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iste ltd has been publishing books in the fields of science and technology since its launch in 2005. these books, which are often translated and adapted from titles originally published in French, have been extremely well received throughout the scientific world. in 2009, we have an ambitious publishing program featuring a large number of new titles, including both books adapted from French titles and original english titles. since January 2008 all titles have been jointly published with John wiley & sons inc. and from January 1, 2009 they will also be responsible for european distribution (with the exception of France, for which lavoisier remains the distributor). this ongoing partnership enables us to satisfy the information needs of the global scientific and technical communities to the highest degree. i hope all our publications live up to your high expectations and i would be delighted to receive your comments or ideas on new titles at any time. sami Menasce Chairman Who we are sami Menasce, Chairman and Managing director, raphael Menasce, sales & Marketing director, trevor Hook, Production Manager, For exam, inspection and review copies, contact eurOPe: John wiley & sons ltd tel.: +44(0)124 384 32 91 – Fax: +44(0)124 384 33 02 – email: rest OF tHe wOrld: John wiley & sons inc. tel.: +1 (732) 469-4400 – Fax: +1 (732) 302-2300 – email:

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Scientific & Editorial Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Mechanical Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Fluid Mechanics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Numerical Methods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Materials Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Nanomaterials & Nanoscience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Metallurgy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Civil Engineering & Geomaterials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Geographical Information Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Information Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Language & Cognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Computer Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Networks & Telecommunications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Electrical Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Electronics Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98 Instrumentation & Measurement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Optics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Acoustics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 Digital Signal & Image Processing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 Automation & Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127 Robotics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130 Manufacturing & Production . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 134 Applied Mathematics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 140 Business, Finance & Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 148 Author Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 153 Title Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 156

Water networks. integrated Management and operational BuSineSS And inforMAtion technology General editor nicolas Manson Consultant.a. Zoubir institute of telecommunications. estimation Mietek Brdys University of Birmingham. italy giua@diee. Hybrid Jean-Philippe thiran ePFl. France henri. France Henri Maître télécom AutoMAtion And control General editor Hisham abou-Kandil ecole normale supérieure de Cachan.lagunas@cttc.maitre@telecom-paristech. automated Manufacturing. image Processing Benoit Macq Université catholique de intelligent France info@iste. France series editors signal Processing Miguel angel lagunas Centre tecnologic de telecomunicacions de Catalunya Barcelona. spain Jacques Janssen solvay Brussels school of economics and Management. Germany zoubir@spg. France francis. switzerland 2 Scientific and Editorial Board Applied StochAStic MethodS General editors nikolaos limnios Université de technologie de Compiègne. Belgium benoit. networked Control systems. Failure diagnosis alessandro Giua University of Cagliari. optimization. tU darmstadt.castanie@tesa. Hierarchical abdelhak . France digitAl SignAl And iMAge proceSSing General editor Francis Castanié tesa. Belgium jacques. Petri series editors discrete event systems. Control of Mechanical systems. toulouse.pasquet@ieee. UK electricAl And electronicS engineering General editor daniel Pasquet ieee France section Chairman laMiPs and ensea.

italy Geomechanics and Geomaterials lyesse laloui swiss Federal institute of technology lausanne. Usa France logic and Computation david Pearce Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. switzerland spain . UK Wiebe.cvut.farinas@irit. France luis. Belgium luc. coMputer switzerland rachid. Video and Computer Vision shih-Fu Chang Columbia University.Van-der-Hoek@liverpool.huerta@upc. Czech republic ripka@fel.umontreal.cnr. France favennec@telecom-paristech.guerraoui@epfl.iste. Canada Cognitive science Cristiano Castelfranchi istC. lAnguAge And Pavel ripka Czech technical series editors Computational mechanics and fluid mechanics antonio Huerta Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. networkS And MechAnicAl engineering And MAteriAlS Science General editor Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot Université de Pau et des Pays de l’ Scientific and Editorial Board Machine learning and data Mining luc de raedt Katholieke Universiteit Multimedia.pearce@upm. national research Computer Graphics Pierre Poulin Université de Montré software engineering shinichi Honiden national institute of informatics (nii). Canada nie@iro. Japan 3 it.laloui@epfl telecoMS And opticS series editor Pierre-noël Favennec télécom Paristech Paris. spain Multiagent systems and Knowledge representation Wiebe van der Hoek University of liverpool. Qué inStruMentAtion And MeASureMentS General editors dominique Placko ecole normale supérieure de Cachan. France Gilles. information retrieval and natural language Processing Jian-Yun nie Université de Montré series editors distributed systems rachid Guerraoui ePFl. e-leArning General editor luis Fariñas del Cerro irit.columbia. University of siena.deraedt@cs.umontreal. Québec.kuleuven.

page 4 Mechanical Engineering Forthcoming. New & Backlist Titles NEW NEW 2009 NEW NEW 2009 2009 2009 2009 NEW 2009 2009 Design Optimization in Computational Mechanics Dynamics of Structures Fatigue Damage / MVSA volume 4 – 2nd edition Handbook of Heterogenous Kinetics Mechanical Instability Mechanical Shock / MVSA volume 2 – 2nd edition Mechanical Vibrations Mechanical Vibration & Shock Analysis / 5 volumes set – 2nd edition Particle and Continuum Aspects of Mesomechanics Random Vibration /MVSA volume 3 – 2nd edition Sinusoidal Vibration / MVSA volume 1 – 2nd edition Solid Mechanics using the Finite Element Method Specification Development / MVSA volume 5 – 2nd edition Structural Dynamics in Industry Structural Reliability X-ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .

from both a theoretical and practical point of view. 7. the theoretical analyses are placed in the context of both the real world and the laboratory. Both viscous and non-linear damping are considered. the various types of swept sine and their properties are described Christian lalanne explores every aspect of vibration and shock. non-viscous damping. 9781848211223 • June 2009 • 416 pages • Usd 185. prototypes must be verified by calculation and undergo laboratory tests to meet national and international standards. for the 1-dof system. response of a linear one-degree-of-freedom mechanical system to a sinusoidal excitation. Basic mechanics. response of a one-degree-of-freedom linear system to a swept sine vibration. 6. 8. sinusoidal vibration. impulse and step responses. 3. 4.00 the 5 volume set Sinusoidal Vibration VoluMe 1 • MechAnicAl ViBrAtion And Shock AnAlySiS SerieS By chriStiAn lAlAnne the relative and absolute response of a mechanical system with a single degree of freedom is considered for an arbitrary excitation and its transfer function is defined in various forms.00 . 2. the five volumes of Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis cover all the necessary issues in this area of mechanical Mechanical Engineering 5 MechAnicAl ViBrAtion And Shock AnAlySiS by Christian lalanne a new and fully revised edition this important five-volume series has been written with both the professional engineer and the academic in mind. 9. the consequences of an inappropriate choice of sweep rate are discussed. along with the transient and steady-state response of the 1-dof system. two fundamental and extremely significant areas of mechanical engineering. as all products need to be designed to withstand the environmental conditions to which they are likely to be subjected. rules governing the choice of suitable sweep rates are then developed from this. response of a linear one-degree-of-freedom mechanical system to an arbitrary excitation. 5. Contents 1. the characteristics of sinusoidal vibration are looked at from both a real world and laboratory point of view. which is essential for the development of specifications. the need. swept sine. 9781848211216 • June 2009 • uSd 875.iste.

statistics of extreme values.00 random Vibration VoluMe 3 • MechAnicAl ViBrAtion And Shock AnAlySiS SerieS By chriStiAn lAlAnne the vast majority of vibrations encountered in the real environment are random in nature.iste. statistical properties of random vibration in the time domain. Contents 1.00 . 4. 2. Contents 1. 7. Kinematics of simple shocks. shock analysis. 10. 5. Probability distribution of maxima of random vibration. in developing the practical application of these concepts. measured environment. 7. the power spectrum density is also defined. 4. rMs value of random vibration. random vibration properties in the frequency domain. properties and the assumptions involved in its calculation. the forms of shock most often used with test facilities are presented together with their characteristics and indications of how to establish test configurations comparable with those in the real. together with the requisite precautions to be taken in its calculations as well as the processes (windowing. shock response spectrum. overlapping) necessary to obtain improved results. development of shock test specifications. 3. electrodynamic exciters driven by a time signal or a response spectrum – with a discussion on the limitations. First passage at a given level of response of a one-degree-of-freedom linear system to a random vibration. Practical calculation of power spectral density. response of a one-degree-of-freedom linear system to random vibration. chriStiAn lAlAnne this volume considers the shock response spectrum. 9781848211230 • June 2009 • 416 pages • Usd 185. 9781848211247 • June 2009 • 640 pages • Usd 185. its various definitions. 5. an additional complementary method – the analysis of statistical properties of the time signal – is also described. 2. this enables the distribution law of the maxima of a random Gaussian signal to be determined and simplifies the calculation of fatigue damage by avoiding direct peak counting. Characteristics of the response of a one-degree of-freedom linear system to random vibration. 6. 6. Control of a shaker using a shock response spectrum. 9. standard shock machines. Properties of shock response spectra. along with the analysis of the signal in the frequency domain. statistical properties of a random process. advantages and disadvantages of each method. 9. Generation of shocks using shakers. this is followed by a demonstration of how to meet these specifications using standard laboratory equipment – shock machines. simulation of pyroshocks. such vibrations are intrinsically complicated and this volume describes the process that enables us to simplify the required analysis. 8.6 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Shock VoluMe 2 • MechAnicAl ViBrAtion And Shock AnAlySiS SerieS By www.

Mechanical Engineering


fatigue damage
VoluMe 4 • MechAnicAl ViBrAtion And Shock AnAlySiS
SerieS By

chriStiAn lAlAnne

Fatigue damage in a system with one degree of freedom is one of the two criteria applied when comparing the severity of vibratory environments. the same criterion is also used for a specification representing the effects produced by the set of vibrations imposed in a real environment. in this volume, which is devoted to the calculation of fatigue damage, Christian lalanne explores the hypotheses adopted to describe the behavior of material affected by fatigue and the laws of fatigue accumulation. the author also considers the methods for counting response peaks, which are used to establish the histogram when it is not possible to use the probability density of the peaks obtained with a Gaussian signal. the expressions for mean damage and its standard deviation are established and other hypotheses are tested. Contents 1. Concepts of material fatigue. 2. accumulation of fatigue damage. 3. Counting methods for analyzing random time history. 4. Fatigue damage by one-degree-of-freedom mechanical system. 5. standard deviation of fatigue damage. 6. Fatigue damage using other assumptions for calculation. 7. low cycle fatigue. 8. Fracture mechanics.

9781848211254 • June 2009 • 448 pages • Usd 185.00

Specification development
VoluMe 5 • MechAnicAl ViBrAtion And Shock AnAlySiS
SerieS By

chriStiAn lAlAnne

this volume concerns the presentation of specification development according to the principle of tailoring. the extreme response and the fatigue damage spectra are defined for each type of stress (sinusoidal vibration, swept sine, shock, random vibration, etc.). the process for establishing a specification from the lifecycle profile of equipment is then discussed, taking into account the uncertainty factor (designed to cover uncertainties related to the real environment and mechanical strength) and the test factor (taking into account the number of tests performed to demonstrate the resistance of the equipment). Contents 1. extreme response spectrum of a sinusoidal vibration. 2. extreme response spectrum of a random vibration. 3. Fatigue damage spectrum of a sinusoidal vibration. 4. Fatigue damage spectrum of a random vibration. 5. Fatigue damage spectrum of a shock. 6. influence of calculation parameters of the e.r.s.s and F.d.s.s. 7. tests and standards. 8. Uncertainty factor. 9. ageing factor. 10. test factor. 11. specification development. 12. influence of calculation: conditions. of the specification. 13. other uses of extreme response, up-crossing risk and fatigue damage spectra.

9781848211261 • June 2009 • 528 pages • Usd 185.00


Mechanical Engineering Multidisciplinary design optimization in computational Mechanics
Edited by Piotr Breitkopf and Rajan Filomeno Coelho, UTC, France

this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the mathematical and algorithmic methods for the Multidisciplinary design optimization (Mdo) of complex mechanical systems such as aircraft or car engines. Contents 1. Challenges in Multidisciplinary design optimization: Case study of aircraft design, Michel ravachol. 2. response surface Methodology (rsM) and reduced order Models (roM), Manuel samuelides. 3. Metamodeling using Principal Component analysis, Florian de Vuyst and Christophe audouze. 4. Model reduction for Coupled Problems, rajan Filomeno Coelho, Piotr Breitkopf et al. 5. Multilevel Modeling, Pierre-alain Boucard, sandrine Buytet, Praveen Chandrashekarappa et al. 6. Multiparameter shape optimization, Jean-antoine désidéri, régis duvigneau et al. 7. Concurrent optimization, Jean-antoine désidéri. 8. Collaborative optimization, didier auroux, Joël Clément, Jean Hermetz, Mohamed Masmoudi et al. 9. designing with Uncertainties: the Quantile Criterion, Gilles Pujol et al. 10. Uncertainty Quantification for robust design, régis duvigneau, Massimiliano Martinelli et al. 11. reliability-Based design optimization (rBdo), Ghias Kharmanda, abdelkhalak el-Hami et al. 12. evolutionary optimization for space launcher design, Guillaume Collange. 13. numerical optimization in the automotive industry, Maryan sidorkiewicz. 14. implementation of optimizers: Programming techniques, Jean-Jacques Maisonneuve et al. 9781848211384 • May 2010 • 576 pages • Usd 190.00 • new

dynamics of Structures
Patrick Paultre, University of Sherbrooke, Canada this book covers structural dynamics from a theoretical and algorithmic approach. it covers systems with both single and multiple degrees of freedom. numerous case studies are given to provide the reader with a deeper insight into the practicalities of the area, and the solutions to these case studies are given in terms of real-time and frequency in both geometric and modal spaces. emphasis is also given to the subject of seismic loading. Contents 1. introduction. Part 1: single degree of freedom systems 2. equations of motion. 3. Free response. 4. Forced response to harmonic loading. 5. Measurement of damping. 6. Forced response to periodic loading. 7. Forced response to arbitrary loading in the time domain. 8. Forced response to arbitrary loading in the frequency domain. 9. direct time integration of linear systems. 10. direct time integration of nonlinear systems. 11. Generalized systems. 12. response to earthquake excitation. Part 2: Multiple degrees of freedom systems 13. equations of motion. 14. Finite element method. 15. Free response of conservative systems. 16. Free response of non-conservative systems. 17. response to arbitrary loading by modal superposition. 18. response to earthquake excitation by modal superposition. 19. Properties of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 20. reduction of coordinates. 21. numerical methods for eigenproblems. 22. direct time integration of linear systems. 23. direct time integration of nonlinear systems.

9781848210639 • May 2010 • 896 pages • Usd 190.00 • new

Mechanical Engineering


handbook of heterogenous kinetics
Michel Soustelle, ENSM, St Etienne, France this title provides a comprehensive overview of all the theoretical and practical bases of heterogenous kinetics and reactivity of solids. it applies the new concepts of reactivity and spatial function, introduced by the author, for both nucleation and growth processes, which makes it possible to give an unified presentation of the reactivity of bulk and powder solids. the book describes the methodology of building a mechanism of a transformation from experimental data, then explains how to obtain the kinetic law as a function of time, temperature, partial pressures and concentrations. laws given in other works are also covered. Contents 1. definition and experimental approach. 2. the real solid: structure elements and quasi-chemical reactions. 3. thermodynamics of heterogenous systems. 4. elementary steps in heterogenous reactions. 5. Chemical diffusion. 6. Chemical adsorption. 7. Mechanisms and kinetics of a process. 8. nucleation of a new solid phase. 9. Growth of a solid phase. 10. transformations by surface nucleation and growth. 11. Modeling and experiments. 12. Granular coalescence. 13. decomposition reactions of solids. 14. reactions between solids. 15. Gas-solid reactions. 16. transformations of solid solutions. 17. Modeling of mechanisms. 18. Mechanisms and kinetic laws. 19. Mechanisms and reactivity. 20. appendices 1 to 11.

9781848211001 • March 2010 • 960 pages • Usd 295.00 • new

Solid Mechanics using the finite element Method
Alain Berlioz, Toulouse University, France and Philippe Trompette, Consultant, France after a short review of the basic principles of how the finite element method works, the authors address some of the key aspects of solid mechanics: What is a beam? When and how can a structure be represented by beam elements? What are the basic assumptions? What kind of information does a beam model provide? a generalized beam element is also presented. the same approach is used for a discussion of stress concentrations and stress singularities. Further chapters are devoted to plate modeling: coupling of membrane and bending, folded, stiffened, composite plates, and to a presentation of the dynamics of structures with a particular focus on the modal method. the influence of local failures in the modal response is also analyzed. a commercial software (ansys®) is used in the examples. Contents 1. Fundamentals of the finite element method. 2. Modeling structures with beam elements. 3. stress concentrations, stress singularities. 4. Plates. 5. dynamic using the FeM. appendix 1. determination of beam section properties. appendix 2. Computer implementation of the saa. 9781848211919 • november 2009 • 336 pages • Usd 120.00 • new

13. Conclusion. it specifically develops instabilities arising from the rotor–structure coupling. the self-sustained instabilities associated with the presence of internal damping and instabilities related to the fluid–structure coupling for fixed and rotating structures. Probability of failure. 3. French Institute for Advanced Mechanics. “safety” coefficients. Fluid–structure interaction.10 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical instability www. self-sustained instability.00 . Aix-en-Provence.iste. Consultant and François Tomasz Krysinski. 2. instability of control systems. 9781848210820 • March 2009 • 512 pages • Usd 210. 2. 7. 5. Contents 1. reliability of systems. 14. it highlights the fundamental difference in nature between the phenomena of forced resonance vibration of mechanical systems subjected to an imposed excitation and instabilities that characterize their free response. France this book describes the main methods used in the reliability of structures and their use in the design process leading to reliable products. i. 3. the book provides examples of solutions obtained by passive or active methods. stochastic finite elements. isoprobabilistic transformation. For an original approach following the analysis of instability phenomena. 8. generally based on the finite element method. simulation methods. France this book presents a study of the stability of mechanical systems. 9781848212015 • June 2010 • 400 pages • Usd 125. notions of instability. 4.00 • new Structural reliability Maurice Lemaire. elementary r – s case. ENSAM. Products of reliability analysis. new reliability software programs are covered alongside the usual calculation tools. 9. Preliminary approach to reliability in mechanics. their free response when they are removed from their position of equilibrium after a temporary disturbance. after reviewing the main analytical methods of the dynamical stability of systems. 6. introduction.e. Chain torsion: instability of feedback systems. 12. providing the reader with the necessary foundation to implement them in research or industry. 10. Mechanical–reliability coupling. a few applications. 5. Clermont-Ferrand. rotor–structure coupling: examples of ground resonance and air resonance. 4. reliability index. Contents 1.

Crack Models and solutions. Mesoscopical and Multiscale Models. Modal synthesis. active absorbers. instrumentation used for X-ray diffraction. self-adapting suspension. 9781847040251 • May 2007 • 840 pages • Usd 315. 11. Piston engines. 5. Physical Mechanisms of Multiple damage. France Contents Part 1: sources of Vibrations 1. – 12. Vibration. Processing and Fabrication. – 3. Microstructural study of randomly oriented polycrystalline samples. 10. – 15. – 9. Ultrasonic and impact. suspensions. Film. Eurocopter. Frequency response – 4. Limoges. aerodynamic excitations. – 4. France Contents 1. the modal approach. self-adjusting absorbers. 9781905209217 • March 2007 • 376 pages • Usd 175. introduction to non-linear analysis. General introduction to linear analysis. – 12. Multiple-degree-of-freedom systems. – 2. – 6. – 7. – 7. – 13. – 14. – 8. interpreting the results. 14. dynamics of a rotor. – 3. – 4. Modal effective parameters. absorbers. Intespace. 6. Model updating and optimization. Mechanical and environmental effects. – 2. Part 2: Vibration Monitoring systems 7. 9. Failure.www. 6. 5. Unbalance and gyroscopic effects. – 7. Brittle Fracture. 3. Complex modes. – 8.00 particle and continuum Aspects of Mesomechanics integrity threSholdS for MAteriAlS And StructureS – MeSoMechAnicS 2007 Edited by George C. active suspensions.00 X-ray diffraction by polycrystalline Materials inStruMentAtion And MicroStructurAl AnAlySiS René Guinebretière. – Mechanical Engineering 11 Mechanical Vibrations ActiVe And pASSiVe control Tomasz Krysinski. France Contents 1. 9781905209293 • March 2007 • 384 pages • Usd 185. – 5. Micromechanical damage and effects. Sih et al. active systems. – 10. layer and interface. testing techniques. Creep and Fracture. Physical. – 4. – 12. 11. Heat transfer and Fluid Mechanics.00 Structural dynamics in industry Alain Girard and Nicolas Roy. Kinematic and geometric theories of X-ray diffraction. ENSAM. – 8. – 6. data processing. scattering and diffraction on imperfect crystals. the single-degree-of-freedom system. self-adapting resonators. – 5. Fatigue and Crack Growth.iste. 9781848210042 • January 2008 • 456 pages • Usd 215. non-homokinetic couplings. Aix-en-Provence. extracting information. rotor control. – 13. France and François Malburet. nanomaterials. – 9. Continuous systems. thermal. Contents 1. – 10. resonators. – 2. 3. Microstructural study of thin films. ENS de Céramiques Industrielles.00 . – 2. electronic and Composite Materials.

New & Backlist Titles NEW 2009 NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Fluid–structure Interaction Convective Heat Transfer Environmental Hydraulics Series – 5 volume set Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics & Transport Phenomena Handbook of Compressible Aerodynamics Mathematical Models – EHS volume 2 Microfluidics Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows Modeling Software – EHS volume 5 Numerical Methods – EHS volume 3 Physical Processess and Measurement Devices – EHS volume 1 Practical Applications in Engineering – EHS volume 4 Waves Propagation in Fluids – 2nd edition Other Related Titles p. 115 Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media Chemical and Biological Microsensors Fundamentals of Acoustics All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . 101 12 Fluid Mechanics Forthcoming. 47 p.

liquid or two-phase flows. natural convection in confined and non-confined laminar flows. each chapter begins with a brief yet complete presentation of the related topic. Contents 1. 8. Contents 1. University of Toulouse. as well as on associated heat transfer. turbulent boundary layers and free shear flows.00 • new convective heat transfer Michel Favre-Marinet. 4. are analyzed. applications are numerous and concern every industrial field. turbulent convection in external wall flows. two-phase microflows.www. 2. the book is illustrated with examples showing the diversity and originality of fluidic microsystems. the goal of this book is to provide engineers or researchers with tools for modeling. 9. 3. General points about microflows. as varied as biotechnologies or aeronautics. 5. turbulent convection in free shear flows. the various consequences of miniaturization on the hydrodynamics of gas. liquid microflows. experimental techniques in microfluidics. experimenting on and simulating these microflows. as a preliminary step for designing and optimizing fluidic microsystems.00 . 8. 7. analysis or even synthesis of fluids. Microfluidics and active control. particularly from a pedagogical point of view. turbulent internal flows.iste. the book contains nine chapters including convective heat transfer in laminar external and internal flows. 3. dimensionless numbers. 5. 6. Grenoble Institute of Technology and Sedat Tardu. France the recent development of microtechnologies nowadays makes it possible to design complex microsystems devoted to transport. France this book on convective heat transfer phenomena differs in many respects from those currently available. Forced convection around obstacles. Forced convection in boundary layer flows. laminar fully developed forced convection in ducts. 9. Heat transfer. turbulent convection in internal wall flows. wake flows. Gas microflows. Microfluidics is quite a new research area relating to microsystems involving internal flows with characteristic dimensions of the order of one Fluid Mechanics 13 Microfluidics Edited by Stéphane Colin. 7. this is followed by a series of solved problems with a gradual degree of complexity. internal natural convection. 4. 6. dosing. Joseph Fourier University. external natural convection. Fluidic mixing. Grenoble. Physiological microflows. 2. 9781848210974 • May 2010 • 432 pages • Usd 150. Fundamental equations. 9781848211193 • June 2009 • 400 pages • Usd 190.

6. wave models. 9781848211544 • June 2010 • 512 pages • Usd ENVIRONMENTAL HYDRAULICS SERIES Edited by Jean-Michel Tanguy. water quality. Ministry of Sustainable Development. underground flows. Urban hydrology. Coupled models and model families – Model families in hydrology.iste. climate change. France Volume 2 presents the different theories in an integrated approach: mathematical models as well as conceptual models. used by all disciplines to represent these processes. sediment transport and bed evolution models. tide. Measurement devices. tank models in hydrology and hydrogeology – Formal neural network models.00 • new . coastline. statistical and semi-empirical hydrology. soil and water and water in soil. 5. France with the collaboration of 88 experts and researchers This series of five volumes proposes an integrated description of physical processes modeling used by scientific disciplines from meteorology to coastal Ministry of Sustainable Development. coastline models. France Volume 1 describes the physical processes and identifies the main measurement devices used to measure the main parameters that are indispensable to implement all these simulation tools. watershed. 8. Contents 1. 3. currents. waves. 7. 2. Floods and natural disasters. new spatial technolgies. 9781848211537 • June 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 195. waves and water level measurements. water cycle related meteorological parameters measurement. oil slick drift models. Water quality. sediment transport. 4. Contents 1.00 • new Mathematical Models VoluMe 2 • enVironMentAl hydrAulicS SerieS Edited by Jean-Michel Tanguy. 9781848211520 • June 2010 • 5 volume set • Usd 930. topography and bathymetry data. fluvial morphodynamics. ice cover thickness measurements. typology of rivers and torrents. Water level and discharge in rivers. Ministry of Sustainable Development. fluvial and maritime models. measurement in fluvial sedimentology.urban hydrology models.14 Fluid Mechanics www. storm surges and storm forecasting. evapotranspiration. 3. estuary.00 physical processes and Measurement devices VoluMe 1 • enVironMentAl hydrAulicS SerieS Edited by Jean-Michel Tanguy. Fluid mechanics. Clouds and rain formation. lakes and reservoirs. 2. Flood generation and propagation in urban areas.

Contents 1. France to complete this 5 volumes series. Hydrogeology. – 4. flood generation and propagation in water sheds – 2d sediment transport and bed evolution. – 8. 2. dedicated to practical applications of these tools in engineering problems. 3. Fluvial and maritime morphodynamics. finite elements method. 1d modeling: surface balance. urban hydrology. Maritime hydaulics: sea states modeling. lumped 5. operational hydrology: flood forecasting.00 • new practical Applications in engineering VoluMe 4 • enVironMentAl hydrAulicS SerieS Edited by Jean-Michel Tanguy. General considerations on modeling tools – From engineering model to real-time model. atmospheric modeling. resolution methods. 3. 2d modeling: hydrological processes. – 6. 7. Pollution by dissolved matters transport. discretisation methods – Finite differences method.00 • new . ship trajectography. 1d fluvial hydraulics tools. estuarine hydraulics: real-time modeling.iste. Ministry of Sustainable Development. hydraulic integrated platform. flow in porous media. Contents 1. Ministry of Sustainable Development. From mathematical model to numerical model. wave propagation. 3d modeling: nonlinear waves. spectral approach. introduction to data assimilation.www. Contents 1.00 • new Modeling Software VoluMe 5 • enVironMentAl hydrAulicS SerieS Edited by Jean-Michel Tanguy. finite volume method. – Fluid Mechanics 15 numerical Methods VoluMe 3 • enVironMentAl hydrAulicS SerieS Edited by Jean-Michel Tanguy. 9781848211551 • June 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 195. volume 5 identifies and describes the modeling software in each discipline. 9781848211575 • June 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 150. Fluvial hydraulics: flood propagation. 2. France Volume 3 identifies the main numerical methods used in all these scientific fields to translate mathematical models into numerical tools. Ministry of Sustainable Development. 1d sediment transport and bed evolution. 9781848211568 • June 2010 • 400 pages • Usd 195. transport of matters. 3. France Volume 4 is composed of a series of case studies. fluvial and maritime currents. Flood generation and propagation in urban areas.

each chapter offers a simple theoretical presentation followed by an overview of practical calculation methods based on recent results. 25. 7. some transonic flow properties. application of the shock wave theory to supersonic air intakes. shock tube. the final chapter describes some specific properties of transonic flows. Chapters 18 through 24 develop the theory of characteristics applied to the study of supersonic flows as well as unsteady flows. Classification of flows. ONERA. oblique shock wave and shock polars. 16. in order to make theoretical understanding easier and present current applications. dimensionless equations. 9781848211414 • May 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 195. 3. 22. numerical methods for the calculation of unsteady flows. 20. Basic definitions. 13. Main conservation equation applications. 6. 9. fields of application and current challenges. 21. discontinuity surfaces: shock wave and slip line. France www. Contents 1. 12. the numerical method of characteristics 19. 5. Flows with shock waves. application to supersonic nozzle calculation. Fundamental concepts in fluid mechanics.iste. contact surface and wave reflections. application to nozzle calculation. 18. 2d steady supersonic flows and the theory of characteristics. steady this book is dedicated to compressible aerodynamic flows in the context of the inviscid fluid hypothesis. 4. aerodynamic forces. 24. inviscid and adiabatic flows.00 • new . 17. Chapters 9 through 17 present the theory of steady one-dimensional flows and discontinuity surfaces such as shock waves and slip Fluid Mechanics handbook of compressible Aerodynamics Jean Délery. thermodynamic reminders. Chapters 1 through 8 introduce the fundamental principles of theoretical aerodynamics and continue with vital reminders for understanding the discussions in the following chapters. rotational characteristics method. Fundamental equations of fluid mechanics. 15. 2. 23. 14. application of one-dimensional theory to the calculation of ejectors. one-dimensional flows with friction and heat transfer. Parameters of similarity. Unsteady one-dimensional inviscid and adiabatic flows. 11. shock crossings or shock-shock interferences. this is central to gas dynamics. 8. 10. aerodynamics: objectives. Unsteady shock wave.

9781848212138 • June 2010 • 512 pages • Usd 195. sergio idelsohn. Michael schäfer. Benson. Patrice Fluid Mechanics 17 Arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian fluid–Structure interaction nuMericAl SiMulAtion Edited by Mhamed Souli. Lille University. a number of practical examples are taken from various areas of fluid mechanics and hydraulics. such as steep fronts and shock waves. to extend the application of coupling problems. 2. Hugues digonnet. the first and by far simplest coupling method is explicit partitioned coupling. 5. in order to reduce computational time for large-scale problems. 7. Contents 1.iste. 6. luisa silva. the mathematical techniques that allow the behavior of the waves to be analyzed are presented. along with existing numerical methods for the simulation of wave propagation. david J. Following this. appendices. Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one dimension of space. rudy Valette. linear algebra. such as contaminant transport. Finite difference methods for hyperbolic systems. France and David J. 2. the navier-stokes equations need to be solved in a moving mesh using an ale formulation. France Second edition • updAted And reViSed this title presents the physical principles of wave propagation in fluid mechanics and hydraulics.00 • new . and describes different algorithms and numerical methods used to solve problems where fluid and structure can be weakly or strongly coupled. enabling readers to test their understanding of the subject. elie Hachem. Weak solutions and their properties. Contents 1. the motion of immiscible hydrocarbons in aquifers. Facundo del Pin and riccardo rossi. mathematical descriptions and numerical simulations of multiphase problems using level set techniques for interface tracking are presented and illustrated using specific coupling problems. Finite difference methods and finite volume methods are analyzed and applied to practical situations. Mhamed souli. Particular attention is paid to discontinuous flows. and their mathematical treatment. implicit Partitioned Coupling in Fluid–structure interaction. introduction to arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian in Finite element Methods. summary of the formulae. approximate riemann solvers. avoiding instabilities Caused by added Mass effects in Fluid–structure interaction Problems. Finite volume methods for hyperbolic systems. San Diego.www. Benson. 4. the added mass technique is described first. 3. pipe transients and gas dynamics. 5. in order to preserve the flexibility and modularity that are inherent in the partitioned coupling. Multidimensional hyperbolic systems.00 • new wave propagation in fluids — ModelS And nuMericAl techniqueS Vincent Guinot. scalar hyperbolic conservation laws in one dimension of space. we also describe the implicit partitioned coupling using an iterative process. numerical analysis. with particular attention being given to their advantages and disadvantages. Multidomain Finite element Computations: application to Multiphasic Problems. University of Montpellier. Fluid–structure interaction: application to dynamic Problems. University of California. 9781848211315 • January 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 120. the main aspects of the fluid structure coupling are then developed. an introduction to the Proper orthogonal decomposition (Pod) technique applied to Fsi problems is also presented. USA. river flow. 3. for general coupling problems involving large deformation of the structure. the riemann problem. application exercises are given at the end of each chapter. this book provides the fundamental basics for solving fluid-structure interaction problems. thierry Coupez.

co. emphasis is placed upon this approach because it embodies potentials for clarifying numerous problems in turbulent shear flows. 5. 17. Modeling of the reynolds stress evolution equations. 7. simplified closures: two and three transport equation models. 3. simpler. 6. thermodynamics of discrete systems. 11. Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Équilibre (IRPHE). Physics of energetic systems in flow. 16. 2. thermodynamics of continuous media. Part 2 explains the basic methods of metrology. 2. 9781848210011 • January 2008 • 752 pages • Usd 255. Multiple scale models. 8. 6. the main different methods of approach are considered. the passive scalar variance and its dissipation rate. 15. thermal systems and models. synopsis on numerical methods. 7. 9. Contents 1. the equations of fluid dynamics. transportation and propagation. Finally. 4. Contents 1. 12. large eddy simulations. treatment of low reynolds number turbulence. Homogenous anisotropic turbulence. 5. the influence of extra physical parameters is also considered. using a selection of examples of fluid and thermal mechanics. Methodology for one point closures. the book concludes by examining large numerical simulations methods. 18. the book considers second order closure models. 10. 20. 9781848210653 • september 2008 • 512 pages • Usd 240. Variable density turbulent flows. notes on the problems posed by the study of complex flows. 19. mathematical tools and methods for closure. turbulence scales.iste. generally older models are then presented as simplified versions of the more general second order models. 8. 14. advanced closures: new directions in second order Roland Schiestel. France Part 1 of this title concentrates on equations coming from balance laws and also discusses transportation phenomena and propagation of shock waves. Measurement. signal processing and system modeling.00 .00 fundamentals of fluid Mechanics and transport phenomena Jean-Laurent Peube. University of Poitiers. Modeling the turbulent flux evolution equations for a passive scalar. Wall treatment: methods and problems. Mathematical tools. France this title provides the fundamental bases for developing turbulence models on rational grounds. after a discussion of the basic concepts. simplified closures: zero and one transpor equation models. Fundamentals of statistical modeling: basic physical concepts. 3. 4. General properties of flows. turbulence transport equations for an incompressible fluid. representation and analysis of temporal signals. influence of archimedean forces.18 Fluid Mechanics Modeling and Simulation of turbulent flows www. 13. ranging from statistical modeling at various degrees of complexity to numerical simulations of turbulence. Marseille.

17 19 Numerical Methods Forthcoming. 103 Solid Mechanics using the Finite Element Method Structural Reliability Numerical Methods / VOLUME 3 • ENVIRONMENTAL HYDRAULICS SERIES Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Fluid-Structure Interaction Heat Transfer in Materials Forming Processes The Finite Element Method for Electromagnetic Modeling All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . 15 p. New & Backlist Titles NEW Extended Finite Element Methods for Crack Propagation Finite Element Simulation of Heat Transfer Finite Volumes for Complex Applications IV Finite Volumes for Complex Applications V Mesh Generation – 2nd edition NEW Modeling and Convexity Modeling and Dimensioning of Structures Other Related Titles p. 10 p. 30 p. 9 p.

9. Cracks are modeled in terms of signed distance functions (level sets). non convex situations are considered by means of relaxation methods and the connections between probability and convexity are explored and exploited in order to generate numerical algorithms. Contents Part 1: Motivation: examples and applications 1. Basics of fracture mechanics. 9781848212091 • June 2010 • 256 pages • Usd 85. Conclusions and open problems. 8. applications: numerical simulation of cracking. France. 6. 4. 9781848211773 • March 2010 • 528 pages • Usd 190. 3. Anthony Gravouil. 5. Functionals on real Hilbert spaces. INSA de Rouen. INSA de Lyon. 2. Cases of fatigue Eduardo Souza de Cursi. PUC-rio. France and Alain Combescure. Part 2: theory 5. 2. a simplified model for the fusion / solidification.20 Numerical Methods Modeling and convexity www. 4. 7. Nicolas representation of fixed and mobile discontinuities. Variational problems. France new techniques for modeling 3d cracks and their evolution in solids are presented. 3. Curvilineous structures. stress. Minimisation of a nonconvex function. Brazil this reference book gives to the reader a complete but comprehensive presentation of the foundations of convex analysis and presents applications to significant situations in engineering.00 • new .iste. the examples consider meaningful situations such as the modeling of curvilinear structures. Ecole Centrale de Nantes. applications for static or dynamics case are provided.00 • new extended finite element Methods for crack propagation Sylvie Pommier. Convex sets. France. non-linear constitutive behavior for the crack tip region is developed within this framework to account for non-linear effect in crack propagation. dynamics of unilateral systems. strain and displacement field are determined using the extended finite elements method (X-FeM). ENS-Cachan. nonlinear problems. the presentation of the theory is self-contained and the proof of all the essential results is given. optimization. INSA de Lyon. 10. the motion of a mass of people or the solidification of a material. Finite elements extended X-FeM. rio de Janeiro. elements of set theory. France and Rubens Sampaio. Contents 1. real Hibert spaces.

convective heat transfer 4. 9. UPMC Paris 6.00 finite element Simulation of heat transfer Jean-Michel Bergheau. General definitions. surface mesh optimization. 9781848210530 • september 2008 • 288 pages • Usd 140. to traditional non-linearities and to convective phenomena. Convective heat transfer. Mathematical formulation. in addition. other types of mesh generation methods. 21. 10. Meshing implicit curves and surfaces. Part 3: Coupled problems 7. France and Roland Fortunier. France and Paul-Louis George. Quadratic forms and metrics. 15.www. Contents Part 1: steady conduction 1. a comprehensive survey of mesh generation methods. Parallel computing and meshing issues. such as mesh modification tools. Quadtree-octree-based methods. several aspects are given full coverage. 8. mesh evaluation criteria. Mesh adaptation and P or HP-methods. Basic structures and algorithms. St-Etienne. 9. 7. 13. Curve meshing. 17. Mesh adaptation and H-methods. algebraic. 12. Mesh modifications. 18. 23. advancing-front technique for mesh generation. Fluid-structure interaction in a pipe. radiation exchanges in a chamber. Coupled problems involving heat transfer are then presented. Moving or deformable meshing techniques. France the aim of this second edition is to provide a comprehensive survey of the different algorithms and data structures useful for triangulation and meshing construction.00 . which an engineer can simulate. 24. surface modeling. Metallurgical phase change. 6. Contents 1. 2. delaunay-based mesh generation methods. 6. 4. a review of the various thermal phenomena is drawn Numerical Methods second edition 21 Mesh generation ApplicAtion to finite eleMentS Pascal Jean Frey. the method is gradually extended to transient regimes. 5. 19. 14. media axis and applications. 9781848210295 • February 2008 • 848 pages • Usd 195. delaunay admissibility. ENISE. the finite element method. non-linearities. INRIA. 16. 2. 22. starting from steady conduction. differential geometry. mesh optimization. Curve modeling. Part 2: transient conduction. France this book introduces the finite element method applied to the resolution of industrial heat transfer problems. three types of couplings are discussed: coupling through boundary conditions (such as radiative heat transfer in cavities). this new edition has been comprehensively updated and also includes a new chapter on mobile or deformable meshes. Ecole des Mines. isoparametric elements. 11. adaptive mesh construction and parallel meshing techniques. 8. non-linearities. surface meshing and re-meshing. addition of state variables (such as metallurgical phase change) and coupling through partial differential equations (such as electrical phenomena). 3. Mesh optimization. a touch of finite elements. 3. 5. transient conduction. Pde and multiblock methods. 10. St-Etienne. thermal and electrical phenomena.

additional elements of elasticity. medical and biological applications. 9781905209484 • august 2005 • 752 pages • Usd 195. EDF. new finite volume schemes. 11. the Basics of linear elastic Behavior. convergence. stiff source terms. Formalism and notations are kept to a minimum. Contents Part 1: level 1 1. Driss Ouazar and Said Raghay this volume contains contributions from speakers at the 4th international symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex applications. Part 3: supplements 9. introduction to Finite elements for structural dynamics. Paris-Est University and Jean-Marc Hé the main aspects of practical modeling are detailed in this book. Physical applications: multiphase flow and flows through porous media. 12. in July 2005. University of Toulouse 3. the subject of these papers ranges from theoretical and numerical results to physical applications. applications: discretization of simple structures. theoretical and numerical results: theoretical foundation. other types of Finite elements.iste.22 Numerical Methods Modeling and dimensioning of Structures Daniel Gay and Jacques Gambelin. and numerous cases are covered. and approximation of probability laws. the subject of these papers ranges from theoretical and numerical results to physical applications. France. France this volume contains the contributions presented at the 5th international symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex applications. Practical aspects of Finite element Modeling.00 finite Volumes for complex Applications iV proBleMS & perSpectiVeS Edited by Fayssal Benkhaldoun. structural Joints. held in aussois. Mechanical Behavior of structures: an energy approach. in June 2008. discretization of a structure into Finite elements. turbulent flows.00 finite Volumes for complex Applications V proceedingS of the 5th internAtionAl SyMpoSiuM on finite VoluMeS for coMpleX ApplicAtionS Edited by Robert Eymard. Morocco.00 . 9781848210356 • May 2008 • 960 pages • Usd 310. and image processing. 9781848210400 • april 2008 • 736 pages • Usd 240. the main practical results obtained at each stage are synthesized systematically in the form of summarized tables. higher order discretization and parallelization. shallow water problems. 10. 7. Part 2: level 2 5. 4. Criteria for dimensioning. France www. cryogenic applications. abstract formalism has been deliberately avoided. adaptivity. held in Marrakech. 2. Behavior of straight Beams. 3. Mathematic Prerequisites. 8. 6.

page 23 Materials Science Forthcoming. 90 p. 33 p. 114 Fatigue Damage X-ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials Nanomaterials and Surface Engineering Materials Under Extreme Loadings Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials Dielectric Materials for Electrical Engineering Materials and Acoustics Handbook All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . 7 p. 11 p. New & Backlist Titles NEW NEW NEW NEW Carbon-based Solids and Materials Ceramic Materials Combined Analysis Fatigue of Materials and Structures Heat Transfer in Materials Forming Processes Machining Composite Materials Materials and Surface Engineering in Tribology Materials with Rheological Properties Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave Dispersion Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials and Wave Dispersion Plastic Forming Processes Structural Components Vapor Surface Treatments NEW NEW NEW Other Related Titles p. 41 p. 48 p.

ion implantation and ion Beam assisted deposition. multiaxial fatigue. 2.00 • new . Fatigue of assemblies. s. Pineau. Bathias. Y. ion nitriding and afterglow treatments. Variable amplitude loading.24 Materials Science www. providing coverage from the basic physics to the technical details of each. local approach to cracking. France Fatigue of Materials and Structures includes information on advanced materials: polymers.-M. Michel Pons and Francis Baillet. 9. Prediction of initiation from a notch.iste. C. Corrosion-fatigue. 9781848211711 • november 2009 • 416 pages • Usd 160. l.-P. ENSMP. Bathias. H. Very High temperature Fatigue. the probabilistic approach to structural dimensioning. CNAM. and iii) macroscopic modeling of reactors.-l. lindley. C. thermal Fatigue. C. 8. t. Contents 1. initiation and propagation of fatigue hot cracks. 6. fatigue under variable loads and the role of the environment. H. Verreman. s. Gigacycle Fatigue. numerical simulation Methods. Chaboche. 19. effect of surface treatments on Fatigue strength. gigacyclic fatigue. 11.-P. with emphasis on the macroscopic engineering of the processes and the microscopic characterization of the produced coatings. 7. 2. lieurade. damage tolerance design. aimé richardt and isabelle richardt. Plastic deformation in relation to Fatigue Crack. Fatigue strength. Pack Cementation. such as small cracks. Contents 1. Fatigue Crack Growth. lemaitre. G. sudret. Chemical Vapor deposition: Principles and applications.-P. Bathias. Fretting fatigue of Materials and Structures — volume 1 fundAMentAlS Edited by Claude Bathias. Bathias. 4. with dedicated chapters dealing with i) principles and industrial applications. Grenoble INP. elastomers and composites. Baudry. lieurade. Pommier. Coupled Phenomena Modeling in CVd. effect of environment. Y. t. Cailleteau. influence of defects and Flaws. Yves Pauleau. 9. a. B. Gas Phase Carburation and Carbonitriding of steels. Pineau and C. J. damage Cumulation. antolovich. short Crack threshold. Probabilistic design of the Fatigue of structures. 7. 8. Modeling of Plastic Zones. and new knowledge. lieurade.00 • new Vapor Surface treatments Edited by Alain Galerie. 20. 21. low Cycle Fatigue. H. Pelloux. 18. 14. introduction for Fatigue of Materials. a. Palin-luc. 9781848210516 • april 2010 • 512 pages • Usd 240. alain Galerie has drawn contributions from leading experts at top research universities to produce a complete overview of the vapor phase surface treatments which have an increasing role in modern surface engineering. alain Galerie and Yves Wouters. 6. 10. 12. J. J. 3. K. 15. a section of the book is devoted to chemical vapor deposition (CVd) Contact Fatigue. Cathode sputtering. Pineau. r. Glinka. elisabeth Blanquet and Frédéric schuster. r. 17. Jacky dulcy and Michel Gantois. 13. Multiaxial Fatigue. France and André Pineau. ii) the use of plasma and lasers to assist deposition. laser or Plasma assisted Chemical Vapor deposition. Petit. Murakami. G. a. Vacuum evaporation. 24. contact fatigue and thermal fatigue as well as new approaches introduced by internationally renowned authors. 22. Jean desmaison et al. thierry Belmonte. dang Van. thierry Czerwiec and Henri Michel. 5. 5. remy. 4. Cazes. France this book details the most important techniques used in industrial applications. Jean-Paul rivière. 16. 23. 3. G.

iste. optical properties and applications. HP. surface and interface phenomena. this approach emphasizes in particular the electronic behavior of π polyaromatic systems organized in plane and curved atomic sheets. 9781848212008 • June 2010 • 650 pages • Usd 250. Probabilist design of the Fatigue of structures. Glinka. damage tolerance design. lieurade. a comparative review of the main classes of bulk physical properties is presented. From aromatic precursors to grapheme. s.Pineau. G. CNRS and University of Bordeaux.00 • new carbon-based Solids and Materials Pierre Delhaes. 11. Porous and granular carbons. Fatigue of assemblies. thermal fatigue. Emeritus Research Director. 7. HP. 10. Cazes. dammage Cumulation. Research Center Paul Pascal. Parent and analogous compounds. 14. 3. France Contents 1. dang 5. Precursor organic molecules and parent compounds are also described to establish specific links with this rich polymorphism. 15. a. France solid carbons can be found in various guises with different forms of bulk phases (graphites. K.Fretting Fatigue. Vibrational properties. 9781848212671 • June 2010 • 512 pages • Usd 240.www. J. lindley. Polymorphism of crystalline forms. 3. Contents Part 1: Carbon phases. r. t. Finally in a third part. Jl. Materials Science 25 fatigue of Materials and Structures — volume 2 ApplicAtion to dAMAge And deSign Edited by Claude Bathias. France and André Pineau. lemaitre. 5. Part 2: Physical properties of solid carbons 6. numerical simulation Methods. Filamentous carbons. 13. the surface and interface characteristics are introduced together with the texture and morphology of these multiscale carbon materials. 9. Variable amplitude loading. 6. the first part of this title analyzes the propensity of carbon atoms for forming different types of homopolar chemical bonds associated with variable coordination numbers. 8. nanotubes and graphenes). 7. t. B. Main applications of carbon materials. Mechanical and thermal properties. 4.00 • new . Historical panorama. High temperature fatigue. electronic structure and magnetism. lieurade. Palin-luc. sudret. non-crystalline carbons.effect of surface treatments on fatigue strength. 2. Chaboche. 12. 2. 9. Part 3: Carbon materials and uses 11. Chemical reactivity and surface treatments. CNAM. ENSMP. diamonds and carbynes) as well as more molecular forms (fullerenes. precursors and parent compounds 1. Prediction of initiation from a notch. 12. 10. l. 8. antolovich. Contact Fatigue. in a second part. remy. transport properties. composites and heterogeneous media.

elements of linear viscoelasticity. 4. Contents 1. automatic indexing of Powder diagrams. C. M. 6. 5. Finally. Y. Bending vibration of a rod. Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials and wave dispersion Edited by Yvon Chevalier and Jean Tuong Vinh. 9781848211988 • June 2010 • 448 pages • Usd 150. esteoule. 7. Y. t. two useful topics in applied viscoelasticity: Constitutive equations for viscoelastic materials. archi. 8. 5. J-B. M. 6. 7. Powder diffraction data treatment is introduced and in particular. 9781848210776 • February 2010 • 672 pages • Usd 250. t. 4. onobiono. specular x-ray reflectivity and the various associated models. Basic notions about Powder diffraction. X-ray reflectivity (Xrr). d. Quantitative Microstructure analysis (QMa). Y. Macroscopic anisotropic Properties. Vibrations of a ring and hollow cylinders. 12. 11. ENSICAEN. Very low frequency vibrations of a rod by le rolland-sorin’s double pendulum. 10. Viscoelastic moduli of materials deduced from harmonic responses of beams. Chevalier. Chevalier. 9. J. bending.00 • new . Formulation of equations of motion and overview of their solutions by various methods. Quantitative texture analysis (Qta). Beda. France Part 1 of Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials and Wave Dispersion is devoted to complements of continuum mechanics. also discussed are microstructures of the powder diffraction profiles.26 Materials Science www. le nizhery. elements of anisotropic elasticity and complements on previsional calculation. t. structure refinement by diffraction Profile adjustment (rietveld method). the rietveld analysis is detailed. Y.iste. Chevalier. nugues and J. France this title starts with some basic notions concerning diffraction by polycrystals and some of the most common combined analysis instrumental set-ups are detailed. 9. touratier. ISMEP. t. Ouen. Chevalier. 2. quantitative texture analysis is also 8.Vinh. 3. residual strain-stress analysis (rsa). Caracterization of isotropic and anisotropic materials by progressive ultrasonic waves. Continuous element method utilized as a solution to inverse problems in elasticity and viscoelasticity. P. Garceau. M. the book deals with automatic phase indexing. since its effect prevails on real samples where textures are often stabilized. Casimir. J. residual stress analysis for isotropic and anisotropic materials. torsional vibration of rods.Vinh.00 • new combined Analysis Daniel Chateigner. Casimir. M. Y. a necessary step to solve a structure abinitio. St. soula. quantitative phase analysis from the rietveld analysis. Combined structure-texture-Microstructurestress-Phase-reflectivity analysis. Part 2: rod vibrations. J-B. showing all the dilemmas that appear when one looks at only one part of the analyses.Vinh. J. 10. Contents Part 1: Constitutive equations of materials 1. J. Chevalier. Quantitative Phase analysis (QPa). 3. t. 2. longitudinal vibration of a rod. the book introduces the combined analysis concept. Part 2 concerns rod vibrations of various types: extension.

14. Jackson and t. Campos rubio. t. Contents Part 1: Mechanical and electronic instrumentations 1. 5. Portugal this book provides the fundamental background and coverage of recent advances in the machining of the major types of composite materials (polymers. J. J-B. t. Faria and J. Cénac. structural damping measurements. Machining Ceramic Matrix composites. as Part 1 presents details on instrumentation. t. J. nugues.Collombet. Chevalier. t. Gutiérrez. M. electronic instrumentation.00 • new Machining composite Materials Edited by F. Girot. Part 2 is devoted to experiments and experimental interpretations of elastic (and /or viscoelastic) moduli.Vinh. Zitoune. 2. Complements on rod wave dispersion with rectangular cross-section – experimental set-ups to study higher elastodynamic modes. 7. St. Paulo Davim. metals and ceramics) encountered in modern manufacturing engineering. review of some analysers for material characterization. 6. M. 8. 5. nugues. Chevalier. 11. University of Aveiro. 3. Part 2: realization of experimental set-ups – interpretation of measurements 9. Zhang.Vinh.Characterization of materials by ultrasonic wave propagation technique. Frequency Hilbert transform and detection of hidden non-linearities in frequency responses. Y.iste. iliescu and e. Y. P. 4. J. e. the three parts of the book therefore cover the machining of polymeric. l.Vinh. J. t. 12. Bending vibration of rod. J.Vinh. P.Vinh. 13. n. J. 3. Ultrasonic benches. lopez de lacalle. abrasive water jet machining of composites. 2. Mechanical parts of the vibration test bench. J. 10. Contents 1. F. chapters in Part 2 concisely present the aforementioned set-ups and discussion of experimental results. Pramanik and l. connecting cautions and signal processing.Vinh. abrao. Machinabilty aspects of polymer matrix composites. novakov. ISMEP. Materials Science 27 Mechanical characterization of Materials and wave dispersion inStruMentAtion And eXperiMent interpretAtion Edited by Yvon Chevalier and Jean Tuong Vinh. d. t. touratier. J. lamikiz. t. 4. 9781848211933 • May 2010 • 704 pages • Usd 290. le nizhery. t. realization of le rolland-sorin’s double pendulum and measurements at lower frequency. J. longitudinal vibration of rod. déléris and r. 15. P.Vinh. M. 9781848211704 • november 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 120. a. Mechanics and modeling of machining polymer matrix composites reinforced by long fibers. davim. J.00 • new . Casimir.Vinh. Zhang. Guidelines for the choice of experimental set-ups.Vinh. F. torsional vibration of rod. Vibrations of ring.Vinh. M. Garceau. metal and ceramic matrix composites. drilling technology. t. t.C. exciters and excitation signals. transducers. d. Machining Metal Matrix composites. archi. 6. France Part 1 is devoted to the mechanical and electronic instrumentations.www. J. M. Ouen. l. M. M. J. a.

Jean-Michel Frund. Jacques Besson. 4. this book provides the means to assess and use all these tests and their results in a complete and complementary manner. 9781848210127 • January 2008 • 304 pages • Usd 145. Jean-louis Chaboche. 4. Behavior laws explaining the relationship between forces applied and resulting deformations in materials are explored. hardness tests. Contents 1. the author presents equations describing the behavior of each possible type of resistance structure (with discrete collaboration. 2. 7.iste. these equations are then redefined in the particular concrete form for each type of structure. 9. dominique François. Institute of Railway Studies and Research. 8. France www. appendices. tensile and compression tests. 9781848210158 • august 2008 • 344 pages • Usd 195. 2. dominique François.28 Materials Science Structural components MechAnicAl teStS And BehAViorAl lAwS Edited by Dominique François. 6. dominique François. dynamic tests. impact tests. 5. by using the notions and known parameters from the construction’s statics. numerical application. Henri-Paul lieurade et al. 3. and dynamic tests. Jean-luc lataillade. endurance tests. Composite resistance structures with elements Built from Materials having different rheological Properties. then the range of available and appropriate tests are systematically presented – including compression and tensile tests.00 Materials with rheological properties cAlculAtion of StructureS Constantin Cristescu. introduction. continuous collaboration and complex composition). Constitutive equations. notched axi-symmetric test pieces. the rheological Behavior of Building Materials. making it a valuable resource for all those working in the fields of design engineering and structural component design and assessment. Romania this book presents the evolution of the mathematical models used to calculate the resistance structures and the conditions which enable progress to be made in this 10. Pascal Gadaud. sylvie this title provides a thorough overview of the materials laws governing the behavior and properties of materials under load and of the mechanical tests used by design engineers to determine which materials to use as structural components. 3. Ecole Centrale de Paris. impact tests. Bucharest. the mathematical models are then tested using practical case studies. introduction. Contents 1. Measurement of elastic constants. Fracture toughness measurement. Fatigue tests. Hardness tests. 5.00 . applications in resistance structures for Buildings.

spinel and zirconia. non-oxide ceramics. Contents 1. mullite. drilling and tribology. introducing the major classes of materials used. 9781905209231 • March 2007 • 592 pages • Usd 265. Bioceramics. ESPCI. powders synthesis. refractory materials. and discusses both structural and functional ceramics. Mechanical properties of ceramics. 6. tribology. Materials for tribology. friction. structural. Ceramic materials. ENSMM. Materials for cutting. University of Bourgogne. nuclear ceramics: Materials Science 29 Materials and Surface engineering in tribology Jamal Takadoum. 2. Ceramics for electronics.iste. mechanical and energetic perspectives. including bioceramics. Besançon. sintering and microstructure of ceramics. adherence and internal stresses. 3. 13. Contents Part 1: Ceramics: Materials and Processes 1. elements of solid mechanics – elements of contact mechanics – Friction – nanotribology Wear – lubrication – Wear-corrosion: tribocorrosion and erosion-corrosion. cutting and tribology illustrate the importance of mechanical properties. 5. 9. shaping and sintering. including both hard-facing protective layers and other coatings used for decorative purposes.00 . silicate ceramics. absorbants and inert matrices. France Ceramic Materials is primarily an introduction to the vast family of ceramic materials. 7. 9781848210677 • november 2008 • 240 pages • Usd 100. 4. History of ceramics. Ceramic shaping processes. 14. section 3 focuses on the materials used in tribology. Part 2: Properties and applications of Ceramics 8. it discusses traditional ceramics as well as “technical” ceramics – both oxide and non-oxide – which have multiple developments. the second part focuses on properties and applications. alumina. the first part is devoted to the basics of ceramics and processes: raw materials. France this book is divided into three sections. surfaces – the surface state. Ceramic compounds.00 ceramic Materials proceSSeS. France and Jean-Claude Nièpce. section 1 introduces the notion of a surface in tribology where a solid surface is described from topographical. 12.www. wear and lubrication. it also describes the principal techniques used to characterize and analyze surfaces. section 2 discusses what may be called tribology proper by introducing and describing the concepts of adhesion. 3. 11. 10. propertieS And ApplicAtionS Edited by Philippe Boch. Bulk materials – surface treatments and coatings – Hard anti-wear and decorative coatings – Characterization of coatings: hardness. the fields of abrasion. either in their bulk states or as coatings. sol-gel methods and optical properties. Paris.

Finishing treatments. even pragmatic. nevertheless. of a mixture of pure substances – Why simulate solidification? – thermal modeling of solidification with a plane front – Mold-alloy contact – thin shells – simulation of solidification with a semi-solid zone – exercises with solutions – Matlab® source codes.iste. 6. this method makes it possible to solve each problem with greater precision but at the price of a longer and more expensive implementation. there are approximately 20 basic implementation techniques and each of them is distinguished by specific case studies which gradually become more functional. coupling or treatments specifically used. welding or grinding. heat transfer in Materials forming processes with eXerciSeS And SolutionS Jean-Luc Battaglia. Polymers. in order to explain these different points in a practical. the inclusion of practical exercises and solutions also allows the reader to enrich their understanding by applying their knowledge to real-life cases. cutting. economic data. the different processes which are currently used or are being created in either design. Contents 1. 3. 2. do not concern “transformers” or users who need practical advice. Consultant Many books covering plastic materials analyze the behavior of these materials based on their chemical components or their mechanical properties from mathematical concepts. the finite element method application to the parabolic equation – nonlinear equations – algorithms for solving large linear systems – Presentation of the CoMsol® software. 9781848210660 • november 2008 • 288 pages • Usd 140. the reader will find approximately 400 figures or photos that describe the points. University of Bordeaux. 4.30 Materials Science 5. Converting Processes. 9781848210523 • July 2008 • 376 pages • Usd 160. France this book presents the resolution of thermal problems in various processes of working material such as molding. 2. Heat transfer in machining processes Heat conduction with moving heat sources – Heat transfer in cutting – Heat transfer in welding and in laser surface treatment – Heat transfer in grinding – exercises with solutions – Matlab® simulation codes. assembly and Fixations.00 plastic forming processes Maurice Reyne. thus providing the reader with the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches. way. Heat transfer in casting processes solidification of a pure substance. Contents 1. it is thus written to assist readers in their choice-making. trends. 7. in a quasi-exhaustive manner. so that they can make a more informed decision when applying these methods. the aim of this book is therefore to analyze. which are fundamental for research. two steps are presented for each type of application. Mold Making. 8.00 . leading to general solutions that are well-adapted to the needs of the engineer at the time of the first dimensioning of the processes. 4. the second approach is based on the finite element method. ecology and recycling. Fundamentals of heat transfer Principal modes of heat transfer – Heat transfer modeling – Heat equation – initial conditions and boundary conditions – solving the heat equation with the laplace transform – Heat transfer at solid-solid interface – exercises with solutions – Matlab® codes for the simulations. introduction. these approaches. the first is analytical. 9.

99 p. 102 Nanolithography Silicon Non-Volatile Memories All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . New & Backlist Titles Electron Transport in Nanostructures and Mesoscopic Devices NEW Micro. Nanosystems & Systems on Chips Nano and Micromachining Nanocomputers and Swarm Intelligence NEW NEW NEW Nanomaterials and Surface Engineering Nanophotonics Nanoscale CMOS Nanoscience and Nanotechnology The Wigner Monte-Carlo Method for Nanoelectronic Devices Other Related Titles 31 Nanomaterials and Nanoscience Forthcoming.

alina Voda. 4. Grenoble University. nanosystems and Systems on chips Modeling. alina Voda. Bruno daunay. emmanuel Pillet. tunneling and detrapping. 3. ENSPG. 4. 8. Grenoble. sylvain Blanvillain.32 Nanomaterials & Nanoscience Micro. appendices. irfan ahmad. 9781848211902 • January 2010 • 328 pages • Usd 120. nicolas rattier. Pascal Mailley. eric Colinet. Modeling. Gildas Besançon. control And eStiMAtion Edited by Alina Voda. near-field microscopy (aFM and stM) and nanosystems networks. 9. alina Voda. ranging from transmission formalism to the Coulomb blockade effect and current noise fluctuations. Hui Hui. Pierre Grangeat. observer-based estimation of Weak Forces in a nanosystem Measurement device. 5. Human-in-the-loop telemicromanipulation system assisted by Multisensory Feedback.iste. Youssef Yakoubi. specific interference effects. Gildas Besançon. biochips. abdelbaki the application fields presented in this title come from micro and nanorobotics. stéphane régnier. High-bandwidth and Ultraprecise nanopositioning.00 . identification and Control of a Micro-cantilever array. 10. Practical exercises and solutions have also been included to facilitate the reader’s understanding. Yassine Haddab. Part 3: From nanoworld to Macro and Human interfaces 8. six-dof teleoperation Platform: application to Flexible Molecular docking. Michel lenczner. the various physical effects are clearly differentiated. Ballistic transport and transmission Conductance. 9. 7. Coulomb Blockade effect. Fractional order Modeling and identification for electrochemical nano-biochip. with mathematics and theoretical material systematically kept at the most accessible level. Contents Part 1: Mini and Microsystems • new electron transport in nanostructures and Mesoscopic devices Thierry Ouisse. France www. 6. 7. some Useful Concepts and reminders. alina Voda. Graphene and Carbon nanotubes. scott Cogan. Modeling and Control of stick-slip Micropositioning devices. Mehdi ammi. an introduction to Current noise in Mesoscopic devices. alina Voda. Guillaume Jourdan. Gildas Besançon. 6. Part 2: nanosystems and nanoworld 3. Microbeam dynamic shaping by Closed-loop electrostatic actuation using Modal Control. 9781848210509 • June 2008 • 400 pages • Usd 170. Micky rakotondrabe. Contents 1. Chady Kharrat. France the coverage of this book is comprehensive. introduction. Controller design and analysis for High-performance stM. Philippe lutz. alina Voda has drawn contributions from leading experts at top research universities in France to produce a first overview of the major role that control systems science can play in the development of micro and nanosciences and technologies. tunnel Current for a robust. s-matrix Formalism. antoine Ferreira. 2. 5. 2.

development techniques. 12. France this book covers a wide range of topics in connection with the synthesis. Characterization of coatings: hardness. such as the resonant tunnelling diode. pulsed electrodeposition. internal stresses and tribological properties. adherence. 10. theoretical framework of quantum transport in semiconductors and devices.www. decorative coatings by physical vapor deposition. Besançon. scale effect and reverse identification. Contents 1. 3. transition from quantum to semi-classical transport through decoherence theory. in the final part. ENSMM. High temperature corrosion resistance of nanocomposite coatings. 4. this book also illustrates a wide range of powerful methods of nanomaterial/nanostructure synthesis such as microwave-assisted methods. interpretation of the nanoindentation test issues: indentation modulus.00 • new nanomaterials and Surface engineering Edited by Jamal Takadoum. Particle-based Wigner Monte-Carlo approach to device simulation.iste. ion beam synthesis of nanostructures. techniques for the encapsulation and functionalization of nanoparticles. decoherence theory is used to explain the emergence of the semi-classical transport in nanodevices. 6. 3. are also described and discussed. 8. 2. nanostructured coatings: principles and industrial applications. 5. nanocomposite coatings produced by electrolytic deposition. ion beams or glancing angle deposition. it details the implementation of a particle-based Monte-Carlo solution of the Wigner transport equation and how the technique is applied to typical devices exhibiting quantum phenomena. Nanomaterials & Nanoscience 33 the wigner Monte-carlo Method for nanoelectronic devices pArticle deScription of quAntuM trAnSport And decoherence Damien Querlioz and Philippe Dollfus. Microwave-assisted nanomaterials synthesis. hardness. 11. Multilayered nanometric coatings for mechanical Orsay. University of Paris-Sud. application of the Wigner Monte-Carlo technique to rtd. Principles. 7. 9781848211506 • March 2010 • 256 pages • Usd 95. aluminum-based nanostructured coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering for anti-corrosion applications. 2. the ultra-short silicon MosFet and the carbon nanotube transistor.00 • new . Contents 1. sculpting thin films by Glancing angle deposition (Glad). as well as the adhesion and mechanical characterization of nanostructured thin films. 9. properties and examples of industrial applications are presented for various nanostructured materials including nanocomposites and multilayered nanometric coatings. transparent polymer nanocomposites: a new class of functional materials. 4. characterization and applications of nanomaterials. 9781848211513 • april 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 125. France this book gives an overview of the quantum transport approaches for nanodevices and focuses on the Wigner formalism. MosFet and CntFet. methods and industrial applications of microencapsulation.

d. the reader is thus provided with an introduction to this complex area with different “tracks” for further personal understanding and reflection. e. energy. Clerc et al. the marriage of software and hardware. very low access resistance and various high dielectric constant gate stacks for power scaling.34 Nanomaterials & Nanoscience nanoscale cMoS innoVAtiVe MAteriAlS. CNRS. d. P. 3. 11. 5. schottky source-drain. Ballistic transport modeling in si and alternative channel materials. 14. micro and nanoelectronics) and gives examples of applications in various fields: materials. leadley. some science to get you started.00 • new An introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology Alain Nouailhat. o’neill et al. 5. asenov et al. o. Modeling and simulation approaches for gate current computation. Parker. Flandre. Written by an expert who has spent a large part of his professional life in the field. Parker. it clearly shows how the nanoworld is at the crossing point of knowledge and innovation. this guided and illustrated tour also reveals the importance of the nanoworld in everyday life. the book also gives a general insight into the evolution of nanosciences and nanotechnologies. this text covers three areas that will provide a dramatic impact on the approaches to future CMos – global and local. Contents 1. 15. strained si and Ge channels. accurate determination of transport in the field of new materials. d. Gate stacks. s. e. Modeling and simulation approaches for drain current computation. iniguez et al. molecular biology. Fiegna et al. leadley et al. r. e. strain determination. strained soi materials. Part 2: advanced modeling and simulation for nanoMosFets 6. M. devices. Mantl et al. s. Grenoble. the revolution in techniques used in observation and imagery. 9781848210073 • January 2008 • 240 pages • Usd 95. Compact models for advanced CMos architectures. 7.iste. 10. nanos are changing the world. 2. Ghibaudo et al. C. introduction. Mantl. Palestri et al. atomistic simulation for nanodevices. strained and alternative materials for high speed channels on bulk substrate and insulator. 4. engstrom et al. d. INP-Minatec. What are nanos? 2. introduction. France www. 8. data management and life sciences. 9781848211803 • april 2010 • 480 pages • Usd 195. 3. Characterization of interface defects. 16. 9. B. 4. e. Flandre et al. rF characterization. 7. 6. France this book provides the prerequisites required for an understanding of the nanoworld (quantum physics. Mouis et al. a. the uses of nanotechnologies. Paris. sangiorgi. Contents Part 1: novel materials for nanoscale CMos 1. Modeling And chArActerizAtion Edited by Francis Balestra. Part 3: nanocharacterization methods 12. G. a. introduction. dubois et al.00 . Mechanics of the living world.

elements of technology for information systems of the new century. 3. Jianmei Zhang. 6. Jackson. 9781905209286 • June 2006 • 328 pages • Usd 145. 9781848211032 • november 2008 • 224 pages • Usd 90. it suggests new fabrication methods for the 21st century as well as new architecture models. the computers of tomorrow. non-conventional Processes: laser Micromachining. Chip Formation and Machined surfaces. University of Aveiro. robinson and Mark J.00 . nanoscale Cutting. Jackson. 2. French network on nanophotonics. Contents 1. Center of Nanosciences of the Paris-Region. 7. Nanomaterials & Nanoscience 35 nano and Micromachining Edited by J. Consultant this book introduces the principles of quantum information systems. Conventional Processes: Microturning. Business mutation and digital opportunities on the 21st century. Jackson and Michael d. Claude Delalande. Jiangang sun and Zhijian Pei. Microdrilling and Micromilling.00 nanophotonics Edited by Hervé Rigneault. Waqar ahmed. 5. Wit Grzesik. revolution or continuity? 2. diamond tools in Micromachining. Whitfield. evaluation of subsurface damage in nano and Micromachining. the coverage concludes with an evaluation of subsurface damages in nano and micromachining and a presentation of applications in industry. the use of nano-tubes in molecular transistors and dna computing. Whitfield.00 nanocomputers and Swarm intelligence Jean-Baptiste Waldner. Microgrinding and Ultra-precision Processes. rebuilding the world atom by atom. applications of nano and Micromachining in Contents 1. Mark J. Paulo Davim. 8. Xiaoping li. before discussing various advances in field and machining processes. 4. rüdiger rentsch. Grant M.www. 5. Jackson and Michael d. USA Nano and Micromachining begins by providing an outline of nanomachining with emphasis being given to molecular dynamics. Mark J. France. Purdue University. ductile Mode Cutting of Brittle Materials: Mechanism. former Director of the Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain and Juan Ariel Levenson. cutting and chip formation. Jean-Michel Lourtioz. France Nanophotonics is a comprehensive introduction to the emerging area concerned with controling and shaping optical fields at a subwavelength scale. the rise and anticipated decline of the silicon economy. 3. Jiwang Yan. ranging from the most conventional to the most radical. Fresnel Institute. 6.iste. 9781848210097 • February 2008 • 304 pages • Usd 135. Portugal and Mark J.

New & Backlist Titles 2009 NEW Duplex Stainless Steels Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures Handbook of Extractive Metallurgy Metallurgy and Mechanics of Welding All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 36 Metallurgy Forthcoming.

separation operations. stoichiometry. thermodynamics of aqueous electrolyte solutions and fluxes (molten salt melts). extraction and refining may be carried by pyrometallurgic. 6. Fusion-reduction operations. 7. unit operations and industrial processing flowsheets (extraction processes. 17. 25. refining of liquid metals. the first part deals with the fundamentals of thermodynamics and kinetics of these transformations. Gas-solid and solid-solid operations and reactors. 11. 8. thermodynamics of metallic melts. sulphide ore smelting and matte converting operations and converters. halide metallurgic and electrometallurgic processes. 5. Hydrometallurgical transformations. Consultant this book deals with the transformations. industrial processing flowsheets (extraction and refining processing routes illustrated by flowsheets). chlorides ans carbides. concentrates (enriched ores). Part 2: transformations 9. Blast furnaces. Hydrometallurgical reactors. Kinetics of fluid-particle transformations. hydrometallurgic. technologies and converters. roasting of sulphides. processes. 9781848211605 • June 2010 • 752 pages • Usd 295. Kinetics of mass transport controlled transformations. Melting and smelting reduction electric furnaces. Halide and carbonyl transformations. material balances and fundamentals of metallutgical thermochemistry. Kinetics of chemical reaction controlled transformations. 12. the industrial processing flowsheets i. (unit) operations and processing flowsheets of extractive Metallurgy i. 3.e the extraction of metals from ores. the third part deals with the operations and processes studied in terms of « process engineering ».00 • new .www. 19. 21. the second part deals with the main physico-chemical transformations. 13. sulphides. Part 3: technologies (processes). 18. aqueous electrolytic transformations. 22. 10. 4. Molten salt electrolysis operations. 24. 15. processing routes) 16.e the sequence of steps or operations used to convert the ore available to metal are presented from a rationalizing point of view. 14. scraps and other sources and their refining up to liquid metals before casting or to solid metals. 23.iste. steel making and steel refining Metallurgy 37 handbook of extractive Metallurgy Alain Vignes. thermodynamics and kinetics of electrochemical reactions. slags and mattes. Contents Part 1: Basic thermodynamics and kinetics 1. reduction of metal oxides. Converting of cast iron (steel making) and primary refining of steel. technologies and reactors. thermochemical data on oxides. 20. smelting of ores and converting of mattes.

r. Benson and F. Ecole Centrale de Lille. 5. low-cycle fatigue behavior of dss at intermediate temperature. 8. Contents 1. 2. Hot Workability of duplex stainless steels. i alvarez-armas. Besson. due to their ferritic-austenitic microstructure. Pineau. this type of steel is now increasing its application and market field due to its very good properties and relatively low cost. armas. Corrosion resistance properties of duplex stainless steels. evrard. F. due to the development of new grades. a. particularly in the oil and gas industry. industrial processing of dsss and its effect on their fatigue response. France and Iris Alvarez-Armas. tiziani. P.00 • new . a. V. the use of duplex stainless steels has grown rapidly in the last 10 years. serre. aubin and P. F. a. the update of welding and corrosion properties and the introduction of topics like texture effects. CONICET and UNR. as well as applications. duplex stainless steels a family of cost effective engineering grades and a viable alternative to traditional stainless and carbon steel applications. 7. chemical tankers. 6. Macro and micro-modeling of monotonic and cyclic mechanical behavior. lesley Plaut. akdut.38 Metallurgy duplex Stainless Steels www. pulp and paper as well as the chemical industry. s. corrosion resistance and mechanical strength properties. sjö Edited by Suzanne Degallaix-Moreuil. J. they possess a higher mechanical strength and a better corrosion resistance than standard austenitic steels. topics like welding. a. Fracture micro-mechanisms of cast duplex stainless steels: observation and modeling. Welding processes. influence of aging.iste. 4. Phase transformations in duplex stainless steels and their influence on the mechanical and corrosion properties. 10. J. 3. therefore. special attention will be given to fatigue and fracture behavior and to proposed models to account for mechanical behavior. 9781848211377 • october 2009 • 464 pages • Usd 190. and mechanical behavior modeling give this book specific focus and character. Partition of cyclic plasticity in the 25Cr-7ni-0. in all these examples.25n duplex stainless steel investigated by atomic Force Microscopy. i. salazar.a. corrosion resistance and mechanical strength properties (mainly in the fatigue domain) are crucial. iza-Mendia.and Multiaxial Fatigue: mechanical behavior and microstructural mechanisms. Gutierrez. microstructural evolution and final properties of duplex and super duplex stainless steels. Bonollo. Padhila. Uni. this book is a review of the most recent progress achieved in the last 10 years on microstructure. Ferro. 11. M. d. Charles. i. J-B Vogt. degallaix. fatigue and fracture strength properties. each subject will be developed in chapters written by experts recognized around the international industrial and scientific communities.F. 9. Argentina duplex stainless steels (dsss) are chromium-nickel-molybdenum-iron alloys that are usually in proportions optimized for equalizing the volume fractions of austenite and ferrite.

Fracture toughness of welded joints.00 . the effect of overloads on the fatigue life. Physical modeling of the entire fatigue process. Jean-Paul Gourmelon. Jean-louis Moiron. 2. Pascal Verrier and Joël Claeys. 9. the second part of the book concentrates on the applications of welding for various materials and in various industrial fields: sheet steel for Welding heavy components in the nuclear industry. Norway and Naman Recho. Welding steel structures. Christian Bonnet. olivier dieraert. 7. a notch stress field approach to the prediction of fatigue life. Welding of steel mechanical components. Basic characterization of the fatigue behavior of welded joints. introduction. the s-n approach. 9. 6. metallurgical and mechanical phenomena in the heat affected zone of welding. 8. Michel Courbière. as well as to fatigue and brittle fracturing. Molten metal.www. 12. definition and description of fatigue loading. thermal. Marc Bousseau. Welding of steel sheets. the first part of the book provides a review of the various different welding processes in use. France this title offers a comprehensive overview on the subject of welding. 9781848210387 • october 2008 • 512 pages • Usd 195. 6. it explains how to cope with likely future problems relating to fatigue design of welded structures. France this book deals with practical problems in structural design and service inspection. 9781905209545 • october 2006 • 432 pages • Usd 175. experimental methods and data analysis. it then goes on to deal with the entire set of thermal. dominique Kaplan and Guy Murry. Christian Bonnet. pressure vessels. 4. 3. François Faure and léon dunand-roux. 4. Guy Murry and dominique Kaplan. 5. Contents 1. and the welding of stainless steels and aluminum alloys. with and without surface treatments. the evolution of standardization in welding is examined. metallurgical and mechanical phenomena in the heat affected zone (HaZ) of base metals and molten metals. Welding aluminum alloys. abdelkrim Chehaibou and Jean-Claude Goussain. applied fracture mechanics. Contents 1. 11. Jean-Pierre Pescatore and Jean-Henri Borgeot. 3. Gilles rigaut. 5. Welding Metallurgy 39 Metallurgy and Mechanics of welding proceSSeS And induStriAl ApplicAtionS Edited by Régis Blondeau. 8. Multi-axial fatigue of welded joints. stochastic modeling. Fatigue strength of welded joints. University Blaise Pascal. Particular attention is paid to the problems of rupturing. Yves desalos and Gérard Pradere. 14. St-Etienne. Finally. Clermont-Ferrand. 13. 7. 10. High density energy beam welding processes: electron beams and lazers.iste. Grimstad. steel construction and fabrication. 10. standardization: organization and quality control in welding. Agder University College. traditional welding processes. 2. ENSM. 12. Proposal for a new type of s-n curve. Henri-Paul lieurade. Welding stainless steels. including both traditional and more recent high energy input welding techniques. mechanical system components.00 fatigue life Analyses of welded Structures Tom Lassen. 11.

New & Backlist Titles Advances in X-ray Tomography for Geomaterials NEW Advances in Computed Tomography for Geomaterials Constitutive Modeling of Soils and Rocks Creep Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete and Concrete Structures 2009 NEW 2009 Dynamic Behavior of Concrete and Seismic Engineering Environmental Geomechanics GeoProc2008 Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media HVTT 10 ICWIM 5 NEW NEW NEW NEW 2009 Materials under Extreme Loadings Mechanical Behavior of Concrete Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials Micromechanics of Failure in Granular Geomaterials Micromechanics of Granular Materials Microtuneling and Horizontal Drilling Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials Organic Materials in Civil Engineering Seismic Engineering NEW Soil Mechanics All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 40 Civil Engineering & Geomaterials Forthcoming.

www. 7. recent advances of X-ray technology. First approach of random localization in lagrangian numerical simulations. 15. ionescu. from fundamental characterization of material behavior to applications in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. 8. Chen. donze. as such. F. danielson. 11.00 • new Advances in computed tomography for geomaterials geoX2010 Edited by Khalid A. 9. CE Gramat. USA a review of recent advances in all aspects related to the response of materials. M. DGA. WG Proud. USA and Allen H. Voyiadjis. Stennis Space Center.J. Louisiana State University. dynamic Fragmentation of Glass. 12. schmidt. 6. Petit. 19. Ioan R. design of Kolsky Bar experiments. numerical simulation of dynamicfracture of Materials and structures Using X-FeM or sPH. W. 3d Fracture and Fragmentation studies of normal and High Performance Concrete. Cusatis. l. damage Morphology From Ballistic impact onto Glass laminates.iste. 13. numerical Modeling of Projectile Penetration into Compressible rigid Visco-Plastic Media. 16. 9781848211841 • april 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 160. F. 5. impact of rigid Missiles on Concrete Walls: a discrete element analysis. the Virtual Penetration laboratory: new Capabilities for Projectile Penetration in High-strength Concrete. the contributions cover a wide range of topics. adiabatic shear Bands in High strain rate deformations of Materials. landis. submitted to high velocity impacts and penetration mechanics. Ionescu. e. the lattice discrete discrete Particle Model for the numerical simulation of Concrete subject to Penetration. Batra. r. 14. experimental approach and Modeling of the dynamic tensile Behavior of a Micro-Concrete. Behavior of Cementitious Materials for High-stress and High-strain rate Conditions. George Z. daudeville. trumel. Microstructural evolutions of an energetic Material Under impact loading. s. 9781848211797 • January 2010 • 448 pages • Usd 200. adley. Louisiana State University. M. a. experimental analysis of Concrete Behavior Under High Confinement. s. Reed. 18. W. 17. Civil Engineering & Geomaterials 41 Materials under extreme loadings ApplicAtion to penetrAtion And iMpAct Edited by Eric Buzaud. Modeling Perforation and Penetration in Composite Plates due to impact. Forquin. C. H. University Paris 13. Voyiadjis. Alshibli. this will be valuable reading for anyone interested in the application of X-ray Ct to geomaterials from both fundamental and applied perspectives. Bless. 10. Contents 1. 3. numerical aspects and Procedures for Modeling reinforced Concrete structures Under extreme impulsive loadings.00 • new . J. the shock response of Geological and Cementitious Materials. 4. akers. hardware and software are also discussed. P. ioan r. Concrete testing and Modeling issues for Materials Under extreme loadings. K. Naval Research Laboratory. 2. USA the GeoX2010 proceedings discuss the latest advances and developments in the applications of X-ray computed tomography. France and George Z. Hild.

Vardoulakis. M. Vincens and C. darve. nova. damage of geomaterials: induced anisotropy and coupling with plasticity. putting forward relevant methods and efficient tools for analysis. Wan. 7. 6. Finally. e. this book. although theoretical at first glance. richefeu and F. Pastor. Guo. France and Richard Wan. nouguier-lehon. V. P. seepage: stationary conditions. radjaï. Various failure modes that are encountered in geomaterials and their implications in engineering applications are discussed throughout the chapters. Grenoble. Continuous and discrete modeling of failure in geomaterials. 5. Multiscale analysis of failure. F. effect of particle breakage on the behavior of granular materials. darve.iste. F. el Youssoufi Moulay. d. 4. 3. F. the constitutive relationship: tests and experimental results. Contents 1. it provides a view of the current scientific community on this topic. Kondo.42 Civil Engineering & Geomaterials www. V. 3. s. Fernández Merodo. 2. University of Calgary. 10. the case of porous frictional materials with or without a fluid phase is considered together with the basic roles of the sliding and opening of contacts as a failure mechanism. the influence of grain crushing as a plausible mechanism under a variety of stress conditions and grain topologies is also addressed. numerical solution to boundary problems. Pijaudier-Cabot. Cambou. nicot. Mira. F. introduction: basic concepts. 9781848211285 • november 2009 • 368 pages • Usd 150. 7. fracture in continuous materials containing grain inclusions is dealt within the context of damage theory. the constitutive relationship: mathematical modeling of the experimental behavior. Canada this book is a treatise that brings together some of the latest international research and advances in the failure of granular geomaterials within a micromechanical approach. or purely micromechanical investigations. tonni. M. CEMAGREF. 9. numerical modeling of failure mechanisms. nicot and F. F. Contents Controllability of geotechnical tests and their relationship to the instabilities of soils.a. Zhu. Capillary cohesion of wet granular media. Continuous damage modeling and discrete approaches to failure. 8. Pinheiro. 4. l. Micromechanics of failure in granular geomaterials Edited by François Nicot. Mechanical behavior of granular materials with soft grains.o. r. sibille. seepage: transient conditions. G. 2. Alberta. also offers a more practical scope. soulié. Failure analysis using an elastoplastic micromechanical model. Georgopoulos. Prunier. Soil Mechanics Roberto Nova. 5. the chapters includes either phenomenological contributions enriched with micromechanical ingredients. J. giving readers adequate tools to plan geotechnical projects correctly. Monchiet and Q. i.00 • new 1. 9781848211025 • april 2010 • 464 pages • Usd 190. Italy Knowledge of the behavior of soil mechanics is essential for forecasting the internal displacements and actions of any construction. i. 6. Q. P. Field equations for a porous medium.00 • new . li. l. Milan University of Technology.

subsidence due to Water Withdrawal. seismic ground motion. Christian schroeder. dynamic behavior of concrete: constitutive models. seismic calculation methods of structures and paraseismic Civil Engineering & Geomaterials 43 environmental geomechanics Edited by Bernard Schrefler. Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC). 3. 9. 13. alain Millard. experimental methods in earthquake engineering. France Contents 1. models of concrete structures subject to seismic activity. experiments on large structures. Yu-Jun Cui and Bernard schrefler. Christophe ancey et al. Pierre delage and Michel Wojnarowicz. retention and transfer of Hydrocarbon Pollution: Mechanisms and numerical Modeling of the Michel Wojnarowicz and Mario Manassero. . retention and transfer of Chemical soluble Pollution: Mechanisms and numerical Modeling. 6. 4. 7. Patrice Bailly. experimental techniques for Characterizing the alterations. 12. Véronique Verges-Belmin. 7. Bernard schrefler and Pierre delage. 978184821667 • June 2010 • 544 pages • Usd 200. instability of soil Masses. Jean-rené Gibert. 11. 4. 8.iste. 6. then examines seismicity and seismic behavior. subsidence due to the extraction of Coal and Hydrocarbons. retention and transfer of trace elements and Heavy Metals: Mechanisms and numerical Modeling. soil behavior: dynamic soil-structure interactions. Methods of remediation of Polluted soils. François descoeudres. Patrick Paultre and Jean Proulx. France While the static behavior of concrete has been the subject of numerous works. 5. INPG. 8.00 • new dynamic Behavior of concrete and Seismic engineering Edited by Jacky Mazars. Claude Brunjail et al. University of Padua. CEA Saclay. abdelmalek Bouazza. 10. 9781848210714 • February 2009 • 400 pages • Usd 150. Jean-Paul Gaudet and Michel Vauclin. soil behavior. instability of rock Masses.00 1. 5. Confining liners in Waste disposal Facilities.www. 2. Jacky Mazars and Jean-Marie reynouard. Bernard schrefler and luciano simoni. 3. 15. Italy and Pierre Delage. Pierre Pegon and J-C Queval. Véronique Verges-Belmin et al. Paris. Christophe ancey et al. Magnan. François toutlemonde and Gérard Gary. Mario Manassero and abdelmalek Bouazza. 16. alteration of Building stones. nivology and avalanches. Grenoble and Alain Millard. Philippe Bisch. nature and survey of soil Pollution. 14. 17. robert Charlier and Jean-Pol radu. this book sets out to remedy this situation: it presents the most frequently experimental techniques used in the study of the dynamic behavior of concrete. nicolas ile. Yu-Jun Cui and J. seismic analysis of structures: improvements due to probabilistic concepts. 9.-P. engineering know-how: lessons from earthquakes and rules for seismic design. 2. Physics of Water transfer in stones. the same cannot be said regarding the dynamic behavior. Pierre-Yves Bard. alain Pecker. Contents dynamic behavior of concrete: experimental aspects. Jean-Paul laurent. laurent Vulliet. Mountain stream Hydraulics and debris Flow. abdelmalek Bouazza. didier Combescure. local subsidence due to Water infiltration. Models for simulating the seismic response of concrete structures. Case studies.

probabilistic methods. K. 14. Jommi. natural disasters. Basic concepts in the mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials. advanced experimental techniques for the non-isothermal testing of soils. 2. water content and water permeability. laloui. thermally-induced pore pressure generation in a nearly-saturated cementitious material. o. Contents Part 1: Fundamental concepts 1. l. 13. Switzerland this book provides a sound basis in the challenging area of the mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials. Unsaturated soil mechanics applied to top soils. consolidation and swelling in fine soils near saturation in engineering practice. Modelling of landslides in partially saturated slopes. 9781848212664 • June 2010 • 416 pages • Usd 195.00 • new thermo-hydromechanical and chemical coupling in geomaterials and Applications proceedingS of the 3rd internAtionAl SyMpoSiuM geoproc’2008 Edited by Jian-Fu Shao and Nicolas Burlion. original up-to-date results are presented by leading experts at an international level. the presentation of the fundamental concepts is based on an interdisciplinary approach. 10. Collin. Edited by Lyesse Laloui.00 . Polytech-Lille. 4. 7. r. C. a. experimental techniques for unsaturated geomaterials. 8. 9781848210431 • May 2008 • 736 pages • Usd 290. l. 16.iste. drying shrinkage and cracking of soils. laloui. Conservation laws for three-phase partially-saturated geomaterials. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Part 4: engineering applications 12. Horn. P. in the areas of soil. Borja. the objective is to supply the reader with an exhaustive overview starting from the basics and covering the most recent theories and applications (i. P. Various topics are covered from fundamental developments to engineering applications such as: coupled constitutive models. 18. rock and cement-based material mechanics. Boutonnier. delage. t.e. Coefficient B. nuclear waste disposal. Mechanics of unsaturated cement-based materials. F.44 Civil Engineering & Geomaterials Mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials www. oil and agriculture productions). Pipeline behaviour on unsaturated soils. Mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials applied to nuclear waste storage. 9. Charlier. solutions and case studies are also provided. Hydro-mechanical coupling theory in unsaturated geomaterials and its numerical integration. Hueckel. Lausanne. multi-scale approaches. laloui. EPFL. 15. Constitutive modeling of unsaturated soils. laloui. 17. l. 11. soga. Geomechanical analysis of river embankments. 5. l. a. r. selvadurai. Part 2: experimental characterization 3. Part 3: theoretical framework 6. l. tarantino. Coussy. r. strain localisation in coupled transient phenomena. Field measurement of suction. a. Mechanics of unsaturated soils. France this book contains the Proceedings of the 3rd international symposium devoted to recent advances in the study and modeling of t-H-M-C coupling in geomaterials and its applications (GeoProc’2008). experimental and in situ investigations. numerical implementation.

00 . University of Montpellier 2. although rapid flows and widely dispersed media are also mentioned briefly. Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.00 • new Micromechanics of granular Materials Edited by Bernard Cambou. three essential areas are covered: local variable analysis: contact Civil Engineering & Geomaterials 45 Mechanical Behavior of concrete Edited by Jean-Michel Torrenti. 3. University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour. Fékri Meftah. orientation of contacting particles and fabric tensors are all examples of local variables. damage and plasticity theories and their coupling. Jean-François destrebecq. displacements and rotations. numerical modeling: several methods designed to calculate approximate solutions of dynamical equations together with unilateral contact and frictional laws are presented. Khalil Haidar. instantaneous and time-dependent features. 9781848210752 • May 2009 • 368 pages • Usd 125. INSA Lyon. Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot and Khalil Haidar. Franz-Josef Ulm. such as spatial distribution and possible localization. 5. LMA. Jean-Marie Reynouard. France. Concrete at early age: the major parameters. 8. Farid Benboudjema.iste. Marseille. Jean-François Georgin. Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Failure and size effect of structural concrete. Jean-Marie reynouard. France this title presents the experimental data from elastic range until failure. including molecular dynamics. 9781848211780 • april 2010 • 448 pages • Usd 190. their statistical distributions. Jean-Michel torrenti. 2. Grégory Heinfling. Part 3: time dependent response of concrete 7. it deals with the modeling of this behavior presenting the different theoretical approaches. and Farhang Radjaï.co. Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot. taking into account experimental results or numerical simulations. Jean-François dubé. delayed effects – Creep and shrinkage. F. 9. test technique and experimental characterization. Part 2: Concrete under cyclic and dynamic loading 4. Vincent Waller and Buqan Miao. Michel Jean. 6. these procedures make it possible to construct continuum laws to be used in a continuum mechanics approach or perform smaller scale analyses.www. the distinct element method and non-smooth contact dynamics. Benoît Bissonette and Jacques Marchand. Fatigue of structural concrete. are analyzed. Fabrice lemaou and Jean-Michel torrenti. Gatuingt. France this title’s main focus is devoted to static or dynamic loadings applied to dense materials. nicolas Burlion. Contents Part 1: instantaneous or time-independent models for concrete 1. rate dependent behavior and modeling for transient analyses. Change of scales procedures: also known as “homogenization techniques”. France and Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot. Modeling of the macroscopic behavior of concrete. Cyclic behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete. Modeling concrete at early age.

elastoplastic modeling of soils: monotonous loading. linear seismic calculation. laouafa. Contents 1. and seismic action. damage modeling of rock materials. 2. Parameter identification.F. elastoplastic modeling of soils: cyclic loading. Giraud. Kondo. F. 6. F. University of Science and Technology. the mainclasses of constitutive relations.-Y. incremental constitutive relations for soils. the parameters used to characterize earthquakes. P. J. 9. Parameters used to define earthquakes. Hoxha. d. 9781848210264 • February 2008 • 992 pages • Usd 330. shao and a. viscoplasticity. P. the spatial and temporal distributions of seismicity. darve. Part 2: strong ground motions 4. France this title includes contributions from a range of prominent specialists in order to provide a cutting-edge review of the field of constitutive modeling of soil and rocks including elastoplasticity. incrementally non-linear models and damage models. Part 4: seismic action 8. Manifestations of the seismic phenomena on the surface. 13. Mechanisms of soils deformation. the response spectrum. Homand and d. 9781848210202 • april 2008 • 456 pages • Usd 215. F. Mestat. Hicher and J. Hicher and i.-Y. seismic hazards and their evaluation. strong vibratory motions. Multiscale modeling of anisotropic unilateral damage in quasi-brittle geomaterials: formulation and numerical Lille. 9. 4. B. P. shahrour. darve and F. 11. France and Jian-Fu Shao. Viscoplastic behavior of soils. Biarez and P.-Y. Calculation models for strong vibratory motions. 14. notions on soil/structure interaction. Cambou and P. 10. 3.46 Civil Engineering & Geomaterials Seismic engineering www. 3. Contents Part 1: earthquakes and induced phenomena 1. Hicher. 5. 7. Causes of earthquakes. 5. J. 12. including the effects of vibratory motions and induced phenomena. Ecole Centrale of Nantes. technical aspects of prevention.iste. effects of induced phenomena. Part 7: seismic prevention tools 18. Poromechanical behavior of saturated cohesive rocks. shao. Part 5: the effects of earthquakes on buildings 11. r. scales of macroseismic intensity. J. other representations of seismic action. deformation effects sustained by superficial ground. strong ground motions. Part 6: seismic calculations 15. detailing the causes of earthquakes. Part 3: seismic hazards 6.-Y. Homand.F. Jacques Betbeder-Matibet the first half of Seismic Engineering is devoted to seismic phenomena and hazards. Hicher. elastoplastic behavior of ductile porous rocks.F. dragon. 7. assessment of seismic hazard.00 constitutive Modeling of Soils and rocks Edited by Pierre-Yves Hicher. 2. Chambon. 16. 17.00 . overview of non-linear calculations. the seismic coefficient. a. shao and s. effects of vibratory motions. the second half discusses the effects of earthquakes and tools used to assess and reduce risk. 10. seismic calculations and technical aspects of prevention.

Grenoble. Part 2: Heat and mass transfers 4. 13.iste. ENTPE Lyon. shrinkage and drying. divided into four parts. 2. shrinkage and durability. size effect. France. Constitutive modeling and computational structural mechanics. 6. 8. Ecole Centrale de Nantes. standard recommendations. Heat transfers in composite materials. Bruno Gérard. is an equivalent macroscopic description possible? 3. self-consistent estimates and bounds for permeability. concrete and concrete-like materials. an introduction to upscaling methods. newtonian fluid flow in rigid porous media under different regimes and quasi-statics and dynamics of saturated deformable porous Civil Engineering & Geomaterials 47 homogenization of coupled phenomena in heterogenous Media Jean-Louis Auriault and Christian Geindreau. large-scale monitoring of creep. diffusion/advection in porous media.00 . Heterogenous medium. Compressible newtonian fluid flow through a rigid porous medium. Contents Part 1: Upscaling methods 1. 14. shrinkage reducing methods and agents. approaches to creep. France and Paul Acker. Part 3: newtonian fluid flows through rigid porous media 7. Creep and shrinkage of new concrete products. numerical and analytical estimates for the effective diffusion coefficient. incompressible newtonian fluid flow through a rigid porous medium. Monitoring the durability performances. Lafarge. OXAND. Quasi-statics of saturated deformable porous media. 9. Uncertainty and probabilistic 5. numerical estimation of the permeability of some periodic porous media. Part 4: saturated deformable porous media 11. Claude Boutin. Homogenization by multiple scale asymptotic expansions. cracking of structures. deterioration kinetics of concrete structures. dynamics of saturated deformable porous media. France this book summarizes the homogenization technique and its contribution to engineering sciences.00 creep. heat and mass transfers in porous media. design of concrete structures. Core properties of early-age concrete. Shrinkage and durability of concrete and concrete Structures — concreep-7 Edited by Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot. Joseph Fourier University. 10. France Contents Chemo-mechanics of concrete deterioration. 12. Multiphase and multiscale approaches. 9781848211612 • June 2009 • 480 pages • Usd 210. estimates and bounds for the effective poroelastic coefficients. Model-based monitoring of cracking and durability interaction between creep and fracture in in early-age structures. its main topics are an introduction to the homogenization technique for periodic or random media. 9781905209507 • september 2005 • 656 pages • Usd 215. Micromechanisms and micromechanics.www. shrinkage and creep. Wave propagation in isotropic saturated poroelastic media.

metal and soft tissue. 10. a Multiscale Modeling of Granular Materials with surface energy Forces. FL. as such. 13. Modeling Plastic anisotropy and strength differential effects in Metallic Materials.00 Advances in X-ray tomography for geomaterials Edited by Jacques Desrues. Multiscale Modeling of heterogenous Materials froM MicroStructure to MAcro-ScAle propertieS Edited by Oana Cazacu. Shalimar. this book brings together a total of 48 contributions (including 5 keynote papers) which were presented at the 2nd international Workshop on the application of X-ray Ct for Geomaterials (GeoX 2006) held in aussois (France) on october 4-7. the study of geomaterials (including granulates. direct scale transition approach for Highly-filled Viscohyperelastic Particulate Composites: Computational study. USA this title provides an overview of recent advances in computational methods for linking phenomena in systems that span large ranges of time and spatial scales. Contents 1. Gioacchino Viggiani and Pierre Bésuelle originally developed for use in shear Bands in steel Plates under impact loading. non-linear Micro-cracked Geomaterials: anisotropic damage and Coupling with Plasticity. this will be valuable reading for anyone interested in the application of X-ray Ct to geomaterials from both fundamental and applied perspectives. 17. Meso to Macro-scale Probability aspects for size effects and Heterogenous Material Failure. Computed tomography (Ct) is useful for studying a wide range of materials. Bifurcation in Granular Materials: a Multiscale approach. discrete dislocation dynamics: Principles and recent applications. recent advances of X-ray technology. Multiscale Modeling of large strain Phenomena in Polycrystalline Metals: a new Constitutive Update scheme for rate-dependent Crystal Plasticity in FeM. 15. University of Florida. the contributions cover a wide range of topics. 12. from fundamental characterization of material behavior to applications in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. earth Mantle rheology inferred from Homogenization theories. 4. accounting for Plastic strain Heterogenities in Modeling Polycrystalline Plasticity: Microstructure-based Multi-laminate approaches. damage and Permeability in Quasi-brittle Materials: from diffuse to localized Properties. 6. 3. 8. bone. 9781848210479 • august 2008 • 368 pages • Usd 140. for example. rock. X-ray computed tomography has been increasingly used in the field of non-destructive material testing.00 .iste.48 Civil Engineering & Geomaterials www. recently. 9. Viscoplastic Modeling of anisotropic textured Metals. 5. 3d Continuous and discrete Modeling of Bifurcations in Geomaterials. hardware and software are also discussed. 9781905209606 • september 2006 • 456 pages • Usd 225. length scales in Mechanics of Granular solids. 7. 14. ceramic. a Modified incremental Homogenization approach for non-linear Behaviors of Heterogenous Cohesive Geomaterials. non-linear elastic inhomogenous Materials: Uniform strain Fields and exact relations. rocks and concrete) has become one of the more active and challenging fields for the application of high-resolution X-ray Ct. 16. soils. 2.

Topics covered: – Heavy vehicles and WiM technology. HVParis2008 addresses the broad range of technical issues related to heavy vehicles. how the work should be managed and potential problems that may arise. the major components of all civil engineering projects. those studying or working in these fields will find this an invaluable source of information.www. Alan O'Connor and Mohamed Bouteldja 9781848210585 • May 2008 • 608 pages • Usd 200. Paris. environment and other system users. testing and standards. Paul Nordengen. icwiM5 • hVtt10 • Edited by Bernard Jacob. the recommendations. Alan O'Connor and Mohamed Bouteldja 9781848210592 • May 2008 • 616 pages • Usd 200. injection resins. encompassing the fields of application for each method. including the regulations that cover their use and their predicted useful life. surface transport technology. concrete admixtures. in terms of their scientific and technical background. tunnel and reservoir waterproofing.00 Edited by Bernard Jacob. regulations and enforcement. techniques and theories in the areas of both microtunneling and horizontal drilling are given. 9781905209118 • May 2006 • 356 pages • Usd 165. gluing Civil Engineering & Geomaterials 49 international conference on heavy Vehicles • hVparis2008 this conference (19-22 May 2008) combines the 5th international Conference on Weigh-in-Motion (iCWiM 5) and the 10th international symposium on Heavy Vehicle transport technology (HVtt 10). Conservatoire National des Arts et Mé . – traffic and road safety — WiM of road vehicles.00 organic Materials in civil engineering Yves Mouton. which machines and equipment should be used. size and weight evaluation. the analytical methods used and their verification with laboratory and field data should not only improve the rate of success of trenchless projects. what investigations should be undertaken. – Vehicle classification. but will also be of great value to engineers in other countries. 9781905209002 • February 2006 • 344 pages • Usd 185. Comprehensive guidelines. – interactions between heavy vehicles or trains and the infrastructure. which is essential if these products are to be considered as part of sustainable development: as such. trains and aeroplanes. data management — Freight mobility and safety. the presentation is based on a physicochemical approach. paint binders to protect metallic and concrete structures or to create road markings. Eugene O’Brien. based on their recent national multi-year project. – Heavy vehicle and road management information: measurements.iste.00 Microtunneling and horizontal drilling recoMMendAtionS French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT) this book includes recommendations prepared by members of the French society for trenchless technology (Fstt). safety and weight measurement systems. membranes for bridges. such materials include: bitumen on the roads. geotextiles for retaining walls. who can compare the results with their own findings and assess the international state of the art. and composite materials. data quality. France this book provides an inventory of organic materials and products.

New & Backlist Titles Advanced Mapping of Environmental Data NEW NEW NEW Cartography and the Impact of the Quantitative Revolution Fundamentals of Spatial Data Quality Geographical Information and Climatology Geomarketing Graphs & Networks – 2nd edition Modeling Process in Geography Models in Spatial Analysis NEW 2009 New Approaches in Thematic Cartography Operations Research and Networks Organizational Facets of GIS Spatial Interpolation for Climate Data Spatial Management of Risks NEW NEW NEW Sustainable Geography Thematic Cartography – 3 volume set Thematic Cartography and Transformations All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 50 Geographical Information Systems Forthcoming.

00 • new . Part 2: data construction: transformation. – 9. on thematic cartography. 9781848211100 • april 2010 • 512 pages • Usd 180. Contents Part 1: transformations of the attributes and quantitative methods contribution 1. 5. towards a space-time representation of cartographic objects. 2. 978184821124 • april 2010 • 336 pages • Usd 130. a brief history of thematic cartography. 3. Cartography: a discipline of transformations. Generalization of thematic variables. Contents 1. 9781848211117 • april 2010 • 448 pages • Usd 180. 5. the material conception of the Geographical Information Systems 51 theMAtic cArtogrAphy by Colette Cauvin. Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg. the map is regarded as a construct due to transformation processes. 7. 8. 4. 3. Cartographic transformations of position (or anamorphoses). France and Francisco Escobar. partially related to the advent of the computer age. 3. a quality-warrant of the map 4. Considering the third dimension: a transformation of display. Cartographic transformations: representation modes. location data: a cartographic specificity. Aziz Serradj. multimedia and the internet. thematic Cartography in the context of new paradigms. the map: a construction based on scientific reasoning. the semiotic transformation: a permanence. – 6.00 • new Volume 3 • new Approaches in thematic cartography Volume 3 is exclusively focused on the new approaches on thematic cartography offered by the three successive revolutions affecting the discipline: digital. Part 3: the necessary transformations in thematic cartography. Spain 9781848211094 • april 2010 • 3 volume set • Usd 495. Modeling of thematic attributes: generalizable cartographic choices. Part 2: renewed cartographic transformation. the attributes: a specificity of thematic cartography. thematic variable: from description to generalization.00 • new Volume 2 • cartography and the impact of the quantitative revolution Volume 2 focuses on the impact of the quantitative revolution. technological revolutions and their conceptual and practical consequences. – 2.00 Volume 1 • thematic cartography and transformations Volume 1 introduces the basis of thematic cartography.www. University of Alcala. Contents Part 1: Cartography: a scientific domain under development locations and attributes: criteria of quality.iste. 2.

organizations and society 1. Climate and atmospheric Pollution. Contents 1. Canada this book seeks to throw further light on the organizational and social dimensions of Gis through both a theoretical and practical multidisciplinary approach. François Golay and Wladimir Major. Zorica nedovic-Budic and Jeffrey K. Cartography. diffusion and social use of Gis in organizations. the first part is more theoretical and general. Geographical information and inter-organizational Partnerships. remote sensing and Climatology. and geographical information for initialisation of forecasting and climate models. spatial analysis. 9781848211858 • January 2010 • 304 pages • Usd 90. robin s. Climatology and Forest Fires. Geographical information and Climatology for Hydrology. Part 2: Gis in organizations 4. in order to better understand the issues and problems associated with the implementation. the second part describes geographical information used in various climate applications of importance today. daniel Joly. the Fate of Gis from the Perspective of evolving it. 6. France www. 8. University of Sherbrooke. it provides a broad and historical perspective on the developments of the geographic information society and on its connection with the field of information technology. Canada and Claude Caron. 5. stéphane roche and Benoit raveleau. 7. 11. Claude Caron. Wolfgang schöner. forest fires. Part 3: examples of Uses of Gis within organizations 8. lin Gingras and François Bergeron. rina Ghose. Geographic information. Vincent dubreuil. Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis.00 • new . Gis engineering: How Gis are integrated in organizations. and it covers fundamental principles: geospatial climate data measurement. 3.52 Geographical Information Systems geographical information and climatology Edited by Pierre Carrega.00 • new organizational facets of giS Edited by Stéphane Roche. Gis. Maria João alcoforado. Québec. Henri Pornon. Pierre Carrega. Université Laval. 5. Pinto. and Climate. 9. 4. Québec. this book includes two parts. Pierre Bessemoulin. Jean-Pierre laborde. the role and Value of Gis within organizations. digital Participation and access in UK local Governments. Gis and land Professions with respect to Geographic information technologies: Babel and esperanto. Geographic information. Geographical information. smith. Public Participation Gis in a neighborhood revitalization Context. Jean-Jacques Chevallier. Henri Pornon. spatial analysis. air pollution. hydrological problems linked to climatology. Geographical information for the initialization of numerical Weather Forecast Models and Climate Modeling. social Uses and adoption Models of Gis. 2. Cognition and Professional activities (swiss examples). geographical information. 10. 9781848210851 • october 2009 • 368 pages • Usd 130. isabelle roussel. Grégoire Feyt. Gis as a Historical Process: Past as support for Future. 2. mapping and climate. remote sensing and climatology. Gis and territorial Governance. 3. Contents Part 1: issues and Prospects of Gis relationships.iste. nicholas Chrisman. related to risk: urban climate. Basics of Climatological and Meteorological observations for Gis applications. assessing and Modeling the Urban Climate in lisbon.

00 • new graphs and networks Second fully reViSed edition Edited by Philippe Mathis. Journey simulation of a Movement on a double scale. sébastien larribe. Hervé Baptiste. Fabrice decoupigny. Mas and modeling of congestions. Geographical space production: systems and laws. 11. Kamal serrhini. the anti-dialectical and redivision-uniformity in the globalization and addresses the transnational Urban systems and Urban network in europe. the viewpoint is intentionally more operational than descriptive: the effects of transport characteristics on space are just as important to the planner as the transport itself. tackles the hardcore of geography and presents models and organizations through a regional analysis and the dynamics of territorial structures and methods. the space-time Variability of road Base accessibility: application to london. 4. a Method of Multilevel simulation and Visualization. Julien Coquio and Philippe Mathis. Philippe Mathis. Geography in the City: prospects. Christophe decoupigny. 2. Models and Chorematics. Part 2: Graph theory and network representation 5. resCoM: towards Multiagent Modeling of Urban Communication spaces. 6. University of Tours. the book is structured in four parts following an introductory chapter which contains a reminder of the necessary definitions from graph theory and of the representation problems. determination of optimal Paths in a time-delay Graph. Pratical examples. Hervé Baptiste. Conclusion. ossama Khaddour. Philippe Mathis.00 • new . Contents 1. the representation of Graphs: a specific domain of Graph dynamic simulation of the Urban reorganization of the City of tours. 7. disturbances in public transport and the role of information. 5. 10. 8. dynamics of Von thünen’s Model: duality and Multiple levels. 3. 4. Broken space and globalization.iste. Graph theory and representation of distances: Chronomaps and other representations. Part 1: Graph theory and network Modeling 1. 15. Jean-Baptiste Buguellou and Philippe Mathis. 12.www. 3. traffic lane and emissions of Pollutants. trenches. Contents strengths and deficiencies of Graphs for network description and Modeling. 2. 13. From social networks to the sociograph for the analysis of the actors’ Game. evaluation of the Covisibility of Planning and Housing Projects. the book also describes the general idea of discontinuities. Philippe Mathis. Modeling the evolution of a transport system and its impacts on a French Urban Geographical Information Systems 53 Sustainable geography Roger Brunet. 14. 9781848211926 • May 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 85. Philippe Mathis. mainly of transport networks. Philippe Mathis. alain l’Hostis. Cell Graphs. France this title is focused on the use of graphs for the simulation and representation of networks. regions and urban systems. Consultant Sustainable Geography recalls the system and laws of geographical space production. Part 3: towards Multilevel Graph theory 9. Philippe Mathis. Manuel appert and laurent Chapelon. 9781848210837 • March 2010 • 480 pages • Usd 175.

8. 2. Cemagref. Christophe Prunet and Jean-Jacques Vidal.-l. the term “network” is meant to include physical networks. Virginie Gabrel. Jean-Jacques Vidal and noël Watrin. lionel dupont. Penz. 8. as well as logical networks that are used in the planning of complex projects. for instance road and rail networks. alexandre Caminada. Jin-Kao Hao. Marielle Jappiot. Gis and modeling in forest fire prevention. linear programming. 7. 11. Graphs and networks. 9. 6. B. C. Geography applied to mapping flood-sensitive areas. Contents 1. Geomatics and urban risk management: expected advances. Project scheduling. Cécile Murat and Vangelis Paschos. 3. 6. 2. Grenoble. 5. From prevention to risk management: use of Gis.iste. Joseph Fourier University. others address more rural areas with more scattered phenomena. laura turconi and domenico tropeano. rémy tourment and William Halbecq. Cartographic index and history of road sites that face natural hazards in the province of turin. Frédéric Berger and Jérôme liévois. 5. France www. Gerd Finke and nadia Brauner. Jean-Pierre asté. the vertices of the network correspond to activities and the connections describe temporal relations. the tools for the planning support and the management of various types of networks. 4. Mission planning for observation satellites. operations management in transportation networks. this book concentrates on examples of prevention but also gives crisis control advice and practical case studies. alain Hertz and M. Grenoble. Jacques desrosiers. 7. raphaële Blanchi and Frank Guarnieri. Catherine Freissinet and Michel Vauclin. Mittaz. agricultural non-point source pollution. 9781848210462 • august 2008 • 272 pages • Usd 110. Jean-luc lutton. 9781848210929 • november 2008 • 288 pages • Usd 95. Coupled use of spatial analysis and fuzzy arithmetic: assessing the vulnerability of a watershed to phytosanitary products. Vincent spatial analysis is an increasingly important tool for detecting numerous risk phenomena. Contents 1. Pierre Maurel. some chapters address urban applications in which vulnerabilities are concentrated in area. Bertrand de Bruyn. Forest and mountain natural risks: from hazard representation to risk zoning – the example of avalanches. telecommunication networks. Flood monitoring systems. regional and local levels. alain Jaber and Jean-luc Wybo. Philippe Bolo and Christophe Brachet. sophie sauvagnargues-lesage. 3.54 Geographical Information Systems Spatial Management of risks Edited by Gérard Brugnot.00 .00 operations research and networks MethodS for A SpAtiAl AnAlySiS Edited by Gerd Finke. spatial decision support and multi-agent systems: application to forest fire prevention and control. Paola allegra. 10. Classical combinatorial problems and solution techniques. in this case. information systems and diked areas: examples at the national. Pickup and delivery problems with services on nodes or arcs of a network. Franck Guarnieri. M. 4. espinouse. Wojciech Bienia. France this book presents the principal concepts of operations research (or).

P. Complexity and spatial systems. spatial data analysis and mapping using machine learning algorithms. one model may conceal another: models of health geographies. Geostatistics: spatial predictions and simulations. r. J. Multi-agent systems for simulation in geography: moving towards an artificial geography. spatial analysis models are confronted by the real conditions of territorial prospect. Y. University of lausanne. an introduction to environmental data mapping is provided before these areas. 4. as well as spatial planning. Bussi. 12. M. demyanov and M. 9781848210875 • november 2008 • 376 pages • Usd 140. 6. and will be useful for both students and professionals involved in environmental data analysis and mapping. reguer. G. the place of both the model and modeling in Hss. Kanevski. langlois. savelieva. switzerland in 2005 and 2006. 5. advanced mapping of environmental data.-M. Geographical Information Systems 55 Advanced Mapping of environmental data geoStAtiSticS. 2. advanced mapping of environmental spatial data. savelieva. 3. 9. P. l. their features and applications are discussed in more depth. temporalities and modeling of regional dynamics: the case of the european Union. 13. France this title focuses on the evolution of the modeling process and on the new research perspectives in theoretical and applied geography. M. M. the formalization of knowledge in a reality simplifying system. timonin. brings together three topics normally covered separately: geostatistical methods and models. e. Guermond. 2. saint-Gerand. tuia and M. Modeling the watershed as a complex spatial system: a review. daudé. F. e. 6. P.-F. langlois.iste. machine learning algorithms and the Bayesian maximum entropy approach. Pozdnoukhov. developed from seminars given at two workshops at the Faculty of Geosciences and environment. 8. this confrontation takes into account the instability of social behavior and the permanence of partial determinist trajectories. V. in this book. Maignan. d. Modeling and territorial forecasting: the modeling of réunion's spatial system. lajoie. Contents 1. Kanevski. Contents 1. operational models in HMo. t. Modeling spatial logics of the individual behaviors: from methodological environmentalism to individual resident strategist. 7. Vaguet.00 . Bayesian Maximum entropy – BMe. 5. 4. University of Rouen. e. Institute of Geomatics and Analysis of Risk. introduction. langlois. environmental monitoring networks characterization and clustering.00 the Modeling process in geography froM deterMiniSM to coMpleXity Edited by Yves Guermond.www. elissalde. cultural policy. lucchini. Kanevski. G. Mary. Kaiser. MAchine leArning And BAyeSiAn MAXiMuM entropy Edited by Mikhail Kanevski. University of Lausanne. 10. Christakos. V. a. J. delahaye. 9781848210608 • May 2008 • 328 pages • Usd 140. F. a. d. regional dynamism. tapia and r. health maintenance organization (HMo) and spatial segregation. 3. Case studies. 11. ratle et al. C. Foresti. Understanding to measure … or measuring to understand? HBds: towards a conceptual approach for the geographic modeling of the real. d. Switzerland this title. Purves. From classic models to incremental models. the approach is designed to assist the reader in easily expanding their knowledge of the fields covered. Cellular automata for modeling spatial systems.

optimizing the interpolation of temperatures by Gis: a spatial analysis approach. 3. Gis application to daily fire risk mapping. 10. Part 2: spatial interpolation of climate data 6. Geography Department of Memorial University of Newfoundland. 20. Poland this title gives an authoritative look at the use of Geographical information systems (Gis) in climatology and meteorology provides a range of strategies. climatology and meteorology. Grenoble. application of Gis technology on the comparisons of climatological databases: an overview of winter precipitation over spain. 4. 2. Climate impact on winter land use and land cover management in Brittany. a tool for the integrated use of remote sensing with ground truth data: demeter project. 7.56 Geographical Information Systems www. 8. drought sensitivity research in Hungary and influence of climate change on drought sensitivity. Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. Uncertainty from spatial sampling: a case study in the French alps. France this book explains the concept of spatial data Spatial interpolation for climate data the uSe of giS in cliMAtology And Meteorology Edited by Hartwig Dobesch. 14. Joseph Fourier University. 9781905209569 • april 2006 • 312 pages • Usd 75. XrWis: a new Gis paradigm for winter road maintenance. assessing population exposure to odorous pollution from a landfill over complex terrain. aspects concerning the spatialization of radiation balance components. Contents Part 1: Gis to manage and distribute climate data 1. Krakow. 9781905209705 • May 2007 • 328 pages • Usd 130. to new developing methods. Comparison of geostatistical and meteorological interpolation methods. 5. Center of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of University of Provence. Canada and Robert Jeansoulin. 15. such as those for hydromet database analysis and management. Part 3: demo projects 11. 16. the developments in spatialization of meteorological and climatological elements. 21. Vienna. disaggregated estimation of n2o fluxes from agricultural soils of the italian region by modelization in a Gis environment.00 .00 fundamentals of Spatial data quality Edited by Rodolphe Devillers. Pierre Dumolard. the use of Gis applications in meteorology and climatology: a need for the application of regional ecological modeling approaches. 9. Gis. it provides both the data producer and the data user perspectives on how to evaluate the quality of vector or raster data which are both produced and used. the spatial analysis of selected meteorological fields in the example of Poland. Part 4: Climate-related applications 17. 13. Austria. France and Izabela Dyras. First steps towards a new temperature climatology of the Greater alpine region (Gar). 12. Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics.iste. siGMa: a web-based Gis for environmental applications. the use of Gis in climatology: challenges in fine scales applications: examples in agrometeorological and urban climate studies. Web mapping: different solutions using Gis. 19. daily winter air temperature mapping in mountainous areas. from traditional methods.

Geographical scales and multidimensional statistical methods. location of public services: from theory to application. François durand-dastès. alain Franc. services. University of Paris 7. Pierre Frankhauser and denise Pumain. spending patterns and lifestyles. einar Holm and lena sanders. edith Perrier and Marie Piron. covering both theoretical developments and practical applications. 10. Multi-agent simulations of spatial dynamics. France this title describes the state of the art in all areas of spatial marketing. Jean-Pierre treuil. 9781905209095 • May 2007 • 352 pages • Usd 150. CNRS. Mathematical formalization for spatial interactions. 7. supply is also dependent on position. this will be indispensable reading for those involved in this area.iste. the number of households.www. 9. France this title provides a broad overview of the different types of models used in advanced spatial analysis. dominique Peeters and isabelle thomas. each chapter gives a broad overview of the subject. location factors and spatial interaction patterns from both static and dynamic perspectives. Hélène Mathian and Marie Piron. University of Rennes 1. because prices. Christian Mullon. 5. 8. From image to model: remote sensing and urban modeling. sonia Chardonnel. 3. Modeling concepts used in spatial analysis. discussing the various constituents which make up the geography of markets. 6.00 . while the difference between supply and demand is the rationale for the role of the trader. demand varies according to location and can be measured according to revenue. the models concern spatial organization. 9781905209071 • February 2006 • 328 pages • Usd 125. Françoise dureau and Christiane Weber. 2. spatial microsimulation models. Contents 1. the process of spatial diffusion and modeling Geographical Information Systems 57 Models in Spatial Analysis Edited by Lena Sanders. products and available shops rely on location. the book also covers the way geographic techniques help to solve marketing problems and contains chapters written by contributors with extensive experience in this field.00 geomarketing MethodS And StrAtegieS in SpAtiAl MArketing Edited by Gérard Cliquet. 4. given that it is crucial for companies to direct their marketing correctly at their target audience. thérèse saint-Julien. time-geography: individuals in time and Fractals and geography. the advantages of an interdisciplinary approach are illustrated in the way that the viewpoint of each of the individual disciplines are brought together when considering questions relevant to spatial analysis.

page 58 Information Technology Forthcoming. 67 p. 64 p. 94 p. 126 Digital Cognitive Technologies Distance and E-learning in Transition Nanocomputers and Swarm Intelligence Mathematics for Engineers Transverse Disciplines in Metrology Channel Coding in Communication Networks All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . 35 p. 107 p. New & Backlist Titles Application Integration Digital Libraries NEW 2009 NEW 2009 2009 Information Science Information Warfare Looking Back and Going Forward in IT Master Data Management & Semantic Modeling – MDM Sustainable IT Architecture Transverse Information System Other Related Titles p.

Information Technology


Master data Management and Semantic Modeling – MdM
Pierre Bonnet, Orchestra Networks, France this book highlights the importance of data modeling to streamline data Quality and Master data Management projects that are deployed at the scale of the whole company. it details a complete data enterprise architecture approach encompassing the semantic Modeling and the Model-driven development lifecycle to manage rich data models and business data governance. Contents Part 1: the MdM approach 1. the Company and its data. 2. strategic aspects. 3. taking into account erP. 4. return on investment. Part 2: MdM For Business Users. 5. MdM Maturity Model. 6. data Governance Features. 7. organizational aspects. Part 3: the MdM for it specialists 8. Key Principles of semantic Modeling. 9. semantic Modeling Procedures. 10. logical data Modeling Procedures. 11. organization Modeling Procedures. 12. MdM-it integration.

9781848211827 • May 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 80.00 • new

information Science
Edited by Fabrice Papy, University of Paris 8, France With regard to the problems identified by many researchers relating to the storage and processing of (semi-)structured digital data, accessibility and sharing, intellectual property, digital documents, information retrieval, information literacy, the relevance of information, information profiles of users, etc. the political projects for the information society cause some caution and embarrassment from a scientific point of view. this book gathers 12 contributions from information science researchers, and presents some scientific issues from the various domains which are, also, the issues in our present digital era. Contents 1. some revisions on the concept of information, s. leleu-Merviel, P. Useille. 2. From scientific communication to specialized mediation: knowledge communication, V. Couzinet. 3. time, memory and the document, J.-P. Metzger. 4. the document and the network, s. Pène. 5. information culture, a. serres. 6. the relevance in information science: models and theory, B. simonnot. 7. a study of access systems for electronic information, M. ihadjadene, s. Chaudiron. 8. relevant information in business intelligence, a. david. 9. automatic analysis of digital document and text: multidisciplinary research problematics, l. Grivel. 10. Freedom of information, participative democracy and local economy, Y. thepaut. 11. the internet and the public library, a. Camus-Vigué, C. evans, F. Gaudet, M. amar. 12. electronic publishing for mobile phones: the case of streaming tV, B. Henocque. 9781848211681 • december 2009 • 336 pages • Usd 140.00 • new


Information Technology Sustainable it Architecture

the progreSSiVe wAy of oVerhAuling inforMAtion SySteMS with SoA Pierre Bonnet, Orchestra Networks, Jean-Michel Detavernier, SMABTP and Dominique Vauquier, Praxeme, France service-oriented architecture (soa), the basis of sustainable and more agile it systems that are able to adapt themselves to new trends and manage processes involving a third party, is the subject of this title. Contents 1. initial perspectives. 2. Company-oriented services. 3. soa maturity levels. 4. economic and social aspects. 5. the properties of soa. 6. orchestration (BPM and soa). 7. the discovery of services – reference framework and urbanization. 8. the Praxeme enterprise method. 9. Modeling with Praxeme. 10. tools for industrializing the method. 11. systems integration and a common information language. 12. soa platform. 13. rules management at the scale of the whole enterprise. 14. semantic integration.

9781848210899 • March 2009 • 352 pages • Usd 80.00

Application integration
eAi, B2B, BpM And SoA Bernard Manouvrier and Laurent Ménard, Axway, France this book analyzes various aspects of application integration, providing a guide to the alphabet soup behind eai, a2a, B2B, BaM, BPM, esB and soa. it addresses the problems of choosing between the application integration solutions and deploying them successfully. it supplies guidelines for avoiding common errors, exploring the differences between received wisdom and the facts on the ground. a key chapter approaches the analysis and interoperation of service levels in integration projects, while the discussion on deployment methodologies and roi calculation anchors the theory in the real world. Application Integration: EAI, B2B, BPM and SOA relies on concrete examples and genuine experiences to demonstrate what works – and what doesn’t – in this challenging, topical and important it domain. Contents 1. introduction. 2. What is application integration? 3. levels in integration services. 4. types of integration projects. 5. application integration tools. 6. Understanding integration failures. 7. integration myths. 8. integration and it urbanization. 9. Choosing an application integration solution. 10. deployment methodology. 11. operational examples of implementation.

9781848210882 • June 2008 • 240 pages • Usd 90.00

Information Technology


information warfare
Daniel Ventre, CNRS, France this book introduces the concept of “information warfare”, covering its evolution over the last decade and its developments among several economic and political giants: China, russia, Japan, india and singapore. discussion is then given to the national particularities of these countries, such as how they imagine the concept of information warfare to be, what it comprises and how it interacts with their military doctrine and employment, as well as their specific political, diplomatic and economic contexts. the use of information warfare as a form of attack is also covered, with particular emphasis given to cyberspace, which has become the space for a new war as the tool not only of nations but also terrorists, activists, insurgents, etc. the challenges faced by countries who usually fail in securing their cyberspace (Japan, singapore, Usa, etc.) in terms of national and defense security, and economic and power losses are also covered. Contents 1. the United states and information Warfare. 2. China and information Warfare. 3. india and information Warfare. 4. Japan and information Warfare. 5. russia and information Warfare. 6. singapore and information Warfare. 7. How to identify aggressors and acts of aggression. 8. Which law should be used for information Warfare?

9781848210943 • september 2009 • 320 pages • Usd 80.00

the transverse information System
new SolutionS for iS And BuSineSS perforMAnce François Rivard, Georges Abou Harb and Philippe Méret, Logica Management Consulting this book provides a detailed examination of how the new niss (new information system solutions) tools can be used to optimize shared assets within companies, to create adaptable new architectures that support the profitable growth of the company and to set companies apart from their competitors. Particular attention is given to: – master data management (MdM), which provides a centralized, transversal business database; – service-oriented architecture (soa), a dominant architecture paradigm which is perfect for transformation, modernization and urbanization; – business process management (BPM), a driving force for value creation and business unit innovation intermediaries. Contents 1. innovation for business value and cost-killing. 2. the transverse information system. 3. Master data. 4. service-oriented architectures. 5. Business Process Management. 6. exchange platforms. 7. Complex, innovative Business architectures. 8. the impact of niss on software implementation. 9. From implementation to measurement. 10. Contribution and impact of niss on organization. 11. How to get the best out of niss.

9781848211087 • March 2009 • 352 pages • Usd 80.00

15. Corinne leblond. questions are raised concerning the future of it. the digital Mind/spirit: digital libraries and democracy.00 . a documentary information system at the University. CIO Renault this book places it in perspective by tracing its development through time. 12. accessing library Catalogs in the age of digital libraries and search engines: Gaps. the reader Faced with a digital library: the experience of the Pasteur institute. 3d interaction for digital libraries. emmanuelle Jannès-ober. individual chapters focus on the changing role of the librarian caused by digital libraries and what role (if any) they will perform in the future. 17. 8.iste. 9. the Growth of the role of librarians and information officers in digital libraries. Using Facets to Classify and access digital resources. the massive expansion of the role of it at the end of the 20th century. 11. 6. olivier Fressard.00 looking Back and going forward in it Jean-Pierre Corniou. Fabien Girard de Barros. 13. covering both the opportunities and challenges that this innovation provides for both users and France www. 14. Use and Users of digital Journal libraries: a deep log analysis. dominique lahary. 7. Christian lupovici. Pierre Cubald. Hélène roussel. the author highlights that efficient use of it by businesses can only be gained by a good understanding of its potentials and this title brings together a wide range of perspectives on the rapidly developing field of digital libraries. ergonomics standards and the Uses of digital libraries. the tao of the digital library: a library without a librarian? Joachim schöpfel and Jacques Creusot. digital libraries: law Publishing online in the service of infomediation. 5. University of Paris 8. Finally. 16. 4. 3. 2. nicole lompré. covering its origins in business. Ghislaine Chartron and Marc Minon. as well as the experiences of users of digital libraries. 10. including the change in usage of libraries that digitization has caused and the user demography of the digital library. the revel@niceProjet. Which digital Publishing option for the Virtual User at French Universities?. Marie despres-lonnet. sophie Chauvin. 9781848210424 • april 2008 • 320 pages • Usd 140.62 Information Technology digital libraries Edited by Fabrice Papy. robert Campbell. the Creation and Perspectives of an institutional site. Michèle Hudon. and the successes and failures of companies involved in this development. disruptions and transformation?. highlighting how its informed use in practice is essential for companies to succeed. david nicolas. stakes and Prospects of Heuristic Visualization for oPaC Use. the growth of the internet. do libraries Have a Future in academia?. digital Collections in libraries: development and Continuity. Contents 1. 9781905209583 • February 2006 • 200 pages • Usd 75. Michel roland. University students’ information strategies: From institutional expectations to real Uses. despite its ubiquity in the modern world.

72 p. 72 p. New & Backlist Titles A to Z of Sudoku 2009 NEW 2009 2009 2009 NEW Artificial Beings Digital Cognitive Technologies Distance and E-learning in Transition From Speech Physiology to Linguistic Phonetics Spoken Language Processing Statistical Spoken Language Understanding Systems Other Related Titles p. 35 p. 147 Markov Decision Processes in Artificial Intelligence Sequential Decision-making Problems Decision-making Process Nanocomputers and Swarm Intelligence Particle Swarm Optimization All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . 75 63 Language & Cognition Forthcoming.

Maxime Morge. 15. Gaël Gueguen and saïd Yami. 17. document writing and dissemination. Goldenberg. narrativity faces temporality: the computerized treatment of stories. 24. this book addresses eight major issues. France Digital Cognitive Technologies is an interdisciplinary book which assesses the socio-technical stakes of information and Communication technologies (iCts). Bernard reber and Claire Brossaud. 5. politics and the dynamics of collective activity (socio-informatics). analyzed by authors writing from a Human and social science and a science and technology perspective. 10. electronic voting and computer security. 9781848210738 • March 2010 • 432 pages • Usd 170. 3. Pierre Maranda. CNRS-University Paris Descartes. Maison des Sciences de l’Homme. richard rogers. 11. space. 13.64 Language & Cognition digital cognitive technologies www. Pluralism and plurality of interpretations. network relations on the internet. 21. 6. luc Bonneville et al. Hypertext: an intellectual technology in the age of complexity. 9. social structures and networks. Conclusion. People of the seas. epiSteMology And knowledge Society Edited by Bernard Reber. 4. Contents 1. which are at the core of the “Knowledge society”. eddie soulier. alain Milon. sense-making and interpretation. 18. “searching for real time” or humans confronted with the desire and duty of speed. cooperation.00 • new . elements for a digital historiography. 16. Jules duchastel and François daoust. stéphan Brunesseaux. Politicization of the socio-technical space of collective cognition. analysis of heterogenous networks: the reseaulu project. the internet in the process of data collection and diffusion. Mapping public Web space with the issuecrawler. serge Proulx and a. Karl M. towards new links between Hss and informatics: the Cooldev project. Van Meter. 2. the contributions seek to explore whether and how iCts are changing our perception of time. 20. interrelation between types of analysis and types of interpretation. Paris. 23. 14. Can virtual charts help you find your way?. the semantic Web and ontologies. dominique Cardon and Christophe Prieur. andrea iacovella. Metrology of networks on the internet. Jean Clement. France and Claire Brossaud. 12. Manuel Zacklad. Consulting each other using a multi-agent system. a short story about software resources for qualitative sociology. a communicational and documentary theorization of iCt. distributed knowledge by iCt. alberto Cambrosio et 22. Philippe laublet. From the negation of cyberspace to geocyberspace. island people: hypertext and people with no writing. Philippe owezarski and nicolas larrieu. elements for socio-informatics. thierry Foucart. Bernard Conein. William turner. Philippe Vidal and Henry Bakis. Christophe lejeune. Grégory Bourguin et al. limits for the informatization of Human and social sciences. 8. 19.

Principles of speech recognition. and spoken language understanding. 12. University of Provence. Françoise néel and Wolfgang Minker. elements of an articulatory typology. speech and human-computer communication. 11. CNRS. Jean-luc schwartz. this book aims to establish a bridge between the physiology of speech and linguistics. Facial animation for visual speech.00 . Patrick Brisard and Christian Gagnoulet.www. 2. 13. Contents 1. 3. numerous images are included to enhance the reader’s understanding. and human factor studies. articulation: pharynx and mouth. Jean-luc Gauvain and lori lamel. 4. Voice services in the telecom sector. Frédéric Bimbot. alain de Cheveigné. 2. making it essential reading matter for anyone involved in this field. speech analysis. especially from text. 4. 6.00 Spoken language processing Edited by Joseph Mariani. Martine adda-decker. LIMSI-CNRS. 8. Computational auditory scene analysis. 5. language identification. Contents 1. Coarticulation and co-production. France Communicating by speech is one of the most seemingly-natural activities for humans. thierry Guiard-Marigny. Multimodal speech: two or three senses are better than one. Principles of speech coding. Phonation and the Language & Cognition 65 from Speech physiology to linguistic phonetics Alain Marchal. stochastic modeling and computational linguistics. pattern recognition. Pierre escudier and Pascal teissier. 9781848210318 • december 2008 • 504 pages • Usd 195. University of Paris-Sud. speech recognition systems. respiration and pulmonary initiation. 9. this book covers the following topics: how to realize speech production and perception systems. speech synthesis. 3. However. 10. Jean-Paul Haton. laurent Courtois. 9781848211131 • June 2009 • 240 pages • Usd 90. 7. 5. speech production is a very complex task with multiple levels of organization transforming cognitive intent into a meaningful sequence of sounds. automatic speaker recognition. 6. Christophe d'alessandro. the articulatory description of vowels and consonants. France speech processing addresses various scientific and technological areas. it also covers speech synthesis. renato de Mori and Brigitte Bigi. articulation: the labio-mandibular system. it provides a detailed account of the speech production processes and indicates how various languages of the world make use of human anthropophonic capacities. speech recognition. it includes speech analysis and variable rate coding. in order to store or transmit speech. robust recognition methods. Gang Feng and laurent Girin. including speaker and language identification.iste. olivier Boëffard and Christophe d'alessandro. despite its apparent obviousness and ease. it also offers new insights into ways to unify articulatory-based phonetics and phonology. how to synthesize and understand speech and using state-of-the-art methods in signal processing.

so. it is because they are essential for the performances. Artificial Beings shows that not only is it possible to create artificial beings with capacities in both domains. such as the ensembles of clustering algorithms. semi-supervised Classification.66 Language & Cognition www. in this way. 7. France everybody agrees that consciousness and conscience are essential characteristics of human intelligence. University of Ulm. but because our intelligence depends on networks of neurones imposing restrictions which do not apply to Statistical Spoken language understanding Systems rApid deSign. LIP6. state of the art on Classification. we are at the threshold of a new science. the book focuses on a new application for dialog systems which can be thereby made adaptable and portable to different domains. supervised Versus Unsupervised Classification. but that they do it in a way different from ours. Clustering evaluation metrics and new approaches. 9781848212039 • May 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 110. 9781848211018 • March 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 90. including recent research on the combination of classifiers. after some years of experimentation. 3. 4.00 • new Artificial Beings the conScience of A conSciouS MAchine Jacques Pitrat. 6. among those. creating a new kind of consciousness.00 . when they are present. from web-content mining to the inference of cancer subtypes in genomic microarray data. some people believe that it is impossible to create artificial beings with these possibilities. and they conclude that the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is hopeless. Feature selection/extraction strategies. Moreover. it happened that many characteristics implemented for improving the efficiency of the system were linked to these capacities. 2. Contents 1. Institute of Information Technology. Germany the book is intended to provide a detailed and up-to-date overview on classification and data mining methods. discovering the underlying class structure on a data set has been a key research topic associated to unsupervised techniques with multiple applications and challenges. the first part is focused on supervised classification algorithms and their data Mining for Knowledge discovery. However. artificial cognition. as the goal was not to imitate human behavior. some of these methods are different from those used by the neurones in the human brain. are also described. at the start of the creation of an artificial scientist. 5. with special attention to text mining. which is interested in the methods for giving cognitive capabilities to artificial beings making full use of the power of computers. not for lack of intelligence. Hierarchical Categorization. the second part deals with unsupervised data mining and knowledge discovery. the main goal was not to study the possibility of building the conscience of a conscious machine. AdAptAtion And iMproVeMent by Amparo Albalate and Wolfgang Minker. this affords them performances that we cannot reach. University of Paris 6. description of available Corpora.

Pedagogical concepts. styles and identities. the professionalization of tools and practices.iste. methodologies and tools. 7. France the science behind sudoku… sudoku is a logic puzzle that has become a worldwide phenomenon in the last few years: but where has it come from? How does it work? and what is the science behind sudoku – what are the rules for generating and solving grids? answers to all of these questions can be found in the A to Z of Sudoku. Professional development. distance and e-learning. Nantes. the book concludes with a large number of grids ranging in difficulty from “very easy” to “expert” which the reader can use to apply the techniques they have acquired from the book in a practical context. perceptions. scenarios and values at all levels of education over the last decade. 3. 4. 9781848211322 • June 2009 • 896 pages • Usd 290. covering the history of the puzzle. Alan Tait. which have profoundly changed the paradigms. Martine Vidal and Ulrich Bernath. 9. those interested in finding out more about the theory behind sudoku. in addition to the consolidation of academic and practical knowledge. the annual conferences of the largest european professional community in distance and e-learning have been setting the landmarks in this process. through new technologies. next. learner needs. Part 2: teaching and learning environments in the making 5. efficiency and effectiveness of distance education and e-learning. scenarios and values at all levels of education. the world of work — e-skills and employability. systems development. before moving on to the mathematics of sudoku and various techniques that can be used to solve grids by Language & Cognition 67 distance and e-learning in transition leArning innoVAtion. EDEN. socio-cultural issues of distance and e-learning. readiness. this book presents the developments in the field of open. Hungary the rushed development of information and communication technologies and their impact on the world of learning in the last decade have profoundly changed the paradigms. Course development and instructional design. as its title suggests. Ecole des Mines. technology And SociAl chAllengeS Edited by András Szücs. Contents Part 1: the development of distance education and e-learning 1. 6. 2. 8. 9781847040008 • January 2007 • 184 pages • Paperback• Usd 40. the selection from this unique knowledge pool demonstrates the deepening and consolidation of knowledge and experience.00 A to z of Sudoku the Science Behind Sudoku… Narendra Jussien. Collaborative learning and social networking. its development and growth in the world’s media. the essentials of software development relating to sudoku are presented along with the recent branch of computer science devoted to solving such problems: constraint programming.00 . this book provides a “one stop shop” on sudoku. its applications in other fields and (of course) how to improve their ability to solve it will find this book a must-read. showing how the principle behind solving sudoku grids can be used in other contexts. its origins. has been a major continuing issue throughout these Finally.

page 68 Computer Science Forthcoming. New & Backlist Titles NEW NEW NEW NEW 2009 2009 2009 NEW NEW NEW Ant Colony Optimization and Constraint Programming Artificial Ants Co-design Approaches to Dependable Networked Control Systems Combinatorial Optimization and Theoretical Computer Science Communicating Embedded Systems Constraint Networks Cooperating Embedded Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks Decision-making Process From MDD Concepts to Experiments and Illustrations – DRES 2006 Graph Theory and Applications Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications 2005 & 2006 Markov Decision Processes in Artificial Intelligence Mathematics for Informatics and Computer Science Model Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems Modeling and Verification of Real-time Systems Nanocomputers and Swarm Intelligence Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization on Graphs NEW NEW NEW 2009 Safety of Computer Architectures Sequential Decision-making Problems Software Specification Methods Systems of Systems The Mojette Transform Trends in Constraint Programming All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .

29. Probabilities. automotive. 7. Graphs and Matrices for the 36. Permutations. safety (analysis of safety: FMea. Words. Combinations. Binary trees. Flags. Based on the experience of fully involved experts in the realization (conception. 11. G. securing rail architectures. safe operation avionics architectures: example of electronic flight controls. 6. 4. Buchheit and olaf Malassé. the originality of this approach gives a new refreshing view on combinatorial theory. random Paths on Graphs. treatment of Problems of Paths in Undirected Graph. sis in industry. Weighted enumerations in alphabetical by simple shapes. Philippe Miramont. nodes. Part 3: Graphs 1. From encoded uniprocessors to 2oo3. design of a computerized latching module.iste. 5. shortest Functions and recurrences. 37. sieve Formula. randomness and Computer. Graphs and Paths. Gilles legoff. – 2. 3. trees With numbered 3. daniel drago. output of a Certain Pattern. 9781848211971 • June 2010 • 304 pages • Usd 85. Saint Denis. 5. Paths in a square Grid. enumeration by trees. it describes of the constraints (in a legal or standards context) and examples of architectures for various fields such railway. enumeration of eulerian numbers. Yassine Chaabi et al. synthesis. exercises of Probabilities. Burnside’s Formula. Jean-louis Boulanger. arrangements and 17. Parts and Partitions of sets. Hamiltonian Paths and 11. Marc antoni. Pascal traverse et al. 8. 23. spanning tree. 10. Basic and advanced theoretical elements are presented through simple applications Contents 13. 97818482111964 • June 2010 • 800 pages • Usd 200. david liaigre. etc. Jean-louis Boulanger. 2. securing vehicle architectures. Ha. presented in three parts. some applications of Catalan 25. Consultant this book presents real examples of safety critical complex architecture in various fields. rectangular surfaces tilings 31. 21. trees of an Undirected Graph. discrete random Variable in 35. spatial. Contents 1. France How many ways exist to mix different ingredients. Parenethesis Words. 34. Part 2: Probability 32. Catalan 24. Generating 20. how many possible paths going from one place to another in a network ? this text. aeronautical. Jean-louis Boulanger. Combinations with repetitions. Generating Function of a spanning trees of a Graph. 15. 7. other ranges of Mountains. gives a stimulating and exhaustive answer. reminders about discrete 33. 30. 14. 27.00 • new . 4. 28. security control command signal stations: security at lower cost. how many chances to win a gambling game. 18. discrete and Continuous. arrangements and 22. 16. Matrices and Moves of a Grid. Cycles and eulerian Paths. Paths and Minimum Computer Science 69 Mathematics for informatics and computer Science Pierre Audibert. Methods and calculations for "instrumented security systems" at total.) and evaluation of critical systems. repeated tossing Until 12. Prüfer encoding. Principles. Circuits. enumeration of spanning 9. Partitions of a number. some elements of History. – 10.00 • new Safety of computer Architectures Edited by Jean-Louis Boulanger. Cayley theorem and order. 8. Mountain ranges or a Game. languages.www. etc. Walls and Pilings. the architecture of ariane 5. Probability. check and validation). explorations in Graphs. tossing Coins repeatedly. 9. numbers and Parentheses 26. Part 1: Combinatorics. 19. University of Paris 8.

tools for timed systems. s. david robert. 7. Plant-state-based Feedback scheduling. this book deals with these formal methods applied to communicating embedded systems by presenting the related industrial challenges and the issues of modeling. lime. Françoise simonot-lion and Ye-Qiong song. sylviane Gentil. Cassez. Nancy University. Frehse. model-checking. real-time computing and communication protocols.70 Computer Science communicating embedded Systems www. B. France the increased complexity of embedded systems coupled with quick design cycles to accommodate faster time-to-market requires increased system design productivity that involves both model-based design and tool-supported methodologies. Behrmann. rasmussen. J. alexandre seuret and daniel simon. Contents 1. o. 5. Markey. Fault detection and isolation. david. QoC-aware dynamic network Qos adaptation. Control of timed SoftwAre And deSign Edited by Claude Jard. 7. david robert. overload Management through selective data dropping. 6. tools for hybrid systems. ENS Cachan and Olivier H. ning Jia. daniel simon and Ye-Qiong song. lime. and Ye-Qiong Song. Bérard. diagnosis and control synthesis. Quantitative model-checking of Markov chains. Fault-tolerant Control. G. s. implementation: Control and diagnosis for an Unmanned aerial Magnin. Girard. C. larsen. Christophe aubrun et al. Computing aware Control. Cassez. France networked Control systems (nCs) are a growing field and call for the development of integrated approaches requiring multidisciplinary skills in control. J. taking into account discrete. elloy. Mongi Ben Gaid. 8. stochastic and continuous (timed or hybrid) parameters with increasingly efficient tools. a. 2. 3.00 • new . i. suzanne lesecq and daniel simon. 3. Models for embedded real-time systems. G. Contents 1. Haddad. 6. 5. F. Daniel Simon. 4. 4. H. 9781848211766 • January 2010 • 336 pages • Usd 130. this book describes co-design approaches establishing links between the QoC (Quality of Control) and Qos (Quality of service) of the network and computing resources. 2. le Guernic. Preliminary notions and state of the art. Christophe aubrun. Pettersson. W. o. Mongi Ben Gaid. Yi. Modeling and verifying embedded systems: why and how?. M. Flavia Felicioni. K. Model-checking of timed systems. Cédric Berbra.-P. Roux. INRIA Rhône-Alpes. donatelli. and by describing the main associated automated tools. olivier sename and daniel simon. Nancy University. t. Formal methods are mathematically-based techniques and provide a clean framework in which to express requirements and models of the systems. d. P. n.00 • new co-design Approaches for dependable networked control Systems Edited by Christophe Aubrun. a. H. diagnosis of timed systems. F. d. Nantes University. roux. dang. 9781848211438 • november 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 110. roux. Christophe aubrun et al. s. tripakis.iste. olivier sename. G.

8.iste. the systems designed in the fields of banking. luzeaux. French Ministry of Defense. etc. ruault. systems of systems: from concept to actual development. ApplicAtionS And perSpectiVeS Edited by Jean-Philippe Babau. France. 6. transportation.00 • new . this title proposes a set of carefully selected lectures dealing with Mdd for dres and related topics. 7. StAndArdS. ENSIETA. systems have been interconnected within growing networks. France and Antonio Sabetta. ruault. 12. Chavret. ruault and l. Ecole Polytech'Nice-Sophia. With the growing maturity of information and communication technologies. Pisa. Part 1 “systems of systems: concepts and practical illustrations” is a multidisciplinary work on the concept of the "systems of systems" that is discussed extensively in current literature. space communication and observation system of systems. luzeaux. it provides key answers as to what a system of systems is and how its complexity can be mastered.-r. d. Mireille BlayFornarino. J. the human factors within the context of systems of systems.www.00 • new Model-driven engineering for distributed real-time embedded Systems 2009 Computer Science 71 Systems of Systems Edited by Dominique Luzeaux and Jean-René Ruault. d. P. Methods and tools for systems of systems engineering. 5.-P. l. standards and tools 10. 2. Kam. Globalization and systemic impacts. M. emergence and complexity of systems of systems. Italy after being an emerging trend.-l. Joël Champeau. Pradeilles and d. Part 2: systems of systems engineering: methods. ruault and J. it includes a state-of-the-art and an outline of the emerging trends and challenges and focuses on emerging and established standards and on feedback about Mdd application to dres development in an industrial context. Véret. d. Contents Part 1: systems of systems: concepts and practical illustrations 1. this has led to an increasing complexity that has to be managed in order to take advantage of these system integrations. Kam. space. Micouin. standardization in the field of systems and systems of systems engineering. 4. Zolesio. J. and standardization issues which are critical in order to deal with the key steps of systems-ofsystems engineering: elicitation of stakeholders’ needs. luzeaux. Université de Bretagne Occidentale. 3.-r. 11. F. France in recent decades. Model-driven design and simulation. qualification and utilization. the objective is to provide enough materials to understand the main issues and challenges in Mdd for dres and to have a clear picture of the most recent advances in the field.-r. Contractual aspects of the acquisition and use of systems of systems. health. France. integration of constituent systems. Model-driven development (Mdd) is now an established paradigm which application spans multiple domains. luzeaux. Meinadier. CEA LIST.-r. 9781848211643 • February 2010 • 560 pages • Usd 200. ISTI CNR. 9781848211155 • september 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 130. yielding new services through the combination of the system functionalities. J. defense. standards and tools”’ focuses on both engineering and modeling. Critical infrastructure protection. J. France. systems of systems in the healthcare field. after a critical comparison of the different definitions and a range of various practical illustrations. 9. have been becoming increasingly larger. Sylvain Robert. aeronautics. architecture optimization. Part 2 “systems of systems engineering: methods. d. J. intelligent transport systems.

a Generic algebraic structure for sequential decision Making under Uncertainty. a. ONERA. a Guided tour of Frameworks for decision Making. Bouzid. Péret. autonomous Helicopter searching for a landing area in an Uncertain environment. First Generic algorithms. s. 13. deC-MdP/ PoMdP. o. University Pierre and Marie Curie and Olivier Buffet. online resolution techniques. le Gloannec. this book provides a global view of current research using MdPs in artificial intelligence. M. Beynier et al. r. this formalism. Conclusion. is based on algebraic structures. non-standard Criteria. teichteil-Königsbuch. Buffet. approximate dynamic Programming.-i. a Generic structured tree search on the MCdaG architecture. LORIA. thiébaux. reinforcement learning. 5. laurent. o. 9. 10. F. Queries on a PFU network. G. 8. e. Garcia.00 • new Sequential decision-making problems repreSentAtion And Solution Cédric Pralet. Chaib-draa. structuring Multi-operator Queries. Part 2: Generic algorithms for answering PFU Queries 6. Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy. and sequences of quantifications. P. Part 2: Beyond MdPs 7. Markov decision Processes. M. Garcia. it starts with an introductory presentation of the fundamental aspects of MdPs. France Written by experts in the field. ONERA. it then presents more advanced research trends in the domain and gives some concrete examples using illustrative applications.iste. B. Part 3: applications 11. 8. 6. Garcia. Boussard. 9. l. 4. graphical models. Background notation and definitions. France and Thomas Schiex. 9781848211674 • February 2010 • 480 pages • Usd 150. 12. 3. Factored Markov decision Processes. 14. a. Gérard Verfaillie. resource Consumption Control for an autonomous robot. the authors introduce a generic algebraic framework that encompasses and unifies a large number of such formalisms. Conservation of Biodiversity Conservation. Munos. r. 4. a. 9781848211742 • november 2009 • 352 pages • Usd 150. operations Planning. F. 15. called the Plausibility–Feasibility–Utility (PFU) framework. dutech. Partially observable Markov decision Processes. sabbadin. F. sigaud. i. o. Buffet. Fabiani. Burkov. France. s. scherrer. Weng. France in the first part of this book. 2.-i. 2. 3. Chadès. a. INRA Toulouse. 10. Matignon. sigaud. a. Contents Part 1: MdPs: Models and Methods 1. t.72 Computer Science www. l.00 • new . Mouaddib. a Generic solver for answering PFU Queries. Contents Part 1: representing decision-Making Problems in the PFU Framework 1. 5. stochastic Games. rachelson. P. Plausibility–Feasibility–Utility Markov decision processes in Artificial intelligence Edited by Olivier Sigaud. 7. B. o. Policy-gradient algorithms. online learning for Micro-object Manipulation. F. degris.

Chapters 1 to 7 are devoted to basic notions and techniques for representing and solving decision problems. Toulouse.iste. o. Multiple objective linear Programming. Vincke.-J. d. Cohen. d. Conjoint Measurement Models for Preference relations. including psychology. M. Multiattribute Utility theory. 4. d. Human decision: recognition Plus reasoning. France and Marc Pirlot. J. Gonzales. Marichal. Perny. J. Contents 1. Chateauneuf. M. Cohen. Belgium this book gives an overview of the main results and methods in the formal study of the human decision process in the wider sense. G. B. Constraint satisfaction Problems. Jaffray. M. M. 8. 13. raufaste. Barthélemy. lang. M. University Paris 9. 15. H. Hudry. H. 12. t. trying to break down the barriers between the various disciplines. 19. Cohen. Bouyssou. Pomerol. Bayesian networks. 16. d. d. J. ranging from operational research to artificial intelligence. Pirlot. Chateauneuf. schiex. Planning under Uncertainty with Markov decision Processes. Formal representations of Uncertainty.-l. Chapters 8 to 14 propose an extensive overview of decision under risk and uncertainty. logical representation of Preferences. Jaffray. a survey of Qualitative decision rules under Uncertainty. a. Marchant. decision under Uncertainty: the Classical Models. C. aggregation Functions for decision Making. 9781848211162 • May 2009 • 912 pages • Usd 190. B.-M. Binary relations and Preference Modeling. 10. a. a Cognitive approach to Human decision Making.00 . dubois.-C. leclerc. J. J. 17. t. and provides an extensive bibliography. Grabisch. Paul Sabatier University. 6. d. Bouyssou. decision under risk: the Classical expected Utility Model.-P. social Choice theory and Multicriteria decision aiding. each chapter is written by one or several experts in the topic concerned. Bouyssou. 3. Cardinal extensions of eU Model Based on Choquet integral. P. Fargier. tallon. e. Chateauneuf. tsoukiàs. Polytech Mons. Prade. J.www. Verfaillie. Monjardet. Metric and latticial Medians. Computer Science 73 decision-making process conceptS And MethodS Edited by Denis Bouyssou. which have contributed to this topic in the past. 11. From decision theory to decision-aiding Methodology. Hilton. r. dubois. subjective evaluation. 7. sabbadin. a. 14.-Y. 9. P. 2. J. economics and computer science. 20. abdellaoui. teghem. 18. a. the final chapters cover various approaches to multicriteria decisionmaking. Didier Dubois and Henri Prade. it provides the reader with a state-of-the-art roadmap to the field of decision analysis. Prade et al. H.-Y. M.

Ecole des Edited by Nicolas Monmarché. Hertz and n. M. Frédéric Guinand.74 Computer Science Artificial Ants www. a. 16. artificial ants and automatic classification. France and Patrick Siarry. 19. a. dutot and d.00 . University of Nantes. Monmarché and r. n. 9781848211940 • June 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 200. F.e. artificial ants for segmenting irM medical images. artificial ants for artificial art. P. Colouring graph vertices through ant colony algorithms. artificial ants and bioinformatics. M. Zufferey. sandou et al. routing in ad hoc mobile networks in urban environment. General principles for solving combinatorial problems using ant colony algorithms. a. n. 9781905209972 • May 2007 • 416 pages • Usd 195. a. Part 2 deals with broader issues. a. 17. Nantes. Ireland the annual international Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming provides papers and workshops which produce new insights. nakib et al. ant colony algorithms for solving the unit commitment problem. France. Monmarché. 7. o. 14. particularly in the industrial world. 18. Monmarché et al. lenoir and n. detection of organization in complex systems through ant colonies. not limited to optimization. 12. Narendra Jussien. X. and to discover a panorama of applications in the field of optimization. Gravel.iste. France Artificial Ants encompasses solution methods of hard optimization problems and new trends for collective intelligence. Gaci and Y. learning of Hidden Markov Models using aPi algorithm. G. a. Gambardella. From real ants to artificial ants. slimane. France. Henocque and M. sepchat et al. 20. 5. a. a. 6. siarry et al. Monmarché and P. Hamdi et al. Balev. 10. 15. 2. Configuration optimization using artificial ants in constraint programming. Guinand and M. Gagné and M. France and Barry O’Sullivan. ant colony algorithms for continuous optimization. artificial insects: design of an exposition of scientific vulgarization type. University of Le Havre. J. albert. s. overview on the use of artificial ants for combinatorial optimization. l. University of Tours. Gagné. artificial ants and processing of natural language. dutot and Y. Contents Part 1: From optimization basis to industrial applications 1. and provides an overview of current research in the field of artificial ants. 9. Part 2: new trends for collective intelligence 13. Urbano. dutot et al. F. 21. a. 4. Clair. a. n. i. di Caro. Gravel and C. Use of ant colony optimization for the design of aluminum bars. n. Collective and mobile robotics inspired from insects. Pigné. 11. aupetit. this title brings together the best papers on a range of topics within this subject area. P. P. Kleiner. Monmarché and M. ducatelle and l. Part 1 of the book helps to understand the basis of ant colony Gaucher.00 • new trends in constraint programming Edited by Frédéric Benhamou. concepts and results which those involved in this area can then use to develop their own work. 3. lafourcade. oliver. Gandibleux et al. 8. G. University of Paris 12. ant colony algorithms aimed at scheduling a chain for car assembly. C. s. artificial ants and disability. University College Cork. Pigné. an ant colony algorithm for measuring and optimizing the capacity of a railway network.

9781848211308 • april 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 130. 6. Guiding search toward Conflicts. Backtrack search. to describe problems in a declarative way.00 • new constraint networks techniqueS And AlgorithMS Christophe Lecoutre. Generic GaC algorithms.00 . From real to artificial ants. – 10. including complete tree search approaches and metaheuristics. Part 1: inference: 3. 8. and shows how they can be integrated within constraint programming languages. 9781848211063 • June 2009 • 592 pages • Usd 240. Part 2: ant Colony optimization 7.www. state-based reasoning. Part 1: Constraint Programming 3. 2. Path and dual Consistency. Constraint programming languages. the third part shows how the ant colony may be integrated within a constraint programming language. Constraint satisfaction problems. Part 2: search: 8. Heuristic approaches. thus combining the expressive power of constraint programming languages. Complexity. Constraint networks. introduction. – 12. Contents 1. regardless of the nature of the problem to be solved or the type of constraints involved. University of Lyon 1. subset selection with aCo. the aCo metaheuristic. the results obtained and reproduced have a wide applicability. – making it an extremely user-friendly resource for those involved in this field. Consistencies. 9. inference. and the solving power of ant colony optimization to efficiently solve these problems. it describes the main existing approaches for solving constraint satisfaction problems. – Computer Science 75 Ant colony optimization and constraint programming Christine Solnon. – 4. 10. 12. Conclusion.iste. singleton arc Consistency. the second part describes the ant colony optimization metaheuristic and illustrates its capabilities on different constraint satisfaction problems. 4. Car sequencing with aCo. France the first part of this book introduces constraint programming. Part 3: Constraint programming with ant colonies 11. – 11. which provides high level features to declaratively model problems by means of constraints. – 2. random and structured networks. symmetry Breaking. Complete tree search approaches. Contents 1. – 7. restarts and nogood recording. integrating aCo within the ilog solver. search and learning. 5. University of Artois. – 9. France this book is divided into four main topics: representation. Generalized arc Consistency for table Constraints.

8. discrete geometry and projections. direct Mojette transform. reconstructability with the inverse Mojette applied sciences in the 20th century have developed and used unitary transforms for concentrating energy. Benoît Parrein et al. andrew Kingston. 5. Benoît Parrein. Basic Concepts. networks and storage. imants svalbe. University Pierre and Marie Curie. trees. nicolas normand. which is essential for algorithmic applications. optimal Paths. 9. nicolas normand. Multiresolution Mojette transform. 10. France. the first part of the book gives the basics of the Mojette transform both mathematically and the corresponding optimal algorithms. 9. Planar representations. Mojette-based security. Part 2: applications 7. Mojette discrete tomography. with hints for solutions. euler tours. 10. 6.iste. 9781848210707 • February 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 120. Flows. 7.76 Computer Science the Mojette transform theory And ApplicAtionS Edited by Jeanpierre Guédon. France this book provides a pedagogical and comprehensive introduction to graph theory and its applications. University of Nantes. now. nicolas normand. 11. discrete versions of the radon transform. 9781848210806 • February 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 115. distributed storage. the second part exemplifies its use through different fields: image representation. Jeanpierre Guédon. 2. nicolas normand and Yves Bizais. 2. eric Grall. andrew and a final chapter presents a few general problems. Jeanpierre Guédon. inverse Mojette transfrom algorithms. directed Graphs. the challenge lies in the expression and use of redundancy to build redundant systems. Jeanpierre Guédon. Problems with Comments. watermarking. Myriam servières. in particular the definition of nPcompleteness. medical imaging. andrew Kingston. 12. lossless compression. Florent autrusseau. Florent autrusseau. Contents 1. david Coeurjolly.00 . Contents Part 1: Mojette theory 1. Communication. it contains all the standard basic material and develops significant topics and applications. Jeanpierre Guédon. 6. thus providing the reader with the opportunity to test and refine their knowledge on the subject. 3. an appendix outlines the basis of computational complexity theory. 8. 4. www. Matchings. Paris. 3.00 graph theory and Applications with eXerciSeS And proBleMS Jean-Claude Fournier. Hamilton Cycles. 4. Florent autrusseau. exercises at various levels are given at the end of each chapter. information and cryptography. nicolas normand et al. the Mojette transform is a very simple transform using only additions but with strong properties that break this challenge. 5. Colorings. search algorithms. thierry Hamon and Benoît Parrein.

Sevilla. Maudet. endriss. 19. Carello et al. heterogenity. Pedro José Marrón. demange et al. Bounded-size Path. andrea Zanella et al. the online track assignment Problem. 15. 13. J. 10. 5. the Complexity of single Machine scheduling Problems under scenario-based Uncertainty. particularly the important notions of control. 2. G. adam Wolisz. Rennes. F. Germany. Bérard et al. TUB. e. AICIA. aloulou. Jérôme Monnot. Martin Milanic. this book argues that in fact there is much they share in common. algorithmic Games. 7. approximability of the Multi-criteria Min and Max tsP(1. a. 5. 11. demange.00 . ausiello et al. 3. M. Cooperating objects roadmap and conclusions. F. 9781848210004 • February 2008 • 424 pages • Usd 150. the Patrolling Problem: theoretical and experimental results. University of Paris-Dauphine. Contents 1. Y. Vertical system functions. U. 4. s. sophie toulouse. M. 3. 6. Complexity and approximation results for the Min Weighted node Coloring Problem. dynamics/ad hoc nature and cost. Contents 1. G. dantzig-Wolfe decomposition for linearly Constrained stable set Problem. the labeled Perfect Matching in Bipartite Graphs: Complexity and (in) approximability. 18. Germany Whilst there exist some differences between tembedded systems. aristotelis Giannakos et al. 16. Michel Banâtre. 12. Worst-case Complexity of exact algorithms for nP-hard Problems. di stefano. Monnot. della Croce.iste. restricted Classes of Utility Functions for simple negotiation schemes: sufficiency. Comparison of expressiveness for timed automata and time Petri nets. an Upper Bound for the integer Quadratic Multi-knapsack Problem. V. Paschos. 6. della Croce et al. the Complexity of the exact Weighted independent set Problem. Berlin.www. santini et al. G. 2. Paradigms for algorithms and interactions. M. 17. Pedro José Marrón et al. Chevaleyre. necessity and Maximality. n. France the objective of this volume is to show that bringing together operational research and theoretical computer science can yield useful results for a range of applications. an extensive Comparison of 0-1 linear Programs for the daily satellite Mission Planning. a “Maximum node Clustering” Problem. Flows!.00 cooperating embedded Systems and wireless Sensor networks Edited by Michel Banâtre. wireless communication. Cécile Murat. Weighted edge Coloring. sebnem Baydere et al. Spain and Adam Wolisz. INRIA. system architectures and programming models. Anibal Ollero. dominique Quadri et al. applications and application scenarios. Michel Koskas. 9. 4. leroy-Beaulieu. demange et al. 14. Y. B. Chevaleyre. B. Marcelo Pias et al. angel et al. France. 2). Universität Stuttgart. Jérôme Monnot. M. 9781848210219 • January 2008 • 520 pages • Usd 195. an introduction of the concept of cooperating objects and sensor networks. online Models for set-covering: the Flaw of Computer Science 77 combinatorial optimization and theoretical computer Science interfAceS And perSpectiVeS Edited by Vangelis Th. Virginie Gabrel. 8. anibal ollero.

Modeling and Verification of real-time systems using the iF toolbox. What new ways will then be available to develop the next generation of even more powerful and up-to-date systems? this book introduces the principles of quantum computing. Using a chronological theme. radu Mateescu. this performance will soon reach its physical limit. elements of technology for information systems of the new century. However. 6. Contents 1. 6. the computers of tomorrow. anne-Marie déplanche et al. architecture description languages – introduction to the sae aadl. the use of nanotubes in molecular transistors and dna computing. C. 5. Verification of real-time Probabilistic systems. François laroussinie. 2. nanocomputing systems implementation and it employment trends.78 Computer Science nanocomputers and Swarm intelligence Jean-Baptiste Waldner.00 . Nancy. Pascal raymond. Marta Kwiatkowska et For the last 50 years. synchronous Functional Programming with lucid synchrone. Business mutation and digital opportunities on the 21st century. stephan Merz. 11. 3.iste. 9781848210097 • February 2008 • 304 pages • Usd 135. Validation of reactive systems by Means of Verification and Conformance testing. it explains our unavoidable entry to the nanodevice world: from the 1948-era transistor to the modern microchip. 4. Grégoire Hamon et al. Patricia Bouyer. ranging from the most conventional to the most radical. 9781848210134 • January 2008 • 400 pages • Usd 195. Paul Caspi. 4.00 Modeling and Verification of real-time Systems forMAliSMS And SoftwAre toolS Edited by Stephan Merz and Nicolas Navet. France this title is devoted to presenting some of the most important concepts and techniques for describing real-time systems and analyzing their behavior in order to enable the designer to achieve guarantees of temporal correctness. 10. 3. Bernard Berthomieu et al. the performance of integrated circuits has continued to grow. revolution or continuity? 2. INRIA Lorraine. it suggests new fabrication methods for the 21st century as well as new architecture models. Marius Bozga et al. Model Checking timed automata. specification and analysis of asynchronous systems using CadP. synchronous Program Verification with lustre/lesar. time Petri nets: analysis Methods and Verification with tina. it concludes by anticipating the changes in our daily lives: from the necessary investments to the impact on software and coding activities. rebuilding the world atom by atom. 5. Constant et al. Consultant www. the rise and anticipated decline of the silicon economy. serge Haddad. an introduction to Model Checking. 9. Patrice Moreaux. Contents 1. Verification of Probabilistic systems: Methods and tools. 7.

iste. detailed discussion is given to a priori optimization. Canada this book introduces several key software specification methods. sdl and lotos. known as the a priori solution. an invoicing system. and the determination of the complexity of its Computer Science 79 Software Specification Methods An oVerView uSing A cASe Study Edited by Henri Habrias. the main objective of the a priori optimization is the determination of a solution of the initial instance. discussing probabilistic versions of some of the most paradigmatic combinatorial problems on graphs. France and Marc Frappier. the minimum vertex covering. and has a practical focus that allows the reader to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. 9781905209330 • March 2006 • 272 pages • Usd 115. saZ. University of Sherbrooke. VHdl. so that its restriction to the offensive instance is optimized. tla+. Z. University of Nantes. France this title provides a comprehensive survey over the subject of probabilistic combinatorial optimization. this hypothesis consists of creating modifications in order to fit the real instance to be optimized: that is. the longest path and the minimum coloring. the text also includes a list of combinatorial optimization graph-problems together with a characterization of their optimal a priori solution.00 probabilistic combinatorial optimization on graphs Cécile Murat and Vangelis Th. Paschos. University of Paris-Dauphine. oMt. where any datum is present with a certain probability. such as the maximum independent set. allowing the reader to compare and contrast. Most specification courses tend to focus on one or two key techniques and have a theoretical bias. however. the following are just some of the techniques covered: UMl. every chapter follows a rigorous pattern whereby techniques and notations are gradually introduced through questions which are asked to an imaginary user.www.00 . this title provides a clear overview of the main methods. a sub-instance of the super instance. 9781905209347 • april 2006 • 448 pages • Usd 145. which is adopted as the main working hypothesis: starting from an a priori solution of a ‘super instance’ of a problem. estelle. each method is presented using the same example. B.

uk interoperability of enterprise Software and Applications 2005 proceedingS of the workShopS And the doctoriAl SyMpoSiuM of the Second ifAc/ifip i-eSA internAtionAl conference: ei2n. Research Centre for Automatic Control. ENSIETA. ENSIETA. France. France this book includes contributions from academic and professional experts on a range of topics related to Mdd practices. CEA. methods and emerging technologies.00 from Mdd concepts to experiments and illustrations Edited by Jean-Philippe Babau. Brest. Lyon. after introducing general concepts about modeling and how to implement model transformations.80 Computer Science Nacer Boudjlida. CEA. wSi. it highlights key topics related to interoperability of enterprise applications and software. 9781905209491 • July 2005 • 368 pages • Usd 145.iste.00 . organized by the interoP noe (interoperability research for networked enterprises applications and software network of excellence).00 Model driven engineering for distributed real-time embedded Systems Edited by Sébastien Gérard. INSA Lyon. two presentations provide an overview of the Marte profile. INSA Lyon. France. Research Centre for Automatic Control. and Sébastien Gérard. 9781905209590 • august 2006 • 224 pages • Usd 110. Joël Champeau.00 interoperability for enterprise Software and Applications 2006 proceedingS of the workShopS And the doctoriAl SyMpoSiuM of the Second ifAc/ifip i-eSA internAtionAl conference: ei2n. iS-tSpq 2006 Edited by Hervé Panetto. University Henri Poincaré Nancy I. France and Joël Champeau. University Henri Poincaré Nancy I. University Henri Poincaré Nancy. Jean-Philippe Babau. wSi. France 9781905209613 • July 2006 • 400 pages • Usd 140. the workshops are related to the conference topics and will enable researchers to explore new research ideas for the future. France this book features four workshops from the interoP-esa international conference. iS-tSpq 2005 Edited by Hervé Panetto. France 9781905209323 • september 2005 • 288 pages • Usd 115.

control and evolution of IP Networks Multimedia Multicast on the Internet 2009 NEW Radio Resources Management in WiMAX Reconfigurable Mobile Radio Systems The Internet of Things The Radio Spectrum Ultra-wideband Radio Propagation Channel UMTS Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks 2009 Wireless and Mobile Network Security All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 81 Networks and Telecommunications Forthcoming. New & Backlist Titles Autonomic Networks NEW Communicating Embedded Systems End-to-End QoS Engineering in Next Generation Heterogenous Networks Fiber-optic Communications NEW Local Networks and the Internet Management.

10. smart devices). this book puts forward the technologies and the networking architectures which make it possible to support the internet of things. University of Bordeaux. . this is becoming true only because wireless and mobile communication have had a remarkable evolution. routing and Mobility Management in Personal networks. 3. this will be possible by combining the evolving technologies and networking frameworks to be capable of attaining this very challenging new era of communication. application and usage. Zoubir Mammeri. TELECOM SudParis. France www. Without detailing all the aspects related to the design of embedded systems. but also everyday objects that were until now just “un-networked things” or “inert objects”. 9. this book. Patrice Kadionik.00 • new 1. rFid technology. relevance of the dtn architecture to Mobile ad Hoc networks. Badr Benmammar and Zeina el-Ferkh Jrad. and standardization. Quality-of-service routing in Mobile ad Hoc networks. 9781848211445 • January 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 125. Francine Krief. 6. Usman Javaid and Francine Krief. 9781848211407 • May 2010 • 272 pages • Usd 95. which is written by specialists in electronics. intelligent interfaces and Mobile Communications.iste. 8. 2. Contents introduction to embedded systems. ismaïl djama. olfa samet. Vincent Guyot. this book also provides a good overview of the main issues facing the internet of things such as issues of privacy and security. computers.11-type embedded Communications systems. Hardware security in embedded systems. as has the miniaturization of mobile terminals. Cross-layer adaptation for Multimedia services in 802. data processing and telecommunications and networks. the internet of things appears to be the ultimate or next step of ubiquitous networks. gives an interesting perspective on communication techniques and problems in embedded the path towards communication ubiquity started years ago with the aim of offering users different services anytime and anywhere. Communications security in embedded systems. sensor and PlC technologies are described and a clear view on how they enable the internet of things is given. it is the imminent future generation of networks that will connect not only networked terminals (mobile phones. this choice is easily justified by the fact that embedded systems are today massively communicative and that telecommunications and networks constitute the main sector of embedded 4.00 • new communicating embedded Systems network ApplicAtionS Edited by Francine Krief. 7. rFid. while keeping high performance and security. 5. lilian Bossuet and Guy Gogniat. amongst these technologies.82 Networks & Telecommunications the internet of things connecting oBJectS Edited by Hakima Chaouchi. France. Mohamed aymen Chalouf. self-Management of ad Hoc sensor networks.

9781848210684 • May 2010 • 768 pages • Usd 250. Contents 1. 8. 3. Finally. it will appeal to students. 17. optoelectronic receivers. MPls and is-is routing. France this book describes in a comprehensive manner the components and systems of fiber-optic communications and networks. 2. 6. 14. France this title covers the most frequently used elements of the internet and intranet and their development. Fiber-optic transmission systems. very high bitrate systems. ethernet Protocols and ieee 802.iste. optical amplification. integrated optics. 3. 11.00 • new fiber-optic communications Pierre Lecoy. and optical amplifiers) used in fiber-optic systems. 9. security. ieee and Uit.3. Part 1 explains the propagation theory over single-mode and multimode fibers. internal routing Protocols. 10. iP on Point-to-Point Connection. cabling. Coverage is divided into three parts. 9. MPls. connecting). 2. engineers and researchers involved in this field. 5. exercises with solutions are given to enable readers to test their understanding. administration of networks. Fiber optics: technology and implementation. Bridge interconnections: the spanning tree algorithm. 6. Part 2 describes the various components (passive and active optical components. iP Protocols. 5. 15. it takes into account developments in research and covers new themes such as iP6. as such. systems administrators and anyone involved in this fast-moving area. level 4 Protocols: tCP. Virtual local networks. the internet. routing Protocols. 7.www. 4. optoelectronic transmitters and receivers. UdP and sCtP. Underlayers llC and snaP. address resolution Protocols and automated Configuration. 1. including the most recent developments in switched networks. standarization. Contents Basics.00 . making this a valuable resource for students. ENST Bretagne. 13. 7. Fiber-optic networks. external routing Protocols. 16. as well as technological features (manufacturing. the book is punctuated with numerous examples and applications which will help the reader to place protocols in their context. 12. optical components. 8. fiber to the home (FttH) or radio over fiber. integrated optics. as well as explaining the function of standardization organisms such as ietF. Ecole Centrale de Paris. 10. Multimode optical fibers. optoelectronic transmitters. Fiber-optic sensors and instrumentation. 9781848210493 • august 2008 • 368 pages • Usd Networks & Telecommunications 83 local networks and the internet Laurent Toutain. single-mode optical fibers. Part 3 explains the design of optical transmission systems and their application to optical networks and fiber-optic sensors. 4.

Hugues lecarpentier. Vulnerabilities in wired and wireless networks. leila Merghem-Bourlahia. the book covers security issues and solutions in the emerging wireless and mobile technologies such as ad hoc and sensor networks. Multi-agent system in a diffserv network: behavioral models and platform. J. 9. agents and 3rd and 4th mobile generation. laurent-Maknavicius. i. 5. H. University of Technology of Troyes. t. H. J. 5. 11. WiFi. Security in on-the-Shelf And eMerging technologieS Edited by Hakima Chaouchi and Maryline Laurent-Maknavicius. Multimedia robust watermarking. Crégut. Veysset. Bonnet. Gillet. Pujolle. 3. sidi-Mohammed senouci. Francine Krief. J. ali Yahiya.iste.-M. Hassine Moungla. France this book provides a cutting-edge examination of research and/or security solutions in wireless and mobile networks. Behavioral modelisation and simulation. the use of agents in policy-based management. laurent-Maknavicius. Mutaf. Miguel Castro et al. Finally.-M. Wireless network security mechanisms. F.-M. F. Prêteux. Paul. security in mobile iP networks. communicate with other entities and achieve a self-managing network. o. learning techniques in a mobile network. Chaouchi. Contents 1. i. J. TELECOM SudParis. razniewski. security in Bluetooth salah Bouassida. Basic security mechanisms. Migault et al. intelligent agent control simulation in a telecommunication network. Bekara. 10. M. security in ad hoc networks. 9781848211179 • June 2009 • 704 pages • Usd 290.00 Autonomic networks Edited by Dominique Gaïti. a. d. C. 12. 9781848210028 • January 2008 • 344 pages • Usd 165. 8. 15. adaptive and programmable management of iP Quality of service. security in WiMaX. France this book presents and explains all the techniques which integrate a certain level of intelligence (through intelligent software agents for example) in order to represent knowledge. security in wireless sensor networks. Behavioral modelisation and multi-agent simulation. alvarado. security in mobile cellular Security BASicS. 7. 11. o. anneli lenica. introduction to mobile and wireless networks. security of downloaded applications. Contents 1. 2. 13. C. security in the new generation of cellular mobile networks. C. Cavalli. Härri. nogueira et al. P. F. 3. 10. l. leila Merghem-Bourlahia. 16. 9. M. artificial intelligence and monitoring of telecommunications networks. Butti. P. C. 8. M. nada Meskaoui. Chaouchi. G. 2G and 3G. WiMax. a. Mitrea. Combes. M. Key management in ad hoc networks. Bonnet. Chrisment. 14. 6. 2. it begins by covering the security basic concepts and fundamentals. 4. ravot. an experimental example of active networks: the amarrage project. Zeina el Ferkh Jrad. Key management in wireless sensor networks. J. P.84 Networks & Telecommunications wireless and Mobile network Security www. Hecker. software agents for iP management.00 . orset. Festor. next it presents the security aspects and solutions of on-the-shelf wireless and mobile technologies such as Bluetooth. nadjib achir et al. security in WiFi networks. Badr Benmammar. Härri. take appropriate decisions. 12. Multi-agent platforms. Urien. 6. cellular 4G and iMs networks. 7. J. 4.

nader Cheaib and Malik Mallem. with particular emphasis being placed on radio resource management and performance analysis. 9781848210615 • november 2008 • 480 pages • Usd 140. optical networks: new challenges and paradigms for Quality of service. (2) mixing the Qos associated with home. Principles and mechanisms for Quality of service in networks. Ken Chen and W. Contents 1. Qos control in VoiP applications.00 . 10. 8. Cristel Pelsser and s. Ghanem Boudour et al. Qos routing in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. effect of transmission delay on haptic perception in shared virtual environments. 7. WiMaX and end-to-end Qos support. University of Paris 12. Contents 1. different approaches to guarantee Quality of service. and minimizing operational costs on all types of wiredwireless-mobile networks used to transport traffic. abdelghani Chibani et al.00 radio resources Management in wiMAX froM theoreticAl cApAcity to SySteM SiMulAtionS Edited by Emmanuelle 12. survivability-oriented Quality of service in optical networks. abdelhamid Mellouk. self-organized and bio-inspired radio resource management for WiMaX. 13. sahar Ghazali and Jalel Ben-othman. Coexistence between 802. 5. Networks & Telecommunications 85 end-to-end quality of Service engineering in next generation heterogenous networks Edited by Abdelhamid Mellouk. 4. 6. France this book presents and explains all the techniques in new generation networks which integrate efficient global control mechanisms in two directions: (1) maintaining Qos requirements in order to maximize network resource usage. MaC protocols for Quality of service provisioning in mobile ad hoc networks. 2. Vincent lecuire and Mouna Benaïssa. samir otmane. 9781848210691 • March 2009 • 400 pages • Usd 110. 2. Wissam Fawaz and Ken Chen. system level simulation. nassima ouramdane and Malik Mallem. 4. Pascale Minet.www. Challenges for end-to-end Quality of service over heterogenous networks.16/WiMaX system. it brings together different perspectives that will satisfy the reader looking for theoretical analysis and advanced algorithms or searching for their concrete application in the early deployment of WiMaX. 5. 16. abdelhamid Mellouk and saïd Hoceini. Pushing Quality of service across inter-domain boundaries. Mohamed Brahma et al. Qos driven context awareness using semantic sensors infrastructure. relaying is also given considerable coverage to reflect its growing importance in this field. samir otmane. 11. azzedine Boukerche et al. relaying techniques for oFdM-MiMo systems.16 systems operating in shared bands. 3. rrM strategies in multihop and cooperative transmission. 8. WiMaX network capacity and radio resource management. 14. Quality of service scheduling mechanisms in mobile networks. Written by a range of contributors from both academic and manufacturer environments. and featuring many simulation results. 3. information theoretic capacity of WiMaX. France this book examines some of the most recent work relating to the ieee 802. internet-based collaborative teleoperation. Zoubir Mammeri.iste. Bingjie Fu. 7. ISEP. scott Fowler et al. 6. Fawaz. Uhlig. access and core networks in order to provide Qos/Qoe expected by users of new services. 15. Quality of service-based adaptive routing approaches. Qos challenges in WiMaX networks. Hichem arioui. towards collaborative teleoperation. Qos support for MPls-based wired-wireless domains. 17.

Multicast ad hoc routing. this textbook examines all aspects of the propagation channel for UWB systems. 9781848210844 • november 2008 • 240 pages • Usd 95. introduction. 9. Fault-tolerant distributed algorithms for scalable systems. sébastien tixeuil. 12. and statistical channel modeling. which relies on the experimental analysis of the main channel characteristics.iste. France Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology consists of transmitting radio signals over frequency bandwidths from 500 MHz to several GHz. the two main principles of UWB channel modeling are finally shown and illustrated: deterministic channel modeling. Vehicle-to-vehicle communications: applications and perspectives. the authors tackle critical problems such as the design of unicast/multicast routing protocols. Paris.00 ultra-wideband radio propagation channels Pascal Pagani. security for ad hoc routing and forwarding. as well as localization and imaging applications. Fabrice Valois. 7. the support of the quality of service. 4. Patrice Pajusco. the techniques of clustering/self-organization. 3. rabah Meraihi et al. Jean-Frédéric Myoupo. based on the simulation of the propagation phenomena in a given environment. Consultant and Bernard Uguen. next. approaches for ubiquitous computing. Fabrice theoleyre. ENST. 11. Quality of service support in Manets. romain Mellier. 2. self-organization of ad hoc networks: concepts and impacts. the development and optimization of such systems require a precise knowledge of the radio transmission medium. the mobility of code and the fault-tolerance techniques. stéphane Ubéda.00 . azzedine Khir. the authors introduce the theoretical bases of radioelectric propagation and give an overview of the channel sounding techniques adapted for UWB signals. the service discovery. Fabrício a. silva et al. 5. Pascale Minet. Friedman Tchoffo Talom. spectrum regulation issues and the different communication techniques. 9781848210035 • January 2008 • 336 pages • Usd 165. 10. Jaafar Gaber. Houda labiod. distributed clustering in ad hoc networks and applications. 6. ad hoc networks: principles and routing. Satimo. sylvie laniepce. UWB technology is first presented. France www. the security mechanisms for routing and data transmission. its unique characteristics may be exploited for the design of high data rate wireless communication systems. Code mobility in sensor networks. abdellatif University of Rennes 1. with a particular emphasis being placed on its applications. service discovery protocols for this book deals with several relevant fields related to the evolution of these spontaneous and self-organized networks. France Telecom R&D. Houda labiod.86 Networks & Telecommunications wireless Ad hoc and Sensor networks Edited by Houda Labiod. Contents 1. Mohamed Bakhouya. 8.

Walid dabbous and thierry turletti. secure Multicast Communications. approaches to Multicast traffic engineering. 9. However. spectrum monitoring. ENST Paris. – 3. spectrum sharing.00 Multimedia Multicast on the internet Edited by Abderrahim Benslimane. Part 2: Managers and their practice 10. France this book describes the current tools for spectrum management with their fundamental technical and legal basis. 4. University of Avignon. it outlines the global evolution of radio services in their different application domains and introduces the actors who contribute to the collective management of the spectrum. ali Boudani and abderrahim Benslimane. – 2. ANF. 7. Geography and radiocommunications. 5. it will be equally useful for a wide range of professionals in this research field. abderrahim Benslimane et al. the international telecommunication Union (itU). recent evolutions of radio services. 6. 14. a bit of history. France this book examines multicast technology and will be a key text for undergraduate engineering students and master students in networks and telecoms. spectrum management practice. towards new Protocols for small Multicast Groups. 2. Major current european and international issues to improve spectrum efficiency. 16. 8. 3. Congduc Pham and Moufida Maimour. 10. Jean-Jacques Pansiot. Christian Jacquenet. Hierarchical Multicast Protocols with Quality of service. router-assisted Based reliable Multicast.iste. regimes of radio spectrum management: a synthetic view. Multicast routing on the internet. reliability in Group Communications. new technological perspectives and impact on spectrum monitoring. regulatory instruments for spectrum sharing. the future of the spectrum. – Networks & Telecommunications 87 the radio Spectrum MAnAging A StrAtegic reSource Jean-Marc Chaduc. 9781905209422 • January 2007 • 384 pages • Usd 215. – 7. 9781848210066 • January 2008 • 320 pages • Usd 145. Vincent roca. scalable Virtual environments. end-to-end approaches of reliable Communications. 8. 11. Congestion Control in Multicast Communications. Prométhée spathis and Kim thai. 11. Melek Önen. david Garduno et al. regional bodies. a transport Protocol for Multimedia Multicast with differentiated Qos. – 9. physics and mathematics. Contents 1.www.– 17.00 . national spectrum regulators and institutional debates. Vincent France and Gérard Pogorel. – 5. Contents Part 1: the basis of spectrum management 1. – 12. refik Molva and alain Pannetrat. 13. telecommunications. bases and actors. Frequency assignment: a contrast. 6. some regulated services. 15.

9781905209712 • January 2007 • 440 pages • Usd 175. LIP6. object modeling applied to software radio. LG Electronics Mobilecomm France and Mamadou Thioune. the UMts radio access network (Utran) and the core network. trade-offs for building a reconfigurable terminal. University of Paris 6. 9781905209460 • May 2007 • 256 pages • Usd 145. this book gives a detailed description of the elements in the UMts network architecture: the User equipment (Ue).00 . inter-vehicle communication and optical networks. 6 and 7. flexible spectrum Management. 9781905209477 • March 2007 • 674 pages • Usd 285. these include services. Motorola. covering the future of pervasive networks. France information about new generations of iP networks is given. France different aspects of the reconfigurability of mobile radio systems are analyzed in this book. the control of mobility and improved Quality of service. control and evolution of ip networks Edited by Guy adaptive MiMo techniques and analogto-digital converters. Wi-Fi.00 uMtS Javier Sanchez.88 Networks & Telecommunications www. the book further introduces the key features of existing topics in releases 5. France Written by experts in the field.and time-division duplex modes. an example of a pure software radio modem. sensor networks.00 reconfigurable Mobile radio Systems A SnApShot of key ASpectS relAted to reconfigurABility in wireleSS SySteMS Edited by Guillaume Vivier. STMicroelectronics.iste. the completely new protocols based on the needs of the new Wideband Code division Multiple access (WCdMa) air interface are highlighted by considering both Frequency.

page 89 Electrical Engineering Forthcoming. New & Backlist Titles NEW 2009 NEW NEW NEW 2009 2009 2009 2009 NEW NEW Automotive Electricity Control Methods for Electrical Machines Dielectric Materials for Electrical Engineering Electric Power Systems Electrical Actuators / identification and observation Energy Storage LEDs for Lighting Applications Low Emission Power Generation Technologies and Energy Management Mathematics for Engineers Power Systems and Restructuring Protection of Electrical Networks Renewable Energy Technologies Rotating Electrical Machines Static Converters All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .

Physico-chemical characterization techniques of dielectrics. Philippe Molinié. eric dantras and Jérôme Menegotto. 3. electrification.00 • new . Vicente Compañ Moreno. Christian Mayoux nadine lahoud and laurent Boudou. 7. dielectric relaxation in polymeric materials. abderrahmane Beroual. alain Bernes. Virginie Griseri. isabelle seguy. 13. 9781848211650 • February 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 195. 19. 17. history. electrical ageing and modeling with topics such as the physics of charged dielectric materials. omar Jbara et al. Pulsed electroacoustic Method: evolution and development perspectives for space charge measurement. Gérard touchard. Philippe demont. Juan Martinez-Vega. Toulouse. plastics recycling and piezoelectric polymers. Colette lacabanne. Christian Mayoux. Physics of dielectrics. Part 3: Characterization methods and measurement 10. 11. dielectric materials under electron irradiation in a scanning electron microscope. stéphanie remaury. photovoltaic conversion. ion exchange membranes for low temperature fuel cells. Juan Martinez-Vega. Jérôme Castellon and Petru notingher. Part 2: Phenomena associated with environmental stress-ageing 6. 23. 8. Pascal Venet. Part 2 concerns some applications specific to dielectric materials: insulating oils for transformers. Physics of charged dielectrics: mobility and charge trapping.90 Electrical Engineering www. recycling of plastic materials. 18. 14. measurement. semiconducting organic materials for electroluminescent devices and photovoltaic conversion. Christine Mayoux. Paul Sabatier University. electrolytic capacitors. evaristo riande Garcia. Pilar Martinez and eva Verdejo. Models for ageing of electrical insulation: trends and perspectives. 24. space charge. alain toureille. 16. ionic membranes. FliMM and FlaMM methods: localization of 3-d space charges at the micrometer scale. Jean-numa Foulc. dielectric thermal control coatings for geostationary satellites. alain toureille. Piezoelectric polymers and their applications. Jean-luc Bessede. Gilbert teyssedre and séverine le roy. Fulbert dielectric Materials for electrical engineering Edited by Juan Martinez-Vega. Jérôme Castellon and Petru notingher. Jean-luc Franceschi. electric ageing and life end models and dielectric experimental characterization. david Malec. Christian Mayoux. Polymeric insulators in the electrical engineering industry: examples of applications. Conduction mechanisms and numerical modeling of transport in organic insulators: trends and perspectives. Pascale Jolinat. insulating oils for transformers. didier Marty-dessus and laurent Berquez. space charge measurement by the laser-induced pressure pulse technique. conduction mechanisms. dielectric relaxation.iste. dielectric coatings for the thermal control of geostationary satellites: trends and problems. serge agnel. 20. electrorheological fluids. Guy Blaise and daniel treheux. 22. Guy Blaise and daniel treheux. anca Petre. electrorheological fluids. the thermal step Method for space charge measurements. 2. Contents Part 1: General physics phenomena 1. 9. Jean-luc Bessede and Christophe Perrier. Precursory phenomena and dielectric breakdown of solids. 5. 21. Christian laurent. space charges: definition. response of an insulating material to an electric charge: measurement and modeling. electrolytic capacitors. nadine lahoud and laurent Boudou. constraints and perspectives. France Part 1 is particularly concerned with physical properties. 12. 4. serge agnel.

alain Bouscayrol. J. 3. such as hybrid vehicles and fuel cells. edouard laroche and Jean-Paul louis. alleau. load torque observation of an electrical machine. J. France in the last few decades. 4. teaching and industrial applications. F. Bleijs. PSA Peugeot Citroën. Beretta. stéphane Caux and Maurice Fadel. Beretta. 6. France electrical drive control is a well-known method for regulating the magnetic flux and torque. Modeling and parameter determination of the saturated synchronous machine. although at a slow rate. this title discusses both the historic and scientific issues surrounding automotive electricity. real-time estimation of the induction machine parameters. Maurice Fadel and Bernard de Fornel. ENSEEIHT. as well as potential future developments. 7. Maria Pietrzak-david and Bernard de Fornel. in the current context of energy-saving and pollution control. observation of the rotor position to control the synchronous machine without mechanical sensor. and in the last decade. Part 2: observer examples 5. 3. also. Contents 1. develop methods and realizations in identification. electric-powered vehicles. 9781848210967 • March 2010 • 496 pages • Usd 175. Benoît robyns. J. linear estimators and observers for the induction machine. Beretta.00 • new . Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. C. J. several experiments are performed concerning some deterministic and stochastic state observers for these machines. 8.www. electrical goods have become a fixture of our everyday lives. alleau. this will provide an intriguing and timely examination of a potentially enormous new market. Basic definitions. Beretta. J. 2. using their great experience in the domains of research. 4. Prospects and evolutions of electric-powered vehicles: what technologies will be available by 2015?.uk Electrical Engineering 91 Automotive electricity electric driVeS Edited by Joseph Beretta. the authors. identification of the induction motor in sinusoidal mode. estimation and observation. t. Parameter sensitivity analysis based flux observer gain determination. the measurement and identification of the parameters of electrical machines and some state observers for them are studied in this book. these controls also use some electrical and mechanical variables that are not directly measurable. J. Bonal. 5. Toulouse and Jean-Paul Louis. luc loron. Maria Pietrzak-david et al. 9781848210950 • February 2010 • 336 pages • Usd 140. introduction. ernest Matagne and emmanuel de Jaeger.00 • new electrical Actuators identificAtion And oBSerVAtion Edited by Bernard de Fornel. 2. Contents Part 1: Measures and identifications 1.iste. decomposition of a determinist flux observer for the induction machine – Cartesian and reduced order structures. t. the issue of using electricity in cars has also developed. Badin. the components of electric-powered vehicles.

J-P. naouar. t. Pierquin. V. which deals with pulse-width modulation (PWM) techniques. Monmasson.iste. M.00 • new . Meibody-tabar. strategies of current and voltage control by resonant correction: examples of applications to fixed frequency. University of Cergy-Pontoise. G. 4. robyns. France and Mohamed El Hadi Zaïm. 16. new applications (windmills. n. le Claire. V. it uses instantaneous quantities and allows to take into account the associations of rotating machines and static converters (variable speed drives) easily. 5. F. Vector modulation strategies. i. a. J. W. Pulse-width modulation intersections for three-phase voltage inverters at two levels. naassani. M.. Patin and d. and also discusses methods for current control. a. Hybrid regulators of fixed-frequency switching current. lesbroussard. France in this title. 6. naassani. France this title is devoted to the control of static converters. depernet. lanfranchi. louis. F. Contents 1. 7.00 • new rotating electrical Machines René Le Doeuff. stochastic modulation strategies. Polyphased power by voltage inverter. X. Vilain and C. General equations of electromechanical energy conversion are established first and then applied to synchronous. a a. J-C. overmodulation in three-phase voltage inverters. 12. lanfranchi. Gateau. n.. Control power strategy using a self-oscillating controller. setting of Pi current regulators for a synchronous machine. davigny. Saint Nazaire. 9781848211957 • June 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 200. e. 15. slama-belkhodja. 3. strategies for modulating calculated and optimized pulse width. Meynard. electromagnetic compatibility of variable speed drives: the impact of PWM control strategies. t. Pierfederici. Kestelyn and e.naassani. Predictive current setting for a synchronous machine. e. strategies of current control for a multicell converter. s. M. n. a general matricial modeling of electrical machines is established. naouar. slama-belkhodja. Monmasson. lanfranchi and n. Martin. induction and dC machines. shift mode current setting for a synchronous machine. e. 10. 14. a. B. Gateau. Patin and e. Monmasson. a.) are shown and the book is illustrated by a large number of photographs kindly provided by various companies. slama-belkhodja. SATIE. semail.92 Electrical Engineering Static converters www. 9781848211698 • May 2010 • 288 pages • Usd 110. PWM strategies for multilevel converters. the delta-sigma modulation. a. W. electric propulsion of big ships. Patin. W. 8. labrique and J-P. Meynard and G. Edited by Eric Monmasson. B. J-P. 2. i. 9. 13.. 11. Various application cases are treated. i. University of Nantes. revol. Polytech’Nantes. the characteristics are established as well for steady state behavior as for variable speed. Patin and V.

Finally.00 . or organic leds with their specificity. Gilet. 9781848211452 • May 2009 • 296 pages • Usd 120. Michel dufaut and rené Husson. into the field of lighting. smaïl Bachir. deswert. substrates for iii-nitride HB-leds. 4. 7. dussaigne. slim tnani. 11. Nancy. 7. Mohamed Haboussi and Jean-François Ganghoffer. Electrical Engineering 93 control Methods for electrical Machines Edited by René Husson. this use determines the control laws. different ways to control a set of machines coordinating their actions are also presented. Frédéric Kratz. 2. Grenoble. solid state lighting with oleds. Chapter 1 recalls the principles of led lighting and focuses on issues and challenges. rachid outbib and Michel Zasadzinski. operating safety of machines is essential for industrial applications. diagnosis of induction machines by parameter estimation. 9. sabine elles and Bruno Maury.00 leds for lighting Applications Edited by Patrick Mottier. 5. Chapter 8 discusses the emergence of oleds. time-based coordination. Viénot. F. France leds have now left the realm of signage and have moved definitively. Jean-Claude trigeassou. Continuous time-linear control. INPL-ENSEM. process and packaging. overview of mechanical transmission problems. because they affect performance. Pascal Fontaine and Christian Cunat. Frédéric Kratz.-M. 4. the mechanics are also very important. HB-led processing. 6. High brightness light emitting diodes (HB-leds) for lighting: issues and challenges. P. a. Vaufrey. operating states. Position and velocity coordination: control of machine-tool servomotors. Gasse. 2. iii-nitride based heterostructures for HB-leds. 8. and with unquestionable advantages. smaïl Bachir. d. thierry Poinot. led photoelectric characterization. Multileaf collimators. Gérard Champenois. eugène. Contents 1. Zissis. Christian Cunat. 3. Maindron. featuring contributions from a range of authors who are specialists in their particular field. Patrick Boucher and didier dumur. P. J. Chapter 6 is devoted to the photoelectric characterization of leds. G.www. which should be taken into account right now. t. 9781848210936 • april 2009 • 400 pages • Usd 140. Jean-François schmitt and rachid rahouadj. Chapters 2 to 5 are each devoted to a key step in led manufacturing: substrate. towards a global formulation of the problem of mechanical drive.). 5. led packaging. sliding mode control. de Mierry. etc. 6. Jean-Claude trigeassou. reminders of solid mechanics. France the control of electrical machines depends on their use (nature of the load. CEA-LETI. a. n. lighting by leds imposes a certain level of color quality and this is the subject of Chapter 7. Contents 1. Grandjean. 10. all these issues are addressed in this title.iste. Parameter estimation for knowledge and diagnosis of electrical machines. C. overview of various controls. Producing white light with leds. epitaxy.

transportation. it will also serve as a useful reference guide to anyone wishing to further explore this field. appendix. transmission and distribution systems. Film capacitor for energy storage. mechanical) and then converted back into electric power and/or energy using conversion systems.94 Electrical Engineering energy Storage Yves Brunet. 8. Fuel cells. nomad applications and micro-power sources. Fuel cells. sMes. INP Grenoble. which constitute the basis for the presentation of signal processing. For each of these applications. reliability theory. Magnetic storage: sMes. electrochemical storage: piles and batteries. processing and transport of all forms of information. Energy Storage examines different applications such as electric power generation. engineers and researchers new to the area to advance their knowledge of communication technologies. super capacitors. 6. proper energy storage technologies are foreseen. Caes. 16. simulation. system operation. 6. disadvantages and limits. 12. statistics. Probability theory. the mathematical bases of simulation are also covered. 9781848210554 • october 2008 • 440 pages • Usd 70. traffic and queueing theory. the book’s accessible style will enable students. hydrogen. Mathematical refresher. Probability laws. Hydrogen storage.00 . 9781848211834 • June 2010 • 256 pages • Usd 85. data and images. 13. supercapacitors. 14. energy has to be stored in another form (chemical. 4. 8. 7. 2. Most of the storage technologies are examined: batteries. thermal storage and hydraulic gravitational storage. 4.iste. transportation. electromagnetic. 18. energy storage for electric networks. information theory.00 • new Mathematics for engineers Georges Fiche. pulsed systems. signal theory. as electricity cannot be stored cheaply in large quantities. 9. France www. 5. 7. 17. with their advantages. Kinetic storage: Flywheel. buildings and mobile applications. France and Gérard Hébuterne. however. Alcatel-Lucent. Hydropneumatic storage. flywheels. Hydraulic storage. 3. INT. information and coding theory. France Mathematics for Engineers offers comprehensive coverage of the basic mathematical tools for the engineer in the field of communication technologies – generation. introduction. Compressed air storage: Caes. Contents 1. 2. 3. High temperature storage. energy storage and PV systems. thermal. Power electronics for energy storage. traffic and queueing theory and reliability. 10. 15. it provides the essential results in probability theory and statistics. Contents 1.

Electrical Engineering


low emission power generation technologies and energy Management
Edited by Jean-Claude Sabonnadière, INPG, Grenoble, France this title is dedicated to energy storage, low emission technologies and energy management, with discussions on the future of nuclear energy, combined heat and power, using hydrogen as an energy vector and fuel cells, as well as chapters on energy saving and control of the demand for power. Contents 1. energy storage: applications for the electricity Vector, Y. Brunet. 2. nuclear Fission, today and tomorrow: from “renaissance” to technological Breakthroughs, G. Van Goethem. 3. Combined Heat and Power, W. d'haeseleer, P. luickx. 4. Hydrogen: an energy Vector, t. alleau. 5. Fuel cells, P. Baurens, P. serre-Combe, J.-Ph. Poirot-Crouvezier. 6. distributed Generation: impact and solutions, r. Caire, B. raison. 7. Control of the energy demand: network load shedding, G. Verneau. 8. towards Positive energy Buildings, d. Quenard. 9. light sources and lighting: from technology to energy savings, G. Zissis. 9781848211360 • october 2009 • 480 pages • Usd 160.00 • new

renewable energy technologies
Edited by Jean-Claude Sabonnadière, INPG, Grenoble, France this book deals with the emerging generation of renewable energy technologies, covering solar energy (photovoltaic, thermal and thermodynamic energy conversion), wind energy, marine energy, small hydropower, geothermal energy, biofuels, biogas and the use of wood as a substitute for fossil fuels. Contents Photovoltaic electricity Production, J.-C. Muller. Photovoltaic systems Connected to the Grid, s. Bacha, d. Chatroux. solar Heating, Ch. Marvillet. solar thermodynamic Power stations, a Ferrière. Wind systems technology, r. Belhomme, d. roye, n. laverdure. integration of Wind turbine Generators into the Grid, r. Belhomme, d. roye, n. laverdure. Marine energy resource Conversion systems, B. Multon, a. Clément, M. ruellan, J. seigneurbieux, H. Ben ahmed. 8. small Hydropower, r. Chenal, a. Choulot, V. denis, n. tissot. 9. Geothermal energy Production, F. Jaudin, l. le Bel. 10. Biofuels, F. Monot, J.-l. duplan, n. alazard-toux, s. His. 11. Biogas, P. labeyrie. 12. energy Production from Wood, F. douard. 9781848211353 • June 2009 • 512 pages • Usd 160.00 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Electrical Engineering power Systems and restructuring

Nouredine Hadjsaïd and Jean-Claude Sabonnadière, INPG, Grenoble, France the scope of this book is to provide fundamental concepts of the physics and operation of transmission and distribution lines, which is the content of Part 1, followed by the models and tools for the description and simulation of large electrical grids for steady state and transient operation in Part 2. these advanced tools allow the physics and technology of power systems to be described and the algorithms of Ybus and Zbus matrices to be built for various studies such as short-circuit studies and load flow or transient phenomena analysis. Part 3 deals with the new organization concepts in the frame of deregulated markets. in this part the restructuring of the power industry is presented where various actors interact together through market places or bilateral contracts. in addition, the operation of the power grids under this deregulated context is detailed and the relationships between power system operators and market actors (energy producers and providers, traders, etc.) is explained with several examples. the ancillary services, congestion management and grid access concepts are also described. a large number of exercises and problems disseminated throughout the book with solutions at the end enable the reader to check his understanding of the content at any time. Contents Part 1: transmission lines and electric Power networks 1. two paradigms of the world electrical power system. 2. General information on electrical energy. 3. Basics of electrical power networks. 4. network architecture. 5. operation of electric lines. 6. High voltage direct current (HVdC) transmission. 7. three-phase transmission lines. 8. electrical transients in transmission. Part 2: analysis Methods of electrical Power systems 9. Functions of electrical energy systems. 10. network representation. 11. Formation of network matrices. 12. load flow calculations. 13. transient analysis methods. 14. Fault current calculations. 15. stability analysis of power systems. Part 3: Management of electricity networks in a Competitive environment 16. Basic electrical system. 17. liberalization of energy markets. 18. description and models of energy markets. 19. ancillary services. 20. available transmission Capabilities (atC). 21. Congestion management. 22. network access and charges. Part 4: solutions to exercises and problems 23. exercise solutions. 9781848211209 • september 2009 • 704 pages • Usd 225.00 • new

Electrical Engineering


electric power Systems
Edited by Michel Crappe, Faculté Polytechnique, Mons, Belgium the creation of a deregulated internal european electricity market and eU commitments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (driven by the Kyoto Protocol) and for the use of renewable energy generation technologies have produced important new constraints and demands on the electric power systems of europe. this book provides advanced tools covering major aspects of the problems and their potential solutions. split into two parts (the first covering the operation and control of electric power systems and the second covering the stability and resilience of electric power systems), this book gathers together contributions from numerous well-known specialists in academia and the electrical industry and therefore will be an invaluable reference for all those involved in this field. Contents 1. General aspects of the control, regulation, and security of the energy network in aC, noël Janssens, Jacques trecat. 2. evolution of european electric power systems in the face of new constraints: impact of decentralized generation, Michel Crappe. 3. Planning methods for generation and transmission of electrical energy, Jean-Marie delincé. 4. Power quality, alain robert. 5. applications of synchronized phasor measurements to large interconnected electric power systems, n. Hadjsaid, d. Georges, a.F. snyder. 6. Voltage instability, thierry van Cutsem. 7. transient stability: assessment and control, daniel ruiz-Vega, Mania Pavella. 8. security of large electric power systems – defense plans – numerical simulation of electromechanical transients, Marc stubbe, Jacques deuse. 9. system Control by power electronics or flexible alternative current transmission systems (FaCts), Michel Crappe, stéphanie dupuis. 9781848210080 • March 2008 • 392 pages • Usd 195.00

protection of electrical networks
Christophe Prévé, AREVA, Mâcon, France this book, written for engineers, technicians, designers and operators working with electrical networks, contains theoretical and practical information on the design and set-up of protection systems. it starts by covering network structures and grounding systems together with problems that can occur in networks, and then goes on to discuss current and voltage transformers, protection functions, circuit breakers and fuses. Practical explanations of how protection systems function are given, and these, together with tables of settings, make this book suitable for any reader, irrespective of their initial level of knowledge. Contents 1. network structures. 2. earthing systems. 3. Main faults occurring in networks and machines. 4. short-circuits. 5. Consequences of short-circuits. 6. instrument transformers. 7. Protection functions and their applications. 8. overcurrent switching devices. 9. different selectivity systems. 10. Protection of network elements.

9781905209064 • June 2006 • 512 pages • Usd 195.00

New & Backlist Titles NEW 2009 NEW NEW NEW NEW 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 NEW Chemical and Biological Microsensors Electromagnetism and Interconnections Finite Element Method for Electromagnetic Modeling Lithography Measurements using Optic and RF Waves Microwave Photonic Links Nanolithography Optoelectronic Sensors Passive RF Integrated Circuits Physics and Operation of Silicon Devices in Integrated Circuits Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices Silicon Non-volatile Memories Solid-State Physics for Electronics VHF / UHF Filters and Multicouplers All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 98 Electronics Engineering Forthcoming.

luc Martin and laurent Pain. suggesting the emergence of new features. researchers have had in recent years a wonderful playground to develop new technologies to shape this nanospace. 4. a multidisciplinary alexandre lagrange and Philippe Bandelier. mechanics.00 • new . alina Pascale and thierry Baron. Christophe Constancias and Jean-Yves robic.and nano-fluids. Gianluca Grenci. 2. CEA-LETI-Minatec. transfer patterns by self-assembly processes. this book deals with essential technologies and processes. Christophe Constancias. resins for lithography. lithographic techniques by local probe microscopy. stéfan landis. david rio. chemistry. Massimo tormen. micro. nano imprint lithography. X-ray lithography: fundamentals and applications. serdar Manakli. amandine Jouve. Grenoble. 9781848212022 • september 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 130. 2. Karim aissou. France lithography is now a complex tool at the heart of a technological process for manufacturing micro. Michael May and isabelle servin. 5.www. primarily used in industrial manufacturing of microprocessors and other electronic Electronics Engineering 99 lithography Edited by Stéfan Landis. Grenoble. lithography continues to push the limits of optics. this title addresses both the physical principles and scientific and technical issues of such major alternative approaches to nanolithography. Manipulation and lithography based on metallic nanostructure optics. Jacques Gierak. Martin Kogelschatz. Peter Hawkes. 4.and nanocomponents. anne-laure Charley. simon Julia.iste.00 • new nanolithography Edited by Stéfan Landis. electron beam lithography. the optics of charged particles. Jérôme Hazart and Johann Foucher. Metrology for lithography. Marianne Consonni and renaud Bachelot. Benedetta Marmiroli and Filippo romanato. 3. France While the nanoworld has been opening up. Contents 1. 6. Photolithography. 5. Vincent Bouchiat. Maxime Besacier. 6. Writing by focused ion beam. 3. Claire agraffeil. etc. 9781848212114 • september 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 130. they are essential for the miniaturization of microelectronics in various application fields. extreme ultra-violet lithography. Contents 1. CEA-LETI-Minatec.

9. ismaël Cognard. Benoit Cluzel. devoting chapters to each different field of application. 5. Pierre-noël Favennec. after recalling the necessary basics in microwaves and a special chapter on precision and errors in measurement.100 Electronics Engineering Measurements using optic and rf waves Edited by Frédérique de Fornel. low Coherence interferometry. reminderx and general points. electromagnetic environment. it provides coverage of the various measurement techniques using electromagnetic waves for various applications. 8. 13. 9781848211735 • January 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 150. 7. this book provides examples from the entire range of the electromagnetic spectrum. France and Pierre-Noël Favennec. Channel multiplexing. exposimetry – Measurements of the ambient rF electromagnetic Fields. Various questions and exploratory ways. 2. dosimetry of interactions Between the radioelectric Waves and Human tissues – Hybrid approach of the Metrology. Meteorological Visibility Measurement: Meteorological optical range. Measurements in HF. the reader will find detailed descriptions. Houssein nasrallah. resonant cavities. manufacturing processes and a number of demonstrated formulas which will allow engineers and technicians to design a filtering or coupling project. and considering wavelength distances ranging from nanometers to light-years in optics. Gérard in order to adequately cover the many different facets of the topic.00 • new .iste. consultant engineer this book describes all the devices used in radio and broadcasting to bring high selectivity filtering and coupling. 9781848211872 • december 2009 • 336 pages • Usd 150. High Precision Pulsar timing in Centrimetric radioastronomy. 7. Helical resonators. loïc lalouat. 8. Contents 1. the combline filter. Christophe lemoine and Mohammed serhir. France www. 6. 5. Virginie Gaillard and Christian Boisrobert. 12. 2. radio Mobile Measurement techniques.00 • new Vhf / uhf filters and Multicouplers ApplicAtionS of Air reSonAtorS Bernard Piette. Contents 1. Philippe Besnier. 4. Pierre-noël Favennec. Hervé sizun and Maher al naboulsi. directive couplers. Multicouplers. Joe Wiart and Man Faï Wong. Utilities. 3. Colette dumas and Frédérique de Fornel. Hervé sizun and Philippe Maliet. Cyril lupi. 12. the band-pass filter. 3. covering frequencies from several hertz to terahertz. 11. Measurement for the evaluation of electromagnetic Compatibility. 6. 4. 9. ambient rF electromagnetic Measurements in a rural environment. University of Bourgogne. From Measurement to Control of electromagnetic Waves using a near-field scanning optica Microscope. dominique leduc. 11. consultant engineer. laurent salomon. auxiliary devices. 10. Fabrication and tuning of cavities. Philippe Zarka. Xavier Chapeleau. Hervé sizun. long Baseline decameter interferometry between nançay and loFar. 10. Passive remote sensing at submillimeter Wavelengths and tHz.

3. 6.J. Microwave Photonic links Performances. C. Goure. Photodetectors. General Concepts. that can be easily incorporated in commercial electrical circuits simulation software to simulate this complete link. amperometric sensors. light Generation and Modulation. e. Moutet. Martelet. J. and Anne-Laure Billabert. 6. impedance-metric sensors. C. introduction. P. Chemical sensors: industrial Constraints and development. Fabry.00 • new . 4. such devices could open the field of applications (environmental. 5. glass optical fibers to plastic optical fibers. B. tercier-Waeber. Blum. J.00 • new Microwave photonic links coMponentS And circuitS Christian Rumelhard. Pradel. 8. photodiodes to UtC photodiodes or phototransistors. 10. saint aman. France this book reviews the state of the art in the field of chemical sensors for the analysis of ionic or molecular species dissolved in liquid media. sensors and Voltametric Probes for in situ Measurements of elementary traces in aquatic Media. Jaffrezic. 3. P. Fombon. numerous recent bibliographic references are also given. Measurement Characterizations and electrical simulations of Microwave optical links. the future trends of these components are also introduced: lasers to VCsel. Potentiometric sensors: dissolved Gas and ionic species.iste. Fouletier. 7. 9781848211421 • december 2009 • 352 pages • Usd 150. Electronics Engineering 101 chemical and Biological Microsensors ApplicAtionS in fluid MediA Edited by Pierre Fabry and Jacques Fouletier. 8. external modulators. Walcarius. Buffle. electrical amplifiers in Microwave optical links. l. CNAM. Contents 1. J. Biosensors Based on Guided optics. Gondran. a. France this book presents the electrical models for the different elements of a photonic microwave link like lasers. Michaux. Breuil. 7. Grenoble University. optical Fibers and amplifiers. Most of the devices could be miniaturized using modern technologies allowing fabrication on a large scale for mass production at low cost. 5. photodiodes and phototransistors. external modulators to electro-absorption modulators. s. Moreover.) in the near future.www. M. it also describes an original methodology to evaluate the performances of a microwave photonic link.C. isFet and BioFet sensors. Chemiometry. the fundamental phenomena involved in these sensors are described in the different chapters by specialists with much expertise in the field. optical fibers. Complement of Microwave Photonic links Performances. n. P. 4. 9781848212268 • september 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 150. the transduction of such devices is based on chemical. biological and physical phenomena. etc. Fabry. biomedical. domotic and automotive applications. J. food industry. Contents 1.P. sensibility and selectivity of electrochemical sensors. based on the developed electrical models.l. Catherine Algani. 2. 2. mainly in aqueous solutions. a. J.

different “evolutionary paths” based on the use of new materials (such as silicon nanocrystals for storage nodes and high-k insulators for active dielectrics) and of new transistor structures (such as multi-gate devices) are investigated in order to extend classical floating gate technology to the 32 nm node. Characterization of devices and Passive rF integrated Circuits. 4. this book provides a comprehensive overview of the different technological approaches currently being studied to fulfill future memory requirements. 4. 3. it describes methods used for modeling passive circuits using the most common numerical analysis techniques (the method of moments. Measurement in the time domain. Fabien ndagijimana.00 . Future Paths of innovation. the main factors at the origin of these phenomena are identified and analyzed. h. Calculation Procedures of Passive Components with the tlM Method: application to Coplanar Filters and antennas. numerical analysis Methods for Passive Circuits. France semiconductor flash memory is an indispensable component of modern electronic systems which has gained a strategic position in recent decades due to the progressive shift from computing to consumer (and particularly mobile) products as revenue drivers for integrated Circuits (iC) Edited by Pierre Saguet. Jean-louis Carbonero. Pierre saguet. chArActerizAtion And MeASureMent www. 9781848211056 • august 2009 • 256 pages • Usd 125. aBCd are given. sidina Wane. Gaétan Prigent. Multi-scales circuits: use of auxiliary sources. France. “disruptive paths” based on new storage mechanisms or new technologies (such as phase-change devices. finite element methods. two main research paths are identified and discussed. Packages for rF circuits. and pays particular attention to propagation phenomena. Michel ney. research on advanced Charge storage Memories. sandrick le Maguer.102 Electronics Engineering passive rf integrated circuits Modeling. time domain reflectometry and its use are also covered in detail. 5. written by recognized experts in the field. semiconductor industry outlook. Characterization and measurement methods in the time and frequency domains are the subject of two very detailed chapters. 2. providing pointers on future research activities and developments in this area. Contents 1. interconnections and packaging modeling are included. LETI CEA. tlM). Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electronique de Grenoble.00 • new Silicon non-Volatile Memories pAthS of innoVAtion Barbara De Salvo. 2. introduction. Z. as well as an original method for multi-scale circuit modeling. Contents 1. Finally. Henri Baudrand. Measurement errors using Vector network analyzer (Vna) and appropriate corrections are detailed and the divergences between all the various parameters s. 9781848211759 • october 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 120. Y. 3. 5. Jean Chilo. t. Fdtd.iste. polymer or molecular cross-bar memories) are also covered in order to address 22 nm and smaller iC generations. Conclusions. is intended for designers of rF or microwave passive integrated circuits. this book.

Guérin. Kedous-lebouc. Féliachi. lefevre. Piriou. a part is dedicated to soi technology. Maréchal. the last part focuses on non-volatile solid state memories. 5. Bandelier. due to the important advantages resulting from this material for some applications and products. Y. physics and technology. Magnetohydrodynamics: modeling of a kinematic dynamo. Piriou. Bouillault. B. with a presentation of state-of-the-art technologies. leconte. J. Bouillault.iste. Zgainski. Massé. rioux-damidau. C. lobry. F. soi technology and transistors. F. arnaud Bournel. now currently embedded in many day-life products. magnetostatics. Coulomb. MINATEC. France Written by specialists of modeling in electromagnetism. sylvie Galdin-retailleau. linking their basic properties to those of devices. F. G. Coupling with circuit equations. electrokinetic. Behavior laws of materials. Plunian. G. the major component of modern integrated circuits. F. Frédéric Bœuf. France this book provides a comprehensive insight into the operation of the main microelectronic devices in silicon integrated circuits. P. Modeling of motion: accounting for movement in the modeling of magnetic phenomena. Philippe dollfus. 9781848210301 • august 2008 • 624 pages • Usd 245. J. 9781848211636 • september 2009 • 400 pages • Usd 150. Contents 1.www. F. 14. Y. optimization. 7. 3. Meunier. ossart. M. 2. arnaud Bournel. ren. 12. G. Bipolar junction Electronics Engineering 103 the finite element Method for electromagnetic Modeling Edited by Gérard Meunier. it comprises a part of the physics of semiconductor materials. Y. Fundamentals of the method as well as new advances in the field are described in detail. Philippe dollfus et al. Z. this book provides a comprehensive review of the finite element method for low frequency applications. 4. Physical basis of semiconductor materials. Magneto-thermal coupling. Mixed finite element methods in electromagnetism. Mireille Mouis. Broche. 6. F. J. P. transport in semiconductor devices. V. François Mondon. 4. is described at ideal and real levels.l. 5. F. 2. especially for analog and rF functions. Magnetodynamic formulations.X.l. Y. thomas skotnicki.00 physics and operation of Silicon devices in integrated circuits Edited by Jacques Gautier. Meunier. Fouladgar. 11. le Floch. non-volatile memories. 13. G2Elab-INPG. sorin Cristoloveanu. e. Grenoble. Magneto-mechanical modeling. introduction to nodal finite elements. F. the Bipolar Junction transistor. Grenoble. J. Contents 1. including updated characteristics and future prospects. 8.00 . Charge storage-based structures as well as emerging memory devices are depicted and discussed. Francis Balestra. lombard. 9. MosFet device physics and operation. lefevre. the Field effect transistor. du terrail Couvat. Mesh generation. which is also a useful device. 10. dular. is presented from a simplified behavior to real devices. Modeling on thin and line regions. static formulations: electrostatic. symmetric components and numerical modeling. 3. C. Coulomb. a. 6. P. nens. Y.


Electronics Engineering optoelectronic Sensors
Edited by Didier Decoster and Joseph Harari, Polytech’Lille, France

optoelectronic sensors are of great importance in optoelectronic transmission systems. With this in mind, this book aims to provide accessible yet authoritative coverage of semiconductorbased photodetectors for various optical wavelengths. Optoelectronic Sensors starts by explaining the main characteristics of all photodetectors, before moving on to cover the classical Pin photodiode, the avalanche photodiode, phototransistors, the metal-semiconductor-metal photodiode and photodetectors designed for ultraviolet wavelengths. it concludes by discussing the very significant problem of noise in these sensors. Written by a wide range of specialists in this field, this book represents an indispensable resource for those looking to increase their understanding of optoelectronics. Contents 1. introduction to semiconductor photodetectors, Franck omnes. 2. Pin photodiodes for the visible and near infrared, Beaudoin de Cremoux. 3. avalanche photodiodes, Gérard ripoche, Joseph Harari. 4. Phototransistors, Carmen Gonzalez, antoine Marty. 5. Metal-semiconductor-metal (MsM) photodiodes, Joseph Harari, Vincent Magnin. 6. Photodetectors for the ultraviolet, Franck omnes, eva Monroy. 7. noise in photodiodes and photoreceiver systems, robert alabedra, dominique rigaud. 9781848210783 • May 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 95.00

power electronics Semiconductor devices
Edited by Robert Perret, INPG, France this book is dedicated to power electronics switches and their uses. it begins by dealing with power MosFets and iGBts, including series and parallel associations. discussion is given to silicon carbide, its potentiality for power electronics applications and its present limitations, as well as capacitors, key passive components in power electronics, followed by a modeling method enabling the computation of stray inductances, which is necessary for the precise simulation of switching waveforms. the book concludes by examining the behavior of the switching cell and thermal behavior associated with power switches, and then proposes some interesting possibilities associated with power electronics integration. Contents 1. Power MosFet transistors, Pierre aloïsi. 2. insulated gate bipolar transistors (iGBt), Pierre aloïsi. 3. series and parallel connections of Mos and iGBt, daniel Chatroux, Jean-luc schanen. 4. silicon carbide applications in power electronics, Marie-laure locatelli, dominique Planson. 5. Capacitors for power electronics, abderrahmane Béroual, sophie Guillemet-Fritsch, thierry lebey. 6. Modeling connections, edith Clavel, James roudet, Jean-luc schanen. 7. the commutation cell, James roudet, Jean-luc schanen. 8. Power electronics and thermal management, Jean-Marie dorkel, Corinne Perret, robert Perret. 9. towards integrated power electronics, Patrick austin, Marie Breil, Jean-Christophe Crebier, Jean-louis sanchez, Christian schaeffer. 9781848210646 • March 2009 • 576 pages • Usd 195.00

Electronics Engineering


Solid-State physics for electronics
André Moliton, University of Limoges, France this title is the result of many years’ experience in teaching at Msc level in applied, materials and electronic physics. it is written with device physics and electronics students in mind, and describes the fundamental physics of materials used in electronics. this thorough coverage of the physical properties of materials will facilitate an understanding of the technological processes used in the fabrication of electronic and photonic devices. the book opens with an introduction to the basic applied physics of simple electronic states and energy levels. silicon and copper, the building blocks for many electronic devices, are used as examples. next, more advanced theories are developed to better account for the electronic and optical behavior of ordered materials, such as diamond, and disordered materials, such as amorphous silicon. Finally, the principal quasi-particles (phonons, polarons, excitons, plasmons and polaritons) that are fundamental to explaining phenomena such as component aging (phonons) and optical performance in terms of yield (excitons) or communication speed (polarons) are discussed. Contents 1. representation of electron-lattice bonds. 2. the free electron and state density functions. 3. the origin of band structure within a weak bond approximation. 4. Properties of semi-free electrons: insulators, semi-conductors, metals and superlattices. 5. Crystalline structures, reciprocal lattices and Brillouin zones. 6. electronic properties of copper and silicon. 7. strong bonds in 1-dimension. 8. strong bonds in 3-dimensions: band structures of diamond and silicon. 9. limits to classical band theory: amorphous media. 10. the main quasi-particles in materials physics.

9781848210622 • June 2009 • 416 pages • Usd 165.00

electromagnetism and interconnections
AdVAnced MAtheMAticAl toolS for coMputer-Aided SiMulAtion Stéphane Charruau, University of Bordeaux I, France this book covers the theoretical problems of modeling the electrical behavior of the interconnections encountered in electronic products that figure in our daily lives. Most electronic products have digital processors that have increasingly tightened inner and outer conductors with smaller and smaller geometries. this means parasitic electromagnetic effects increasingly occur inside and outside these processors, which then cannot work correctly. the aim of this book is to show the theoretical tools of waveform prediction at the design step of a complex and high-speed digital electronic system. Contents 1. theoretical Foundations of electromagnetism. 2. Full Wave analysis. 3. electromagnetism in stratified Media. 4. transmission line equations. 5. direct time-domain Methods. 6. discretization in the time domain. 7. Frequency Methods. 8. time-domain Wavelets. 9. applications of the Wavelet Method.

9781848211070 • december 2008 • 312 pages • Usd 125.00

page 106

Instrumentation and Measurement
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Advanced Ultrasonic Methods for Material and Structure Inspection NEW Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement Metrology in Industry Modern Sensors Handbook Physical Chemistry of Solid-Gas Interfaces Structural Health Monitoring 2009 Transverse Disciplines in Metrology

Other Related Titles
p. 14 p. 90 p. 100 Physical Processes and Measurement Devices Dielectric Materials for Electrical Engineering Measurements using Optic and RF Waves

All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo

uk Instrumentation & Measurement 107 Applied Metrology for Manufacturing engineering Ammar Grous.00 • new transverse disciplines in Metrology proceedingS of the 13th internAtionAl Metrology congreSS. health and medicine.00 .iste. 5. Chemistry – statistics. frAnce Edited by the French College of Metrology the 2007 international Metrology Congress was organized by the French College of Metrology in collaboration with the laboratoire national de Métrologie et d’essais (lne) and the scientific support of the nederlands Meetinstituut (nMi). these proceedings are a selection of 62 conferences covering: – the evolution of metrology. 9781848211889 • september 2010 • 544 pages • Usd 165. and its applications in industry. illustrated by tutorials and laboratory models. CEGEP. Contents (detailed contents on Csa (Canada) and ansi (Usa). it is accessible to nonspecialist users in the fields of design and manufacturing. this book focuses on technical geometric and dimensional tolerances as well as mechanical testing and quality control. surface-states control. – the development of metrology linked to innovating technologies. Control of testing materials hardness. economy and quality. 3. Gas analysis Hydraulic Quantities recent development of the its the si. Verification of assembly and transmissions components. 8. – the improvement of measurement procedures to guarantee the quality of products and processes. 9. elements of dimensional and geometric tolerances according to iso. elements of error analysis and their uncertainties in dimensional metrology applied to science and technology. the national metrology institute of the netherlands. surfaces control. 2007 – lille. it also provides references and solved examples to help professionals and teachers to adapt their models to specific cases. it reflects recent developments in iso and GPs standards and focuses on training that goes hand in hand with the progress of practical work and workshops dealing with measurement and dimensioning. 6. now and tomorrow Metrology and Health Metrological tools and Means environnment dimensional Metrology and Uncertainty innovation and Knowledge transfer Uncertainty sensory Metrology electricity legal Metrology Monte Carlo Method Mass optic – time Frequency statistics overview 9781848210486 • February 2009 • 832 pages • Usd 350. Canada Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering stands out from traditional works due to its educational aspect. opto-mechanical metrology. 4. environment and safety. Computer-aided Metrology. Chapters can be viewed independently of each other.www. Contents 1. Quebec. 2. Measures and controls using linear and angular and new information and communication technologies.

real-time data acquisition and processing systems. 11.00 Structural health Monitoring Edited by Daniel Balageas. elaboration of models for the interaction between the sensor and its environment. 9781905209019 • January 2006 • 496 pages • Usd 205. thermal and mechanical sensors. Ecole des Mines.00 fundamentals of instrumentation and Measurement Edited by Dominique Placko.iste. Physical principles of optical. 10. the second part is devoted to the development of devices for gas detection in a system approach. on which a diagnostic is established. University of Siegen. signal and data reduction methods and inverse techniques. Paul Bildstein. representation and analysis of signals. Spain this book is organized around the various sensing techniques used to achieve structural health monitoring. Polytechnic University.108 Instrumentation & Measurement physical chemistry of Solid-gas interfaces conceptS And Methodology for gAS SenSor deVelopMent René Lalauze. Etienne. sensor Multi-sensor systems: diagnostics and Fundamental elementary facts and theoretical tools for the interpretation and model development of solid-gas interactions are first presented in this workd. smart sensors. results are then presented in order to support the contribution made by large metallic elements to the electronic processes associated with solid-gas interactions.00 . Measurement instrumentation. Chatillon. General principles of sensors. as well as microsystem design and applications. Madrid. the contribution of microtechnologies. which enable the identification of the physical parameters. 9781848210417 • July 2008 • 448 pages • Usd 185. France www. Mustapha nadi. analog processing associated with sensors. 7. Contents 1. Frédéric truchetet. dominique Miller. 2. 9781905209392 • March 2007 • 576 pages • Usd 250. France this title presents the general principles of instrumentation processes. ENS Cachan. St. Michel lecollinet. 6. France. François lepoutre. Michel robert. Methods for experimental investigations concerning solid-gas interactions are first described. François Baillieu and olivier Vancauwenberghe. 9. 4. ONERA. it explains the theoretical analysis of physical phenomena used by standard sensors and transducers to transform a physical value into an electrical signal. Cécile durieu and denis Prémel. 3. Bernard Journet and stéphane Poujouly. the pre-processing of these signals through electronic circuits is then detailed. eduardo santander and Bernard Journet. digital signal processing and diagnostic methods and the concept of smart sensors. Germany and Alfredo Güemes. Claus-Peter Fritzen. 8. affected by the presence of the damage. its main focus is on sensors. attention is then given to general complex systems: instrumentation and measurement chains. 12. 5. François lepoutre. instruments and measurement chains. Patrice aknin and thierry Maurin. analog filters. in order to provide useful basic information.

Czech Republic and Alois Tipek. this type of information is very difficult to acquire from existing sources. F. G. alois tipek and Pavel ripka. andré Migeon and anne-elisabeth Instrumentation & Measurement 109 Modern Sensors handbook Edited by Pavel Ripka. 2. intelligent sensors and sensor networks. Ireland it is vitally important for system developers. 9. 9781905209668 • May 2007 • 536 pages • Usd 275. M. stanislav dado. Contents 1. ripka and Pavel ripka. Pressure sensors. a situation this book aims to address by providing detailed coverage on this topic. accelerometers and inclinometers. new technologies and Materials. 5.iste. andré Migeon and anne-elisabeth lenel. including ultrasonic nde and other areas which go beyond traditional imaging techniques of internal defects. Czech Technical University. gives a comprehensive and international treatment of the subject. 9781905209699 • January 2007 • 408 pages • Usd 185. 10.www. Tyndall. Magnetic sensors. University of Arizona. s. Peetermans and luk indesteege. Peeters. 9781905209514 • March 2006 • 272 pages • Usd 120. temperature sensors.00 . Position and distance. F. andré Migeon and anne-elisabeth lenel. 7. Gillian McMahon. system integrators and decision makers to be familiar with the principles and properties of the new sensor types in order to make a qualified decision about which sensor type to use in which system and what behavior may be expected. Chemical sensors and Biosensors. level. M. r. 8. 11. optical sensors. Jirí novak. Hartung. Cork.00 Advanced ultrasonic Methods for Material and Structure inspection Edited by Tribikram Kundu. 4. USA Featuring contributions from authors who are specialists in their subject area. this book presents new developments in ultrasonic research in both these areas. Flow sensors. stanislav dado and Jan Fischer.00 Metrology in industry • the key for quality Edited by the French College of Metrology this book. solid-state Gyroscopes and navigation. 6. Peetermans and luk indesteege. Peeters. the results of a working group from the French College of Metrology and featuring chapters written by a range of experts from a variety of european countries. 3.

the passage from theory to practice makes the comprehension of the physical phenomena simple and didactic. the first objective is to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of integrated optics so that they may be able to develop the theoretical and experimental tools to study and control the linear and nonlinear optical properties of waveguides. non-linear effects in integrated optics. this last field constitutes a major challenge of photonic technologies of the 21st 110 Optics Forthcoming. the electro-optic effect in waveguides. 2. Contents 1. optical waveguide fabrication techniques.00 . 5. 6. the potential use of these structures can then be determined in order to realize integrated optical components for light modulation and generation. the book also gives a presentation of the industrial applications of the integrated optical components. University of Metz. optical waveguide characterization techniques. optical waveguide theory. Photonic crystal waveguides. France this book presents the principles of non-linear integrated optics. 3. 9781848210271 • april 2009 • 352 pages • Usd 150. the studied topics range from the theory of waveguides and the linear and non-linear optical characterization techniques to photonic crystals. New & Backlist Titles Free-Space Optics Nanophotonics 2009 Photonic Waveguides All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo photonic waveguides theory And ApplicAtionS Azzedine Boudrioua. 4. the theoretical models are accompanied by experimental tools and their setting in order to characterize the studied phenomenon.

special attention is given to the problems associated with the propagation of photons. Written by distinguished scientists. a history of wireless optical telecommunications is given in this title. local-probe techniques are presented and are used to characterize plasmonic devices. Photonic crystal fibers. 6. History of optical telecommunications. since these are key issues in gaining an understanding of future telecommunication systems based on wireless optics. 5. line of sight propagation. as well as safety and confidentiality issues. safety and confidentiality. emission and reception of optical beams. Contents 1. former Director of the Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain and Juan Ariel Levenson. nonlinear optics in nano. from the basics to the most advanced technologies. Fresnel Institute. France Telecom. 6. Controling the optical near-field: implications for nanotechnology. 8. 9781905209286 • June 2006 • 328 pages • Usd 145. 7. Jean-Michel Lourtioz. Photonic crystals and microcavities are extensively described. Finally. University of Bourgogne and Pierre-Noël Favennec. French network on nanophotonics. 2. Basic principles of electromagnetism. France Nanophotonics is a comprehensive introduction to the emerging area concerned with controlling and shaping optical fields at a subwavelength scale. 10. which are the basis of any optical communication system. the authors consider standards. Contents 1. 7.www. third-order optical nonlinearities in photonic crystals. both in the presence and absence of Optics 111 nanophotonics Edited by Hervé Rigneault. Bidimensional photonic crystals for photonic integrated circuits. 9781905209026 • January 2006 • 224 pages • Usd 95. Propagation of an optical beam in confined space. Photonic crystals: from microphotonics to nanophotonics. 4. Christian Boisrobert. 2. 3. Claude 9. University of Nantes.iste.and microstructures. 4. the confined universe of electrons in semiconductor nanocrystals. 5.00 . the emerging fields of semiconductor nanocrystals and nanobiophotonics are also presented. sub-wavelength optics: toward plasmonics. France. consultant engineer. including non-linear optical effects. it provides comprehensive coverage of the field. and as such will be of great interest to those involved in any aspect of nanophotonics. Center of Nanosciences of the Paris-Region.00 free-space optics propAgAtion And coMMunicAtion Olivier Bouchet and Hervé Sizun. nano-biophotonics. 3. Quantum dots in optical microcavities. together with a recapitulation of the application of the principles of electromagnetism to free-space optics. France. Coverage is also given to the transmitters and receivers of optical beams. optical communication. these devices were responsible for the first truly significant advances in the performance of these systems. Frédérique de Fornel.

New & Backlist Titles Fundamentals of Acoustics 2009 NEW Materials and Acoustics Handbook Music and Acoustics Sonar and Underwater Acoustics Vibration in Continuous Media Vibrations and Acoustic Radiation of Thin Structures All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 112 Acoustics Forthcoming.

computer science and MP3 sound Acoustics 113 Sonar and underwater Acoustics Jean-Paul Marage. 7. Contents 1. 9781848211896 • June 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 200. transmission of the acoustic signal.00 . 2. electro-mechanical-acoustic analogies. antenna and radiation. from physical phenomena governing the environment and the corresponding constraints. which are often too specialized. 8. 4. antenna structures and electric acoustic interface. 6. through to the technical definition of transducers and antennas. 10. sound propagation in the marine environment. 13. the topics that are treated include sound propagation. the latter provides knowledge required to design. the approach. Toulouse. the criteria of choice in active treatment. Performance and structures of acoustic antennas. Unlike other books on this subject. in one section. and the types of signal processing involved. from their production by acoustic music instruments to synthesized sounds obtained with computers. 9. analog and digital signal processing theory. Consultant. INSA. Fourier and time-frequency analysis.www. 12. Consultant and Yvon Mori. which presents an overview on the nature of musical sounds. sonar equations. this book is accessible to a wider audience.iste. France Sonar and Underwater Acoustics brings together all the concepts necessary for designers and users of sonar systems. the first part focuses on the acoustic environment. theoretical notions in active treatment. noise and reverberation. 3. Hydrophone-transducer electronics adaptation. measures in underwater acoustics are also proposed. 11. as well as the development and implementation of chain processes for an active sonar from the conditioning input to output processing. the chain of processing active sonar.. and of course. electric-acoustic and acoustic-electric transformations. Measures in underwater acoustics. France How can a piano tuner obtain such high precision with no other measuring device than their own ears? How can a sequence of notes seem to rise continuously although it comes back periodically to the same notes? What are the possibilities and the limits of digital sound? these are a few examples of questions that are discussed in this book. psychoacoustics. music! 9781905209262 • october 2006 • 208 pages • Usd 120. radiated noise and clean sounds.00 • new Music and Acoustics froM inStruMent to coMputer Philippe Guillaume. the reader will find a comprehensive range of all problems encountered in underwater acoustics for a sonar application.

de Belleval. C. o. P. etc.-F. J.114 Acoustics Materials and Acoustics handbook www. C. r. the second part outlines industrial and medical Edited by Michel Bruneau and Catherine Potel.-F. Calmon. exercises are provided so that the reader can test their understanding of the subject. lauriks. J. J. Potel. France Written by a group of acoustics and vibration specialists. a. non-linear acoustics phenomena in micro-inhomogenous environments. depollier. n. Finally. de Belleval. 7. Acoustic Laboratory of Maine University.00 Vibrations and Acoustic radiation of thin Structures phySicAl BASiS. o. thomas.-F. dauchez. 9. B. el abidine Fellah. M. C. Contents 1. M. a. 10. Fink. V. circular cylindrical shells. sahraoui. Consultant this book offers comprehensive coverage of the various areas relating to the vibrations and vibro-acoustics of thin structures. depollier. First. 9781848210745 • June 2009 • 944 pages • Usd 390. before discussion is given to the various types of thin structures (thin plates. next. theoreticAl AnAlySiS And nuMericAl MethodS Paul J. Gusev. d. Fellah. Gatignol. Brouard. 5. lesselier. o. d. M.-H. J. dauchez. a. el abidine Fellah. Castaings. Brouard. numerical and experimental. lhémery. lafarge. V. 8. C. M. deschamps. tournat. B. Baron. M. Gengembre. M. Chaix. J. Filippi. B. M. tanter.) and the equations governing vibrations in these structures. B. H. Homogenous and stratified homogenous environments: linear propagation models. Green’s function in anisotropic environments: Cagniard de Hoop method. el Guerjouma. Propagation in continuous stratification environment. Ph. Poncelet. B. M. Henry. beams. 9781848210561 • september 2008 • 288 pages • Usd 120. shuvalov. deschamps. non-destructive evaluation of micro-inhomogenous solids using nonlinear methods. s. Biomedical fields. M. it splits the subject into three distinct fields. Potel. Fellah. Garnier. the vibratory response of thin structures is detailed. nechad. Ch. royer. J. 3. Henry. spherical shells. Z. Gusev. G. W. the work concludes by covering the acoustic radiation and transmission by thin structures. Characterization of pro-resilient materials. n. Method for experimental and numerical studies. 6. 2. at the end of each of these areas. Castagnède. Bonnet. 4. Gatignol. dazel. M. Le Mans.-F. Bleuzen et al. M. M. Z. including resonance modes and forced harmonic and transient regimes.00 . an introduction to the subject is provided. ayrault. d. this book studies the acoustic and vibrating phenomena that occur in diverse materials used for all kinds of purposes. linear methods for ultrasonic non-destructive control and evaluation. Poncelet. Castaings. C. V.T. n. the first part studies the fundamental aspects of propagation: analytical. lambert.iste. V. Castagnède.-F. Castagnède. tournat. de Belleval. V. a. Porous and stratified porous environments: linear propagation models. allard. Ph. Corneloup. and the problems this can cause in acoustical engineering.

integral Formalism in linear acoustics. a description of the phenomena and computation methods. 5. while also presenting the major applications of acoustic engineering. Vibratory phenomena described by the wave equation. diffusion. equations of Motion in non-dissipative Fluid. 10 Calculation of forced vibrations by forced wave decomposition. 9781905209255 • June 2006 • 640 pages • Usd 225. 8 introduction to damping: example of the wave equation. Lyon. equations of Motion in dissipative Fluid. the central theme of the chapters is acoustic propagation in fluid media. introduction to sound radiation and transparency of Walls. infinite or limited. Contents 1. 9781905209279 • september 2006 • 448 pages • Usd 215. 7. INSA. 9. 3. Problems of acoustics in dissipative Fluids. 11. acoustics in Closed spaces. Variational formulation for vibrations of elastic continuous media. 8. it offers a synthesis of reference results on vibration in beams and plates. 2. 9. acoustics in Uniform Flow and aero-acoustics. diffraction and Geometrical approximation. France this book is concerned with vibration in continuous elastic solid media and discusses both the physical phenomena and prediction methods. 4. examples of applications are used throughout the book to provide a better understanding of the material presented. dissipative or non-dissipative. New Zealand the objective of this book is to provide a fundamental grounding in acoustics which will provide the reader with the ability to gain an understanding of the scientific and technical literature in this area. three aspects are developed in this book: modeling. in Acoustics 115 Vibration in continuous Media Jean-Louis Guyader. Contents 1. University of Auckland. Basic solutions to the equations of linear Propagation in Cylindrical and spherical Coordinates. University of Maine. 11. equation of vibration for plates. the rayleigh-ritz method based on reissner’s Functional. Vibrations of continuous elastic solid media. 12. 6. placing particular emphasis on the theoretical formulation of the problems considered.00 . homogenous or non-homogenous. Bending vibration of plates. equation of motion for beams. 10. the rayleigh-ritz method based on Hamilton’s Functional. the coverage is limited to acoustics in fluids and the methods explained most often adopt an analytical approach. Methods in electro-acoustics. 4. 5. Calculation of forced vibrations by modal 7. 2.www. France Thomas Scelo (translator and contributor). Free bending vibration of beams. introduction to non-linear acoustics. 3. 6.iste.00 fundamentals of Acoustics Michel Bruneau. Basic solutions to the equations of linear Propagation in Cartesian Coordinates. a particular effort has been made to provide a clear understanding of the limits associated with each modeling approach.

page 116 Digital Signal and Image Processing Forthcoming. Estimation and Optimal Filtration in Signal Processing Multivariate Image Processing Optimization in Signal and Image Processing Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images Scaling. New & Backlist Titles Bayesian Approach to Inverse Problems Channel Coding in Communication Networks Compression of Biomedical Images and Signals Data Analysis Digital Filters Design for Signal and Image Processing Digital Signal and Image Processing using Matlab Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab Discrete Stochastic Processes and Optimal Filtering / 2nd edition Image Processing Information Fusion in Signal and Image Processing Inverse Problems in Vision & 3D Tomography Mathematical Morphology Modeling. Fractals and Wavelets Spectral Analysis Time-Frequency Analysis Tomography Two-dimensional Signal Analysis Visual Perception through Video Imagery Wavelets and their Applications 2009 NEW NEW NEW 2009 2009 2009 All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .

Fusion and Multi-modality. Xavier descombes. it is a fundamental feature in a range of applications. 3. 3. 8. filter processing in the telecommunications industry. Pierre Charbonnier and Christophe Collet. 4. triplet Markov Chains and image segmentation. Moreover. laure Blanc-Féraud. outlining the results necessary for the creation of Wiener and adaptive filters used for stationary signals. discussing random and Gaussian vectors.iste. ESIEE.00 • new discrete Stochastic processes and optimal filtering Second edition Jean-Claude Bertein. this book provides a comprehensive overview of this area. stereo reconstruction in satellite and aerial imaging. in aerospace and aeronautics. introduction to discrete time processes. ian Jermyn and Josiane Zerubia. 4. Julie delon and andrés almansa. Farid Flitti. 9781848211728 • december 2009 • 480 pages • Usd 190. Hichem snoussi and ali Mohammad-djafari. surface reconstruction from tomography data. etc. Blind image deconvolution. Paris. 6. 6. 5.00 • new . Gaussian vectors. 9. Bernard duchêne and ali Mohammad-djafari. France and Roger Ceschi. as well as examining Kalman filters which are used in relation to non-stationary signals. olivier Féron. ali Mohammad-djafari. exercises with solutions feature in each chapter to demonstrate the practical application of these ideas using MatlaB. CNRS. the Kalman filter. Gauss-Markov-Potts Prior for Bayesian inversion in Microwave imaging. stéphanie Bricq and andré Jalobeanu. L2S. Amiens France optimal filtering applied to stationary and non-stationary signals provides the most efficient means of dealing with problems arising from the extraction of noise signals. noise removal and Contour Digital Signal & Image Processing 117 inverse problems in Vision and 3d tomography Edited by Ali Mohammad-Djafari. Jean-denis durou. 2. 11. apparent Motion estimation and Visual tracking. 13. ali Mohammad-djafari and Fabrice Humblot. the Wiener filter. image separation. 10. Charles soussen and ali Mohammad-djafari. such as in navigation. detection and recognition of a Collection of objects in a scene. Contents 1. introduction to inverse Problems in imaging and Vision. Contents 1. adaptive filtering: algorithms for gradients and the lMs. 7. 9781848211810 • december 2009 • 304 pages • Usd 120. Wojciech Pieczynski. ESIEE. estimation. etienne Mémin and Patrick Pérez.www. France this book focuses on imaging and vision problems that can be clearly described in terms of an inverse problem where an estimate for the image and its geometrical attributes (contours and regions) is sought. 5. super-resolution. shape from shading. laurent Mugnier and andré Jalobeanu. 2. Christophe Collet. random vectors. 7. Mathematical morphology was historically the first non-linear theory in the field of image processing. n. najman and M. B.00 . satellite imagery and digital elevation models. Fuzzy sets and mathematical morphology. it also offers an original and innovative content. self-Calibration of Video sensors. 15. stochastic methods. shape recognition in images. long Quan. a. J-M. talbot. Urbach. talbot and l. Part 3: reconstruction 5. Part 4: recognition 7. Meyer. 7. najman. M. Couprie and H. H. reconstruction of 3d scenes from Multiple Views. a wide scope. Meyer and l. i. 6. najman and H. salembier. luce Morin and lionel oisel. ronse and J. France Contents Part 1: registration and auto-registration 1. C. minimum weight tree and hierarchies. France www. document processing. C. Passat and C. roerdink. l. Jalba and J. diane lingrand. 9781848210165 • February 2009 • 312 pages • Usd 115. rachid deriche. J. H. Couprie. Bertrand. 17. e. 3d reconstruction by active dynamic Vision. najman. grain sizes and skeletons. introduction to measure in image J. lantuéjoul. algebraic foundations of morphology. it rests on three pillars that make its success: a solid theory. Vincent.00 • new Visual perception through Video imagery Edited by Michel Dhome. 18. 3. Cousty and l. J. G. t. leveling. 14. 19. ESIEE. ronse. François Gaspard and thierry Viéville. localization tools. Marcotegui and P. 13. the primary objective of this book is to provide state-of-the-art teaching of mathematical morphology. Michel dhome and Jean-thierry lapresté. serra. Bloomberg and l. serra. 2. Part 2: localization 4. M. 8. J. Calibration of Vision sensors. Wilkinson. Color and multivariate images.iste. Cousty. F. Contents 1. P. M. distances. Compression and coding. 6. l. CNRS Clermont-Ferrand. Jean-Marc lavest and Gérard rives. Chanussot. 16. specific displacements for self-calibration. 11. serra. related operators and tree cutting. salembier. naegel. d.118 Digital Signal & Image Processing Mathematical Morphology Edited by Laurent Najman and Hugues Talbot. LASMEA. 5. 9. talbot and M. Morel. C. 3d angiographic segmentation. P. 3d+t heart segmentation. 12. and an effective implementation. Van droogenbroeck. talbot. Watershed in discrete spaces. 9781848212152 • september 2010 • 512 pages • Usd 195. najman. introduction to mathematical morphology. 10. Géraud. soille. angulo and J. Vachier-mammar and F. eric Marchand and François Chaumette. Bloch. simulation of forest fires. Continuous morphology and partial differential equations. algorithms. 3. 2. 20. diatoms identification. 4. it contains contributions from 26 of the most eminent authors in the domain. segmentation. J. Patrick Gros and Cordelia schmid. Couprie.

University of Rennes 1. 9. tomography of electric cerebral activity in magneto.00 . sampling conditions in tomography. 11. 7. Jean-louis amans and Gilbert Ferretti. 3. 4. 9781848210998 • June 2009 • 464 pages • Usd 170. Yves Usson and Catherine souchier. introduction to Multivariate image Processing from the Basics to new Challenges. 6. introduction to tomography. 4. Michel defrise and régine trebossen. 9. this book presents the most recent advances in signal and image processing for the analysis of multivariate data. Grenoble. 11. Gilles Peix. the multivariate image corresponds to a set of standard gray level images. noise estimation. Multitemporal Processing and Change detection. laurent desbat and Catherine Mennessier. 15. Pierre Grangeat.www. synchrotron tomography. 8. 10. interventional X-ray volume tomography. andré Briguet and didier revel. Fusion of sar and optical data. Unsupervised Classification for Multivariate images. analytical methods. Part 4: Morphological Medical tomography 10. 16. reiner Koppe et al. Christian depeursinge. Wavelet transform for the denoising of Multivariate optical tomography.and electro-encephalography. Contents 1. 7. line Garnero. 5. single photon emission computed tomography. France Contents 1. Christophe segebarth and Michel décorps. Jocelyn Chanussot INPG and Kacem Chehdi. Philippe duvauchelle et al. Michael Grass. 9781848211391 • november 2009 • 480 pages • Usd 150. discrete methods. Part 5: Functional Medical tomography 13. 12. in all cases. detection and tracking of emission rays in radioastronomy. CEA LETI and MINATEC. Part 3: industrial tomography 8. France Multivariate imagery. industrial application of emission tomography for flow visualization. Bayesian approach for Polarization-encoded image analysis. tomographic microscopy. but also multimodal. régis Guillemaud. X-ray tomography in industrial non-destructive testing. must be understood in the most general sense: color and multispectral imaging. Part 1: image reconstruction 2. multisource or multitemporal imagery. anne-Marie Charvet and Françoise Peyrin. 14. Fusion of satellite images at different resolutions. Strasbourg University. a very common tool in numerous Digital Signal & Image Processing 119 Multivariate image processing Edited by Christophe Collet. registration. Functional magnetic resonance imaging.iste. Bayesian approach to linear spectral Mixture analysis. samuel legoupil et al. 2. irene Buvat and Jacques darcourt. Computed tomography. Part 2: Microtomography 5. 3. Magnetic resonance imaging. Michel defrise and Pierre Grangeat. 6. Habib Benali and Françoise Peyrin.00 • new tomography Edited by Pierre Grangeat. Positron emission tomography.

00 Scaling.120 Digital Signal & Image Processing data Analysis www. albert Benassi and Jacques istas. France. 2. 14. Gérard drouey d'aubigny. the second part is devoted to clustering methods which constitute another method.iste. denis Matignon. luc robbiano et al. Pierrick legrand. non-differentiability and fractal time-space. Jérôme Pagès. textual data analysis. local regularity analysis and multifractal modeling of signals. discriminant analysis. Gilles Celeux. Multifractal scaling: general theory and approach by wavelets. Clustering of spatial data. Model-based clustering. fractional filters. locally self-similar fields. Fractional synthesis. rudolf H riedi. Contents 1. fractals and wavelets Edited by Patrice Abry. Gérard Govaert. 7. liliane Bel. serge Cohen. the book concludes by examining the links existing between data mining and data analysis. 8. France this book is organized around the notions of scaling phenomena and scale invariance. Philippe Besse and Hervé Cardot. Paulo Gonçalves.00 . a number of applications where the scaling paradigm proved fruitful are also detailed. 3. 9781848210721 • december 2008 • 512 pages • Usd 195. Fractal and multifractal analysis in signal Paulo Goncalvès and Patrice abry. laurent nottale. self-similar processes. Wavelet methods for multifractal analysis of functions. University of Technology of Compiègne. scale invariance and wavelets. INRIA Rhone-Alpes. CNRS. Henri Caussinus and anne ruiz-Gazen. Projection pursuit. Correspondance analysis. research of scaling law on stock market variations. Multidimensional scaling. INRIA. the variables thus obtained provide a synthetic description which often results in a graphical representation of the data. darryl Veitch. the various stochastic models commonly used to describe scaling are introduced. ludovic lebart. to synthesize and to analyze the data. 10. 9781848210981 • June 2009 • 352 pages • Usd 140. Functional data analysis. 8. scale relativity. iterated function systems and applications in image processing. Georges Hébrail and Yves lechevallier. data mining and data analysis. after a general presentation of the discriminating analysis. Georges oppenheim. 4. 9. stéphane Jaffard. Franck davoine and Jean-Marc Chassery. these models are compared and related to one another. Christophe ambroise and Mo dang. 2. 6. 6. 4. Fundamental principles of clustering. Patrick Flandrin. Contents 1. often complementary to the methods described in the first part. 12. Edited by Gérard Govaert. 10. Gilbert saporta and ndèye niang. 9. 7. France the first part of this book is devoted to methods seeking relevant dimensions of the data. 3. Gildas Brossier. 5. an introduction to fractional calculus. 11. Khalid daoudi. 13. Jacques lévy Véhel and Claude tricot. scale invariance in computer network traffic. local regularity and multifractal methods for image and signal analysis. Principal component analysis. France and Jacques Lévy Véhel. 5. Christian Walter.

dutilleux. genetic algorithm and particle swarm algorithms. wavelets and fractals. stéphane Canu. 2.-P. Contents 1. Patrick siarry. Florence tupin and Marc sigelle. 11. topics covered include fractal Digital Signal & Image Processing 121 optimization in Signal and image processing Edited by Patrick Siarry. Partial differential equations and image processing. Markov random fields. dambreville et al. 2. G. image restoration. Henri Maître. Henri Maître. information criteria. Markovian approach. description of contours and shapes. 9781848210233 • september 2008 • 384 pages • Usd 150. Markovian approaches and optimization problems applied to underwater acoustical imaging. Quadratic programming and learning. Bayesian inference. Patrick siarry. Pierre Collet. P.00 . 13. 11. and metaheuristics. discrete representations. Mathematical morphology. Metaheuristics handling continuous variables. Pre-processing. sébastien aupetit et al. image edge detection. statistical properties of images. Contents 1. textures. Christophe Collet. Christian olivier. J. 10. 3. France Computer-aided automatic processing of images requires the control of a series of operations. Henri Maître. isabelle Bloch. aid in parameterizing cochlear implants using an interactive evolutionary algorithm. amine naït-ali. information criteria: applications to signal and image processing. Charbonnier. 13. 9. 9781848210448 • June 2009 • 384 pages • Usd 170. P. Henri Maître. example of the registration of retinal angiography images. Henri Maître. artificial evolution and Parisian approach. hidden Markov models. 3. Henri Maître. 7. Joint estimation of dynamics and shape of physiological signals through genetic algorithms. TELECOM ParisTech. Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu and Jean-Christophe Pesquet. France this book describes some of the optimization methods most commonly encountered in signal and image processing: artificial evolution and Parisian approach. University of Paris 12. Probabilistic modeling of policies and their optimization for the planning of sensors. large size and parsimony. Jean louchet. le Cadre. 6. Johann dréo. Collet et al. Biological metaheuristics for the detection of road signalization. optimization of emissions for the trajectography and the tracking of moving targets. 8. 12.00 image processing Edited by Henri Maître. Yann Gousseau. 6. Use of hidden Markov models for the robust reconnaissance of images: learning through the ant colony. probabilistic modeling. abdeljalil ouahabi. djedjiga aït aouit. Wavelets and fractals for signal and image analysis.iste. olivier alata. Jean-Claude nunes. Henri Maître. F. training and quadratic programming. isabelle Bloch. Jean louchet. Henri Maître. mathematical morphology. image sampling and fractal representation. Modeling and optimization in image analysis. 4. 4. 7. which this book analyzes. 9. Wavelets and image processing. 8. 12. 5. 10.www. Bayesian formalism. region-based segmentation. Gaëlle loosli. 5. wavelet representations and the detection and description of contours and

co. 7. inversion within the probabilistic framework. 14. 7. tomographic reconstruction from few projections. Jean-Marie nicolas and Frédéric adragna. Guy demoment. France Contents 1. Guy le Besnerais et al. radarclinometry. Jean-Marie nicolas and Frédéric adragna. Jean-François Giovannelli et al. radargrammetry. 13. laure Blanc-Féraud. Jérôme idier. spectral characterization in ultrasonic doppler velocimetry. inverse filtering and other linear methods. 6.. synthetic aperture radar images. deconvolution applied to ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation. idier. detection of points. ali Mohammad-djafari et al. rené Garello and sylvie le Hégarat-Mascle. TELECOM ParisTech. the physical basis of synthetic aperture radar imagery. emmanuel trouvé and Henri Maître. contours and lines. Jérôme idier. Jean-Baptiste thibault. reflectivity estimation and sar image filtering. 13. Henri Maître.00 Bayesian Approach to inverse problems Edited by Jérôme Idier. Hervé Carfantan. Florence tupin and armand lopès. Jean-Marc le Caillec and rené Garello. Phase unwrapping. 9. Jérôme idier. which fall into three categories: (a) theoretical/physical fundamentals. Frédéric adragna and Jean-Marie nicolas. 10. Jean-Marie nicolas and sylvie le Hégarat-Mascle. Florence tupin and sylvie le Hégarat-Mascle. Main approaches to the regularization of ill-posed problems. 9781848210325 • april 2008 • 384 pages • Usd 165. Xavier descombes. laurent Mugnier et al. ali Mohammad-djafari.iste. Yves Goussard. 9781848210240 • June 2008 • 408 pages • Usd 185. 4.00 . 12. 5. (b) mathematical models. processing of Synthetic Aperture radar images Edited by Henri Maître. 14. providing a wide-ranging and accessible resource to those interested in this area. Florence tupin and sylvie le Hégarat-Mascle. Yves Goussard. Contents 1. inverse problems in optical imaging through atmospheric turbulence. the principles of synthetic aperture radar. (c) image processing methods adapted to particular applications. deconvolution of spike trains. Nantes. Frédéric adragna. J. IRCCyN. 11. speckle models. Guy demoment. sylvie le Hégarat-Mascle and Jean-Marie nicolas. 8. inverse problems. diffraction tomography. Gibbs-Markov image models. danielle ducrot. 3. France this book presents the tools required for the digital processing of synthetic aperture radar images. 2. a range of specialist authors examine the various facets of this exciting field. stéphane Gautier et al. armand lopès. imaging from low-intensity data. 4. Henri Maître. Geometry and relief. 3. demoment. 6. Frédéric adragna. Classification of sar images. 10. existing satellite sar systems. 8. ill-posed problems. Unsupervised problems.122 Digital Signal & Image Processing www. deconvolution of images. G. interferometry. 9. 12. radar oceanography. armand lopès. 5. Ken sauer. 11. Frédéric Champagnat et al.

Guy Frija. Contents 1. davy. University of Angers. Higher order time-frequency representations. 6. tanguy. Hlawatsch and G. X-ray. 11. 4. 7. 7. 9. static and dynamic volumetric images. 10. non-stationary parametric modeling. time-frequency methods and non-stationary statistical signal processing. 2. J. 11. Pierre-olivier amblard. Hybrid coding: encryption-watermarking-compression for medical information security. Digital Signal & Image Processing 123 compression of Biomedical images and Signals Edited by Amine Naït-Ali.B. stéphane Grassin. Gouenou Coatrieux. France time-frequency analysis brings together some rather diverse concepts and tools with the aim of reconciling the temporal analysis and spectral analysis of signals in a single joint representation. 12. Matz. Christine Cavaro-Ménard et al. M. thierry Blu and Jérôme lebrun. However. Compression of physiological signals. amine naït-ali. linear time-frequency analysis i: Fourier-type representations. 6. 10. Austria and François Auger. including physiological signals.iste. Quadratic time-frequency analysis iii: the affine class and other covariant classes. J. atilla Baskurt. Pierre Jallet. Christine Cavaro-Ménard. Christian olivier et al. Christine Cavaro-Ménard et al. William Puech.00 . 2. François auger and eric Chassande-Mottin. rémi Gribonval. Quadratic time-frequency analysis ii: discretization of Cohen's class. Quadratic time-frequency analysis i: Cohen's class. 8.www. senhadji and M. 9. 9781848210288 • May 2008 • 328 pages • Usd 145. Contents 1. Vienna University of Technology. ovarlez et al. Khaled Mamou.-P. eric Chassande-Mottin. France the progress made in imaging systems. Quality assessment of lossy compressed medical images. 3.-Y. 8. specificities of physiological signals and medical images. this compression has to be adapted to the specificities of biomedical data which contain diagnosis information. l. IUT St-Nazaire. Patrick Flandrin. Corinne Mailhes and Francis Castanié. 5. Compression of static and dynamic 3 d surface meshes. storage systems and telemedicine makes compression in this field particularly interesting. Françoise Prêteux et al. François auger and Patrick Flandrin. Compression of dynamic and volumetric medical sequences. 5. the book provides an integrated discussion of the principles and methods that make this domain an everyday reality in industry and research. azza ouled Zaid. linear time-frequency analysis ii: wavelet-type representations. F. time-frequency representations in biomedical signal processing. 9781848210332 • august 2008 • 440 pages • Usd 185. this book offers an overview of compression techniques applied to medical data. France and Christine Cavaro-Ménard. Mri. Christel le Bozec. transmission of compressed medical data on fixed and mobile networks. relevance of biomedical data compression. University of Paris 12. 3. instantaneous frequency of a signal. Bernard Picinbono.00 time-frequency Analysis conceptS And toolS Edited by Franz Hlawatsch. application of time-frequency techniques to sound signals: recognition and diagnostics. shamsollahi. time-frequency energy distributions: an introduction. state of the art of compression methods. Compression of 2 d biomedical images. amine naït-ali et al. Bernard Gibaud. standards in medical image compression. reassignment. Christian olivier et al. Joël Chabriais. ultrasound images.

iste. Brest. least-squares estimation of Parameters of linear Model. 4. 7. 9781848210110 • January 2008 • 432 pages • Usd 175. Georges Oppenheim and Jean-Michel Poggi. turbulence. Parametric Models. this book uses MatlaB® as a computing tool to explore traditional dsP topics and solve problems. 11. 12. along with theoretical aspects that are essential in order to gain a good understanding of the main topics. application of the Kalman Filter to signal enhancement. France www. H infinity estimation: an alternative to Kalman Filtering? 9. 6. computer simulations and applications are provided. estimation and optimal filtering in Signal processing Mohamed Najim. Yves Misiti. introduction to Particle Filtering. detection and estimation. 9. as such. Matched and Wiener Filters. data compression. 14. 3. Wavelets represent an area that combines signal in image processing. statistical tests and high order moments. 10. discrete Fourier transform of discrete-time signals. 5. University of Bordeaux I. DGA. linear and invariant discrete-time systems. Finite impulse response filters. Contents 1. radar and earthquake prediction. this greatly expands the range and complexity of problems that can effectively be studied in signal processing. 9781848210226 • april 2008 • 416 pages • Usd 195. 2. 9781905209316 • May 2007 • 352 pages • Usd 185. a large number of worked examples. University of Paris 11. supervised statistical classification. such as decomposition and compression. 6.00 Modeling. discrete-time signals. 5.124 Digital Signal & Image Processing digital Signal processing using MAtlAB® Edited by André Quinquis. 4.00 wavelets and their Applications Michel Misiti. discrete-time random signals. time-frequency analysis. adaptive Filtering. Power spectral density estimation. mathematics. Kalman Filtering. France this book provides the reader for the first time with a comprehensive collection of the significant results obtained to date in the field of parametric signal modeling and presents a number of new approaches. 2. 13. 7. Parametrical time-frequency methods. physics and electrical engineering. France the last decade has seen an explosion of interest in wavelets with applications in fields such as image compression.00 . this title is intended for the wide audience that is interested in mastering the basic techniques in this subject area. 3. human vision. infinite impulse response filters. estimation using the instrumental Variable techniques. introduction. Contents 1.

isabelle Bloch. 2. time-frequency representation of 2-d signals. Philippe Carré. Bertrand Collin and Catherine Garbay. fuzzy sets and possibility theory and belief functions). Contents 1. the theory is supported by exercises and computer simulations relating to real Digital Signal & Image Processing 125 two-dimensional Signal Analysis Edited by René Garello. 9781848210189 • april 2008 • 320 pages • Usd 150. olivier alata and Jean-Marc le Caillec. 2-d spectral analysis. 4. IT – TELECOM Bretagne. Jean-Marc le Caillec and rené Garello. Henri Maître. Claude Cariou. with useful comments and guidance. 9781905209132 • May 2006 • 768 pages • Usd 200. stéphane Grassin and rené Garello. 10. Contents 1. Probabilistic and statistical methods. 4. definitions. France this title sets out to show that 2-d signal analysis has its own role to play alongside signal processing and image 3. Concentrating its coverage on those 2-d signals coming from physical sensors (such as radars and sonars).www. Jean-Pierre le Cadre. 12. Fusion in image processing. TELECOM ParisTech. 2-d wavelet representation. Conclusion. isabelle Bloch. 2. isabelle Bloch. noël richard and Christine Fernandez. the discussion explores a 2-d spectral approach but develops the modeling of 2-d signals and proposes several data-oriented analysis techniques for dealing with them. 9781848210196 • January 2008 • 296 pages • Usd 150. Fusion in signal processing. Michèle rombaut. as well as covering the main numerical methods (probabilistic approaches. Fuzzy sets and possibility theory. isabelle Bloch. More than 200 programs and functions are provided in the MatlaB® language.00 digital Signal and image processing using MAtlAB® Gérard Blanchet and Maurice Charbit. 2-d linear stochastic modeling. Henri Maître. Belief function theory.00 . 9. 5.iste. 6. Bi-spectral analysis of 2-d signals. TELECOM ParisTech. spatial information in fusion methods. Fusion in robotics. isabelle Bloch. 11. Michèle rombaut. Henri Maître. 8. olivier alata and Claude Cariou.00 information fusion in Signal and image processing Edited by Isabelle Bloch. Basic elements of 2-d signal processing. Fabienne ealet. Claude Cariou. Vincent nimier and roger reynaud. stéphanie rouquette and olivier atala. 6. 3. isabelle Bloch. Jean-Pierre le Cadre and Henri Maître. isabelle Bloch. isabelle Bloch. information and knowledge representation in fusion problems. Multi-agent methods. France this title provides the most important theoretical aspects of image and signal processing for both deterministic and random signals. France this book offers an overview of the general principles and specificities of information fusion in signal and image processing. 7. Fusion of non-simultaneous elements of information: temporal fusion. 5.

eric Grivel and Mohamed najim. the image filtering. discrete-time system analysis. the basics of channel coding are then discussed. introduction to signals and systems. the authors introduce weighted input and output decoding algorithms and recursive systematic convolutional codes. Michel channel coding in communication networks froM theory to turBocodeS Edited by Alain Glavieux. Mohamed najim and eric Grivel. Filter stability. introducing two fundamental theorems on source and channel coding. Philippe Bolon. 2. alain Glavieux and sandrine Vaton. information theory. Finite impulse response (Fir) filters. 11. Toulouse. Block turbocodes. 5. 5. ENST Bretagne. 2. Michel Jézéquel and annie Picart. 3. 2-d Fir filter design. 2-d linear filtering. 8. Claude Berrou. France this title focuses on the main approaches to design Finite impulse response (Fir) and infinite impulse response (iir) filters. 7. 9781905209057 • May 2006 • 264 pages • Usd 165. France this book deals with these parametric methods. Contents 1. Michel Barret.iste. 3. the 2-dimensional domain. eric Grivel and Yannick Berthoumieu. 9781905209248 • January 2007 • 440 pages • Usd 195.00 digital filters design for Signal and image processing Edited by Mohamed Najim. 6. first discussing those based on time series models. ENSEEIHT. Block turbocodes in a practical setting. Gérard Battail. Mohamed najim and eric Grivel. Capon’s method and its variants. 10. Block codes. Patrick adde and ramesh Pyndiah. Continuous-time and analog filters. Yannick Berthoumieu. the book concludes with the implementation of turbocodes in circuits.00 Spectral Analysis pArAMetric And non-pArAMetric digitAl MethodS Edited by Francis Castanié.co. turbocodes. University of Bordeaux I. infinite impulse response filters. daniel Bastard and eric Grivel.e. Frequential characterization of signals and filters. very useful when implementing iir filters. 9781905209453 • october 2006 • 392 pages • Usd 215. structures of Fir and iir filters. two-dimensional digital filtering. 4.126 Digital Signal & Image Processing www. eric Grivel and Mohamed najim. is also carried out. Yannick Berthoumieu. 4. Coded modulations. 7. 9. Catherine douillard.00 . 6. Contents 1. and then estimators based on the notions of sub-spaces. ezio Biglieri. Yannick Berthoumieu. Convolutional codes. France this book starts with a description of information theory. eric Grivel and Mohamed najim. is investigated and a study on the stability analysis. i. alain Poli. ramesh Pyndiah and Patrick adde.

6. 3. Contents 1. Physical modeling of a system. 7. Kwan the theory in linear systems is rigorously developed and illustrated by numerous examples which can be reproduced with the help of appropriate computation software. 8. observers. analysis of closed loop systems. New & Backlist Titles Analysis and Control of Linear Systems Bioprocess Control Control of Continuous Linear Systems NEW 2009 Linear Systems Petri Nets / Fundamental Models. 9781848211629 • May 2010 • 544 pages • Usd 190. open loop systems study. 60 exercises and their solutions are included to enable the readers to test and enhance their knowledge. Compensation and the iPd regulator. theory of systems (ii). the rst regulator. state feedback control. introduction. theory of systems (i). 9. CNAM. 10. 12. 11. 4. 5. discrete-time control. France and Godfrey K. 2. Verification and Applications Taming Heterogeneity and Complexity of Embedded Control All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo linear Systems Henri Bourlè 127 Automation and Control Forthcoming.00 • new . identification. C.

Patrick sénac. Patrice Moreaux. olivier Bernard and isabelle Queinnec. state estimation for bioprocesses. Marc Boyer. 3. Michel diaz. Contents 1. What are the challenges for the control of bioprocesses?. Petri nets and linear 14. temporal Composition and time stream Petri nets. 7. 16. denis dochain and Jérôme Harmand.iste. 11. and control and supervision of bioprocesses. Modeling in Visioconferencing – Qos. serge Haddad. 7. Philippe owezarski. Michel diaz. 4. Martin Guay. 5. n. rivière. France www. serge Haddad. Toulouse. isabel demongodin. François Vernadat. Verification of specific Properties. serge Haddad. 4. Basic concepts of bioprocess control. denis Poitrenaud. Belgium Giving an overview of the challenges in the control of bioprocesses. 17. Michel diaz. LAAS-CNRS. serge Haddad. Michel Perrier and Mariana titica. Marc Boyer. Hierarchical time stream Petri nets. denis dochain. including: dynamic modeling. 6. dynamic models of biochemical processes: properties of the models. Bernard Berthomieu. Basic semantics. Patrice Moreaux. antoine Génovési and Jérôme Harmand. Part 2: Verification and application of Petri nets 12.00 . olivier Bernard and Jean-luc Gouzé. Jean-François Pradat-Peyre. 13. 6. Claude Girault. identification of bioprocess models. recursive parameter estimation. François Vernadat. software sensors designed for the online estimation of parameters and state variables. this comprehensive book presents key results in various fields.128 Automation & Control petri nets fundAMentAl ModelS. denis dochain. serge Haddad. robert Valette. Jean-Philippe steyer. Jean-Michel Couvreur. 3. 18. 9781848210257 • June 2008 • 248 pages • Usd 145. serge Haddad. 9. Jean-François Pradat-Peyre. 10. Well-formed stochastic Petri nets. time Petri nets. in particular place-transition and high level Petri nets. laurent truffet. dynamic properties this bookof bioprocess models. Contents Part 1: Petri nets – Fundamental Models 1. symmetry and temporal logic. Jean-Michel ilié. decidability and Complexity. application to Communication Protocols. their modeling and design capabilities are illustrated by a set of representations of interest in operating and communication this book introduces the basic models including time and stochastic extensions. Performance manufacturing. tensor Methods and stochastic Petri nets. 5. denis dochain and Peter Vanrolleghem. analysis Methods. Université Catholique de Louvain. Brigitte Pradin. 2. serge Haddad. tools for fault detection and diagnosis. Patrice Moreaux. Michel diaz. Petri net Unfoldings for Verifying temporal Properties. 15. VerificAtion And ApplicAtionS Edited by Michel Diaz. High level Petri nets. adaptive linearizing control and extremum-seeking control of bioprocesses. denis dochain. analysis of High level Petri nets. Patrick sénac. nathalie sauer.00 Bioprocess control Edited by Denis Dochain. 2. 8. Michel diaz. 9781848210790 • June 2009 • 624 pages • Usd 280. 8. stochastic Petri nets.

Patrick Boucher and didier dumur. Part 2: system Control 9. the author provides coverage of the ideas behind the developments of the main Pid tuning techniques. Philippe Chevrel. the main definitions and theoretical tools are summarized at the beginning of each chapter. France et al. robust single-Variable Control through Pole Placement. 16. France this book contains more than 150 problems and solutions on the control of linear continuous systems. Philippe Automation & Control 129 Analysis and control of linear Systems Edited by Philippe de Larminat. 3. state space representation.www. 13. 10-12 July 2006. synthesis of Closed loop Control systems. Predictive Control. 12. 7. Patrick Boucher and Patrick turelle. dominique Beauvois and Yves tanguy. the Methodology of state approach Control. after which the reader is guided through the problems and how to solve them. Gilles Houria siguerdidjane and Martial demerlé. Yann le Gorrec and Jean-François Magni. discrete-time systems. 9781905209354 • January 2007 • 560 pages • Usd 245. robust Control in the H-infinite/lMi Control. 11. suzanne lesecq and sylviane Gentil. this book gathers together a selection of 40 papers presented at the Joint Cts-HYCon Workshop on nonlinear and Hybrid Control held in Paris. analysis by Classic scalar approach. Nantes. 4. linear time-Variant systems.00 . Michel Guglielmi. alain Barraud. Gilles duc.iste. LSS. 9781905209651 • February 2007 • 752 pages • Usd 350. eric le Carpentier. Multi-variable Modal Control. France Contents Part 1: system analysis 1. as well as presenting the proof of the routh–Hurwitz stability criterion and giving some new results dealing with the design of root locus. Kalman's Formalism for state stabilization and estimation. transfer Functions and spectral Models. 15. Process Modeling. Supélec. France.00 taming heterogeneity and complexity of embedded control Edited by Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue.00 control of continuous linear Systems Kaddour Najim. 14. Gérard thomas. anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the subject area will find it to be of invaluable use. Michel Malabre. 2. 8. alain Barraud and sylviane Gentil. structural Properties of linear systems. 5. IRCCyN. signals: deterministic and statistical Models. simulation and implementation of Continuous time loops. Given the practical nature of this book. 9781905209125 • april 2006 • 352 pages • Usd 125. Houria siguerdidjane and Martial demerlé. Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse. 10. 6.

New & Backlist Titles 2009 NEW NEW Artificial Beings Bipedal Robots Microrobotics for Micromanipulation Robot Manipulators Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Embedded Control All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 130 Robotics Forthcoming.

the approach presented discusses theoretical as well as practical aspects. 14. Poulin. W. optical flow drone navigation. Ph. d. i. Position and force control of a robot in free or confined space. s. s. observation of states for the PVtol plane. W. aerodynamic configurations. discrete stabilization for the PVtol plane. Robotics 131 unmanned Aerial Vehicles eMBedded control Edited by Rogelio Lozano. a. Boyer. P. Pierrot. 3. Wenger. Modeling of airship for unmanned flight. Kendoul. the computer architectures and sensors used are also explained in detail. Fraisse and P. a. s. Performance analysis of robots. 6. trajectory generation. 5. 9781848211278 • May 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 140. 3. M. a. dauchez. dzul. 7. Chettibi. 2. Benosman and G. J. this book presents several prototypes for the experimental validation of the aerodynamic configurations and algorithms proposed. J. flying objects and quadri-rotors. France the development of unmanned aerial vehicles has interested many researchers in recent years. Contents 1. Pegard. lozano. Marchand. F. r. 10. rakotomamonjy. dzul. 4. escareno. lara. J.iste. F. escareno. 2. a. Fantoni. Merlet and F. non-linear control strategies for a PVtol plane. Franceschini. e. J. th. lozano. Fantoni. souères. salazar. ruffier. Castillo. 9781905209101 • January 2007 • 416 pages • Usd 230. Khalil and e. disturbance-free hovering or horizontal flights. i. P. airships. 8. lara. n. airplanes. doncieux. the objective is to design aerial objects able to complete surveillance missions in the most autonomous way possible. a. salazar. escareno. Modeling of parallel Chemori.00 • new robot Manipulators Modeling. Palomino. France this book presents the recent research results on modeling and control of robot manipulators. autopilot system and experimental platform. Hygounenc.00 . University of Technology of Compiègne. optical flow regulation for unmanned control of micro-aircraft. Contents 1. this assumes they have the ability to complete stable and solid. the authors present tools needed to obtain dynamic models for several types of aerial objects such as helicopters. a. attitude control of a miniature plane. F. W. 7. Castillo. Visual servoing. Flying drones. Pegard. salazar. s. real time stabilization of a quadri-rotor. 4. r. Khalil. Ecole Centrale de Nantes. M. they also address non-linear control strategies for each aerodynamic configuration as well as the use of cameras for locating and stabilizing the flying object.www. Bonnet. 9. Using vision for locating and stabilizing drones. 12. d. a. C. University of Montpellier and Wisama Khalil. Modeling a flying object. lara. G. Khalil and H. C. n. 11.-P. Chaumette. 13. 6. Modeling and control of a drone converting to vertical flight. d. sanchez. Modeling and identification of serial robots. dombre. le Vey. F. H. angeli. Modeling and control of flexible robots. romero. Haddad. perforMAnce AnAlySiS And control Edited by Etienne Dombre. P. lehtihet. P. 5.

5. this book includes corrected exercises. Hafez and P. laboratory instrumentation. régnier. UPMC. régnier. Microtechnologies and micromanipulation. Buchaillot. 4. National Engineer School of Metz. University of Franche-Comté. University of Nantes. Contents 1. Microprehension and micromanipulation stratégies. M. Control. lambert. Guy Bessonnet.132 Robotics Microrobotics for Micromanipulation Edited by Nicolas Chaillet. General information on human walking is given. the unilaterality of contact is dealt with using online adaptation of the desired motion. Chaillet. grippers. actuators for micro-robotics. France. at these dimensions. Bipedal robots and walking. Paris. higher scales. which leads us to implement solutions sometimes radically different from those most commonly used. France www. M. Contents 1. l. – 2. lambert and s. n. neural network methods or intuitive approaches are also covered.00 • new Bipedal robots Modeling. régnier. P. C. Gauthier. Control based on robot modeling. along with a presentation of current experimental bipedal robots and the application of walking bipeds. France and Yannick Aoustin. the Poincaré return map tool is considered to study walking stability. M.00 . the physics of the microworld.iste. 3. Clévy. environmental perception and microtechnology. – 4. Future prospects. etc. walking pattern synthesis and the control of bipedal robots. – 5. manipulators. 3. Nantes. different ways of generating walking patterns are Microrobotics is an emerging and booming area with many and various applications: industrial. the behavior of objects is significantly different from the better known. Microrobotics for Micromanipulation presents for the first 9781848210769 • november 2008 • 336 pages • Usd 150. Walking pattern generators. agnus. solutions to exercises. Boukallel. medical. J. France Bipedal Robots presents various techniques for carrying out gait modeling. design tools for making bipedal robots. enabling engineers. such as passive walking and gait synthesis performed using optimization techniques. 6. University of Poitiers. France. deSign And wAlking SyntheSiS Christine Chevallereau. architecture of a micromanipulation station. 2. P. Kinematic and dynamic models for walking. M. lambert and s. s. dembélé and s. the sector of robotics for handling objects of micrometer dimensions. Gabriel Abba. in terms of actuators. France and Stéphane Régnier. Institute of Research in Communication and Cybernetics. lutz and s. P. 7. students and researchers to familiarize themselves with this emerging area and to contribute to its development through scientific measures. this book details the behavior of objects at the micrometer scale and suitable robotics solutions. régnier. in detail. Gauthier. 9781848211865 • april 2010 • 512 pages • Usd 190.

we are at the threshold of a new science. implementing a so. which is interested in the methods for giving cognitive capabilities to artificial beings making full use of the power of Robotics 133 Artificial Beings the conScience of A conSciouS MAchine Jacques Pitrat. the main goal was not to study the possibility of building the conscience of a conscious machine. What is the future for Caia? 9781848211018 • March 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 90. Moreover. some people believe that it is impossible to create artificial beings with these possibilities. Contents 1. Consciousness and Conscience. at the start of the creation of an artificial scientist. Why is auto-observation useful? 6. it happened that many characteristics implemented for improving the efficiency of the system were linked to these capacities. artificial cognition. Artificial Beings shows that not only is it possible to create artificial beings with capacities in both domains. and they conclude that the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is hopeless. some aspects of consciousness. in this way.00 . creating a new kind of consciousness. not for lack of intelligence. around the conscience. What does "itself" mean for an artificial being? 4. Presenting the actors. France everybody agrees that consciousness and conscience are essential characteristics of human intelligence. as the goal was not to imitate human behavior. some of these methods are different from those used by the neurones in the human brain. the conscience. but that they do it in a way different from ours. but because our intelligence depends on networks of neurones imposing restrictions which do not apply to computers. 5. 10. this affords them performances that we cannot reach. 7. LIP6. 8. after some years of experimentation. However.iste.www. 2. University of Paris 6. when they are present. How to observe oneself. 9. 3. it is because they are essential for the performances.

New & Backlist Titles NEW CEISIE’09 Fault Trees Flexibility and Robustness in Scheduling NEW 2009 Geometric Tolerancing of Products Intelligent Machining Production Scheduling Resource–Constrained Project Scheduling Simulation for Supply Chain Management NEW NEW Supply Chain Performance Sustainable Manufacturing All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .page 134 Manufacturing and Production Forthcoming.

uk Manufacturing & Production 135 geometric tolerancing of products Edited by François Villeneuve. Dublin Institute of Technology. 9781848211346 • March 2010 • 320 pages • Usd 140. the collection is of great importance for further innovation in the development of industrial products. Part 4: Methods and tools 9. denis teissandier and Jérôme dufaure. Pierre Bourdet. alain rivière and andré Clément. stéphane tichadou and olivier tolerancing language: Geospelling. 8. denis teissandier and Jérôme dufaure. integration and interoperability of enterprise applications and software. integration and interoperability of enterprise applications and software.00 • new . 6. 2. Max Giordano. Jean-Marc linares and Jean-Michel sprauel. University Bordeaux 1. Formal writing of « 3d tolerance stack-up ». 7. Product model for tolerancing.00 • new ceiSie’2009 Edited by Bing Wu. Part 3: 3d tolerance stack-up 6. France this title describes the various research results in the field of geometric tolerancing of products.iste. Bernard anselmetti. Contents Part 1: Geometric tolerancing issues 1. 3. as well as enterprise application-oriented training and education. Paul Clozel and Pierre-alain rance. Correspondence between data handled by the graphs and product model data. Uncertainties in tolerance analysis and specification checking. 4. Contents 1. University of Grenoble. Parametric specification of mechanisms. ethos. tolerance analysis and synthesis: method of domain. Current and future issues in tolerancing. 9781848211186 • May 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 140. 3. Bilingual training and education issues in software engineering. three-dimensional analysis and synthesis of manufacturing tolerances. Ireland and Jean-Paul Bourrières. luc Mathieu and François Villeneuve.www. alex Ballu. François thiébaut and Grégory Cid. Part 2: Geometric tolerancing languages 2. Model and Curriculum for industry oriented software education.europe international symposium on software industry-oriented education (Ceisie 2009) with particular focus given to enterprise applications in industry. University Paris-Sud 11. Philippe serré. 5. 4. France these proceedings cover a selection of papers presented at the 5th China . industrial approach. Using graphs to describe mechanical assemblies and tolerances. Frédéric Vignat and François Villeneuve. 5. Geometric manufacturing simulation. teaching and learning experiences for software education. Part 5: Manufacturing tolerancing 11. luc Mathieu and olivier legoff. an activity that highlights the difficult scientific locks. 10. MeCamaster: a tool for assembly simulation from early design. IMS. alex Ballu. France and Luc Mathieu. Jean-Yves dantan and luc Mathieu. Quality assurance in industry oriented software education. 12. CliC: a method for geometrical specification of products. enterprise application oriented training and education. eric Pairel and serge samper. Part 6: Uncertainties and Metrology 13.

manufacturing and mechanical engineers. as a reliable manufacturing process. analytical and Mechanistic Modeling of Machining Processes.iste. 10. a flexible proactive-reactive approach: the case of an assembly workshop. 13. Modern Machining Process. it covers the basic fundamentals. Paulo Davim. 5. Joaquim de Ciurana and tugrul Özel. it then covers various scheduling problems. and professionals in machining and related industries. Computational Modeling of Machining systems. Gaitonde. Jean-Charles Billaut et al. ceramics. Compiègne and Eric Sanlaville. still offers unmatched capabilities in producing high quality three-dimensional parts from metals. after considering both flexibility and robustness. 6. scheduling operation groups: multicriteria approach to provide sequential flexibility. resource allocation for the construction of robust project schedules. Marc sevaux. Marie-laure espinouse et al. Michel Gourgand. Philippe Castagliola and Chams lahlou. Mohamed ali aloulou et al. 9781848211292 • May 2009 • 288 pages • Usd 120. Portugal Machining. sensitivity analyses for one and m machines. 3. design of experiments. University of Clermont-Ferrand. sylvie norre. 14. Karnik and J. Wit Modeling And optiMizAtion of the MAchining proceSSeS And SySteMS Edited by Tugrul Özel. Pascal aygalinc et al.00 . France this book focuses on the integration of flexibility and robustness considerations in the study of scheduling problems. single and Multi-objective optimization Methods. 6. tugrul Özel. Contribution to a proactive/reactive control of time critical systems. Rutgers University. analytical and mechanistic modeling approaches. arrazola and tugrul Özel. modern machining processes. 2. as well as discussing recent optimization methods and case studies. Metaheuristics and performance evaluation models for the stochastic permutation flow-shop scheduling problem. Jonathan e. or both. Vinayak n. wood and composites. Bernard roy. UTC. 8.00 flexibility and robustness in Scheduling Edited by Jean-Charles Billaut. USA and J. service level in scheduling. Christophe Picouleau. 2. polymers. 5. Constraint-based approaches for robust scheduling. Aziz Moukrim. nathalie Grangeon.136 Manufacturing & Production intelligent Machining www. the robustness of multi-purpose machine workshop configuration. Contents 1. treating them with an emphasis on either flexibility or robustness. ramesh s. this book will also serve as a useful reference for academics. this book aims to provide recent advances in intelligent machining for modern manufacturing engineering. Paulo davim. Pecero sánchez et al. Carl esswein et al. Finite element Modeling of Machining Processes. advances in computational modeling and optimization methods have enabled researchers to develop cost-effective and high throughput modern machining processes. 9. Pedro stabilization for parallel applications. small perturbations on some nP-complete scheduling problems. amine Mahjoub et al. 4. Cyril Briand et al. 9781848210547 • november 2008 • 352 pages • Usd 180. Christian artigues et al. manufacturing and materials researchers. Useful for those studying engineering at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. 11. finite element modeling and systems-based modeling. 7. introduction to flexibility and robustness in scheduling. robustness in operations research and decision aiding. 12. Paulo davim. University of Aveiro. Metaheuristics for robust planning and scheduling. University of Tours. Kenneth sörensen et al. ramón Quiza and J. stéphane dauzère-Pérès. Contents 1. amine Mahjoub. 4. luis norberto lopez de lacalle. 3.

Valérie Botta-Genoulaz. omar sakka. 8. France. lorraine trilling. manufacturability in sustainable product design. Yacine ouzrout. emilie Chardine-Baumann. Characterization of supply chain management practices and their impacts on global performance. 6. Claude Pellegrin. Jean-Pierre Campagne. thierry Moyaux. Valérie Botta-Genoulaz. Daniel Llerena. Coordination mechanism as a mitigation action to manage supply chain risks. France-anne Gruat-la-Forme. University of Aveiro. Pierre-alain Millet. Part 1 emphasizes conceptual frameworks to portray the relationship between collaboration and performance. communities. Portugal according to the naCFaM (national Council for advanced Manufacturing. Part 2 raises the question of information systems alignment to manage the coordination with suppliers and customers. Usa) “sustainable manufacturing” is defined “as the creation of manufactured products that use processes that are clean manufacturing technology. 9. ecological manufacturing. Jean-Pierre Campagne. thierry Moyaux.00 • new Sustainable Manufacturing Edited by J. an ontology based on sCor model for information system strategic alignment in supply chains.00 • new . Valérie Botta-Genoulaz. energyefficient manufacturing. natacha taratynava. Value of lead-time and demand information sharing in supply chains. ludivine Chaze. daniel llerena. analysis of strategic behaviors within supply Chains: complementarity between modeling and experimentation methodologies. 7. Gonca tuncel. INSA Lyon. Gulgun alpan. alexis Garapin. remanufacturing. Paulo Davim. 10. Xavier Boucher. game theory. ali Mehrabi. inter-organizational strategic alignments in a jewellery supply chain using rFid: a case study. Carine dominguez. Van-dat Cung. Fabien Mangione. sustainable advanced manufacturing systems. Contents 1. olivier lavastre. ishraf Zaoui. Petri nets and object-oriented design techniques) to analyze the impacts of various coordination mechanisms or decision-making behaviors on supply chain performance. and consumers.iste. thierry Moyaux. 4. education and training for sustainable manufacturing. experimental Manufacturing & Production 137 Supply chain performance collABorAtion. Claude Pellegrin. information exchange practices and theirs impacts on sC performance. conserve energy and natural resources. Coordination of replenishment policies: Game theory and uncertainty in supply chains. armand Baboli. Patrick Burlat. environmentally conscious design and manufacturing processes. Lyon University. recycling of materials. Grenoble University. AligneMent And coordinAtion Edited by Valérie Botta-Genoulaz and Jean-Pierre Campagne. Carine dominguez. simulation of trust in supply Chains. 3. thierry Moyaux.www. 9781848212190 • June 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 145. Blandine ageron. France and Claude Pellegrin. Gilles neubert. daniel llerena. Part 3 focuses on different formalized approaches (simulation. France this title presents a series of studies on collaborative practices and their impact on supply chain performance. 9781848212121 • March 2010 • 256 pages • Usd 95. sayed akther Hossain. Modeling the sC collaboration – Performance relationship in empirical research. and are economically sound and safe for employees. 5. 2.” this title covers some aspects of sustainable manufacturing such as materials and manufacturing for renewable energies. armand Baboli. Khalid staily.

Bel. 9. ounnar. statement of production scheduling. Constraint propagation and scheduling. Pierre Baptiste. Patrick esquirol and Pierre lopez. Marie-Claude Portmann and antony Vignier. simon. Greif. French Aerospace Lab. a. 9781848210172 • april 2008 • 392 pages • Usd 185. d. Metaheuristics and scheduling. l. Contents 1. 8..iste. Christian Prins. G. Continuous simulation for sCM. Centralized approaches for supply chain simulation: issues and applications. Production management is an important part of the process for manufacturing firms. e. B. simulation for product-driven systems. shop scheduling with multiple resources. Castagna. Edited by Caroline Thierry. Pierre lopez and Marie-José Huguet. 2. ouajdi Korbaa and Hervé Camus. France the performance of a company depends both on its technological expertise and its managerial and organizational effectiveness. Castagna. 6. 12. 10.00 production Scheduling Edited by Pierre Lopez and François Roubellat. C. 5. Botta-Genoulaz et al. Patrick esquirol. t. Cyclic production scheduling. discrete-event simulation for supply chain management. 3. B. thiel. this title presents recently developed methods for resolving scheduling issues. 9781848210905 • June 2008 • 360 pages • Usd 140. François roubellat and Pierre lopez. ENSTIB. Varnier. University of Toulouse.00 . Gérard Bel and Jean-Bernard Cavaillé. a. th. discrete-event systems and simulation games) before moving on to the distribution levels of systems and models. Jean-Charles Billaut et al. Nancy University and Gérard Bel. open shop scheduling. F. t. 11. Moyaux. agent-based simulation of business network planning and coordination systems. Jean-Claude Gentina. Monteiro et al. archimede et al. André Thomas. simulation approach. among which the scheduling function plays an essential role. Marie-ange Manier and C. it examines the types of simulation models (continuous simulation. Toulouse. didier dubois et al. software tools for simulation. 6. Monteiro et al. alain Hertz and daniel Costa. Christian artigues and François roubellat. V. France this book provides a detailed insight into the simulation approaches employed in the study of supply chain management and control. LAAS-CNRS. Fontanili. P. thierry. the organization of production relies in general on the implementation of a certain number of basic functions. 7. Pannequin. thomas. 7. the basic concepts and the methods of production scheduling are introduced and advanced techniques are discussed. simulation methodologies and techniques are covered throughout the text and case studies are included to highlight the pivotal role played by simulation in the decision-making processes of those working in this field. le Hoa. scheduling under flexible constraints and uncertain data: a fuzzy approach. Yannou. r. 4. Ballot. V. Genetic algorithms and scheduling. t. 5. Hla distributed simulation approaches for supply chains. simulation games. B. Christelle Bloch. Hoist scheduling problem. Klein et al. 10. F. Marino Widmer. thomas. real-time workshop scheduling. 2. providing readers with a comprehensive guide to employing this process. Benyoucef et al. 4. Contents 1. supply chain management simulation: an overview. t. Basic concepts and methods in production scheduling. the interests of agents for supply chain simulation. P.138 Manufacturing & Production Simulation for Supply chain Management www. M. 3.

sophie demassey. odile Bellenguez and emmanuel néron. 17. resource and precedence constraint relaxation. manufacturing and resource optimization. the resource-constrained project scheduling problem (rCPsP). exercices appendices: Bdd algorithms in Ft analysis. Fault tree construction. traditional algorithms for fault tree analysis are 2. 7. which aims to schedule at minimal duration a set of activities subject to precedence constraints and the limited availability of resources. 9781905209309 • January 2007 • 224 pages • Usd 150. Binary decision diagrams. Ecole des Mines de Nantes and Emmanuel Néron. Jacques Carlier et al. non-coherent fault trees. Christian artigues. 4. the following extensions of fault trees. 11. 5. University of Technology of Compiègne. Probabilistic evaluation. 8. Branching schemes for branch-and-bounds. Christoph schwindt and norbert trautmann. Project scheduling with production and consumption of resources. 16. 13. 12. some results of Probabilities. influence study. 14. 9. employee scheduling in an it company. 3. fault trees with delay and multiperformance fault trees. AlgorithMS. Christian artigues and david rivreau. Sophie Demassey. Preemptive activities.common Modes. erik demeulemeester. LAAS-CNRS. assembly shop scheduling. France the basic methods – construction. as well as more recent algorithms based on binary decision diagrams (Bdd). narendra Jussien and Christelle Guéret. european Benchmark in Fault trees. Toulouse. 2. 18. Multi-mode and multi-skill project scheduling problem. activity insertion problem in rCPsP with minimum and maximal time lags. resource-constrained modulo scheduling. Heuristics. 7. logical analysis. Minimal sets. 10. 10. Modules . Michel Gourgand. Willy Herroelen and roel leus.00 fault trees Nikolaos Limnios. France this title presents a large variety of models and algorithms dedicated to solving one of the most important problems in project management. nathalie Grangeon and sylvie norre. laure-emmanuelle-drezet. Contents 1.www. Proactive-reactive project scheduling. 15. Contents 1. rCPsP with financial Manufacturing & Production 139 resource-constrained project Scheduling ModelS. 3. emmanuel néron. the resource-constrained project scheduling problem.phases . Benchmark instance indicators and computational comparison of methods. systems with a single component. 8. rolling ingots production scheduling. eXtenSionS And ApplicAtionS Edited by Christian Artigues. stochastic simulation of fault trees. Christian artigues et al. 6. extensions: non-coherent fault trees – with delay – multi-performance. Christian artigues et al. 5. Christian artigues et al. 9. Philippe laborie and Wim nuijten. laure-emmanuelle drezet and Jean-Charles Billaut. Polytech Tours. Jean damay.iste.00 . Mathematical programming formulations and lower bounds. are also explained. probability evaluation and influence study – are described in this book. 6. reactive approaches. 9781848210349 • February 2008 • 320 pages • Usd 125. 4. Multi-Component systems. Constraint programming formulations and filtering algorithms. emmanuel néron.

New & Backlist Titles NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW 2009 NEW Applications of Combinatorial Optimization Applied Stochastic Finance – 2 volume set Branching Random Walks in Non-homogenous Environments Combinatorial Optimization – 3 volume set Concepts of Combinatorial Optimization Continuous-time Asset Pricing Models in Applied Stochastic Finance Continuous Semi-Markov Processes Discrete-time Asset Pricing Models in Applied Stochastic Finance Introduction to Stochastic Models Mathematical Finance Mathematical Methods in Survival 140 Applied Mathematics Forthcoming. Reliability and QoL Paradigms of Combinatorial Optimization Particle Swarm Optimization Switching Processes in Queuing Models All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo .

genetic models. optimal stopping. introduction to stochastic processes. 3. Contents 1. 9781848210578 • March 2010 • 384 pages • Usd 125. in Chapter 3 the branching random walk is studied by means of the spectral methods. limit theorems for the Critical Case. Chapter 2 is devoted to a model of homogenous. reliability. University of Technology of Compiè the so-called theory of branching random walks. limit theorems for the subcritical Case. Romania. it covers Markov and semi-Markov models. Russia the book is devoted to a modern section of the probability theory. branching processes. as well as their particular cases: Poisson. 5. Here. Model description and Basic Applied Mathematics 141 introduction to Stochastic Models Marius Iosifescu. renewal models. 6. 3. elements of Markov modeling. renewal processes. Branching models. this model is a generalization of the simple symmetrical random walk often encountered in the applied studies. engineering. 5. storage models and queuing systems. 7.00 • new . Chapter 5 exemplifies application of the tauberian theorems in the asymptotical problems of the probability theory. symmetrical. simple stochastic models. Chapter 4 demonstrates that existence of an isolated positive eigenvalue in the spectrum of δperturbed random walk generator and defines the exponential growth of the process in the supercritical case.www. 9781848212084 • June 2010 • 288 pages • Usd 100. irreducible random walk (without branching) with finite variance of the jumps on the multidimensional integer continuous-time lattice where transition is possible to an arbitrary point of the lattice and not only to the neighbor state. Moments in the Critical and subcritical Cases. optimal stopping models. 7. ehrenfest models. limit theorem for the supercritical Case. Nikolaos Limnios. 6. Politehnica University of Bucharest. 2. Contents 1. biology and genetics. spectral Classification of the First Moments. 4. reservoir theory. 2. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Romania this book provides a pedagogical examination of the way in which stochastic models are encountered in applied sciences and techniques such as physics.00 • new Branching random walks in non-homogenous environments Elena Yarovaya. France and Gheorghe Oprisan. Moscow.iste. economics and social sciences. semi-Markov models. the property of monotonicity of the mean number of particles in the source plays an important role in the subsequent parts of the book. the final Chapters 6 and 7 are devoted to detailed examination of survival probabilities in the critical and subcritical cases. Chapter 1 describes the random walk model in the finite branching one-source environment. 4. Bucharest Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics. random Walk without branching.

ali ridha Mahjoub. irene loiseau. Combinatorial optimization is a multidisciplinary scientific area. Basic Concepts from algorithms and Complexity.00 • 3 volume set concepts of combinatorial optimization VoluMe 1 • coMBinAtoriAl optiMizAtion SerieS Contents Part 1: on the Complexity of Combinatorial optimization Problems 1. nelson Maculan and Matteo salani. france a series in three volumes 9781848211469 • May 2010 • Usd 595. 0-1 Quadratic optimization. Paschos. Constraint Programming. 4. these topics also deal with fundamental notions and approaches as well with several classical applications of combinatorial optimization. Bruno escoffier and olivier spanjaard. irène Charon and olivier Hudry.iste. alberto a survey of some linear Programming Methods. 7.142 Applied Mathematics www. Polyhedral approaches. coMBinAtoriAl optiMizAtion edited by Vangelis th. lying in the interface of three major scientific domains: mathematics.00 • new in 3 VoluMeS . Column Generation in linear-integer Programming. allain Billionnet. Mixed linear-integer Programming Models for Combinatorial optimization Problems. Branch-and-Bound. Vangelis th. Pierre tolla. Claude le Pape. the three volumes of the Combinatorial Optimization series: concepts. 6. 9781848211476 • May 2010 • 368 pages • Usd 150. university of paris-dauphine. dynamic Programming. 2. Part 2: Classical solution Methods 3. 8. paschos. randomized Complexity. Part 3: elements from Mathematical Programming 5. 10. Jérémy Barbay. paradigms and Applications of combinatorial optimization aim to cover a wide range of topics in this area. theoretical computer science and management. Federico della Croce.

14. luca trevisan. Virginie Gabrel and Cécile Murat. 7. 15. Paschos. location Problems. 8. robust shortest Path Problems. 16. Michel Koskas. 9. exact algorithms for nP-hard Problems. 2. Bernard roy and roman slowinski. alain Quillot. Gérard Plateau and anass nagih. 0-1 Knapsack Problems. 9781848211490 • May 2010 • 384 pages • Usd 150. 9. network design Problems: Fundamental Methods. 10. 3. 8. a Comparison of some Valid inequality Generation Methods for General 0-1 Problems. eric soutif and Pierre tolla. Polynomial approximation. local search: Complexity and approximation. integer Quadratic Knapsack Problems. 6. 20. Florian. Pierre Bonami and Michel Minoux. optimal satisfiability.iste. 10. Giorgio ausiello and Vangelis th. a Model for the design of a Minimum-cost telecommunication network. 5. Gerd Finke and Maurice Queyranne. alain Quillot. Philippe Chretienne and Christophe Picouleau. 13. Marc demange and Jérôme Monnot. the Maximum Cut Problem. advances in 2-d Bin Packing. Cécile Murat and Vangelis Applied Mathematics 143 paradigms of combinatorial optimization proBleMS And new ApproAcheS VoluMe 2 • coMBinAtoriAl optiMizAtion SerieS Contents in 3 VoluMeS Part 1: Paradigmatic Problems 1. 18. Probabilistic Combinatorial optimization. andrea lodi. silvano Martello and daniele Vigo. teodor Gabriel Crainic and Frédéric semet. dominique de Werra and daniel Kobler. 12. aristotelis Giannakos. 9781848211483 • May 2010 • 704 pages • Usd 295. Minimum Coloring Problems. 3. MinMax algorithms and Games. Polynomial approximation for Multi-criteria Combinatorial optimization Problems. the task allocation Problem. Cristina Bazgan. Moaiz Ben dhaou and didier Fayard. 17.www. 4. Paschos. Giorgio ausiello and luca Becchetti. aristotelis Giannakos and Vangelis th. air Crew scheduling and Planning. 4. approximation Preserving reductions. 6. Marc demange et al. Multi-criteria task allocation to Heterogenous Processors with Capacities and Mutual exclusion Constraints. teodor Gabriel Crainic and M. online algorithms. 7. transportation of Goods. eric angel et al. Part 2: new approaches: in the Frontiers of Combinatorial optimization and theoretical Computer science 11.00 • new Applications of combinatorial optimization VoluMe 3 • coMBinAtoriAl optiMizAtion SerieS Contents 1. ali ridha Mahjoub and Jose neto. traveling salesman and its Variations. Bertrand le Cun and Catherine roucairol. scheduling Problems. Marc demange and Vangelis th. 21. eric angel et al. Production Planning. 11. nadia Brauner. Parallel Combinatorial optimization. 2. Gerhard Woeginger. Paschos. 19. optimization Models for transportation systems Planning.00 • new in 3 VoluMeS . algorithmic Games. network design Problems: Models and applications. an introduction to inverse Combinatorial optimization. Paschos. laurent alfandari and anass naghi. dominique Quadri. inapproximability of Combinatorial optimization Problems. Jérôme Monnot and sophie toulouse.

Hardouin. reliability. V. C-t.iste. Pons. 7. Comte. Huber. H. alloyarova and n. F. deterministic modeling of the size of the HiV/aids epidemic in Cuba. Gerville-réache. exact bayesian variable sampling plan for exponential distribution under type-i censoring. 12. Model selection for additive regression in presence of right-censoring. Nikolaos Limnios. F. Quality of life. leconte. approximate likelihood in survival models. Contents Part 1: survival analysis 1. 11. M. ritov. J-F. nikulin. 5. lounes. V. abdous.00 . dupuy. nikulin. daures. M. Voinov. Mathieu-dupas. C. Y.144 Applied Mathematics www. 15. Y. M. 13. Vonta. o. l. reliability and quality of life Edited by Catherine Huber. l. J. M. J-B. introduction of within-area risk factor distribution in ecological poisson models. lin. 6. Point processes in software reliability. 4. Chwalow et al. a modified chi-squared goodness-of-fit test for the three-parameter Weibull distribution and its applications in reliability. rosa. Bivariate Cox models. F. V. lupparelli.Hsieh. Gras-aygon. r. Broniatowski. a. Bacci. Huang. nikulin. accelerated life testing when the hazard rate function has cup shape. some probabilistic models useful in sport sciences. Fortunato et al. Part 3: Quality of life 16. 19. 3. statistical analysis of a redundant system with one stand-by unit. i. läuter. orazio. Mounir Mesbah and Mikhail Nikulin reliability and survival analysis are important applications of stochastic mathematics (probability. s. ledoux. limnios. M. e. 21. r. Pennoni. empirical internal validation and analysis of a quality of life instrument in french diabetics patients during an educational intervention. M. Many of these chapters were presented at the european seminar on Mathematical Methods for survival analysis. Bagdonavicius. means and quantiles under bias sampling. semi-Markov processes and usefulness in medicine. 10. selection of items fitting a rasch model. Y-l. n. a non-parametric estimation of a class of survival functionals. 17. Brunel and F. Masiulaityte. Mesbah. Paris. J-P. 8. statistics and stochastic processes) that are usually covered separately in spite of the similarity of the involved mathematical theory. J. likelihood inference for the latent Markov rasch model. B. Pya. Balakrishnan. and related topics. 9781848210103 • February 2008 • 376 pages • Usd 185. Clerjaud. reliability of stochastic dynamical systems applied to fatigue crack growth modeling. analysis of longitudinal HrQol using latent regression in the context of rasch modeling. n. reliability and Quality of life in 2006. this title aims to redress this situation: it includes 21 chapters divided into four parts: survival analysis. Part 2: reliability 9. Part 4: related topics 20. 14. e. Cox regression with missing values of a covariate having a non-proportional effect in risk of failure. 18. H. non-parametric estimation of conditional probabilities. e. Bagdonavicius. C. s. J. Chiquet and n. Mathematical Methods in Survival Analysis. V. de arazoza. inference in transformation models for arbitrarily censored and truncated data. J. H. Bartolucci. 2. Joanes.

stochastic or itô Calculus. exchanges and Prices on the Financial Market. Italy this textbook covers the uniform laws of financial practice and classical methods for evaluating amortization. 2. 20. the main tool of stochastic finance. sinking funds and term structures. loan amortization and Funding Methods. Markov and semi-Markov reward Processes and stochastic annuities. University “La Sapienza”. 6. annuities. Financial operations and their evaluation: decisional Criteria. Uniform regimes in Financial Practice. introductive elements to Financial Mathematics. semi-Markov Processes. annuities-Certain and their Value at Fixed rate. 9.00 . Basic Probabilistic tools for Finance. it then goes on to discuss the following classical fields: the evaluation of equity options. business. Credit risk or default risk. Value at risk (Var) Methods and simulation. Rome. economics and engineering master the complexities of these subjects.iste. 19. 11. 14. Portfolio theory. the interest rate stochastic models and their application to the bond option. coverage is given to areas that are becoming increasingly important in finance: Markov and semi-Markov risk and evaluation models. is provided. 13. 16. Solvay Business School and Jacan. amortizations and Funding in the Case of term structures. 15. to help students in banking. option theory. liability. 3. 4. Markov and semi-Markov option Models. the prudential rules for banks in the framework of the Basel ii rules: value at risk (Varr and tVar) models and portfolio choices. annuities. interest rate stochastic Models – application to the Bond Pricing Problem. 17. an overview of stochastic processes and the itô calculus. the basis of quantitative risk management. time and Variability indicators. Raimondo Manca and Ernesto Volpe di Prignano. Finally. Classical immunization. 12. Contents 1. 9781848210813 • december 2008 • 880 pages • Usd Belgium. Markov Chains.www. 18. 7. a comprehensive set of axioms for approaching financial problems is Applied Mathematics 145 Mathematical finance deterMiniStic And StochAStic ModelS Jacques Janssen. capital markets. interest rates. 10. 5. theory of Financial laws. 8.

overview of probability theory in continuous-time. Vassiliou. 981848211599 • october 2010 • 608 pages • Usd 225. Conditional expectation and Markov chains. Credit risk. Martingales in continuous-time. the Heath-Jarrow-Morton model.146 Applied Mathematics www. Martingales. 7. 3. 4.G. stochastic calculus. Brownian motion. Vassiliou. an introduction to the financial instruments and derivatives. and the Markov chain model.00 • new . american derivative securities. Fixed-incme markets and interest rates. after building the necessary stochastic analysis background.00 • new continuous-time Asset pricing Models in Applied Stochastic finance P-C. each highlighted and isolated from the text for easy reference and identification. stochastic differential equations as models for asset pricing models. Contents 1. UK this volume studies continuous-time models using continuous martingales. the book then discusses the pricing of vanilla options in continuous time and credit derivatives. Contents 1. 4. all within the stochastic finance framework. 6. UK this volume introduces the basic financial instruments and fundamental principles of financial modeling and arbitrage valuation of derivatives. 5. 5. financial analysts and practitioners. discrete-time Asset pricing Models in Applied Stochastic finance the books are illustrated with numerous examples. interest rate models. 9781848211582 • January 2010 • 416 pages • Usd Applied StochAStic finAnce in 2 volumes these two volumes provide a foundation course on applied stochastic finance for students. 2.G. etc. it goes on to discuss the discrete-time binomial model. measure theory and stochastic differential equations as models for various assets such as the Wiener process. introduction. equivalent martingale mesures. University College London. 7. the no-arbitrage binomial pricing model. 9. Credit risk. 8. 10. conditional expectations and martingales in discrete time. 6. option pricing.iste. 3. and any professional interested in learning advanced mathematical and stochastic methods through finance. 2. Probability and random variables. 8. University College London.

aggregation in Markov Models with Fast Markov switching. Flows of rare events in low and Heavy traffic Conditions. 10. General semi-Markov Processes. semi-Markov Processes of diffusion type. semi-Markov Model of Chromatography. sequences of the First exit times and regenerative times. 8. other applications of switching Processes. St. which is a non-specific algorithm. approximation for switching Processes. to semi-Markov diffusion . 9. United Kingdom the book is devoted to developing the asymptotic theory for the class of switching queueing models which covers state-dependent models in a Markov or semi-Markov environment. 5. asymptotic aggregation of state space. etc. 12. systems in low traffic Conditions. similar to evolutionary algorithms. represention of a semi-Markov Process as a transformed Markov Process. unreliable and hierarchic networks. 7. Contents 1. Applied Mathematics 147 Switching processes in queueing Models Vladimir Anisimov. such as taboo search and ant colonies. 6.iste. France this is the first book devoted entirely to Particle swarm optimization (Pso). 9781905209040 • February 2006 • 248 pages • Usd 120. 7. Processes of sums of Weakly-dependent Variables. since its original development in 1995. 3.00 particle Swarm optimization Maurice Clerc. 11. simulation examples. 5. Petersburg. aggregation in Markov Models with Fast semi-Markov switching. switching stochastic Models. these possess the Markov property with respect to any intrinsic Markov time such as the first exit time from an open set or a finite iteration of these times. 6. 8. Contents 1. 2. 9781848210455 • May 2008 • 352 pages • Usd 140. averaging Principle and diffusion. 4.00 continuous Semi-Markov processes Boris Harlamov. stepped semi-Markov Processes. switching Queueing Models. France Télécom. models under the influence of flows of external or internal perturbations. GlaxoSmithKline. limit theorems for semi-Markov Processes. 4. 9.www. Russia this title considers the special class of random processes known as semi-Markov processes. Construction of semi-Markov Processes using semi-Markov transition Functions. averaging and diffusion approximation in overloaded switching Queueing systems and networks. Pso has mainly been applied to continuous-discrete heterogenous strongly non-linear numerical optimization and it is thus used almost everywhere in the world. extensive coverage is devoted to non-Markovian semi-Markov processes with continuous trajectories and. in particular. 2. State University. 9781848210059 • January 2008 • 376 pages • Usd 150. its convergence rate also makes it a preferred tool in dynamic optimization. time Change and semi-Markov Processes.

page 148 Business. New & Backlist Titles 2009 Business Intelligence Evolving Corporate Structures and Cultures in Asia Global Consumer Behavior Innovation Engineering: the Power of Intangible Networks NEW 2009 Risk Management under UCITS III/IV Sustainable Development in the USA The Marketing of Technology Intensive Products and Services Trends in Enterprise Knowledge Management All titles Hardback & 234x156 mm Royal Octavo . Finance and Management Forthcoming.

for the producer and the user of si. Contents 1. International University of Monaco effective strategic intelligence (si) is vital for organizations in an international context of instability. evaluation of human. Finance & Management 149 risk Management under ucitS iii / iV A new chAllenge for the fund induStry Christian Szylar. For all kind of firms and all advancement levels of si. associated risks and measurements. evaluation of the si 9781848212107 • May 2010 • 352 pages • Usd 140. scanning the environment: a vital necessity for companies. 5. 7. it allows the construction of a control panel which can be used to pilot si and its impact on the performance of an organization.00 • new Business intelligence eVAluAtion And iMpAct on perforMAnce Corine Cohen. Use of financial derivatives and global exposure. has been built. 6. quantitative and empirical research next to si experts and large companies. 6. the global measurement model of strategic intelligence. use and context of si. as such. evolution of the general concept of surveillance. this book proposes a way to improve si and its impact on the performance of an organization. description and evaluation model of si. technical and financial resources of si. fund administrators.iste. the book will explain all the requirements for risk management under the new UCits iii/iV regime as well as the universe of financial instruments which can be used by portfolio managers and their associated risks.www. Following a long process of qualitative. management companies and risk departments can satisfy the financial regulators in europe that they have adequate risk monitoring procedures in place for the funds they manage or administer. 3. evaluation of the organizational resources of si. the measurement tools for si users. UK the purpose of this book is to show how asset managers. 8. From an exploration. Contents 1. 4. Universe of financial instruments. 3. From UCits i to UCits iii/iV. risk management organization and risk management process. taxonomy of risks.00 . a measurement tool in two parts. si measurement tools for si managers. complexity and intense competition. 4. objectives. it will be essential reading for those endeavoring to understand and comply with UCits iii/iV requirements. products. 2. 9. 5. 9781848211148 • May 2009 • 304 pages • Usd 115. 2. Kinetic Partners Business. risk reports and disclosure: some perspectives.

– retirement migrations. – life expectancy and the ageing population. exploiting the territory the agricultural the Usa proposed their way of life. 7. – the general economic growth. the contrasted geography of ageing. – Urban sprawl around intermediate cities. – natural resources.00 . the natural components of the risk. – the fossil fuels issue. towards a sustainable forestry. – america’s gates. – Fragmented cities: the governance issue. for instance.iste. – no linkage between the agriculture and the human settlement. 4. – asian settlement geography. France www. 9. From continental physiography to the case of new orleans and hurricane Katrina. – Protecting the environment. – industrial changes. this expansionist model is reaching its limit. the consequences of a “natural” disaster. settlement: the broad picture. – a nation of immigrants. – america’s large Metropolises. Finance & Management Sustainable development in the uSA Jean-Marc Zaninetti. 6. – regional dynamics from 1930 to 2005. a multiethnic population indigenous peoples. 8. – immigrants in the United states.s. the territorial implication of economic change the changing economy. because it challenges the cultural revolution required by sustainability. as a model for the entire world. this book attempts a comprehensive study of the geographical basis of the american settlements. based on an unlimited consumption of land.150 Business. 5. a rapidly growing population the high fertility rates resulting from immigration. – the black question. regional dynamics U. – a vulnerability magnified by urban sprawl. – Why urban sprawl challenges sustainable development. Contents 1. goods and energy. 9781848211339 • June 2009 • 272 pages • Usd 90. Urban Fragmentation social gap and urban polarization. is the real achilles' heel of america. – a population on the move. nowadays. – america’s physiography. Constraining climates. from abundance to after the second World War. University of Orléans. this book explores these issues with maps and charts created with the help of a nationwide multiscalar Gis. another element is the result of the cultural habits of expansion and segregation. as part of the Us overshooting is related to geography due to harsh climates and the continental size of the nation. – the crisis of central cities. – Mining resources. the suburban nation Urban spread. the american territory a continent-state with a scattered settlement. 2. new orleans at risk from the sea. 3. However. – the large natural regions. – Mexamerica. Urban sprawl.

6. the manufacturing keiretsu: a changing inter-company network?. 9. conducting market research. lingfang Fayol-song. 8. INT. 15. the sales World. sophie the impact of rFid on pharmaceutical supply chains in asia and europe. Belgium and Mike Dulieu. Finance & Management 151 the Marketing of technology intensive products and Services driVing innoVAtionS for non-MArketerS Patrick Corsi. 7. 6. China or asean? internationalization of Japanese firms in east asia since the 1980s. it provides a guide to developing and administering marketing plans. Burkhard e. Chun Hu and sam dzever. 9781848210912 • november 2008 • 248 pages • Usd 95. evolving corporate cultures in asia: relations of Finnish companies in China.iste. France and Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan. 9781848211049 • november 2008 • 256 pages • Usd 95. P. 3. Business. Contents 1. France. nabyla daidj. Zhibin Zhao and Jacques Jaussaud. Understanding the Customer. 2. Kalyan Bollampally et al. sapporo. PBr and MVa factors in Japanese stock market returns. Pricing. Markets and technologies. scoping adequate pricing methods. 10. 4. UK this book provides the basic models applicable to. IAE . 13. real exchange rate and Japanese exports to China and the Usa. 7. 14. robert taylor. 8. Kristiina Korhonen et al. 10. Business Plans. searching for and managing partners.University of Pau.www. Marketing Plans. 5. intermodal logistics developments in north-east asia. Brussels. 12. Jacques Jaussaud. Evry. Japan. 3. 11. and the applicable methods for. international strategic alliances in China: the perspective of the Chinese partner. Partnering and outsourcing. Management issues for the next decade. van der eng. it also shows how to develop formatted business plans which will prove attractive to investors. the new operating Context. Business Models: the engines of the new economy. 2. the new operating Context. Brand management strategies to enhance customer value in the Chinese telecom market. KINNSYS. Contents 1. Bridging People.00 . a Few Key Points a technical Manager should Know. the evolution of China’s private enterprises: challenges and opportunities.00 evolving corporate Structures and cultures in Asia the iMpAct of gloBAlizAtion Edited by Sam Dzever. 11. managing intellectual property rights and selling and distributing products and services. 5. Horn and sam dzever. Jacques Jaussaud et al. the profitable use and marketing of advanced technology. distributions. Basic Models in High tech Marketing. 9. elodie Gardet et al. tapping capital for innovation. Bernadette andreosso-o’Callaghan et al. 12. University of Limerick. Funding Your Projects. Consultant. to what extent are the eU and asian economies vulnerable?. Ireland this book is a selection of the papers presented at the 13th annual euro-asia research Conference held at the national University of Hokkaido. Management localization in China: four concrete case studies.

13. 3. Contents 1. 11. 9. this title brings together contributions from authors from a range of countries who are recognized as leading figures in this field. Institut National des Télécommunications. Communication: global or local consumer? 4. the book is divided into three parts: Part i discusses the historical basis of innovation. effect of country of origin on consumer purchase behavior: case study of india.00 . Evry. a feature that is essential to the continuation of growth and development in the commercial world. France the main aim of the book is to enhance the reader’s knowledge from a multidisciplinary perspective of international consumer behavior. 9781905209637 • March 2007 • 304 pages • Usd 145. Modeling the indicators of purchasing behavior toward counterfeits: an exploratory study in China. discussing the social and psychological aspects involved in successful innovation engineering. geographical and social perspectives.iste. the importance of women in the purchase of durable products: case study of tunisia. a new approach for maintaining service quality for global consumers. KINNSYS. online travel agents selling to ethnic customers. it also explores the role of globalization in the evolving world of the new technology sector and provides an overview of the development of international consumer behavior from historical. INT Evry. 9781905209552 • october 2006 • 416 pages • Usd 195. Creating a locally meaningful global marketing message throughout the technology life cycle. both in an academic and a practical sense.152 Business. Key drivers of global consumer behavior in online environments: the case of spanish web users. Consumer behavior in asia. France. France Jean-Louis Ermine. 9781905209033 • March 2006 • 296 pages • Usd 120. 14. Consideration is also given to recent developments and systems which will assist in ensuring the continuation of this process in the future. Finance & Management global consumer Behavior Edited by Chantal Ammi.00 innovation engineering the power of intAngiBle networkS Edited by Patrick Corsi. Cultural diversity: a new approach of management. 5. Part ii focuses on practical applications – the technologies. 8. Country of origin: perceptions of Portuguese consumers. Brussels. Belgium et al. 10. 6. Evry. 2. 12. this title explores the issue of innovation engineering. 7. Institut National des Télécommunications. the cultural impact of changes of consumption: lithuanian and Bulgarian cases. technology adoption and consumer the new improved indian consumer.00 trends in enterprise knowledge Management Edited by Imed Boughzala. while focusing on new technology products and services. tools and methods employed in putting theoretical innovation into practice – while Part iii looks at what factors underpin success.

127 Bourrières Jean-Paul. 151 anisimov Vladimir. 147 aoustin Yannick. 87 Benson david J. 137 de Fornel Bernard. 87 . 117 Bessonnet Guy. 53 Brunet Yves. 118 diaz Michel. 101 Billaut Jean-Charles. 102 decoster didier. 39 Boch Philippe. 111 Bonnet Pierre. 52 Castanié Francis. 100. 72 Burlion nicolas. 132 Champeau Joël. 24. 119 Chaouchi Hakima.. 35. 8 Brossaud Claire. 26. 132 artigues Christian. 91 Bergheau Jean-Michel. 47 Bouyssou denis. 111 Boudjlida nacer. 67 Bertein Jean-Claude. 97 Cristescu Constantin. 111 délery Jean. 56 dochain denis. 26 Chehdi Kacem. 54 Bruneau Michel. 70 audibert Pierre. 22 Benslimane abderrahim. 115 Brunet roger. 57 Cohen Corine. 137 Bouchet olivier. 48 Ceschi roger. 41 alvarez-armas iris. 20 Corniou Jean-Pierre. 74 Benkhaldoun Fayssal. 132 Bésuelle Pierre. 9 Bernath Ulrich. 117 Chaduc Jean-Marc. 61 abry Patrice. 152 Boulanger Jean-louis. 104 degallaix-Moreuil suzanne. 147 Cliquet Gérard..27 Chevallereau Christine. 16 delhaes Pierre. 120 acker Paul. 149 Colin stéphane. 29 Boisrobert Christian. 114. 25 Battaglia Jean-luc. 125 Blay-Fornarino Mireille. 125 Blondeau régis. 69 auger François. 17 Beretta Joseph. 80 Boudrioua azzedine. 119 Combescure alain. 64 Brugnot Gérard. 101 alshibli Khalid a. 137 Caron Claude. 60 devillers rodolphe. 30 Bel Gérard.. 47 albalate amparo. 38 ammi Chantal. 80 Chanussot Jocelyn. 136 Blanchet Gérard. 129 de salvo Barbara. 139 desrues Jacques. 110 Boughzala imed. 46 Billabert anne-laure. 48 detavernier Jean-Michel. 152 Crappe Michel. 38 delage Pierre. 21 Berlioz alain. 82. 126 Cauvin Colette. 34 Banâtre Michel. 125 Charruau stéphane. 66 algani Catherine. 138 Benhamou Frédéric. 48 Betbeder-Matibet Jacques. 43 delalande Claude. 128 dobesch Hartwig. 77 Bathias Claude. 71. 71 Bloch isabelle. 13 Collet Christophe. 44 Buzaud eric. 105 Chateigner daniel. 28 d davim Paulo J. 69 Bourlès Henri. 51 Cavaro-Ménard Christine. 152 andreosso-o’Callaghan Bernadette. 59. 80 Balageas daniel. 73 Breitkopf 153 Author Index A abba Gabriel. 71. 135 Bouteldja Mohamed. 151. 62 Corsi Patrick. 52 Carrega Pierre. 132 abou Harb Georges. 60 Botta-Genoulaz Valérie. 139 aubrun Christophe. 27. 25 demassey sophie. 123 auriault Jean-louis. 94 Buffet olivier. 108 Balestra Francis. 119 Chevalier Yvon. 49 Boutin Claude. 136. 35. 45 Campagne Jean-Pierre. 111 de larminat Philippe. 84 Charbit Maurice. 91 de Fornel Frédérique. 132 Clerc Maurice. 123 Cazacu oana. 128 c Cambou Bernard. 56 dhome Michel. 47 B Babau Jean-Philippe. 41 Chaillet nicolas.

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91 B Bayesian approach to inverse Problems. 129 ant Colony optimization and Constraint Programming. 70 Combinatorial optimization. 101 Co-design approaches for dependable networked Control systems. 132 Branching random Walks in non-homogenous environments. 123 Computed tomography for Geomaterials (advances in). 16 Compression of Biomedical images and signals. 13 Cooperating embedded systems and Wireless sensor networks. 29 Channel Coding in Communication networks. 93 Control of Continuous linear systems. 84 automotive electricity. 77 Concepts of Combinatorial optimization. 126 Chemical and Biological Microsensors. 41 Concrete and seismic engineering (dynamic Behavior of). 147 Continuous–time asset Pricing Models in applied stochastic 156 Title Index A acoustics (Fundamentals of). 75 Constraint Programming (trends in). 46 Constraint networks. 74 Continuous semi-Markov Processes. 70 Compressible aerodynamics (Handbook of). 142 Combinatorial optimization and theoretical Computer science. 142 Combined analysis. 128 Bipedal robots. 107 arbitrary lagrangian–eulerian Fluid-structure interaction. 122 Bioprocess Control. 115 analysis and Control of linear systems. 74 artificial Beings. 75 application integration. 66 autonomic networks. 82 Communicating embedded systems / software and design. 129 Convective Heat transfer. 43 Constitutive Modeling of soils and rocks. 149 c Carbon-based solids and Materials. 77 . 60 applications of Combinatorial optimization. 143 applied Metrology for Manufacturing engineering. 51 Ceisie’2009. 17 artificial ants. 146 Control Methods for electrical Machines. 135 Ceramics Materials. 26 Communicating embedded systems / network applications. 25 Cartography and the impact of the Quantitative revolution. 141 Business intelligence.

62 digital signal and image Processing using MatlaB. 79 Graphs and networks.www. 49 Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media. 52 Geomarketing. 152 Graphs (Probabilistic optimization on). 136 Fluid Mechanics and transport Phenomena (Fundamentals of). 139 Fiber-optic Communications. 22 Finite Volumes for Complex applications V. 8 Fatigue damage. 7 Fatigue life analyses of Welded structures. 14 evolving Corporate structures and Cultures in asia. 146 distance and e-learning in transition. 94 enterprise Knowledge Management (trends in). 124 discrete stochastic Processes and optimal Filtering. 135 GeoProc’2008. 80 From speech Physiology to linguistic Phonetics. 85 energy storage. 151 extended Finite element Methods for Crack Propagation. 83 Finite element Method for electromagnetic Modeling (the).uk Creep shrinkage and durability of Concrete and Concrete structures. 43 dynamics of structures.iste. 24. 41 Global Consumer Behavior. 38 dynamic Behavior of Concrete and seismic engineering. 126 digital libraries. 120 decision-making Process. 111 From Mdd Concepts to experiments and illustrations. 67 duplex stainless steels. 43 environmental Hydraulics. 152 environmental Geomechanics. 117 discrete–time asset Pricing Models in applied stochastic Finance. 76 e electric Power systems. 90 digital Cognitive technologies. 103 Finite element simulation of Heat transfer. 47 Title Index f 157 d data analysis. 49 image Processing. 97 electrical actuators. 32 end-to-end Qos engineering in next Generation Heterogenous networks. 121 . 64 digital Filters design for signal and image Processing. 65 g Geographical information and Climatology. 9 HVtt10. 20 extractive Metallurgy (Handbook of). 25 Fault trees. 120 Free-space 105 electron transport in nanostructures and Mesoscopic devices. 44 GeoX 2010. 53 Graph theory and applications. 21 Finite Volumes for Complex applications iV. 47 i–k iCWiM5. 73 dielectric Materials for electrical engineering. 37 h Heat transfer in Materials Forming Processes. 57 Geometric tolerancing of Products. 125 digital signal Processing using MatlaB. 30 Heterogenous Kinetics (Handbook of). 91 electromagnetism and interconnections. 39 Fatigue of Materials and structures. 18 Fractals and Wavelets (scaling). 22 Flexibility and robustness in scheduling.

5 Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials. 109 Metrology (transverse disciplines in). 93 linear systems (analysis and Control of). 132 Microtunneling and Horizontal drilling. 80 interoperability of enterprise software and applications Mathematical Morphology.iste. 144 Mathematical Models. 95 M Machining Composite Materials. 27 Mapping of environmental data (advanced). 117 iP networks (Management. 72 Master data Management and semantic Modeling – MdM. 71.158 Title Index www. 42 Micromechanics of Granular Materials. 124 Modeling Process in Geography. 20 Modeling and dimensioning of structures. Metallurgy and Mechanics of Welding. 82 interoperability for enterprise software and applications 2006. 45 Microrobotics for Micromanipulation. 101 Model driven engineering for distributed real-time embedded systems. 11 Mechanical Vibration and shock analysis. 59 Materials and acoustics Handbook. 26 Mesh Generation. 32 Microfluidics. 109 Mojette transform (the). 114 Materials and surface engineering in tribology. 118 Mathematics for engineers. 6 Mechanical Vibrations. 59 information Warfare. 27 Mechanical instability. 129 linear systems. 145 Mathematical Methods in survival analysis. 80 inverse Problems in Vision and 3d tomography. 13 Micromechanics of Failure in Granular Geomaterials. 28 Mathematical Finance. 39 Metrology in industry. 151 Markov decision Processes in artificial intelligence. 88 l leds for lighting applications. estimation and optimal Filtering in signal Processing. 14 . 152 instrumentation and Measurement (Fundamentals of). 107 Micro. 94 Mathematics for informatics and Computer science. 127 lithography. nanosystems and systems on Chips. 87 information Fusion in signal and image Processing. 136 internet of things (the). 108 intelligent Machining. 69 Measurements using optic and rF Waves. 55 Modeling software. 99 local networks and the internet. 22 Modeling and simulation of turbulent Flows. Control and evolution of). 44 Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials and Wave dispersion. 29 Materials under extreme loadings. 41 Materials with rheological Properties. 62 low emission Power Generation technologies and energy Management. 61 innovation engineering. 125 information science. 83 looking Back and Going Forward in it. 49 Microwave Photonic links. 15 Models in spatial analysis. 80 Modeling and Convexity. 78 Modeling. 10 Mechanical shock. 18 Modeling and Verification of real-time systems. 45 Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave dispersion. 8 Multimedia Multicast on the internet. 21 Mesomechanics 2007. 100 Mechanical Behavior of 57 Modern sensors Handbook. 55 Marketing of technology intensive Products and services (the). 76 Multidisciplinary design optimization in Computational Mechanics.

122 Production scheduling. 126 spoken language Processing. 108 Physics and operation of silicon devices in integrated Circuits. 102 simulation for supply Chain Management. 72 silicon non-Volatile Memories. 104 organic Materials in Civil engineering. 104 Power systems and restructuring. 7 spectral analysis. 110 Physical Processes and Measurement devices.iste. 138 sinusoidal Vibration. 97 159 n nano and Micromachining. Fractals and Wavelets. 48 Music and acoustics. 96 Practical applications in engineering. 102 Petri nets. 99 nanophotonics. 11 Power electronics semiconductor devices. 56 spatial Management of risks. 78 reconfigurable Mobile radio systems. 9 solid-state Physics for electronics. 32 networks (Graphs and). 138 Protection of electrical networks. 11 Particle swarm optimization. 79 Processing of synthetic aperture radar (sar) images. 139 risk Management under UCits iii / iV. 149 robot Manipulators. 54 optimization in signal and image 113 Title Index Probabilistic Combinatorial optimization on Graphs. 30 Polycrystalline Materials (X-ray diffraction on). 131 electrical rotating Machines. 52 S safety of Computer architectures. 69 scaling. 87 random Vibration. 54 specification development. 143 Particle and Continuum aspects of Mesomechanics. 35 nanocomputers and swarm intelligence. 85 radio spectrum (the). 147 Passive rF integrated Circuits. 34 nanoscience and nanotechnology (introduction to). 103 Plastic Forming Processes. 15 r radio resources Management in WiMaX. 35 nanoscale CMos. 92 p–q Paradigms of Combinatorial optimization. 34 nanostructures and Mesoscopic devices (electron transport in). 33 nanolithography. 56 spatial interpolation for Climate data. 120 seismic engineering. 105 sonar and Underwater acoustics. 53 numerical Methods. 5 software specification Methods. 92 o operations research and networks. 35 nanomaterials and surface engineering. 46 solid Mechanics using the Finite element Method. 121 optoelectronic sensors. 42 soils and rocks (Constitutive Modeling of). 15 .uk Multivariate image Processing. 65 static Converters. 119 Multiscale Modeling of Heterogenous Materials. 113 spatial analysis (Models in). 88 renewable energy technologies. 79 soil Mechanics. 6 real-time systems (Modeling and Verification of). 14 Physical Chemistry of solid-Gas interfaces.www. 109 sequential decision-making Problems. 46 sensors Handbook (Modern). 128 Photonic Waveguides. 57 spatial data Quality (Fundamentals of). 95 resource-Constrained Project scheduling. 49 organizational Facets of Gis.

115 Visual Perception through Video imagery. 119 transverse disciplines in Metrology. 88 Unmanned aerial Vehicles. 11 structural Health Monitoring. 18 two-dimensional signal analysis. 48 all prices are exclusive of carriage charges. 24 VHF / UHF Filters and Multicouplers. Fractals and). 147 systems of systems. 11 X-ray tomography for Geomaterials. 150 sustainable Geography. For GBP and euro prices. 51 thematic Cartography (new approaches). 114 Vibrations in Continuous Media. 100 Vibrations and acoustic radiation of thin structures. 71 Ultra-Wideband radio Propagation statistical spoken language Understanding systems. 28 structural dynamics in industry. 29 turbulent Flows (Modeling and simulation of). . 33 Wireless ad Hoc and sensor networks. 10 sudoku (a to Z of). 137 switching Processes in Queueing Models.160 Title Index u www. 141 structural Components. 86 Wireless and Mobile network security. 137 sustainable development in the Usa. 67 supply Chain Performance. 60 sustainable Manufacturing. 109 UMts. 51 thematic Cartography and transformations. 120 Wavelets and their applications. 84 X–z X-ray diffraction on Polycrystalline Materials. 61 tribology (Materials and surface engineering in). 39 Wigner Monte-Carlo Method for nanoelectronic devices (the). 17 Wavelets (scaling. 107 transverse information system (the). 86 Ultrasonic Methods for Material and structure inspection. 108 structural reliability. 125 w Wave Propagation in Fluids. in which case any significant price changes will be notified to you upon receipt of your order.iste. 131 V Vapor surface treatments. 118 t taming Heterogeneity and Complexity of embedded Control. 53 sustainable it architecture. please go to page 161 for contact details of our appropriate distributor. 66 stochastic Finance (applied). 129 thematic Cartography. 146 stochastic Models (introduction to). 51 thermo-hydromechanical and Chemical Coupling in Geomaterials and applications. they are subject to change without notification. 124 Welding (Metallurgy and Mechanics of). 44 time-Frequency analysis. 123

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00 130.00 99.90 99.00 117.50 83.00 127.95 96.00 80.00 159.00 83.90 125.95 100.90 185.00 135.00 74.90 149.90 99.50 110.95 190.00 129.90 115.00 133.00 127.00 115.00 93.50 53.00 155.00 130.00 170.00 89.00 125.00 63.00 155.50 127.00 150.00 185.00 175.00 285.00 110.00 165.90 99.00 165.00 169.00 130.95 220.00 82.90 94.50 50.00 96.00 83.00 165.00 119.00 195.00 100.95 143.00 130.00 159.00 163.00 189.00 76.00 185.00 113.00 99.50 76.50 80.00 269.00 159.50 73.95 60.95 74.00 167.00 125.00 115.00 100.00 155.00 125.90 64.90 129.00 100.90 410.90 99.50 56.00 130.00 145.00 125.00 97.00 100.00 125.90 105.95 96.00 83.00 159.00 83.00 133.00 155.90 69.50 93.90 129.00 130.00 149.50 133.00 149.00 130.95 110.90 89.00 130.95 60.50 80.90 89.00 74.00 125.90 119.00 93.00 150.00 93.00 159.50 73.50 53.95 93.95 76.50 93.00 195.00 60.50 193.50 93.00 96.00 245.00 77.90 205.90 92.00 120.00 115.90 119.90 155.95 233.00 99.00 159.00 155.00 219.90 125.90 185.00 115.50 120.00 117.50 53.00 125.90 69.00 100.00 83.00 105.95 163.50 130.00 165.00 159.00 245.95 150.00 119.00 159.00 205.00 73.00 143.00 139.00 115.00 130.90 99.00 89.00 155.00 127.00 127.00 123.90 82.00 46.00 199.00 185.00 113.00 73.00 89.00 159.00 86.00 130.00 100.00 150.00 ISBN 9781848211773 9781848211780 9781848211797 9781848211803 9781848211810 9781848211827 9781848211834 9781848211841 9781848211858 9781848211865 9781848211872 9781848211889 9781848211896 9781848211902 9781848211919 9781848211926 9781848211933 9781848211940 9781848211957 9781848211964 9781848211971 9781848211988 9781848212008 9781848212015 9781848212022 9781848212039 9781848212046 9781848212053 9781848212084 9781848212091 9781848212107 9781848212114 9781848212121 9781848212138 9781848212152 9781905209002 9781905209019 9781905209026 9781905209033 9781905209040 9781905209057 9781905209064 9781905209071 9781905209095 9781905209101 9781905209118 9781905209125 9781905209132 9781905209217 9781905209231 9781905209248 9781905209255 9781905209262 9781905209279 9781905209286 9781905209293 9781905209309 9781905209316 9781905209323 9781905209330 9781905209347 9781905209354 9781905209392 9781905209422 9781905209453 9781905209460 9781905209477 9781905209484 9781905209491 9781905209507 9781905209514 9781905209545 9781905209552 9781905209569 9781905209583 9781905209590 9781905209606 9781905209613 9781905209637 9781905209651 9781905209668 9781905209699 9781905209705 9781905209712 9781905209972 AUTHOR Souza de Cursi Torrenti Alshibli Balestra Bertein Bonnet Brunet Voyiadjis Carrega Chaillet de Fornel Grous Marage Voda Berlioz Brunet Chevalier Monmarché Monmasson Audibert Boulanger Chateigner Delhaes Krysinski Landis Albalate De Volder Gamand Yarovaya Pommier Szylar Landis Davim Guinot Najman FSTT Balageas Bouchet Boughzala Clerc Castani Prévé Cliquet Sanders Dombre Mouton Najim Blanchet Guinebretière Boch Glavieux Bruneau Guillaume Guyader Rigneault Krysinski Limnios Misiti Gerard Murat Habrias de Larminat Placko Benslimane Najim Vivier Pujolle Benkhaldoun Panetto Pijaudier-Cabot FCM Lassen Corsi Devillers Corniou Babau Desrues Panetto Ammi Lamnabhi Ripka Kundu Dobesch Sanchez Benhamou LIST PRICE GBP (£) EUR (€) 127.00 175.50 83.50 150.00 130.00 63.50 100.00 96.00 143.90 82.00 96.95 56.00 83.00 155.90 69.95 56.00 139.00 105.00 130.00 76.00 143.90 125.00 149.00 150.00 175.00 86.95 123.50 83.00 583.90 62.00 159.00 119.90 94.90 145.50 127.00 105.50 74.00 125.00 113.00 100.00 56.00 83.50 32.50 100.00 93.00 99.00 83.90 255.00 117.00 185.00 125.50 100.90 99.00 175.95 210.90 99.00 99.50 86.00 86.00 100.00 99.00 115.00 130.90 159.00 185.00 125.50 160.00 125.50 93.00 93.90 185.50 93.00 165.90 159.00 165.00 100.90 159.00 175.00 77.00 139.90 64.00 185.00 195.00 77.00 115.00 100.00 115.00 100.00 130.00 125.00 127.00 100.00 149.00 80.00 153.90 125.00 195.50 80.00 83.50 100.00 189.00 50.50 80.50 80.90 165.00 100.00 110.00 105.00 ISBN 9781848210882 9781848210899 9781848210905 9781848210912 9781848210929 9781848210936 9781848210943 9781848210950 9781848210967 9781848210974 9781848210981 9781848210998 9781848211001 9781848211018 9781848211025 9781848211032 9781848211049 9781848211056 9781848211063 9781848211070 9781848211087 9781848211094 9781848211100 9781848211117 9781848211124 9781848211131 9781848211148 9781848211162 9781848211179 9781848211186 9781848211193 9781848211209 9781848211216 9781848211223 9781848211230 9781848211247 9781848211254 9781848211261 9781848211278 9781848211285 9781848211292 9781848211308 9781848211315 9781848211322 9781848211339 9781848211346 9781848211353 9781848211360 9781848211377 9781848211384 9781848211391 9781848211407 9781848211414 9781848211421 9781848211438 9781848211445 9781848211452 9781848211469 9781848211476 9781848211483 9781848211490 9781848211506 9781848211513 9781848211537 9781848211544 9781848211551 9781848211568 9781848211575 9781848211582 9781848211599 9781848211605 9781848211612 9781848211629 9781848211636 9781848211643 9781848211650 9781848211667 9781848211674 9781848211681 9781848211698 9781848211704 9781848211711 9781848211728 9781848211735 9781848211742 9781848211759 9781848211766 AUTHOR Manouvrier Bonnet Thierry Dzever Finke Husson Ventre Beretta de Fornel Colin Govaert Grangeat Soustelle Pitrat Nova Davim Corsi de Salvo Lecoutre Charruau Rivard Cauvin Cauvin Cauvin Cauvin Marchal Cohen Bouyssou Chaouchi Villeneuve Favre-Marinet Hadjsaïd Lalanne Lalanne Lalanne Lalanne Lalanne Lalanne Lozano Nicot Ozel Solnon Souli Szücs Zaninetti Bourrières Sabonnadière Sabonnadière Alvarez-Armas Breitkopf Chanussot Chaouchi Délery Fabry Jard Krief Mottier Paschos Paschos Paschos Paschos Querlioz Takadoum Tanguy Tanguy Tanguy Tanguy Tanguy Vassiliou Vassiliou Vignes Auriault Bourlès Gautier Luzeaux Martinez-Vega Schrefler Sigaud Papy Le Doeuff Davim Galerie Mohamad-Djafari Piette Pralet Saguet Song LIST PRICE GBP (£) EUR (€) 60.00 119.00 133.90 99.00 185.00 145.00 160.00 130.00 115.00 129.90 155.00 119.00 127.00 225.90 135.00 175.90 99.95 107.00 133.00 159.95 93.00 64.00 133.00 126.00 139.50 117.00 197.50 80.00 99.00 159.00 177.00 127.00 149.90 259.00 125.50 74.00 137.00 125. WILEY BOOK PRICE LIST (as of 31st March 2010) ISBN 9781847040008 9781847040251 9781848210004 9781848210011 9781848210028 9781848210035 9781848210042 9781848210059 9781848210066 9781848210073 9781848210080 9781848210097 9781848210103 9781848210110 9781848210127 9781848210134 9781848210141 9781848210158 9781848210165 9781848210172 9781848210189 9781848210196 9781848210202 9781848210219 9781848210226 9781848210233 9781848210240 9781848210257 9781848210264 9781848210271 9781848210288 9781848210295 9781848210301 9781848210318 9781848210325 9781848210332 9781848210349 9781848210356 9781848210363 9781848210387 9781848210400 9781848210417 9781848210424 9781848210431 9781848210448 9781848210455 9781848210462 9781848210479 9781848210486 9781848210493 9781848210509 9781848210516 9781848210523 9781848210530 9781848210547 9781848210554 9781848210561 9781848210578 9781848210585 9781848210592 9781848210608 9781848210615 9781848210622 9781848210639 9781848210646 9781848210653 9781848210660 9781848210677 9781848210684 9781848210691 9781848210707 9781848210714 9781848210721 9781848210738 9781848210745 9781848210752 9781848210769 9781848210776 9781848210783 9781848210790 9781848210806 9781848210813 9781848210820 9781848210837 9781848210844 9781848210851 9781848210875 AUTHOR Jussien Sih Banatre Schiestel Gaïti Labiod Girard Harlamov Chaduc Nouailhat Crappe Waldner Huber Quinquis Cristescu Navet Migeon Francois Dhome Lopez Garello Bloch Hicher Paschos Najim Maitre Maitre Dochain Betbeder-Matibet Boudrioua Nait-Ali Frey Meunier Mariani Idier Hlawatsch Artigues Eymard Guinot Blondeau Gay Lalauze Papy Burlion Siarry Anisimov Brugnot Cazacu FCM Lecoy Ouisse Bathias Battaglia Bergheau Billaut Fische Filippi Iosifescu Jacob Jacob Kanevski Mellouk Moliton Paultre Perret Puebe Reyne Takadoum Toutain Vivier Fournier Mazars Abry Brossard Bruneau Cambou Chevallereau Chevalier Decoster Diaz Guédon Janssen Lemaire Mathis Pagani Roche Guermond LIST PRICE GBP (£) EUR (€) 26.00 115.00 159.00 125.00 110.00 140.00 135.00 125.00 167.00 719.50 143.00 99.50 130.50 100.90 155.00 94.00 63.00 109.00 135.00 99.00 133.50 330.50 73.00 155.90 135.00 150.00 94.00 99.00 57.00 183.50 100.50 130.50 93.00 139.50 80.00 119.00 155.ISTE – J.90 89.50 123.00 125.00 209.00 90.00 159.00 159.00 160.00 125.95 63.00 119.95 150.00 94.90 64.50 130.90 165.00 133.00 130.00 74.50 166.00 149.00 93.00 80.00 99.00 160.50 76.00 100.00 159.00 115.00 100.00 86.00 149.00 130.00 .50 53.50 160.50 127.00 66.90 99.95 130.50 96.00 120.50 207.00 123.00 195.00 159.00 93.90 145.90 99.00 96.00 159.00 99.00 159.00 69.00 119.00 167.00 149.00 125.00 143.90 185.90 99.95 150.00 145.00 89.00 99.00 205.00 93.90 115.00 165.00 159.00 125.50 127.00 145.00 135.90 69.00 123.50 80.00 199.00 155.00 160.00 205.00 113.00 150.00 135.00 100.90 125.50 56.50 167.00 167.95 123.00 115.00 100.00 130.00 100.00 197.00 77.00 155.95 66.95 130.50 73.50 73.50 110.00 127.00 96.50 93.50 83.95 83.95 96.00 153.00 235.95 117.00 149.50 113.50 56.50 100.00 76.90 115.00 110.50 133.90 94.00 165.00 96.00 60.90 125.00 150.00 74.00 107.00 115.00 135.90 239.95 117.90 175.00 205.00 62.95 80.00 123.00 83.50 107.90 99.00 123.00 195.00 133.00 159.00 123.00 115.90 69.00 99.90 119.00 92.00 149.00 107.00 149.00 110.00 80.

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