Empty or full, risky or safe, your life is what you wanted it to be: a little evil and a little innocent. This vision of your world keeps you from the window for awhile afraid you¶ll see some shadow move. The wind just off the river is a friend. On countless, uneventful nights like this it warned you what the weather would become. You never did believe in storms. You only dreamed of sun. In the hard coin of your waking everythingµs up for grabs. You palm the dice that they might speak, cup them in your hand and let the ivory catch your breath. Never having asked for much, you get exactly what you¶re worth. Cracks in the sidewalk are portents; crow¶s feet at the edges of your eyes are emblems of a future you can¶t deny. The moon is a good woman you¶ll never touch. Sexless stars ride µround their courses and every wayward planet in the void, except your own, is dead.

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