THREE AMAZING MONTHS HAD PASSED BY, TOO QUICKLY FOR ME TO TAKE the time to enjoy everything that was happening. It all seemed like so much! It had only came to my attention of the date today, when I realized that yes, time was in fact fleeing me. Graduation was fastely approaching, my first high-school experience was ending. I cringed as I walked past the big poster that had been tapped onto the cafeteria door. I stared at it with wide eyes, Jennifer had to nudge me to get my attention after she must have repeated something twice. “So...who are you going with?” he question dragged. She seemed fairly anxious to hear my answer. I hadn't really told anybody about Jacob and I, I kept my whole relationship to myself as much as I could. It really wasn’t any of their business. I stuttered as I answered her “Uh...I’m, well...I wasn’t asked. Beside I don’t even know if I’m going” although deep in my mind, I knew very well I was going. My family would force me; insisting that it was an important part of high-school, and it would be best to do it the first time I went through with it. “Psh! You’re so going little missy! We’re not letting you miss out on prom! Its like the most important part of high school, you only get to do it once” I wanted to jump in and call her accusation false, but I kept quiet.

I followed her to the lunch line to grab some food, my stomach growled, although I didn’t feel very hungry, but I wouldn't be able to avoid it. I grabbed a ham sandwich, a cup of jello and some milk then followed her back to where we usually sat for lunch. Johnny pulled out the chair next to him for me to sit, his eyes glowed when he I smiled at him. “Renesmee, so I though we could work on the biology project this weekend, if you’re not busy” Johnny suggested as he took a small bite of his sandwich. I squinted as I tried to remember any plans or things I had to do, and found that my schedule was empty. “No, that sounds great!” He smiled widely “Great! How about at my house tomorrow at one o’clock?” “Perfect!” I'd need to find a way around Jacobs protective demeanour to do school work, it sounded ridiculous. The socializing was like every other day. Nicole had since returned to school, for the first few weeks she hoped along with a cast, but accessorized it perfectly. Although she wasn’t able to play in our last games of the season, that had ended last week, she’d sit on the sidelines and cheer at the top of her lungs for her team. I liked to think that it brought us all our victories; we ended the season with a perfect winning streak. They were currently on the head turning missing of planning our senior prom, all the girls were involved this year, and clearly under stress to make it the best prom that Forks High School had ever seen. They had settled on a theme, the posters that were hung everywhere around the school. In large font, the words “A Night at the Ball” were printed, sparkling with gold glitter. From the looks of it, they were looking for the a more vintage feel, not the regular hollywood gala’s. They'd chose this because the local used clothing store had recently acquired many vintage dressed that had been gathered in attics. The boys were even getting excited, making plans to pay a visit to some of the formal attire stores up in Port Angeles. Their excitement slowly started rubbing off on me, and I started thinking over the whole idea again. The idea was pushed away to the back of my mind again as the bell rang again. The crowds were dissolving from the cafeteria and on their way to class. I walked with Johnny to our biology class where we sketched out the details for our project. The rest of the classes went by as slowly, as they always would. I kept myself busy by counting the bricks on the walls. Two hundred and four. M. n still hadn't put an end to his lecture on American civil war, a topic he must really enjoy speaking about since he did it often. I didn't need to follow in some old textbook when I had the real thing at home, living proof, family members that were alive back then. I moved onto the floor tiles. Fifty-four. The teachers rarely called on me during class, wanting to give the chance to the other students, even when they knew I wasn't paying attention. All my tests and pop-quizzes would come close to the hundred mark. The final bell of freedom rang and the swarm fled quickly, but with more enthusiasm then they had when leaving the cafeteria. I gathered my things from my locker, the swarm had already made it's way outside.

I walked to my car in the student parking lot; it was in its usual parking spot. Rain fell heavily on the concrete, in the distance I could hear thunder approaching in the south, the clouds quickly gathering above the trees darkening the sky. I didn’t bother putting the hood on to protect me from the rain. What was the point, because I was going to get wet anyway. I reached into my bag for my keys, and pressed the button to unlock my doors. The sound made heads turn, I looked away, it made me uncomfortable. I was much like my mother in that way. Hated having the eyes on her all the time. I opened the door and quickly jumped into the front seat. The smell of the leather made me feel comfortable, I was safe and out of the public eye. Nobody could see me through the darkly tinted windows. I quickly started the engine and purred it to life, and turned the heat on, I hadn't noticed I was shaking, then clicked my seat belt in place. My father would kill me if I didn’t, he was big on safety, so was the rest of my family. I slightly pressed on the gas pedal; if I pressed too hard I’d be sent flying. Another thing that my family loved to do; drive fast. Me on the other hand, not so much. Was it my fault that I didn’t want to die in a tragic car accident? Or worse take the life of somebody else's loved on. When I was out of the parking lot, I picked up the speed, occasionally I likes to go a little rebellious. I headed for the free way, but I didn’t take the one that led me back home, instead I took the one that led me towards the person that I'd been itching all day to see. I was there within ten minutes; I saw the first house of the reservation, and could see the local general store into the distance and then a if I went a little farther I'd find first beach. I turned to the drive leading to the little red house with the big homemade garage at the back of the home, Jakes beat up Volkswagen Rabbit and motorcycles. I parked where I always did, and stepped out of the car, where it was still raining buckets. My hair was still dripping from the last downfall, good thing I wear waterproof mascara or I would look like a raccoon all the time. I walked to the little house; before I got there the old man with the long grey and black hair was sitting in his wheel chair. Listening to the rain as is fell above the porch. “Hey Billy!” I greeted him with my rhythmic voice "Waiting for somebody?" “Hey there Nessie, I'm on my way to the Clearwater's, sounds like Charlie took the day off to go fishing with Seth. Fish fry for dinner, yum yum!" he said in his low scruffy voice “Jake’s in the garage, you can go right ahead! I'll see you soon" “Thanks, say hi to Grandpa for me, and have a good evening” I said as I was running to the garage. The Clearwater's truck pulled up with Leah in the drivers seat. I waved as I passed by. Jake was in the garage working on something, but it wasn’t really clear on what. He dropped it the minute he felt my presence. He got to his feet and ran to my side; I was in his arms within seconds. His warm body quickly warmed me up and sent sparks through my whole body. Every time I saw him now I could fell the small fraction of temperature change between

us, everyday I got slightly colder. Unnoticeable to a normal human, but significant to those who could. “Hey there stranger! Whatcha doing here?” he asked me with his low voice. “Well, I really wanted to see you. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Is it such a crime for a girl to see her boyfriend?” He laughed “No I guess it isn’t, I missed you” he wrapped him arms tighter around me, making it just about impossible for me to escape. “Me too, although I just saw you yesterday” “True, but I still did” he tilted his head down and I put myself on my toes to be able to reach his lips. His lips were warm and felt nice on mine, it’s like they were two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. I knew it was hard for Jacob to stop kissing me, and I knew how hard it was for him to see me go even though he knew I would be coming back. I pulled myself away, so he wouldn’t get carried away. I always had to look up to Jake since he was so…big. Even though I was average height, I was so tiny compared to him. “So, what are you up too, what did you do today?” I asked him to distract him “Oh not much, I haven’t been out so much patrolling so I’ve caught up on sleep. You?” “That’s good; you should get some sleep. You know the usual, school was as torturing and boring as always” “You know school isn’t as easy for everybody else, not everyone's a genius like you. Like seriously you knew how to count and your alphabet when you were what, a week old?” he laughed “It's not my fault that I’m a freak..." I shied away “You’re my little freak! And nobody can take you away from me” he reached down again and pressed his warm lips on mine. The temptation was hard to resist, I never wanted to be let go of. If I could have chosen I would want to stay in his arms all the time, but I knew I couldn't. Again, I had to push myself off him. “I’ve got to get going soon, or you know there going to freak, especially with this storm approaching.” I told him “Yeah I guess you do, but I wish you didn’t. I miss you too much when you're gone. You know you could always tell them you didn't want to drive back with all the rain." he grinned his guilty smile. “Nice try buddy, I’ll miss you too" “I Love you” he squeezed me gently in his arms and then set me on my feet and kissed my forehead. I walked out into the rain again and waved goodbye. I got back on the free way and drove slowly back home, never in a rush. I drove down the winding roads and passed the millions of trees all the time the sky getting darker and darker. I approached the turn off to the house in the middle of the forest. The turn wasn’t as obvious to people that had never been here, but when you knew where you’re going you can’t miss it. The house came into view soon enough, the big open three stories white house surrounded by

the forest. The big open windows, and the big winding stair case you could see from outside. I was home. I drove to the back of the house and parked into the newly expanded garage. I parked into my regular spot beside Alice's shiny yellow Porsche and Emmett's monster Jeep. I walked to the door and went inside the humongous house. The lights were all on, the natural light today wouldn't be very helpful. There was a large figure draped on the white couch, watching a baseball game on the television. Jasper was balancing himself on the couches arm. The whole family was reunited once again after they'd all returned shortly after spring break. Although I thought that thing would be normal again, my impression quickly changed when they were all acting differently and being extremely careful on not giving anything away. “Hey Kiddo!” Emmett called from the couch without looking behind. “Hi, where is everybody?” I was suspicious because usually everybody was in the living room when I came back from school, waiting for me. “There out hunting, but Alice is upstairs. They’ll be back soon" I steered myself to the staircase and went to the third floor, where my room was. I was upstairs in seconds. I guessed Alice heard me coming up; she was already in my bedroom to greet me. Alice already had her arms open and skipped her way to me. Before she got to me I set my school bag on the ground beside me. “Hi Nessie, how was your day?” she asked with her high musical voice. “Thankful it's Friday, other then that, good, yours? Why didn’t you go hunting with the others?” “I went yesterday night with Em and Jazz. Besides, today I was busy cleaning the closets!” She walked to my bed where there was a garment bag. She picked it up and unzipped the bag. Maybe she was asking me permission to discard one of the dresses from my collection to make room. She held out a floor length dress that I'd never seen before, cream in color with extremely beautiful and delicate beading pattern with lace underneath. The gown draped, and didn't expand at the bottom. She spun the hanger to see the back, five satin buttons were places right under the back and left it bear, adding to the drama with the draped straps over the shoulder. "It's...wow!" I breathed taking in its absolute beauty, then again wondering where she could have procured something like this. It almost looked fragile. "I know right! It would fit you perfectly, the minute I laid my eyes on it I knew it would come in use one day" "Where did you buy it, and what do you mean it would come in use one day?" "Silly, don't act like you don't remember. Proms coming up!" her face lit up at once, and she kept herself from jumping up and down in delight "The word is that they're going for a more vintage look this year. Well, there you go!" Shoot, prom. It kept creeping up in my mind everywhere I looked. "You still didn't answer my question, where did you get it?"

"No time, I'm itching to see you in it! Lets go try it on!" She whisked me off into Barbies dream closet, and I started undressing as she unbuttoned the dress carefully. Next thing I knew she was buttoning the dress shut. When the final button was in place I turned to face her. “You look beautiful! It fits you perfectly!” she jumped up and down with excitement. “Turn around and look at yourself!” She took me by the shoulders and pivoted me around. The body sized mirror held my reflexion and I got closer. The cream vintage dress fit perfectly around my waist and draped at the bottom creating the look of a cala-lily. Was this really me? My family always told me I was beautiful, but I always told myself I wasn’t as beautiful as the rest of them. Esme quietly stepped in and stood beside Alice, she stared at me just like Alice was. I couldn’t look at myself anymore, all I saw was my mom, or my grandmother or my aunts in this dress, and they all looked better then I did. “So what do you think? Doesn't it just fit her perfectly Esme?" "Like a glove, I do believe you look better in it then I did!" she exclaimed, approaching me, gently fixing my hair and twisting a strand around her finger, letting it fall over my shoulder. "You look as if you just stepped out of the most exclusive dinner party in town" "All your missing is the most handsome gentleman on your arm" Alice smiled. I could see their perfect, without flaw silhouette behind me. "Let's back up a bit. Again, where did you get it, and even if it is for prom, I'm not even sure I want to to go. You know how I am with those things" I complained "You're just like your mother, you know! Persistent and always complaining about going to any sort of social event, why couldn't you have inherited that little Cullen gene?" Alice ranted, but Esme interrupted her by putting her index finger on her mouth "Now who's the one complaining" she laughed and then continued "Anyways, the dress was mine many years ago. I never brought myself to throw it out, after all who could, it's just so magnificent! The finest lace and stitching was used. My grandmother had bought it for me for my engagement party, and I remember her talking to me that evening. Amongst many other things, she told me to keep the dress, because she wanted it to be handed down to my own daughter, and even grand-daughter. She passed away a few weeks after the wedding and since then I've carried it everywhere we move to. It's practically a century old! " The story just made the gown seem even more amazing! No tears, or any imperfection, perfectly preserved. She'd kept it all these years, just waiting for somebody to come around to relive it's magnificent glory wondered momentarily why she'd never given it to Alice or Rosalie. "You know Alice has seen you walking up to prom wearing this dress. It would be an extreme pleasure that you wear it. My grand-mother would be pleased to know that it's fulfilled it's purpose." Alice seeing me wearing the dress hadn't made me change although the second part of what Esme said had. I took one last good look I'm the mirror before I turned around and made announced my decision. Hopefully I would regret it.

"It would be amazing if you lent it to me Esme. Congratulations, you've convince me Alice, but I beg of you don't go overboard or I might revoke your privileges." Alice squirmed in delight "Oh, don't worry! Besides I didn't even get to enjoy you last dance experience" If my childhood was any proof, the endless fashion show fiasco would make even the biggest fashion lover run and hide, but eventually she would find you. "So now we have all this settled, could you please unbutton me, I have to get a head start on homework." With one swift motion she unbuttoned the whole dress and pulled it off. I grabbed my sweats and t-shirt that were lying on my bed. I needed something comfortable to wear for once, besides Alice would never let me wear these in public. She put the dress back into the garment bag, and hung it up in my closet. They both flashed me a smile before darting for the stairs. Alone. Finally. I don't know why I'd wanted to start my homework. Under my understanding, homework was supposed to help your comprehension on the subject, that factor didn’t come in handy with me since I already knew everything he was talking about. Not bad, for my first year in high school, my family thought I’d be bored by the third time. I was done within ten minutes, as usual, rather for another student it would take them an hour to finish a full page of trig homework. I had just started public school this year under my own wish, my family wasn’t as enthusiastic demanding that I was too young and that I wasn't ready, almost like a child going to kindergarden one year early. Its not like they would kick me out because I wasn’t sharing the dolls with the others. When I was younger my father was my teacher. It was really pointless going to school; I already knew everything that I needed too. I skipped a few grades, I’m technically supposed to be in first grade. The only reason I’d insisted going was I wanted to be a normal “teenager”, incorporate myself into the regular social aspect of it. No longer did I want to be the secret member of the Cullen family that only few knew about, I didn't want to hide. Now that my aging had slowed down, I could incorporate myself into society without standing out too much. Although, with one good thing came the opposite. Lying was a major point in the job description. The thought hit me again, every time slightly stronger then the last. Wow, I was graduating in the matter of weeks! It didn't seem that long ago that I’d started and met my new friends. I put the already finished homework in my bag and lay in my bed, looking up to the ceiling. I grabbed the remote on the bedside table and pressed the play button. Music started flowing in the background, one of my favorites; Clair De Lune by Debussy. My parents would play it a lot when I was younger, especially before I went to bed, along with a medley of originally composed pieces by my dad. The soothing melody made my eyes droopy, after a long week of school; I was bound to be tired. Like I’ve always been lately, apparently accompanying my aging slowly coming to its end. Another count down I wasn’t looking forward too.

The sound of my phone woke me up. I opened my eyes; it was jet-black in my room, the only source of light was coming from the stars and moon. I reached over and grabbed my phone, without even looking at the display I knew who it was. “Hey Jake” I said before yawning. “Hey Hun, am I bothering you? You sound like you just woke up?” “Oh, don’t worry about it. So, how’s it going?” “I’m sorry I woke you up, I just needed to talk to you.” “Don’t worry about it, I always do it to you. So what do you need to talk about?” “Well, I hear that prom at Forks High School is soon. And, eh I was wondering if you’re planning on going?” “You hear right. Alice is forcing me to go, you know it works with her. And you know the whole senior year thing, and I think my parents would want me to go.” “Well, would you like an escort? ‘Cause I know a guy…” he started laughing. I started giggling. “Well, yes, I would love that; I’d love to meet this guy” “His name’s Jacob Black, oh wait… I forgot, he’s already taking his beautiful girlfriend to prom. I guess you’ll have to settle for me then.” I sighed “Oh well, I guess I”ll have too” We both started laughing. “So is that a yes?” “No…just kidding. Yes, please be my date before one of those creepy guys at school ask me, I couldn't bare lying to them by telling them I already have a date” “Wait, was creepy guys?” Oh shoot, that whole jealousy thing “Nobody important. Remember, you have to wear a shirt.” I said smugly “Oh come on! It’ll ruin my look. Fine, I’ll do it for you” We must have talked for hours, sometimes we would talk and sometimes we would just stay silent and listen to each other breathing. Easy, simple, natural. It seemed like those three words were the fundamentals of our relationship. “Nessie! We’re home!” I heard my grandfather call from downstairs. “So I guess you gotta go?” he obviously heard him in the background. “You guessed right, sorry. I wish I could keep talking…” he interrupted me again before I could finish “Don’t worry about it, I should get to sleep, I’m ready to pass out. I’ll swing by tomorrow? Okay?” “Sure, sounds good. Bye” I smiled into the phone, already looking forward to his arrival the next day. “Love You” “Love you too” I hung up the phone first, because knowing Jacob; he would be on the phone forever.

I glanced at the clock, it was 11pm already-- I guess time does fly by when your having fun. Time, was something that always went by too fast for me. Time wasn’t a concept for anybody in my family, except for me. I was still trying to grasp the whole forever thing. I got to my feet and raced downstairs to see my family. Almost everybody was in the living room; the only people missing were Emmett and Jasper. Probably somewhere outside practicing fighting skills, it amused them like a two year old with colorful blocks. I scanned the room for everybody. My grandparents were on the couch; Rosalie and Alice were on the floor sitting cross legged watching CNN. There were still two people missing. I heard music coming from the other room, something familiar was playing. I looked again to check that Rosalie was still on the floor, and she was. “Nessie, there you are, I’m sorry if we disturbed you.” Carlisle spoke “No, I wasn’t doing anything, I was just on the phone. How was your little trip” I asked “It was great, lots of good kill” Carlisle answered. “Oh good.” His answer made me thirsty; I hadn’t been out hunting in so long. My family rather I ate human food, it was also a personal choice; I wanted to be as normal as possible. “Where are my parents?” “Edward is in the other room, and you’re mother went back to the cottage to get something, she will be back shortly” Carlisle responded. It was my father that was playing the piano, usually he would have come in to say hi, but he hadn’t, even my mom would have come in the minute they came back. They all looked back to the television, not really interested on what they were watching; I went back to my room. In no rush, I took every step with normal speed. When I reached the top floor, I dragged my feet to my room. I was worn out, so I didn’t even bother changing into my pajamas, besides I was wearing something similar to what I wore to bed. I slipped myself under the thick duvet and curled up into a small ball. I shut my eyes and started drifting into a happy place. The land of dreams. Even though I was sound asleep, I could still feel the presence of my father in my bedroom on the leather chair that he would have approached to my bedside, no doubt keeping me safe. I also knew that he was creeping into my dreams, since my dreams were full of pictures of my mother when she was sleeping, when she was still human. She looked so beautiful, even though she wasn’t a vampire yet. She seemed as ease, so peaceful, relaxed--as if she was escaping her life, her problems and jumping into a new world where things were much better. Millions of pictures flipped threw my mind, some lasting longer then others. Some of happy memories, other of sad moments. Wedding pictures, her last days as a human, all of them passing threw quickly. They were all extremely fascinating to me. Seeing them in pictures compared to real memories were much more delicate, significant and sentimental. All my life I’d been told that I look more like my father, mostly by my family- I had to admit that there was a significant resemblance. My father on the other hand thought I portrayed my

mother more, and now I knew why he thought this. Seeing all these pictures in his eyes, his perspective- it all made much more sense. The pictures stopped, at one in a classroom, I recognized it well as being my biology class at school. My mother was standing at the front of the class, being giving something by the teacher and then being pointed to the seat at the rear of the class, right beside my father. Her gaze questioning, looking away, seeming uncomfortable. Then it went dark and my dreams shifted to something I would dream of. Even though I was well unconscious--I felt the cold, hard lips pressed against my forehead then quickly removed. My father had left the room. Suddenly I felt very vulnerable, unprotected, open to bad dream. My dreams shifted. I was swiftly and effortlessly gliding on the dance floor, lights were flashing, and the music was playing smoothly in the background. The people around me were also twirling around, the girls in beautiful gowns and the guys dressed formally in black tuxedos. I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings; I only paid attention to what was in front of me, staring me right in the eyes. Jacob was there with his hands around my waist, and I had to step on his feet to be able to put my arms around his neck. Nothing else mattered, just him and me. It was magical. I guessed that this was prom, because I recognized many other people dancing around, but also even more familiar faces, my family was there as well. Odd, why would they be at my prom? Oh no, don’t tell me they would have volunteered to chaperone, it sounded like something they would do. I turned to face Jacob again, turning my attention to only him. But suddenly everything started getting blurry, and getting less and less clear. I was waking up soon. No, please don’t end, I begged. Before everything went black, he whispered in my ear “I love you…” before he could finish his sentence, my eyes opened in a flash. The rain and cloud has stayed from the previous day.I pulled myself into a sitting position on my bed. The chair that had probably been pulled up to my bed was in its original place in the corner. I didn’t want to wake up, but the sleepiness was all used up. My closet door was open, and the garment bag was half zipped and looking at me in the eyes, a smile grew on my face. I now was looking forward to prom. I got distracted from the sounds coming from downstairs, or should I say the silence. That was weird, usually there was always some sort of sound downstairs, a footstep of some sort or the clicking of the remote control, or even the quiet flips of the pages of a novel. However this morning it was replaced by dead silence. I quickly got to my feet, something was up, and I was getting worried. I raced downstairs to find that nobody at all was there. What? Well, this was really freaky; they rarely left me at home alone. I went to the kitchen to find a note or indicator on where they went and found a small piece of paper on the granite counter; I picked up the tiny piece of paper in my hands and started reading.

Renesmee We will be out for the day, please call us if you need us for anything at all. Love you more then the world itself Dad
Wow, that was overly vague, definitely not like my father. He would right paragraphs of information if he left. I scrunched the letter in my fist and threw it into the garbage. I was getting suspicious, but I did not want to get too paranoid. I settled myself into the couch, and reached for the remote that was on the end-table. I flipped through the channels as fast as Rosalie did. Although we had hundreds of channels, I could not find one single particularly interesting program. I settled for CNN, the usual around here, I always seemed to be on whenever I passed by. There wasn’t much interesting events on the news, just old people discussing politics, one of the subjects that I disliked the most. I read the scrolling words on the bottom, informing the public on the continuing attacks in Washington State. I tried to follow the conversation, but couldn’t because it was mind-numbing and pointless. I turned my head when I heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. Jacob; finally He has saved me from my sever case of nothing to do. I got up to answer the door before he got there; by now he was used to not knocking or ringing the bell because somebody was always there to answer or he would just walk in himself. The bike was getting louder and louder, that meant closer and closer. I passed by the mirror to check myself out, not a hair strand out of place, and no raccoon eyes. Perfect. I held my hand out to open the door, I twisted the knob and the door flung open. The cool breeze hit me, and I shivered slightly. Jake was just stepping off his bike and taking off his helmet. My mother and I had convinced him to wear a helmet; I would never want him to get hurt. He agreed but he reassured me that he could never get hurt, one of the perks of being a werewolf. He set the helmet on the seat and ran to the door. In one swift motion he picked me up in his arms and bear hugged me. His hold on me was something that nobody could ever pull apart, not even my father or Emmett. He put me back on my feet and kissed me gently on my forehead. “Hi Jake, you’re early” I asked thinking about what time it was. “Silly, it’s twelve. Where have you been?” he laughed It was already twelve! I guess I had been sleeping for longer then I though. I think he saw that I was shivering a little, so he took my hand in his, one of the perks of having a werewolf boyfriend, you were never cold. Holding his hand was the most natural act for me, holding a vampires hand was too cold for comfort, a humans was in between. Holding Jacobs hand was like a human holding another human, except we’re both over a hundred degrees, well was.

Since my latest discovery, I was using him more as a source for heat then comfort. He dragged me into the house; today he put effort into wearing a shirt and shoes, and a regular pair of dark wash jeans. I hoped that was a good sign, maybe he wouldn't need to phase today. He led me to the couch, and sat on the couch and pulled me on his lap. I curled up into a half ball and set my head on his shoulder. “So where’s the fam? It’s real quiet around here.” He murmured after he looked around the room. I didn’t know how to answer the question because I myself didn’t know the answer. “To be honest, I have no idea. They left a very vague note, there out somewhere, I don’t know where though.” I replied “Weird, don’t they usually give more of an explanation? Plus, they never leave you alone… ever” “Yeah, I know. I’m getting a little worried…” “Don’t worry bout it, I’m here.” He pressed his lips on my forehead again. What was up with that, why wasn’t he kissing me on the lips? This was also weird, was I still dreaming. I pinched my arm just to make sure. He looked at me pinching myself and I could see that he was hiding an outburst of laughter. We continued to watch TV I let Jacob chose something to watch. To my surprise he found a , movie, the original Romeo & Juliet movie. Apparently this one was better then the remake; we had seen the remake in English class at the beginning of the year, and I never bothered to watch the original. I loved the character of Romeo, and I felt like Juliet. Madly in love with her soul mate. So was I. I had found my Romeo, and I would never have to find anybody else, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. This reminded me of something my father had said when I asked him a question about Romeo & Juliet when we were studying it in class. But the words didn’t come to me, something about “I’ll never doubt Romeo” or something weird like that. We approached the ending of the movie, when Juliet finds her lover dead beside her, and stabs herself with his dagger. I could feel Jacobs’s arms tightening around me, I looked up and I could see the pain in his eyes. I could only imagine what was going through his head, or the pain that he was feeling. If that ever happened…I think I would do the same thing, so would he. I couldn’t even think about it. I touched his face with my palm and though about me telling him love you too last night. I didn’t use this ability often anymore, because I wasn’t as shy anymore. Although it came in handy when I wanted to show somebody a certain emotion when it was hard to express in words. He looked down to my face and responded “Love you more” with a smile on his face, but I could still see the pain in his eyes. It was the way I could have pictured Jacob’s pain when he saw my mother and father being all lovey-dovey before I was born. He had told me many stories about him and my mom, on how much fun they had when on what he called his second happiest period of time in his life. The first of course was when he first saw me, when I was just born, when he imprinted. The second was with my mom, although she on the other hand was going threw the worst time of her life. Although she became best-friends with Jacob,

there was something else that had passed, but she never talked about it, neither did anybody else; it was like it was taboo. When the credits started, Jacob reached for the remote and turned off the TV . “So watcha wanna do?” he asked “I don’t know, anything really.” I said with an open mind “Hmm. Wanna go on a bike ride?” he added a guilty grin at the end and raised his eyebrows. “Are you serious? Do you actually think my dad would allow me on that death machine. Like don’t get me wrong or anything I’d love too but…” he interrupted me before I could finish. “But what, your dad isn’t here, nor is the rest of your fam. Listen, he knows that I would never hurt you.” “But…” “No buts were going. Go get dressed missy.” There was no arguing with Jacob, he could persuade me to do anything. I was too much of a push over. I got to my feet and ran up stairs. He was upstairs with me a second after I was. I directed myself to the humongous closet; the garment bag was still there, I ran to zip it up before he could see it. I wanted it to be a surprise. I was acting like a bride that was too preoccupied by myths on how the groom seeing the wedding dress was bad luck. He was behind me in an instant. “What’s the rush?” he asked. “Oh you know, just excited.” I said nervously He laughed at my lame excuse. I scanned the hooks and racks of clothes, gosh were had Alice hidden all my sweats and jeans? I flipped through the drawers were I finally found normal clothes. Jacob was scanning through the clothes too; he walked to a rack that held some of Alice’s more risqué clothes. He picked up one of the dresses made completely from silk and lace. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was something you wore to an event or to bed? “How about you wear this, and scratch the bike ride…” he laughed at his remarks. I still couldn’t believe Alice had clothes like this hidden in my closet, if my father found out about this he would have a heart attack, and it’s hardly impossible to give a vampire at heart attack. “Ha-ha. Very funny, you know sometimes you can be really disgusting” accompanying my comment I rolled my eyes. When I picked out a pair of jeans and shirt, I went behind the divider and stripped down into my underwear. When I was dressed I went to the shoe rack and tried to find something preferably with no heals. With luck I succeeded, there was a pair of sneakers hidden at the back. I laced them up in seconds and headed out of the closet. Jake caught up with me; he reached for my hand, and I could feel the warmth of his skin again. My comfortable. When we got outside he lifted me on his bike, and put his helmet on me. Once it was in place, he flashed a wide smile showing off his beautiful teeth. “You look even more beautiful with that on!” he still smiled.

I rolled my eyes, not really sure if he could see it or not. He hopped on the front and laid his hands on the handle bars. I wound my arms around his waist tightly, and made sure that I had a tight hold. Even though I should have been scared, I wasn’t. Because I was with Jacob and I knew that he wouldn’t never ever let anything hurt me, not even a spider. The bike started roaring to life, and kicked to life. I closed my eyes for an instant, not really sure what to expect, but it was like I was running. We drove around town, everywhere; passing by grandpa Charlie’s house. We passed the local outdoor sporting outlet, the lodge, Forks High School almost everywhere. I kept an eye out for my family, because if they ever saw me on this, I would surely be in trouble; not that I really cared. We went up to La Push and passed the little red house, and drove to La Push beach. He stationed his bike in front of the first beach; this was the usual hang-out. He helped me off the bike, even though I didn’t really needed it. He pulled the helmet off my head, and I shook my hair, letting the long curls fall. “Now I can see your beautiful eyes!” he said with a grin. He always loved my eyes; he said it reminded him of my mom. Everything I did remembered him of my mom. He said I was very much like her. I’d heard that once of twice. He took my hand and led me to the beach, once we got to the fallen dead tree he sat me down beside him and wound his arm around my shoulder. I closed my eyes taking in the moment. I still remember the first time he brought me here. I was so shy at the time; I didn’t talk out loud a lot. He brought me when I was just a couple months old. It was just him and I, on the beach playing silly games. At the time, I though of him as a big brother; a protector. I would communicate with him by touching his face and showed him what I wanted to tell him. We would carry on whole conversations with this. I will always remember the times I spent with Jacob, all of them. The most pertinent memory was when he took me year just a two months ago when he told me that he’d imprinted on me and was in love with me. I kept my eyes closed just thinking about everything that had passed by in the last six years. First when I was only a couple months old, the Volturi came for me. This was probably the most frightening time of my life, and I remember every single minute of it. The moment when Alice and Jasper left was the turning point for me, I knew something was wrong and I instantly felt a wave of guilt that it was all my fault. Then when I had to show every one of our witnesses that I was indeed what my father was describing me as. Certainly the last things my mother had told me before they came. Those words were permanently carved into my brain, the thought that I’d need to leave her and everybody to never see them again was my worst nightmare. But thankfully my “gift” was in use, and I was able to convince them that I was not an “immortal child” and that I was not putting people in danger. In the end it all

turned out well, but I still await the day that they will come back and change their minds, and end my life. Most of my memories included Jacob; he had been my life ever since I was born. I had too many to mention. My first day of high school nine months ago, even my memories from being inside my mother. Most people don’t remember anything from there life as toddlers or baby’s yet alone being a fetus. I was a freak, I didn’t care what the rest of the family said. “You’re special” No I wasn’t, I was a freak! What explained me growing up so fast, or how I was able to communicate with people with the use of my thoughts and touch? Yet the truly freaky think about me, the roots of all of this, was based on me being half-human, half-vampire. Even if they don’t remember clearly their own human lives, I was the only one in my whole family that hasn’t lived a fully human life, I was born like this. I was half-half, and I would never experience the fullness of either being human or vampire. “I’m such a freak” I whispered under my breath, forgetting that Jacob right beside me. “What?” You’re not a freak” he replied in astonishment Great, he thought so too. “Don’t say that! Yes I am. My “gifts”- I made the quotation marks with my fingers- and my growth. Everything about me screams…freak.” I was rushing the words out so fast that I stopped to breath. “Okay, you’re a freak. But you’re my little freak. Besides, how can you explain me? My highly odd temperature, how I shot up in size so fast, oh and how can we forget the little fact that I turn into a wolf?” I still had a frown on my face, but he did make me feel a little better. I thought about it for a long moment and came to a conclusion. “So…I guess were a freak couple?” I asked doubtfully “Exactly, that’s what we are. Were the freak couple, but I love it!” he pressed his lips to my forehead again; I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I tilted my head backwards, so that his lips would slip to mine. When he released his lips I leaned myself on him, and watched the ocean and the horizon. Suddenly, the thought that I was dreading came back to me. For months I had been dreading this, I wasn’t ready to face the music. I tried to scan through my mental calendar. Okay, in a week was prom; in two weeks was graduation, and about twelve weeks until my birthday. My sixth birthday. The one year countdown would start to the end of my aging. I would permanently stay like this forever. I couldn’t even think about it. I didn’t want to. We spent the rest of the time on the beach, walking or just sitting side by side, enveloped in his arms staring into the distance and into each others eyes. It was nice; it felt like I could do this for the rest of my life, eternity. It was past 4 o’clock when the rain picked up heavily, replacing the light afternoon drizzle.

We started riding back to my place. The wind blowing in my face was comforting, I felt free, free to do anything I wanted to. Jacob brought a new person to me every time I was with him, and this was definitely my alter ego talking. Jacob would definitely have to teach me how to ride one of these; I think he had an extra one around his house. When we got to my house, he helped me off the large bike once again, and walked me to the door. “I should get going, Sam wanted us to meet up tonight for a pack meeting. They’re not back yet, are you sure you’re going to be okay?” “I’m not a baby Jake, I’ll be fine. Promise. Love you” I pressed my lips on his cheek and kissed him. “Love you too, I’ll call you later” he started walking slowly to his bike, backwards so he could see me. His helmet was slipped on his head, and I couldn’t tell his expression, probably pain. His pain, made me feel pain, but I hid it so he wouldn’t come back, he had to go, it was his duty. When the bike roared to life and raced down the drive, and I was sure it turned the corner to the freeway I went back inside. My heart felt open; every time he left I had the same empty feeling inside. Like everything spilled on the floor and I had to pick everything up, piece by piece. Jacob was right, nobody was here yet, and they hadn’t been back either. I was becoming extremely curious and worried, they’d never left me alone for this long, unless my father had told Jacob to come over and keep an eye on me? That sounded like something he would do, he had done it before. I walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat, I grabbed an apple from the fridge and took a bite out of it. I walked to the table were the phone was held and picked it up. I dialed my dad’s cell phone number. No answer. How odd; my father always answered his phone. I dialed the next number in my mental phonebook. “Renesmee” the voice answered, Carlisle’s voice. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he asked quickly, I could distinguish panic in his voice. “No, I’m fine. Where are you?” I asked trying to be relax “Were on out way back home right now, well be back in twenty minutes.” In the background I could hear people discussing seriously, maybe Jasper and Emmett. “Okay, I guess I’ll see you soon” I mumbled “See you soon sweetheart.” He added before the phone went dead “Bye…” I whispered into the phone, knowing that nobody would hear it. I walked to the couch slowly and sunk into the couch, and deeply sighed. I planned a strategy to keep the whole motorcycle thing kept away. I was good at it now; I had around six years of experience keeping my thoughts locked away when I wanted too. I looked down to my hand, around my wrist was the charm bracelet that Jacob had hand made me for my first Christmas. I had never taken it off. Charm bracelets were the Quileute equivalent to promise rings. I had also gotten a heart shaped locket from my mother with the words “Plus que ma propre vie” and later a picture of me and my parents was added. Those two special items I’d never taken off, and I never would; for the rest of eternity.

I just sat on the couch, playing with the charm bracelet and silently signing to myself. I could hear the light purring of Carlisle car pulling into the drive, I glanced at the clock to see that it had been exactly twenty minutes. The doors all opened and closed at the same time, almost synchronized. Within the same instant six people walked into the house. Carlisle and Esme, my mom, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie stepped in with uneasy looks on each other their faces, but as soon as they saw me notice they changed at one, faking smiles. It would be easier just to let it go, it was useless to get an peep out of what was wrong. My mom leeped forward quickly and came to sit beside me and put her arm around my shoulder and I lay my head against her shoulder. “I missed you baby girl, I’m sorry we left without saying much” she softly mumbled and kissed my cheek. I simply nodded. Alice came to sit on the other side of me; she laid her hand on my lap. The guys walked to the other room discussing something silently, they spoke so quietly that my weaker ears couldn't make out anything they were saying. Rosalie sat on the floor in front of us. I scanned the room again, noticing once again that my dad was missing. It was driving me crazy with worry; it had been almost two days since I had seen him. The paranoia was making me agitated, I felt my mothers grip tighten on me. “Where’s daddy?” I mumbled under my breath “He’s still out, don’t worry sweetie, you’ll see him soon enough” my mothers soothing voice reassured me although I wondered how long ‘soon enough’ was. “Were going to have a slumber party!” Alice said enthusiastically “Girls night!” Rosalie added, not with as much excitement. “Where are the guys going to be?” I asked They all looked at each other, like I had said something bad. “They will be going out of town. Your father has already left” Esme replied to my question. He had already left? I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye. I could hear the boys upstairs packing some essentials. I didn’t really want to think about what they were going to be doing out of town, the thought sent chills down my spine. Obviously it wasn't for the purpose of hunting. Alice was going on and on about what we would do tonight “We’ll all give each other manicures and pedicures, and well watch movies and do anything that you want Nessie!” except sleep of course, I added to myself. Rosalie flicked the TV on, just as the boys were coming downstairs heading for the garage. The girls got up and walked to there mates, and embraced them for a quick minute. Emmett came to block my view of the television and picked me off the couch and bear hugged me at a point that I could almost not breath, somewhat like Jacob did when he hugged me. “Can’t...breath…” I struggled

He sat me down on my feet “Oops, sorry. Forgot. I’ll see you soon kiddo.” He patted me on the shoulder and darted for the garage door. Jasper patted my shoulder; he wasn’t a real hug person. Carlisle came next, hugging me tightly and kissed me on my forehead. I heard the light purr of Carlisles car again in the drive and speed to life as it raced down the freeway. I sat down on the couch to my original spot and gazed at the moving television images. Blurring as I caught a tear in the corner of my eye, I quickly wiped it away with my thumb.

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