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23/12/2010 11:23
shivmohan purohit

Oracle R12 – Some good Question on

Supplier – Bank Setups

 1. Navigate to Suppliers -> Entry.

Where is Supplier Bank Information Stored in 2. Query or create your supplier.
Release 12? 3. Click on Banking Details and then choose Create.

The supplier bank account information is in the After you have created the bank account, you can
table: IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS, the bank and assign the bank account to the supplier site.
bank branches information is in the table: HZ_PAR-
TIES. How do you import Supplier Bank Accounts du-
ring Supplier and Supplier Site Open Interface?
The bank branch number can be found in the table:
HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES After the Supplier or Supplier Site is validated and
a rows entered in the various AP and HZ tables, a
The HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES table stores a Payee is created in IBY (the new Payments applica-
variety of information about a party. This table gets tion) for the Supplier or Supplier Site.
populated when a party of the Organization type is
created. This table also contains data retrieved from If the Payee is successfully created, we then check
Dun & Bradstreet using either the Dun & Bradstreet to see if there are any corresponding rows in
online or batch download methods. Historical data IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS. If there are, we call
for the organization can also be stored in this table. an IBY API to create the Bank Account and associate
Each time organization information is changed, the it with the Payee.
effective end date column for the original record is
updated and a new record that contains the updated So to import supplier bank accounts during Supplier
information is created. and Supplier Site Open Interface, you can populate
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The column name is BANK_OR_BRANCH_NUMBER
VARCHAR2 (30) Stores bank number for banks and A row in IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS is said to be
branch number for bank branches, primarily ABA associated with the Supplier or Supplier Site if the
number for US bank branches. column IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS.calling_app_
unique_ref1 is equal to either AP_SUPPLIERS_INT.
Where are Supplier (External) Bank Accounts vendor_interface_id for Suppliers or  IBY_TEMP_
Created? EXT_BANK_ACCTS.calling_app_unique_ref2 is equal
to AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT.vendor_site_interface_
In R12, Internal bank accounts are now created in id for Supplier Sites.

Cash Management (Setup -> Banks).  Where are

Supplier (or External) bank accounts created? The bank and bank branch referenced in IBY_TEMP_
EXT_BANK_ACCTS must already exist in the system. 
Supplier (or External) bank accounts are created There is no functionality in the Bank Account Import
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in Payables, in the Supplier  Entry forms.  In the to create the bank and/or bank branch. This func-
Payables Manager responsibility: tionality associates the new supplier to an existing
bank and/or bank branch.

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23/12/2010 11:23

Oracle R12 – Some good Question on Supplier – Bank Setups

How to enable the Supplier bank Account

default to the Payment Schedules tab

A review of the current code, underlying in ibydiscb.

pls ie IBY_DISBURSEMENT_COMP_PUB, depicts that
the Supplier bank Account defaults to the Payment
Schedules tab in the remit to bank Account only
if any of the below mentioned two conditions are
1. The Supplier bank Account has no currency as-
sociated to it
2. The currency code associated to the Supplier Bank
Account is the same as the Payment Currency
at the Invoice level

How to Query the Bank Account at the Supplier

Site Level in SQL

R12 a Supplier Site is stored, in TCA, as a Party_Site.

The Party Site has the Party ID of the Party that
represents the Supplier record.
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(SELECT party_id
FROM hz_party_sites
WHERE party_site_name = ‘<site name>’))
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