He crosses the hall. It’s better. Beth laughs congenially and tries it again Alex’s way-. Alex goes in and gives Beth a note. Lisa is attracted. Lisa is taken with it and tries to imitate a hand motion as Beth does it across the hall.. ALEX (distracted) Yeah. Christine shuts the door to avoid the distraction of Alex gushing over Beth.. We see him stop and talk to Beth. Dancers not in the second act. In the other room.. stop. There’s something extremely fluid about the way Beth is moving. oe Ph nix Int n er al .stop. But there’s another part of you that I think you’re going to have to get in touch with if you’re going to dance this part. She tries to be more seductive in her hand movements...perfect! He claps encouragement. such as Beth. Lisa dries off with a towel as Christine walks over. CHRISTINE Alex says to start on number nineteen. INT.. is perfect. in her practice tutu...DAY They are running through the second act.. sit on the floor downstage watching-.. Alex notices Beth go into a sultry spin.and they all seem very impressed.34. LISA I feel like I’m getting it.. STAGE .

potential tragedy: On a carry. LISA I’m fine.. BETH Just stay there. Even Alex. The Trainer is ready to tend to her..don’t try to get up. Lisa hops around in place and does a turn. There is a pause. through gritted teeth. Lisa rolls over and clutches her knee! over her. Lisa looks at Beth-.she has a look of concern.. more so than the other girls. There is almost disappointment from several of the girls as Lisa gets up. nix Int n er al . oe Ph LISA I’m okay. Lisa nods her head that she doesn’t blame him.. and Diana especially watches with anticipation.35. the Prince stumbles and drops Lisa! hard! She falls The Piano Player stops abruptly and a collective gasp goes up from the entire company! Christine is very upset.. as Lisa walks around and catches her breath.. and Lisa doesn’t buy it..... that the knee hurts. and he backs away.let’s try it from the lift. but as Lisa dances she hides the fact.. And then. but Lisa waves him back.. Every accident is an opportunity. Someone rushes off and comes back with the trainer. The Prince leans THE PRINCE I don’t know what happened. forcing a smile for everyone to see. They go back into it..I just slipped.. who wanders around the performance has to nod in approval at the work Lisa is doing. ALEX Okay.

PRISCILLA God-. TRAINER It could have been a whole lot worse... so it seems even more intimate.I’d stay off of it for a day or two. she stops. Beth and the Prince are having a very private conversation. She shrugs at Trainer-.. LISA I don’t feel lucky. nearly behind some scenery..36.. Ahead of her.DAY The Trainer is icing Lisa’s knee and feeling it carefully.. Lisa passes her and as she reaches the edge of the stage. TRAINER I think you’re really lucky. al . INT.. things like that have ended more than one career. Lisa takes off the ice bag and stands on it. oe Ph TRAINER Kidding. Beth is a person who does a lot of touching while she talks.there’s no way she can stay off of it. did you? LISA Of course not. LISA I guess things like that happened. INT..LATER Lisa is walking toward the stage. TRAINER ROOM . nix Int n er Priscilla sees her.. even since I’ve been here. TRAINER (kidding) You didn’t piss off Brad. BACKSTAGE .you’re walking? LISA I’m fine.

. CORPS DRESSING ROOM .. INT.it turns out there was a posting.37. Alex calls Beth aside and begins explaining a ballet move to her. LISA (accusatorially) What were you and Beth talking about? THE PRINCE What do you care? LISA Were you talking about me? He’s frustrated but guilty and defensive. Lisa takes the opportunity to stalk over to Brad. He walks off in a snit. She’s no longer one of them.LATER The girls are laughing and gossiping as they change. nix Int n er al Lisa nods . oe Ph THE PRINCE If you really want to know. Lisa exhales guiltily.. LISA I just wanted to apologize for last night-. but the mood sours when they realize Lisa is standing in the doorway. wide-eyed.. she was ripping me a new one for dropping you. HALLWAY . Lisa glances over at Beth who practices a turn-. for her to come out of the room.CONTINUOUS Beth walks out to Lisa.. the room was for rent.it’s a move not really satisfying Alex and he shakes his head. the Prince. LISA Beth? Beth looks up.I feel bad enough without your friends giving me shit. the only one pleased to see Lisa.

Beth smiles and heads back into the dressing room. She decides to go for it-. and getting upset. She takes it out and holds it against herself.. Really. then walks away. thinks a moment. I don’t know where anything is. From the way she keeps looking at a clock through the restaurant window. ELEGANT RESTAURANT .. INT. The neckline is daring.she starts to change into the dress.NIGHT Lisa is checking her appearance in the mirror. I could really use a friend. BETH Oh. happy.. and he’s laughing and eyeing her. Lisa is just leaving when a cab pulls up--It’s Beth.38. BETH It didn’t bother me. BETH Take me out to dinner. she flirts mercilessly with the CABBIE as she pays. and we’ll call it even. nix Lisa Int n er al . I’m new in town. oe Ph Okay.. LARGE BEDROOM . Lisa is uncomfortable as THREE PASSING STOCK-BROKER-TYPE MEN whisper lasciviously amongst themselves about her. Lisa smiles. Lisa still looks guilty.NIGHT Lisa is waiting. She holds her coat closed and pretends not to notice them. LISA Sure. EXT. Lisa is surprised. She goes to the closet and touches Veronica’s dress she’d admired. Beth is in no hurry to get out either. it’s obvious Lisa has been waiting awhile. but it is very nice. not satisfied. LISA Sorry I was so rude. BETH Seriously.

no table cloths.Let’s go to that Chinese place? Lisa looks over and sees a Chinese place that has a bit of a hole-in-the-wall feel about it.NIGHT (LATER) It is a simple place.. BETH It seems a little stuffy-. The windows are steamed up. my God. No. INT.. Beth has so much food from the Dim Sum menu and is trying everything. oe Ph nix Int n er It’ll be al . Lisa is a little uncomfortable. and she doesn’t quite know how to touch her back. BETH Oh. and there is yelling in Chinese inside. CHINESE RESTAURANT . giving her a kiss on the cheek.. LISA You sure? The fish in Jerome’s is really nice-Dim sum! fun. (nodding to the restaurant) You’ll like this place. The dress she’s wearing looks conspicuously like the dress Lisa had mother throw away! Beth gets out and hugs Lisa.39. Again Lisa is off guard. And when Beth finally steps out of the cab. BETH We’ll pig out! Beth hurries toward the Chinese place. The customers look much shabbier. it’s nice. her coat is open. paper napkins. It’s loud and there are a number of tables with one or two GUYS who keep eyeing the dancers. just to see her enjoy them. but plenty of food and activity. I lost track of the time! I hope you haven’t been waiting here long? You should have just left. It makes the stream of Chinese WAIT PEOPLE like her and bring her extra things. LISA I just got here myself. with very basic tables and chairs.

but her mouth is very full. BETH (tsking) Open.open. and in San Francisco.. I was packed and on a bus. let me tell you. Lisa pushes things away.this is great. BETH You’ve never tried this? LISA It’s fried... that can be a search. (leaning in whispering) And you want to know the best thing about Chinese Restaurants? Look around. Lisa finally opens wider and Beth manages to get it in. and eats something that looks like it’s just rice with bean sprouts. BETH I can’t believe you don’t eat here all the time-. nix Int n er al . Lisa laughs and turns her head. SMASH CUT TO: oe Ph BETH You can’t have a little princess bite.... take the whole thing. likes the way it tastes. Beth holds out a fried dumpling with chopstick. washing them down with glass after glass of cheap wine from a carafe. Straight guys.. Lisa does. Beth stuffs her mouth with a variety of things.40. but Beth keeps the dumpling in front of her until Lisa takes a bite. Lisa BETH There are always single guys in Chinese places. too. LISA What made you come to New York? BETH As soon as I heard about Veronica Field.


INT. BETH’S APARTMENT - DAY Beth pushes clothes into her suitcase. She ZIPS it shut. SMASH CUT TO: INT. GREYHOUND - TRAVELLING - DAY Beth is pressed against the window, excited about the scenery and the adventure. A SLEAZY man moves along the aisle, and Beth gives him an encouraging look. The man sits next to her.

INT. CHINESE RESTAURANT - AS BEFORE BETH Yeah, there’s more competition here, but there are also more productions and a longer season. LISA You came because of Veronica?

Lisa is taken with Beth’s boldness. Beth’s dishes.

Lisa blushes. BETH I’ve seen the way he looks at you.

oe Ph

BETH (V.O.) San Francisco was great, but I was going to be stuck in the corps forever.... SMASH CUT TO:

BETH I knew there’d be an opening. I was hoping for a soloist spot, but that’ll come...

BETH Try this one...it melts in your mouth... (beat) Are you fucking Alex?



n er

Lisa tries some of


LISA We have a working relationship-- I wouldn’t want to damage that. BETH Really? (popping food in her mouth) I hear he takes a turn with all his principals. LISA I assure you that’s not true. BETH I’d fuck him just to be safe. Always satisfy the artistic director, in every sense of the word.

Lisa laughs and shakes her head in disbelief. LISA You’re kidding, right? BETH We all do whatever we can to get to the top. Of course, ambition isn’t everything, timing and talent help-look at that chick in your company, Diana. She fucked him, and she still didn’t get Odette. Beth laughs, almost snorting, and still eating. BETH I’m just kidding...I don’t know. That’s what I heard....

Beth thrusts a piece of sauce drenched chicken toward Lisa with her chopsticks.

oe Ph

LISA Well, trust me-- I’m just not the ambitious type, it’s all about dancing for me. I was just as happy in the corps as I am being a principal. BETH You can say that now, because you’re on top-- you don’t need to “want it,” you “have it.”



n er



BETH General Cho was a hell of a cook, you got to taste this.... Lisa hesitates then takes the food off of Beth’s chopstick. Her mouth looks sensual as it closes around the food and Beth slides the chopsticks over Lisa’s lips. BETH Mmmm...thata girl. EXT. WELL LIT STREET - NIGHT Lisa walks Beth back to her hotel.

Lisa thinks about it.


It is a rundown transient establishment with questionable PEOPLE inside. There is a COP CAR PARKED out front.

Beth smiles and enters the hotel. follows her inside.

oe Ph
LISA I got to admit. dancing Odile.

I’m worried about

BETH The Black Swan is so much easier than the white. You just have to let it come out of you....you’ll be great if you can loosen up...

BETH I know you have a sensual side, just let us see it...

BETH Well...this is it.... LISA You’re staying here?

BETH It’s okay. Look, thanks so much for dinner. I really had a lot of fun...See you tomorrow. Lisa feels awkward, then



n er


off to the side. LISA You know what? This is silly. BETH Beth gets in the elevator.44.. BETH Is she your mother? LISA She’s someone’s mother. The DESK CLERK is oblivious. LISA’S APARTMENT . INT. INT. LISA She’s probably asleep-BETH Maybe I should just come back tomorrow-- oe Ph Really? LISA Make it two.his ear is bleeding. nix Int n er al . moderating a dispute between a middle-aged married COUPLE-. and behind bullet proof glass.I’ll be back in five minutes.. but she’s not mine. The elevator door closes. Lisa comes in WHISPERING with Beth.CONTINUOUS Two COPS are inside. LISA As long as you can pay.NIGHT The place is dark except for the light on in the kitchen. BETH This is great-. Beth is waiting at the elevator. and is surprised when Lisa comes up behind her. Mother’ll be happy. Go get your stuff and come home with me. SKETCHY HOTEL LOBBY .

Mother’s room. my God. LISA It’s fine. INT. THE NOTE READS: nice.yours is next door. Living room.. INT. Lisa motions for her to follow. She’s A girl named Beth is taking the room. This is the bathroom. Let’s have a drink to celebrate! oe Ph Wow. Lisa. We should recognize them as being at least similar to the one’s that Mother threw away. SMALL SPARSE BEDROOM . Lisa slips the note under the door. BETH This is fantastic. we can tell (and so can Lisa) that she’s not as happy with this room.. (beat) Compared to that hotel. BETH Sorry. Lisa steps in.CONTINUOUS Lisa enters. LISA It’s okay.. isn’t it? BETH It’s fine.. Beth wanders down the hall.CONTINUOUS The light is on. smiling.. kitchen’s in there. Beth puts her bags on the bed. Beth puts her bags on the bed. Lisa jots down a note.. Beth covers her mouth. LARGE BEDROOM . LISA (awkwardly) Actually. embarrassed. I’ll leave her a note so she doesn’t freak if she sees you. nix Int n er al . you’re saving my life. Beth enters and though she smiles.45.

.let me see it again..... LISA Doesn’t it? Maybe someday I’ll have a company.ba.. oe Ph BETH Just before the dive in the fourth act? LISA Uh-huh.ba. LISA See.. Lisa has the furniture moved back and is demonstrating series of ballet moves for Beth. amused. We hear glass rattling and she takes out FOUR MINI LIQUOR BOTTLES.. But I think it should be more like what Balanchine had... BETH Oh.HOURS LATER The lights are off except for what’s on in the kitchen.....ba. but with a flourish at the end so.... God. She zips open her bag and reaches in.. nix Int n er al ... that’s brilliant. who is watching with rapt attention.. LISA I don’t keep anything in the apartment. LIVING ROOM . There are more in the bag.. that looks so much better.ba..ba.ba.ba.. She demonstrates.. INT. he has. There is a row of empty mini bottles on a table. Beth smiles. BETH But I love the little bottles! Lisa laughs...... BETH God..46..... BETH I may not like flying.ba. Lisa and Beth are getting along great..

Beth kisses Lisa again on the cheek.CONTINUOUS The door is open just a crack and the girls don’t notice her. Her expression-. INT. nix Int n er al .47. Lisa goes on demonstrating. oe Ph BETH We look so much alike. Lisa feels the tingle and is a little alarmed at her feelings.I’ll let you get your rest.is impossible to read. but this time she lingers.... (beat) Good night.we could be sisters. She gives Lisa a quick kiss on the cheek.LATER Beth walks Lisa to her room. LISA That is exactly what I was telling people and they couldn’t see it! BETH You’re kidding?! No. Lisa is surprised.. HALLWAY .thanks again.. Beth laughs a little. Mother watches the spinning that is taking place in the living room. BETH Well. she makes a small sound of satisfaction. LISA I thought so right away. When Beth finally steps back. They look at each other.pleased or annoyed-. MOTHER’S DOORWAY . BETH You know what the best thing is? LISA What? Maybe it’s the buzz.. but Lisa is overjoyed. INT...

She opens her door again. off and she’s on the toilet peeing. Beth smiles. Beth slowly looks up and locks eyes with Lisa.MOMENTS LATER Lisa moves as quietly as she can down the hall. INT. then some laughter. In the partial view. seemingly conspiratorial VOICES. LIVING ROOM . something catches her eye. we see Beth is at the table. IN THE MIRROR is the reflection of Beth. lighter than air.she saw Lisa watching her. looking with curiosity for a view into the kitchen. INT. LISA (whispering) Good night. LARGE BEDROOM . the room. Down the hall.MORNING Lisa is asleep in bed. When Beth smiles slightly there’s no mistake-. Lisa is very surprised at how well the two are getting along.48. INT. Int CUT TO: n er al . in Lisa’s spot. oe Ph nix Tension holds her eyes glued. as morning light pours down on her. LARGE BEDROOM . She takes off her clothes and pulls on the somewhat short nightie. wolfing down food and talking quietly to Mother. Lisa does not look away. We hear quiet. She closes her door over to get to her nightgown which is on a hook on the back of the door. the bathroom light is on. Her dress is almost Lisa goes into IN THE MIRROR. turns and walks to the bathroom. makes a little pirouette and turns off her light. Lisa’s eyes flutter open and she hears these voices. but before she heads into bed.CONTINUOUS Lisa.

gives up and approaches the kitchen. She’s going to fit in here perfectly. as if there’s a private joke between them. STREET . LISA Just some yogurt.she’s there with a friend! oe Ph MOTHER Yes. Beth smiles at Lisa and Lisa laughs a little. but can’t make out a word.CONTINUOUS Finally she Beth is excited as Lisa comes to the doorway. Lisa is a little surprised to see the food piled on Lisa’s plate.. too? Mother gives Beth a pat on the shoulder as she goes to the refrigerator to get out some yogurt. INT. we met. BETH There she is. thanks.. MOTHER Beth is a fine girl.49. MOTHER Eggs for you. and the amount that’s been eaten so far. Lisa keeps listening. nix Int n er al .MORNING Lisa and Beth head up the tunnel. Morning roommate! LISA So you two met? Beth laughs and it makes Mother smile. EXT.MORNING Lisa and Beth have the giggles as they walk together toward the Metropolitan. Now Lisa doesn’t care that the Guard seems to be ignoring her. UNDERGROUND GARAGE/BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE . KITCHEN . chatting and whispering. INT.

you didn’t... I think. LISA No. They are at the awkward spot where they have to separate. LISA’S DRESSING ROOM . There are other dancers passing by. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE ..see ya. nix Int n er al . oe Ph LISA Yeah. She is startled as she catches a glimpse of movement in the mirror. over by some flats with some other GUYS.MORNING Lisa is getting ready.so. (beat) I just saw Simon backstage. Lisa goes in her direction by herself. Lisa calms down.. including Priscilla and some corps members.. but Lisa looks away. BETH Your dressing room’s that way.. then turns and gives a short gasp when she sees the Detective right behind her. INT. She is worried her information got him in trouble and he’ll hold it against her. Beth fits in perfectly and is accepted by them.CONTINUOUS Lisa and Beth walk through. Simon suddenly looks up at Lisa. a little left out as Beth joins the sorority of Corps women and laughs and giggles with them. Miss Albin. it’s fine. DETECTIVE We released him. DETECTIVE Didn’t mean to startle you. the creepy stagehand. INT. looking in a light up mirror on a stand in front of her.50. laughing. giving her a bitter smile. Lisa is surprised to see Simon. the opposite now of Lisa. as well as the light up make-up mirror attached to the table.

51. The police were called to his apartment to break up a domestic disturbance September 10th.DAY Alex is in a very bad mood as he goes over moves in the fourth act.there. DETECTIVE (studying her) You don’t sound sure...then again on the 20th. She does what he just demonstrated. DETECTIVE If you have a minute I was wondering if you could answer some questions about Alex Kardova’s relationship with Veronica Field? LISA Sure.I have to get ready.. DETECTIVE And that they argued frequently. ALEX That. SMALLER REHEARSAL ROOM ... shaken as she goes back to her makeup. oe Ph LISA No. Is there something you’re not telling me? (flustered) I’m sorry.. This is the same section of the ballet that Lisa showed off to Beth in the apartment. nix Int n er al She’s a little . Do you remember anything from this period? Arguments? Bruises? No. DETECTIVE Did you know they were sleeping together? She is surprised.. INT.. He smiles and nods and leaves the room.that. LISA I had no idea....

Beth is happy to see her. nix Int n er al . Amazingly. She walks out of the rehearsal room and sees Beth far ahead. drenched in sweat. He walks away. toweling off. we wouldn’t have to change it. ashamed. INT.52. Maybe the dancers should dance. She does it again. Lisa.I wouldn’t-She’s on the spot and he’s being snide. oe Ph LISA No.. ALEX Not fast enough.. goes through the movements again and again. BACKSTAGE . Beth is telling a little joke to Simon. ALEX (under his breath) I don’t have enough troubles without another fucking diva on my hands. Lisa charges up behind Beth and taps her shoulder to turn her around. who says something bawdy and flirtatious and the two share a laugh.. Do it again. ALEX No. If you could just work on the transitions. and leave the choreography to me.. then part. I don’t think so either. ALEX Do it again. She’s out of breath.LATER Lisa has just been worked to within an inch of her life. seething. She does it again. He cuts her off. do it again. ALEX (sarcastically) Maybe we need some different choreography here? Hmm? What do you think.

ready to leave. oe Ph Beth looks genuinely hurt and concerned. grows increasingly frustrated. I was only trying to help. until Lisa spots her in the mirror and stops.. Lisa walks away..it’s okay.EVENING Alone. but it’s obvious she isn’t really over it.. BETH Don’t stop. LISA No. He liked it-.. nix Int Let’s just forget n er al She .. She comes in the room and watches Lisa for a few moments.53. BETH Hey. LISA Why?! BETH I thought they were fantastic and you’d be too shy. Beth is walking by the room with her bag over her shoulder. LISA I’ll never get the Black Swan. how’d you do in there! (raising an eyebrow) I saw the door was closed. thinking. SMALLER REHEARSAL ROOM . you were doing great.he said he liked it! (seeing how upset Lisa is) I swear. INT. Lisa is going over the moves for the Black Swan. (beat) Do you want me to talk to him? She takes a deep breath.I’m sorry if I messed things up. about it. God.. LISA Did you tell Alex about the steps I showed you? BETH Yes.

closes the door a little. and it takes the sting off the earlier incident. LISA (laughing) You don’t have to. Beth puts down her bag. BETH Okay. BETH Maybe you just need a good night sleep. Lisa dances around Beth. Lisa is touched by the offer of help. but you don’t.. Beth’s touching becomes quite erotic and Lisa melts into it. You’re about to touch him. Ready to go? Lisa considers it. Lisa draws her hand just under her chin and Beth puts her cheek on it. They both laugh. I know it inside and out. BETH No. nix Int n er al . really. BETH Then I’m going to make it up to you for messing things up with Alex. moves closer..54. Let me take you through it. Beth takes Lisa’s hand and dances the Prince’s part. but tease him. I danced the role at the conservatory. as the Prince. Beth. BETH Get closer. and takes off her coat. oe Ph LISA Okay...let’s start from where you first see the prince... then shakes her head. LISA I’m going to keep working.

There is noise of a few CORPS MEMBERS laughing as they come down the hall. Beth presses gently up behind Lisa again. They are both nervous. Lisa puts her n er al . until finally. INT. Suddenly Lisa turns toward her and starts kissing her passionately.NIGHT Lisa and Beth cuddle in close together. but the pleasure is so overwhelming. and Beth hails a cab. The cab starts to drive.NIGHT Lisa and Beth walk past the signs advertising Lisa for Swan Lake. LISA Eighty-fifth and Columbus. oe Ph nix Int After a few moments. Lisa is surprised as Beth takes Lisa’s hand and puts it under her skirt. hand over Beth’s. Beth slips a hand into Lisa’s coat and starts unbuttoning her top. but is extremely nervous. and Beth kisses her over her shoulder passionately. Lisa dances her way back up against Beth. Beth kisses her lightly. They both get in. Beth looks more calm now. Lisa thinks for a second she catches the DRIVER’S eyes in the rearview mirror through the opening in the acrylic. her hand over Lisa’s breast. she throws all caution to the wind and goes back to kissing Beth passionately. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE . Lisa breathes heavily. As soon as they pass. when Lisa throws back her head. but her lips brush away when she continues dancing. The back of the cab is dark. They look into each other’s eyes. She looks at Lisa who is looking away. TAXI . They dance around some more. Lisa steps away from Beth just as the group passes by the slightly open door.55. Lisa moans lightly. With the scratches and stickers all over the acrylic barrier. EXT. they can barely see the driver at all.

56. She’s upset. On top of other mail sits the package! Lisa steps back aghast and a little angry. looking around to make sure they’re not seen. kissing.NIGHT We hear the key in the lock and heavy breathing on the other side. Lisa wakes up and is alone. says 9 a. She rushes toward the door but stops when she sees something on the table. it’s empty. LISA’S APARTMENT . and as it progresses. LISA Beth?! Lisa rushes to Beth’s room. In a moment the door is pushed open and Lisa and Beth. then heads down the hall.m. It’s the SAME bubble wrap pack that she tossed out separately in the trash can. INT. LARGE BEDROOM . Beth? LISA Mother? No one is there. oe Ph nix Int n er The bed is empty. LARGE BEDROOM . and the clock al . make their way inside.LATER Beth and Lisa make wild love to each other.MORNING Light floods the room and the alarm is screaming. They close the door. SMASH CUT TO: INT. and hurry. LISA (whispering) We can’t let Mother see us. INT. They press up against a flat mirror in the hall. it seems Lisa is the one becoming more aggressive. Lisa hurries and throws on clothes. and more in control.

Beth. She lifts the package and feels that it has the weight it would need to hold the knife. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE . slamming the door behind her. INT. is dancing the Black Swan. accompanied by the piano player. Beth was good enough to stand-in for you. Her POV is of the stage and she sees Beth dancing the Black Swan in HER grey practice tutu! Lisa stops in her tracks. Lisa watches Beth who is fantastic. then walks slowly toward the stage. then just rushes out of the apartment. I just didn’t-ALEX (firmly) I don’t want excuses. She looks around nervously. through the flats and ropes. in the grey practice tutu.DAY Lisa hurries in.DAY Alex is having the cast run through the third act. THE STAGE . and skips the dressing room. oe Ph ALEX It better not. ALEX (quietly) We had to start the run through on the third act. nix Int n er al . heading straight for the stage. but suddenly Alex is next to her. holding her arm lightly. there’s no telling what she’ll do. INT. Emotions raging inside her. LISA I’m sorry. She drops it back onto the table. LISA It won’t happen again. repulsed.57. BACKSTAGE Lisa rushes past the leering Simon. She immediately hears the piano player in the distance.

Lisa is so mesmerized with Beth. I should have woken you up when I left. even as praise is lavished on her. Lisa shakes her head and goes to head in. (beat) I could never replace you. Beth looks guilty. He walks away. BETH I was just standing in for you. She glances around at some of the other dancers who are watching. Beth is aghast. ALEX Okay.58. gush over her. Beth looks over and sees Lisa. Doris gives Beth words of encouragement as she helps unhook the grey rehearsal tutu. The dancers not dancing.. Several rush over to Beth and Alex steps over to the Prince and does some corrections on his moves with him. oe Ph nix Int n er al . Just before Lisa goes in her dressing room. I’m so sorry.. Beth finishes her big dance and Alex steps onto the stage. OUTSIDE DRESSING ROOM Lisa is walking toward her dressing room. Beth starts to walk apologetically toward Lisa.. I thought I set my alarm for six. she can hardly move.but is slowed by other impressed dancers who stop her to compliment. BETH What happened? LISA I over-slept. but Lisa turns and hurries off to her dressing room. Beth reaches her. Beth is rushing up the corridor-. clap. INT.. let’s stop there. Priscilla looks embarrassed for her.. You can ask anyone-.Alex forced me to. watching the staging carefully. BETH God.

we won’t. You’re Beth looks very hurt. ALEX (to the group) That’s all for today. ALEX Extension.. She is sweating. Beth comes over to Lisa with a towel. STAGE . Alex runs out of suggestions and Lisa finishes flawlessly. and on the verge of tears. INT. Even the more jealous dancers are having trouble with the way Alex is treating Lisa. Lisa enters the dressing room.DAY ..59.. Doris enters with the grey tutu and looks a little guilty as she helps Lisa on with it. she finds that extra effort. then takes it. down with the corps. Alex is not forthcoming with praise. stalking around her as she dances. Lisa looks at Beth-. Even though she was great at the end.. Beth nods and walks off. INT.. and Alex is pushing her.. even when it seems she’ll crack under the pressure. stooped over panting. Finally. To her credit.if you don’t feel it. sliding her hand sensually across her midriff. unrelenting. Every move has a correction... LISA This is my dressing room. tomorrow. She is flustered when there is a light knock.. but Lisa is too frustrated to let her off the hook.CONTINUOUS Lisa enters and changes her clothes.you’re turning the knee out. and Lisa feels guilty immediately.head up. BETH Want to get a cab? oe Ph nix Int n er Be on time Lisa thinks a moment al . DRESSING ROOM .Beth is certainly convincing..LATER Lisa is rehearsing the Black Swan role with the rest of the cast. She stops to look at herself in the mirror. after minutes of comments.

She creeps along. then goes out to the backstage area. She’s under a red exit light.. Beth looks guilty-. She’s sure she sees a shadow passing by ahead. DARK CORRIDOR .see you later.. Lisa nods. It’s locked.60.CONTINUOUS There are very few lights. a little frightened. hurrying to get out. Alone in the theater she spins on the stage like the tiny ballerina in the music box. She pushes a few times then bangs on it. changed into dry clothes. She turns and goes the other way. Lisa hurries to the door and tries it. LISA’S DRESSING ROOM . INT. ties the laces of his shoes.I’ve got to keep working.. finally finding the door. She opens the door to her dressing room and is surprised to see the hallway is DARK.like it’s her fault. INT.CONTINUOUS There is little light. seems to be lost in tangles of flats and ropes. but keeps dancing even as most of the stage lights go out around her.NIGHT (LATER) Lisa. Simon? LISA Are you still here?! oe Ph nix Int n er al . BETH Okay. BACKSTAGE . Lisa has caught her breath and starts going through moves even as everyone else is leaving. and Lisa.. LISA No. LISA Hello? There is some motion ahead and Lisa stops. and puts her dance things in her bag. INT.

Lisa turns suddenly.61. She’s horrified. then see Lisa’s shadow as she enters the room. INT. the doors are locked. We hear footsteps approaching. She backs away. but there’s nothing there. all over the wall. They have been desecrated with sexual images. Lisa is chilled. She takes a bunch of keys carefully from the rack. startling her. From the exit light she sees a sign pointing to a staircase with a very old sign that says “maintenance. She looks very relieved. Lisa feels around and finds a light switch on a LAMP on the tool bench. cut out and drawn on. then hears footsteps! She turns out the lights. upset.NIGHT It is dark except for a sliver of light coming from an exit sign in the hall. but drops the keys. and is reaching for keys when she stops suddenly. breathing heavily. LISA Simon. There are several PHOTOGRAPHS OF HER.” Lisa hurries down the stairs. She’s next to a light switch and turns it on. But instead of being less creeped out it’s worse-. LISA We see her feel around and something rattles to the ground.the new light reveals there are hundreds of IMAGES of her. then suddenly takes off running. DARK STAIRCASE . She turns slowly and we see what’s unnerved her. Lisa is next to a tool bench and a rack of keys. MAINTENANCE ROOM .CONTINUOUS The keys rattle as Lisa runs up the stairs. She trips on the stairs and nearly falls. oe Ph Simon? nix Int n er al .

but looks greatly relieved to see the building ahead.CONTINUOUS Lisa rushes out. She tries a key in the door.CONTINUOUS Lisa enters and is surprised to hear voices. HALLWAY OUTSIDE OF LISA’S . INT. and is near tears. She tries another. but hesitates. getting more desperate and panicked. her keys and quietly lets herself in. As she feels around for them. lowers her head. are talking quietly in the kitchen. both concerned and annoyed by her presence. She finally gets a key to fit in the lock. LARGE BEDROOM . INT. concerned.62. INT. He looks at her.NIGHT Lisa is still in a hurry. It won’t fit. INT. Lisa lets out a short yell! She’s face to face with the disturbing Security Guard. she hears the footsteps again! Lisa finally grabs the keys and runs up the stairs. She leaves the keys in the door. BACKSTAGE DOOR . CUT TO: EXT. and the door WHIPS OPEN from the other side. then another. She tries to calm herself so she can do the keys. Lisa approaches cautiously trying to eavesdrop but she can’t make out what they’re saying. LISA’S BUILDING .A LITTLE LATER Lisa comes off the elevator to the empty hall. She keeps looking over her shoulder. Beth steps into the doorway. She sighs relief. She’s going to enter the kitchen.A LITTLE LATER Lisa sits on the edge of her bed crying. and runs down the hall. LISA’S APARTMENT . and runs out of the building through the tunnel leading to the garage. She turns oe Ph nix Int n er She gets out al Mother and Beth .

Lisa backs away from the embrace.. will you? nix Int Get it out! n er al .. Beth tears open the stapled end. it’s okay. ”pictures” of me in Simon’s workshop. LISA Get that out of here! No! Beth goes over and sits next to her....63. Lisa continues crying.... BETH Hey.. Don’t! knife! LISA No! It’s a knife! It’s a oe Ph BETH What is it? BETH That’s terrible.. you had a hard day..I know.shhhh. LISA Just get rid of that.. comforting. She takes a step in and we see she’s innocently holding the package. Beth hesitates. Lisa sees the package and nearly freaks out.. BETH Someone sent you a present. BETH Are you okay? LISA Everything’s going crazy I find you dancing the Black Swan-BETH I told you-LISA Then I get locked in the theater and I find all of these.

calm you down. surprised. Beth sets the alarm and pulls the tab. puts them and the box back in the envelope and puts them in her trash can. BETH This is better. She walks around the bed and gets the clock. BETH (laughing) It’s not a knife. BETH Crazy fan?. Int n er It’ll help Lisa is al . There is NOT a knife inside-... LISA Do you have anymore of those little bottles? BETH It’s just a valium. Beth returns with a few little bottles. Lisa laughs a little. Beth smiles and leaves the room for a moment. what’s wrong with you? Beth is puzzled.. Lisa is stunned. oe Ph BETH Your hand’s shaking. BETH All you need is a good night’s rest. appreciating her care. Lisa takes the valium with the scotch. LISA I don’t know. but that’s followed by a small measure of relief..64.. nix There’s a valium in it..it’s a pair of old BALLET SLIPPERS. Lisa looks at Beth. Beth hands her the pill. and opens a scotch bottle for her. She holds out her hand. Lisa looks at the slippers. Here. But Beth slides the box out and it flops open on the bed.

and worm eaten. curled.65.. The tinkling of the music box can be heard far away.someone watching her. The room starts to spin. In the shadows there is movement-. the flower petals strewn throughout the aisles are black. and crunch when stepped upon. of the empty pews.. and the brass hinges and handles have been removed. CATHEDRAL . She has to upset to find herself in that ended up on Beth.. But Lisa has the courage of a dream. Beth takes Lisa’s shoes off and helps her get under the covers. Lisa is already woozy. Lisa’s footing and the background is hold on to the pews to move. A bell is tolling and the tinkling music is playing. oe Ph nix Int n er al . Lisa is in the middle of the empty Cathedral.just sleep. SMASH CUT TO: INT. BETH (far away sounding) Don’t worry about anything. The coffin is where it was on the altar. Lisa’s footfalls echo as she makes her way cautiously up the aisle. There are dozens of small EMPTY liquor bottles near the base of the coffin. and does not look panicked. Likewise. and she finishes the bottle. Lisa leans her head back against the pillow and closes her eyes. very old.. All the bouquets of flowers on and around the coffin when last we saw it are dead. There are even a few pornographic pictures of Lisa taped up to the pillars in the background. just the way she felt in the theatre. Lisa steps closer. the finish is gone. She is the cheap black dress she got rid of She sees her old bags sitting in one unsteady. dirty and falling apart. Inside. the dancer is in the WHITE SWAN COSTUME. There’s something about it very much like the empty THEATRE Lisa was trapped in.NIGHT The background spins and when it comes to an unsteady stop. but it is very. The lid is off. but it is dusty.

LARGE BEDROOM .EARLY MORNING The ALARM continues until Lisa turns and slaps it off.m. LISA Beth in the bathroom? Lisa thinks about this. LISA Where did she go? Lisa sits there a few more moments. Mother puts a half a grapefruit and some yogurt in front of Lisa.CONTINUOUS Lisa enters. oe Ph MOTHER She left about an hour ago. An ALARM starts to blare! INT. Lisa holds her head with a crashing headache. She heads toward the kitchen where she sees the light on and Mother fixing breakfast. Beth set it for the right time. HALLWAY . INT.it’s 6 a. INT. is dead in the coffin. a little uneasy. MOTHER (shrugging) She must have had something to do. herself.. Lisa. She grabs the clock and checks the time-.A LITTLE LATER Lisa walks past Beth’s room-.the bed is empty. KITCHEN . The person Lisa faces in the coffin makes her jaw tighten and her eyes widen in fear. nix Int n er al .66. Mother watches her carefully then smiles slightly. She looks at the empty place across from her as she sits. but has been slept in. then pushes the plate away and leaves the table. The room is still fairly dark as Lisa bolts up in bed.

Lisa would leave right then. She can see Alex is fucking someone on top of his desk. and. reflected in a mirror on a wall in the office. nearing orgasm.67. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE . but for one weird moment. She looks back at him a little annoyed. CORRIDOR OUTSIDE REHEARSAL ROOMS . but no Beth. sunny day. lights are on. crisp. The Guard is slow in buzzing her in and Lisa pulls the door in vain. sees no one. She crosses the hall to the larger rehearsal room. then turns them off. Beth’s leg warmers are there. Giving up she heads toward her dressing room then hears a sound from the other direction. Lisa still has a bad headache and she seems like she’s in a hurry. SMALLER REHEARSAL ROOM . INT. BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE . INT. but the nix Int She turns n er al .CONTINUOUS Lisa enters and looks around. CENTRAL PARK . without looking from his paper. the more the sounds can be clearly heard as soft moans. he finally lets her in.CONTINUOUS Lisa looks around but doesn’t see Beth anywhere. The closer she gets. on the lights. INT.MORNING Lisa reaches the door. Lisa turns and approaches cautiously.MORNING It is a beautiful. slamming away. She reaches Alex’s office. INT. EXT. and the door is open a crack.CONTINUOUS The light is on and Lisa enters. it looks like he’s fucking Mother! oe Ph LISA Beth? The place seems empty.

After her dance is over. She comes out and tries to settle down. looses sight of the participants. She looks like she’ll throw up. Lisa is at her spot. watching. INT. and looking at her in the mirror. the White Swan. catching her breath. looking at her.DAY Christina works out the dancers in repetitive movements. then turns and walks quickly off. INT.. Annoyed. She is looking over at Lisa. learns of the betrayal by the Prince. but we see it is for thirty VALIUM.DAY Lisa is being worked by Alex as they rehearse the beginning of Act Four.. and in recoiling. Beth is a little unsettled by this. STAGE .A LITTLE LATER We hear Lisa throwing up in her bathroom. Lisa is determined to do her best. then spots something on her otherwise empty make-up table.. but Lisa definitely seems to be ignoring her. so we can’t see the doctor or to whom it was made out. in a much better mood. INT. LISA’S DRESSING ROOM . She walks over and picks up an old prescription bottle. Lisa is repulsed.watch the extension... ALEX Nice. front and center. REHEARSAL ROOM .. overall. Lisa tosses the bottle in the trash can.68. Beth is nearby. Alex is on top of Beth! Lisa is frozen for a moment. To satisfy her curiosity she has to push the door in just a couple of more inches to get a better view. Alex is satisfied with Lisa’s moves and seems. Beth is a couple of barres over. where Odette. embarrassed and upset. Lisa waits offstage to reappear. BETH (whispering) Want to get some Chinese food after rehearsal? oe Ph nix Int n er al . Part of the label is torn off. better.

INT. I was fucking him. Beth looks hurt. BETH Fine.what’s the deal today? LISA I saw Alex fucking you on his desk. Lisa is STARTLED as Beth comes up next to her. And you’re going to use him to do it! BETH Listen to yourself. You want another enemy? just made one. There’s something perverted about the way he strokes the keys. then goes back onstage.69.. BACKSTAGE . nix Int n er al . staring at her. and what the hell business is it of yours? LISA I know you’re trying to steal my role. he’s turned and is walking away. Beth is upset by this and stops following Lisa. Lisa heads for her dressing room. BETH Hey. You are completely paranoid.LATER Sweating and exhausted. BETH For your information. Lisa shoots her a chilling look. You oe Ph LISA Maybe if you were a better dancer you wouldn’t have to sleep your way to the top. He holds the key ring she took to try to get out of the theatre. When Lisa looks back at Simon.. She stops as she sees Simon standing in the corridor as if he’s been waiting for her. BETH I can’t keep track of your moods anymore-.

Her eyes drift to the pill bottle in the trash. She hears the tinkling music box in the distance. The door is open a crack. She turns. yellowed newspaper article taped to the wall about a murdered ballerina named Veronica. n er al . box on the dresser. There is no answer. there’s a tattered.NIGHT The door flies open.CONTINUOUS Lisa looks from the doorway. it’s Lisa.70. The room is grim and everything is covered in thick dust. She grabs the pill bottle but doesn’t open it. She sits at her makeup table and looks at her reflection. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. calming slightly just knowing it’s there. On the wall behind the music boxes. as she has trouble catching her breath as soon as she’s alone. fear. LISA One day you’re going to know what it’s like to be stabbed in the back! Lisa casts a nasty look over her shoulder.CONTINUOUS Rage. She stuffs it in her bag. mesmerized. not noticing that she’s leaving tracks in the dust on the floor. oe Ph LISA Mother? nix She closes it. then enters her dressing room and slams the door. anxiety all tear at Lisa. throws the Lisa sees the spinning ballerina music Int Lisa pokes her head in. INT. MOTHER’S ROOM . locks and chains it. She hesitates. but no one is there. INT. INT. LISA’S DRESSING ROOM . and walks curiously toward Mother’s room. She steps closer. LISA’S APARTMENT .

LISA Who is that? MOTHER That happened a long time ago. before you were born.. I’m sure you’re blowing it out of proportion. LISA I want you to kick Beth out of the apartment.. Lisa tries to calm Lisa keeps staring at the pictures.. The other is of the MURDERER. and I’ll pay the rent on her room until I do. Int n er al . Lisa thinks about it.all you need is some rest. But she has to go-MOTHER Whatever happened between the two of you. covered with a sheet.the date on the article is 1934! There are two pictures in the article...but the rewards are sublime..you’ll feel better in the morning. but it looks a lot like Lisa! Lisa JUMPS as Mother comes up behind her. MOTHER I thought you two-- LISA I’ll find you another girl. in a pool of blood. The price of success is betrayal and pain.71. down. MOTHER It’s always the same. oe Ph Why? LISA I’m not. nix She turns and faces Mother.. side by side. One is of the dead girl. But--and this hardly seems possible-. MOTHER Try to relax. Elizabeth Bain. The photo is very fuzzy.

She goes to it cautiously-. INT.V.” Lisa is pleased. LARGE BEDROOM . “To be opened on Opening Night.O. but we see the creepy image of her door gently closing. At the end of the hall. Behind her. Lisa is on her bed. She looks in her trash can-.there is a printed card that says.72. LISA Are you going to throw her out or not?! Mother looks at Lisa softly. we do not see Mother. oe Ph nix Int n er LATER Freaking out. There are MOANS that sound like Beth and Alex having sex. She looks terrified. the noises stop. A thump against the wall-. HALLWAY . Lisa rushes to the door. frustrated.the empty bubble wrap envelope is still there. She closes the lid and drops it and the paper down on the bed.CONTINUOUS Lisa stalks down the hall. the chain is still thrown on the front door! al . Inside she finds the knife. Lisa looks at the box in her hands and suddenly tears open the paper. Lisa goes into her room and slams her door. LISA’S P. and opens it angrily. not answering.it’s as if they’re doing it right out in the hall. Lisa. brushes past her and we follow her out of the room. The tip of the blade is out of the box Suddenly she hears muffled noises from the hallway and footsteps. along with the box and the ballet slippers. staring wide-eyed at the box atop the opened wrapping paper. INT.CONTINUOUS Lisa sees a box in elegant black and white gift wrap on her bed. OF THE HALLWAY It is empty. but her feelings slowly turn to suspicion. but as soon as she does.

She closes her eyes and hears laughter again. The knocking grows more insistent. LIVING ROOM . INT.the point of the knife is sticking out of the box just like it was before! Lisa approaches the knife box cautiously. then looks over at the bed. She grabs a chair and props it under the knob to keep people out. She slowly looks at her hand and is unsettled to see she is holding THE KNIFE in her clenched fist! She lets the knife drop. but doesn’t see it. sits down next to the box and sits there. We move toward the door.CONTINUOUS The apartment is empty. listening to the knocking. The box sits atop the wrapping paper next to her. INT. freaked out. oe Ph nix She finds Int n er al . laughing.CONTINUOUS Lisa stares blankly. As soon as she does she hears Beth’s voice and laughter! It can’t be! She opens the door just a crack. Lisa goes to the mirror and turns it face down. INT. There is a knocking from down the hall. She opens it and her head spins as she sees it sitting inside. She hears noise in the hall again and starts to cry. staring at the ceiling. still dressed. We find Lisa on her bed. LISA Looks like she’s becoming completely unhinged. then shuts her door hard. She pulls the chair aside and opens the door. She finally gets up. LARGE BEDROOM .73. LARGE BEDROOM . still chained. pulls her head back in her room and shuts her door. She backs up to the bed. She opens her eyes and catches a glimpse of Beth in the mirror. It is clear that she hasn’t slept all night. She looks on the floor for the knife. another mirror and hides it in the drawer. but doesn’t see anything.MORNING The light is pouring in.

gives Lisa a nod. there is a uniformed COP in the hall on a walkie-talkie. DETECTIVE May I come in? LISA (beat) Of course. LISA Sure.74. DETECTIVE Mind if we leave it open? Lisa’s mind is racing. It’s unnerving. then walks to the kitchen. LISA The sight of the Detective seems to snap her out of her trance.he’s not as nice or flirtatious as he was. HALLWAY Lisa walks cautiously toward the door. the: PEEPHOLE The Detective is staring right at the peephole. The Detective holds a manila folder. looking around carefully. oe Ph nix Int n er al . I wouldn’t want any accusations to surface later. There is another knock and Lisa opens the door. DETECTIVE A man and a woman alone. She sees the Cops in the hall glancing at her and she doesn’t know what to make of it. and ANOTHER COP is looking in the garbage chute. Lisa is taken aback. Lisa goes to close the door but the Detective puts a hand on it... One of the Cops walks in. The knocking continues so she leaves the room. She looks through She feels a change in the Detective-. He walks in.. The Detective is not alone.

DETECTIVE It’s funny to hear you say that.. Didn’t you get the role because of what happened to Veronica Field? LISA (nodding to the Cop) What is he doing?! DETECTIVE How far did you go to get the Role... Lisa covers her mouth and shakes her head. Sliding out are a few 8 X 10 AUTOPSY PHOTOS of multiple stab wounds on Veronica’s chest. Lisa? LISA (stunned) Threaten her?! DETECTIVE She said you threatened her with a knife. DETECTIVE Did you threaten Beth Ciarra yesterday. Lisa? nix Int n er al . she’s trying to take my role... She wants my role... Aghast. DETECTIVE She must want it pretty bad to lie to the police. oe Ph LISA She threatened me.” Lisa laughs incredulously. The Cop in the kitchen is looking through the cutlery drawer. LISA Any dancer would do practically anything to dance Odette.. The Detective opens and tosses down the manila folder on the table.75. Lisa is flustered that he’s twisting her words.you can’t possibly believe her. (checking a note pad) “She was going to know how it felt to be stabbed.

seeing the room lived-in. n er al . INT. The Detective starts down the hall toward the bedrooms..CONTINUOUS The Detective is surprised as he looks around..the knife is still on the bed! She rushes after the Detective..... Lisa sees the Cop in the kitchen find another drawer full of knives. DETECTIVE Do you mind if I take a look at Veronica’s room while I’m here? Lisa thinks about it and is suddenly terrified-..and we will.76.And I moved in here. nix Int Lisa follows...we’ll have the killer. The Detective is already in the room. LARGE BEDROOM . What makes it worse for Lisa is he’s standing right in front of the bed with the box on it! oe Ph LISA (reluctantly) Beth took my room. DETECTIVE This was Veronica’s room? (beat) Is someone else in here now? The Detective gives her a harsh look. LISA Please. LISA I could never-DETECTIVE Did you threaten Beth Ciarra with a knife? LISA No! DETECTIVE Veronica Field was stabbed and we still haven’t recovered the weapon.. He dumps them out on the table. When we find it.can we do this another time?! I have to go to work.

The Detective is about to leave but he sees the box on the nest of wrapping paper. Lisa catches her breath then oe Ph DETECTIVE Is it your birthday? LISA (desperately) Someone keeps sending it to me. Int n er al . it’s not mine.. HALLWAY .. Miss Albin. He shakes his head and puts them down. The Detective mindlessly tosses the box back on the bed. DETECTIVE I’ll show myself out. He picks up the VALIUM BOTTLE from the night stand. and maybe it’s different than what Lisa saw. but the name is scratched off.we don’t see what he saw in the room. He picks up the box. He opens the box.I have to go. then closes it.. I-It’s empty. LISA Please. walks out of the room. He gives a puzzled glance back at Lisa-.77.CONTINUOUS Lisa steps out of her room and leans against the wall. then walk out and close the door. looks in. LISA Ballet slippers. opens the door. We’ll be talking to you again. The Detective leaves the room. A fan keeps sending me ballet slippers. They whisper to each other. The Detective stops at Mother’s room.. The Cop joins the Detective from the kitchen. LISA Those aren’t mine. nix Lisa stops cold.

A couple whisper to each other and laugh. all of them staring at her. and they don’t look away when she looks at them. She looks to the side and sees three middle aged women glowering at her. LISA I’m going to tell Alex everything.MORNING Lisa sits trying to figure things out. The Guard is reading the paper.at least she’s on time. Uncomfortable. Lisa sees Priscilla who looks mildly disgusted with her. you bitch.TRAVELLING . UNDERGROUND GARAGE/BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE . but an old ASIAN WOMAN. The person Lisa’s confronted looks back over her shoulder-it’s not Beth at all. The train pulls into a stop. She goes to pull the door but stops to wait. but she turns away.there is an HASIDIC FAMILY.78. She had it on her the whole time she was talking to the Detective! INT. dancers see Lisa and look at her with a mixture of pity and pleasure. Inside. She looks down at her feet.MORNING Lisa comes up the stairs. She whispers over Beth’s shoulder. We move slowly down Lisa’s BACK until we see part of the KNIFE poking out from the waistband of her pants. INT. Everyone on the sparsely populated train is staring at her harshly. SUBWAY . Embarrassed and confused. Lisa looks down. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE . oe Ph nix Int She checks a watch and is relieved- n er al . She glares at Lisa just like the others on the train. He’ll fire your ass. and she pushes out quickly against a rush of people trying to get on. EXT. She has to wait several moments until he finally buzzes and she goes inside.MORNING Lisa hurries down the tunnel. Down the car she sees Beth at a pole. Lisa gets up and walks over. . she looks in the other direction-. She glances up and sees an old man staring at her.

LISA Is Alex here yet? PRISCILLA In his office. ALEX (O.. uncomfortable.. Alex hangs up the phone. ALEX I don’t feel like I can rely on you.) Send up the girl I saw in “Orpheus. CORRIDOR OUTSIDE ALEX’S OFFICE . Alex looks over at her. Lisa walks to the open door and knocks on the door frame. LISA I have to talk to you about Beth. (beat) I wouldn’t. (beat) Beth will be dancing the roles of Odette and Odile.” A few more..DAY As Lisa approaches. oe Ph nix Int He looks n er al . ALEX Got to go.CONTINUOUS Lisa walks in and takes a seat to Alex’s side. Lisa looks at her like she’s crazy. ALEX’S OFFICE . we can hear Alex quietly on the phone. we’ll keep it small..79.. and Beth has proven she knows the role inside and out. I’ve already made up my mind. INT. then hurries off. INT. ALEX It’s too late.. LISA No. Lisa’s mouth quivers...S.

ALEX Get her out. you’re still clumsy when it comes to the Black Swan. pointing at him. ALEX This has nothing to do with Beth! I talked to the police. watching. Dancers start to congregate around the door. (on the phone) I need a security Guard. You just don’t want it enough. She yanks out of his grip. horrified.. and smashes a few things in his office. I know you killed Veronica. ALEX You’re late to rehearsal. grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her. Alex sees Simon watching from the hall and motions him in.80. LISA She sabotaged me! She reset my alarm! She made me stay up drinking! ALEX Okay.. Lisa is horrified to see Simon and backs quickly away from him. Lisa jumps up and knocks some papers off Alex’s desk. oe Ph LISA That is a lie! Beth’s games! ALEX You need serious help-LISA It’s my Swan Lake! and it’s not hers! nix Int It’s another of n er It’s not yours al . LISA Whatever she’s told you is a lie! Why else do you think she’d fuck you! He gets up angrily.

eating a yogurt and watching the whole thing like it’s a show for her benefit. I’ll have you arrested! Lisa stops struggling and tries to compose herself.CONTINUOUS Lisa is being dragged by Simon and the Guard.. nix Int n er al . LISA Go to his workshop! He has pornographic pictures of me! Simon tries to grab her but she slaps at him fiercely.. They drag her out of the room through the crowd of stunned dancers. ALEX Don’t try to buy a ticket. BACKSTAGE ..she’s kicking things off the desk. Beth doesn’t flinch. still fighting hard. Lisa screams and cries.. He manages to grab one arm and But Lisa is fighting with all her might-.don’t stand outside the theater.. Simon grabs her arm.. Simon gets the other.you’ll hurt yourself. ALEX If you come back. Lisa SCREAMS WILDLY. But she sees Beth sitting in a chair near the stage. I’ll have you arrested. LISA You’re all against me! The Security Guard rushes in... and he and the Guard pull her away to the exit. trying to hit them with her head.if I see you. Even though Lisa makes it to within a foot of Beth. oe Ph SIMON Don’t. INT. breaks away from Simon and only the security Guard’s grip keeps her from scratching Beth’s face. then takes another spoonful of yogurt.81. Beth smiles smugly at Lisa and shakes her head. Alex comes out of his office yelling. trying to bite.

gowns. but block her way. People are buzzing.I can explain this.DAY Lisa. UNDERGROUND GARAGE/BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE . is walking around nervously. It’s now “Swan Lake. As they reach the end of the tunnel they let her go. Lisa tries to compose herself again as the men walk her up the tunnel. dazed.. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE .. oe Ph Sorry.. I can explain. but it’s sold out.. INT.please. I just have to talk to Alex. in the White Swan costume.. jewels and furs waits anxiously as the doors are finally opened..CONTINUOUS Beth. and there is excitement in the air. and no one is giving up their seat. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE .... starring Beth Ciarra. The other Dancers give her plenty of room. Some suited people are still walking around trying to get tickets. SIMON Lisa isn’t going to get back in. shaking out her bare arms.82. I’m sorry. She walks toward the street and past the upright poster.. BACKSTAGE . INT. LISA I’m okay.I just need a chance. It’s opening night. She slowly walks off.NIGHT A crowd of MEN and WOMEN in suits. walks past the spot where Veronica landed-there’s still a stain in the cracks of the granite slabs. nix Int Her n er DISSOLVE TO: al . name is already being pasted over.” EXT. Please? LISA I’ll do anything. EXT..CONTINUOUS Once she’s outside..

The curtain opens to a fantastic set. She presses against him.we might think for a moment it’s Lisa.83. staring ahead blankly.. Mother opens the door and enters with a tray of food. Int n er al CUT TO: ... The bottle of pills is on the bed along with the knife in the box.NIGHT Dead silence. She jumps when a hand comes down on her shoulder-. Lisa is in a state of mental collapse. He’s there to settle her down. Priscilla and a couple of other dancers see it from several yards away. and she hardly reacts to the light knock at her door. Light comes in from the hall. and turn away discretely. A MAN in an upper ring reads a program. An OLD WOMAN in the first ring readies her opera glasses. The CONDUCTOR comes out and receives applause. After a few moments.NIGHT People are taking their seats. oe Ph nix He begins. LARGE BEDROOM . METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE SEATING . but we see the hand belongs to Alex. turns her head back and kisses him. anxious and excited. MOTHER I thought you were in here. and the Prince bounding around the stage.what happened? Isn’t it opening night? LISA Yeah. INT. ALEX (quietly) This is your night. Suddenly the CHANDELIERS start to rise to the ceiling and the lights dim. Lisa is sitting on her bed in the dark.. INT. The orchestra BOOMS.

Your gift? The blade GLINTS in Lisa’s eye and she looks at her own reflection in it. MOTHER Take it back.. Lisa suddenly bolts up out of bed. MOTHER It isn’t theirs to take. Lisa.. MOTHER (firmly) Take it back. MOTHER (incredulous) What? LISA They took it away from me. LISA I lost the role. Mother looks at her. Lisa looks at Mother. SMASH CUT TO: oe Ph LISA MOTHER You were born to dance Swan Lake. LISA It’s too late.. She slowly takes the knife from Mother’s hand and tightens her own hand around the handle. waiting for an explanation. And if you really want it. She is surprised when Mother picks up the box and opens it. She looks up at Mother who is steady and imperious... Mother stands back staring at Lisa.84.. MOTHER I see you opened my little gift. It’s your role. Lisa looks energized. not understanding. The knife is inside and Mother takes it out. nix Int n er al .

then backs away.NIGHT Beth dances her heart out as Act Two ends. CUT TO: EXT. One MEMBER of a group of LAUGHING FEMALE TEENS accidentally steps into her path and they bump into each other. LISA’S OLD DRESSING ROOM . eyes blazing. in costume.. BETH Oww. I’ll do it myself. then continues her brisk pace. Lisa snatches up the knife.NIGHT Lisa is storming up the path. We follow her as she runs. The Teen looks down to pick up what’s fallen. We watch her dancing the Second Act with tremendous longing. STAGE . There is a CLATTER. The Teen looks at Lisa. INT. pain and passion.85. There is tremendous vulnerability that we haven’t seen in her personality that makes us unable to take our eyes off of her. BETH Just get out. leaps into frame. INT.. STAGE . but is aghast to see it is the LARGE KNIFE that has fallen out of Lisa’s coat. DORIS Sorry. conceals it back in her coat. toward the dressing rooms. sees her blazing eyes.NIGHT Beth. CENTRAL PARK .A LITTLE LATER Doris helps Beth change into her Black Swan Costume. out of breath. DORIS But-BETH Get out! oe Ph nix She receives Int n er al . thunderous applause at the curtain closes... INT.

goes to a pay phone and pretends to make a call. then drops the phone.86. The music gets louder as she goes. maze-like underground passages beneath Lincoln Center.NIGHT Lisa stalks through the empty. EXT. THEATRE Lisa comes across the plaza. She heads into the Vivian Beaumont Theatre.CONTINUOUS Beth dances the third act. and the crowd eats it up. Lisa gets to a door not far from the box office window. INT. STAGE . then pulls off the strip with the name “Beth Ciarra” on it. Lisa goes up the escalator to the box office. Lisa INT. INT. Doris leaves and Beth continues dressing. THEATRE Lisa lowers her head and hurries past the financial offices. SIDE OF THE LOBBY The music echoes out from the theatre. She lowers her head and keeps walking. Lisa waits until the slow closing door almost clicks shut.NIGHT Lisa rushes up the row of posters. She follows an arrow pointing to the Metropolitan. UNDERGROUND PASSAGES . and tears that strip. She tears another. but there are Security Guards posted at the doors. LOBBY .CONTINUOUS An USHER leaves through the side door. She looks at a poster. oe Ph nix Int n er al . and slips inside. grabs the knob. INT. She turns to the next. METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE .


BACKSTAGE Lisa creeps through the wings until she reaches a spot in the shadows where she can’t be seen but can see Beth dancing the Black Swan. Lisa is filled with jealousy as she watches the perfect performance. She sees some Dancers approaching and slinks back into the shadows. Priscilla senses something and looks over at the spot where we just saw Lisa, but Lisa is gone.

oe Ph


The Third Act ends, the curtain comes down and the Dancers catch their breath, then leave the stage. A few dancers have kind words for Beth, and Alex comes over to her beaming. They chat, he kisses her lightly, then walks off with her toward the dressing rooms. INT. LISA’S OLD DRESSING ROOM - NIGHT We hear Beth and Alex approaching the dressing room. ALEX (O.C.) So, after the show...we’ll have a little celebration of our own... We see them kiss, then Lisa slips into the room and closes the door. Beth goes to the rack for the costume, but it isn’t there. She is perplexed, then sees Lisa’s reflection in the closet door. Lisa is wearing the White Swan Costume! Beth swallows hard. LISA You stole my part. You stole my dressing room. You stole my life...but I’m taking it back. I’m going to dance the final act. Lisa pulls her hand up from her side and we see she’s holding the knife. She looks crazed.



n er



BETH It was you. You murdered Veronica. Beth seethes. Lisa takes a half step forward.

LISA You stole my role... BETH If you could dance better, you wouldn’t have had to kill someone to get it. You’re pathetic. Lisa raises up the knife and lunges forward to stab her. Beth quickly moves to the side and grabs her by the wrist. They struggle. Lisa nearly gets the knife into Beth’s throat, but Beth always seems to move aside at the last moment. Beth swing Lisa’s arms against the make-up table and Lisa drops the knife. Lisa goes to grab it, but Beth kicks it away. Beth scampers over to the knife and picks it up. slowly to Lisa. Frightened, Lisa runs out of the room. INT. CORRIDOR - CONTINUOUS She turns

Lisa runs out and goes into a stairwell. Beth runs out after her and follows. them. INT. STAIRWELL - CONTINUOUS

Beth starts running down the stairs then stops. She listens carefully. A WHITE FEATHER floats down past her from above. She looks up and sees Lisa on the stairs, horrified at being seen. Lisa starts running up. Beth follows. TOP LANDING Lisa looks around, she has nowhere to go, except up the ladder that leads to the roof. She scampers up it as we hear Beth getting closer.

oe Ph



n er

No one is around to see



BETH She has out the knife and is determined to use it. BETH Lisa....let’s talk.... She hears a thud and as she reaches the top, realizes it’s the top to the roof. Beth goes up the ladder. EXT. ROOF - CONTINUOUS Beth comes out on the roof. She looks around and walks cautiously across the gravel. She spots footprints in the moonlight, leading around the corner of a large, noisy HVAC compressor. Beth sees a small white feather floating nearby. BEHIND THE COMPRESSOR

Lisa has found herself a pipe and is ready to hit Beth as soon as she comes around the corner. Her hands clench the pipe.

We see, but Lisa doesn’t, that Beth is silently coming around the other side of the compressor. Out of focus, she creeps slowly closer to Lisa, then disappears from our view for a moment. We stay on Lisa’s face as she grits her teeth, waiting for Beth. BETH (O.S.) (whispering) Lisa...

Lisa turns suddenly and the KNIFE STRIKES HER IN THE CHEST, on bare skin above her costume. Lisa’s grip relaxes on the pipe and she drops it. completely stunned as she falls. She looks

Beth QUICKLY starts yanking the costume off of her, managing to pull it down before even a spot of blood gets on it. Beth pulls it off Lisa’s legs, leaving her naked. Beth watches Lisa for a moment as Lisa squirms and blood starts to pour from her chest. Satisfied, Beth walks away toward the hatch.

oe Ph



n er


Holding her chest.NIGHT The dull sound of the APPLAUSE rising from the opera house seems to rouse Lisa. Every move is so emotional. she manages to get to her knees. ROOF .CONTINUOUS Lisa matches her.. EXT. There is a knock at the door. MATCH CUT TO: INT. Alex nods for the curtain to open.CONTINUOUS Beth dances like she’s never danced before. INT. the crowd bursts into spontaneous applause. Beth begins dancing and is FANTASTIC. STAGE .90. then to her feet. LISA’S OLD DRESSING ROOM . oe Ph ALEX Where the hell is she. STAGE . In her haze she is magnificent. MATCH CUT TO: EXT. INT. In her haze of blood loss. Beth! VOICE Two minutes! Beth gets in the costume and does up the hooks. nix Int n er al .. Lisa begins dancing to the far away music. Just then Beth rushes out and takes her place. Relieved.NIGHT Alex is looking upset that his star isn’t there. ROOF .A LITTLE LATER Beth is pulling on the White Swan costume for Act Four.

distance point and scream. She looks up at the stars and in one final burst of energy starts to run toward the edge of the roof. INT. and rolls off of them to the applause and congratulatory hugs of her fellow Dancers. from which she presents one to her Prince.CONTINUOUS Lisa is staggering now. BACKSTAGE . PLAZA . INT. MATCH CUT TO: EXT.91. EXT.CONTINUOUS Beth runs to the top and leaps off the cliff in a swan dive. NIGHT SKY . MATCH CUT TO: INT. A few people. just like Lisa did in her dream at the beginning of the film. MATCH CUT TO: EXT.CONTINUOUS Beth lands on a stack of mattresses. STAGE . ROOF . STAGE . She is given an immense bouquet of roses. Beth appears to THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE.CONTINUOUS Lisa leaps from the roof in a swan dive.NIGHT At the curtain call. EXT. She can barely stay on her feet.CONTINUOUS We see Lisa hit the granite hard. STAGE .NIGHT Beth dances her way up the cliff side. far in the oe Ph nix Int n er MATCH CUT TO: al MATCH CUT TO: .

and she tries to move but cannot. Mother puts the music box in front of her face and opens the lid.DAY This time it is Lisa pushing clothes into her suitcase. PULLING BACK We see Mother is on one knee next to Lisa. LISA’S APARTMENT . We hear people approaching. her face spattered with her own blood..S. She ZIPS it shut. as the bouquets pile up in a small mountain around Beth. The wild applause continues.) That should be your applause.. looks wild eyed.. much like the pile we saw on the coffin in the Cathedral.that you could reclaim the glory Beth stole from you. METROPOLITAN COURTYARD ..92. Ballet Fanatics crowd the front of the stage and toss bouquets at Beth. EXT. Lisa manages to move her eyes to look at Mother...NIGHT Lisa’s eyes are open and she is in bitter anguish over the applause she hears erupting from the Metropolitan.I could give you a chance for revenge.. the first to arrive to her aid. The ballerina dances but the music is slowing down and the dancer is less steady.. you will get to do to her. SMASH CUT TO: oe Ph MOTHER (whispering) Everything she has done to you. MOTHER (whispering) What if I told you. VOICES Is she dead! Oh my God! ambulance! INT. nix Int Mother n er Call an al SMASH CUT TO: . She grits her teeth. MOTHER (O.

BACKSTAGE . Mother deftly removes the knife from Lisa’s chest. METROPOLITAN COURTYARD .LATER Beth walks in with arms full of flowers. filled with hatred. with her dying breath. oe Ph nix Int n er al . Beth hears something strange and steps forward. Some of the congratulations. nods to Mother. Alex pours several glasses of Champagne and raises his. puts it in THE BOX we’ve seen and walks away from the corpse. LISA’S OLD DRESSING ROOM .NIGHT Champagne is UNCORKED as everyone congratulates Beth.DAY Lisa is pressed against the window. ALEX To the greatest performance of Swan Lake anyone’s ever seen! He drinks as do several dancers. It is the wobbly tinkling of the music box which is open on the make-up table. Just then. INT. Even more than that have been brought and placed in the dressing room. INT. AT A MAILBOX Mother mails the package. Mother smiles. SMASH CUT TO: EXT. seem forced. at least the appearance of. Mother puts the box into a pre-addressed bubble-pack envelope.TRAVELLING . excited about the scenery and the adventure. like the one from Diana. onlookers arrive and encircle the body. INT. good cheer and celebration.93.NIGHT Lisa on the ground. Lisa dies. There is nothing but. GREYHOUND .

the entire film rewinds rapidly all the way to the beginning. my dear. Beth reels. Remember? You’re Lisa.94. BETH As the key to the music box is wound. even more so as the music box stops and the ballerina falls over. She looks at mother and shakes her head MOTHER What goes around comes around. Beth is surprised to see Mother standing next to the table. You got what you wanted. (beat) But now you have to pay the price. Beth slowly closes her eyes. Lisa. vehemently. BETH What are you doing here? MOTHER I came to congratulate you. Lisa. Mother picks up the box and starts to WIND. CUT TO BLACK: oe Ph BETH That can’t be. nix Int n er al . waiting. Beth is horrified. BETH (confused) What are you talking about? Beth. You got your revenge. You did it. It all sinks in and Beth looks overwhelmed by the pain of realizing that what Mother has told her is true. I’m MOTHER No you’re not.

INT.CONTINUOUS Mother walks toward the bedrooms and we follow. slipping into the room. Wake up. now in the same spot where we originally found Lisa! Beth’s eyes suddenly spring open. room. DARKNESS Through the Silence we hear the distant WINDING of the music box.MORNING Mother sets down the music box on her dresser. MOTHER’S ROOM . HALLWAY . She passes the Larger Bedroom and goes to the smaller.MORNING (CONTINUOUS) Mother goes to the bed and looks down on the sleeping Beth. Mother looks pleased. INT.95. FADE IN: CLOSE UP OF A MUSIC BOX A tiny white BALLERINA spins to tinny music. MOTHER It’s a brand new day! oe Ph The tiny She turns and we follow her out of the nix Int n er al CUT TO BLACK. SMALL SPARSE BEDROOM . . Ballerina starts to spin.