Tips on preparing the RAP Be concise and do not exceed the word limit The 6,500 word limit

can easily be exceeded if you ramble on about a single issu e. The university reserves the right to send your project back to you unmarked i f you fail to meet the word limit. Note that there are individual word limits fo r different sections of the RAP and you should restrict yourself to these limits . Use graphs and other graphical modes of Graphs and charts help you analyse data erstand trends. Tables are a convenient ion displayed in graphs and tables does presentation and make it easier for the reader to und way of organising your results. Informat not form part of the word limit.

Analyse There needs to be evidence of analysis in your project. In case of topic no. 8, simply calculating ratios won t cut it. You need to provide evidence that you unde rstand what the ratio means and the possible reasons why a ratio improved/worsen ed. Remember to link an organisation s business activities to its financial perfor mance. For example, simply stating that stock turnover days increased because th e company is carrying higher levels of inventory at the year end is not enough. Why are their higher inventory levels? Is it because it has introduced new produ ct lines that have proved to be unpopular? Is it because it is pricing its produ cts too high resulting in reduced demand? Compare Use competitor information when conducting financial and business analysis. Rati o analysis is of little use in the absence of comparative information. For examp le, when commenting on the organisation s performance with reference to working ca pital ratios you may want to provide corresponding ratios for a close competitor or the industry average. This will allow you to assess, for example, whether it is slow in collecting debts or if it is common practice to allow for delays in debt collection. Recommendations During your analysis you may identify weaknesses in the way an organisation is b eing run. Providing recommendations at the end of your project is a way of demon strating that you understand the issues affecting the organisation and how they can be dealt with. You can come up with suggestions by studying other companies in the industry. How are they dealing with similar problems? Plagiarism Be sure to mention all the sources from where you have derived your information. Your work should be referenced properly using the Harvard system. If you are re ferencing someone else s work properly, you are plagiarising it. Plagiarism can re sult in disciplinary action being taken against you by ACCA. Appropriate models Make sure the accounting and business models you are applying are consistent wit h your project objectives. Presentation Avoid using large fonts. Only use italics and bolds when it is appropriate.

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