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DIDERGRGRDA DENOGH OP GENS LEVER APHIL VE GEEIET + even Dear / Respected, Kendra well wishers, Vanakkam. Greetings from VKRDP. Due to COVID-19 Corona Pandamic whole world went to be reffered with inactive from 2020 April onwards. In VK RDP, percept a few activities all other activities are not performed. wr Rural areas Medical Centers, Tailoring units, Anna poojas and reliefwork activities report is being submitted for your kind information. With regards, Yours Sincerely, @ .s S . Pagpeerer™ é z (S.Ayyappan) Co 4 ° oe eye Service activities Through 75 Creches, 2060 rural Children are admitted. August month onwards provitions with rice supplied to every mother of the child in all the villages children. Creche - Palayampatti Virudhunagar Creche - Karuvantha Creche - Chekkrakudi Nellai district Thoothukudi district 5 tailoring units are functioning well in Nellai district with the total ca eal pranse aaalaay attendance of 65. In our Medicare Programme, 6457 patients were examined and treated for various common ailments through 14 Rural Medical Centers in Kanyakumari,Nellai and Thoothukudi districts. Adopt a grany distributions of rice & provitions al Thoothukudi office Under ‘Adopt a Granny scheme’, 27 destitutes| sik UE eT and old people were provided with monthly . solatiums, in the form of tice, dhalil,etc., for their livelihood and 118 persons were provided with rice only in five Southern districts of Tamilnadu. ose i. us e_ege Cultural activities Krishna Jeyanthi Day conducted at 30 balwadi villages in five districts where 1018. persons attended. Yoga Varga has been conducted at 2 places in Aruppukottai and Kovilpatti where 26 persons attended. Under Amrita Surabhi Scheme, our Kendra workers collected 1168 Kgs of rice from Southern five districts. 618 Vivckavani Subscriptions collected includes 611 annual, 2 two years,2 three years and 3 life and one Patron. Games in Cultural class - Puthalam In 31 Sanskara Vargas, 900 students participated. = The students were taught about the values of Indian t Culture through games,lectures & lessons. The feelings of oneness were strengthened among the participants, through patriotic songs and games. Monthly Deepa Pooja Monthly Deepa poojas were organized in 21 village temples in five districts of Southern Tamilnadu, in which 489 ladies participated and offered prayers for the welfare of the self, family and the society. On 4th July 2020 Swami Vivekanandar Maha samathi day was observed with Anna Pooja at Kanyakumari. In that function nearly 80 persons 22,634 kg. rice collected in Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts. VKRDP and campus workers participated in this programme. Anna Pooja at Kanyakumari On 11th August Krishna Jeyanthi day & Anna Pooja celebrated in a grand mannar at Bharathi Tution Center sankarankovil . All local well wishers participated. Nearly 60 persons persons attended the pooja and all were served with prasatham.Sri Sekar (Veda Enterprises), Sri Velmurugan (Bharath Tution Center) organised the programme. 2300 kg rice collected. Ann Pooja at Sankarankovil Kendra Varga conducted in Kovilpatti and Aruppukottai and 23 persons participated . Through various branch centers, including Thoothukudi A.O. and book stalls, literature} books were sold for Rs.1,38,515/- On 15.08.2020 Independence day was celebrated in 23 Balwadis and nearly 482 people articipated. Partictp Riadhssbmeilincenaaiena Thoothukudi district RELIEF Programme Assistance provided provisions, rice for COVID 19 in Nellai, {Ff Thoothukudi, Tenkasi districts in 6 places and 80 persons benifitted. In Shencottah, Courtallam area from April to August food products distributed to nearly 30 persons daily. Provitions, Vegetables, rice an | Kabasurakaudineer cistibuted 69 Gistjputed to deserving people in Food pockets distributed the people at Vallioor VX office. Muthalalikudieruppu, Tenkasi district to Virudhunagar district ‘Kabasurakudineer’ distributed to ; lif Ne Inspiring Incidents Janakipushpam — Vallioor — Tirunelveli district 1008 Deepa Pooja was held on 17.02.2019 in Arulmigu Subramania Swami Temple, Vallioor. Sivagami Amma is conducting Deepa Pooja in that temple every month. When I approached her for issuing the tokens she was suffering from severe leg pain and she couldn’t stand or sit. Besides her struggle she got 25 tokens and came for the pooja with 25 ladies. She participated as ever and sang the songs standing near the wall for support. I was impressed by her will power and service mindedness. Srimathi - Kannambivilai — Kanyakumari district Kavitha was a student in our Creche in 1997. Now she raised to the level of Sub- collector. Before the UPSC Exam her father came to me and asked me to pray for her. When she was selected he came with sweets and expressed his happiness and gratitude. His remembrance and faith in us had impressed me a lot. Reginal — Mangavilai — Kanyakumari district attended the Padha Pooja held in Mangavilai Creche. 35 kids and parents participated. Sister Leela chanting the Mantra followed by the parents, the kids did Padha Pooja to their parents with love and dedication. It was a grand celebration and the parent’s eyes were filled with emotional tears. A 2 %4 year old boy ran towards their grandparents standing aside and did padha pooja to them also. The real Gods and I was much impressed by that event Inspiring Incidents Sankaravadivu — Chekkarakudi — II — Thoothukudi district While I was issuing the notice for the free eye camp to be held in our Creche I met Thiru. Kaliappan an aged person longing for cataract surgery. His son scolded him and insulted him on his request for surgery. I had assured him that I would arrange for his eye treatment through our camp. On the day of the camp he promptly came by 8 A.M. and everything went on well for him. Now he is blessed with good sight. He expressed his love and gratitude to me. This incident touched my heart. Subbulakshmi — K.Thangammalpuram — Thoothukudi district I was on sick leave for one month and returned back to the Creche. All the kids ran to me and expressed their delight of seeing me. They told me about the Jeyanthi Vizha celebrated in my absence. Each one enacted what they had staged on that day. I couldn’t control myself and tears rolled down on seeing the love and affection shown by the kids. After going home they insisted their parents to come and see me with fruits. Really I was thrilled and impressed of serving for Kendra. Tamilselvi — Thoothukudi — Thoothukudi district On 06.02.2019 I went for Book sales in A.M.M. Chinnamani Nadar Hr. Sec. School, Ganeshnagar, Thoothukudi. When the teachers come with their class students I asked them to go through Vivekavani Journal and subscribe for if they like. On hearing this one boy purchased one journal and come with 75 for one month subscription. His friend informed that his parents were Christians and he wanted to be a Hindu. His father had accepted to subscribe for Vivekavani. His magnanimity impressed me a lot. G.Krishnammal — Kanyakumari district On 01.02.2019 to 02.02.2019 Sitharal N.M. Vidya Kendra CBSC Mat. School conducted Science Exhibition Book Exhibition. The correspondent of that School had invited us to bring books for sales from Kendra. Myself and sister C.Selvi went there with books worth Rs.20, 000/- But the sales was so dull and I asked them for two more days. They had agreed. At that time a teacher come and asked me to come to the stage for honoring me. Unable to deny I went with him. All the people on the stage were great personalities except me. But the correspondent honored me as others and praised my service in Kendra. My eyes filled with tears and I dedicated everything to Vivekananda Kendra which was responsible for those credits. N.Vasanthi — Vallioor — Tirunelveli district I was collecting donation for the Deepa Pooja to be conducted on 17.02.2019. I approached the well-wisher Tmt. Lakshmi Nagarajan and she gave me her donation. T asked her whether she could bear the expenses for the Meals to be arranged for Kendra service workers. She thinks for a while. But her daughter Uma comes forward to bear it. She asked me the amount and I thought of Janaki akka’s saying, “When we move one foot towards God, He comes 100 feet towards us”. Ure