Dominant ( the D trait

people who are dominant are full of drive, they pack their time tables with many tasks everyday. They push themselves (and people they work with) to their limits, often achieving outstanding results. Some common adjectives that can describe 'D' people are, "direct, decisive and driven". Often they are self starters, bottom line organizers and they have high ego strength. If there is a challenge to be conquered, they will be the first ones attempting to do it.

Influence (the 'I' trait)
'i' people are influential, they love people and they love attention. They are often charismatic leaders, able to command a crowd and motivate them towards a common goal. 'I' people love to have fun and they love parties. Due to their persuasive nature, they make excellent sales representatives.

Steadiness (the 's' trait)
's' people are steady paced, stable and extremely loyal. 'S' people are more passive as compared to the 'D' and 'i' people. They may also appear to be more reserved. more often than not, they will tend to listen as opposed to speak, they are understanding and also friendly. 'S' people tend to have a small group of very closed friends and in times of need, a friend who is of the 's' trait will very likely lend a helping hand.

compliance (the 'c' trait)
"correct", "compliant" &"controlled" are often used to describe people with the 'c' personality. They are your compliance people, your quality control people and your analysts. 'c' people are detailed, accurate and they are also systematic a nd often neat in appearance. It is easy to spot 'c' people in the office, just take a walk and look at neat and clean work desks, these often belong to people who have the 'c' trait. 'c' people often base their decisions on facts and figures.

What trait am I?
Most of us will have one or two 'main' traits (e.g. D, I or D, C or I,c, or C,s) some of us may even have three 'main' traits. this does not mean that we have schizophrenia, it is perfectly normal. It merely means that we behave in a certain manner un der a different circumstance. Also we will likely display a different profile at home and at work. to find out your personality trait, you will need to fill up a personality profile.

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