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The following text is for questions 6 to 10. B.

The victims of the accident tried hard to save their

In December 1984, there was an explosion at the lives.
Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India. The disaster that C.The victims of the explosion were children and
followed the accident shocked the whole world. It was elderly people.
the worst industrial accident in the world. D.Many people in Bhopal suffered from lung injury.
. Most of 750,000 people living in Bhopal were asleep 10. Based on the text, we can conclude that poor
when the accident occurred. Many of them never woke people dropped on the way to the town because
up. A thick cloud of gas spread over the whole city. The
chemical gas affected the breathing of the people and A.they gasped for breath
about 3,500 people died, but more than 50,000 people B.they were affected by the poisonous gas
were seriously injured. Many of them suffered from lung C.they didn't have any cars
injury to their eyes, some even lost their eyesight. Most D.they weni wn on foot
of the casualties were children and elderly people.
For thousands of people in Bhopal, that night was The following text is for questions 11 and 12.
like any other night. But a little after midnight, the To : Cc
poisonous gas slowly leaked into the atmosphere. Subject : Birthday
Hundreds of people woke up from their sleep coughing
and vomiting. Others woke up with eyes watering and Dear Erika,
some were temporarily blinded. Many people tried to Next May 27 is Azuchi's birthday. My husband
escape from the poisonous clouds by getting out of and I are planning to celebrate it with a small party
town. They tried to get any kind of vehicle to get out of with kids in an orphanage. We want to share
the town to save their lives. Hundreds of poor people happiness and care with others who need it the
tried to flee to the town on foot but many of them most. The orphanage we plan to visit is Mekar Sari
dropped on the way. Orphanage which is located in Serpong,
6.What is the text about? Tangerang, Banten.
A.People living in Bhopal. Besides celebrating Azuchi's birthday, we also
B.The Union Carbide factory in Bhopal. plan to give donation to the orphanage. We are
C.The poisonous gas at the Union Carbide factory. going to give clothes, toys, rice, cooking oil,
D.An explosion at the Union Carbide factory in child/baby milk. I think you may like to give donation
Bhopal, India. too! So please contact me soon if you have decided
7."Hundreds of poor people tried to flee to the town to do so.
on foot..." (Paragraph 3) Lov
The underlined word means .... e, away C. move in Ang
B.jump over D. crawl into el
8.Why did the victims of the accident in Bhopal
11.Who needs the happiness and care most according
suffer from lung injury?
to Angel?
A.Because the chemical gas from the explosion
affected their breathing.
B.Because the accident happened in the middle of
the night.
D.Angel's friends.
C.Because they tried hard to escape to save their
lives. 12.What does Angel ask Erika to do?
D.Because they ran fast out of the town. A.Celebrate her son's birthday.
B.Join givfng donation to the orphanage.
9.What is the main idea of paragraph three?
C.Plan a birthday party for Azuchi.
A.The accident in Bhopal shocked the world.
D.Visit Mekar Sari Orphanage.
The following text is for questions 13 and 14.
Baked Lays Chips
Nutritional Information
Serving Size 1 bag (1.125 oz)

Calories 130 Protein 2g

Carbohydrates 26 g Fat
Calories from Fat 12 % Cholesterol 0 mg
Vitamin C 1 mg Calcium 40 mg
Iron 0 mg Sodium 170 mg
Source: 16th November 2006 < nutritionJnfo.asp?item=1127>
— ~
Bahasa inggris SMP/MTs
U ji a n N a s io n a l
S M P /M T s

Pilihlah i
jawaban yang
benar The
following text u
is for question
1. a
1. What does the notice
above mean? c
A.Smokers have to o
make the environment u
clean. l
B.People must design a d
smoking area for n
smokers. '
C.Smokers have to t
smoke in a certain area.
D.We should create a b
smoking area for e

smokers. h
The following
text is for p
question 2. To e

u Congratul
d On your achievement as
i the best participant in the
d story telling contest for
the Junior High School line broke. So they had no
level for the year 2010! more fish until something
very strange happened.
Some sharks came to feed,
and the fish under the raft
2. Elena congratulates
were afraid and came to the
Andre because h e . . . .
surface. Bill caught them with
A.aehieves a better way
B.becomes the best
About twenty ships
participant in the contest
passed them, but no one saw good at telling a
them. After fifty days at sea,
their life-raft was beginning to
D.has tried his best to
break up. Then suddenly it
tell a story
The following text is for was all over. A fishing boat
questions 3 to 5. saw them and picked them
A up. They couldn't stand up^
Co so the captain carried them
up onto his boat and took them
le to Costa Rica. Their two
W months at sea was over.
ho 3.Bill and Simone got to the
Su seas of Central
rvi America b y . . . .
ve A.ship
d C. yacht
an boat
A D. life-raft
m 4.The second paragraph tells
azi us a b o u t . . . .
ng A.the reason why the
66 yacht sank
Da B.the way how Bill and
ys Simone Butler survived
at C.the reason why the
Se whales hit the boat
a D.the life-raft for sailing
A couple from Miami, Bill 5.How long were Bill and
and Simone Butler, spent Simone in the seas of
sixty-six days in a life raft in Central America?
the seas of Central America A.66 days.
after their yacht sank. They C. 20 days.
survived in a very good B.21 days.
condition. D. 10 days.
Twenty-one days after
they left Panama in their
yacht, named Siboney, they
met some whales which
started to hit the side of the
yacht. Then suddenly they
heard water. Two minutes
later, the boat was sinking.
They jumped into the life-raft
and watched the yacht go
under the water.
For twenty days they
lived with tins of food, biscuits
and bottles of water. They
also had a fishing-line and a
machine to make salt water
into drinking water, two things
which saved their lives.They
caught eight to ten fish a day
and ate them raw. Then the
C. Adnan Abu Hassan, a
1. famous Malaysian music
composer. He helped her
with her vocal performance
and she won the contest.
Siti Nurhaliza was
granted a contract with Suria
Records and in 1996 she
released her first-titled album,
A.0,04 g. Siti Nurhaliza. After the
B.0,4 g. release of her first album, Siti
C.4 g. became a well known figure
D.40 g. in Malay pop culture.

14.Which of the following 15.The text above tells us

statements is NOT about....
TRUE according to the A.the fifth child in the
text? family of eight siblings
A.The food contains B.a Malaysian traditional
Vitamin C. singer
B.The food contains C.a Malaysian pop
zero cholesterol. singer and song writer
C.The food contains D.the most successful
more calcium than Malaysian
protein, 16.At what age did Siti
D.There are no fiber and Nurhaliza show her
iron in the food. talent in singing?
The following text is for A.6 C. 13
questions 15 to 18. B.12 D. 16
Siti Nurhaliza is a 17.What does the second
Malaysian pop singer and paragraph tell us about?
song writer. She was bom on A.Siti Nurhaliza released
11 th January 1979 in Berek her first album.
Polis Kg. Awah, Temerloh as B.Siti Nurhaliza started
the fifth child in the family of her career in
eight siblings. Right now she singing from early
is the most successful childhood.
Malaysian singer. Siti's family C.Siti Nurhaliza won a
members are music lovers; singing contest.
her grandfather was a D.Siti Nurhaliza met
famous violinist while her Adnan Abu Hassan
mother was a famous local for the first time.
traditional singer.
18."Here, she showed her
Siti Nurhaliza attended
early singing talent
preschool at the Sekolah
(Paragraph 2)
Tabika Perkep, Balai Polis
Kampung Awah, Temerloh. The underlined word
Here, she showed her early refers t o . . . .
singing talent at the age of A.the Sekolah Tabika
six when she sang "Sirih Perkep, Balai Polis
Pinang", a Malay traditional Kampung Awah,
song at her kindergarten's Temerloh
end of year event. Siti had wedding
also won a singing contest ceremonies and dinner
when she was twelve years parties
old. She sang a patriotic song C.the 1995 RTM Juara
in the event. At the age of 13, Bintang Competition
she started her career by D.Berek Polis Kg. Awah,
performing in wedding Temerloh
ceremonies and dinner The following text is for
parties. The local community questions 19 to 21.
loved her performance. At 16, Located just 60 km from
she competed in the 1995 Malaysian's capital city,
RTM Juara Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson -
Competition where she met "PD" - as it is known to
everyone - is the nearest Dickson beaches
place to find sandy beaches D.historical buildings of
and five star beach resorts. Port Dickson
The public beaches for 20.Tourists can get the
everyone in Port Dickson are information of the
Teluk Kemang and the Blue history of the army
Lagon where people can in ....
enjoy the waters of the Strait A.the Port Dickson Fest
of Malacca in peace. They B.the International Port
have been visited by many Dickson Ironman
tourists and local people. Triathlon
Besides beaches, there C.the Malaysian Army
are several other attractions Museum
in Port Dickinson; the Port D.the Malakan Sultanate
Dickson Fest and the building
International Port Dickson
21."They have been visited
Ironman Triathlon. Those
by many t o u r i s t s . . . "
who are looking for a touch
(Paragraph 1)
of history can visit the
The underlined word
Malaysian Army Museum
refers t o . . . .
near the Port Dickson town
A.the capital city and
that shows the history of the
Port Dickson
army from the Malakan
B.Teluk Kemang and the
Sultanate to the current
Blue Lagon
C.the Port Dickson Fest
19.The text tells us and the
about.... International
A.tourist attractions in Triathlon
Port Dickson D.the Malaysian Army
B.the beaches in Port museum and the
Dickson Malakan Sultanate
C.tourist activities in Port

_________________________ ate
d at
. - - -
The ngu
text is for n^u
question 22. su
•Dear <Ratna,
On the 12th art
Septem6er a,
'Mr. wh
J^chmad^ar ere
mawan was he
hit 6y a car pas
whik riding sed
on his bike. aw
He suffered ay
from head on
injuries and- 16t
was in a h
coma. 9Ar. Sep
Jichmad'Dar tem
mawan was 6er.
Our thoughts Wa
are with kat
<Ro6 and obi
his family.
Cjod witf
give them of
strength the
toface it. Ba
<ECiza Se
22. What Wa
happene kat
d to Mr. obi
Achmad Div
Darmaw e
an after Re
the car sort
hit him? s
A.He went has
to RS bec
Cipto om
Mangunku e
sumo. one
B.He of
passed the
away a pre
few mie
moment re
later. divi
C.He had ng
head des
injuries tina
and was in tion
a coma. s in
D.He was the
treated at wor
home by ld.
his family. Th
The e
following bea
text is for
questions 23 utif
and 24. ul
Wakatobi Dive Resort ort
Indonesia Come along for this is
truly memorable dive buil
adventure to Indonesia. t
a dire
Located in e,
Onemobaa, wit
a beautiful h
tropical all
island in the bun
remote and gal
peaceful ow
s spaced u
along the can
exquisite see
private orn
beach. ate
The Resort gho
offers what st
many pip
consider to e
be the best fish
reef diving ,
in the world. Blu
The e
knowledgea Rib
ble and bon
friendly staff Eel
takes great s,
care of you. Sp
The chefs ani
create truly sh
delicious Da
meals, and nce
the private rs,
beach Imp
bungalows eria
are l
aestheticall Shr
y appealing imp
and ,
comfortable Clo
. But, wn-
there's Fis
more. What h
makes and
Wakatobi Lio
so unique is n-
the extent Fis
to which the h,
resort Blu
envelops e-
the ring
surrounding oct
area into a opu
sustainable s
marine and
protected mu
area. ch
The house
reef at
starts just w b, v—
60 feet from
the dive
center and So, what are you
offers some waiting for? The
truly resort totally offers
awesome you an experience of
diving with remoteness from
easy entry. everyday life in total
The marine comfort while
bio-diversity enjoying a superb
is diving vacation.
amazing.Yo Source: 15th October 2010
< to another village. Kiai
Gede Penanggungan
gave some seeds of pari
23.Where is the resort directly
or paddy to the couple.
He asked the couple to
A.On a mountain.
plant the seeds. He also
B.At the main road.
warned the couple not to
C.At the river bank.
be arrogant when they
D.At the seaside.
were rich from planting
24.These are what the resort the seeds. He wanted
offers, except the couple to help poor
A.delicious meals people. The couple
B.private beach bungalows started a new life. They
C.a mountainous protected planted the seeds. Soon,
area the seeds grew a lot of
D.the best reef diving in the rice. Now the couple
world became very rich. The
poor neighbours came to
The following text is for
questions 25 to 28. the couple to ask for
some pariseed. But the
A long time ago, there lived
couple refused to help
an old man in Penanggungan
Mountain. His name was Kiai
Kiai Gede heard the
Gede Penanggungan. He had
couple's bad behaviour.
supernatural power. Kiai Gede
Soon he visited the
Penanggungan had a beautiful
couple. He met them
daughter named Dewi
when the couple was
Walangangin who hadn't married
working in the field. Kiai
yet. Kiai Gede Penanggungan
Gede talked to the
prayed days and nights for her
couple. He reminded the
daughter to have a husband. One
couple not to be
day, a young handsome man
arrogant. But the couple
came to his place. The name of
ignored him. They said
the man was Jaka Pandelengan.
nothing to Kiai Gede.
He wanted to be Kiai
Kiai Gede got very
Penanggungan's student. Kiai
angry. Then he said,
Gede agreed to have Jaka as his
"You two are like
student with one condition that he
temples. You cannot
would marry her daughter. Jaka
listen to me." Right after
Pandelengan and Dewi
he said those words, an
Walangangin soon got married.
incredible thing
Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught
happened. Slowly, Jaka
Jaka many things.
and Dewi turned into
After several years, now it
temples. Because the
was time for the couple to live
temples stood among the
separately from Kiai Gede
pari, people then named
Penanggungan.They would move
them as Pari Temple.

Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs

25.What made Jaka B.they were rich
Pandelengan and his C.Kiai Gede said so
wife become rich? D.they were good people
A.They built a temple. 27."..., an incredible thing
B.They planted pari. happened ..." The
C.They helped poor underlined word means
people. ....
D.They had a great A.untouchable C.
power. common
26.The couple became a B.unbelievable D. usual
temple because .... 28.What can we learn from
A.Kiai Gede liked them the story?
A.We have to listen to A.The man got help.
our parents' advice. B.The man cried for help.
B.We should live C.The hut was on fire.
separately from our D.The ship came to the
parents. island.
C.We have to prepare a The following text is for
questions 32 and 33.
good paddy field.
D.We should refuse ANNOUN
other people's help. CEMENT
The following text is for
questions 29 to 31. To : All
One day a big ship employees
wrecked near a small island. Effective date : 1st
The only survivor of the February 2010 Subject :
shipwreck washed up on a Staff uniforms
small, empty island. He
prayed for God to rescue him, All employees are required to
and every day he watched the wear a uniform during
horizon for help, but ho one working hours. This is to
seemed coming. He built a make it easier to distinguish
little hut out of driftwood to them from customers.
protect him from the bad Women should wear a
weather and to keep his few colourful blouse with black
possessions. One day after pants or a black knee-length
looking for food, he arrived skirt. Men should wear black
home to find his little hut on pants with an orange or red
fire, the smoke rolling up to T-shirt.
the sky. The bad thing had
happened; he lost everything. Manager
He was very sad. "God, how
could you do this to me!" he 32.What should woman
cried. employees wear?
Early the next day, A.An orange skirt and
however, he was awakened black pants.
by the sound of a ship that B.A yellow skirt and
was approaching the island. It black pants.
had come to rescue him. C.A black skirt and a
"How did you know I was colourful blouse.
here?" asked the weary man D.A white skirt and a
to his rescuers. "We saw your colourful blouse.
smoke signal," they replied. 33.Why do all employees
The man thanked God for have to wear a uniform
that. during working hours?
29.What can we learn from A.To differentiate them
the story above? from the customers.
A.Bad things may bring B.To show that they
good things. have a good uniform.
B.People have to be C.To give them good
happy at bad times. appearance.
C.Something bad makes D.To make them friendly.
people sad. The following text is for
D.We must be sad at questions 34 to 37.
bad times. Guava is a plant in the
myrtle family (Myrtaceae)
30.What made the rescuers
genus Psidium. It is native to
come and save the
Mexico and Central America,
man's life?
northern South America,
A.The driftwood.
parts of the Carribean and
B.The burning hut.
some parts of North Africa
C.The wrecked ship.
and also some parts of India.
D.The man's cry.
The guava tree is not big. It is
31.What is the main idea of
about 33 feet with spreading
paragraph two?
branches. The bark is
smooth with green or reddish
brown colour.The plant's
branches are close to the
ground. Its young twigs are
soft. It had dark elliptic
leaves. It is about 2-6 inches
long and 1-2 inches wide.
The flowers are white, with
five petals and numerous
Guava, cultivated in
many tropical and subtropical
countries, is an edible fruit.
Guava fruit, usually 2-4
inches long, is round or oval
depending on the species.
Varying among species, the
skin can be any thickness, it
is usually green when unripe,
but becomes yellow or
maroon when ripe. The flesh
of guava fruit is sweet or
sour. The colour of the flesh
may be white, pink, yellow or
red, with the seeds in the
central part of the flesh. The
seeds are numerous but
small. In some good
varieties, they are edible.
Actual seed.counts have
ranged from 112 to 535.
Guava fruit is rich with
vitamins A and C, omega-3
and omega-6, fatty acids and
high levels of dietary fibre.
called global warming.
34. What is thfe text about? With increased global
A.The nutritious value of warming, the ice in the North
guava fruit. Pole and the South Pole will
B.The certain variety of melt. This will cause the sea
guava. levels to rise. Plants and
C.The guava plant in animals that are unable to
general. adapt to the higher
D.The species edible temperature will become
fruit. extinct.
35.. Which are the best 38.What is the text about?
words used to describe A.The earth and the sun.
guava seed? B.Carbon dioxide.
A.Thick and round. C.The sea level.
B.Sweet and juicy. D.Global warming.
C.Numerous and small.
39.The foliowings are the
D.Sour and rough.
effects of global
36."Guava fruits, usually 2-4 warming, except
inches long, are round A.the ice in the North
or oval depending on Pole and South Pole
the species." melt
From the sentence B.the temperature of the
above, we can conclude that world rises
C.carbon dioxide and
A.guava fruits vary in
other gases cover
the earth
B.all guava fruits in
D.sea levels rise high
general have the
40."Plants and animals that
same shape
are unable to adapt to
C.guava fruit is not big in
the higher temperature
certain species only
will become extinct."
D.certain species of
(Paragraph 3)
guava are unusual
The underlined word
in shape
means ....
37.The main idea of the A.large in size
paragraph two is .... B.will be strong
A.guava is an edible fruit to produce
B.guava's skin is thick longer existing
C.guava consists of
41.From the text above, we
shrubs and small trees
can conclude that global
D.guava is planted in all
warming is ... for living
The following text is for
questions 38 to 41.
The earth received heat
from the sun and reflects
some of this heat into space.
Carbon dioxide and other The following text is for
questions 42 and 43.
gases in the air act as a Sand
blanket to hold onto some of Pictures
this reflected heat. As a
result, the earth is warm. This
is called the greenhouse
The cutting down of
forests and the burning of
fuels cause the air contain
more than gases that cause
the greenhouse effect. When
this happens, the Things you need:
greenhouse effect increases. •Stiff paper or card
There is a rise in temperature •A pencil
all over the world, which is Scis

s •Remove the objects.
o •Tip the paper to shake off
r any excess sand.
s 42.What objects can we use
for templates?
G A.Scissors.
l B.Sand.
u C.Sea shells.
e D.Stiff paper.
43.In your opinion, sand
• pictures are good for
A.key holders
O covers
b wrap
D.wall decorations

•Arrange some objects (for
example, some sea
shells) on a piece of
paper or card to use as
•Spread glue around them
and all over the piece of
•Sprinkle sand evenly over
the paper.
•Leave it for a few minutes.
E. 6 7
The following text is for questions 44 and 45.
To: All students of SMP Harapan Bangsa

We invite you to attend:

"The 20th of School Anniversary"

' Day/Date : Saturday & Sunday, 5th and 6th

February 2011
Time 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Place The main hall
Activities : - Charity Bazaar
Music Show
Traditional Dance Performance
Speech Contest
Meet the alumni
Come and have fun.


44.The activities are held
A.the Teacher's Farewell
B.the School's Birthday F.Arrange the sentences to
Celebration make a good
C.the Alumni Gathering paragraph.
D.the School Dance 1.Some of the places
Competition where they live are
Africa, India, South
45.How many activities will be America, and
held? Australia.
A.2 C. 4 2.They hunt animals and
B.3 D. 5 birds which come to
For questions 46 to 48, the river to drink.
choose the suitable words 3.Crocodiles are the
to fill in the blanks. largest and the
Here are some ... (46) most dangerous
on how to be a successful reptile.
English learner. First, don't be 4.They can also attack
. . . (47) of making mistakes. and kill people.
Second, use every ... (48) to 5.They have large
practise your English. At last, mouths and many
be an optimistic person. sharp teeth.
A.Choose the best 6.They live in rivers.
arrangement to make a The best arrangement to
good notice. make a good
five - under - children - paragraph
don't - unattended - is....
1 2 3 4 A.6-1-3-4-5-2
5 B.3-6-4-2-1-5
leave - year C.3-6-1-5-2-4
46. A. tips C. plans
B. clues D. rules
47. A. afraid C. brave
B. proud D. shy
48. A. advantage C. opportunity
B. programme D. meeting
U jia n N a s io n a l S M P /M T s
Tahun Pelajaran 2010/2011 P /M T s
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Alokasi Waktu : 120 Menit
Jumlah Soal 50 Butir

was a Swiss. On the first day

■ Pilihlah jawaban of the travel, the guide told
them to check their
yang benar. The
passports, their traveller's
following text is for cheques and their foreign
cash. He told them to keep
question 1. them safely.They travelled in
Close tightly and keep a comfortable coach with a
in a cool place toilet, music and video. The
guide stopped the coach at
1. The notice means that we many famous places. He
... close something tightly explained the cultural
and keep it in a cool place. importance of the places.
A.may They stayed in big hotels for
C. are not allowed the night and ate in
to restaurants.
B.should On the way, they
D. are prohibited to stopped at small restaurants
The following text is for to eat lunch. In big towns,
question 2.
they went for shopping.They
' (^'/fif/ftf-ffl

Hope your graduSlon is a

bought many souvenirs for
beautiful page in the
their friends.They enjoyed the
story of your life... two-week tour.
3.What did Mr. and Mrs.
Charly do on the first day
2. What is the purpose of the
of travel?
A.They reserved tickets.
A.To greet someone.
B.They checked their
B.To inform someone
about something.
traveller's cheques
C.To congratulate
and foreign checks.
C.They travelled in a
D.To entertain someone.
The following text is for comfortable coach.
questions 3 to 5. D.They stayed at big
Mr. and Mrs. Charly were on hotels.
a tour to Europe. They were 4.How was Mr. and
travelling on a guided tour to Mrs.Chaly's trip?
five countries. They were A.Pleasing.
going to travel through the C. Terrible.
Netherlands, Belgium, B.Disappointing. D.
Germany, Switzerland and Frightening.
France for two weeks. 5."The guide stopped the
The guide for the tour coach at many famous
places." (Paragraph 3)
The word 'places' has
similar meaning to ....
C. stations
D. friends
The following text is for
questions 6 to 10.
On Friday morning, 27th
March 2009, the Situ Gintung
dam which is located in
Cireundeu southern part of
Tangerang burst. It happened
early in the morning at about
4:30 Indonesian Western
Time (WIB) when people in
the nearby area were still
sleeping without option to
The incident happened
because of heavy rains. The
dam could not hold back the
water and collapsed. A big
water full of rocks and pieces
of wood destroyed small
poorly built houses. It also
swept away cars and broke
telephone lines.The flood
water reaches the height of
up to four metres.
Hundreds of houses
were totally damaged and a
lot of property lost. More than
100 people died and many
more still lost.The total lost
could reach billions even
trillions of rupiahs because of
the disaster.
Situ Gintung
- It was really a Jakarta.
horrifying disaster in early C.The number of the
2009. It made a lot of victims in the
people lost their husbands, disaster was more
wives, sons, daughters, than 100.
relatives and properties. It D.The cause of the
was an unforgettable disaster was the
disaster happening close to inability of the dam
the country's capital city of to hold water.
Jakarta. 10. When did the disaster
6.What happen?
is the A.At dawn.
text C. At dusk.
mostly B.At noon
about? D At midnight.
A Flood
The following text is for
in questions 11 and 12.
B.The bursting of the Situ Connie <connie@yahoomail.
Gintung darn. com>
C.The victims of the flood Lucy <>
disaster. 21st December 2010 My
D.Heavy rains in Situ extra-curricula activities
7."A big water full of
rocks and pieces of Thank you for your e-
wood destroyed small mail and photo. You look
poorly built houses." really smart in the Girl
What does the underlined Scout uniform. Let me
word mean? tell you about my extra-
A.Broke into pieces. C. curricula activities.
Got in gradually. I am very proud to be a
B.Entered slowly D. Cut member of the Police
into pieces. Cadet Corps. We usually
8.Why did the Situ hold parades on
Gintung dam burst? Saturday afternoons.
A.Be Marching under blazing
caus sun is hand work.
e it Although we sweat a lot,
we still enjoy it because
Date andTime:
it helps us to become
tough and disciplined.
Dear Connie, After that, we have
lectures on a variety of
subjects. Sometimes, we
contains a lot of water.
also have shooting
B.Because the flood
practice. And during the
water reached a
school holidays, we
height of up to four
usually attend a training
C.Because it couldn't
I guess I have told enough
hold back the
about my extra- curricula
water from the
activities. Wishing you all the
heavy rairis.
D.Because it is located in
a dangerous area. Y
9.What is the main idea of o
paragraph two? u
A.The total lost of the r
disaster was s
trillions of Rupiah. ,
B.The location of the
disaster was in L
u C.holds parades
c D.has the first-aid
y practice

Adapted from:Terence Siew, Write The following text is for

Better, Singapore, Singapore Asian questions 13 and 14.
Publications Pte Ltd., 2003.
13.What substance does the
11.What is the e-mail about?
product contain mostly?
A.Lucy's extra-curricula
A.Vitamin A.
C. Dietary fiber.
B.Connie's extra-
B.Vitamin C.
curricula activities.
D. Iron.
C.Lucy's activities at
school. 14.Which of the following
D.Lucy's training statements is NOTTRUE
campsite. according to the text?
A.The product has a
12.As a member of the
very little amount of
Police Cadet Corps,
total fat.
Lucy does the following,
B.The product is good
for health because
A.has lectures on
it contains much
various subjects
dietary fiber.
B.attends a training
C.The product contains
Vitamin C mostly.

Nutrition Facts
| Amount Per Serving |
Calories 64 Calories from Fat 7
I % Dally Value * I
Total Fat Ig 1%
Saturated Fat 5g 0%
I Trans Fat 0g |
Cholesterol Omg 0%
Sodium Img 0
Total Carbohydrate 15g 5
Dietary Fiber 8g 32
Sugars 5g
Protein I g
Vitamin A 1% • Vitamin C 54
Calcium 3% • ! ion 5%
♦Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000
calorie diet. Your daily values may be hij Sher
or lower depending on your calorie needs Bt if

| Nutritio MidAtiJisMk-

Source: 15th April 2009 <>

The product is not good for our health because it has A.In the Sea World.
no cholesterol.The following text is for
questions 15 to 18. B.In the bird aviary.
The wonder boy, Wayne Rooney is a very popular C.In the underwater viewing gallery.
footballer in the world. At the age of 16, Rooney was a D.In the man-made waterfall.
top goal scorer for Everton, his first team. 20."It is a large piece of land ...." (Paragraph 2) The
Wayne Rooney was born on 24th October 1985 in word'it'refers to___________
Liverpool. He is the son of a working-class family. He A.the area C. the bird
grew up in Croxteth. He was brought up in a three- B.the aviary D. the Jurong Bird Park
bedroom house with his parents, Jeanette and Wayne, 21."... and observe these beautiful birds at close range."
and his younger brothers, Graham and John. When he (Paragraph 2)
was young,Wayne had a dream; he wanted to be the What is the antonym of the word 'close'?
best footballer. His family were Everton lovers and A.Certain. C. Far.
Rooney'sold bedroom window was filled with Everton B.Shallow. D. Near.
flags. The following text is for question 22.
His debut in Everton Football Club was in August
2002. His first league goal came in October 2002 when To: Miko
he became the youngest goal scorer in the history of the I am having a camp for two days.
Premier League at the age of 16 years. In 2004, he Don't forget to feed the cat and rabbits when
joined Manchester United. Nowadays he becomes the I am away.
world's most expensive teenager football player. Thank you.
15.What is the text about? Ira
A.England football players.
B.Wonder boys. 22. Why does Ira ask Miko to feed the pets?
C.Wayne Rooney. A.She is camping.
D.A top goal scorer. B.She has a picnic.
16.In what club did Wayne Rooney score his first goal? C.She has a lot of work to do.
A.Arsenal. D.She is sick.
B.Manchester United. C.
C.Everton. D.
D.Liverpool. The following text is for questions 23 and 24.
17.What is the main idea of paragraph one?
A.Rooney is very popular.
B.Rooney lives in a simple family. EVERYTHING IN OUR WAREHOUSE MUST GO!
C.Rooney becomes the youngest footballer.
D.Rooney has been a fan of Everton since he was
18." He_was brought up in a three-bedroom house ...."
(Paragraph 2)
The underlined word refers to_______
A.Wayne Rooney
B.Graham Rooney
C.John Rooney
D.Wayne's father
The following text is for questions 19 to 21.
Jurong Bird Park is one of the famous bird parks in
Singapore. It houses a very large collection of birds from
various countries. Monday, 27th December
Perhaps the most impressive part of the Ju rang 2010 Friday, 31st December
2010 11a.m. to 8 p.m.
Bird Park is the aviary. It is a large piece of land and
enclosed with netting, and the birds are allowed to roam VARIOUS SELECTED ITEMS BUY 2
freely about in the area. Visitors can enter the aviary and GET 1 FREE » Leather & Winter Unisex
observe these beautiful binds at close range. In addition, Overcoats/Half Coats/Skirts/Dresses etc »
Ladies' & Men's Fashion Wear » Ladies'
the aviary contains the highest man-made waterfall in Leather Shoes » Men's Leather Shoes »
French Costume Jewellery » Leather
Asia. Handbags/Bags & Accessories
The Jurong Bird Park's newest attraction is the
Penguin Parade, a facility second only in size to that of
All Credit Cards
San Diego's Sea World. Landscaped with rocks and Welcome!
cliffs, the Parade accommodates about a hundred Source: Leanadon 6. Rodrigo, Learning English Primary 5,
penguins.The most attractive feature of the exhibit is the Singapore,Web Publications PteLtd,2002.
underwater viewing gallery which gives a panoramic
view of the penguins swimming. Adapted from: Leanadon G.
Rodrigo M.A., Learning English Primary 5, Singapore,Web Publications
Pte Ltd, 2002.
19.Where can people see penguins swimming?
Some years later that young woman became
23.When is the sale hold? critically ill. She was sent to the big city to cure her
A.At the new year. disease.The poor boy was the doctor. When he knew
B.At the end of the year. the name of the town she came from, he went to meet
C.At a certain month. her. He recognized her at once. He tried hard to save
D.At the shop anniversary. the woman's life. From then on he gave special attention
24.Which statement is NOTTRUE according to the ■ to the sick woman. After a long struggle, the woman
text? could be cured.The poor boy paid all the bill. He wrote
A The saie will last for five days. "Paid in full with one glass of milk" under the bill. When
the woman opened the bill, tears of joy flooded her eyes
B.The sale will begin on Monday.
as her happy heart prayed,"Thank you, God, that your
C.If someone buys one leather bag, he/she will get
love has spread abroad through human hearts and
one for free.
D.People are allowed to buy something using credit
cards. 29.What can we learn after reading the story above?
A.Kindness won't be forgotten.
The following text is for questions 25 to 28, B.Poverty is the source of misery.
The Two Horses and the Robbers
C.Help is needed to be successful.
Two horses were on the same path.The first, who
D.Health is important in life.
worked for a miller, was loaded with oats.
30.What did the poor boy ask when he met the woman?
The other was owned by a banker and was carrying
A.Some food.
a chest full of golden coins. Because of this, it trotted B.A glass of water.
along way proudly, full of itself. C.A large glass of milk.
Hearing the clinking, some robbers realized that it D.A little money.
was carrying a treasure. 31.What is the main idea of paragraph four?
As they stole it, they beat the horse badly with A.The poor boy asked the woman for food.
sticks. B.The woman came to the town where the boy
"You see," explained the first horse."Being rich and lived.
important has its drawbacks." Adapted from: Gianni Padoan, 366 C.The poor boy cured the woman and repaid her
and More Fairy Tales, Sussex, Ravatte Limited, 1987. kindness.
25.Whom did the first horse work for? D.The woman gave a large glass of milk to the
A.A robber. C. A miller. poor boy.
B.A banker. D. A thief. The following text is for questions 32 and 33.
26.Why did the second horse trot along way proudly?
A.Because it was strong. ANNOUNCEMENT
B.Because it carried oats. Due to the celebration of our school anniversary,
C.Because it carried golden coins, we will have a story writing contest. The story must be
D.Because it was courageous. original and you're free to choose the topic.
27.Which of the following statements is NOTTRUE Please submit your story to the OSIS chairperson,
according to the text? not later than 1 st January 2011.
A.The robbers killed the second horse. There will be nice prizes for the winners. Don't
B,The first horse was carrying oats. miss it!
C.The second horse was very proud of itself. Rendra
D,The two horses walked on the same path. OSIS chairperson
28."... that it was carrying a treasure." (Paragraph 3) The 32.What is the announcement about?
word 'it' refers to_________ A.A school anniversary celebration.
A.the robber B.An OSIS chairperson election.
B.the banker C.Prizes for the winners.
C.the first horse D.A story writing contest.
D.the second horse 33.When should the students submit their stories?
The following text is for questions 29 to 31. A.Up to 1st January 2011.
A poor boy sold goods from door to door to pay his B.On 1st January 2011.
school fee. One day, he had only a little money left and C.After 1st January 2011.
he was very hungry. He decided to ask for some food at D.Before and after 1st January 2011.
the next house he visited. However, he was so nervous The following text is for questions 34 to 37.
when a lovely young woman opened the door. Smog is a mixture of fog and other ingredients
He only asked for a glass of water.The woman thought and is considered a form of air pollution.
that the boy was hungry so she gave him a large glass There are two types of smog. One includes high
of milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked."How much concentrations of smoke from burning substances.The
do I owe you?" other type is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs
"You don't owe me anything," she replied,"Mother when certain substances in the air come in contact with
has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness." sunlight. Both types of smog generally develop during a
He said,"Then I thank you from my heart." As the Condition known as a temperature inversion.This occurs
poor boy left that house, he felt stronger. His faith in when a layer of cool air near the ground is trapped by a
God was getting stronger too. He had been ready to layer of warm air above it, and winds are too light to
stop his study but now he got a spirit to continue it until move the layers of air.This condition prevents air from
he became a doctor.
mixing vertically and keeps the smog concentrated C.We don't have to use any stationery.
nearthe ground. D.We don't have to use sheets of paper.
Anything that pollutes the air can contribute to 41."A computer is a machine that stores and then ...."
smog.This includes gases and other substances (Paragraph 1)
produced by burning, coal, wood, gasoline and other The word 'stores' means______
fuels; gases produced during manufacturing processes; A.saves C. puts
gases and ash emitted by volcanoes; and even natural
B.takes D. uses
gases and substances that occur in nature.
The following text is for questions 42 and 43.
34.What does the text tell us about?
A.Fog. C. Pollution. A Cheese Omelet
B.Smog. D. Gas. Ingredients:
1 egg, 50 g cheese, % cup milk, 3 tablespoons
35.What is the name of the condition in which both types
cooking oil, a pinch of salt and pepper
of smog develop?
A.A high concentration.
1.Crack an egg into a bowl.
B.A chemical reaction.
2.Whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth.
C.A temperature inversion.
3.Add milk then whisk well.
D.A natural condition.
4.Grate the cheese and put into the bowl then stir.
36."This occurs when a layer of cool air near the ground 5.Heat the oil in a frying pan.
...,." (Paragraph 2, line 2) 6.Pour the mixture into the frying pan.
What does the underlined word mean? 7.Turn the omelet with a spatula when it browns.
A.Appears. C. Continues. 8.Fry both sides.
B.Happens. D. Keeps. 9.Place on a plate; seasoned with salt and pepper. 10.
37.From the last paragraph, we can conclude that Eat while warm.
42.Before heating the oil in the frying pan, we have to ...
A.smog happens naturally without human's
the cheese and put into the bowl.
interference A.pour C. add also contribute in producing smog B.whisk D. grate
C.smog is not dangerous for human being
43." Crack the egg into the bowl." (Step 1)
D.smog is useful to help the balance of the
The underlined word has the same meaning as
The following text is for questions 38 to 41.
A computer is a machine that stores and then A.put C. break
B.crash D. destroy
processes information. It is a bit like human brain. It
takes in facts or data (the 'input'), works on it very quickly The following text is for questions 44 and 45.
using hardware and software and produces information
(the 'output') for us to use. To: Maya
Even the most modern computer is useless if it is
missing just two essential parts-hardware and software. It's time for me and my family to leave this town. Please
Hardware is all the parts you can see and touch-like the come and join our farewell party.
monitor (screen), keyboard and mouse. Software is all •on Saturday,4th December201 O a t 7 p.m.
the sets of instructions-programmes- that tell the •at our house, Jalan Kenanga number 59.
computer how to process information to accomplish
different tasks. Thank you. Arlinda
A computer is very important for human life. Lots of
students now use computers for homework and project 44.Who will leave this town?
researches. Most school records and information about A.Maya will.
students are now stored on computers. Apart from being B.Only Arlinda will.
able to store a much greater amount of information, this C.Maya and Arlinda will.
process is very environmentally friendly because we Q. Arlinda and her family will.
don't have to use and keep lots of sheets of paper. 45.When will the party be held?
Source:Bobbi Sear\e, Inside a Computer, Connecticut, Grolier
A.In the morning. C. In the evening.
Educational, 2001.
B.In the afternoon. D. At night.
38.What is the main idea of paragraph two?
A.The two essential parts of a computer. For questions 46 to 48, choose the suitable words
B.The definition of a computer. to fill in the blanks.
C.The use of computers. My grandpa lives in a village. He is a ... (46). He
D.How a computer works. breeds goats and cows. He has done it for several
39.According to the text, a computer is a bit like years. He makes big pens for his livestock at the
human.... backyard. He also puts wood fences around the pens to
A.heart C. eyes make his livestock.. .(47). As a breeder, my grandpa
B.liver D. brain always takes care of his livestock well. He works
together with an assistant. Every day the assistant
40.Why is the process of storing the information in the
collects grass to ... (48) the livestock.
computer considered friendly for our environment?
A.It is practical.
B.It doesn't need much time.
46. A. farmer C.3-5-1-6-2-4
B. breeder D.3-5-1-2-4-6
C. grocer •Arrange the following sentences to make a good
D. butcher paragraph.
47. A. alive
1."Why, what is he doing?"said the others.
B. worried 2.The birds paid no heed to the swallow's words,
C. hungry and by and by the hemp grew up and was
D. secure made into cord, and of the cords nets were
48. A. feed made. Many birds that had despised the
B. beat swallow's advice were caught in nets made out
C. call of that very hemp.
D. buy 3."Beware of that man," said the swallow.
4.It happened that a countryman was sowing some
•Choose the best arrangement to make a good hemp seeds in a field. A swallow and some
sentence. other birds were hopping about picking up their
to submit-before-don't-the second break- food there.
1 2 3 5."That is hemp seed he is sowing; be careful to
pick up every one of the seeds, or else you will
forget-vour work
repent it."
Source: August 27, 2010 < Aesop
A.3-5-1-4-2-6 %27s-Fables.asp>
A.4-3-5-2-1 C. 4-3-2-5-1'
B.4-3-5-1-2 D. 4-3-1-5-2


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